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#boycottnovell @ FreeNode: June 4th, 2008 (Part II)

schestowitzsee you.Jun 04 11:41
ZiggyFishschestowitz: before he sent them to me he did ask if, openoffice could read them.Jun 04 11:41
ZiggyFishPetoKraus: see yaJun 04 11:42
schestowitzThis puts burden on OOo devs to do MOOX instead of adding new features.Jun 04 11:42
schestowitzThat's what IBM warned about too.Jun 04 11:42
schestowitzMicrosoft: "let everyone run after us. We'll just INNOV~1"Jun 04 11:43
ZiggyFishlolJun 04 11:43
ZiggyFishschestowitz: I must use that on the forums I go to.Jun 04 11:44
schestowitzOOXML?Jun 04 11:45
ZiggyFishschestowitz: I do a lot of hobby OS development ;)Jun 04 11:45
schestowitzAh, OK.Jun 04 11:45
ZiggyFishno the 'Microsoft: "let everyone run after us. We'll just INNOV~1"' lineJun 04 11:45
schestowitzWell, it's true that Microsoft just catches up in reality: hypervisors, word processors (before domination), browsers. They are also IPocrites. They used to whine about swpatents.Jun 04 11:46
ZiggyFishthe current sig is: Rule one when dealing with Microsoft, they're lying and while you're listening to the their lies your attention is being diverted while they burn down your house and kidnap your children.Jun 04 11:47
ZiggyFishschestowitz: yeah. And they do in it such a way that people think that it's their innverationsJun 04 11:48
schestowitzWell, XBox burned some houses down (one recently) and Gates had to attend a testimonyJun 04 11:49
schestowitzOne incident claims that a baby was killed by this.Jun 04 11:49
ZiggyFishlol.Jun 04 11:49
schestowitzPeople have short memory spans. Young people know nothing. My brother things that the window UI thingie is all Windows and Microsoft and everything else is a ripoff.Jun 04 11:51
schestowitzOffice suies? They are all "Microsoft Office clones", apparently.Jun 04 11:51
schestowitzsuitesJun 04 11:51
ZiggyFishlol, well he got one part right, Microsoft is a ripoff ;)Jun 04 11:51
schestowitzI'll be off for a few moments. Just posting many links in BN.comJun 04 11:52
ZiggyFishoh, k, it's 9pm here, so I'll be off soonJun 04 11:52
schestowitzAustralia?Jun 04 11:54
ZiggyFishyeahJun 04 11:54
ZiggyFishQueensland to be exactJun 04 11:54
schestowitzCool.Jun 04 11:55
ZiggyFishanyway I'm off for the night. see yaJun 04 11:56
*akf (i=akf@unaffiliated/akf) has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 11:59
schestowitzhey, akf.Jun 04 11:59
*akf is just listening...Jun 04 12:00
schestowitzI'm about to post a big bunch of links. Some big wins for us.Jun 04 12:00
akfheard about Vienna, as it seems they dump GNU/Linux for Vista, just because of one single programJun 04 12:04
schestowitz4 migrations in Germany though.Jun 04 12:12
schestowitzVista's successor was almost called Vienna, IIRC.Jun 04 12:12
PetoKrausakf: what is the one single program?Jun 04 12:13
schestowitzThis news about Vienna goes back months ago _in a sense_. Someone up there might be cosy with Redmond.Jun 04 12:13
akfthe articles don't say which program, but only that it just runs with IE :-(Jun 04 12:14
schestowitzIE works in GNU/Linux 'better' than on Windows. Multiple versions at the same time even. Never tried it.Jun 04 12:15
schestowitzSpeaking of which, it's suspected that in the Czech Republic Microsoft gave the government discounts in exchange for the OOXML vote change.Jun 04 12:19
PetoKrausthat's old news, isn't itJun 04 12:20
schestowitzSort of. I found this out in a press release (the smoking gun) a week ago and sent it also to PJ who wrote an article.Jun 04 12:23
PetoKrausit's funny to see what two target groups use ubuntuJun 04 12:40
PetoKrausbeginners, and power-users, who don't need something more configurable, but stable working running system without much hassle.Jun 04 12:41
ZiggyFishanyway see ya all tomorrowJun 04 12:49
*ZiggyFish has quit ("Ex-Chat")Jun 04 12:49
schestowitzI don't know if power users prefer Ubuntu. If I had more CDs lying about, then my home PC would run something else. Before the Novell deal it has SuSE on it.Jun 04 12:58
PetoKrausi am talking about the users of ubuntuJun 04 13:00
PetoKrauswhat i mean, if all power-users used ubuntu, there won't be any gentoo, or slackware, right?Jun 04 13:00
PetoKrauswhy do you think ASUS picked Xandros?Jun 04 13:03
PetoKrausi mean, when they wanted patent covered distro, there's still SuSEJun 04 13:03
schestowitzGet a load of this: 04 13:13
schestowitzI don't know why Xandros was chosen, but like Ubuntu it uses Debian.Jun 04 13:14
schestowitzAsus doesn't pay Microsoft (yet), Xandros told meJun 04 13:14
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PetoKrausnice!Jun 04 13:19
*jbh has quit ("leaving")Jun 04 13:22
cyberorgschestowitz, you must consider putting opensuse 11.0 in it, we(community) work really hard on it ;)Jun 04 13:27
cyberorgboycott sled if you wish :PJun 04 13:28
schestowitzI know.Jun 04 13:30
schestowitzThat's why I try to occasionally show the positives of OpenSUSE (on Saturdays), hoping that the developers will disengage from the Novell deal, even if it means forking the Novell project. The bright side of it is that OSUSE devs help other distros too.Jun 04 13:32
schestowitzAs it stands, Microsoft has already sunk its teeth onto OpenSUSE. Watch the analysis of the pledge from last year (on Groklaw). They just want "brains for sale".Jun 04 13:32
cyberorgschestowitz, our concentration is to create really great distro for users and the one that we enjoy using, and we are bunch of really nice people you know :)Jun 04 13:33
schestowitzYes, but legal stuff won't escape you.Jun 04 13:33
cyberorgso far i haven't been approached by anything M$Jun 04 13:33
cyberorgas long as there are stuff that is GPL and things are open source it wont bother usJun 04 13:34
schestowitzStallman once said: "Geeks like to think that they can ignore politics, you can leave politics alone, but politics won't leave you alone."Jun 04 13:34
schestowitzSame with lawyers, and I am not one.Jun 04 13:35
