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schestowitzThose who agree will receive incentives (bribesMar 16 17:16
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schestowitzit's a reward system which ultiamtelty benefits: 1) lawyers (they need business writing patents and suing);2) monopolies. Sadly for (2) (not for (1)), patent trolls came later.Mar 16 17:17
schestowitzRMS has explained very eloquently that the myth of small guys being protected by patents is a jokeMar 16 17:18
Balrogschestowitz: I'll PMMar 16 17:18
schestowitzGood talk: 16 17:18
schestowitzI'll look into itMar 16 17:19
BalrogOK.Mar 16 17:19
Balrogthank you very muchMar 16 17:19
schestowitzBalrog: I see...Mar 16 17:19
Balrogyes. :(Mar 16 17:19
schestowitzIt spreads like bad literature ("war on terrorism")Mar 16 17:19
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schestowitzHe has a go at Lessig tooMar 16 17:20
schestowitzBut Lessig has no beard ;-p heh.Mar 16 17:20
BalroghehMar 16 17:20
schestowitzWhen is "Marx" a curse anyway?Mar 16 17:20
tessier_Since communism scared everyone so much by threatening death that anything associated with it became a curse.Mar 16 17:21
schestowitzHahaha. Last line: "Professor Lessig has his head stuck in the 1930s sand. "Mar 16 17:21
schestowitzRemind me of somethingMar 16 17:21
schestowitz 16 17:22
schestowitz*remindsMar 16 17:22
schestowitz"(the "bunch of freaking morons" includes Bruce Schneier and Charlie Demerjian of the Inquirer, whom he refers to in a preceding email)."Mar 16 17:22
schestowitzHe goes nowhere by comparing Lessig to Marx, IMHOMar 16 17:22
schestowitzLessig is successful financially, unlike those whom he assimilated him toMar 16 17:23
taconeschestowitz: i sent you in prv the link to the italian net-censorship matterMar 16 17:23
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schestowitzObama won the elections because of PR and ideology of sharing.Mar 16 17:23
schestowitzthere's a book called  "Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way.."Mar 16 17:24
schestowitzItaly wants to ruin the Web for bloggersMar 16 17:25
schestowitzClassic excuse: pedophilesMar 16 17:25
Balroghe also uses the excuse that the quality of Linux sucks.Mar 16 17:26
schestowitzCan't say "NO" to that, so might as well go along and censor bloggersMar 16 17:26
Balrog(but he was using Novell's SUSE 10.1 :( )Mar 16 17:26
schestowitzBalrog: that's a shame. So most of the world uses a platform that "Sux"Mar 16 17:26
schestowitzWe should advise Google to dump Linux immediatelyMar 16 17:26
BalrogUnfortunately, free software tends to be worth what you pay for it. Linux enjoys a robust 3% of the market because only 3% of the computer users value their own many hours of time less than the $200 they might save if they bought Windows. Apache wins over the Microsoft product solely because the market for internet servers is so small that it does not justify the expense Microsoft would have to go to, to make their server easier to use than theMar 16 17:27
schestowitzAnd DreamWorks too. They really need some good proggies like Conficker to get the job done.Mar 16 17:27
Balrog<< quiteMar 16 17:27
Balrogquote *Mar 16 17:27
schestowitzMicrosoft uses illegal OEM  tacticsMar 16 17:28
schestowitzPeople don't chose WindowsMar 16 17:28
BalrogI'll be around. PM or email important stuffMar 16 17:28
schestowitzThe OEMs 'choose' for themMar 16 17:28
schestowitzI have lots of antitrust material about this, to be posted some time this yearMar 16 17:28
BalrogI know. :(Mar 16 17:28
BalrogI'll be back in an hour.Mar 16 17:28
schestowitzIf you don't know the author, why not post it publicly?Mar 16 17:29
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twitterHave we seen Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Holt in any M$ collusion?Mar 16 17:35
schestowitzMinceR will love this one: Digg Founder Offers Sneak Peek of iPhone 3.0 Copy/Paste Feature < >. Apple and Digg are 'inventing' copy and paste now. Coming down Mount Sinai with the feature of heaven (the one that they shut down *cough* OpenClip)Mar 16 17:36
