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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 31st, 2009 – Part 4

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:16 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz And now Torvalds’ snubbing of GPLv3 Mar 31 15:21
schestowitz He’s being naive Mar 31 15:21
DaemonFC they’ll cripple it so you CAN’T run binary drivers and firmware Mar 31 15:21
schestowitz Did he not pay attention to TomTom Mar 31 15:21
DaemonFC so HURD will never be useful Mar 31 15:21
schestowitz He’s only now realising what sw pats mean Mar 31 15:21
schestowitz And TomTom settled unde GPLv2 (!!_) terms Mar 31 15:22
twitter What’s up with BN and “spam protection”? Mar 31 15:22
schestowitz IOW, had he upgraded, it would be a different story Mar 31 15:22
schestowitz But he’s carrying kernel stuff stuck underGPLv3 Mar 31 15:22
schestowitz *GPLv2 Mar 31 15:22
DaemonFC the kind of kernel they’re aiming for was abandoned years ago Mar 31 15:22
twitter I don’t see the usual field but it asks for one when I try to post. Mar 31 15:22
DaemonFC someone adds a patch or two every YEAR at this point Mar 31 15:22
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DaemonFC HURD is vaporware Mar 31 15:22
twitter Windows is vaporware. Mar 31 15:23
schestowitz twitter: what do you mean? Mar 31 15:23
schestowitz Hmmm……. Mar 31 15:23
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schestowitz I reenabled spam protectyion with number Mar 31 15:23
DaemonFC RMS even said in an interview that they never would have started HURD Mar 31 15:23
DaemonFC had Linux existed Mar 31 15:23
schestowitz twitter: what do you see? Mar 31 15:23
twitter I mean I’m trying to comment on the death of encarta article but can’t Mar 31 15:23
schestowitz I changed plugins without testing Mar 31 15:23
schestowitz Crap Mar 31 15:24
twitter I see what I usually see but not the little math problem. Mar 31 15:24
DaemonFC the only thing that stops the BSD userland from compiling and running on Linux are license incompatibilities Mar 31 15:24
schestowitz Try reloading now Mar 31 15:24
twitter when I post it asks me for that or something else that was not there Mar 31 15:24
DaemonFC so what would you call Linux then? Mar 31 15:24
schestowitz Oh Mar 31 15:24
schestowitz Stupid cache Mar 31 15:24
schestowitz *sh*t Mar 31 15:24
schestowitz See,  reenabled it, but cache still isn’t consistent Mar 31 15:25
schestowitz Try now anyway Mar 31 15:25
DaemonFC and what about X? Mar 31 15:25
DaemonFC you don’t want to acknowledge them? Mar 31 15:25
DaemonFC and what about GNOME or KDE? Mar 31 15:25
twitter OK that worked but it seems a little brave of you. Mar 31 15:25
DaemonFC they’re as much the Linux OS as the GNU utilities Mar 31 15:25
DaemonFC Linux has no concept of add ons, because it is all add ons Mar 31 15:26
schestowitz twitter: I’ll need to flush cache later Mar 31 15:26
schestowitz Which I fear because of the server load Mar 31 15:26
DaemonFC if you use GNU on FreeBSD’s kernel, it becomes appropriate to say GNU/FreeBSD for clarification Mar 31 15:26
schestowitz I got too much spam on the comments Mar 31 15:26
schestowitz So I put back the math riddle, which amd-linux aid was not working right Mar 31 15:27
twitter oh. Mar 31 15:28
schestowitz EU issues warning on Internet user rights < http://www.foxnews.com/wires/2009M… > Mar 31 15:28
twitter bbl Mar 31 15:28
schestowitz LXer links to FOX Mar 31 15:28
DaemonFC Faux News Mar 31 15:30
DaemonFC Fixed News Mar 31 15:31
DaemonFC Fox Noise? Mar 31 15:31
schestowitz twitter: encyclopedias are becomign hostiry Mar 31 15:31
DaemonFC :) Mar 31 15:31
schestowitz It’s a good thing to have encyclopedias to cover the demise of paper encyclopedias Mar 31 15:31
DaemonFC good old Fox Noise Channel Mar 31 15:31
schestowitz DaemonFC: there’s lots of funny stuff about Fox in YouTube Mar 31 15:31
schestowitz They get ripped apart Mar 31 15:31
DaemonFC what would I believe without them? Mar 31 15:31
DaemonFC B-) Mar 31 15:31
schestowitz And they use “copyright” to impose censorship Mar 31 15:31
schestowitz Just like in the older days when the prince gave copyrights only if he liked with the author wrote Mar 31 15:32
twitter M$ death watch updated.  http://slashdot.org/~twitt… Mar 31 15:33
twitter now, I really have to go for while. Mar 31 15:34
twitter :) Mar 31 15:34
DaemonFC brb Mar 31 15:35
DaemonFC my kernel built Mar 31 15:35
*DaemonFC has quit (“Leaving”) Mar 31 15:35
schestowitz Varghese makes it seem as though TomTom is the winner in the legal case (what about Linux?): http://www.itwire.com/conte… Mar 31 15:57
schestowitz Could this be the result of Microsoft’s anti-Google lobby? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… (EU issues ultimatum on internet privacy) Mar 31 16:00
schestowitz Microsoft kills MSN Encarta < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… > Mar 31 16:02
schestowitz Romanian phisher gets 50 month prison term < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… > Beranger?? ;-) Mar 31 16:06
schestowitz Just found this: http://www.lugod.org/microsoft/ Mar 31 16:20
schestowitz Looks like another nymshift of “darryl”, the Microsoft shill was banned from LinuxTOday for trolling: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/30/tomto… Mar 31 16:24
schestowitz zoobab01: Should Property or Liability Rules Govern Information? < http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers… > Should they  even call it “property”? Mar 31 16:35
Balrog schestowitz: finished watching? :) Mar 31 16:36
schestowitz Not yet Mar 31 16:36
schestowitz 14:09: <schestowitz> Balrog: I’ve watch about 1.5 hours of that new RMS talk and paused it until I watch the rest of it later. The talk is not as good as others that he gave and he seems to have mixed together several familiar talks Mar 31 16:36
Balrog hmm … ok Mar 31 16:36
Balrog I didn’t get that one. Mar 31 16:36
Balrog (the message, that is) Mar 31 16:37
schestowitz WTF?? Did Sarko give a gift to his buddy? Ballmer Gets Cannes Media Person of the Year < http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Ball… >. Who’s up next? Saddam? Mar 31 16:38
schestowitz Balrog: posted this message earlier Mar 31 16:39
schestowitz Long update about the patent situation, including Red Hat’s stance: http://boycottnovell.com/2009… Mar 31 16:41
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schestowitz “World leaders descending on London for the G20 with expected riots.” http://www.yrtk.org/2009/a-goo… Mar 31 16:55
