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Links 18/5/2011: SAP Walks Back to Red Hat, 100,000,000 Android (Linux) Devices Sold

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  • Linux PC in a browser
    French hacker Fabrice Bellard has demonstrated how JavaScript can do much more than simply animate web sites and process server data by creating a PC emulator written in the scripting language. JS/Linux emulates a 32-bit x86 compatible CPU, a programmable interrupt controller, a programmable interrupt timer and a serial port – taking just over 90 KB to do so. It lacks a mathematical co-processor and MMX commands, making it roughly on a par with a 486-compatible x86 CPU without FPU. It can, however, be used to run older Linux kernels (2.6.20), as they include an FPU emulator.

  • Some Statistics about my Linux Box
    Seven months ago, I posted the first statistics of my Linux box. Now it's time to check again on it to see how it has behaved in these seven months. I'm not counting the old figures.

    A. Number of attacks by trojans, spyware, or malware: 0. AGAIN!

  • Linux job portal launched:
    As a demand for Linux-related jobs has jumped unexpectedly high in the last couple of years, as a new Linux related job portal attempts to compensate for this sudden surge in demand for Linux skilled professionals and will surely accommodate both employers and job seekers. is not affiliated with any local or international company, nor is it a recruitment or employment agency and it is specialising only in Linux based careers and closely related Information Technology fields. offers tools such as application tracking, job alerts, login and syncing resumes with and accounts as well as screening questionnaires for employers and resume uploads for job seekers.

  • The People Who Support Linux: Unbridled Play, Uncompromising Innovation
    Jared possesses the same passion for knowledge, collaboration, and continual improvement that sparked the Linux revolution two decades ago—and that keeps it moving forward today. “I have the greatest admiration for Linus Torvalds and the team of skilled engineers that continue to evolve the Linux kernel,” he says.

    “When I first started using Linux, installation was difficult, and it wasn’t easy to find drivers for the hardware. But times have really changed! Now, Linux is as easy to install as Windows, and it does everything that the average computer user needs to do.” Of course, it also does much, much more. And for ambitious developers like Jared, it’s the foundation upon which a whole world of innovation is built.

  • Linux for AEC Industry
    Its nearly a year after that and I’ve been scheduled to present a follow-up to his talk. Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of time-lapse for a follow-up but that’s how it is. In two days time, on the 19th of May 2011, the heat will be on during the Technical Session, as I do my best to convince my colleagues that Open-Source Software is adequate for Nigerian AEC professionals. The presentation is titled: Linux for Nigerian AEC Industry. My predecessor is an Ubuntu guy so its not surprising he showcased examples using that Distribution. I am a Fedora Guy, and I will be showcasing my examples on Fedora (Laughlin), better still, media will exchange hands. His was broad because ICT is broad, mine is narrower as I will focus on Linux and other hosted open-source tools.

  • Desktop

    • Chrome OS is only a failure to people living in the past
      Point-Counterpont. In the second of two posts about Google's cloud-connected operating system and Chromebook, Joe Wilcox argues that PC defenders are an unimaginative lot living in the past. He refutes Larry Seltzer's morning commentary: "I'll take Windows and a good browser over Chrome OS."

  • Server

    • An Extreme 40 Gbps Switch
      The X8 was first shown last week during the Interop conference running 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40 GbE) traffic. The X8 Chassis can be setup to run up to 192, 40 GbE port or up to 768, 10 GbE ports. In terms of total overall performance, Extreme is positioning the X8 as a 20 Terabit chassis.

  • Kernel Space

    • Graphics Stack

      • Will Wayland Become A New Desktop Standard?
        As mentioned earlier on Phoronix, LinuxTag 2011 took place this past weekend in Berlin. One of the few talks I was able to make due to the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest colliding with the event was the Wayland talk by SUSE's Egbert Eich. The focus of this talk was whether Wayland is on the way to becoming a new desktop standard.

  • Applications

    • Proprietary

      • Beyond Skype: VoIP Alternatives
        Ekiga is probably the best known of the Linux VoIP clients; it’s also available on Windows. On either platform it works well. It’s a SIP client, but it also supports the H.323 video-conferencing protocol. With H.323, you can use Ekiga with the older Microsoft NetMeeting conferencing program. I’ve found that a very handy feature over the years. Unfortunately, when Microsoft “upgraded” NetMeeting to Windows Meeting Space with Vista, they also broke its compatibility with Ekiga and other third-party programs.

