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schestowitz'What will be the savior of the world economy, I have no idea, but I know one won’t be Obama and his stimulus plan. It is painful to note that greed and corruption caused this situation and even more painful to note that ethics and honesty are nowhere in sight. The baser nature of mankind will always survive and  as Shakespeare said, “the good is oft interred with his bones.”'Mar 03 03:01
hicham1I agree with you on thatMar 03 03:01
hicham1I am just talking about the behavior of Mandriva's folks toward the founder of the distroMar 03 03:02
schestowitzYes, I spoke to him about itMar 03 03:03
schestowitzUlteo has been quiet for a while :-(Mar 03 03:03
hicham1Ulteo is based on KubuntuMar 03 03:04
hicham1he is abandoning his own distro for other peopleMar 03 03:04
hicham1greed is a bad monsterMar 03 03:05
schestowitzYes, I know.Mar 03 03:06
balzacIt's what people do to satiate their greed which is the problemMar 03 03:09
balzacIt's perfectly normal to want things, money, status, trophy-wives, mistresses and a harem.Mar 03 03:10
balzacIt's all about how you go about getting them.Mar 03 03:10
schestowitzbalzac: see this video: 03 03:10
schestowitzThis addresses that concern about growth of populationMar 03 03:10
*schestowitz watches lectures while editing linksMar 03 03:10
balzacRoy, I've been stressing about that since childhoodMar 03 03:15
hicham1wowMar 03 03:18
balzacwell, then they ole coot went wandering into the weedsMar 03 03:18
balzacheheMar 03 03:18
schestowitzPart 3 has this related to economicsMar 03 03:19
balzacwhen discussing what to do about it, he couldn't resist playing the devil's advocate in favor of things which cause people to dieMar 03 03:19
hicham1growth is inevitableMar 03 03:19
schestowitzSee part 1 about consumption of oilMar 03 03:19
hicham1no one can stop growthMar 03 03:19
balzacI've known about peak oil quite a long while as wellMar 03 03:20
hicham1who can stop chinese people from growing?Mar 03 03:20
schestowitzEach DECADE until the 70s, the amount of energy consumed outpaced that of all decades combined.Mar 03 03:20
schestowitzThat just leads to wars over energyMar 03 03:20
balzacMy friend's dad wrote "Climate in Crisis" which featured the forward by Al GoreMar 03 03:20
balzacbefore Gore was vice presidentMar 03 03:20
schestowitzSo either you control energy consumption or you make warMar 03 03:20
schestowitzChooseMar 03 03:20
schestowitzSame as global warmingMar 03 03:20
balzacyeah, that's why it's so important to make an example out of guys like BushMar 03 03:20
hicham1that is what is happening todayMar 03 03:20
hicham1with iraq and iranMar 03 03:20
schestowitzact now or pay badly later... hardship versus lethalMar 03 03:20
balzacJustice needs to be quick for guys like BushMar 03 03:21
schestowitzIran is the world's #2 oil resourceMar 03 03:21
schestowitzI think Saudi Arabia is #1.Mar 03 03:21
hicham1that is why they want to invade itMar 03 03:21
balzacThere's no time for politics - it's a public mental health crisisMar 03 03:21
schestowitzBush is a religion personMar 03 03:21
schestowitzI doubt he cares about limiting birthMar 03 03:21
hicham1no one can limit birthMar 03 03:21
balzacSome people insist on behaving like zombies. You don't argue with zombies. You subdue them.Mar 03 03:22
twitterthat's not nice, balzacMar 03 03:22
balzacWell, Bush belongs in jail.Mar 03 03:22
twitterI won't argue with thatMar 03 03:22
hicham1Bush was at least beated by a shoeMar 03 03:22
twitterbut he and the rest of the world deserve a good trialMar 03 03:22
balzacI agreeMar 03 03:23
twitterevidence should be presented for everyone to seeMar 03 03:23
hicham1the shoe is a good beginningMar 03 03:23
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balzacfree Muntadar al ZaidiMar 03 03:23
twitterthere's no need to be cruelMar 03 03:23
balzacJail BushMar 03 03:23
hicham1Bush is a war criminalMar 03 03:23
balzactwitter: it's not a need, it's an opportunity.Mar 03 03:23
hicham1that is how he must be put on trialMar 03 03:23
balzacwaterboard bush until he confesses he hates America with a fiery passionMar 03 03:24
twitterIll gotten gains should be given to the victimsMar 03 03:24
balzacthen waterboard him some more until he gives up the digits to his swiss bank accountsMar 03 03:24
twitterthat would be a crime, not justiceMar 03 03:24
balzacThen hand him over to Moqtada al SadrMar 03 03:24
twittertorture yields no real evidenceMar 03 03:24
balzacit would be really ironicMar 03 03:24
balzacjust for Bush, no one elseMar 03 03:24
hicham1yes, that would be a good oneMar 03 03:24
hicham1he should be put on trial in IraqMar 03 03:25
hicham1for what he have doneMar 03 03:25
twitterthe location of the trial does not matter so much as what is discoveredMar 03 03:25
balzacIt would be very ironic if Bush confessed to hating America after a good waterboardingMar 03 03:25
balzachis only plausible defense would be to claim that the confession had been coerced by torture. At least then he would have to admit he is a torturer.Mar 03 03:26
twitterThe real responsibility should be proved beyond a shadow of a doubtMar 03 03:26
balzacwell, it was a daylight crime spree. Bush didn't leave a shadow of a doubt about his guilt.Mar 03 03:26