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schestowitztwitter: what did he say other than bad things?Mar 16 17:36
twitterWell, he expects Windows 7 to fix things.Mar 16 17:37
schestowitz " Adam Holt - Account Director, Microsoft Advertising "Mar 16 17:37
twitterNot even Intel executives think that's right.Mar 16 17:37
schestowitzPaid shilllMar 16 17:37
schestowitzWhere did he write this nonsense?Mar 16 17:37
twitterbam, thanksMar 16 17:37
schestowitzIs there a disclosure?Mar 16 17:37
schestowitzShow meMar 16 17:37
schestowitzLet's expose the paid shills that generate buzzMar 16 17:37
twitterYour link from today's BN, business week.Mar 16 17:38
twitter 16 17:38
twitter" However, the Windows 7 release, expected by the December quarter, should stabilize 2010 prices as companies upgrade."Mar 16 17:38
schestowitzIs this the same person?Mar 16 17:38
schestowitzAnalyst?Mar 16 17:38
twitterGot me.  I don't know.Mar 16 17:39
schestowitz"Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Holt "Mar 16 17:39
schestowitzDoubtful.Mar 16 17:39
twitterHe shows up in BN twice.Mar 16 17:39
schestowitzNo intersectionMar 16 17:39
schestowitzWhere?Mar 16 17:39
twitterlast warning 16 17:39
schestowitz" February 2005  — Present (4 years 2 months)  "Mar 16 17:40
twitteruhhh, your article was written in 2008Mar 16 17:40
schestowitz 16 17:40
twitterahhhhMar 16 17:41
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schestowitzMany people visit BN today. I don't know why except # of postsMar 16 17:43
twitter 16 17:43
twitter 16 17:44
twitterseems consistent.Mar 16 17:44
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schestowitzI saw that too.Mar 16 17:45
schestowitzSame person though?Mar 16 17:45
twitterthink so, it's hard to tell.Mar 16 17:45
schestowitzMorgan Stanley and MS are close thoughtMar 16 17:45
schestowitzMG was just being realistic when it said MS is f*edMar 16 17:46
schestowitzThen it expressed hope (Vista7 to the rescue(Mar 16 17:46
_Hicham_Vista 7 is no rescueMar 16 17:46
_Hicham_it started with a lot of flawsMar 16 17:46
schestowitzOf course notMar 16 17:46
schestowitzUnless you're in marketingMar 16 17:46
twitterThe question is if they consistently pump things up as better than they are, even while saying things are getting worse.Mar 16 17:46
twitterNo big deal now, no one but Adam expects Windows 7 to pick things up.Mar 16 17:47
schestowitzNovell to Present at Morgan Stanley 2009 Technology Conference in San Francisco < >Mar 16 17:47
schestowitzMorgan Stanley = multi-man Cramer (MAD MONEY!!)Mar 16 17:48
schestowitz*multi-menMar 16 17:48
schestowitz        > No big deal now, no one but Adam expects Windows 7 to pick things up.Mar 16 17:48
schestowitzWell, BW readers are deceivedMar 16 17:48
schestowitzit's the 'business press'Mar 16 17:48
schestowitzPeople in suits, people who make decisionsMar 16 17:48
schestowitz"Let's wait for Vista 7".  Stanley's Morgage sez soMar 16 17:49
schestowitzThe criterion for selection here is obedience and MS (Morgan Stanley) serves the business that pay it. That's just how those things work. You pump up some names like MS (Morgan Stanley) and then use their press to parrot self-fulfilling prophecies. Analysts are all the same, the ones that get big anywayMar 16 17:52
schestowitzRecent Microsoft patch useless  < >. Covered in BN tooMar 16 17:53
schestowitzThe copyrights cartel gets the public to pay to defend it: UK agency will discourage piracy  < >Mar 16 17:54
schestowitzThey should promote GPL and CC instead, then "discourage" maximalistsMar 16 17:55
twitter 16 17:56
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schestowitzThe formerly impressive Satyam is AWOL in a matter of just months: Satyam loses Oz contract < >. Imagine how quickly companies like SCO or Microsoft sink due to fraudMar 16 18:01
tessier_This is a little bit different from what either SCO or Microsoft are doing.Mar 16 18:02