cyberorgno matter what anyone does politics has been around for a very long time and is going to be there, so we'll just get on with what we do bestJun 04 13:37
PetoKrausschestowitz: i like the part on gentoo, in that reportJun 04 13:39
*pinkstormtrooper (i=pinkstor@gateway/tor/x-1ac3028c039eaf04) has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 13:44
schestowitzcyberorg, I agree, but keep an eye on Novell because they want to use Microsoft to take control. Let me find you a must-read.Jun 04 13:44
PetoKraus:DJun 04 13:45
pinkstormtrooperfuck anyone who sides with microsoftJun 04 13:45
schestowitz Internalise the bits further down.Jun 04 13:45
schestowitzWatch the language please.Jun 04 13:45
pinkstormtrooperballmer is one example of the mind fuck corporations use to perpetuate their consolidationJun 04 13:45
pinkstormtrooperthey use humor and eccentricity to hide the truthJun 04 13:45
pinkstormtrooperthey use humor and eccentricity to hide the truth!Jun 04 13:45
pinkstormtrooperthey use humor and eccentricity to hide the truth!!!!!Jun 04 13:45
PetoKrausuhmJun 04 13:45
pinkstormtrooperwhy?Jun 04 13:45
pinkstormtrooperis it past the ballmer bedtime?Jun 04 13:45
PetoKrausthere is one twitter on facebookJun 04 13:45
PetoKrausyou remind me of himJun 04 13:46
PetoKraus*slashdotJun 04 13:46
pinkstormtrooperperhaps it's time for some egg mcmuffins and cozy lizard night hats?Jun 04 13:46
pinkstormtrooperfuck facebookJun 04 13:46
pinkstormtrooperbunch of people throwing away their privacy to ciaJun 04 13:46
pinkstormtrooperjust like myspaceJun 04 13:46
pinkstormtrooperfucking sheepJun 04 13:46
PetoKrausnice to meet you, i thinkJun 04 13:46
cozubwtf? :)Jun 04 13:47
pinkstormtrooperthey all have the IQs of anally raped llamas with chicken feetJun 04 13:47
pinkstormtrooperI spit on microsoftJun 04 13:47
pinkstormtrooperschestowitz is it true you're joining microsoft?Jun 04 13:47
schestowitzNo.Jun 04 13:47
pinkstormtrooperI heard you were baiting MS to show them your marketing skillsJun 04 13:47
cozubrotfl :))Jun 04 13:47
pinkstormtrooperso you could be hired by them and reap the benefits of a ballmer french kiss and pelvis thrustJun 04 13:47
PetoKrauswas there a rumour saying that?Jun 04 13:47
cozubI think pinkstormtrooper just went bananasJun 04 13:48
PetoKrausi'd love to read itJun 04 13:48
schestowitzI wonder if it's the same person who was here on Monday to poison the well.Jun 04 13:48
pinkstormtrooperI bet the drool pools at ballmer's feet when his lizard head penis slides out, the size of a small, annoying canary, with the fragrance of kelp. I bet his eyes roll back and his tongue turns into an omlette textured slipper shaped widget while his voice turns metallic and his pelvis turns black while his penis shoots out a cloud of silverfishJun 04 13:49
schestowitzThey occasionally get them in /. and Groklaw too.Jun 04 13:49
pinkstormtrooperthat's what I betJun 04 13:49
schestowitzpinkstormtrooper, you're just here to troll, methinks.Jun 04 13:49
cozubschestowitz: the style looks similarJun 04 13:49
pinkstormtrooperschestowitz, no I am a keeper of the faithJun 04 13:50
schestowitzI know.Jun 04 13:50
pinkstormtrooperbut I had to joke about you once schestowitzJun 04 13:50
cozubthat being said, IRC is full of weirdos (just look at me :))...Jun 04 13:50
pinkstormtrooperto test the waterJun 04 13:50
schestowitzPlease speak politely then.Jun 04 13:50
pinkstormtroopercozub, you like my style?Jun 04 13:50
pinkstormtroopercozub, kneel before me thenJun 04 13:50
pinkstormtroopercozub, worship now at 1/2 the priceJun 04 13:50
cozubpinkstormtrooper: don't exaggerateJun 04 13:50
cozubor kick your butt for free...Jun 04 13:51
pinkstormtrooperok schestowitzJun 04 13:51
pinkstormtroopersorry for being a niggerJun 04 13:51
pinkstormtrooperI can't help itJun 04 13:51
pinkstormtrooperit's my nigger natureJun 04 13:51
pinkstormtroopercozub, halos form around every body part of mineJun 04 13:51
pinkstormtroopercozub, they extend to the heights and the depthsJun 04 13:51
schestowitzWe'll have to ban you.Jun 04 13:51
cozubschestowitz: it might be time to terminate himJun 04 13:51
pinkstormtroopercozub, you humans are creatures of filthJun 04 13:51
pinkstormtrooperevery single humanJun 04 13:51
pinkstormtrooperfilthy rotten greasy humansJun 04 13:51
cozublol :)Jun 04 13:51
*schestowitz sets ban on pinkstormtroope!*@*Jun 04 13:51
pinkstormtroopersee how they leakJun 04 13:51
pinkstormtrooperaren't they leaky?Jun 04 13:51
*schestowitz sets ban on *!i=pinkstor@*gateway/tor/x-1ac3028c039eaf04Jun 04 13:52
*schestowitz has kicked pinkstormtrooper from #boycottnovell (schestowitz)Jun 04 13:52
*jbh ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 13:52
*akf danktJun 04 13:52
jbhubuntu is shipping a lot of kernel updates latelyJun 04 13:52
jbhseems like every day I have to rebootJun 04 13:52
*cyberorg (n=cyberorg@opensuse/member/Cyberorg) has left #boycottnovell ("Leaving")Jun 04 13:52
PetoKrauson /. it's not occasionallyJun 04 13:53
schestowitzThe trolling? They cleaned up in 2006Jun 04 13:53
schestowitzIf people shove the homophobic stuff, the necrophilia, the  ugly pictures and insult people, then they dissipate it all.Jun 04 13:54
schestowitzThey do plenty of that in COLA, which is unmoderated.Jun 04 13:54
jbhthat's why I don't do newsgroups anymoreJun 04 13:55
jbhso few people continue these days anyway, they've moved on to other forms of communicationJun 04 13:55
schestowitzRecently they began exposing people's addresses and phone numbers out in public, then attacked them with slander in the header (subject lines). It's a form of intimidation.Jun 04 13:56
jbhtypically ones that are or can be moderated :)Jun 04 13:56
schestowitzAnd BTW, some of them are associated with Microsoft. Some are former Microsoft employees or partners. It's gross.Jun 04 13:57
jbh 04 13:58
jbhthat makes me laughJun 04 13:58
jbhI should probably stop aggregating planetgnomeJun 04 13:58
schestowitzSome time ago I noticed they want to make it a video player as well.Jun 04 13:58
schestowitzThe trouble would be DRM+Mono(Banshee )  on people's PCs.Jun 04 13:59
jbhyea, I saw that tooJun 04 13:59