        I like Ekiga, but these days I usually use the Google package described below on Linux.

    • Instructionals/Technical

    • Games

      • Blocks That Matter Coming Soon To GNU/Linux

        Swingswing Submarine the company that is working on Seasons after Fall (release date : when it’s done), has now released a new game called Blocks That Matter, and soon will port it to GNU/Linux.

      • Puzzle Moppet - a new 3D indie puzzle game

      • New Version Released for 'Greedy Car Thieves', Getting Better and Better
        Greedy Car Thieves has just reached a new version which brings many new features and fixes to this much anticipated Linux game. We covered this game in past and the response has been great within the Linux community. The game is heavily under development and these builds are test versions having multi-player mode at the moment.

      • Amnesia: Justine – Now Available To Everyone

        On April 18 Frictional Games joined Valve to celebrate the release of Portal 2 and wrap up our collaboration which has spanned the last few months. During this period we have worked with not only Valve, but an entire range of talented independent developers, to give gamers a unique gaming experience. Together we created a massive Alternate Reality Game which spanned 13 Steam games, as well as plenty of internet forums and publications, and the real world. Frictional Games’ main contribution to this game was a DLC called Justine and truth be told, it plays pretty damn well even without the other stuff.

      • UPDATE: Greedy Car Thieves – New version released
        Greedy Car Thieves, the indi game that looks towards the earlier Grand Theft Auto games for inspiration has just had another version released. Readers to this site will remember we were very impressed by its retro feel, which had been modernised for today’s hardware whilst still retaining the charms of the early part of the GTA franchise.

  • Desktop Environments

    • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC)

      • Promo Sprint 2011
        The KDE Promo team has just wrapped up a busy weekend at their sprint in Southampton, England. The group set out with an aggressive agenda and accomplished many of their goals throughout the weekend.

  • Distributions

    • Where are the new Arch Linux release images?
      This is a question I get asked a lot recently. The latest official images are a year old. This is not inherently bad, unless you pick the wrong mirror from the outdated mirrorlist during a netinstall, or are using hardware which is not supported by the year old kernel/drivers. A core install will yield a system that needs drastic updating, which is a bit cumbersome. There are probably some other problems I'm not aware of. Many of these problems can be worked around with ('pacman -Sy mirrorlist' on the install cd for example), but it's not exactly convenient.


      Bleeding edge images for everyone, and for those who want some quality assurance: the more you contribute, the more likely you'll see official releases.

    • PCLinuxOS/Mageia/Mandrake/Mandriva Family

      • Linux Mandriva 2010.2
        Before even trying Linux Mandriva like any other UNIXoid noobs I was using Ubuntu 8.02 and 9.04, and boy how stupid I have been back then. Why? Because all this time Mandriva DVD was sharing the dust on my forgotten shelve until one day I didn’t pick it up.

    • Red Hat Family

      • Red Hat expands SAP relationship
        Raleigh open-source software company Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) and German software giant SAP (NYSE: SAP) are combining some services to provide enhanced customer service.

        The companies are integrating the SAP Solution Manager application management product and the Red Hat Global Support Services support ticketing system. The companies announced the deal, financial terms of which were not released, at the Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, Fla.

      • Red Hat, In Cooperation With SAP, Provides Enhanced Value for Enterprise Customers

      • Microsoft softens its journey to cancerous CentOS Linux
        However, with Microsoft’s expansionist mode into open source territory most suggest greater caution and diligence towards it as ultimately open source will allow code to remain where it belongs- to the community that developed it. This is a principle that will never be acceptable to proprietary software giants such as Microsoft.

      • Fedora

        • A Preview of Fedora 15 - Rough around the edges, but worth the trouble

          With all the hype surrounding Gnome 3, Fedora 15 is sure to get a lot of attention when it is released, as it is one of the first major Linux distributions to include Gnome 3 out of the box. After using Fedora 14 on my work laptop for my day to day computing, I decided to take the plunge and install the beta of Fedora 15. Here are some of my initial impressions.

