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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Feb 11, 2024

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Updated This Past Day

  1. GNU/Linux News as Morse Code? [original]
    just for fun
  2. Announcing Istio 1.19.7 and Istio 1.20.3
    security fixes
  3. Countries Where Android is Measured at Over 80% of the Market for Operating Systems [original]
    Kiribati, Niger, Vanuatu, Syrian Arab Republic, Chad, Sudan, Western Sahara, and Egypt


  4. Games: MangoHud, Proton, and Steam Deck
    4 more picks covering games on GNU/Linux
  5. Discovering Linux: A Distro Exploration and Sharing Experience
    let me share about my journey in the Linux world
  6. Best Linux Distributions for ARM Architecture: A Comprehensive Guide
    Top Linux Distributions Tailored for ARM Architecture
  7. Programming Leftovers
    Programming related stories and tools
  8. today's leftovers
    4 misc. stories
  9. Openwashing by OSI and SPAM by 'Linux' Foundation at
    a couple of new examples
  10. Open Hardware: Arduino, PiWings, and Hackaday Podcast
    Modding-friendly gadgets
  11. Fedora / Red Hat / IBM Leftovers
    stly Red Hat "official" links
  12. Security Breaches, Patches, and News
    many leftovers on this topic/theme
  13. Applications: "Best" Software, Flathub Picks, and Misc. Highlights
    many new articles about FOSS
  14. today's howtos
    many for today, more to come
  15. MythTV v34.0 Released
    The MythTV Team is pleased to announce the release of MythTV version v34.0
  16. today's leftovers
    3 more links for today
  17. Programming Leftovers
    Standards too
  18. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software Leftovers
    FOSS news
  19. Distributions and Operating Systems: GNU/Linux, OpenBSD
    some distro related articles
  20. KDE Frameworks 5.115 Improves Copy/Move of Large Number of Files
    The KDE Project announced today the release and general availability of KDE Frameworks 5.115 as the latest stable version of this collection of more than 80 add-on libraries to Qt providing commonly needed functionality for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and KDE apps.
  21. This Week in GNOME #134 High Contrast
    Update on what happened across the GNOME project in the week from February 02 to February 09
  22. Wine 9.2
    The Wine development release 9.2 is now available
  23. KDE Frameworks 5.115.0
    KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.115.0
  24. 10 Must-Know Free DevOps Tools for Professional Success
    Stay ahead in DevOps with these ten free and open-source tools
  25. Open Hardware Leftovers
    Raspberry Pi and more
  26. Security Leftovers
    Security links
  27. today's howtos
    half a doezen howtos
  28. Games: Humble Bundle, Abalon Arena, Pixel Noir, and More
    Humble Bundle, Abalon Arena, Pixel Noir
  29. Android Leftovers
    Android phone vs. handheld gaming console: It's not an easy decision
  30. Xfce 4.20 Will Keep X11 Support, Brings Wayland to the Scene
    Get the scoop on Xfce 4.20: Updates on X11 & Wayland support that promise to enhance the desktop experience
  31. I Switched to Fedora From Ubuntu: Going Back Again!
    Here's how it went with the switch to Fedora
  32. Blue Recorder – simple screen recorder written in Rust
    Blue Recorder is billed as a simple desktop recorder for Linux systems
  33. 13 Best Free and Open Source Tiling Wayland Compositors
    All of the software is free and open source goodness
  34. Purism Differentiator Series, Part 3: Operating System
    Purism with PureOS as our Operating System is designed to give complete control to the user
  35. This week in KDE: Inching closer
    The KDE 6 mega-release is due in a little under three weeks
  36. How to fix blank windows in SketchUp Make in Linux (WINE)
    I'm migrating my productivity setup from Windows to Linux
  37. 5 Linux productivity apps I depend on every day, and how to install them from Snap
    In fact, some of these apps are only available via Snap
  38. Slackel 7.7 "MATE" Edition: New Features
    Slackel 7.7 "MATE" is here! Discover the latest features, improved stability, and user-friendly experience.
  39. Release Notes: Grml 2024.02-rc1
    Grml is a Debian based live system focusing on the needs of system administrators
  40. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles
  41. Security Leftovers
    Security related links

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Saturday contains all the text.

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