twitterBush may have been manipulated.  The manipulators should be punished as well.Mar 03 03:26
balzacSo it's just a matter of going through the formalitiesMar 03 03:26
twitterformalities matterMar 03 03:26
balzacsure, waterboard cheney tooMar 03 03:26
balzactwitter: I agreeMar 03 03:27
twitteryou don't know what you will find until you find itMar 03 03:27
twitterThe crime is open for all to see.Mar 03 03:27
*mib_c76jk5 (i=62c2ecf3@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 03:27
balzactwitter: it's widely known. But regardless, I still believe in due process.Mar 03 03:27
twitterresponsibility is distributedMar 03 03:27
balzacyesMar 03 03:27
hicham1who will bring Bush to court?Mar 03 03:27
balzacbut it's pretty well concentrated in the former commander in chiefMar 03 03:27
balzachicham1: hopefully the DOJ, so that the EU or UN doesn't need to initiate itMar 03 03:28
mib_c76jk5is a microsoft puppet?Mar 03 03:28
twitterhmmm, don't know.Mar 03 03:28
balzacAnyone watch Obama's weekly address?Mar 03 03:28
balzacHe had a nice line near the end of it.Mar 03 03:29
*mib_c76jk5 has quit (Client Quit)Mar 03 03:29
twitteroh yes, them.  I don't trust them any further than I can throw them.Mar 03 03:29
twitterpuppetMar 03 03:30
hicham1the us president is just a just a puppet, you are rightMar 03 03:31
hicham1the country ( and the world ) is managed by other powerful peopleMar 03 03:32
hicham1no matter what president you chooseMar 03 03:32
twitterI was talking about netapplications, but the president may also be a puppet.Mar 03 03:32
balzacIf the president were all-powerful, he would be a king.Mar 03 03:32
balzacemperorMar 03 03:33
balzacI'm glad there are others who have influence on the office of the POTUSMar 03 03:33
balzacBush's influences were quite terribleMar 03 03:33
twitteremperors can be lied to as well.  responsibility is never absoluteMar 03 03:33
hicham1Bush can't do anything without themMar 03 03:33
hicham1everything is pre-calculatedMar 03 03:34
balzacObama said he's expecting a fight and he's preparing for a fight himself against the groups who want to obstruct his legislationMar 03 03:34
balzaccheck out his weekly address http://www.whitehouse.govMar 03 03:34
balzache used some pretty strong languageMar 03 03:34
hicham1if that is true, he will be assassinated just like KennedyMar 03 03:34
balzacand the way Rush Limbaugh is freaking out, I think Obama has some good plansMar 03 03:35
balzachicham1: the secret service have their work cut out for themMar 03 03:35
balzacI just hope Obama is paranoid enough to keep any ideological people out of the secret serviceMar 03 03:35
balzacAmerican presidents are frequently targettedMar 03 03:36
balzacthere is no excuse for allowing that to happenMar 03 03:36
hicham1it comes usually from the people who are supposed to protect the presidentMar 03 03:36
balzacyeah, well, I can tell you I would be paranoid as hell if I were POTUSMar 03 03:37
balzachicham1: the key to Obama staying safe is to keep a clear head and don't get sentimental about the adulation of the crowdsMar 03 03:38
balzacand to be keenly aware, almost to the point of paranoia about everyone involved in his securityMar 03 03:39
balzacAlso, you've got to keep your eye on futuristic weapons, such as THEL, EMPs, etc.Mar 03 03:40
balzacI would not want to spend a lot of time in the air aboard Air Force One or Marine One.Mar 03 03:40
hicham1but Obama won't face any of that troubleMar 03 03:42
hicham1because he is getting well with the othersMar 03 03:42
balzacI sincerely hope not, because things would be really bad for everyone if anything should happen to him.Mar 03 03:42
hicham1he is a cool president, trying not to offence anyoneMar 03 03:44
hicham1plus he's the first black president of the usMar 03 03:44
hicham1so security is very tightenedMar 03 03:44
balzacJFK, MLK & RFK were cool as well.Mar 03 03:45
hicham1he's cool and black too, dont forget thatMar 03 03:45
hicham1america must show to the world that the racism is overMar 03 03:45
balzacit doesn't matter how tight security is if they leave a single opening at any timeMar 03 03:45
hicham1i agree with thatMar 03 03:45
hicham1what is the os that is used in the whitehouse?Mar 03 03:47
schestowitztwitter: agreed. Bush is being fed disinformation tooMar 03 03:47
hicham1Windows or Linux?Mar 03 03:47
schestowitzHe 'makes' decisions based on what he's advised (told)Mar 03 03:47
hicham1or Mac?Mar 03 03:48
balzacIt ought to be a hardened GNU/Linux, compiled from source code by an in-house IT staff.Mar 03 03:48
hicham1is Obama an Open Source fellow?Mar 03 03:49
balzacObama should be close to his IT staff. IT is more important than ever these days.Mar 03 03:49
hicham1can you figure out what would happen if a hacker could get into the whitehouse computers?Mar 03 03:50
schestowitzObama is not an open source manMar 03 03:50
schestowitzBut he can be taught to like itMar 03 03:50
schestowitzHe commissioned a report from McnealyMar 03 03:51
schestowitz*McNealyMar 03 03:51
balzacHe can be informed well enough to understand itMar 03 03:51
schestowitzhicham1: crackers have hijacked the white house before.Mar 03 03:51
schestowitzNo news here.Mar 03 03:51
schestowitzThey also have some Windows junk aroundMar 03 03:51
schestowitzSame with the PentagonMar 03 03:51