schestowitz http://www.computerworlduk.com/commu… “Nothing wrong in that, you might say, except that in this context it seems to bring about a distortion in the open source business world, whereby non-free software is pushed in preference to free. The sad thing is that, as Digium shows, open source companies can make money supporting free versions too – just less of it.” Mar 31 17:02
*zer0c00l has just completed submitting a proposal for gsoc 2009 Mar 31 17:10
schestowitz Novell too Mar 31 17:12
schestowitz http://www.novell.com/prblogs/?p=557 Mar 31 17:12
schestowitz They want to develop for Microsoft at Google’s expense Mar 31 17:12
schestowitz Mono infection Mar 31 17:12
Balrog http://arstechnica.com/gaming/… Mar 31 17:13
Balrog FTC wants DRM disclosure and **standardized EULA’s** Mar 31 17:13
Balrog not FTC Mar 31 17:14
Balrog a group is telling the FTC Mar 31 17:14
Balrog but they’re\\ already pusing the first Mar 31 17:14
Balrog FTC that is * Mar 31 17:14
schestowitz Good. Mar 31 17:18
schestowitz But DRM should be abolished Mar 31 17:18
schestowitz it’s anti-consumer Mar 31 17:18
schestowitz it’s not effective Mar 31 17:18
schestowitz It’s a scam for obsolescence Mar 31 17:19
schestowitz What if Microsoft said that DRM would save Encarta Mar 31 17:19
schestowitz Rather than admit the business model is the culprit? Mar 31 17:19
schestowitz Latest DRM death: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/… Mar 31 17:20
schestowitz Wikipedia Founder Kills User-Generated Search Engine < http://www.paidcontent.org/entry/419-jim… > Mar 31 17:20
schestowitz What is the only SE standing was Google and all queries you made had to go through it, which means that governments too would track you? Same with Web video. The effect is chilling. Mar 31 17:22
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schestowitz http://www.extremetech.com/aut… “Since then, he has been writing for numerous other publications, including Fortune Small Business, Windows 2000 Magazine (now Windows and .NET Magazine), ZDNet and Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey. “ Mar 31 17:25
schestowitz This is the guy who is FUDing Linux now Mar 31 17:25
schestowitz “Seltzer: Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage Not Worth Getting Upset Over Monday, July 10, 2006 By Larry Seltzer” http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,… Mar 31 17:26
schestowitz Re: Larry Seltzer spewing FUD @ eWeek: “Shameless FUDding” Mar 31 17:26
schestowitz “Rumor: Just heard that IBM finished its dd on Sun and has decided to pass. No idea if it’s true. 2nd hand rumor” Mar 31 17:27
Balrog well, game DRM already led to an uproar and boycotts (SecuROM in Spore) Mar 31 17:27
Balrog better disclosure would make boycotting DRM easier Mar 31 17:28
schestowitz TSA Accused Of Trademark Infringement < http://techdirt.com/articles/20… > Mar 31 17:29
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/20… (British Goverment Wants To Know Who Your Facebook Friends Are) Mar 31 17:31
Balrog looks like sony doesn’t care about cannibalizing PS3 sales … they cut the price of the PS2 to $100 Mar 31 17:33
Balrog http://arstechnica.com/gaming/news… Mar 31 17:33
schestowitz Maybe emptying remaining stock? Mar 31 17:34
Balrog …possibly Mar 31 17:34
Balrog but PS2 games keep coming out Mar 31 17:34
Balrog (not quickly, but they do) Mar 31 17:35
The_Mad_Hatter PS2 is like Windows XP – Return of the Living Dead. Mar 31 17:40
Balrog so do you think conficker will be a problem when it activates tomorrow? Mar 31 17:42
The_Mad_Hatter Pardon me for being nasty, but I damned well hope so. Mar 31 17:42
Balrog I just hope it doesn’t bring the internet down Mar 31 17:43
Balrog that would be a remote possibility Mar 31 17:43
Balrog not very likely Mar 31 17:43
schestowitz It happened already Mar 31 17:44
schestowitz Due to Conficker.. for me Mar 31 17:44
Balrog explain. You’re using windows? Mar 31 17:44
Balrog I hope not! Mar 31 17:44
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/… Mar 31 17:44
Balrog hrm. hope that doesn Mar 31 17:45
Balrog doesn’t happen ** Mar 31 17:45
Balrog :/ Mar 31 17:45
schestowitz Turns out that, according to SJVN/WSJ, IBM and Sun are still talking, Sun wants to be sold. Mar 31 17:45
Balrog schestowitz: do you think that would be good? people at #sun don’t think so :P Mar 31 17:46
schestowitz Balrog: there’s opendns Mar 31 17:46
schestowitz I wasn’t thinking about it at the time. Mar 31 17:46
The_Mad_Hatter I’m of two minds. I know a lot of idiots who refuse to abandon Windows. They are like battered wives. Mar 31 17:46
Balrog yeah, but opendns isn’t really open; they do some things I don’t like Mar 31 17:46
schestowitz I also thought it was maybe just my own PC, so I went out. Mar 31 17:46
Balrog like redirect google through their proxy Mar 31 17:46
schestowitz The_Mad_Hatter: more like smokers actually Mar 31 17:46
schestowitz Not battered wife Mar 31 17:46
Balrog google.navigation.opendns.com Mar 31 17:47
The_Mad_Hatter On the other hand, the more miserable Windows users are, the more likely they are to switch. Mar 31 17:47
schestowitz because battered wife are not air bourne Mar 31 17:47
The_Mad_Hatter Touche (still have not managed to quit) Mar 31 17:47
schestowitz I know Mar 31 17:47
schestowitz I remember Mar 31 17:47
schestowitz Balrog: I’ll make my april 1st post quickly, before teh interwebs break loose Mar 31 17:48
Balrog heh ok. Mar 31 17:48
schestowitz BN gets record traffic today… like 40k pages according to AWStats Mar 31 17:49
Balrog not bad Mar 31 17:49
schestowitz January was best Mar 31 17:49
schestowitz Comes exhibits Mar 31 17:49
schestowitz I’ll resume these soon. Mar 31 17:49
schestowitz back in 2 hours Mar 31 17:52
Balrog ok. Mar 31 17:52
twitter hmmm, anonymity in the news and politics http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dawn-te… Mar 31 17:54
twitter I like her long list of reasons people might like to remain anonymous while expressing themselves. Mar 31 17:55
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The_Mad_Hatter Anonimity is important Mar 31 18:09
The_Mad_Hatter Anonymity I mean. It helps seperate personal views from work for one thing. Mar 31 18:10
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balzac anonymity is important, but it can be abused Mar 31 18:33
balzac yeah, but “Dan O’Brian” goes on and on while remaining undisclosed. He’s full of piss and I suspect it isn’t his true name. Mar 31 18:35
balzac it would be more honest to use a pseudonym which doesn’t appear to be a given name Mar 31 18:36
balzac if that is the case Mar 31 18:36
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schestowitz Guess whi’s bugging/suing Google by proxy? http://blog.wired.com/business/200… Mar 31 20:15
