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Muddying the Water by Fake Accounts, Stirring Up Phony Controversies and Feuds

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Nov 13, 2023

Prisons exist for people like these

Hands in chains - Black and White

TODAY is Monday, so we continue the scheduled (and weekly) series about what a bunch of lunatics have done to us for over a year, both offline and online.

As the latest meme noted, lying and perjury have become a norm to these people. They just don't care. They have one goal in mind; and the means are 'justified' by that goal, no matter if those means are immoral and illegal.

Today we'll focus on the aspect of sending E-mails to writers of the sites, again falsely identifying (the writers reported this to me), as already noted in a bunch of other articles. In the prior part we gave examples of journalists being impersonated and even a few days ago there was another case of impersonation - a longstanding pattern we shall cover in the future. There are also examples of impersonation against the webhost, which will be the subject of next Monday.

Today we speak of writers in this site and the sister site (from the US, Europe, and Asia). How much impersonation went on one can only guess. Because who knows how many other people that I know were contacted by an imposter and did not tell me about it....

So today we'll deal with one example; this is an example of a person that I know for sure was targeted because it's a person who contacted me about it. Later I'll show E-mail from another person, who nearly got fooled.

This is how it started:


I received an email from someone with the content of an email that I wrote to you a while ago…

Was your email hacked?

I said:


last night I checked my spam and I realised I had missed something you sent months ago. I brought the issue up in an IRC channel. My guess is, someone there contacted you about this matter? Is that what happened?

The response went like this:

Yeah, a guy named Cade Foster sent me an email with the chat transcript, which is actually the content of the email I sent you a few weeks ago about someone sabotaging my work…

He didn’t said anything, just pasted the chat transcript…

I thought you got hacked because I found his nickname “cade.foster177” on a Russian forum.

This is the name of an imposter we covered in the last part and will revisit in the next part.

I replied:

"Cade Foster" is a known sockpuppet account that's actively attacking Techrights. See [...]

He's trying to incite you.

We'll write about this sockpuppet in the future.

Another communication relevant to the same sort of abuse:

URGENT: An IMPOSTER account posting ILLEGAL and EXTREMIST stuff

Hi [redacted], This account is an IMPOSTER: [redacted]pizza/@schestowitz

Please report ASAP; An IMPOSTER account posting ILLEGAL and EXTREMIST stuff

And the response:

Hi Dr. Roy,

Thank you for your warning. It seems that Selea took action already against that person. Selea is the owner of [redacted].

And thank you for mailing me personally. I like that.

Sincerely yours,


In the next part we'll look how the very same sockpuppet was then reused and weaponised against the webhost as well. These militants have neither any sense of shame nor any recognition of the Rule of Law (yet feel comfortable forging their credentials to seem like the opposite of that).

A fortnight from now we'll show some of the fakes that they crafted. They're doing this to other people too, so the strategy merits explaining in detail.

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