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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: October 13th, 2008- Part 2


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schestowitzPetoKraus: chache?Oct 13 16:10
schestowitzcache?Oct 13 16:11
PetoKrausright, i'll just try to cut trough the ooo pageOct 13 16:11
schestowitzI can't find direct links to mirrors... :-(Oct 13 16:13
schestowitzI want to help people get the software (ODF)Oct 13 16:13
schestowitzAh! Got it: 13 16:15
twitterI'll just wait for it to roll into Lenny, thanks.Oct 13 16:16
PetoKrauschangelog? no changelog :/Oct 13 16:16
PetoKrausi'll wait for it to roll in gnome + 8 hours of compilationOct 13 16:17
PetoKraus*gentooOct 13 16:17
PetoKrausFUN!Oct 13 16:17
schestowitzI'm setting up a link to mirrorsOct 13 16:22
twitter 13 16:26
twitter356 hits but, the first is 13 16:27
twitterha ha.Oct 13 16:27
schestowitz 13 16:28
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twitterYour tax dollars at work, 13 16:39
twitterUnlimited dollars for the rich!Oct 13 16:40
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twitterIt's like toilet paper and MSFT stockOct 13 16:41
schestowitzSo they arguably commit crime and the bill goes to the poor to save the rich from prison and bankruptcy?Oct 13 16:45
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schestowitzHmmmm... just needed to go through some uncomfortable things with Sun after that last post. I wrongly thought Simon understood I that needed a public response... anyway, it's all clarified now and Novell should respond to those whole mess... as you know, I don't trust Novell. I've seen too much, inside and 'outside'. Microsoft ruined Novell.Oct 13 16:54
schestowitz"MICROSOFT IS SUING DHL after a train load of Xbox 360s derailed and destroyed 21,600 consoles. There were no reports of Kaz Hirai fleeing from the scene." 13 16:57
*_Doug (i=c3c24bd1@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 17:04
_DougIP Innovation LLC v RedHat .. one year in discovery ..Oct 13 17:06
_Doug 13 17:06
schestowitzThis one might take a while.Oct 13 17:07
schestowitzThe longer, the better (for Microsoft)Oct 13 17:07
_DougThe Titanic is sinkling and they start a market trading in icecubes :>Oct 13 17:08
schestowitzWho does? It's like socialism/communism now.Oct 13 17:09
twitter1936 all over again?Oct 13 17:10
schestowitzBritish taxpayers cover the mistakes of corrupt bankers. About 800 quid per British citizens.Oct 13 17:10
schestowitz /citizens/citixen/Oct 13 17:10
_Dougbusiness + state = facismOct 13 17:10
schestowitztwitter: no, 1936 mreans war.Oct 13 17:10
twitterIraq is to Poland ...Oct 13 17:11
schestowitzThe 'people' will pay for the 'people's banks.Oct 13 17:11
schestowitzThey go into government's hands (they buy ownership using tax money)Oct 13 17:11
_DougIs Heros, on tonight, I need a little distraction :)Oct 13 17:12
schestowitzHere's a stupid opening: "Linux turned 17 this week, just short of adulthood in most places. However, is it mature enough for the mass market? It's a question often asked on the Linux blogs, but the answers still keep coming: Sure it is; no it isn't; it doesn't matter."Oct 13 17:12
schestowitzIs Linux MATURE ENOUGH^TM?Oct 13 17:13
schestowitzYes, Charlotte, it already runs perhaps most of the world's servers and almost every top computer. Computer ~= desktop and Linux != GNU/Linux/GNOME/KDEOct 13 17:13
twitterWho's your server daddy?Oct 13 17:14
schestowitzThey promote this notion of "Mac succeeding, Linux failing" despite the fact that Macs are a niche and Linux is everywhere (including desktops where it cannot be counted properly)Oct 13 17:14
twitterSweaty B, you are NOT the father.Oct 13 17:15
_DougSend for fat.Tony ..Oct 13 17:17
schestowitzexec fat.Tony.send()Oct 13 17:17
schestowitzsudo!!Oct 13 17:17
twitterpants off, 13 17:18
_Dougtoo geeky for the average Windows user .. where do I click ?Oct 13 17:19
twitteris that distraction enough?Oct 13 17:19
schestowitz : NSW considers giving students Linux laptopsOct 13 17:20
_Doughow about giving students pens and showing them how to read and write ..Oct 13 17:22
_Dougreal question: what was Italys role in the first and second world wars?Oct 13 17:22
_Douganswer: There were two of them, dude ?Oct 13 17:22