schestowitz Balrog: dan’s email is danob (not verified), so it’s probably his real name Mar 31 20:16
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kentma universities are for sale in the US by this method.  Same thing has happened in the UK.  It should be stopped – it’s a mis-use of academic institutions which must be independent to be of any value. Mar 31 20:18
schestowitz Balrog: Microsoft shills in BN: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/30/tom… Mar 31 20:19
schestowitz Dave=Darryl=known shill. I just checked his IP to verify Mar 31 20:20
Balrog you’re talking to balzac?!? Mar 31 20:20
schestowitz kentma: yes, the whole ‘cloud’ thing is used by companies to have students ‘sold’ to them. GOolgle too Mar 31 20:20
schestowitz Balrog: either one Mar 31 20:20
benJIman Heh at thinking that because samba used network analysis to reverse engineer things it is somehow immune from patent infringement. Mar 31 20:22
kentma the talkbacks on the article are quite interesting.  The considered ones are all deeply suspicious, the pro-Microsoft ones lack any analysis, ranging from “tit for tat”, to “ooh, nasty people are having a go at MS and that isn’t right”.  Good to see that the Microsoft astro-turfing machine is still going, also good to see that it’s no better at presenting a convincing case than it ever was :-) Mar 31 20:22
schestowitz Oh. I didn’t even notice we had made FP of LinuxToday yesterday Mar 31 20:22
kentma I meant suspicious of the motives and situation reported, not to be considered to be of suspicious value. Mar 31 20:22
kentma hey! Mar 31 20:22
kentma well done. Mar 31 20:23
schestowitz There’s lots of bad press Mar 31 20:23
schestowitz The usual suspects though — those in Micfrosoft’s pocket Mar 31 20:23
schestowitz I have about 20 articles about the settlement, just not posted yet… Mar 31 20:23
schestowitz http://www.tectonic.co.za/?p=4547 (Fedora releases version 11 beta ) Mar 31 20:24
amd-linux Perens described the problem very well. And is hinting that the mentioned “payment” by TomTom could be as high as one Dollar Mar 31 20:24
amd-linux that is what I also believe – the ransom money that TomTom payed was very low Mar 31 20:25
schestowitz It’s Microsoft’s new business model Mar 31 20:25
schestowitz Not a terrible good one, ieht Mar 31 20:25
schestowitz *etiher Mar 31 20:25
schestowitz Microsoft made a promise not to sue over FAT. But TomTom didn’t challenge them Mar 31 20:25
schestowitz Remember that TomTOm needed to fight not just one patent Mar 31 20:25
schestowitz It was a bundle of them Mar 31 20:25
amd-linux and they directly license to the TT customers as far as I understand Mar 31 20:26
schestowitz It was a well-orchestrated stunt aimed at a dying company without money Mar 31 20:26
amd-linux TT dying? or MS? Mar 31 20:26
schestowitz Both Mar 31 20:26
amd-linux TT is doing well, I think…. and hope, gonna buy a nav system soon :-) Mar 31 20:26
schestowitz Microsoft — less slowly. It’s bigger Mar 31 20:26
schestowitz It tries to make up a business model from something it complained about 2 decades ago Mar 31 20:27
amd-linux MS is currently dumping Windows embedded -  Win based nav systems are nearly same price as Linux one Mar 31 20:27
amd-linux at least here in germany Mar 31 20:27
schestowitz PJ linked to this earlier: http://www.bolsamania.fr/analys… Mar 31 20:27
schestowitz BTW, I no longer mail her. Groklaw seems to be dying as a news site Mar 31 20:27
schestowitz amd-linux: fallcy: Mar 31 20:28
schestowitz It’s not about moving tomtom to winmobile Mar 31 20:28
schestowitz It’s impractical. Too much work Mar 31 20:28
schestowitz It’s about making money as a SCO-like indemnification firm Mar 31 20:28
schestowitz At the same time also suppressing Linux, sure, but win embedded isn’t on MS’ agenda Mar 31 20:29
amd-linux yeah, and their excuse is always shareholder value Mar 31 20:29
schestowitz They just renamed the thing. They can’t make it better… not enough engineers perhaps Mar 31 20:29
schestowitz Linux moves too fast Mar 31 20:29
schestowitz Linux = big and small in one package Mar 31 20:29
amd-linux “we are forced to act like this because we have to satisfy our shareholders” Mar 31 20:29
schestowitz Moularity Mar 31 20:29
schestowitz Microsoft Windows is all fragmented Mar 31 20:29
schestowitz Which is funny cause they call Linux fragmented Mar 31 20:29
schestowitz When WIndows is like a bunch of forks for scale Mar 31 20:29
amd-linux lets see how and when the Freescale netbooks are entering markets Mar 31 20:30
schestowitz amd-linux: real quote? I douybt it. Mar 31 20:30
schestowitz Hypothetical, right? Mar 31 20:30
amd-linux MS has to decide to port Windows Mar 31 20:30
schestowitz But ballmer said something like that in 2006 Mar 31 20:30
schestowitz In LinuxDevices.com I saw it Mar 31 20:30
amd-linux nono, no real quote but the gist Mar 31 20:30
schestowitz Asked about patents he said something about obligation to shareholders Mar 31 20:30
schestowitz Gist close to reality Mar 31 20:30
amd-linux right thats what i meant Mar 31 20:30
schestowitz And true too Mar 31 20:30
schestowitz If being an aggressor seems like good for shareholder… Mar 31 20:31
schestowitz Ask NOVL Mar 31 20:31
schestowitz or SCOX Mar 31 20:31
amd-linux of course this is just not to look too greedy Mar 31 20:31
schestowitz Maybe they can by PR Mar 31 20:31
schestowitz http://www.africaresource.com/ras… Mar 31 20:31
schestowitz I found this earlier in Mixx. will repost it later Mar 31 20:31
amd-linux good link. the “good” rich uncle from the US, “helping” poor Africans (and, as a side effect, his own business interests…) Mar 31 20:33
schestowitz Yes. Mar 31 20:35
schestowitz I wrote about this befor Mar 31 20:35
schestowitz This has a link to the NYT Mar 31 20:35
schestowitz This reinforces many of my previous posts Mar 31 20:35
schestowitz About Melinda and Pearly telling government to give taxpayers’ money to big phrarmas that Parly and Mel invest in Mar 31 20:36
schestowitz (for the ‘poor children’) Mar 31 20:36
schestowitz What You Need to Know About the Fraudulent Nature of the Pharmaceutical Investment Business With Disease  < http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/ope… > Mar 31 20:37
schestowitz “On behalf of the Rockefeller interests, the government of the pharmaceutical banana republic Germany spearheaded one of the most infamous efforts ever made within the United Nations.” Mar 31 20:38