    • Debian Family

      • Derivatives

        • Canonical/Ubuntu

          • Other Linux Distros' View of Ubuntu's Unity: It Ain’t Pretty
            You might expect other distributions to be as divided about Ubuntu's new Unity desktop as users are. That is, at least among the vocal, you might expect to find that the condemnation slightly outweighs the praise, but that both sides are passionate in their beliefs.

            However, that is not the case. If anything, developers working on other distributions are surprisingly lukewarm about Unity. Most are in no rush to package Unity -- if at all -- and many express technical or practical objections to it. Others are waiting to see how Unity is received, but even the handful that have definitely decided to package it express no great enthusiasm.

            It's a lackluster response that may not only suggest Unity's future, but also an increasingly isolated position for Ubuntu in the free and open source software community.

          • Awoken 2.0 Comes With Customization Script, Extensive Ubuntu 11.04 Support, Natty PPA
            Now, if you like Awoken icon theme, you need to definitely check out this beautiful Elegant GNOME Theme Pack which uses a modified Awoken based theme as its icon theme. The whole package looks really pretty IMO.

          • Evolution or Thunderbird? | Who do you vote for?
            As expected, this time too, we saw a heated exchange over the default apps in Ubuntu during the Ubuntu developer summit in Budapest. Sometimes I feel that there should not be any default apps, users should be just allowed to use one as per his convenience. Most of the time the debate ends in a stalemate; then why do we need to point to any one application as the default? This time the victims were the two popular clients email clients - Thunderbird and Evolution to be included in the next release of Ubuntu.

          • Nine Features We May See in Ubuntu 11.10 'Oneiric Ocelot'
            Canonical's Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" may still be occupying much of the Linux world's attention, but at last week's Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest, the next version of the free and open source Linux distribution began to take form.


            3. Evolution -- or Thunderbird?

            For email, Ubuntu 11.0 is still on track to include Evolution, the Ubuntu standard. There's a chance, however, that Mozilla Thunderbird may be adopted instead, as noted in the software's blueprints.

          • The Good and Bad of Unity (Part 1): Useless Application Menu
            Back to five years ago, when I first started my blog, many of my articles were just translated from the English articles.

            After five years’ writing, I have a lot of my own thoughts, so most articles were written by me. A friend told me that it’s time to translate my articles back to English, to share with the people over the world.

            So, here’s the first article not about Ubuntu Tweak. I don’t have a good written English yet, but I will improve. Just point out the grammar/word mistake, thanks!

          • Going Agile: The 6-Months Cadence
            I have commented several times on the 2-weekly cadence that we follow at the certification team, but I haven’t gone into much detail on our 6 monthly cycle. We have just completed the Natty cycle (normally release date + 2/3 weeks) and we are about to start our Oneiric one.

            6 monthly cycles help to plan achieving longer goals that drive the user stories implemented by the team in each iteration/sprint. During Natty, we had a loose coupling between these two. I regularly (once a month) reviewed the progress of the Natty backlog and made sure that nothing was falling through the cracks. Despite the good completion rate in Natty, it was more of a case of the user stories forming the Blueprints (6 monthly requirements) than the other way around.

          • How we triage Launchpad bugs
            If you’ve ever wondered why a particular bug report about the Launchpad project is marked as Low, High or Critical, you should read our bug triage guidelines.

          • Did you know.....
            ...Ubuntu Software Center (USC) has for purchase games and apps?

          • Providing More Scalable Community Growth And Mentoring
            One of the most complex things we need to deal with in the Ubuntu community is scale. We are a big community and as I have talked about before, I am really keen to ensure that as many people as possible get a very personal Ubuntu experience. We are keen to ensure that everyone who strives to become an Ubuntu Member, Core Developer or MOTU gets the very best support and guidance they can from the community to help them be successful.

          • Flavours and Variants

            • Kubuntu 11.10 Sneak Peak
              Last week the Ubuntu project met in Budapest for the Ubuntu Developer Summit. The Kubuntu team discussed an incredible amount of cool things, of which I’d like to present a number of generally interesting topics.

              A very strong focus of the 11.10 release will be continuing innovation in the area of embedded systems such as mobile phones, but also for the first time on tablets. Since the work in embedded systems is quite extensive, information on that will be posted separately in a special ‘Embedded Sneak Peak’.


              Muon is developed by one of the Kubuntu Developers and uses, unlike KPackageKit, the native APT libraries. As it is using APT directly it enables Muon to have a much tighter integration into Debian-like systems (such as Kubuntu) as well as expose specific functionality of APT/DPKG more directly.

