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Gemini Links 06/05/2023: Serving Gemini in Dart

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      • Mortal Taste

        On the advice of a friend, I got a subscription to James Hawes' Turret House Press, a Montreal-based small press. I like to subscribe to small presses where I can, especially Canadian. I usually have a bunch of lit mag subscriptions, and then a few small press subscriptions, getting everything they publish in a year. It's a lot, and it's sometimes hard to keep up, but it's amazing to try to navigate the currents of a small amount of everything being published. Some of it's amazing. Some of it's not to my taste, and all of it's worthwhile.

        So I got my first Turret House package the other day, and one of the items is "Mortal Taste", a selection of poems by the late Artie Gold (from a manuscript thought lost, but recently found in the McGill University archives), and poetic responses by George Bowering.

      • On Bare Earth

        I like to walk barefoot, at least in the yard. Have for a long time. Nothing extreme, no barefoot 5K's or anything like that, just bare feet on the ground. The beach too, when I'm there. But who doesn't love that?

        The other day, I walked outside and noticed something: the earth was very warm. This was due to the spring weather, and sun, of course. But it was the first time I felt it this season, and it made me think a little.

      • christyotwisty's 5 questions for May, 2023
      • Car Detailing

        Car Detailing is a really fun, rewarding hobby, BUT it can be VERY time consuming. However, that would depend on how deep you dive into the rabbit hole, it's similar to ricing your favorite WM Install.

        The Car Detailing Industry has millions of products, all slightly different, but very similar. The amount of product options to choose from are overwhelming. This is where this post comes in. Considering my Chemistry education along with my Formulation Chemistry experience it allows me look the compounds listed in a product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and determine the active ingredient(s) along with their functions. However,sometimes there are some ingredients omitted from the SDS due to some "trade secret" agreements, but you can really quickly see what chemicals are the ones doing the "work", thus be able to compare products in a more qualitative way.

      • Yeaw! My Ureter Had Ruptured!

        I feel like a Kafka character: "I am sorry, sir, but it appears that a kidney stone had ruptured your ureter. Please go home and act as usual, but schedule an appointment to see a urologist"... And so, one week ago, I went home, wondering what to do now. Do I need surgery? Is my kidney damaged?

        Also, there was a lot of pain. They say passing a kidney stone is the most painful thing you can survive, and having it rupture your ureter is even worse. TLDR: Go a drink some water, and keep drinking water to dilute the stones your kidneys are making.

      • May 6: Mommy. Bus. Philly!

        Right thumb's numb from cutting up a dozen paper- board egg cartons with scissors into long wiggly mulch. Hoed up a little mountain of weeds, Matthew carried a few buckets of them up the hill to compost.

        Washing machine's disassembled downstairs. The new water pump should arrive this weekend. Chickpeas soak on the windowsill, and steel cut oats for tom- orrow's breakfast before Ilona takes 1st daughter to farmer's market.

      • 🔤SpellBinding: AEVLPUH Wordo: FRYER
      • Flugelhorn Playing Tips

        (Many people think Gemini needs more non-tech content or more variety, and I agree. Here's some content about a pretty random topic. Is it too random? :D)

        I have a concert in June and it's my debut concert as a trumpet+flugelhorn doubler. I think I'm ready, and I think I finally know how to play the flugelhorn well (or at least, well enough) and how to transition between the instruments without losing my tone and my stamina after 1-2 times. The plan is to amaze the audience by playing a slow and emotional Rachmaninoff piece on the flugel, with its velvety and sexy tone, then switch to a fast, bright, sharp and loud Handel concerto on the trumpet.

      • a pipe, a pub, and ponderance

        I'm thinking, since things are "working out", as I hoped they would, in regards to moving to Farmington, Missouri (I have been stranded in S St Louis County for fxxx knows how long), that I may revisit writing sometime after I move there.

        I am bitter and gross feeling all the time, usually because I should have *already* been in Farmington if caseworkers had done their job right. And the isolation and isolation trauma caused soon after things falling through in November left me ugly/hostile to the world.

    • Technical

      • Internet/Gemini

        • Serving Gemini In Dart

          When I said I’d try serving Gemini using Dart, I figured it was at least a half-day project. It turned out to be more like five minutes.


          The one feature I wanted from my custom server was a way to offer a “one click feedback” mechanism; a way to approximately measure how many people read and liked a post.

        • the light, free, and open web

          As Gemini adopters I think most of you would agree that the future of the web is small and light but also powerful and meaningful. I think this is the way that not only userland but also products and tools, most notably[1] and[2], are moving. These sites are cool little glimpses into what can be: a fast and light internet but with massive power and extreme usability. This is how I imagine the web would be if it was stuck in the 90s but continued to grow in power with JavaScript, WebAssembly and more. The Deno team wrote a great blog post about how Server-Side Rendering (SSR) is the future of deploying and serving[3] and how we're essentially returning to the 90s where everything was rendered on the server and where you receive lightweight applications that are simply "hydrated" on your side for interactivity purposes, and only if necessary.


          I love my place here on the small web, but I wish everyone else could have one too and I'm not sure that's possible. My longing for the light, free, and open web continues.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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