schestowitz “This years will go into history as the beginning of the end of pharmaceutical business with disease. In a series of scientific publications – for some of them I invited Linus Pauling as co-author – I could identify micronutrient deficiency as the primary cause. These diseases included heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetical circulatory problems, cancer and even diseases like immune deficiencies, including AIDS.” Mar 31 20:39
schestowitz http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/article… Perens explains also why Mono is a patent trap. Mar 31 20:40
schestowitz Interesting… http://in.sys-con.com/node/900944 ThinFree supports ODF despite the MS pressure… “Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), OpenOffice Open Document Format (ODF)” Mar 31 20:44
schestowitz *ThinkFree Mar 31 20:44
schestowitz Jose rebuts the stupid Wallen article: “Linux needs Microsoft’s “hand” like it needs the plague.” http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_s… Mar 31 20:47
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story… “Now is the time to begin migrating everything over to ext2 or 3. Leave M$ behind with their patents and fat. “ Mar 31 20:47
benJIman It’s a good thing that there’s no http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_D… standards that dictate use of fat. Mar 31 20:50
schestowitz The case is not over Mar 31 20:51
schestowitz http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?st… http://www.softwarefreedom.org/news/… Mar 31 20:51
schestowitz brb Mar 31 20:54
schestowitz Facebook CFO Gideon Yu Leaving < http://www.paidcontent.org/entry/419-fac… > Mar 31 21:04
schestowitz Wikia Search Out Of Options < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2… > Sad news, at least Wikipedia is thriving. Mar 31 21:14
*devq has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 31 21:16
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/article/… (Intel, Microsoft Look Away as Beefed-up Netbooks Blur Lines) If true, then it’s assassinating even more Windows revenue Mar 31 21:17
schestowitz Wales: “In past 24 months, Wikia.com has seen tremendous expansion. Nielsen recently recognized Wikia.com as the fifth fastest growing member community destination in February 2009:” http://blog.jimmywales.com/index.ph… Mar 31 21:21
*amd-linux has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 31 21:23
schestowitz Twitter appears so much in the press right now. I remember when it used to be Digg. Mar 31 21:23
schestowitz Reports: Cyberspy network targets governments < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TE… > Mar 31 21:24
schestowitz Cornell Librarians Protest Bill Closing Access to NIH Research < http://cornellsun.com/section/… > Mar 31 21:29
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schestowitz Microsoft to acquire Novell! http://www.itwire.com/con… (April 1st starts early in Australia) Mar 31 21:34
Balrog so conficker starts midnight apr 1 UTC? Mar 31 21:34
schestowitz Yes Mar 31 21:34
MinceR :) Mar 31 21:34
schestowitz Australia introduces licences for internet users  < http://www.itwire.com/cont… > Mar 31 21:35
schestowitz MinceR: he beat me to it Mar 31 21:35
schestowitz I am going to post “IBM to buy Novell” Mar 31 21:35
schestowitz in 2 hours Mar 31 21:35
MinceR :D Mar 31 21:35
MinceR “IBM to buy Novell and Microsoft” Mar 31 21:35
schestowitz Put your paranoia hat on Mar 31 21:35
schestowitz Asutralia is already emitting junk Mar 31 21:35
schestowitz Last year I fell for one story Mar 31 21:35
schestowitz About DRM in <video> Mar 31 21:35
MinceR “We really should have bought Microsoft decades ago, but this crisis gives a good opportunity to finally do it.” ;) Mar 31 21:36
schestowitz U.S. tech employment rises in 2008, falls off in 4Q < http://www.itwire.com/conten… > Still living in the past, pretending all is OK Mar 31 21:37
Balrog there should be no DRM in <video> just as there is no DRM in <img> Mar 31 21:37
schestowitz 2008Q1… yeah yeah.. Mar 31 21:37
Balrog though patents are a different problem … remember GIF…. :/ Mar 31 21:37
schestowitz Balrog: it was a Linux.com article… Nathan… April 2nd (!) and sounded very real Mar 31 21:38
Balrog url? Mar 31 21:38
schestowitz “Sprout has already stated Novell’s recently released SUSE Linux 11 will be relaunched as Microsoft Linux Vista by the middle of this month.” Mar 31 21:40
schestowitz Balrog: can;’t find it quite.. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&amp… Mar 31 21:40
Balrog lol Mar 31 21:41
zer0c00l gn Mar 31 21:51
*zer0c00l has quit (“Leaving”) Mar 31 21:51
schestowitz Excellent article from Phoronix comparing Ubuntu 9.04 Beta and Fedora 11:  http://www.phoronix.com/scan… Mar 31 21:56
schestowitz Stinking Redmond press. Here is what they write: “Microsoft has worked on about 70 open developer platforms, particularly in areas like Azure, open document formats and identity.”             “open document formats”   Eh? They try to make it sound like ODF… having names their format Office Open XML to confuse with Open Office. Mar 31 22:02
ToreadorVampire Mmm, I agree there … I have had to correct people a few times on that one :) Mar 31 22:04
schestowitz They deplete from the vocabulary Mar 31 22:05
ToreadorVampire “No, Office Open XML is not the same as those crazy document formats I use in OpenOffice” Mar 31 22:05
schestowitz *having named Mar 31 22:05
schestowitz It’s deliberate. They went told to rescind it. Mar 31 22:05
ToreadorVampire That’s fine … despite that – everyone I know (bar a couple) hates MSOffice 2007 anyway for other reasons Mar 31 22:06
schestowitz here is a good explanation of this: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/1… Mar 31 22:06
ToreadorVampire Mostly because of the “pull the rug from under your feet” UI change, and not providing any way of going back to the old UI (in order to help ease the transition) Mar 31 22:07
schestowitz Sun confirms second round of layoffs < http://go.theregister.com/fe… > Mar 31 22:07
schestowitz ToreadorVampire: they need to pretend people upgrade *for something* Mar 31 22:08
schestowitz Not just to upgrade to more RAM Mar 31 22:08
schestowitz The perception of added value Mar 31 22:08
ToreadorVampire People still ask me for help (even though I stopped being a techie and switched to being a developer a while back) … Mar 31 22:08
schestowitz “What did I just pay $200 for? I don’t see it….” Mar 31 22:08
ToreadorVampire … and increasingly now I say “Oh, yeah, in Office I think it’s something like Tools » Macros » Macro Security Settings” you need to change Mar 31 22:08
ToreadorVampire And then I get to laugh at them if they are using Office2007, because there’s no goddamn tools menu Mar 31 22:09
schestowitz Convicted Trojan author in new hacking charge < http://www.theregister.co.u… > Mar 31 22:09