  • Devices/Embedded

    • Video: Inside the opengear Linux powered console server
      Console servers are critical bits of infrastructure, that many of us tend to overlook. Not so for opengear - a company whose sole purpose is to build console servers leveraging open source software for both the OS and the underlying application.

      I've been writing about opengear for the last 6 years or so, when they first introduced an open source KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) solution. The company has since grown into bigger servers and broader monitoring capabilities.

    • Phones

      • Android

        • Barnes & Noble Brings Periodicals to Android Tablets
          Barnes & Noble updated its Nook for Android app Friday, adding support for digital periodicals on a variety of Android tablets.

          Previously, the Nook app only offered digital magazines and newspapers on the Android-powered Nook Color. Now, it will now be available on Android tablets 7 inches and larger, running Android OS 2.1 and higher, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom. It will not be available on Android smartphones.

        • More Stats on Android/Linux
          According to Google:

          * 100 million Android devices have been sold, more than Apple…, * 36 OEMs, 215 carriers, and 450K developers push Android/Linux, * 310 different devices sold in 110 countries, * 400K activations daily, 4.6 per second, * 200K available applications exist, and * 4.5 billion installations of applications have been done, an average of 45 per device.

        • Android Open Accessories gains third party support
          Google's Android 3.1 Open Accessories initiative for connecting Arduino-based gadgets via USB has attracted third-party support. In addition to the RT-manufactured Google reference platform, Future Technology Devices International (FTDI) is preparing a compatible product using a "Vinco" development board that incorporates the Vinculum II USB controller, and Microchip is shipping a compatible PIC24F Accessory Development Starter Kit that uses its own PIC microcontroller.

        • Ice Cream Sandwich Nexus devices to offer quad-core Tegra 3
          Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang confirmed his company is building quad-core Tegra 3 processors for new Nexus tablets or smartphones running the upcoming Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" operating system. Meanwhile, a Tegra 2-based Motorola Droid X2 is coming to Verizon May 26, followed later by a Droid 3 that switches to Texas Instruments' dual-core Cortex-A9 OMAP4430, according to industry reports.

Free Software/Open Source

  • Open letter to Pamela Jones, Groklaw
    I want to thank you publicly for all of the work you have done on Groklaw.

    And it certainly has been a lot of work. I should know.

    It is very difficult to address the many issues that have surfaced over the last 8 years or so. Copyrights, patents, antitrust, contracts and other issues are all very complex legal issues. And they are not easy to understand much less explain to the public. You have done a very good job in that regard despite not being a lawyer yourself.

    I am also glad to hear that you have been able to pass on some of the responsibilities to Mark Webblink. It believe it is true that Microsoft will try to use patents to prevent the growth of competition. All you have to do is read the recent litigation against Barnes and Noble. Microsoft wants to charge more for a few minor patents than it intends to charge for the whole of WM7. Clearly it wants to just force Barnes and Noble to use Microsoft software.

    And I think both PJ and Mark Webblink know that digging up prior art is a key strategy in defeating software patents. It has been know for many years that software patent applications have been devoid of proper prior art references. Either the prior art is unknown or simply ignored hoping to get a patent issued. And certainly a group or site such as Groklaw is ideal for digging up that prior art. Knowledge is power in this regard.

  • Groklaw 2.0: PJ Leaves Groklaw but legal news site to continue under new editor
    Pamela “PJ” Jones, editor and creator of Groklaw, the leading open-source legal news and analysis site, has kept her word. After eight years, PJ is leaving Groklaw. The site though will continue under the guidance of Mark Webbink.

    Mark Webbink is also Executive Director of the Center for Patent Innovations, a research and development arm of New York Law School’s Institute for Intellectual Law & Property. Webbink is also a board member of the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC). Before that, he was Red Hat’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel. In short, Webbink knows intellectual property (IP) law and open source about as well as anyone on the planet.

  • Future of FLOSS

    All of that FUD was not true and the same can be said about the surviving FUD about software for clients.

  • Oracle/Java/LibreOffice

  • Business

    • Semi-Open Source

      • SugarCRM, Cloudera debut on list of open source firms to watch in '11
        It should come as no surprise that Red Hat and Google are ranked among the top open source companies to watch, according to an annual survey conducted by an industry VC and market researcher.