hicham1Windows in the White House and the Pentagon?Mar 03 03:52
balzacSome contractor leaked the specifications of Marine OneMar 03 03:52
balzacunfortunately, yesMar 03 03:52
hicham1WowMar 03 03:52
hicham1Microsoft must be trust worthy to be treated like that :-DMar 03 03:53
balzacWell, Bill Gates isn't such a terrible person outside of the IT fieldMar 03 03:53
balzacI don't think so, anywayMar 03 03:53
balzacBut they're not competent, so even if trust weren't a concern, I wouldn't want Microsoft in charge of mission-critical systems.Mar 03 03:54
balzacthey're "fat, dumb and happy" at M$Mar 03 03:54
hicham1I dont know how they do with the Blue Screen of DeathMar 03 03:56
twitterBill Gates is not a terrible person outside of everything he does.Mar 03 03:56
twitterHis moves into medicine are terrible indeed.Mar 03 03:56
balzactwitter: you're rightMar 03 03:56
balzacapplying his ideology of "intellectual property" on medicine is disastrous for those who are afflicted with contagious diseasesMar 03 03:57
hicham1I dont know about his contributions to medicineMar 03 03:58
balzacanti-retroviral drugs for HIV should be manufactured generically and made available internationally to the full extent of production capacityMar 03 03:58
balzacAlso, reforming the handling of information to reward sharing and progress, rather than repressing it would be niceMar 03 03:59
hicham1billy says that he is engaged toward eliminating poverty in the worldMar 03 04:00
balzacfor people who are hoping for a cure for their disease while moron/scumbags like Bush & Limbaugh oppose stem cell researchMar 03 04:00
balzachicham1: he suffers a failure of imagination if he thinks he's doing his bestMar 03 04:00
balzachis ideology on "intellectual property" is on the side of those who obstruct progressMar 03 04:01
twitterit is just another monopoly for him, one that looks good and increases his wealth and power.Mar 03 04:01
hicham1Microsoft has really contributed badly to computer scienceMar 03 04:03
hicham1they are putting obstacle in front of computer scientistsMar 03 04:03
hicham1the latest damage is what they have done to the webMar 03 04:04
hicham1without them, the web would have gone furtherMar 03 04:04
twittereverything would go further.Mar 03 04:05
twittergood night, allMar 03 04:05
hicham1good night twitterMar 03 04:05
balzacgood night twitterMar 03 04:05
hicham1balzac : where do u live?Mar 03 04:08
balzacnycMar 03 04:08
hicham1how is it going there?Mar 03 04:09
balzacwe had a good snowMar 03 04:09
hicham1wow, i like snowMar 03 04:10
hicham1but it means a lot of clothes for meMar 03 04:10
hicham1i remember that it snowed once here where i liveMar 03 04:10
hicham1it was really a hard day for meMar 03 04:10
hicham1as i wasnt used to itMar 03 04:10
balzacwhere do you live?Mar 03 04:11
hicham1in MoroccoMar 03 04:12
hicham1north eastMar 03 04:12
hicham1have you ever been to morocco?Mar 03 04:12
balzacnoMar 03 04:12
balzacBut I hear there's good hashish thereMar 03 04:12
hicham1yes, there is a very good hashish in hereMar 03 04:13
hicham1i smoked it a lotMar 03 04:14
balzacgood for youMar 03 04:14
hicham1but i cut off years agoMar 03 04:14
hicham1have u ever smoked hashish?Mar 03 04:14
balzacmany timesMar 03 04:14
balzacI've eaten the european cold-water filtered hashMar 03 04:15
balzacif it's powdery, I might dump it in coffeeMar 03 04:15
balzaconly the water-filtered hash thoughMar 03 04:15
balzacHash which is made the traditional way is good for smokingMar 03 04:15
hicham1do u still smoke it?Mar 03 04:16
balzacI would if I had anyMar 03 04:16
hicham1wowMar 03 04:17
hicham1then u seem to be a big smokerMar 03 04:17
balzacwell, I like to have some aroundMar 03 04:17
balzacbrbMar 03 04:17
hicham1i have to go to sleepMar 03 04:17
hicham1i am very tiredMar 03 04:18
*PetoKraus has quit (Connection timed out)Mar 03 04:18
hicham1it have been very nice talking to uMar 03 04:18
hicham1have a good nightMar 03 04:18
*hicham1 (n=hicham@ has left #boycottnovellMar 03 04:18
balzacyou tooMar 03 04:19
schestowitz"The PC industry will see its sharpest unit decline in history, with shipments totaling 257 million units in 2009, an 11.9 percent decrease from 2008" < >Mar 03 04:25
balzacThat's not goodMar 03 04:26
balzacIt means that lots of people who would benefit from having computers can't afford themMar 03 04:26
schestowitzWho cares... there are much bigger issues.Mar 03 04:26
schestowitzWatch that lecture. All 8 partsMar 03 04:26
balzacI can't do thatMar 03 04:26
balzacI've got too much work I have to catch up onMar 03 04:26
schestowitzNone of it is new, but people find comfort in the convenience of forgetting about itMar 03 04:26
schestowitzWatch the comments from religious peopleMar 03 04:27
balzacI need comfort and convenienceMar 03 04:27
schestowitzThat's an obstacles to resolving the big issues.Mar 03 04:27
schestowitzPeople are still too worries about thing to go like... 20 years ahead.Mar 03 04:27
tessierThat's why people keep using windows too.Mar 03 04:27
tessierEasier than switching.Mar 03 04:27
balzacI like Sam Harris' End of ReligionMar 03 04:27
schestowitztessier: exactlyMar 03 04:27
tessierEven though they pay much more and put up with much inconvenience in the end.Mar 03 04:27
schestowitzCrash after crashMar 03 04:27