ToreadorVampire And if you try looking for that particular setting on the “ribbon” (which vaguely replaces the menu bar) you won’t find it Mar 31 22:09
schestowitz ToreadorVampire: oh yeah, good point Mar 31 22:09
schestowitz One of the selling pnts of windows Mar 31 22:09
schestowitz No changes, techno-communism Mar 31 22:09
schestowitz Shut down is still under the main menu… Mar 31 22:10
schestowitz And IE is stilll “blue e” Mar 31 22:10
schestowitz Now they flip it all Mar 31 22:10
schestowitz It renders manuals and BOOKS about office obsolete Mar 31 22:10
ToreadorVampire Well, that was my main reason for switching to OOo Mar 31 22:10
schestowitz Which for the first time makes me wonder how book authors who carries water for Microsoft really feel Mar 31 22:11
schestowitz *carried Mar 31 22:11
ToreadorVampire In reality – I don’t give a damn about how free my software is – or if I am walking into patent traps – I care about using a piece of software that gets the job done Mar 31 22:11
ToreadorVampire And I got very angry very quick with Office 2007 Mar 31 22:11
schestowitz Android tethering app tossed < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009… > Mar 31 22:11
schestowitz Check subheadline: “T-Mobile the tossers?” *LOL* Mar 31 22:12
ToreadorVampire So when I switched to being a dev (and therefore lost my free copy of Office 2007) I decided that I wouldn’t buy it either Mar 31 22:12
ToreadorVampire Ooh, that’s interesting – I’m planning to get a G1 soon … Mar 31 22:12
schestowitz I use LyX for document Mar 31 22:12
schestowitz But if I use program menu which is rare, then I use the keyboard Mar 31 22:12
schestowitz I don’t know how ribbons interact with keyboard accelerators or arrow navigation Mar 31 22:13
ToreadorVampire Erm, no idea Mar 31 22:13
ToreadorVampire I tried to avoid using MS Word where possible Mar 31 22:13
schestowitz Like CTRL+letter, down, down, down, ENTER Mar 31 22:13
schestowitz Going the way of Fisher Price would be foolish Mar 31 22:14
schestowitz They would lose even some rookie users Mar 31 22:14
schestowitz Those who don’t spend much time on it.. just writing a letter occasionally. For them, retraining can consume as much time as all work combined (years accounted for) Mar 31 22:14
schestowitz In Vista7, the Fisher Price GUI is expanding Mar 31 22:15
ToreadorVampire Oh, erm, dunno Mar 31 22:15
schestowitz More than 300 Nortel staff sacked without redundancy payout < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03… >. Nortel is a dead company (Ch11) Mar 31 22:15
ToreadorVampire Yeah, one of Nortel’s HQs used to be down the road from me, and I know a few former staff Mar 31 22:16
ToreadorVampire It’s been a dead company for a long time tbh Mar 31 22:16
ToreadorVampire It just didn’t know it yet Mar 31 22:16
ToreadorVampire Anyway – that tethering thing … Mar 31 22:17
ToreadorVampire It’s still available for download – just not via the marketplace Mar 31 22:17
schestowitz Yay. BN’s traffic in Netcraft has just climbed to 2200th. We’re doing about 7gb a day now. Bigger than Groklaw.. Mar 31 22:17
ToreadorVampire Which makes no difference to me Mar 31 22:17
*ToreadorVampire is still excited about getting an android phone :) Mar 31 22:18
schestowitz Nortel had wedding plans with MSFT Mar 31 22:18
schestowitz Now it ought to be called offf Mar 31 22:18
schestowitz Which is good for those who embraces the GNU :-) Mar 31 22:19
ToreadorVampire schestowitz> Well … yeah – Nortel has been a plague ship for so long now … even 5/6 years ago I think it’s been “dying a slow death” Mar 31 22:19
ToreadorVampire So I doubted anyone was going to buy them Mar 31 22:20
MinceR http://handras.hu/stuff/hofeherke.png   http://handras.hu/stuff/hofe… Mar 31 22:20
ToreadorVampire hmm Mar 31 22:20
schestowitz Fedora finally explains how crackers got in: An update on the Fedora August 2008 intrusion <  http://lwn.net/Articles/326170/ > Mar 31 22:21
schestowitz MinceR: must be seen insequence Mar 31 22:22
MinceR indeed Mar 31 22:22
schestowitz I saw it in reverse Mar 31 22:22
schestowitz Guantanamo Bay found a replacement for sound torture: http://farm1.static.flickr…. Mar 31 22:24
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/article/16230… “95 percent of them [PHP developers] go on to deploy on Linux.” Mar 31 22:25
schestowitz I hear that Microsoft might donate Encarta to Wikipedia… http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/… Mar 31 22:27
schestowitz Fears of a Conficker Meltdown Greatly Exaggerated < http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/s… > Says IDG…… Mar 31 22:28
schestowitz We’ll find out soon what it shall cause Mar 31 22:29
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 31 22:46
_Hicham_ Hi Roy! Mar 31 22:46
_Hicham_ where r u? Mar 31 22:47
_Hicham_ is there anyone in here? Mar 31 22:47
*ToreadorVampire has quit (“… and now back to the REAL fantasy world!”) Mar 31 22:48
_Hicham_ this room is really sleepy today Mar 31 22:48
*MinceR hides Mar 31 22:49
MinceR Mar 31 22:49
schestowitz I’m here. Mar 31 22:49
_Hicham_ were u hiding or what? Mar 31 22:50
schestowitz “This page has been established to control the Conficker worm outbreak. For questions please contact your local UPC Abuse and/or Helpdesk. For more info about the Conficker virus please see: The Microsoft Conficker page” Mar 31 22:50
schestowitz _Hicham_: no, I was here. it was no quiet today Mar 31 22:51
schestowitz Lots of talk this morning in fact. Mar 31 22:51
_Hicham_ So the conficker is still doing its job? Mar 31 22:52
_Hicham_ great Mar 31 22:52
_Hicham_ I would have done more Mar 31 22:52
MinceR indeed Mar 31 22:52
_Hicham_ the svchost.exe is Windows’ open asshole Mar 31 22:53
schestowitz “while improving framebuffer, flash memory, and FAT filesystem capabilities” Blech http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/N… Mar 31 22:53
_Hicham_ Windows doesn’t even wear panties Mar 31 22:53
schestowitz MinceR: what’s it about? Mar 31 22:53
schestowitz How will we know when it strikes and the outcome? Mar 31 22:53
MinceR the Conficker outbreak is so bad an ISP has made a special warning page apparently Mar 31 22:54
schestowitz I could live for a day without DNS if it means 15 million super-angry Windows users (and business) who say “what is this Lunix thing again?” Mar 31 22:54
_Hicham_ great for Windows Mar 31 22:54
_Hicham_ Roy : there is OpenDNS Mar 31 22:54
schestowitz I know. Mar 31 22:54
schestowitz I made some tins of tuna and one opendns /sarcasm. Mar 31 22:55
schestowitz I got my AK-48 and heading for a Conficker hideout… Mar 31 22:55