PetoKrausbanshee? isn't that the mono flagship useless app?Jun 04 13:59
schestowitzIt's a bit like the urgency list / priorities of the FSF. In this case it's a question of what needs swapping with a Mono equiv.Jun 04 13:59
jbhwhat frustrates me most is that most of my friends use bansheeJun 04 14:00
schestowitzOpenSUSE installer: "Please select one from: 1) KDE; 2) KDE4; 3) GNOME; 4)MONOME"Jun 04 14:01
jbhhahJun 04 14:01
PetoKrauswhy would you use bansheeJun 04 14:02
PetoKrausthere are such good alternativesJun 04 14:02
jbhyea, I use rythmboxJun 04 14:02
PetoKrausAmarok. Rhythmbox. that E-something done in pythonJun 04 14:03
PetoKrausand finally QuodlibetJun 04 14:03
schestowitzI'm on XMMS and Amarok (work and home, respectively)Jun 04 14:03
jbhI used to use xmms, and still do on occassionJun 04 14:03
jbhbut I have problems with utf8 filenamesJun 04 14:04
jbhwith xmmsJun 04 14:04
schestowitzJust in: "Novell joins Microsoft in Anti-Linux FUD" ( )Jun 04 14:04
PetoKrausexaileJun 04 14:04
jbhhahJun 04 14:06
schestowitz"unpaid Linux"Jun 04 14:06
schestowitz"Blech! Those nasty cheap thingies"Jun 04 14:06
schestowitzSusan Hauser spouted out that FUD in OStatic last week.Jun 04 14:07
schestowitzThey try to 'tame' the GNU. Pay up now (for patents, to Microsoft).Jun 04 14:07
PetoKrausduh i see a projectJun 04 14:08
PetoKrauslet's make paid phone supportJun 04 14:08
PetoKrausgeneric, for linuxJun 04 14:08
schestowitzThat already exists.Jun 04 14:08
PetoKrausgoodJun 04 14:09
schestowitzThat's why it's FUDJun 04 14:09
EruaranhelloJun 04 14:09
schestowitzIt's also why there's money in Free software. Microsoft's profits are nothing compared to that of its ecosystem as a whole, including all the malware 'experts'.Jun 04 14:09
EruaranDoes the Suse that Novell distributes still default to KDE ?Jun 04 14:10
schestowitzHi <Eruaran>Jun 04 14:10
EruaranhiJun 04 14:10
schestowitzNo, it has a triange for choice.Jun 04 14:10
jbhdid it ever default to kde?Jun 04 14:11
schestowitzI can find you a screenshot if you want. They try to make it an equal treatment for the DEs.Jun 04 14:11
Eruarancause if its not already KDE 4 will soon be GPLv3Jun 04 14:11
schestowitzjbh: yes.Jun 04 14:11
EruaranAnd Microsoft participates in the distribution of SuseJun 04 14:11
schestowitzSUSE was (almost) all KDE in the pastJun 04 14:11
jbhI meant after novell purchased suseJun 04 14:11
jbhnot beforeJun 04 14:11
schestowitzNovell never talks to clients about GPLv3Jun 04 14:11
schestowitzPj jokes about it.Jun 04 14:12
PetoKrauslol, roy, did you read the last comment?Jun 04 14:12
schestowitzNovell will just try to hide the long-term issues associated with choosing BallnuxJun 04 14:12
PetoKraus 04 14:12
schestowitzI haven't, yet.Jun 04 14:12
EruaranIf Microsoft remains involved in the distribution of Suse and Suse goes KDE 4.1, Microsoft won't be able to rattle the patent sabreJun 04 14:13
schestowitzGNOME came about to the installer and SLED around 2005 (late 2005, IIRC).Jun 04 14:13
EruaranAnd a Suse without KDE isn't Suse any moreJun 04 14:13
schestowitzThe comment: 'When your boss asks “what’s the status of situation-x” it’s always easier to say “I have placed a call to Novell support and they are looking into it” than say “I checked the online forums and I have no idea what’s going on”.'Jun 04 14:14
schestowitzI think it's more complicated with KDE/GNOME.Jun 04 14:15
schestowitzIt'll take a while for KDE to go GPLv3 wholly. There are many non-KDE packages as well.Jun 04 14:15
schestowitzIANAL.Jun 04 14:15
EruaranWhile the guy who is waiting for Novell support is still waiting, ubottu will already have given me enough information for me to say to the boss, "the situation will soon be history".Jun 04 14:16
*Eruaran looks at ficticious guy waiting for Novell support and says, "noob".Jun 04 14:17
schestowitz"Ubuntu," said the boss, "what on earth is that?!?!?" We need a brand name.Jun 04 14:17
*Eruaran turns back on ficticious boss and walks away... boss hears the word "noob" uttered.Jun 04 14:18
Eruaran:PJun 04 14:18
schestowitzCoupons and brochures. The suits dig coupons and brochures. Jun 04 14:18
schestowitzMust have paper for intangible assets (read: imaginary property)Jun 04 14:19
EruaranIt may take a while for all of KDE to go GPLv3, but sooner or later Novell and Microsoft will be left out in the cold.Jun 04 14:20
jbhdoesn't the gpl3 have a clause that allows novell to ship gpl3 anyway?Jun 04 14:21
EruaranIts the only protection from poison patent bombs.Jun 04 14:21
schestowitzNovell is getting weaker. Some readers in Linux Today say so too, so it will end up having less influence. The days of Linspire seem numbered (someone who knows the management there thinks so).Jun 04 14:21
schestowitzYes, jbh, that's what I thought too, but PJ insists otherwise.Jun 04 14:22
jbhahJun 04 14:22
schestowitzAnd the GLLv3 too is no cure for patent trolls, some of whom Microsoft has (Nathan Myrvold and others)Jun 04 14:22
jbhI'd be surprised if opensuse11 didn't have gpl3 softwareJun 04 14:23
EruaranNovell is a pariah in the community... unless you're Miguel de Icaza and friends... but they're living in a land of fairies and a benevolent harmless fluffy cuddly BallmerizationJun 04 14:23
schestowitzThere's no 'IP condom' as long as that disease called swpatents is out there.Jun 04 14:23
EruaranAt least it has a clause which can be argued in courtJun 04 14:23
schestowitzOpenOffice 3.0 (nightly and beta) is LGPLv3Jun 04 14:23
EruaranWhich M$ knows aboutJun 04 14:23
EruaranM$ knows that legal action over patents whilst remaining involved in the distribution of GPLv3 code is a violation, and their huff and puff wont change that.Jun 04 14:25
schestowitzThey don't need legal action though. They have a stick to wave and some trolls, just in case they need them (and can hide the money trail). They failed with SCO.Jun 04 14:25
EruaranIf they claim the simply don't recognize it, then we can all claim we simply don't recognize Microsoft's EULA's.Jun 04 14:26
schestowitzMicrosoft would laugh.Jun 04 14:26
EruaranSo would Eben MoglenJun 04 14:26