tessier_So far there have been no such clear accounting "irregularities" in either.Mar 16 18:02
schestowitztessier: not trueMar 16 18:02
schestowitzMicrosoft was caughtMar 16 18:02
schestowitzFraudMar 16 18:02
schestowitzThey paid their way outMar 16 18:02
schestowitzEven Madoff had people blow the whistle on him for years, but regulators conveniently ignore... until he admit this by blowing the whistle on himself.Mar 16 18:03
schestowitzPeople sang praises about his wealth... kind of like the 'rich' Microsoft (which for a fact has lost all its savings and who knows how bad it really is)Mar 16 18:04
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twitterheh, an algorithm to determine your contributions to the company - 16 18:05
twitterwhat an easy way to "paper" someone's file.Mar 16 18:05
twitterhow goes M$'s vanishing cash pile these days?Mar 16 18:06
twitterPeople keep saying they have $20B in the bank, but that's got to be a dated figure.  I thought they would be at zero or debt by now.Mar 16 18:07
schestowitzSome people lost all their money and entered debt even.Mar 16 18:08
schestowitzThey keep quiet about itMar 16 18:08
twitteryeah, but M$ people are loud and usually full of something other than cash.Mar 16 18:09
twitterfull of beans and other vaporwareMar 16 18:09
schestowitztwitter: Microsoft left you a messgeMar 16 18:10
schestowitzThey wanted to say, "thank you for refurbishing our campus and developing it further"Mar 16 18:10
twitterIt's like full monte but bigger. 16 18:10
schestowitzMadoff bragged about big numbersMar 16 18:10
twitterhow nice of M$, but I've been broke for years and don't pay taxes to much of anyone.Mar 16 18:11
schestowitzBut he forgor the minus sign :-DMar 16 18:11
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twitterno job.  it kind of makes the "no new taxes" rhetoric sound empty.Mar 16 18:11
schestowitz"Economists forecast industrial production would drop 1.3 percent, according to the median projection in a Bloomberg News survey of 68 economists. Estimates ranged from declines of 2.2 percent to 0.3 percent. "Mar 16 18:11
twitterthanks for nothing, GWB.Mar 16 18:12
schestowitztwitter, tessier what does the US export?Mar 16 18:12
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twitterused to be foodMar 16 18:12
schestowitzI knowMar 16 18:12
twitterweaponsMar 16 18:12
schestowitzfor wrong reasonsMar 16 18:12
twitterautosMar 16 18:12
schestowitzLike in South AmericaMar 16 18:12
schestowitzThey would make all sorts of fgood that's uselesMar 16 18:12
schestowitzLive in povertyMar 16 18:12
schestowitzAnd then they depended on food imports from the USMar 16 18:12
schestowitzSo they gave the US what they wantedMar 16 18:13
schestowitzAnd then depended on it for foodMar 16 18:13
schestowitzBy growing the wrong thinksMar 16 18:13
twitterbefore ADM started their corn fuel fraud, the US provided a lot of corn around the world.Mar 16 18:13
schestowitzLike cattle for burgets and stuff.Mar 16 18:13
schestowitztwitter: does the US export autos like it used to?Mar 16 18:13
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twitterGM and friends flirt with bankruptcy.Mar 16 18:13
schestowitzCorn fuel apparently takes more fuel than it generatesMar 16 18:14
schestowitzI hear it from many sourcesMar 16 18:14
schestowitzIndependentMar 16 18:14
twitteryes, it was a terrible fraudMar 16 18:14
schestowitzEthanol could be argued to be work on progress...Mar 16 18:14
schestowitzSame with solar power I heardMar 16 18:14
twitterpeople in Mexico have rioted over higher priced food and hungerMar 16 18:14
schestowitzTakes more to produce solar panels than they generate in their lifetime.Mar 16 18:14
twitterugh, even the printed ones?Mar 16 18:14
twitterthey have low efficiency, but there's a US factory making giga watts worth of them every year.Mar 16 18:15
twitterRMS pointed to an interesting bio fuel idea from Lovelock, the guy who told everyone about the ozone hole.Mar 16 18:16
twitterhis idea was to make charcoal out of agricultural waste.  The effluent is fuel and the charcoal sequesters carbon.Mar 16 18:17