schestowitzThese days, pens and paper are passe.Oct 13 17:23
schestowitzSooner or later books and papers will be digitised too.Oct 13 17:24
schestowitzNeglecting to give children Lin^Hputer skills is leaving them out of the loopOct 13 17:24
_DougDid you ever see that scene from Zoolander ?Oct 13 17:26
schestowitzThe Linux Markters... "While we very much appreciate your interest in attending the 2008 End User Summit , I am afraid that attendance is limited to end users, kernel developers and LF member vendors only," Angela Brown of the Linux Foundation wrote in an email to me. "We have decided that press will not be allowed to participate in the event. After the event, we will issue a summary to press and be available for questions."Oct 13 17:27
schestowitz 13 17:27
_Dougyea, right on .. who needs some dumb techno journalists ..Oct 13 17:27
schestowitzMarketing people 'representing' /what/...? IBM? The kernel? The 'community'? Pay up to join.Oct 13 17:27
_DougNot this one .. 13 17:28
twitterIt's not all about laptops, it's about access to knowledge.  Laptops are cheaper than libraries.Oct 13 17:30
schestowitzWhat da?Oct 13 17:30
twitterGood on AustraliaOct 13 17:31
schestowitzThey had a lot of funny biz with Microsoft though.Oct 13 17:31
schestowitzThis isn't a done deal.Oct 13 17:31
twitterEveryone has that problem, I'm afraid.Oct 13 17:31
schestowitz 13 17:32
schestowitz 13 17:33
_Dougwho is this 'Sean Michael Kerner' and why does he think he deserves to be at a Linux summit ?Oct 13 17:33
twitterHow can they tell the difference between "end users" and journalists?  Anyone can submit to Slashdot.Oct 13 17:33
schestowitz"In an informational email that, according to Microsoft, went "to a few" partner companies, they write among other things that their partners are "expected" to join the standards insitute and "participate on the meeting the 27/8, to vote yes to Open XML”."Oct 13 17:33
schestowitz"The partner companies are also asked to participate in some additional meeting after the ballot, this to "show their good judgment"."Oct 13 17:33
schestowitz""”[The partner companies] do not need to discuss the technical contents in the specification but should be prepared to offer a few arguments as to why they vote yes - these will be provided by Microsoft", the company writes. Oct 13 17:33
schestowitz_Doug: he's a Linux journalist. Real one. Been there for many years and use GNU/Linux himself. He's one of the good guysOct 13 17:34
schestowitz*usesOct 13 17:34
schestowitztwitter: exactly. That's what I though, but...Oct 13 17:34
schestowitzWatch picture at the bottom of this: 13 17:35
trmancothat  virus post on cola is getting hugeOct 13 17:35
schestowitzAlso  AT&T: 13 17:36
schestowitztrmanco: I don't think I see this thread.Oct 13 17:36
trmancololOct 13 17:36
trmancokillfile ?Oct 13 17:36
_DougKerner should join his local users group, the developers are always turning up ..Oct 13 17:38
schestowitzThe Microsoft-captured BBC is /STILL/ ignoring Linux. It's headed by a former Microsoft exec now. Perfect example of corruption: 13 17:39
schestowitzWhy not GNU/Linux? Well, errr... maybe.. errr.. next year... errr... well, it's my partner's and former employer's #1 threat, so...Oct 13 17:40
schestowitzThat relates to the debate of net neutrality. Companies will stifle services to whatever competes with them.Oct 13 17:40
_DougMichael Meeks turned up once to give a talk ..Oct 13 17:40
_Dougthe one in Cavensish college that is, near the BT tower ..Oct 13 17:40
schestowitzBeen done in Aussie where an ISP took down OOo mirror for 'competing'.Oct 13 17:40
_DougCavendish ..Oct 13 17:40
schestowitzHe's one of the Ximians (MS)Oct 13 17:41
twitterOpen Spectrum would obliterate telco and big publishers.Oct 13 17:41
schestowitzYes, so they associate it with terrorism.Oct 13 17:42
twitterThat is a crime.Oct 13 17:42
schestowitzOr at least that's how they speak of VoIP. No surveillance = terrorism?Oct 13 17:42
schestowitzThat's like saying, No CCTV = crime.Oct 13 17:42
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schestowitz "Which is handy because the BBC has bought a license for that Windows DRM for portable devices."Oct 13 17:43
schestowitzSo this is where tax goes... DRM licences. The citizens PAY Microsoft FOR DRM.Oct 13 17:43