schestowitzWatch how it snubbed the FSF around July last year, thinking that it's above the law and GPLv3 does not apply to it.Jun 04 14:26
EruaranProbably becuase they believe no one can last enough round with them in court.Jun 04 14:27
Eruaran*roundsJun 04 14:28
EruaranBut Ballmer is a king who must pay his subjects to wave the flag.Jun 04 14:28
EruaranThat is why they will fail.Jun 04 14:28
schestowitzMicrosoft is very hubris-infected. Asay spoke to them and sort of told me. Ballmer is a lost cause. The man is MAD.Jun 04 14:28
schestowitzPower corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.Jun 04 14:29
EruaranI noticed the deal with HP over Windows Live Search.Jun 04 14:29
EruaranSame old same old...Jun 04 14:29
schestowitzYes, yes.Jun 04 14:29
schestowitzMikey needs to buy some market share.Jun 04 14:29
EruaranMicrosoft doesn't know how to compete.Jun 04 14:29
schestowitz"What would you like for XMas, baby Ballmer?" Ballmer: market share; f* kill Google. Please.Jun 04 14:30
EruaranIt only knows to look for a way to monopolize, to leverage its market share on the desktop.Jun 04 14:30
schestowitzBill Gates: ""Microsoft looks at new ideas, they don't evaluate whether the idea will move the industry forward, they ask, 'how will it help us sell more copies of Windows?'""Jun 04 14:31
EruaranOnce upon a time it might mean something... but today this latest move looks rather Mikey Mouse... do they really think a deal with HP to make WLS default on HP's PC's will make headway against Google ?Jun 04 14:31
EruaranWell they dropped the ball with VistaJun 04 14:32
schestowitzH-P is part of the Trust.Jun 04 14:32
schestowitzO/ses become less relevant and Microsoft knows it.Jun 04 14:32
schestowitzIt wants it both ways: 1) Get Silverlight out there (Web ceases to be commodity); 2) Promote Live as a portal.Jun 04 14:32
EruaranNew terms, old tricks.Jun 04 14:33
schestowitzThis I don't understand:   So is now promoting blobs? And Mac SDKs?Jun 04 14:33
*Eruaran looksJun 04 14:34
Eruaranmore about getting around itJun 04 14:39
schestowitzI haven't really read it (just the bottom part on the FSF's take)Jun 04 14:39
schestowitzThe mention is advertising though, no matter what it contains, IMHO.Jun 04 14:39
schestowitzRemember this: needs to give the spotlight to OHA and LiMO.Jun 04 14:40
schestowitzLiMo needs devs. Android needs apps.Jun 04 14:40
EruaranI really don't agree with developers who waste time and effort on hacking closed platforms when there are open ones available. And I think it devalues the community, which is much bigger than Apple.Jun 04 14:41
PetoKrausbut if you know it's possible to have Xbox running linux, why not hack it?Jun 04 14:42
schestowitzWhy buy it in the first place?Jun 04 14:43
PetoKrauswellJun 04 14:44
PetoKrausby the time, it was nice cost-performance-noise dealJun 04 14:44
schestowitzI was told several times that even if Microsoft sells these at a loss, the sales help Microsoft because it uses it as a selling point to independent game makers (boasting high numbers)Jun 04 14:44
PetoKrausi don't have one.Jun 04 14:44
PetoKrausmoreover, if you get one now, it's trough ebay mostlyJun 04 14:45
PetoKrauswhich helps only the other guy wanting to get rid of his crappy hardwareJun 04 14:45
schestowitzYes, recycling hardware. Scares the hardware vendors, who conspired with Microsoft around Vista RTM time (Intel at the least).Jun 04 14:47
PetoKrausyeah. I hate myself for buying intelJun 04 14:47
PetoKrauslet's say i was young and inexperienced :PJun 04 14:48
cozubwell, on the other hand, intell provides decent X drivers...Jun 04 14:48
schestowitzIntel is killing AMD at the moment.Jun 04 14:48
schestowitzSome others rise from the east though.Jun 04 14:48
schestowitzIntel is worse than Microsoft in certain ways.Jun 04 14:48
PetoKrausschestowitz: but is the few percent of performance really needed?Jun 04 14:48
schestowitzBut people don't see and /use/ their chips, so they can't understand it.Jun 04 14:48
schestowitzPrice-fixing has gone on for ages.Jun 04 14:49
schestowitzFor servers maybe.Jun 04 14:49
PetoKrausopterons are GOODJun 04 14:49
schestowitzMy PCs (all of them) are around 2GHz.Jun 04 14:49
schestowitzThe CPU speed that is.Jun 04 14:49
*indianwarlord (i=war@gateway/tor/x-f145b8e364ba31ab) has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 14:50
PetoKrausyepJun 04 14:50
EruaranAMD are doing okJun 04 14:50
EruaranI was talking to someone from AMD last weelJun 04 14:50
Eruaran*weekJun 04 14:50
PetoKrausI hope Puma will be good...Jun 04 14:50
EruaranThey're not sitting stillJun 04 14:51
schestowitzYes, but the workforce shrinks.Jun 04 14:51
PetoKrausthe main problem i see isJun 04 14:51
PetoKrausthere was nothing new from AMD for so longJun 04 14:51
EruaranPeople were predicting AMD's doom back when Intel brought out the 486.Jun 04 14:52
PetoKrausIntel has released Dual Core's, AMD Turion's, and then Intel Core 2 Duos and the newer Penryn Core 2 duosJun 04 14:52
PetoKrausslap me for using that 'Jun 04 14:52
EruaranAMD/ATI has a raft of new products coming out this yearJun 04 14:52
PetoKrausyeah. That's what i hope will be their saverJun 04 14:52
schestowitzSadly, Novell is a pal of AMDJun 04 14:54
schestowitzThey have all sorts of sponsorships and collabs'.Jun 04 14:54
PetoKrausthe 780 chipset is marvelous... if i was buying a machine right now, desktop, i'd definitely go for X3 phenom and that 780g chipset...Jun 04 14:54
PetoKrauswhat can you do, roy....Jun 04 14:54
PetoKrausbut they are open-sourcing the ATI chipsets...Jun 04 14:56
EruaranI think for AMD, Novell is more of a clientJun 04 14:56
PetoKrausthere's limited, but functional 3D already availableJun 04 14:56
PetoKrausopen-sourced, i meanJun 04 14:56
PetoKrausand is developed by novell....Jun 04 14:56
Eruaranif its open it can be developed by anyoneJun 04 14:56
*indianwarlord has quit ("Leaving")Jun 04 14:57
schestowitzMaybe the same troll?Jun 04 14:57
EruaranAnd drunk ?Jun 04 14:58
PetoKrausthere goes the tor trafficJun 04 14:58
schestowitzMaybe paid.Jun 04 14:58
