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President Obama Responds to Petition on Software Patents Two Years Late


Summary: Signers of a petition against software patents finally receive a promising response from the White House (amidst other interesting developments such as government-funded research becoming Open Access)

So-called 'IP' sites do not like Obama's promise to reform the patent system after public pressure. Here is a transcript of what he said. "Apparently I am on a mailing list from one of the petitions," wrote one of our readers. "Below is the message they sent out."

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: A Bit About Software Patents
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 13:27:19 -0600
From: The White House []
To: xxxxx

The White House

A Bit About Software Patents

Last week President Obama answered questions during an online video chat, and he spoke a little about an issue you've expressed interest in [ ] through We the People.

*Here's what he had to say about software patents: [ ]*

Watch President Obama speak about software patents [ ]

Thank you for your involvement in We the People.

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The notable thing here is that over a year later President Obama did respond -- at the very least with lip service -- to petition signers (of 2011). Credit is deserved for that, but we shall see if real action gets taken.

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