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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 9th, 2009 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:15 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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__boo and some other channels Apr 09 00:00
__boo and even asked freenode support whether they should behave like that Apr 09 00:00
__boo they said: yeah… it’s freenode… so we unban you… but dude, wtf? they’re our ops Apr 09 00:01
*Balrog_ (n=Balrog@pool-68-238-235-164.phil.east.verizon.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 00:01
MinceR i’ve seen privilege by an oper on this network already Apr 09 00:02
__boo lol Apr 09 00:02
MinceR but i’ve got to go now, it’s late. Apr 09 00:02
__boo it’s like in every other network Apr 09 00:02
MinceR s/privilege/privilege abuse/ Apr 09 00:02
__boo lol Apr 09 00:03
MinceR see, i need sleep Apr 09 00:03
__boo IN EVERY network it’s like that Apr 09 00:03
MinceR it would seem so :( Apr 09 00:03
__boo and i’m just trying to show people that these abuses are too much here Apr 09 00:03
__boo but they don’t learn Apr 09 00:03
__boo even though i can get connected every time i want Apr 09 00:03
__boo even though i’m banned or klined or smth Apr 09 00:04
Balrog_ hello again Apr 09 00:04
__boo those western people are just like slaves… Apr 09 00:06
__boo one got killed Apr 09 00:06
__boo the others just lick the ass Apr 09 00:06
__boo some even try to maintain the rules Apr 09 00:06
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__boo right^ Apr 09 00:07
*__boo has quit () Apr 09 00:23
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schestowitz This channel attracts a lot of vocal  hates :-S Apr 09 00:29
schestowitz *Haters I mean Apr 09 00:29
tessier_ Don’t be hatin’ Apr 09 00:31
schestowitz gn Apr 09 00:37
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oiaohm http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2009…  Now that is a goal and a half. Apr 09 00:51
oiaohm http://www.osnews.com/story/21279/Acer_Pre… World is changing. Apr 09 01:04
oiaohm http://www.osnews.com/story/21280/Sun_Boar…  On again and off again deal is back on. Apr 09 01:05
oiaohm http://www.microsoft-watch.com/content/cor… MS just got more expensive. Apr 09 01:09
opiewrng wtf, they rejected the deal (ibm and sun) Apr 09 01:11
opiewrng and now again? Apr 09 01:11
opiewrng (__boo) i personally don’t want them to merge Apr 09 01:12
opiewrng sun just gotta get away from solaris Apr 09 01:12
opiewrng lol… all that cries about patents make me feel like m$ writhes in agony Apr 09 01:15
oiaohm IBM backed out of the deal. Apr 09 01:15
oiaohm Normal thing for IBM to do. Apr 09 01:15
opiewrng nice Apr 09 01:15
oiaohm Straight up 25 percent share price drop. Apr 09 01:16
oiaohm on sun. Apr 09 01:16
oiaohm No alteration on IBM share price. Apr 09 01:16
oiaohm Basically told IBM they were paying too much. Apr 09 01:16
opiewrng did sun want to sell itself to ibm? Apr 09 01:16
oiaohm Its back on at a lower price. Apr 09 01:16
oiaohm Yes Sun want to be aquired by someone in the Linux Foundation. Apr 09 01:17
opiewrng ah.. so they just played on it Apr 09 01:17
opiewrng ibm in the linux foundation”? Apr 09 01:17
oiaohm Yes. Apr 09 01:17
opiewrng sure/ Apr 09 01:17
opiewrng ? Apr 09 01:17
oiaohm To be correct member of the Linux foundation. Apr 09 01:17
opiewrng i don’t trust them Apr 09 01:17
oiaohm Intel and AMD are also members of the foundation. Apr 09 01:18
opiewrng oh come on… Apr 09 01:18
opiewrng it doesn’t mean a thing then Apr 09 01:18
oiaohm Sun first tried selling it self to intel and cisco. Apr 09 01:18
oiaohm The did had not quite got desprate yet and trying to sell self to hp. Apr 09 01:19
opiewrng hp is kinda weak choice Apr 09 01:19
oiaohm Sun is still making profit. Apr 09 01:20
oiaohm IBM Sun merge puts 66 percent of the super computer market in 1 company. Apr 09 01:21
oiaohm Something Sun tried to avoid with merges with Intel and Cisco. Apr 09 01:21
opiewrng yeah, sun got fired 7k people Apr 09 01:22
oiaohm Marketing department. Apr 09 01:22
opiewrng and it had about 50k Apr 09 01:23
oiaohm Something that would be unquired staff with who ever they merge with. Apr 09 01:23
opiewrng wait… was it 35k Apr 09 01:23
opiewrng in either case… they were only firing people last years Apr 09 01:24
oiaohm Staff that would not be required after a merge with someone. Apr 09 01:24
oiaohm Sun has setup themselves up to merge. Apr 09 01:24
oiaohm Its going to be sad to see sun go.  All the funny reports about Sun dieing are going to be no more. Apr 09 01:25
oiaohm http://www.linuxfoundation.or…  << list of Linux foundation member. Apr 09 01:27
oiaohm Companies in the foundation are quite spreed. Apr 09 01:29