*_Doug has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Oct 13 17:44
schestowitzThe BBC needs to have it managers changed. There are too many Microsofters there and more coming in all the time. They just get to control media.Oct 13 17:44
twitterFreedom == crimeOct 13 17:44
schestowitzNo.Oct 13 17:46
schestowitzThe assumption is that freedom enables terrorismOct 13 17:46
twitterWell, of course not.Oct 13 17:46
schestowitzSo those who promote freedom must be terrorists. "Quick, Jim, put that freedom fighter on the terror db!"Oct 13 17:47
twitterthe peace advocate,  the death penalty opponent, the free software advocate and so on and so forth.Oct 13 17:48
twitterI was told by someone working with the FBI, "you name just kept popping up." Hmmph.Oct 13 17:48
schestowitzThe animal activist.Oct 13 17:49
schestowitzAnimal Rights Activists Forced to Hand Over Encryption Keys - 13 17:49
schestowitz" If you remember, this was sold to the public as essential for fighting  terrorism. It's already being misused."Oct 13 17:50
schestowitzThe "war on animals" (and animal activists)Oct 13 17:50
twitterWho is the terrorist? You are the terrorist.Oct 13 17:51
schestowitzSun is up 12% todayOct 13 17:52
schestowitzPeople in suit are never terrorists.Oct 13 17:52
schestowitzShow me executives going to jail rather than pay bail.Oct 13 17:52
schestowitzWhen people who are wealthy set the rules they can imprison opposition while facilitating looholes and back doors like bail.Oct 13 17:52
schestowitzDidn't Gates get released after speeding as a teenagers? I think his rich parents paid bail.Oct 13 17:53
schestowitz"Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, and the richest man in the world at over $50 Billion net worth, arrested in New Mexico 1977." 13 17:54
twitter 13 17:54
schestowitzMicrosoft also paid million to escape fraud investigation.Oct 13 17:54
schestowitzSame with Novell.Oct 13 17:54
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schestowitzWhy does a Microsoft shill mention the deployment of Linux PCs? < > "Last month, NComputing announced it had recruited longtime Microsoft executive Will Poole to serve as the company's co-chairman." This is one to keep an eye on.Oct 13 18:10
schestowitzAmerican antitrust = clowns with paychecks: "Nvidia confirmed that on Friday the DOJ notified the graphics chipmaker that it had closed the investigation and no action was taken." So... let th price-fixing be. Who cares? Let the bankers ruin the economies too.  The victims will pay.Oct 13 18:15
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twitterSqueeze!  " UBS AG's Heather Bellini in New York said she rates Microsoft and Oracle Corp. buys because she needs to give clients something to invest in.``It's like looking for the tallest midget"Oct 13 18:40
*benJIman wonders when schestowitz will learn to spell cheque.Oct 13 18:40
twitterScary how people like that give advice.Oct 13 18:41
twitterExpect IT spending to be down, duh. 13 18:41
*libervisco has quit (Nick collision from services.)Oct 13 18:42
*libervisco_ is now known as liberviscoOct 13 18:42
twitterForrester, Gatner all the usual M$ boosters.Oct 13 18:43
*Phlogi ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 18:43
schestowitzYes, that's what pays the bill.Oct 13 18:43
schestowitzTurth does not pay bills.Oct 13 18:44
schestowitzManipulation of of it with adverts or adverts in disguise (analysts) does.Oct 13 18:44
schestowitzThe honest analysts. That's a paradox for you. The "honest analyst" goes out of business and existence, so in this hyperbola only the corrupt survives.Oct 13 18:45
twitterWhat did M$ say about analysts?  Dime a dozen, selling out is their job? Lies don't last long either.Oct 13 18:45
schestowitzNo wonder Redmonk got nervoud.Oct 13 18:45
schestowitzThey wrote a whole blog item about a single sentence I wrote and then some comments, twitter items, correspondence among other analysts, others from the same company linked to it. But you know what they say... (Microsoft) "it makes them very prickly to work with." If it seems like they sell out. Same with lobbyists that change hats.Oct 13 18:47
schestowitzNokia is at it again, trying to spread the software patents disease to countries that forbid this: 13 18:50