        And it comes as no surprise that Acquia, EnterpriseDB and JasperSoft made the top 8 list again, published today as part of the 2011 Future of Open Source survey, conducted by North Bridge Venture Partners and the 451Group. The Waltham, Ma. VC is an investor in Acquia.

        But there are a few names – SugarCRM and Cloudera – new on the list this year, while other companies that showed up in last year’s ranking – Talend, Ingres and Canonical – got bumped. .


    • Open Source Advocates Angry at German Gov't Decision
      The German Foreign Office announced it was dropping its policy of using only open source software in February prompting an inquiry by the green Bündnis 90/Grüne party. But the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) said that the government's responses to this inquiry have "led to more pending questions than answers."

      "Many replies show that the government either doesn't understand important aspects of free software or is deliberately offending free software in general as well as free software companies in particular," said Matthias Kirschner, Germany coordinator of FSFE.

      The German Foreign Office first started using Linux as a server platform in 2001 before making Linux and open source software their default desktop choice in 2005. Most observers thought the move a success. However, the government will now transition back to Windows XP, to be followed by Windows 7, also dropping OpenOffice and Thunderbird in favor of MS Office and Outlook.

    • Free Software Foundation campaigns against Nintendo 3DS
      Hard on the heels of the Free Software Foundation's Day Against DRM earlier this month, the advocacy organisation last week launched a new campaign targeting the Nintendo 3DS.

      "The Nintendo 3DS comes with Terms of Service (TOS) that should not be accepted," wrote the group's campaign manager, Joshua Gay. "In fact, the TOS are so unbelievable that we have included a more detailed summary of them on a separate page."

  • Public Services/Government

  • Programming

    • Dual-Monitor Setups Are Ideal for Open Source Enthusiasts
      If you happen to work each day around other computer users, you've probably noticed that more and more of them have dual-monitor setups on their desktops. A closer analysis of this phenomenon reveals that certain kinds of users benefit most from having two monitors instead of one. Working with that idea, Computeworld has an interesting analysis posted on whether developers benefit disproportionately from dual monitors. In my experience, developers can definitely benefit from this setup, but so can open source enthusiasts who work in more than one desktop environment, and open source users who favor both of the leading open source browsers: Firefox and Google Chrome. Here is why you should investigate a two-monitor lashup if you haven't already.


  • Security

  • Defence/Police/Aggression

    • U.S. asked weapons firm to twist Canadian arms on missile defence: diplomatic cables
      Former U.S. ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci asked senior corporate executives with a major weapons firm to press Stephen Harper, while opposition leader, to take a stronger stand on Canadian involvement in the controversial continental missile defence system, according to U.S. diplomatic cables obtained by APTN National News.

      Weapons maker Raytheon was already actively lobbying Canadian government officials behind the scenes to support the missile defence system and had asked Cellucci what it could do to “turn things around,” the cables show.

    • Spanish youth rally in Madrid echoes Egypt protests
      About 2,000 young people angry over high unemployment have spent the night camping in a famous square in Madrid as a political protest there grows.

      A big canvas roof was stretched across Puerta del Sol square, protesters brought mattresses and sleeping bags and volunteers distributed food.

  • Finance

    • Confidential Federal Audits Accuse Five Biggest Mortgage Firms Of Defrauding Taxpayers [EXCLUSIVE]
      A set of confidential federal audits accuse the nation’s five largest mortgage companies of defrauding taxpayers in their handling of foreclosures on homes purchased with government-backed loans, four officials briefed on the findings told The Huffington Post.

      The five separate investigations were conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s inspector general and examined Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Ally Financial, the sources said.

    • Fear Companies Lurking in Dark Financial Shadows: Simon Johnson
      On the face of it, Glencore International AG doesn’t look too scary. With about $80 billion in assets, the Swiss-based commodities trader is a lightweight in comparison to global megabanks like Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), one of its trading rivals. Goldman has assets more than 10 times Glencore’s, is more leveraged and has less capital.

      So why do executives at Goldman, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase argue that lightly regulated or unregulated companies operating “in the shadows” -- private equity firms, hedge funds and commodities traders like Glencore -- risk another financial calamity?