oiaohm http://www.linuxfoundation.org/about/… is also a interesting read opiewrng Apr 09 01:33
opiewrng reading it, but i prefer not to read but get the feeling of it Apr 09 01:41
opiewrng like you look at the picture and feel what’s wrong or right with it Apr 09 01:41
oiaohm Basically all the major heads of hardware design in 1 room. Apr 09 01:42
oiaohm That is a fairly scary thing to a company like Microsoft. Apr 09 01:42
opiewrng it should’ve been not scary but defeating Apr 09 01:45
oiaohm Its more like when are the going to decide to drop the hammer on MS. Apr 09 01:46
opiewrng they should either do it always Apr 09 01:47
opiewrng or wait for a very good moment Apr 09 01:47
opiewrng when it’s neither a drop nor a hammer, but kills Apr 09 01:47
opiewrng even if slowly Apr 09 01:47
oiaohm Linux foundation is working on unifying Linux. Apr 09 01:48
*opiewrng finds himself very addicted to cigarettes Apr 09 01:48
oiaohm So yes they are waiting for a good momennt. Apr 09 01:48
opiewrng and all i’m thinking about now Apr 09 01:48
opiewrng is when it will be a very good time to smoke weed Apr 09 01:49
opiewrng and wtf… i gotta sleep already Apr 09 01:50
opiewrng if i wanna be like 5 hours late, not 7 Apr 09 01:51
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balzac opiewrng: don’t carry a pack Apr 09 03:46
balzac that’s how I keep it under control. I have my colleague keep my cigs, I pay him $10 a week, and I ask for them. Apr 09 03:46
balzac one at a time… Apr 09 03:47
balzac and I tip bartenders $1 per cig Apr 09 03:47
balzac I never carry a pack, ever. Apr 09 03:47
oiaohm I take the simpler method don’t smoke. Apr 09 03:49
twitter bumming is a good way to quit, if you care what others think of you. Apr 09 03:56
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 09 03:59
twitter here’s a nice organization that’s exposing Iraq horrors.  http://www.nomorevictims.org/ Apr 09 04:10
tessier schestowitz: I don’t know anything about what happened between Michael Robertson and Kevin Carmony other than what is on their blogs. I exchanged a couple emails with Michael a couple weeks ago but only idle chit chat. Apr 09 04:20
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Ziggyfish http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3… interesting? Apr 09 04:43
twitter ha ha Apr 09 04:51
twitter they should have done it in Texas, where the verdicts are fatter. Apr 09 04:51
twitter Who needs millions, when you could have billions? Apr 09 04:52
*twitter has quit (“Leaving.”) Apr 09 04:52
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opiewrng the most funny thing in that news article is ina fred Apr 09 06:41
opiewrng fried* Apr 09 06:41
schestowitz Ina Fried is a Microsoft shill Apr 09 06:55
*DaemonFC thinks schestowitz is 27 gnomes who hate Microsoft and possibly a bot as well Apr 09 07:00
*MinceR suspects DaemonFC is Ina Fried Apr 09 07:01
*DaemonFC suspects MinceR suffers from rectal-cranial inversion Apr 09 07:01
*MinceR thinks that DaemonFC should be kickbanned Apr 09 07:02
*DaemonFC thinks MinceR should be ritualistically sacrificed to Steve Ballmer Apr 09 07:03
*MinceR rests his case Apr 09 07:03
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schestowitz GNOME+GNote=no Mono. http://boycottnovell.com/2009/… Apr 09 07:17
DaemonFC schestowitz: You can remove mono easily Apr 09 07:23
DaemonFC nothing important in GNOME even needs it Apr 09 07:23
DaemonFC why would you need that? Apr 09 07:23
schestowitz I know Apr 09 07:23
schestowitz Many people accept apps passively though Apr 09 07:23
schestowitz Gnate wil be a drop-in replacement Apr 09 07:23
schestowitz As in, say Microsoft pulls a muscle over .NET Apr 09 07:24
schestowitz People just hop over to the same app which uses ‘something else’ in the background Apr 09 07:24
DaemonFC schestowitz: I have yet to see any Mono app that does not have an equivalent in C or something else Apr 09 07:25
DaemonFC GNOME doesn’t even prefer mono Apr 09 07:25
DaemonFC or else they’d be shipping things like Banshee isntead of Rhythmbox Apr 09 07:25
DaemonFC Seems like really the only Mono software included with GNOME is stuff Novell wrote with Mono and included in OpenSuse GNOME Apr 09 07:26
DaemonFC I’m not even entirely sure why Ubuntu or Fedora even waste CD space on it when nothing in the default install even needs the runtime Apr 09 07:27
DaemonFC GNOME already has a notes applet that is not based on Mono Apr 09 07:27
DaemonFC and they already have gthumb Apr 09 07:27
DaemonFC why is this guy wasting time and effort reimplementing things that already exist? Apr 09 07:28
DaemonFC I really don’t have a problem with Mono except that it adds ridiculous overhead for no more than they do with it Apr 09 07:30