twitterif you don't burn the charcoalMar 16 18:17
schestowitzpollies discover blogging: Despite being seen by some as a joke figure after a series of embarrassments during his time as deputy prime minister, Prescott's rehabilitation at the head of Labour's internet assault on the Tories has been sanctioned by Gordon Brown. 16 18:17
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twitterit could actually make a dent in global warming.  Lovelock did not think people would go for it and thinks we are doomed to a 50% population crash this century.Mar 16 18:18
schestowitzThat's why I'd advocate birth controlMar 16 18:18
twitterAgriculture can be a reputable export.  More honest than arms sales.Mar 16 18:18
schestowitzReduce population size or face atrociutyMar 16 18:19
schestowitzBut it's adverse to human natureMar 16 18:19
schestowitzWe're like the dinosaursMar 16 18:19
schestowitz "Te Papa reserves the right to approve the use of hypertext links to the Te Papa website and you must remove or cease any link at Te Papa’s request. Written permission is required before a link to any part of the Te Papa site is established from an external site. "Mar 16 18:21
schestowitzNature's destruction in progress: ‘Green’ dams hasten rape of Borneo forests < >Mar 16 18:22
twitterit won't be enough to compensate victims, but Madoff's $800M of property is fair game. 16 18:25
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schestowitz"More than $100 million in real estate, cash, bonds, art, autos, boats and other property owned by Bernard Madoff and his wife, Ruth Madoff, is subject to forfeiture, prosecutors said. "Mar 16 18:29
schestowitzWhat about cousins and all? He did spread his loot around, didn't he? They need to collect everything he has given to othersMar 16 18:30
schestowitz"So finally, free culture is nothing more than, and nothing less than, mankind’s natural propensity to communicate, collaborate and share. It is not a fad, it goes much deeper. Characterising it in narrow terms as a politically motivated cult, or as a commercially damaging movement is missing the big picture, for these things are not of its essence. It first and foremost is a technology-facilitated extension of our normal modes oMar 16 18:31
schestowitzf behaviour — and this is why it is inevitable, profound and unstoppable."Mar 16 18:31
schestowitz What's with the headline? They use words from a Microsoft shill.Mar 16 18:31
schestowitz"Not surprisingly, when a technology becomes obsolete, firms who specialize in exploiting that technology go out of business." 16 18:34
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MinceRre the jesusPhone 3.0 link -- the digg founder being a crApple cultist explains digg itself being a wretched hive of crApple fanboyism, i guess...Mar 16 18:37
schestowitzWith the thief and the patent troll: 16 18:41
schestowitzActually 2 patent trollsMar 16 18:41
schestowitzGates too has its own trolling firm in the making. SearetteMar 16 18:41
schestowitzAdult kids: 16 18:42
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twitterFreetards, people who believe in imaginary property but demand costless entertainment.  They don't understand sharing and place a high value on their own works instead of sharing.Mar 16 18:56
twitterThey use crap like Windows and Word when better alternatives are available.Mar 16 18:57
twitterEverything about copyright is cool for them, as long as they don't pay the bills.Mar 16 18:58
twitterThis is how we should steal the term "freetard" and use it against the M$ shills who created it.  They have no understanding of free culture.Mar 16 18:59
twitterPaytards, people who think it's morally correct to pay evil companies like M$ and RIAA members for stuff normal people share without cost.Mar 16 19:00
schestowitzI think, although I ain't sure, that Microsoft shill Lyons made it upMar 16 19:00
twitterIt does not matter who made it up, let's jam the concept down their throats.Mar 16 19:00