schestowitzMicrosoft is still trying to get control of document formats. Here it is from the crook who pretended to be Malaysian: 13 18:56
twitterha ha, a meeting to " explain our approach to Open XML interoperability."Oct 13 19:05
twitterThat ought to be quick.Oct 13 19:05
twitterThanks for joining us today, buy our new product.  Enjoy the buffet.Oct 13 19:06
twitterOink, oink.Oct 13 19:06
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*Now talking on #boycottnovellOct 13 19:07
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Oct 13 19:07
*Topic for #boycottnovell set by schestowitz at Sun Oct 5 19:20:28 2008Oct 13 19:07
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schestowitzOops.Oct 13 19:07
schestowitzWell, let's not go personal on himOct 13 19:07
schestowitzWe have beg-anger to spread some fear too: 13 19:07
twitterNothing personal there, anyone can deliver that message.Oct 13 19:08
schestowitzBut the things he does.Oct 13 19:08
twitterEven someone pretending to be Malaysian.Oct 13 19:08
schestowitz(his appearance and all aside)Oct 13 19:08
schestowitzHe pretty much broke the law, but he works at Microsoft, so that must be routineOct 13 19:08
schestowitzThe malaysian chaps called him "elephant in the room" after he invaded.Oct 13 19:08
twitterIn other news, Dow hit's 9,000, party like it's 1999.Oct 13 19:08
schestowitzHe later attacked them personally too.Oct 13 19:08
schestowitzThat's the Microsoft "slime, slime, slime" that GRoklaw talks about...Oct 13 19:09
twitterM$ likes that personal action, don't they?Oct 13 19:09
schestowitzWell, only those with rifle survive.Oct 13 19:09
schestowitzYou know what they sayOct 13 19:09
schestowitzMicrosoft documents: "evanglism is WAR"Oct 13 19:09
schestowitzWith capitals (all CAPS) IIRC.Oct 13 19:10
twitterI thought they said things like, "Empty vessels are the loudest"Oct 13 19:10
twitterand people with insults are insecure about something.Oct 13 19:10
twitterlike their third rate software.Oct 13 19:10
twitterOne decade, no growth.  You want my money for what?Oct 13 19:11
schestowitzWell, they say many things. Archive here: 13 19:14
schestowitzStill to be sorted and typed down, ideally: 13 19:14
*mib_xy8gvs (i=5496e5e3@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 19:25
schestowitzVisual Studio proprietaryware in 'open-source' (not really) clothing: 13 19:25
twitterWoot, you can write web pages with Notepad.Oct 13 19:28
twitterIt is so Visual, a new programing paradigmOct 13 19:29
schestowitzIt's this abuse of the term 'open source' though which is troubling.Oct 13 19:30
trmancow00tOct 13 19:30
schestowitzI'll do an article about this whole VS/Mono messiness soon. There's some sort of Windowsisation of Linux that comes from a certain group at NovellOct 13 19:30
trmancomore crapware from M$Oct 13 19:30
twitterOh yeah.  I suppose it's also free (TM)Oct 13 19:30
benJImanschestowitz: Did you see Michael Meeks responded to your "article"?Oct 13 19:30
twitterpoint, BenjieOct 13 19:31
schestowitzbenJIman: I haven't, no.Oct 13 19:33
benJImanSee his blog.Oct 13 19:33
schestowitzI am aware, however, that some people watch the post.Oct 13 19:33
schestowitzAnd then Alex Brown showed up in the comments.Oct 13 19:33
twitterno link, BenJie?Oct 13 19:33
schestowitzSeems like the WE spies or whoever Microsoft has rolling today have taken note.Oct 13 19:34
benJImantwitter: Are you incapable of finding his blog? It's even linked in the comments of the article.Oct 13 19:34
twitterLooks like you hit a sore spot, you must be onto something.  :)Oct 13 19:34
trmanco"All,Oct 13 19:35
trmancoWe must apologize. 3.0 is proving immensely, staggeringly popular. And our site is down as a result. While we fix things, we urge you to be patient and try again later on tonight, tomorrow, this week. It will still be there. "Oct 13 19:35
trmanco"Oh, by popular, we mean it: figure hundreds of thousands of users, mostly Windows users, but also Mac OS X and Linux and Solaris users, all trying to download it all at once..... "Oct 13 19:35
twitterNo, Benjie.  I can find it, I just want to get my money's worth out of those who pay you to troll here.Oct 13 19:35
schestowitzbenJIman: they will speak.Oct 13 19:35
schestowitzThey already have,Oct 13 19:35