balzactessier: I already know about the population problem, peak oil, and all of thisMar 03 04:28
schestowitzMost people don;tMar 03 04:28
schestowitzIf you don't follow this, then at least share with other peopleMar 03 04:28
schestowitzThere is /far/ too much disinformationMar 03 04:28
balzacI'm not going to wear a sign and stand in union square in manhattan and try to warn everyoneMar 03 04:28
schestowitzThe media sells people the delusions they are willing to buyMar 03 04:29
balzacI need money for strippersMar 03 04:29
schestowitzIt's funny how the Ron Paul talk got cut by CNBCMar 03 04:29
schestowitzThey pretended it was some horrible mistakeMar 03 04:29
schestowitz"Goodness! We expose our sensitive viewers to truth..."Mar 03 04:29
schestowitzBalrog: get a gf, save the moneyMar 03 04:29
balzacRoy, that would be niceMar 03 04:30
balzacActually, I could get a gf who is a stripperMar 03 04:30
balzacThen I might have a disproportionally good-looking gfMar 03 04:31
schestowitzYou'd get boredMar 03 04:31
balzacJust as long as she doesn't service any other menMar 03 04:31
schestowitzI went to a strip club with a friend at Washington a couple of years back (IEEE conference). Nothing too spectacular.. I'd rather date, not sip beer while staring.Mar 03 04:32
balzacwell you put money in her thong and then get a lap-danceMar 03 04:33
balzacbut it's kind of futile if you don't have enough money to go to the champagne roomMar 03 04:33
schestowitzGet a gf, pay for dinner, get the same thing :-)Mar 03 04:33
balzacmost girls tend to be sort of conservativeMar 03 04:34
balzacthey've got no skillsMar 03 04:34
schestowitzThey are not objectsMar 03 04:34
balzacI've got my eye on one stripperMar 03 04:34
balzacObjectifying women is not always bad. Women do it too and it's not a big deal.Mar 03 04:35
schestowitz└─(04:35 $)─> woman stripMar 03 04:35
schestowitzbash: woman: command not foundMar 03 04:35
schestowitz└─(04:35 $)─> man stripMar 03 04:35
schestowitzWARNING: terminal is not fully functionalMar 03 04:35
schestowitz└─(04:35 $)─> man womanMar 03 04:35
schestowitzNo manual entry for womanMar 03 04:35
balzacno bashing womenMar 03 04:35
balzaci agree with thatMar 03 04:35
schestowitzsudo !!Mar 03 04:36
balzaccommand not foundMar 03 04:36
schestowitzdmanMar 03 04:36
balzacRoy, it seems like you have a sleep disorderMar 03 04:37
balzacIt's almost midnight in NYMar 03 04:37
schestowitzNo, none at all.Mar 03 04:37
tessierwho; gawk; uname; talk; nice; date; wine; cd ~; grep; touch; unzip; finger; \Mar 03 04:38
tessiergasp; suck; lyx; strip; slurp; uptime; mount; fsck; more; yes; gasp; umount;\Mar 03 04:38
tessiermake clean; make mrproper; sleepMar 03 04:38
tessierDon't be sexist. Chicks hate that.Mar 03 04:38
*schestowitz sleep(0);Mar 03 04:38
balzacDon't be sexless either, they find it boring.Mar 03 04:39
schestowitz'I came across computer-generated nudity the other day on This leads to remarks like "Baby, can I touch your... erm... polygons?". Yes, I know it sounds sexist and demeaning, but it's not intended.'Mar 03 04:39
schestowitz'Ubuntu thong - gives a whole new meaning to 'apt-get ubuntu'. If she is hard to get, sudo that.'Mar 03 04:40
schestowitz'Things are going in her butt, and not just out of it.'Mar 03 04:40
schestowitz'Open Source philosophy: Yay! My itch has been scratched. Thank you, thank you, thank you.'Mar 03 04:40
balzacYou're going to find the Novell hacks will quote you on thatMar 03 04:41
schestowitz(An Old & Sexist Ode:Jokes Chalkboard)Mar 03 04:41
schestowitzBalrog: me?Mar 03 04:41
schestowitzNot me.Mar 03 04:41
schestowitzQuotes there..Mar 03 04:41
balzackiddingMar 03 04:41
schestowitzObservation: Look at Vista. It took a musician over a year to produce a 4-second startup sound. It took a team of 12 engineers over a year to write 200 lines of code that implement a notorious and flawed shutdown menu. It doesn't look like anyone is doing real work at Redmond. Maybe the hired staff is no longer capable. It shows.Mar 03 04:41
schestowitzAnother: Google almost outpaced Microsoft in terms of market capMar 03 04:42
balzacwould you be able to stay motivated, working for a proprietary software company?Mar 03 04:42
schestowitzBallmer has publicly admitted he's afraid of Adnroid for 'desktops'Mar 03 04:42
schestowitzGoogle does not build an operating system. It creates an environment or ecosystem that integrates with the operating systems available and makes contact through the Web browser.Mar 03 04:42
schestowitzbalzac: I don't think about itMar 03 04:43
balzacI'm afraid of android on desktopsMar 03 04:43
schestowitzGoogle tried to hire me a few times.Mar 03 04:43
schestowitzWell, they sought me for interviews and all... but that was before the slumpMar 03 04:43
schestowitzCrazy expenditures mode is over. now it's 'brace'Mar 03 04:43
*mib_qk96dj (i=411bb107@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 04:43
balzacWell, they ought to hire me, but then I'd probably get myself fired.Mar 03 04:43
schestowitzHmmmm... Imagine reflashing for Open Source segway evil mod or a programming bug (true story that led to a massive recall). Could get bruised like Bush.Mar 03 04:44
*mib_qk96dj has quit (Client Quit)Mar 03 04:44
balzacI'm just not likely to fit into someone else's companyMar 03 04:44
schestowitzIs the Segway dead yet?Mar 03 04:44