schestowitzMins ago I'd found: (If Your Business Model Revolves Around Taking Some Feature Away From People, You're Doing It Wrong)Mar 16 19:00
schestowitzTerry McBride: Songs Are Not Copyright. Songs Are Emotions < >Mar 16 19:01
*schestowitz listens to gigs of music whose creators want it to be 'copies' (shared)Mar 16 19:01
twitterThey don't understand free culture and should be shown up for it.Mar 16 19:01
schestowitz*codpiedMar 16 19:01
schestowitzFree culture is something for the Murdoch press to shy away fromMar 16 19:01
schestowitzNot many people will know it exists this wayMar 16 19:01
schestowitzKind of like NaderMar 16 19:01
twitterThey can't hide forever.Mar 16 19:02
schestowitz'You' don't want to give them voice. Keep them marglialisedMar 16 19:02
twitterMusic you can share is cool.Mar 16 19:02
schestowitzIt succeeds tooMar 16 19:02
twitterSoftware you can share is cool.Mar 16 19:02
schestowitzI hope ther MAFIAA enforce harderMar 16 19:02
schestowitzBUTMar 16 19:02
schestowitzNot kill protocolsMar 16 19:02
schestowitzThe good guys use torrent tooMar 16 19:02
schestowitzComes vs Microsoft was a hot torrentMar 16 19:03
twitterI came close to deleting my non free music collection but decided it is better to understand popular culture and wield it.Mar 16 19:03
schestowitzHad it not been for torrent, maybe all those Microsoft crimes (inc. Wal-Mart taskforce) would stay on some guy's PCs.. a guy with an NDAMar 16 19:03
twitterof course, shared knowledge has value.Mar 16 19:04
twitterhoarded information makes you a freak, out of touch and suspicious.Mar 16 19:04
schestowitz RearmMar 16 19:04
schestowitzIt's pretty good. I listen to it these days. If only it were oggs tooMar 16 19:04
twitterI enjoy the internet archive's live music collection.Mar 16 19:05
twitterJam to the New Orleans Radiators.Mar 16 19:05
schestowitzEconomics fallacy: By banning online sales, are the Girl Scouts failing our daughters? < >Mar 16 19:06
twitter 16 19:06
trmancohelloMar 16 19:07
twitterHere's the Radiators.  910 shows going back to the early 1980s. 16 19:07
schestowitzhaha. Dinosaurs: Columbia Journalism Professor: Fuck New Media < >Mar 16 19:07
twitter 16 19:08
twitterpardon me, there are only 893 concerts available.Mar 16 19:08
*amarsh04_ has quit (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))Mar 16 19:09
twitterI don't think new media's audience will hear the dinosaur's cry.Mar 16 19:09
schestowitzWow. Big collections there: 16 19:09
schestowitz"This is illegal competition as seen from IFPI. It /has/ to be stopped! Now! Shut down bittorrent! Shut down the internet!"Mar 16 19:10
schestowitz*LOL*Mar 16 19:10
twitterThe result of sharing is endless abundance.Mar 16 19:10
schestowitzKind of like Microsoft calls Linux illegal competitionMar 16 19:10
schestowitzNow you need to buy patents, not softwareMar 16 19:10
schestowitzMicrosoft wants to buy some lawsMar 16 19:11
schestowitzWhy compete when you can call the competition criminal with new laws?Mar 16 19:11
schestowitzBusiness to them is like a /right/Mar 16 19:11
twitterTheir power to buy is going the same place their sales.Mar 16 19:11
schestowitz"We used to earn X$, please ensure we don't lose our job,Senator"Mar 16 19:11
twitterNo bribe, no jibe.Mar 16 19:12
schestowitzWow. Just got interesting mail.Mar 16 19:12
twitterThe Radiators always make me smile.Mar 16 19:12
schestowitz"This looks like it might be worse retribution than what happened to Peter Quinn: "Mar 16 19:12
schestowitzCould this be targeted?Mar 16 19:12
schestowitzHe promoted MS alternatives and FOSS.Mar 16 19:13
twitterI don't have the details.Mar 16 19:13
schestowitzI've just asked for someMar 16 19:14
schestowitzMaybe they frame him or somethingMar 16 19:14
schestowitzhe didn't do anythingMar 16 19:14
schestowitzBut they associated himself with some old employee of himMar 16 19:14
schestowitz*hisMar 16 19:14
schestowitzIf they want to find dirt to dethrone him, they'll find it somewhereMar 16 19:15