trmanco 13 19:36 having a great dayOct 13 19:36
benJImantwitter: I wish I were paid to be here.Oct 13 19:36
schestowitz.Louis Suarez-Potts  Oct 13 19:37
benJImanschestowitz: Who what where?Oct 13 19:37
schestowitztrmanco: you mentioned him the other day, no?Oct 13 19:37
*rmarquis has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Oct 13 19:37
trmancoschestowitz, where?Oct 13 19:37
trmancodon't really rememberOct 13 19:37
schestowitzThe mailing list and IRcOct 13 19:37
schestowitzMaybe not. Never mind.Oct 13 19:37
trmancodon't rememberOct 13 19:37
twitter, not there.Oct 13 19:38
schestowitzAnyway, I've put up links to a mirror. It won't help much, but it's the least I can do for FOSS and ODF.Oct 13 19:38
benJImantwitter: Are you blind?Oct 13 19:38
benJIman2nd bullet point, 2nd sub-bullet links to boy.Oct 13 19:39
PetoKrausbenJIman: he is.Oct 13 19:39
PetoKrausthis is honestly starting to get made of fail. And i thought I need to get laid.Oct 13 19:40
twitterPardon me Benjie, I lost his sub bullet in a sea of unrelated stuff...Oct 13 19:41
twitterthanks for finally pointing.Oct 13 19:41
benJImantwitter: Well most of today's post is about it in fact.Oct 13 19:42
twitterI'm glad you read it all.Oct 13 19:43
twitterYou could have been helpful.Oct 13 19:43
schestowitzThat comes after his potshots at Sun's OOoOct 13 19:44
twitterIf it's true that Sun and M$ have a patent cease fire, GPL3 allows everyone downstream of Sun the same.Oct 13 19:45
twitterHa ha to Novell and their supposed advantages.Oct 13 19:45
twitterOf course that's not good enough if M$ decides to screw Sun too.Oct 13 19:45
twitterWhy do I care about ooxml again?  Who's using it?Oct 13 19:46
schestowitzThey threatened last yearOct 13 19:46
schestowitzAnd as I understand it, the coverage is for StarOffice customers.Oct 13 19:47
twitterOhhh, nice.Oct 13 19:47
twitterODF is good to me.Oct 13 19:47
schestowitzCounter-terrorism Bill - covert DNA sampling and analysis with no effective safeguards - 13 19:50
twitterIck.Oct 13 19:50
benJImantwitter: I get ooxml documents sent to me quite regularly now.Oct 13 19:50
benJImanThanks to the current version fo microsoft office defaulting to itOct 13 19:51
twitterbenjie, you would.Oct 13 19:52
schestowitzI never saw a Xx (no, no triple x, but docx and the likes).Oct 13 19:53
twitterIf you wanted to collaborate with me or the 95% of the world that does not want to shell out $450 for the current office, you would do better to download 13 19:54
schestowitzPeople send PDF around, or text...Oct 13 19:54
twitterI know, it's only terminal PC Guys that insist on Word these days.Oct 13 19:55
schestowitzWhy does a space tourist (Microsofter) news?Oct 13 19:55
twitternot news unless you own the newspaper.Oct 13 19:56
schestowitzSo many headline about yet another man who leaves the Earth. That's not news anymore. No more than another round of hadron collider spins.Oct 13 19:56
twitterM$ would like you to think they are doing good things with their ill gotten wealth.Oct 13 19:57
twitterOther, more innocent journalists seek to inspire.Oct 13 19:57
twitterPleasure cruises are not the best use of money.Oct 13 19:58
schestowitzAnother issue is the portrayal suggesting that this man 'made' the word precessor.Oct 13 19:58
twittershamelessOct 13 19:58
schestowitzMicrosoft invented none of that essential stuff. It just copied from others (bought companies rather), than mass-marketed.Oct 13 19:58
schestowitzIt feels like they use those space trips to rewrite history and it's far from the only article about Microsoft veterans 'leaving to change the world' or 'for charity'. I need to find a Cringely article about guilty criminals living to erase their past.Oct 13 19:59
schestowitzPrisoner of Redmond:  Yet Another Way Paul Allen Isn't Like You or MeOct 13 20:00