schestowitzAllison works for GoogleMar 03 04:44
schestowitzHe does Samba for payMar 03 04:44
schestowitzAllison did an interview with us once, being Slashdotted and all... (and more).Mar 03 04:45
balzacwho is Allison?Mar 03 04:45
schestowitzI had only one job where I was paid to do GPL codeMar 03 04:45
schestowitzSo I get to keep it with me..Mar 03 04:45
schestowitzAnd put it on my site for downloads..Mar 03 04:45
schestowitzJeremy AllisonMar 03 04:45
balzacsounds familiarMar 03 04:45
schestowitzSearch 'teh google'... you'll seeMar 03 04:46
balzacokMar 03 04:47
*schestowitz err^H^H^H^H^H(needs sleep)Mar 03 04:48
balzactrueMar 03 04:48
balzacI'm going to bail pretty soon myselfMar 03 04:48
balzacI have a long subway ride ahead because I'm still at the officeMar 03 04:48
*zer0c00l has quit ("Leaving")Mar 03 06:07
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*sirwillia has quit ()Mar 03 07:44
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*oiaohm has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Mar 03 09:21
MinceRhayMar 03 09:23
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*conley has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 03 09:56
*conley ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 09:57
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*oiaohm_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 03 10:14
schestowitzMorningMar 03 10:24
MinceRo/Mar 03 10:33
schestowitzFUD du jour: Pirate radio 'puts lives at risk' < >Mar 03 10:40
schestowitz"When you counterfeit/broadcast, you kill people"Mar 03 10:41
schestowitzFrom the people who brought you "when you code open source you support communism"Mar 03 10:41
schestowitzUK video game firms call for help < >. "Save us! Forget healthcare, we need games"Mar 03 10:43
schestowitz "As it appears that the US government will be putting even more money into AIG beyond the $150 billion we've (us, taxpayers) have already spent, Fred Wilson has a good point about why government funded businesses will almost always act inefficiently. "Mar 03 10:46
schestowitzThe Pirate Bay Closing Arguments: Since We Can't Get The Real Infringers, We Should Blame Everything On These Guys < >Mar 03 10:50
schestowitzBrainwash means go rusty: Broadcast TV Faces Struggle to Stay Viable  < >Mar 03 10:52
schestowitzNo right to encrypt: "The ruling reversed an earlier decision by a federal magistrate that said forcing Boucher to enter his password into his laptop would violate his Fifth-Amendment rights against self incrimination." 03 10:54
schestowitz"Nine days later, authorities armed with a subpoena tried to access the pictures again and this time were unable to inspect the hard drive's contents because it was protected by encryption software from PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy."Mar 03 10:54
schestowitzSeems like they have no back door for PGP then. Some thought they had forced Phil to do it.Mar 03 10:55
schestowitzConvicted Romanian hacker is hot commodity in Italy < >  "Now a security company called Way-Log has offered him a part-time job, according to news reports."Mar 03 10:57
schestowitz'"WE ARE GATHERING IN CHALLENGING TIMES," boomed California Governor Arnie Schwarzenegger at the opening of mega IT trade show, CeBit, in Hannover tonight.' 03 11:03
schestowitzPew study finds one in 31 U.S. citizens are criminals  < >Mar 03 11:05
schestowitzWill Microsoft Rebrand Live Search? Does It Matter? < >Mar 03 11:16
schestowitz 'Heartland claim that those attending will be "calling attention to new research that contradicts claims that Earth’s moderate warming during the twentieth century primarily was man-made and has reached crisis proportions."' Convenient delusionss.Mar 03 11:17
schestowitz "So in this context I’m a self-appointed representative of the Internet-using citizens of the world, who want the governments we pay for to make saner use of the Net, and would be happy for the United States to provide us all with a good example."Mar 03 11:19
schestowitzMore Microsoft layoffs: 03 11:26
schestowitz"The contract workers acknowledged that some employees are losing their jobs, but they said they're nonetheless concerned about the precedent that would be set if they agreed to a revision in their existing contracts."Mar 03 11:26
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 11:34
oiaohmI am supprised there has not been any all for 1 andMar 03 11:36
oiaohmone for all jokes over the patent case.Mar 03 11:36
schestowitz"As of this morning I've worked 41 hours this weekend and slept for about 5 or 6. Right now, I'm so tired I can't sleep (ever had that happen to you? Probably, if you do what I do for a living)." 03 11:38
oiaohm  Things are starting to shift.Mar 03 11:40
oiaohmI should not be mean say get back to me when its 52 + hours straight.Mar 03 11:40
oiaohmBoy does that sux.  Normally causes by masive network crashes.Mar 03 11:41
schestowitzWhat does?Mar 03 11:42
oiaohm52 hours without sleep.Mar 03 11:43
oiaohmDue to having to having chain server failures.Mar 03 11:43
oiaohmLast one was caused by a dud batch of harddrives.Mar 03 11:44
schestowitzUbuntu usage in Ampang Parliament Office 03 11:44
oiaohmYet for some reason Linux changes are not showing up in web numbers.Mar 03 11:45