EruaranCause that wasn't very coherentJun 04 14:58
*akf has quit ("leaving")Jun 04 14:58
schestowitzPoison piills.Jun 04 14:58
Eruaransomething funny happened today at workJun 04 14:59
Eruaranone of the guys skyped me saying ubuntu crashed after booting with new ati driversJun 04 15:00
Eruaranthen a minute laterJun 04 15:00
Eruaranhe skypes me again saying it wasnt the OS, his graphics card was actually a bit stuffedJun 04 15:00
Eruaranworked perfectly with a new cardJun 04 15:01
schestowitzIt's easy to blame 'foreign' things.Jun 04 15:01
schestowitzMany Linux newbies blame Linux for not working seamlessly with iPods.Jun 04 15:01
schestowitzJust spotted in ZDNet Between the Lines (BTL) a short moment ago.Jun 04 15:02
schestowitz"Oh noes! The winmodem! Me [sic] iPod!!111"Jun 04 15:02
EruaranHad a customer at work who's notbook hard drive got raped by NortonJun 04 15:03
EruaranNothing would read itJun 04 15:03
EruaranBut I was able to force it to mount with KubuntuJun 04 15:03
EruaranAnd got data off itJun 04 15:04
EruaranNow he's telling his mates that Linux saved his dataJun 04 15:04
schestowitzIt does /more/. Tell him.Jun 04 15:04
EruaranyesJun 04 15:04
schestowitz:-)Jun 04 15:04
EruaranI gave him the CD as wellJun 04 15:04
schestowitz"Linux... it's for servers... it's all command-line"Jun 04 15:05
schestowitzThe myths that spread..Jun 04 15:05
EruaranWe counter thatJun 04 15:05
EruaranHad a guy in one day telling me some Linux mythsJun 04 15:05
EruaranI just sat there saying, 'uh huh... hmm... uh huh'Jun 04 15:06
schestowitzThere's a danger that Novell will further change perceptions.Jun 04 15:06
Eruaranthe boss's wife walked over to our demo system which was behind the guyJun 04 15:06
EruaranAnd she asked me, 'the demo has linux on it doesn't it ?'Jun 04 15:07
EruaranI said, 'yep'Jun 04 15:07
schestowitzThere's "Free Linux" and then there's "SUSE", which you MUST have to work along with Windows.Jun 04 15:07
schestowitzThey already do that routine against *buntu and RHT.Jun 04 15:07
Eruaranthe guy turned around and saw her playing with a glorious looking desktop with compiz fusionJun 04 15:08
Eruaranon a 24" widescreenJun 04 15:08
schestowitzThat Zaharov guy from iTWire is a technical journalist and a months ago he though Linux was something you install on Windows.Jun 04 15:08
EruaranThe guy must have felt like an idiotJun 04 15:08
Eruarancause everything he said was wrong and I didnt need to say a thingJun 04 15:08
schestowitzWell, one can always downgrade to Vista and do 'slip mode' for kicks.Jun 04 15:09
schestowitzflip modeJun 04 15:09
EruaranI wonder if Asus using Splashtop gets up Ballmers noseJun 04 15:11
PetoKrauswell i hope it'll get GPL'edJun 04 15:13
schestowitzSee this recent one: 04 15:15
schestowitzThis has been brewing for a while.Jun 04 15:15
*Eruaran readsJun 04 15:18
schestowitzMicrosoft press: "Mickos, who's now senior VP in Sun's new database group, pointed to Redmond's work with MySQL in naming Microsoft one of three companies to receive its Partner of the Year awards."Jun 04 15:18
schestowitzMickos could fall for it. He's not stubborn.Jun 04 15:19
EruaranSteve Ballmer and Bill Gates even with Microsoft billions don't have enough fingers to plug all the holes... there's an increasing amount of water getting through that monopolistic dam...Jun 04 15:24
EruaranMicrosoft's behavour will get worse before its overJun 04 15:24
schestowitzJust found: Microsoft spreads the IP 'love': Jun 04 15:25
schestowitzWell, over in the EU they have just bought themselves a big lobbyist, so I can foresee this getting ugly.. There's hope at the end. Eben Moglen: "Everybody is connected to everybody else, all data that can be shared will be shared will be shared: get used to it."Jun 04 15:27
Eruaranyou know whatJun 04 15:27
Eruaranthat kind of thing reminds me of IBM's attempts to change and proprietize PC hardware all those years agoJun 04 15:28
EruaranBut its even more lameJun 04 15:29
EruaranSince when has Microsoft ever been, "As an industry leader in the design and development of computer peripherals and accessories"... ?Jun 04 15:29
EruaranAre they talking about the MS mouse ?Jun 04 15:30
EruaranOr those ergo keyboard that nobody buys ?Jun 04 15:30
schestowitzThey have established this before, but not in an organised fashion. ACPI is an eye opener. Other examples are Microsoft's attempt to keep things secret. Oh! Same with Intel BTW.Jun 04 15:31
schestowitzMicrosoft bought them. They just rebrnad them.Jun 04 15:32
Eruaranhmm... though Intel was talking up MID's running Linux again this weekJun 04 15:33
EruaranAnd they've opened up their graphics chipset APIJun 04 15:33
PetoKrausACPI?Jun 04 15:33
schestowitzDon't confuse development with acquisitions. Google does this too. They rebranded KeyHole Google Earth and now struct around all the INNOVA~1.  MS Photosynth used to be more of a Linux project.Jun 04 15:33
schestowitz-struct- strutJun 04 15:33
schestowitzWait, I'll find it for you.Jun 04 15:33
EruaranIt think ulitmately Microsoft's screwed up hardware strategy will fail. Screwing up hardware as much as they've screwed up their software products in order to maintain monopolistic lock-in results in stuff that doesn't work.Jun 04 15:34
EruaranYou end up with a black box that either doesn't do anything people want it to do, or does things badly.Jun 04 15:35
EruaranIt creates complexity that puts people off.Jun 04 15:36
EruaranLook at Vista with its DRMJun 04 15:36
schestowitzI submitted this to Digg: 04 15:38
schestowitzVista is for Hollywood, not for users or developers.Jun 04 15:38
EruaranexactlyJun 04 15:38
EruaranGates today still sounds like a certain whiny teenager who once threatened the Homebrew Computer Club with legal action over hacking BASIC which that teen claimed was his own work...Jun 04 15:43
Eruaransame scenario, larger stageJun 04 15:44
*anivar (n=anivar@ has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 15:44
schestowitzWelcome, anivarJun 04 15:44
EruaranThat little dweeby piece of pond scum has always behaved like this, and he has always hated people who give away free software.Jun 04 15:45