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz| Robert X. Cringely reveals the true reason why Paul Allen of Microsoft fameOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| left the Redmond company, even though it was on track to become anOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| extremely valuable stock. Considering Microsoft's track record and behaviorOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| over the years, this should not be surprising, but if true it is beyondOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| pall!Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz|Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz| [...]Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz|Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz| There are hundreds of Microsoft millionaires (and even a fewOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| Microsoft billionaires) in the suburbs of Seattle. [Roy: there used to be aOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| blurb here about their retirement and guilt, due to ethics]Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz|Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz| [...]Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz|Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz| During one of those last long nights working to deliver DOS 2.0 inOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| early 1983, I am told that Paul Allen heard Gates and Ballmer discussingOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| his health and talking about how to get his Microsoft shares back ifOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| Allen were to die.Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz|Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz| Maybe that's just the sort of fiduciary discussion board members have toOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| have, but it didn?t go over well with Paul Allen, who never returned toOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| Microsoft, and over the next eight years, made huge efforts to secureOct 13 20:00
schestowitz| his wealth from the fate of Microsoft.Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz`----Oct 13 20:00
schestowitz 13 20:00
schestowitzMore recent one: Oct 13 20:01
schestowitzA World-Changing InvestmentOct 13 20:01
schestowitz,----[ Quote ]Oct 13 20:01
schestowitz| You'd think having a high-profile, high-paying job at Microsoft wouldOct 13 20:01
schestowitz| be all someone could want out of life... He left his life as aOct 13 20:01
schestowitz| Microsoft executive for a sack of books and a yak. And aOct 13 20:01
schestowitz| whole lot more.Oct 13 20:01
schestowitz|Oct 13 20:01
schestowitz| [...]Oct 13 20:01
schestowitz|Oct 13 20:01
schestowitz| Leaving Microsoft hasn't made John Wood's life easier. "I workOct 13 20:01
schestowitz| harder now, I work longer hours," he says. "But I'm much moreOct 13 20:01
schestowitz| fulfilled -- much happier.Oct 13 20:01
schestowitz`----Oct 13 20:01
schestowitz Oct 13 20:01
twitterThey use every page every day to erase your memory.  You are a victim of broadcast.Oct 13 20:02
schestowitzHere is the full article (it's gone from the URL about): 13 20:02
schestowitz*abiveOct 13 20:02
schestowitzJust 1st paragraph:Oct 13 20:03
schestowitz"There are hundreds of Microsoft millionaires (and even a few Microsoft billionaires) in the suburbs of Seattle. For the most part, these are people who no longer work for Microsoft, but still own company shares. They worked very hard for years and are now reaping the rewards of that work combined with their good luck. "Oct 13 20:03
schestowitz"Most of them are proud of their careers, but a few are secretly ashamed. Climb high enough in the organization, and it becomes clear that Microsoft’s success has not always been based on legal or ethical behavior."Oct 13 20:03
schestowitz"The company is, after all, a convicted monopolist, and the exercise of those monopoly powers wasn’t just through a Gates or a Ballmer, but also through dozens of top managers, at least some of whom had to have known that what they were doing was wrong."Oct 13 20:04
schestowitz"These are smart people, but also people trapped by their own success. Some are in denial, some are just quiet. Nobody wants to risk what they have accumulated by talking about it. You would think great wealth would be freeing, but it isn’t always. Sometimes it is a trap."Oct 13 20:04
schestowitzWatch how it ends. He talks about the trial Microsoft settiled with coupons (funny money).Oct 13 20:05
twitterI'll be happy to relieve them of their trap.  Perhaps a retroactive tax on capitol gains to make the tax system progressive again.Oct 13 20:05