schestowitzWhich Web numbers? The fake ones? Apple/MS-sponsored Net Applicatioms?Mar 03 11:46
oiaohmYes I was skiping over that point schestowitzMar 03 11:46
oiaohmYes my style of sarcasim.  Very hard to spot.Mar 03 11:47
schestowitz 03 11:47
schestowitz 03 11:47
oiaohmResult of too much time on tech support recently.Mar 03 11:48
oiaohmI have started hidding my insults.Mar 03 11:48
oiaohmNews about anything new other than Open source has slowed to a snails pace or maybe slower.Mar 03 11:50
schestowitzYes.Mar 03 11:52
schestowitzPress is dying tooMar 03 11:52
schestowitzI was posting more examples earlier. TV broadcast is affected too, leaving open the airwaves.Mar 03 11:52
schestowitzGermans tune in to Internet radio and video: 03 11:57
schestowitzOh, the irony: Prime Minister's health records breached in database attack < >\Mar 03 11:58
schestowitzIn conclusion, I can testify that beyond any doubt the British government has for at least six years a considered but secret policy of cooperation with torture abroad. < >Mar 03 12:01
oiaohmWonder if chance to start datacasting will happen soon.Mar 03 12:03
schestowitzThere's big news coming today re: patents in USMar 03 12:04
schestowitzA Reform Bill is to be introducedMar 03 12:04
schestowitzLabour Approach Sir Alan Sugar For Mayoral Bid < >. What?? No lawyer??? :-)Mar 03 12:05
*schestowitz 's mousewheel has been misbehaving since last night. Some signals don't get through.Mar 03 12:07
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 12:17
schestowitzFlock Ditching Firefox, Moving To Google Chrome < >. But Chrome is Windows-only pseudo-source..Mar 03 12:18
zer0c00lschestowitz: did you try blag?Mar 03 12:20
schestowitzNot yetMar 03 12:28
schestowitz[H]omer builds it, so I'll try itMar 03 12:28
schestowitzThis is major: Want list: Always Innovating’s Touch Book < >Mar 03 12:31
schestowitz 03 12:39
schestowitz"California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has some advice for people complaining about the state of the global economy: stop whining." < >Mar 03 12:43
oiaohmAt long last one of them is starting to say the right thing.Mar 03 12:44
oiaohmMore people focus on what is broken the worst it gets.Mar 03 12:44
schestowitz"End of an era," as some say.Mar 03 12:44
oiaohmPeople said that after the .net bust.Mar 03 12:44
oiaohmAnd all the past busts.Mar 03 12:45
oiaohmIt was never really the end of an era.Mar 03 12:45
schestowitzThis one isn't an Internet bubble.Mar 03 12:45
schestowitzIt's global and it's not only IT.Mar 03 12:45
schestowitzSome say it could get worse than the 1930s, but I dunno.Mar 03 12:46
oiaohmA bubble is a bubble.Mar 03 12:46
oiaohmOnly one thing this one was huge.Mar 03 12:46
oiaohmPeople still need food.Mar 03 12:46
oiaohmPeople still need fuel.Mar 03 12:46
oiaohmThe basic requirements have not changed one bit.Mar 03 12:46
oiaohmThis was the free credit bubble.Mar 03 12:47
schestowitzoiaohm: it's been long overdueMar 03 12:47
schestowitzPeople swept it other the rugMar 03 12:48
oiaohmJust like every other bubble.Mar 03 12:48
schestowitzThe Federal Reserve too.  Greenspan should be brough back only to be SACKEDMar 03 12:48
schestowitzMcKinnon extradition review date set < >Mar 03 12:48
schestowitzoiaohm: food news fuelMar 03 12:48
schestowitzYou convert energy to agricultureMar 03 12:48
oiaohmThe difference between bubble and non bubble is simple.Mar 03 12:48
schestowitzLacking eneregy and with growing population, we're in for some real trouble.Mar 03 12:49
oiaohmnon bubble was the past crash they compare current mess to.Mar 03 12:49
schestowitz 03 12:49
oiaohmRemember past mess the stock market went belly up.Mar 03 12:49
oiaohmCompletely that.Mar 03 12:49
oiaohmThat is a market crash.Mar 03 12:49
oiaohmThat is really really bad.Mar 03 12:49
oiaohmBubble causes pain yes.Mar 03 12:50
schestowitzThis one is unprecedented since Great D*Mar 03 12:50
oiaohmBut parts of the system are still working as if nothign happened.Mar 03 12:50
schestowitzHealthcare sure.Mar 03 12:50
oiaohmGreat Depression was a stock market splat.Mar 03 12:50
oiaohmWere shares basically become 100 percent worthless.Mar 03 12:50
oiaohmNo matter what company they were in.Mar 03 12:51
oiaohmWe are not seeing that.Mar 03 12:51
schestowitzCarly Fiorina has surgery for breast cancer < >Mar 03 12:51
oiaohmAll we are really seeing is a correction.Mar 03 12:51
schestowitzShe almost killed HP, eh?Mar 03 12:51
schestowitzoiaohm: yes, I know.Mar 03 12:51
oiaohmJust like after the .net bubble bust.Mar 03 12:51
schestowitzNow it's more gradual.Mar 03 12:51
schestowitzBut the trend is clearMar 03 12:51
schestowitzUnemployment in the US is over 13%Mar 03 12:52
schestowitzCompared to 25% at the leak 80 years agoMar 03 12:52
oiaohmGoverments need to change there focus.Mar 03 12:52
schestowitzTo..?Mar 03 12:52
oiaohmIts not pushing out great ammounts of money that will fix this.Mar 03 12:52
schestowitzNo sh*. :-)Mar 03 12:52
oiaohmIts purely confendence.Mar 03 12:52
oiaohmJust like after the .net bust.Mar 03 12:53
schestowitzI think brth control is an urgent needMar 03 12:53
schestowitzHuman population is FAR too vast for this planetMar 03 12:53
oiaohmRember the year after the .net bust.Mar 03 12:53
oiaohmThere was like no investment in .netMar 03 12:53
schestowitzWe tripled in several decadesMar 03 12:53