_Hicham_ do u have an AK-47 for me? Mar 31 22:56
schestowitz Not Conficker: GhostNet is a wakeup call to switch to Linux < http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/… > Mar 31 22:58
schestowitz _Hicham_: sure. Mar 31 22:58
schestowitz US security BTW is very lousy Mar 31 22:59
schestowitz TSA and all Mar 31 22:59
schestowitz I transported an air rifle in my suitcase without any problems. Leisure purposes — sure– but still… no problems at all. Mar 31 22:59
_Hicham_ u can kill with just a small knife Mar 31 23:00
_Hicham_ a drifter in here killed 6 people in the street with a small knife Mar 31 23:00
_Hicham_ u don’t need a rifle at all Mar 31 23:00
schestowitz True. Mar 31 23:00
schestowitz The otives for dissent are more important to realise Mar 31 23:00
schestowitz Weapons are everywhere. Mar 31 23:01
schestowitz Kitchen knife is weapon Mar 31 23:01
_Hicham_ u can kill Steve Ballmer with Linux for example Mar 31 23:01
_Hicham_ so Linux is a weapon also Mar 31 23:01
schestowitz So the solution is prevention by investigation of motive/cause Mar 31 23:01
schestowitz Another is brainwash Mar 31 23:01
schestowitz To control people’s minds before they respond with force Mar 31 23:01
schestowitz _Hicham_: maybe SweatyB’s PC.. Mar 31 23:01
schestowitz Not him. Mar 31 23:01
MinceR everything is a weapon Mar 31 23:01
_Hicham_ u can kill fat with ext diet Mar 31 23:01
schestowitz Checking eggs is another matter Mar 31 23:01
schestowitz MinceR’s country has the pride Mar 31 23:02
MinceR or you could shoot a linux install disk at SweatyB, killing him on impact Mar 31 23:02
schestowitz It gave Sweaty the egg treatment Mar 31 23:02
MinceR it was just eggs :/ Mar 31 23:02
schestowitz And he missed Mar 31 23:02
_Hicham_ where r u from MinceR ? Mar 31 23:02
schestowitz Loser ;-) Mar 31 23:02
_Hicham_ hungary? Mar 31 23:02
MinceR hungary Mar 31 23:02
_Hicham_ great Mar 31 23:02
MinceR not so great Mar 31 23:02
MinceR i hate this country Mar 31 23:02
_Hicham_ why? Mar 31 23:02
schestowitz MinceR is the guy with the egg tossing video ;-) Mar 31 23:03
MinceR though i’m not sure if it would be better to live elsewhere Mar 31 23:03
schestowitz No, I kid…. Mar 31 23:03
MinceR nope Mar 31 23:03
_Hicham_ why MinceR ? Mar 31 23:03
schestowitz What was trhe guy’s site again?? Mar 31 23:03
schestowitz Used to be a yellow homepaghe Mar 31 23:03
MinceR people are uncaring/stupid/evil everywhere, the state does everything in its power to annoy and rob me Mar 31 23:03
_Hicham_ u talking about the political system? Mar 31 23:03
MinceR and then they give a lot of money to m$, of course Mar 31 23:03
_Hicham_ fuck MS Mar 31 23:03
MinceR tax payments are organized so that i have to do a lot of research so i get the honor of paying them what they want Mar 31 23:04
MinceR if i don’t, i get punished Mar 31 23:04
MinceR the authorities believe they’re allowed to do anything and they do get away with it Mar 31 23:04
MinceR several state-owned companies also act as if they were authorities Mar 31 23:04
_Hicham_ do u have a republic? Mar 31 23:04
MinceR in name, yes Mar 31 23:04
MinceR in practice, we can choose between two gangs of criminals Mar 31 23:05
MinceR they do exactly the same shit Mar 31 23:05
MinceR and now the country is on the brink of collapsing Mar 31 23:05
MinceR i also hate budapest, the city i live in Mar 31 23:05
_Hicham_ i just know it from the Hitman game Mar 31 23:05
MinceR the people suck, public transportation sucks, the people suck, the infrastructure sucks Mar 31 23:06
_Hicham_ i remember a level called “The Thermal Bath Hotel” Mar 31 23:06
MinceR i hope there’s a place on earth that’s better than this hellhole Mar 31 23:06
_Hicham_ Eastern Europe is full of hot chicks Mar 31 23:06
MinceR oh, and a local “university” give some sort of award to Monkey Boy Mar 31 23:06
MinceR s/give/gave/ Mar 31 23:07
MinceR (where he got the egg treatment) Mar 31 23:07
_Hicham_ great treatment by the way Mar 31 23:07
MinceR there’s a fucking cult of con men in this layer of hell Mar 31 23:07
_Hicham_ but he missed him Mar 31 23:07
_Hicham_ Bill’s one in Finland was great Mar 31 23:07
_Hicham_ the cake I mean Mar 31 23:08
_Hicham_ he received it straight in his face Mar 31 23:08
MinceR a hungarian news website (index.hu) ran a vote about who should be the new prime minister and steve jobs won Mar 31 23:08
MinceR that tells a lot about this excuse for a country Mar 31 23:08
_Hicham_ really? Mar 31 23:08
MinceR really Mar 31 23:08
_Hicham_ is he from hungary? Mar 31 23:08
MinceR nope Mar 31 23:08
MinceR but we’re running out of options anyway Mar 31 23:08
_Hicham_ why would be people want him then? Mar 31 23:08
MinceR it’s a fucking comedy what’s going on around the replacement of the PM now Mar 31 23:09
_Hicham_ he’s not hungarian Mar 31 23:09
MinceR i’d laugh if i weren’t forced to live him Mar 31 23:09
MinceR because people are fucking stupid here Mar 31 23:09
MinceR the thing they admire most is the ability to rip others off and turn their lives into hell Mar 31 23:09
_Hicham_ there is no left parties over there? Mar 31 23:09
MinceR the party in power is trying to keep power at all costs Mar 31 23:10
MinceR the PM is quitting and they’re trying to get support from someone else Mar 31 23:10
schestowitz “RedSeven Computer Company is kicking off it’s birthday month by offering a free installation of Linux on April first” http://www.evliving.com/2009/03/30/4… Mar 31 23:10
MinceR if we were to hold an election now, they’d likely lose Mar 31 23:11
MinceR and the resulting delay would cost the country a lot Mar 31 23:11
schestowitz Maybe it’s timed this way cause of Conficker Mar 31 23:11
schestowitz MinceR: rich=good-hearted Mar 31 23:13
schestowitz Remember, that’s the AmericanWay(R) Mar 31 23:13
schestowitz aka AmericanDream(R) Mar 31 23:13
MinceR and the hungarian public eats that like candy Mar 31 23:13
schestowitz They glorify athletes, celebrities, corporations (like GM) and rich people Mar 31 23:13
_Hicham_ Roy : there is no american dream Mar 31 23:13
_Hicham_ there is only american lie Mar 31 23:13
schestowitz you aboslutely MUST want to be like them Mar 31 23:13
schestowitz Peer pressure will ensure this Mar 31 23:14
MinceR they worship people who get rich by stealing and cheating Mar 31 23:14
MinceR they elect those people to office Mar 31 23:14
MinceR and then they’re shocked and surprised to find out that they’re ripped off next Mar 31 23:14
_Hicham_ the US is a bad Political Model Mar 31 23:14
_Hicham_ and u know taht Mar 31 23:14
_Hicham_ that Mar 31 23:14
schestowitz Rockefeller.. what a nice family! Ohhh :-) Mar 31 23:14