schestowitz"My reason for bringing up this topic at this time is because it will all shortly be back in the news as Microsoft goes to court later this year in what might well be its last-ever anti-trust trial. Remember those 19 states and the District of Columbia that settled over time for software vouchersOct 13 20:06
schestowitzand promises from Microsoft to no longer do evil?"Oct 13 20:06
schestowitz"Well only Iowa remains, represented by a lady lawyer from Des Moines named Roxanne Conlin whom I have met. Roxanne is not in any way impressed with Microsoft vouchers, no matter how many there are. Looking for real money for the people of Iowa, Ms. Conlin is about to dredge-up all this old news and put a new spin on it."Oct 13 20:06
schestowitz"Based purely on character (or lack of it), I confidently predict that Microsoft is going down. It should be interesting. "Oct 13 20:06
twitterDown they shall go.Oct 13 20:06
schestowitzThat was in 2006. He was right. Their value sank considerably.Oct 13 20:09
schestowitz "19. "There is such an overvaluation of technology stocks that it is absurd. I would include our stock in that category." Ballmer comments on the dot-com bubble, back in 1999. It burst not long after, proving him right."Oct 13 20:12
schestowitzPhoronix has slowed down considerably I notice. No more articles at the same pace as before.Oct 13 20:13
schestowitzTheir IRC channel is quieter also.Oct 13 20:14
twitterM$ gained 20% today. 13 20:15
twitterlook for it to tank tomorrow.Oct 13 20:15
*MinceR (n=mincer@unaffiliated/mincer) has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 20:17
schestowitzA lot of tech stocks were up sharply (double digits)Oct 13 20:17
schestowitzSome people may wrongly interpret this as the crisis beginning to end.Oct 13 20:17
schestowitz'twas the same after the big blow in late Sept.Oct 13 20:17
MinceRreOct 13 20:19
schestowitzWho created the myth that if code become visible, then suddenly the software is no lonnger "user friendly"? 13 20:20
schestowitzThat's like saying that pancakes with syrup are less spoon friendly. There's no correlation between code visibility and GUI.Oct 13 20:21
trmanco 13 20:23
schestowitzYes.Oct 13 20:24
trmanco:-DOct 13 20:24
schestowitzThose benchmarks remind me of those 'Net App' stats that place Linux nowhere.Oct 13 20:24
trmancoyesOct 13 20:24
schestowitzIt's population bised and their methods are a joke, but people just look at charts and pies, not caring about methods and data.Oct 13 20:25
schestowitzIn tech sites (inc. mine), Google is over 90%, but the rest if hard to come byOct 13 20:25
trmancobut I posted the link for the live search numbersOct 13 20:25
schestowitzAnother measurer said that MSN fell from 9% to 5% in the past yearOct 13 20:25
schestowitzAnother one says they gained slightly.Oct 13 20:25
schestowitzWho to believe? Who knows?Oct 13 20:25
trmancowhat about live using bots?Oct 13 20:25
schestowitzGartner says Linux is on 4% of the desktops.Oct 13 20:26
trmancoany more info on that?Oct 13 20:26
trmanconothing is trustworthyOct 13 20:26
schestowitzw3cschools says over 3% and some Microsoft ZDNet bloggers repeat the big lies to scare hardware manufacturers and demoralise Linux users.Oct 13 20:26
trmancothey are just mere statisticsOct 13 20:26
schestowitztrmanco: yes, they use bots.Oct 13 20:26
trmancololOct 13 20:26
schestowitzSome things count them it. Some webmasters blacklisted MSNOct 13 20:27
schestowitzSome of them have interests behind themOct 13 20:27
trmancoalready thought of that tooOct 13 20:27
schestowitzRemember... about analysts... as Microsoft says... they sell out... it's their business modelOct 13 20:27
schestowitzNo-one checks stats on thousands of sites every month as "just a hoobyOct 13 20:27
schestowitz*hobby"Oct 13 20:28
trmanco99.51% comes from googleOct 13 20:29
schestowitzWhere?Oct 13 20:31
trmancoon one of my sitesOct 13 20:31
schestowitzGoogle brings almost 1000 visitors to BN each day.Oct 13 20:32
schestowitzMicrosoft just spams it with the botsOct 13 20:32
schestowitzAbout 100 times a dayOct 13 20:32
schestowitzFake referralsOct 13 20:32
trmanco0.03 comes from liveOct 13 20:32
trmanco2 visitsOct 13 20:33