schestowitzEnergy consumption up by orders of magnitudeMar 03 12:53
oiaohmDependancy on imports.Mar 03 12:54
oiaohmAs well.Mar 03 12:54
schestowitzThat too.Mar 03 12:54
schestowitzIraq invasion and allMar 03 12:54
oiaohmMassive dependancy on oil.Mar 03 12:54
schestowitzIt makes sense nowMar 03 12:54
schestowitzThe economics must have known an energy crisis was comingMar 03 12:54
schestowitzSo they went looting the world's #2 oil producerMar 03 12:54
oiaohmMajor driver of the current mess is massive debt.Mar 03 12:54
schestowitzSaudi Arabia is already controlled by their cronies in a wayMar 03 12:55
oiaohmIdea that we will pay latter.Mar 03 12:55
schestowitzHeh.Mar 03 12:55
oiaohmProblem is latter is now.Mar 03 12:55
schestowitzRather, China will buy the US marketMar 03 12:55
schestowitzHow is Russia doing financially I wonder..Mar 03 12:55
oiaohmSame as normal.Mar 03 12:55
schestowitzLet me check...Mar 03 12:55
schestowitzWhat's "normal"?Mar 03 12:55
*toros (n=copy@ubuntu/member/toros) has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 12:55
toroshiMar 03 12:55
oiaohmIt was suxing badly before the mess stated.Mar 03 12:55
schestowitzThe assumption that the world belongs to the US and EU?Mar 03 12:56
oiaohmReally it could not be made any worse.Mar 03 12:56
schestowitzRussian national debt lowest of all G20 countries - paper < 03 12:56
schestowitzGood for them!Mar 03 12:56
schestowitzThey too could buy the likes of GM and CitiMar 03 12:56
schestowitzhi, toros Mar 03 12:56
oiaohmYes also has the lowest industry.Mar 03 12:56
schestowitzLet me read this quickly.Mar 03 12:56
schestowitz"The British paper put Russia's debt at $76 billion - less than 1% of the United States' $8.4 trillion. As a percentage of gross domestic product, Moscow's situation is not quite as rosy, but President George Bush would probably take a national debt running at 6% rather than 60% of GDP."Mar 03 12:57
schestowitzUS is now at about 11tr debtMar 03 12:57
schestowitzUK: around $3trMar 03 12:57
schestowitzThis makes Russian look super fortunateMar 03 12:57
schestowitz*RussiaMar 03 12:57
oiaohmNote 76 billion 60% of GDPMar 03 12:58
oiaohmNot a good number.Mar 03 12:58
schestowitzWhat will happen to US GDP?Mar 03 12:59
oiaohmThinking debts only exist on paper.  How much damage would you cause reseting them all to 0.Mar 03 12:59
schestowitzMaybe Russia's GDP is less imaginary of artificially inflated?Mar 03 12:59
*PetoKraus has quit ( 03 12:59
*benJIman_ has quit ( 03 12:59
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 12:59
*benJIman_ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 12:59
schestowitz*me spots SpiltMar 03 13:00
oiaohmGDP most of Russia depend on gas and oil exports.Mar 03 13:00
oiaohmThat they kinda black mail the EU for price with.Mar 03 13:00
oiaohmDon't pay enough turn taps off.Mar 03 13:00
schestowitzOil and energy are where the money isMar 03 13:00
schestowitzThey have gas reservesMar 03 13:00
schestowitzUS has coal.Mar 03 13:00
schestowitzAnd all the "intellectual monopoly" nonsese it turning worthlessMar 03 13:01
binky098hey roy. could i throw in a novell question? re q1 results.Mar 03 13:01
schestowitzChina bears manyMar 03 13:01
schestowitzbinky098: sureMar 03 13:01
binky098looked at the transcripts -- they mention that they haven't seen any microsoft coupon renewals.  does this mean that it's all shelfware / customers going back to redhat or a.n.other distro?Mar 03 13:02
binky098and does this mean that the microsoft money is just a one off input -- no future revenue?Mar 03 13:03
binky098sorry -- lots of questions there ;)Mar 03 13:03
oiaohmNovel picks up a lot of those customers updates directly.Mar 03 13:03
oiaohmThen others have gone across to redhat.  Redhat does provide better paided support.Mar 03 13:04
schestowitzMicrosoft is still laying off: 03 13:04
schestowitzbinky098: possiblyMar 03 13:04
schestowitzbinky098: they don't offer much real valueMar 03 13:04
schestowitzbinky098: Microsoft has too many trouble of its ownMar 03 13:04
schestowitzIt can't pay its workforce properly.Mar 03 13:04
schestowitzThe last thing on its mind it selling Linux, I thinkMar 03 13:05
schestowitzIt'll keep the parts of Novell afloat where Mono and Moonlight are built, not the kernel hackers and KDE devsMar 03 13:05
schestowitzI reckon more companies will also turn to the likes of CentOS in attempt to save money rather than reward Red Hat.Mar 03 13:06
oiaohmYep basically making the SUSE distrobution dead distrobution walking.Mar 03 13:06
binky098So here's a thought.  If the novell / microsoft deal was all about trying to kill redhat in part and now it looks like novell linux customers are going back to redhat -- how long will microsoft keep novell on life support?Mar 03 13:06
schestowitzbinky098: Microsoft sort of gave them $100mil last yearMar 03 13:06
oiaohmAs long as Novell has the patents to destroy Microsoft.Mar 03 13:07
schestowitzMicrosoft needs Novell.. parts of it anywayMar 03 13:07
schestowitzNovell is like a subsidiary of Microsoft.. like CItrixMar 03 13:07
oiaohmNovell is more like a leach.Mar 03 13:07
oiaohmIf it is going to die it will have to sue MS just to try to stay alive.  Problem is Novell patents are solid.Mar 03 13:07
oiaohmSo MS pays novell.Mar 03 13:08