anivarhi schestowitzJun 04 15:45
schestowitzGates comes from a litigious family. Dad's a lawyer, grandpa' a senator (think lobbying).Jun 04 15:45
EruaranHello anivarJun 04 15:45
anivarEruaran: helloJun 04 15:46
anivarjust came to know about this channel nowJun 04 15:46
Eruaran:)Jun 04 15:47
schestowitzIt's only a few days old. A reader insisted that we create one.Jun 04 15:47
*anivar waiting for a call from a Business Standard journalist on OOXML happeningsJun 04 15:49
schestowitz<anivar> , are you close to the incidents or testimony sources?Jun 04 15:50
schestowitzWe try to make public record while people remember.Jun 04 15:50
anivarschestowitz:  i was part of BIS datamining committee on OOXMLJun 04 15:51
anivarBut I dont like to make it publicJun 04 15:51
anivarI always hates works with GovtJun 04 15:52
anivarIt was an Old CommiteeJun 04 15:53
schestowitzHave you formally complained yet?Jun 04 15:54
anivarLITD 15 was the final commiteeJun 04 15:54
anivarschestowitz: About whatJun 04 15:54
anivarIn India OOXML process is as followsJun 04 15:55
schestowitzIf the intervention by the government, which as the Bombay university professor claims was caused by Microsoft, affected you, then..Jun 04 15:55
anivarNo.Jun 04 15:55
anivarschestowitz: The initial review as by Wordprocessing-ML subcommitteeJun 04 15:55
schestowitzMicrosoft filed a complaint with consumer <something>, IIRC.Jun 04 15:55
schestowitzOh, I see.Jun 04 15:56
anivarThe Datamining commitee reviewd itJun 04 15:56
anivarThe 200 issues listed by wordprocessing commitee was approved by datamining commiteeJun 04 15:57
schestowitzYes, I remember.Jun 04 15:57
anivarLITD 15 commitee  approved it unanimously and Then India voted No in Fast Track ProcessJun 04 15:57
schestowitzThey were not addressed properly in the BRM, I gather?Jun 04 15:57
anivarAfter that Dataming commitees role was only on examining Microsoft response on issuesJun 04 15:58
schestowitzWere they all satisfactory?Jun 04 15:58
schestowitzAnother key issue: was there sufficient time to name all issues in a very large specification?Jun 04 15:59
anivarschestowitz: Microsoft replied only to some of themJun 04 15:59
anivarit was before BRMJun 04 15:59
schestowitzI understand.Jun 04 15:59
anivarThe reply was mainly intended for wasting our timeJun 04 15:59
schestowitzOnly about 20% of the issues were discussed in the BRM.Jun 04 15:59
schestowitzThis happened in Italy too, if I recall correctly.Jun 04 15:59
anivarfor a single line critique they will send a 30 page reply contains nothingJun 04 16:00
schestowitz(referring to futile responses)Jun 04 16:00
anivarAnd After BRM around 80 issues are remaining unresolvedJun 04 16:00
schestowitzWhat did your commitee decide? Approve?Jun 04 16:01
anivarLITD committee decided to Vote No again because of thisJun 04 16:01
schestowitzOkay, I understand.Jun 04 16:01
schestowitzDid anyone who was affiliated with Microsoft attend? Was the committee free of conflicting interests?Jun 04 16:02
anivarAnd I am mainly involved with Free Software community worksJun 04 16:02
schestowitzThere is no conflict of interests there. Free software is tied to no company.Jun 04 16:03
schestowitz...Nor to a standard.Jun 04 16:03
schestowitzHave the complaints from Microsoft affected your committee?Jun 04 16:03
anivarIndian Process was fairly neat. But Microsoft appealed it with Government on last minuteJun 04 16:03
anivarYou can see details on osindia.blogspot.comJun 04 16:04
schestowitzI ask this because I read about the smearing of some people's names, which happened not only in India.Jun 04 16:04
anivarVenkitesh Harikaran (Redhat)'s BlogJun 04 16:04
schestowitzYes, I know the blog well.Jun 04 16:04
schestowitzIf only more countries adopted the same practises, but many committees were stuffed in practise.Jun 04 16:05
anivarschestowitz: I know that Smearing was started after the Second No vote. (even though they used NGOs to write  for OOXML to BIS before )Jun 04 16:05
schestowitzIndia must try to embrace ODF and ODF only at government level and I'm worried that it hasn't make such an announcement yet.Jun 04 16:06
schestowitzYes, the letters are outrageous.Jun 04 16:06
anivarIn the Final Voting Industry Lobby (WIPRO INFOSYS NASSCO & TCS) voted yesJun 04 16:06
anivarAlong with microsoftJun 04 16:06
schestowitzBack in August, just before the final vote, I alerted Sutor and others in their blogs that Microsoft gave away a lot of charity.Jun 04 16:06
schestowitzThat was days before the vote.Jun 04 16:07
anivari mean in LITD 15 CommiteeJun 04 16:07
schestowitzThis may explain those letters.Jun 04 16:07
schestowitzThose companies votes for their partner, not for India.Jun 04 16:07
anivaryea , i remember you covered itJun 04 16:07
schestowitzAl of them are associated with Microsoft, except one, I think.Jun 04 16:07
schestowitzSam Varghese wrote about it later, as well.Jun 04 16:07
anivarI know. It is interesting to say, Some students  wrote an Open letter to these companiesJun 04 16:08
schestowitzYes, I saw it.Jun 04 16:08
schestowitzDid anyone get it (among the companies)?Jun 04 16:08
schestowitzThe vote was a very cultist one. Microsoft (+partners) versus the world as Open Malaysia put it.Jun 04 16:09
anivarAlso on the candle light vigil There was placards saying "Get well soon" to these companiesJun 04 16:09
anivarAnyway I feel the rise of Developing world Vs Microsoft nowJun 04 16:10
anivarrise of a struggleJun 04 16:10
schestowitz*smile*Jun 04 16:10
anivarBy looking at appealJun 04 16:10
*anivar on phone Jun 04 16:10
schestowitzYesterday I made and prepared sa set of photos from the protests in India. I will use them in the future to put a human face on resistance to expansionism with OOXML.Jun 04 16:11
anivarThe set also have my  face tooJun 04 16:11
schestowitzI am not sure which one shows you, but I selected 7 photos that visibly show the message (against OOXML).Jun 04 16:13
schestowitzJust faces and congregations don't convey the message.Jun 04 16:13
