Why Techrights Republishes Diplomatic Cables

Posted in Cablegate at 6:11 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: Volatile servers and threats against Wikileaks’ sympathisers motivate the adherence to local copies of selected Cablegate cables

SOME Wikileaks-associated Web sites are currently not available. Some came under DDOS attacks, whereas others cannot cope with legitimate requests/server load. Wikileaks is trying to expand its network of mirrors (minutes ago it announced a new mirror in Europe), but it’s an uphill battle as the more available these become, the higher the demand for them gets. In some places in Europe, hosts were forced to put down Wikileaks mirrors, so nothing should be taken for granted. This is why we decided that — given that the cables are already out there on thousands of servers — to republish selected cable in full. Several of us are now combing through them in an attempt to find relevant cables that need explanation and context. Our hope is to establish a somewhat comprehensive coverage of the cables that intersect with our topics of interest. There might not be more than 1,000 such cables, but that too would be an impressive number. A lot of these cables may be quite old, but this does not change the fact the new findings are contained in them. We are hoping to learn more about how software patents lobbying, OOXML corruption, crackdowns against GNU/Linux etc. are being done so that in the future we can be better prepared and properly equipped to effectively intervene.

In other news, our team is working on a theme banner for all the cables we’ll publish in the future. Next week will be fun. It’s nice to get a pat on the back every now and then. If you can help us with Cablegate, then please joins us in IRC.

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  1. Michael said,

    September 2, 2011 at 6:28 pm


    I would love to join you in IRC… but you block dissenting voices.

    Will Reply:

    Have you even tried to log into his IRC channel? (Remember, the logs are open.) If so, can you point to when you were blocked?

    Michael Reply:

    Here is the log where he approved of, and suggested, someone blocking me for “24 hours”… though I am still blocked now:


    Notice that my “crime” was to respond to Roy’s sarcastic remark: “Apple’s patents are worth more. They have the Apple brand on them” and to note his incorrect claims about Apple.

    He then dishonestly accused me of bringing Apple up. I noted the error of this claim… and was banned.

    High Plains Thumper Reply:


    Snit (Michael Glasser): “You cannot quote me lying because I do not lie.” 05 Sep 2011, Subject: Re: Snit being stalked again.


    In response to:

    TomB: “Attempting to use logic with the troll? Hell no! I’m just giving him what he wants, ie. examples of him being dishonest and/or lying. Of course he will dodge the confrontation, and of course he will try to spin a web of deceit around the examples I gave. But so be it. Each
    time he denies his dishonesty and lies, it becomes more apparent what a nitwit he is.”


    TomB is wrong. The only way to win against the Snit Michael Glasser troll is not to feed it.

    The following is a key quote from 7 years ago and it still holds true:

    36- George Graves: “Jason. You have started an argument with the Snit (AKA Michael Glasser), this should not be done. He will drive you crazy with his twisted logic, his deep-rooted need to be ALWAYS right at any cost. He will move goalposts, set up strawmen, and bore you into submission with his endless pedanticism. The only way to engage him is to hit and run. NEVER engage him, it’s a futile, empty procedure that will only anger you and feed him. Take my advice and STAY AWAY!” 27 Oct 2004


    The rest of poster quotes on the Snit troll, 155 individual testimonies may be found here:


    It is no wonder why moderated forums ban this troll.

    Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

    The George Graves is very good. It also applies to two other malicious trolls who attacked this site 24/7 over the years.

    Michael Reply:

    Please, HPT, leave your trolling to COLA. And if you are going to accuse me of wrong doing, at least show *support*. Remember: quoting what *others* do is not a sign of what *I* do. I am not George Graves, just as I am not Joel Crump. You often get confused as to who I am.

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