binky098So the way forward for Microsoft is to get Novell insolvent - Microsoft or one of its fronts buys up the IP ( its the only thing of real value ) Not a pretty thoughtMar 03 13:08
torosI think Microsoft will buy novellMar 03 13:09
oiaohmProblem here.Mar 03 13:09
oiaohmNovells IP cannot be used against open source.Mar 03 13:09
torosby the way, they did it already unofficially :(Mar 03 13:09
oiaohmMS needs to either spend money to keep novel off there back.Mar 03 13:10
oiaohmSpend money to aquire novell and hope someone like redhat does not aquire them.Mar 03 13:10
schestowitzoiaohm: there's also the WordPerfect lawsuitMar 03 13:10
schestowitz$300+ million there.Mar 03 13:10
schestowitzMicrosoft might be buying time with its peace deal/alliance.Mar 03 13:10
schestowitzbinky098: maybe Intellectual VulturesMar 03 13:11
oiaohmNovell and MS are not exactly friends.Mar 03 13:11
oiaohmCommon goal yes.Mar 03 13:11
oiaohmFriendly no.Mar 03 13:11
torosI don't really see, what's the goal of Novell now... the fire suse devs and hire mono devsMar 03 13:11
*mib_xhvzzf (i=57ee2c5b@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 13:12
*mib_xhvzzf (i=57ee2c5b@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #boycottnovellMar 03 13:12
oiaohmNovell aquired suse with the hope of return of there novel netware days.Mar 03 13:12
oiaohmThat has not happened.Mar 03 13:12
oiaohmSo I am seeing novell pulling out of Suse.  Maybe they see mono as another way to get broad coverage and income.Mar 03 13:13
torosmaybe Novell wants to get aquired by microsoft?Mar 03 13:13
schestowitz"Gartner predicts steep declines in PC shipments this year. That can't be good for Windows 7." 03 13:13
schestowitzPutting aside the fact that Gartner is corrupt (with certifications), the slowing sales are a HUGE issue to MSMar 03 13:14
schestowitzCombined with this: 03 13:14
oiaohmYep most companies are going to make there hardware last another year.Mar 03 13:14
schestowitzPeople must leave legacy versions of Windows.Mar 03 13:14
schestowitzGibbon, Lenny and Cambridge are supported. The  customers should move to these and so a favour to the Internet, too.Mar 03 13:14
schestowitzMove to Linux or be banned from the Internet for SPAM and DDOS attacksMar 03 13:14
schestowitztoros: unlikely.Mar 03 13:15
schestowitzoiaohm:  Novell puts Linux on sale as earnings disappoint Mar 03 13:15
torosschestowitz: what do you think, what's novells ultimate goal?Mar 03 13:15
schestowitzI don't think Novell knowsMar 03 13:16
schestowitzTheir CTO blogged about itMar 03 13:16
schestowitzNothing about OpenSUSEMar 03 13:16
torosthat could be true :)Mar 03 13:16
schestowitzJust Mono and some proprietary junk they buyMar 03 13:16
schestowitzLet me find it...Mar 03 13:16
schestowitz2006: 03 13:17
oiaohmNovell has been a company since there golden years of 1998 trying to find a new place to fit in the IT landscape.Mar 03 13:17
MinceRif the guys at novell ever thought about their direction, they'd realize they've got no futureMar 03 13:17
torosI know a guy at the hungarian subsidiary of novell... and as far as I can tell, the people at novell (at least in Hungary) know nothing about free softwareMar 03 13:18
oiaohmMS if they are not careful don't have a future either.Mar 03 13:18
zer0c00l[H]omer will blag all audio/video formats with default installation ? whats the kernel version? and 1 suggestion Please add vlc media player instead of mplayerMar 03 13:18
torosthey don't even understand, how the free software ecosystem worksMar 03 13:18
zer0c00lschestowitz: sorry for posting offtopic thingMar 03 13:19
schestowitzThat's OKMar 03 13:19
schestowitzThe site appears to be downMar 03 13:21
schestowitzThe server's still there, thoughMar 03 13:21
schestowitzIntel Capital delays conference due to bad economy < >Mar 03 13:24
binky098good question -- what is novell future direction ?  only thing i can find on website says 'Making IT work as one'Mar 03 13:25
schestowitzWhat's /IT/?Mar 03 13:25
schestowitzMono and .NET work as one?Mar 03 13:25
binky098i guess the interoperability stuff.Mar 03 13:26
*kentma has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 03 13:26
schestowitz ""Interoperability" Aw bullshit, can't believe people still buy this one."Mar 03 13:27
schestowitzFrom the comments in a blog of opensuse board member (PascalMar 03 13:27
schestowitz"And of course there are patent issues with mono, ask Fedora. Not to mention Novell and MS have announced so multiple times."Mar 03 13:27
torosI think interoperability depends mostly on Microsoft's decisions - but I'm pretty sure that they don't really want interoperabilityMar 03 13:27
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 03 13:29
schestowitzThat's right, they don'tMar 03 13:29
schestowitzThe server is acting up now *sigh*Mar 03 13:30
schestowitzOKMar 03 13:31
schestowitzI think it's coming back...Mar 03 13:31
torosI think what Microsoft wants is a bad working interoperability, to demonstrate that "Open source is years behind commercial products"Mar 03 13:31
schestowitzOf courseMar 03 13:31
schestowitzMono means "like .NET... for poor people"Mar 03 13:31
schestowitzLikewise with Moon LieMar 03 13:31
schestowitzAnd other thingsMar 03 13:31
toros 03 13:31

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