twitterFor all I know, M$ provided the cash found.Mar 16 19:15
schestowitzIf not direct dirt, then dirt about someone he 'knows'... dirt by association is familiar to me.Mar 16 19:15
twitteryes, made up dirt too.Mar 16 19:15
twitterThe Justice Department, FBI and other organizations need to be cleaned out with a fire hose.Mar 16 19:16
twitterHomeland security should be abolished - that would save a lot of money the Gov does not have.Mar 16 19:17
schestowitzWon't happenMar 16 19:17
twitterYes, Obama looks like a wimp so far.  Protecting wiretaps and ACTA.Mar 16 19:18
twitterIt's still early.Mar 16 19:18
twitterComputer World is not always a good source of information.  They all but shout, "there will be no government free software revolution"Mar 16 19:19
schestowitzIDCMar 16 19:22
schestowitzThey don't want itMar 16 19:22
schestowitzThey would be out of business otallyMar 16 19:22
trmanco 16 19:22
schestowitzAnd the writers go down with them, not just the anal-ystsMar 16 19:22
schestowitztrmanco: got it alreadyMar 16 19:22
schestowitzsee BNMar 16 19:22
trmancoah ok, I just got home, did not read feeds yetMar 16 19:23
twitterbtdownloading some of sxswMar 16 19:24
twitterit's really slow.  my ISP has been busted for messing with torrents beforeMar 16 19:25
twitter40 K/s max so far, projected finish time 44 hoursMar 16 19:26
twitterzero upMar 16 19:26
trmancotraffic shaping?Mar 16 19:28
schestowitzMaybe.Mar 16 19:29
schestowitzAt least it's going.Mar 16 19:29
schestowitzThey should throttle Windows updateMar 16 19:29
schestowitzUseless POS./Mar 16 19:30
balzac"i am linux"Mar 16 19:31
balzac"i am legend"Mar 16 19:32
balzac"i am sparticus"Mar 16 19:32
balzac"this is SPARTAAAA!!"Mar 16 19:33
twitterfraud survives downturn 16 19:33
twitterno surprise thereMar 16 19:34
twittermerged banks are even bigger and dumber than their big dumb parts.Mar 16 19:34
twitterstupidity, it's a product not a sumMar 16 19:34
_Hicham_balzac : u r the incarnation of linuxMar 16 19:35
balzacgnuMar 16 19:35
balzaci am one manifestation of gnuMar 16 19:36
twitterit is what you make of itMar 16 19:36
twittertorrent is moving nowMar 16 19:36
balzaci am a gnu citizenMar 16 19:36
balzacgnubermenschMar 16 19:37
schestowitzMicrosoft is getting aggressive now < >Mar 16 19:40
trmancotroll are starting to infect the ubuntu newsgroupMar 16 19:40
balzacwell, nevermind "gnubermensch", it has bad connotationsMar 16 19:40
trmancotrolls*Mar 16 19:40
schestowitz"The study noted that the spike in fraudulent activity cases can be partially attributed to more vigorous reporting and investigations. " *Now* they realise it's time to  watch over?Mar 16 19:41
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 16 19:41
balzactrmanco: url?Mar 16 19:41
trmanco1 secMar 16 19:41
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 19:41
trmancoah rightMar 16 19:42
trmancogoogle doesn't carry this group :|Mar 16 19:42
trmancobalzac, no link sorryMar 16 19:42
balzacokMar 16 19:45
*Goblin (i=5ec1b73f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 19:46
Goblinhi all!Mar 16 19:46
twitterIntel goes for AMD's throat.Mar 16 19:49
twitter"AMD's former manufacturing division opened for business last week as GlobalFoundries, but the spin-off may run afoul of AMD's 2001 cross-licensing agreement with Intel. Indeed, Intel has formally accused AMD of violating the agreement, and threatened to terminate the company's licenses in 60 days if a resolution is not found. Intel contends that GlobalFoundries is not a subsidiary of AMD, and thus is not covered by the licensing Mar 16 19:49
twitter 16 19:49
twitterorMar 16 19:49
twitter 16 19:49
balzacyou know what website is really annoying? experts-exchange.comMar 16 19:55
balzacI keep finding their crap near the top of google page results for lots of different IT-related queriesMar 16 19:55
balzacand you don't get the answer, you get a thing which asks you to pay to join experts-exchange.comMar 16 19:55
balzacGoogle should knock their authority down a few notches, they're very, very annoying.Mar 16 19:56