schestowitz They are so rich… and they give [and stealk] Mar 31 23:14
schestowitz And they help poor kids…. Mar 31 23:15
schestowitz And they give.. [their exposers a kick in the nuts and a smear campaign] Mar 31 23:15
schestowitz I’ll do a goods post about the Gates scam tomorrow. _Hicham_ might be interetsed Mar 31 23:15
schestowitz There’s this Richard Berman dude who knows how to set up fraudulent charities Mar 31 23:16
schestowitz Steal from the public, buy PR. Mar 31 23:16
schestowitz Under a “charity” umbrella. Then buy some press to lie about it and promote the big lie Mar 31 23:16
_Hicham_ Roy : u never criticized the UK Mar 31 23:16
_Hicham_ is the UK perfect? Mar 31 23:16
MinceR correction of my earlier sentence: “i’d laugh if i weren’t forced to live here” Mar 31 23:16
MinceR if only i had the money to just pack up, leave and buy a house in a sane place and live there Mar 31 23:17
schestowitz _Hicham_: I do criticise the UK Mar 31 23:18
schestowitz Carefully Mar 31 23:18
schestowitz See my USENET posts Mar 31 23:18
schestowitz Usually on copyrights issue, ISPs, BECTA, MSBBC, NHS, and whatnot Mar 31 23:18
_Hicham_ why carefully? Mar 31 23:19
_Hicham_ because u r in there? Mar 31 23:19
schestowitz You know. Mar 31 23:19
schestowitz I was monitored before. Mar 31 23:19
_Hicham_ by who? Mar 31 23:19
schestowitz The men in black Mar 31 23:19
schestowitz Security Mar 31 23:19
_Hicham_ wow Mar 31 23:20
_Hicham_ that is frightening Mar 31 23:20
schestowitz Not really Mar 31 23:20
schestowitz Flattering actually Mar 31 23:20
schestowitz I didn’t say anything bad or done anything bad Mar 31 23:20
schestowitz They told me Mar 31 23:20
_Hicham_ u r lucky to be in the UK Mar 31 23:20
_Hicham_ if u were in the US, they would have killed u Mar 31 23:21
_Hicham_ long time before Mar 31 23:21
_Hicham_ lucky to have a queen to protect u Mar 31 23:21
MinceR lol Mar 31 23:22
schestowitz No. Mar 31 23:22
schestowitz The US is liberal too Mar 31 23:22
schestowitz The UK is no better than the US Mar 31 23:22
schestowitz Look up “David Kelly” Mar 31 23:22
schestowitz I don’t know Mar 31 23:22
schestowitz It’s just suspicion though Mar 31 23:22
schestowitz And I hardly write about politics anyway. IT is small stuff Mar 31 23:22
schestowitz Compred to oil (trillions), real estate (trillions), and foreign affairs (many trillions). We’re the ‘small’ problem Mar 31 23:23
MinceR information is more valuable than that though :> Mar 31 23:23
schestowitz The Queen in the UK is like Obama in the US Mar 31 23:24
schestowitz They are symbolic figures Mar 31 23:24
schestowitz MinceR: information=FOx News Mar 31 23:24
_Hicham_ but she has power, no? Mar 31 23:24
schestowitz Information as weapon… the macro issue… not format and retention Mar 31 23:25
MinceR schestowitz: to the brainwashed masses maybe Mar 31 23:25
schestowitz _Hicham_: so does Obama; he works out Mar 31 23:25
schestowitz Small guy Mar 31 23:25
schestowitz Displaced in 4 years Mar 31 23:25
schestowitz Unlike the people who run the system for 40 years Mar 31 23:25
MinceR but consider what would happen if the craziest ideas behind TC and DRM were to be forced on everyone by law Mar 31 23:25
schestowitz Like the Rockefeller. Mar 31 23:25
MinceR personal computers? more like computers owned and monitored by the corpocracy Mar 31 23:25
schestowitz MinceR: they’ll try Mar 31 23:26
schestowitz Dissent prevents it Mar 31 23:26
schestowitz Look at ACTA backlash Mar 31 23:26
MinceR and you get to have the privilege to pay to access it some of the time Mar 31 23:26
MinceR in the way they choose Mar 31 23:26
schestowitz MinceR: PC = leased Mar 31 23:26
schestowitz with TC Mar 31 23:26
MinceR schestowitz: a tiny minority of people are even aware of ACTA Mar 31 23:26
MinceR that’s the problem Mar 31 23:26
schestowitz Windows/OS X = rented software Mar 31 23:26
schestowitz nmap is already illegal here Mar 31 23:26
MinceR like you said, it’s considered small stuff Mar 31 23:26
MinceR yet our freedom hinges on it Mar 31 23:26
schestowitz MinceR: yes, you won’t get an article about it past editors Mar 31 23:26
schestowitz With companies like GE owning the press, literally. Mar 31 23:27
MinceR and that makes me very worried Mar 31 23:27
schestowitz Airport checks Mar 31 23:27
schestowitz “Show us your laptop!” Mar 31 23:27
schestowitz They then make copies of your whole HDD on the file Mar 31 23:27
schestowitz They’ll have a good time with it later Mar 31 23:27
schestowitz Emails, history, everything… forensics too Mar 31 23:27
schestowitz (easier with Vista BTW) Mar 31 23:27
schestowitz They also have back door to Microsoft’s HSS encryption Mar 31 23:28
MinceR and that would be only the beginning Mar 31 23:28
schestowitz *HDD Mar 31 23:28
schestowitz Which makes it symbolic Mar 31 23:28
schestowitz It’s ‘safe’… but the govt always has the master key Mar 31 23:28
schestowitz Gartner admiits this Mar 31 23:28
schestowitz No speculation here. Mar 31 23:28
schestowitz fact. Mar 31 23:28
schestowitz Microsogt and the UK government work on it together… with the police. That’s why they illegally sign so many contracts Mar 31 23:29
_Hicham_ do they really check ur laptop? Mar 31 23:29
schestowitz Corruption = control Mar 31 23:29
MinceR it’s microsoft “security” anyway Mar 31 23:29
schestowitz Corruption is OK, as long as it keeps the population under control Mar 31 23:29
schestowitz Acceptable bribery :-) Mar 31 23:29
schestowitz Like lobbying :-D Mar 31 23:29
MinceR it’s useless, the backdoor is just their way of saying “fuck you” to every outsider Mar 31 23:29
schestowitz _Hicham_: provisions exist already Mar 31 23:29
schestowitz I don’t think they even need ACTA for this Mar 31 23:29
schestowitz ACTA is just more privileges. Not for us, for them. Mar 31 23:30
schestowitz Not for us, for US Mar 31 23:30
MinceR and any time they can get more Mar 31 23:30
_Hicham_ terrorism = freedom limits Mar 31 23:30
schestowitz Yes, Mar 31 23:30
MinceR they just handwave, say “turrism” and poof, you’ve lost another couple of your rights Mar 31 23:30
schestowitz Reasons to aggrevate it Mar 31 23:30
MinceR and some of your privacy Mar 31 23:30
schestowitz Aggravate world = > risk Mar 31 23:30
MinceR these people must pay for their crimes Mar 31 23:30
_Hicham_ the US is doing with terrorism what it couldn’t do for years Mar 31 23:30
schestowitz Snce Iraq invasion the thread grew 7fold Mar 31 23:30
schestowitz These are numbers whose source I cannot recall Mar 31 23:30
schestowitz So with heightened risks come new preventive laws. Mar 31 23:31
schestowitz MinceR: which people Mar 31 23:31
schestowitz Bush? Mar 31 23:31