schestowitzInteresting that this month about 13% of the visitors use UbuntuOct 13 20:33
schestowitzSecond comes Fedora, then SUSE.Oct 13 20:33
schestowitzMore people in BN use Ubuntu than Vista.Oct 13 20:34
trmancololOct 13 20:36
trmanco<schestowitz> .Louis Suarez-PottsOct 13 20:36
trmanco<schestowitz> trmanco: you mentioned him the other day, no?Oct 13 20:36
trmancoI remember nowOct 13 20:37
trmancoI did mention himOct 13 20:37
schestowitzMarino is the other important chapOct 13 20:37
trmancoin this I think -> 13 20:37
trmancoand I have another link from himOct 13 20:37
trmanco 13 20:37
*PeterKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 20:47
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Oct 13 20:48
trmanco 13 21:00
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 21:01
trmancocool -> 13 21:02
trmanco 13 21:03
schestowitzUseful FF functionality. It would be nice to see Konqueror rising, but Web developers make it hard.Oct 13 21:05
PeterKrausi hate the slow ffx startup without net connectionOct 13 21:06
schestowitzYes, I noticed that too.Oct 13 21:08
*[Rui] ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 21:08
schestowitzUnavailable sites lead to a misbehaviour as well (slowness)Oct 13 21:08
trmanco 13 21:27
trmancoOpenSUSE hit by power outageOct 13 21:27
schestowitzResolves by now, no?Oct 13 21:27
schestowitzSince Saturday night.Oct 13 21:27
trmancoyesOct 13 21:29
schestowitzThat site design made me wondoer.Oct 13 21:29
trmancoeverything should be upOct 13 21:29
schestowitzWhat if in BN we appanded recent posts below the current one?Oct 13 21:29
trmancogood ideaOct 13 21:31
trmancoit makes people stay and read moreOct 13 21:31
schestowitzI'll have a look at this in a moment. I never saw this design, but in Pingdom it encouraged me to see other stuff.Oct 13 21:32
*seller_liar has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Oct 13 21:33
trmancowordpress has a plugin for thatOct 13 21:33
trmanconot recent posts but related postsOct 13 21:34
schestowitzI already have this.Oct 13 21:36
schestowitzYou can see it in two place on the right-hand menuOct 13 21:37
schestowitzBut if I can expand to include except, it would be progress.Oct 13 21:37
schestowitzI can't recall the WP APIs, but I can learn again.Oct 13 21:37
schestowitztrmanco: check single-post pages now.Oct 13 21:42
schestowitz 13 21:42
schestowitzI'll hack on it as I go along, so error possibleOct 13 21:42
trmancocoolOct 13 21:43
trmancojust need a way not to put the same articleOct 13 21:43
trmancoat the bottomOct 13 21:43
schestowitzI know, I know..Oct 13 21:43
*mib_zd2t07 (i=42d47331@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 21:46
*mib_zd2t07 has quit (Client Quit)Oct 13 21:48
schestowitzOK, I think I got it..Oct 13 21:49
schestowitzI'm getting somewhere now.Oct 13 21:53
schestowitzIf only I could pull pictures from the posts.Oct 13 21:53
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Oct 13 22:06
PeterKrausHEHE! 13 22:06
PeterKrausschestowitz: you should link that stripOct 13 22:06
schestowitzOh thanks!Oct 13 22:07
schestowitzI saw it this morning. I'll add it.Oct 13 22:07
PeterKrausi am like - WHAA? :)Oct 13 22:08
twitterBig dumb companies skew OS web statistics too.  People have no choice there at all about what software they use.  Talking about it gets you dirty looks.Oct 13 22:18
twitterAn AP writer sees the rally as a bad thing, " Wall Street stormed back after its worst week ever and staged the biggest single-day stock rally since the Great Depression on Monday"  Great Depression.Oct 13 22:18
*mib_xy8gvs has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Oct 13 22:30
*Phlogi has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Oct 13 23:01
schestowitzgnOct 13 23:12
MinceRgnOct 13 23:26
*PeterKraus has quit ("The purpose of IRC is to...IDLE...")Oct 13 23:33
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 23:34
*kapipi (n=chatzill@ has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 23:46
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 13 23:53
twitter"Well, if you can't trust SCO, who *can* you trust?" 13 23:55
*dsmith_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 13 23:55
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Oct 13 23:57

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