balzac /j #gsocMar 16 19:58
balzacoopsMar 16 19:58
balzac /j #gsocMar 16 19:58
balzacthat leading space...Mar 16 19:58
schestowitzHey, Goblin Mar 16 19:59
MinceRyou can view the ExpertSexchange answers without paying, actuallyMar 16 20:00
MinceRiirc they're shown in the google cacheMar 16 20:00
schestowitzOr just change headers?Mar 16 20:01
MinceRdunnoMar 16 20:02
MinceR(in the google cache, they're at the bottom of the page)Mar 16 20:02
*mib_w43346 (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 20:14
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Goblingreat new article Roy.Mar 16 20:27
Goblinwow, 14 updates in 8.10 for today.  Just noticed...Puts MS to shame when Canonical puts so much effort into keep the OS updated.Mar 16 20:28
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*amarsh04__ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Mar 16 20:35
*Goblin has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 16 20:37
schestowitzLet's see how Obama can combat white-collar crime: (Obama seeking ways to block AIG bonuses)Mar 16 20:43
schestowitz (Microsoft Restricts Free & Fair Use)Mar 16 20:46
*amarsh04_ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 20:46
schestowitzHmmm.. "Bill Gates is involved in Eugenics... The "good work" he is throwing $ at in Afrika is earmarked mostly for population control... His Father was top Dog in "planned Parent-hood. IBM set him up ... " Sounds like Alex Jones baloneyMar 16 20:46
schestowitzI've finally written that story about India and Microsoft versus FUSS: 16 20:47
*amarsh04 has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Mar 16 20:48
schestowitz*FOSSMar 16 20:48
Balrogschestowitz: any comments on that one?Mar 16 20:49
Balrog(what I was discussing previously)Mar 16 20:49
schestowitzNo, none of the RMS slurMar 16 20:49
Balrogok. The ignorance I see is appalingMar 16 20:49
Balrogappalling *Mar 16 20:50
trmanco"Last but not least, gedit is now available on MS Windows [*]"Mar 16 20:51
trmanco[*] python plugins are not yet supported on windowsMar 16 20:51
schestowitzHis Wikipedia picture changed: 16 20:51
Balrognew picture :)Mar 16 20:51
schestowitzMuch better now with the shorter beard. It used to show some horrific pictures of him, maybe because of vandalsMar 16 20:52
twittertoxic stream leaking from Redmond 16 20:52
schestowitztwitter: yes, Sweaty uses the bathroom there.Mar 16 20:52
twitterI like the long beard.Mar 16 20:52
schestowitzMike Elgan pushes Windows storiesMar 16 20:53
schestowitzWhat a surprise.Mar 16 20:53
schestowitzNotMar 16 20:53
twitterThe long hair too.  Looks like some sort of Moses.Mar 16 20:53
schestowitzIDC + self confessed "Windows guy" + army of PR people = FP?Mar 16 20:53
twitterbinspamMar 16 20:54
twitterThere was an interesting moment when some AC claimed CWMike was a twitter sock puppet.  The usual munchinks then tore CWMike up.Mar 16 20:55
twitterWhat a bunch of morons.Mar 16 20:55
twitterha haMar 16 20:55
twitterWhen PR agencies collide.Mar 16 20:56
BalroghehMar 16 20:58
Balrog 16 20:58
twitterhmm, Slashdot troll told me there was.Mar 16 20:59
twitterSciFi becomes SyFy in move that shows NBC idiocy on all levels. 16 21:00
Balrogtwitter: right now we're not sureMar 16 21:00
Balrogit will take some reverse-engineering to figure out :)Mar 16 21:00
Balrogit's probably a simple high-frequency pulse system anywayMar 16 21:01
Balrogor some form of pulse coding over the microphone lines that don't distort audioMar 16 21:01
twitterwhole thing is strangeMar 16 21:02
Balrogthe whole point is that the 'DRM in headphones!!! RUN!!!!' argument was totally prematureMar 16 21:02
twitterlike I want something with marketing signaling instead?  What's the difference between that and DRM?Mar 16 21:03
twitterIf the device treats one set of headphones one way and another some other way, the device has digital restrictions in it.Mar 16 21:03
Balrogtwitter: there are no other headphones yet. You have to compare headphones with buttons.Mar 16 21:04