*maxstirner (n=user@ has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 16:23
schestowitzHowdy.Jun 04 16:26
EruaranI'm off... its late hereJun 04 16:32
EruaranbblJun 04 16:32
PetoKraus:)Jun 04 16:33
PetoKrausbyeJun 04 16:33
schestowitzSee youJun 04 16:34
schestowitzI struggle to see how to achieve something in KE.Jun 04 16:34
schestowitzKDEJun 04 16:34
schestowitzCan one possibly make a windows visible in desktop X and Y, instead of in all desktops (workspaces)?Jun 04 16:35
PetoKrausno clueJun 04 16:35
schestowitzI guess the only workaround is making it be below everything and visible in all workspaces, but it's a mess.Jun 04 16:37
schestowitzI just struggle to read IRC while browsing even though it's a dual-head, almost 4000 pixels wideJun 04 16:38
*anivar just Finished the call.Jun 04 16:39
schestowitzRed Hat has just lost a VP... 04 16:39
schestowitzNo word from Red Hat about it.Jun 04 16:39
anivarschestowitz: Business standard plans to a cover story on OOXMLJun 04 16:40
schestowitzWho would 'balance' the article? Surely they'll collect comments from Microsoft or its partners in India, no?Jun 04 16:41
anivarYes offcourseJun 04 16:42
anivarwhat I did is Linked a lot of people associated with Free Software circlesJun 04 16:43
schestowitzThat's valuable to communicate.Jun 04 16:43
schestowitzBetter sometimes if done outside the closed circles of FOSS sites.Jun 04 16:44
schestowitzBoycottNovell, for example, attracts like 45% Linux users (based on nightly logs), so it's a bit like preaching to the choir.Jun 04 16:44
anivarhmmJun 04 16:45
schestowitzHypothetical example: LinuxToday is a case of informing the converted and convinced (that OOXML is a hoax); Digg, on the other hand, esp. in the FP, reaches people who say "Aha! What it this thing called OOXML? I want to find out who's exploiting me."Jun 04 16:46
schestowitzThe Business Standard is important for this reason, but it'll try to give both sides some coverage I imagine... because the retiring guy in the sweater could not possibly mean just harm and greed.Jun 04 16:47
anivarI hope so lets seeJun 04 16:49
anivarAlso I sent them some links soJun 04 16:50
schestowitzDid they contact just yourself or others too? I also asked this because I made a mistake by doing the poscast without preparing for it (bad idea).Jun 04 16:51
anivarBut the guy called me said that they are getting Opinions like "Multiple standards are good for customer's choice. but OOXML is bad because of its errors" from most of the peopleJun 04 16:52
schestowitzHaha.Jun 04 16:52
schestowitzShow them the rebuttal from Yook Kit.Jun 04 16:52
schestowitzThat's a classicJun 04 16:52
anivarI attacked "Multiple standards are good " point very wellJun 04 16:52
schestowitzThere's also one about lightbulbs from Rob Weir. They try to confuse people. Gymnastics in logic.Jun 04 16:53
anivarSending some article links to this guyJun 04 16:53
schestowitz"Multiple standard are 'great'! Well, let's have 10 to choose from and defeat the very purpose of having a standard in the first place..."Jun 04 16:53
schestowitzChoose products (e.g. Linus distros), not standards, e.g. LSB.Jun 04 16:54
anivaryeaJun 04 16:54
schestowitzCompTIA tried this spin in South Africa.Jun 04 16:55
anivarBTW Your attack on xen was wonderfulJun 04 16:57
schestowitzThis one makes many headlines at the moment: 04 16:58
schestowitzThere is usually a motive. 'Addiction' of children of favours. Based on experience, the motive comes to light later.Jun 04 16:58
schestowitzReally? A year ago people thought it was nasty (attack on a so-called Linux poster child). They paid like half a billion for 1000 customers and a messy hack that KVM renders obsolete.Jun 04 16:59
anivarThey were investing in their project called Project SikshaJun 04 17:01
anivarIt a programme implimenting in schoolsJun 04 17:01
anivarin partner with IntelJun 04 17:01
anivarpartnershipJun 04 17:01
anivarKerala's IT@school Project was Liberated to free software from this programme due to the civil society movement lead by Free software community & TeachersJun 04 17:01
anivarschestowitz: I was not always happy with xen's wayJun 04 17:03
schestowitzI reckon it won't be long before Gates buys Facebook. I warned friends about it like 8 months ago when the founder of Facebook made visits to Redmond. 04 17:03
PetoKraushmmJun 04 17:03
PetoKrausthe day this happensJun 04 17:03
PetoKrausi stop using itJun 04 17:03
anivarKVM's hardware dependency was forcing people to adopt xenJun 04 17:03
PetoKrausno kidding.Jun 04 17:03
schestowitzI keep getting these messages via Facebook instead of by E-mail. It's all scattered with those 'social' sites.Jun 04 17:03
schestowitzAnd when people 'write on my wall'(TM) it's visible to all. *sigh*Jun 04 17:04
schestowitzPrivacy time bombJun 04 17:04
schestowitzSJVN whines about it yesterdayJun 04 17:04
schestowitzThere are some other options like Sun's xVM, which now includes VirtualBox.Jun 04 17:05
schestowitzSun is more 'with' Linux than with Microsoft.Jun 04 17:05
anivar An Old news on facebookJun 04 17:05
anivarschestowitz: A national policy for ICT for education is on Drafting in India. I afraid this is a step to influence the processJun 04 17:06
schestowitz@ <PetoKraus >: Microsoft and Facebook are like a couple scre**ing around without marriage. I don't trust them and never will. They just picked CPAL (anti-GPL in a way).Jun 04 17:06
schestowitzAha!Jun 04 17:07
schestowitzYes, I remember. "Look. Freebie. Give your children's freedom away for some cash now. Softie will cash in later."Jun 04 17:07
anivarand a M$ Friendly NGO is in charge of the drafting processJun 04 17:08
PetoKrausCOINCIDENCE??!?Jun 04 17:08
anivarWe are trying our best to change the processJun 04 17:09
anivarSee the paper by Dr. Nagarjuna 04 17:09
*maxstirner has quit ("Leaving")Jun 04 17:09
anivarhe is the President of FSF IndiaJun 04 17:09
*maxstirne1 (n=maxstirn@ has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 17:09
schestowitzWhich NGO?Jun 04 17:10
anivarAlso we are now in a syllabus change drive to remove proprietary  mentions from syllabusJun 04 17:10