schestowitz Haha. Mar 31 23:31
schestowitz No way. Mar 31 23:31
schestowitz Obama is too little. Mar 31 23:31
schestowitz Bush has buddies in Halliburton et al Mar 31 23:31
MinceR all the politicians who did their part in it Mar 31 23:31
schestowitz BTW, did you know that Blackwater changed named? Mar 31 23:32
schestowitz Bad PR. Mar 31 23:32
MinceR and all the people who bribed them to do it Mar 31 23:32
schestowitz Slaughtering millions of people can do that to a company… it figures sigh* Mar 31 23:32
MinceR nah Mar 31 23:32
MinceR you kill one person, it’s a tragedy. you kill a million, it’s a statistic. Mar 31 23:32
_Hicham_ Bush is allowed to kill anyone Mar 31 23:33
_Hicham_ he has a white card Mar 31 23:33
MinceR he has more than that Mar 31 23:34
MinceR he is allowed to bomb any small country Mar 31 23:34
MinceR well, he was Mar 31 23:34
MinceR now obama has that “right” Mar 31 23:34
*devq (n=gt5@ns.km22853.keymachine.de) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 31 23:34
_Hicham_ the US is having problem now Mar 31 23:35
schestowitz Just now? Mar 31 23:35
schestowitz Don’t worry, they have the little people under control Mar 31 23:35
schestowitz [that's us] Mar 31 23:36
_Hicham_ coz its people is starting to become hungry Mar 31 23:36
_Hicham_ if the US people become angry, it is a pb Mar 31 23:36
schestowitz Surveillance without warrants, arrest on suspicion, etc. Mar 31 23:36
_Hicham_ yes Mar 31 23:36
schestowitz They flag white anti-war protestors “terrorists” now Mar 31 23:36
_Hicham_ and sooner or later, there will be problems Mar 31 23:36
schestowitz Sometimes they get labeled “terrorist sympathisers” Mar 31 23:36
_Hicham_ for sure Mar 31 23:36
schestowitz Was the same with Vietnam I think Mar 31 23:36
_Hicham_ especially when they will run out of gas Mar 31 23:37
schestowitz The same idiots who played the  “terrorist sympathisers” card regretted it when they realised the invasion was a scam. Mar 31 23:37
schestowitz People like Buckley Mar 31 23:37
schestowitz World Review editor IIRC Mar 31 23:37
_Hicham_ the invasion was for oil Mar 31 23:37
_Hicham_ now they see how billions they have spent Mar 31 23:37
_Hicham_ to get oil Mar 31 23:37
schestowitz NYT has posted no apologies for huge lies about WoMD AFAIK Mar 31 23:37
_Hicham_ and they still spend money Mar 31 23:38
schestowitz And Thomas Friendman et al have contacts there with Pentagon, White House, etc. so they have no excuse about being deceived Mar 31 23:38
_Hicham_ and now there is the economics crisis Mar 31 23:38
_Hicham_ and there is China Mar 31 23:38
_Hicham_ and all their plans are at risk Mar 31 23:38
_Hicham_ Obama is having a heavyweight legacy Mar 31 23:38
schestowitz China does OK Mar 31 23:39
schestowitz It’s good Mar 31 23:39
schestowitz not for everyone Mar 31 23:39
_Hicham_ Roy : it is a threat Mar 31 23:39
schestowitz Not for ‘the people’ Mar 31 23:39
schestowitz Republic of ‘the [Big] People’ Mar 31 23:39
_Hicham_ China is a threat for the world Mar 31 23:39
schestowitz _Hicham_: they have nuclear subs ;-) Mar 31 23:39
_Hicham_ not that Mar 31 23:39
schestowitz To make Ballmer sweat Mar 31 23:39
schestowitz I suppose you know about Ballmer and China Mar 31 23:39
_Hicham_ no, I don’t Mar 31 23:40
schestowitz McCain wanted to make his Chinese ambassador… ambassador in China rather Mar 31 23:40
schestowitz Good fit. Keep China in check by tossing chairs and shouting Mar 31 23:40
MinceR :D Mar 31 23:40
schestowitz Give him 12 hour onnthe job and China nukes CA Mar 31 23:40
MinceR Mutually Assured Destruction! Mar 31 23:40
schestowitz Then Redmond, WA Mar 31 23:40
schestowitz They have Red Flag Linux, Mar 31 23:41
MinceR at least they would have taken out the human species before it could infect other solar systems :> Mar 31 23:41
schestowitz MinceR: it can’t Mar 31 23:41
schestowitz No technology Mar 31 23:41
schestowitz No research in NASA Mar 31 23:41
schestowitz Bush moved the money Mar 31 23:41
schestowitz To more important affairs Mar 31 23:41
MinceR it’s only a question of time Mar 31 23:41
schestowitz Like Christianity Mar 31 23:41
MinceR if NASA doesn’t do it, others will Mar 31 23:41
MinceR like the chinese Mar 31 23:41
schestowitz Lusra Bush needs to teach kiddies about holy ponies Mar 31 23:42
MinceR lol Mar 31 23:42
schestowitz *Laura Mar 31 23:42
MinceR i prefer the Invisible Pink Unicorn to those. :> Mar 31 23:42
schestowitz And it fhey behave nicely they’ll live like the princess in Ali Bubba Mar 31 23:42
schestowitz *typo on name Mar 31 23:42
schestowitz MinceR: invisible is good Mar 31 23:43
schestowitz Easier to sell the illusion if it’s invisible Mar 31 23:43
schestowitz “Where is it?” Mar 31 23:43
_Hicham_ schestowitz : do u have an official distro for the UK? Mar 31 23:43
schestowitz Laura: “it’s invisible” Mar 31 23:43
schestowitz Kid: “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” Mar 31 23:43
schestowitz _Hicham_: there are several here Mar 31 23:43
MinceR schestowitz: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inv… Mar 31 23:43
schestowitz None with a British flag or some national pride though Mar 31 23:43
schestowitz Ubuntu is made from Isle of Man (based there) and developed mostly in London Mar 31 23:44
schestowitz That’s where Mark and the gang reside Mar 31 23:44
schestowitz RMS started twitting Mar 31 23:45
benJIman Really? He doesn’t even use a web browser, I’m surprised he would use twitter. Mar 31 23:45
schestowitz @rms in identica has begun linking to his political site Mar 31 23:45
MinceR are you sure it’s really RMS? :> Mar 31 23:45
schestowitz Might not be Mar 31 23:46
schestowitz I think someone in FSF does this on his behalf Mar 31 23:46
schestowitz Honestly Mar 31 23:46
MinceR he did say at his presentation that he uses email to fetch webpages Mar 31 23:46
schestowitz It seems so Mar 31 23:46
MinceR ic Mar 31 23:46
schestowitz So it’s a bot account in a way Mar 31 23:46
schestowitz Just links to his ‘blog’ now Mar 31 23:46
schestowitz MinceR: he does (use E-mail). He told me too Mar 31 23:46
schestowitz So you just embed pages in text. Mar 31 23:46
_Hicham_ RMS uses Firefox Mar 31 23:47
_Hicham_ aka IceCat Mar 31 23:47
schestowitz He lives by principles Mar 31 23:47
schestowitz Setting an example, which makes perfect sense. He does all right despite the self-imposed/inflicted barriers Mar 31 23:47
_Hicham_ and Roy uses Internet Explorer Mar 31 23:47
_Hicham_ :D Mar 31 23:47
MinceR gn Mar 31 23:48
schestowitz _Hicham_: .. to prepare for the fight against Tyson Mar 31 23:48
_Hicham_ schestowitz : do u run ur own webserver? Mar 31 23:52
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