BalrogHeadphones without buttons work, but you lose the benefit of buttons. Once more is learned about how this works, we'll know if it's drm or just a clever signaling systemMar 16 21:05
*amarsh04__ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 21:05
twitterThe only useful signaling I can imagine is device ID, so the shuffle knows what kind of headphones are plugged in and can set eq levels.Mar 16 21:06
twitterIt would be better to just have flat responses.Mar 16 21:06
twitterother capabilities should come from the buttons themselves.Mar 16 21:07
twitterApple should publish the signaling scheme so anyone could make headphones that work.Mar 16 21:07
twitterthe rumor site, for what it's worth, suggests the signaling is for marketing purposes.Mar 16 21:08
twitterI don't care much because I already have a reasonable portable music playerMar 16 21:08
*amarsh04_ has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))Mar 16 21:11
schestowitzyes, amarokMar 16 21:32
twitterRockbox, if I wanted a heavier deviceMar 16 21:34
twittermy old TrekStor works like a shuffle with a nice display.Mar 16 21:34
twitterogg play, usb mass storageMar 16 21:34
schestowitzHere we go again: 10 reasons why KDE is better than GNOME < >Mar 16 21:34
schestowitz Is Debian listening to its users? < >Mar 16 21:35
twitterDebian works for me.Mar 16 21:36
schestowitzfwbuilder: Manage Firewalls Professionally < >Mar 16 21:42
schestowitzChromium on Ubuntu ! [HOW TO] < >. If Google mistreats Linux with Chrome,then it deserves no place on Linux (yet)Mar 16 21:43
schestowitz "I had finally finished my We're Linux video when I find out the Linux Foundations website doesn't support Ogg :(. (I can convert to other formats fine, but still)"Mar 16 21:46
schestowitzSomeone should tell the Linux Foundation about patents and all. That's why I don't trust these people. They use twitter too, not They care about Freedom not at all.Mar 16 21:47
schestowitzInstall Chromium Browser on Arch Linux < >Mar 16 21:47
schestowitzNice comical truth: Reason why people who work with computers have so much free time < >Mar 16 21:50
*_Hicham_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 16 21:52
*amarsh04__ has quit (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))Mar 16 21:53
schestowitzInspirational: Finnish computer expert fits finger prosthesis with USB  < >Mar 16 21:55
schestowitzCNET spreads *NIX bread myth: "Some of you have beards. I know, I've seen them. Now, I know this isn't a gadget per se, but it's not fashion, either. It's got a function. You need to protect and care for your beards, lest you lose your Linux admin superpowers." 16 21:58
*amarsh04__ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 21:58
schestowitzsomeone copies phoronix (new parasite):: 16 22:04
MinceRgnMar 16 22:17
*Balrog_ (n=Balrog@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 22:19
*amarsh04__ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Mar 16 22:20
*amarsh04__ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 22:39
*[H]omer (n=[H] has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 22:39
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omerMar 16 22:39
*amarsh04__ is now known as amarsh04Mar 16 22:49
*tessier_ (n=treed@kernel-panic/sex-machines) has left #boycottnovell ("Leaving")Mar 16 22:49
trmanco 16 22:56
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 22:57
*_Hicham_ has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 16 23:06
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 23:11
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovellMar 16 23:53
oiaohmI think I have found the biggest thing MS FUDDERS want to keep alive.  Realtime vs Desktop vs Server.   They don't want to see that come 1.Mar 16 23:55
schestowitzWhat's the substance of it?Mar 16 23:55
oiaohmThat they are completely different OS design required.   Even that NT it self the the biggest case that they are not.Mar 16 23:57

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