*akf (i=akf@unaffiliated/akf) has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 17:11
schestowitzI've read about this since 2006. They kill Linux with 'kindness'Jun 04 17:11
anivarsee 04 17:12
schestowitz(unrelated: (Microsoft seeks new revenue sources, so the rumours were true )Jun 04 17:13
anivarCSDMSJun 04 17:13
anivarCSDMS is the NGO. The last MS denotes M$Jun 04 17:13
anivar 04 17:13
anivar:-)Jun 04 17:14
anivar have more details of ProcessJun 04 17:15
schestowitzLook under "Primary Education"Jun 04 17:15
schestowitzIt's like a Microsoft recruitment campJun 04 17:15
PetoKrausehm compiling openssl.... ^^Jun 04 17:15
schestowitz<anivar>, I think you should blog this.Jun 04 17:17
anivar I will Try. problem is with time.Jun 04 17:18
anivarThe Syllabus Review process is going on now with the help of volunteersJun 04 17:20
schestowitzI can't remember is the Gates Fundation [sic] invested in Mercury (San Jose), but here's a new show-polish article: 04 17:21
schestowitzThey do a lot of Gates praise in the struggling press that Gates 'saved' by investing millions (in return for 'fair' editorship).Jun 04 17:22
schestowitzGeez! The Microsoft puppet O'Kelly is writing for Forbes too? 04 17:23
PetoKrausdo you have a mysql database for all these people?Jun 04 17:23
schestowitzThat's the man who got a fortune for slamming ODF (and then doing 'consulting', preaching to journalists Microsoft flew over to Redmond)Jun 04 17:23
PetoKrauscause i couldn't remember all those names :DJun 04 17:23
schestowitzWhich ones?Jun 04 17:23
schestowitzI put some of them in . I think  Peter O'Kelly is there too. I only add when I see a pattern recurring.Jun 04 17:25
schestowitzMicrosoft has all those PR people running around.Jun 04 17:25
schestowitzAnalysts too are marketers in suits. A manager from China told me the other day that those Gartner folks just charge $7000 for 'reports'. Pay for what you need to convince clients of. Want Gartner rubber stamp of approval for  YaST? Pay up.Jun 04 17:26
*maxstirne1 (n=maxstirn@ has left #boycottnovellJun 04 17:27
schestowitz ( India Is Not Yet Ready To Accept Microsoft’s OOXML File Format )Jun 04 17:30
schestowitzWatch the photo.Jun 04 17:30
anivarschestowitz: cool .. nice photoJun 04 17:33
schestowitzHe's in third grade now. He is almost 4 and a half foot tall.Jun 04 17:34
schestowitzWatch this headline: Microsoft India Plans New Educational Prospects ( ). It's getting clearer now.Jun 04 17:36
schestowitzBetter headline would be: Microsoft India blocks new education prospects with FOSSJun 04 17:36
anivarwe are Pretty clear on their tacticsJun 04 17:42
anivarA lot of M$ supporters are there in commiteeJun 04 17:43
anivarThey are included as "Educational Experts"Jun 04 17:43
anivararguing for M$Jun 04 17:44
anivarThanks dor the linkJun 04 17:45
schestowitzIf you blog it, let me know so I can link to a good summary.. They play a similar game in the UK (BECTA), so citing this to prove universality of the tactic would be handy.Jun 04 17:52
schestowitzOh, and same in Spain.Jun 04 17:52
anivarI can do it tommorrowJun 04 17:54
schestowitzLook up OnMyWay. I think it's the program they run in Europe.Jun 04 17:55
schestowitz"...Eligible to receive money.... as long as you stick with Microsoft."Jun 04 17:55
anivarRelated to Dr.Deepak Patak 's Open letter M$ tries to frame him before starting smear campaign against him see this document 04 17:58
anivarHe was a jury member in M$ Egov award and his book was released on same functionJun 04 17:58
schestowitzRemember what he said about Microsoft wanting everyone to be not only a friend but also to accept Microsoft's convictions and dispositions. He quotes some famous things from the cinemas, IIRC.Jun 04 18:04
anivarYea. Modified Starwars QuoteJun 04 18:05
schestowitzYes, that's the one.Jun 04 18:06
anivarschestowitz:  I will let u know after bloging it. need to leave nowJun 04 18:07
*anivar is sleepyJun 04 18:07
*anivar has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jun 04 18:08
*anivar (n=anivar@ has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 18:09
*anivar has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jun 04 18:09
*anivar (n=anivar@ has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 18:10
*hassanibraheem (n=hassan@ has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 18:21
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Jun 04 18:32
*moparx returnsJun 04 19:05
schestowitzI'm about to post a bunch. I do this in a bursty fashion.Jun 04 19:24
moparx:)Jun 04 19:24
hassanibraheemschestowitz: you should stop blogging, that SuSE's EULA post explains everything that needs to be said :DJun 04 19:41
*akf has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jun 04 19:41
schestowitzHeh. I hope so, but people forget quickly. There's new evidence coming all the time.Jun 04 19:56
*hassanibraheem has quit ("Ex-Chat")Jun 04 20:22
schestowitzOkay, I'm off to bed soon. Hopefully no crazed trolls will invade. :-SJun 04 20:25
moparxhahaJun 04 20:25
tessier_schestowitz: I think you should advertise this IRC channel more. It could easily replace c.o.l.a since this place is or can be moderated.Jun 04 20:31
moparx*nod* you should add a permanent  link on the site (possibly at the top with the other links)Jun 04 20:33
tessier_And maybe also mention it in your signature or something to each of the c.o.l.a postingsJun 04 21:38
*ZiggyFish ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 04 23:36
ZiggyFishgood morning every oneJun 04 23:36

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Black or African American not even mentioned
This Week Fedora Celebrates Diversity, But It is Pushing Proprietary Software and Censorship
IBM openwashing, perception management, and reputation laundering gone awry?
Rumours That Nat Friedman (CEO) Was 'Fired' by GitHub/Microsoft
"Microsoft Refused to Fix Flaw Years Before SolarWinds Hack" A Step in a Positive Direction
We hope that Guardian Digital and will rectify the matter and persist with real articles
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