    • In Wisconsin, all eyes are on Paul Ryan
      Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, undoubtedly holds the first right of refusal in the newly open Wisconsin Senate race. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn have already spoken to him about the prospect. His rising stardom would almost guarantee him to be a prolific national fundraiser. And even Democrats who loathe his ideology acknowledge he’d be a substantive, formidable opponent.

    • Pelosi Says Republican Budget Cuts Would Hurt Growth

    • Gasoline, Oil prices decline

    • Raising the debt ceiling is very unpopular
      This is the source of some of the GOP’s leverage. It’s very difficult for Democrats to argue for a clean debt-ceiling bill when raising the debt-ceiling is so unpopular. But it’s also why the major mistake in this negotiation was when Democrats refused to attach an increase in the debt ceiling to the 2010 tax deal. That was an instance where Republicans were a) on the wrong side of public opinion, b) championing a giant increase in the deficit, and c) had skin-in-the-game on increasing the deficit. Plus, the election was over, so it was easier to do something unpopular, and attaching an increase in the debt ceiling to the tax deal would have emphasized the fact — and it is a fact — that unpaid-for tax cuts increase the deficit.

    • US hits credit limit, setting up 11-week fight

      The United States reached its $14.3 trillion limit on federal borrowing Monday, leaving Congress 11 weeks to raise the threshold or risk a financial panic or another recession.

  • PR/AstroTurf/Lobbying

    • Eighth Circuit: Companies Must Disclose Campaign Spending
      At issue in the case is a 2010 law that requires companies to file reports before the primary and general elections disclosing spending for or against candidates. One such report showed that certain corporations had contributed to MN Forward, a pro-business group that is supporting GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer, and the disclosures angered groups at odds with Emmer’s opposition to same-sex marriage, according to the Star Tribune.

  • Censorship

    • Freedom #Fail
      But other companies have made very different calculations. Take Microsoft, for example, whose Bing search engine emerged in 2009 as a serious competitor to Google. But unlike Google, Bing automatically enforces safe search on users who set their home base to one of several countries, among them India, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and the entire Arab world. Flickr, the photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo, recently came under fire for deleting a series of photographs posted by Egyptian journalist Hossam El-Hamalawy. The images of state security officers had been retrieved from Amn El Dawla, the Egyptian security apparatus, and contained no offensive content. Flickr's justification? El-Hamalawy hadn't taken the photos himself, therefore they were in violation of the site's terms of use.

  • Privacy

    • Social-networking sites face new privacy battle
      California could force Facebook and other social-networking sites to change their privacy protection policies under a first-of-its-kind proposal at the state Capitol that is opposed by much of the Internet industry.

      Under the proposal, SB242, social-networking sites would have to allow users to establish their privacy settings - like who could view their profile and what information would be public to everyone on the Internet - when they register to join the site instead of after they join. Sites would also have to set defaults to private so that users would choose which information is public.

    • Take Your Paws Off Our Privacy Laws! Facebook, Google, Twitter, Zynga Formally Oppose California Social Networking Bill
      A coalition of industry associations and Internet companies including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Zynga, and Skype this afternoon submitted a formal letter of opposition to proposed California legislation that would mandate new privacy policies for social networking sites.

    • Clearing Flash cookies using Firefox

  • Intellectual Monopolies

    • Copyrights

      • Belgian court rules that Google infringes newspaper copyrights
        The Belgian Court of Appeals ruled this week that Google is infringing the copyrights of Belgian newspapers by linking to and posting portions of the articles on Google news. Google must remove all articles and photos from Belgian newspapers in French and German or face a fine of 20,000 euros per day.

      • You heard of the iPod tax, here’s the SD card tax
        The Canadian Private Copying Collective is seeking to establish a new levy on the cards used to store photos, video and music to compensate songwriters and record labels "in recognition of the fact that Canadians copy hundreds of millions of tracks of recorded music for their own private use."

      • French 3 Strikes Suspended Due To Anti-Piracy Security Alert
        Following a weekend security breach at Trident Media Guard, the outfit spearheading data collection for France’s 3 strikes anti-piracy drive, the country’s HADOPI agency has severed interconnection with the company. This means that, pending an enquiry, French file-sharers are no longer being tracked, a major embarrassment for the government.

Clip of the Day - Crazy Android Dance at Google IO

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