DaemonFC 80 megs of runtime to support Tomboy? Apr 09 07:30
DaemonFC then when you ask Ubuntu why they don’t have something important, it all comes down to CD space Apr 09 07:31
schestowitz Yes, exactly. Apr 09 07:33
schestowitz But many people want tomboy Apr 09 07:33
schestowitz I never used it Apr 09 07:33
opiewrng only girls want tomboy Apr 09 07:33
DaemonFC schestowitz: Fedora even loads it by default Apr 09 07:34
DaemonFC so it can take 40 megs of RAM idle Apr 09 07:34
DaemonFC and hit the disk every now and then Apr 09 07:35
DaemonFC :P Apr 09 07:35
schestowitz Very interesting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs… Apr 09 07:36
schestowitz DaemonFC: Fedora removed it from the Live CD Apr 09 07:36
DaemonFC makes sense Apr 09 07:37
DaemonFC I won’t use Fedora, too buggy Apr 09 07:37
DaemonFC and the Nvidia drivers from RPM Fusion have been tampered with Apr 09 07:39
DaemonFC they remove several files that it needs to function properly Apr 09 07:39
DaemonFC and it will segfault when you go to run a lot f games Apr 09 07:39
DaemonFC DeltaRPM gives is an advantage over Ubuntu though I guess Apr 09 07:41
DaemonFC but if Ubuntu didn’t update packages everytime they had a trivial diff, that wouldn’t matter as much Apr 09 07:41
DaemonFC oh speaking of which Apr 09 07:43
DaemonFC they jsut updated xserver-xorg-core for the 4th time today Apr 09 07:43
schestowitz Why mess with these? Apr 09 07:54
schestowitz Just let your distributor do its thing Apr 09 07:54
DaemonFC schestowitz: That IS what Ubuntu is doing Apr 09 07:57
DaemonFC pisses me off cause I have to rebuild Nvidia every time they update those packages Apr 09 07:57
DaemonFC would probably be less effort to install Gentoo than to try to maintain my own kernel in Ubuntu :P Apr 09 07:57
schestowitz BS Apr 09 07:59
schestowitz You don’t need to do that Apr 09 07:59
schestowitz You’re overcomplicating tyhing Apr 09 07:59
DaemonFC Ubuntu’s kernel is seriously wicked Apr 09 07:59
schestowitz They you vilify developers for not coping with your sescapades Apr 09 08:00
DaemonFC and they have no interest in fixing it Apr 09 08:00
schestowitz There is no Ubunut kenrel Apr 09 08:00
DaemonFC They backported half of 2.6.29 into their 2.6.28 kernel Apr 09 08:00
schestowitz They hardly have their own patches for it Apr 09 08:00
DaemonFC why can’t they backport one file which fixes the Intel HDA issues with their Pulseaudio config? Apr 09 08:01
DaemonFC they maintain all the out of tree patches Debian has, plus their own Apr 09 08:01
DaemonFC plus half of the next mainline kernel Apr 09 08:02
DaemonFC The reason they went with 2.6.27 in Intrepid was because they fucked around and broke Xen on their 2.6.26 kernel Apr 09 08:03
DaemonFC and didn’t understand how they broke it or how to back out whatever did it Apr 09 08:03
DaemonFC I don’t understand why they should need to do what they do, one or two backports is fine, but past a certain point they should just use the next mainline version Apr 09 08:05
schestowitz Microsoft is offshoring. Indian IT services provider HCL Technologies appears to have signed a five-year, $170 million contract with Microsoft that would employ 600 people, according to a report in the Economic Times. http://blog.seattlepi.com/microsoft/… Apr 09 08:11
schestowitz The network here is all wrong today Apr 09 08:11
schestowitz DNS here is crawling again Apr 09 08:16
DaemonFC heh, 5,000 Americans fired Apr 09 08:20
DaemonFC so they can replace is with offshoring Apr 09 08:20
DaemonFC or H1-B work visas Apr 09 08:20
DaemonFC that they lobby the politicians for more of Apr 09 08:20
schestowitz Visas are not as cheap Apr 09 08:20
schestowitz And ti don’t think these are replacements Apr 09 08:20
schestowitz Microsoft sacked developers Apr 09 08:20
DaemonFC you get what you pay for Apr 09 08:21
schestowitz Here it adds support people, probably at the expense of US contractors Apr 09 08:21
schestowitz 5,000 is not the real number Apr 09 08:21
schestowitz There is a hidden factor there because MSFT hires from the outside Apr 09 08:21
DaemonFC yeah, well, it doesn’t exactly take a lot more than knowing some English and reading off a flow sheet to provide typical “support” Apr 09 08:21
DaemonFC the only way you get decent support is if you’re a business that has bought an expensive contract Apr 09 08:22
DaemonFC schestowitz: That’s why I always laugh when people mention that you don’t get support with OEM Windows Apr 09 08:23
DaemonFC I always reply “Kind of like regular Windows?” Apr 09 08:23
schestowitz Retry, Restart, Reinstall Apr 09 08:27
schestowitz Why all the Mono hate? < http://benanzo.blogspot.com/2009… > Apr 09 08:37
schestowitz He misses the most important points: the patenter Apr 09 08:38
schestowitz As if NVidia is going to sue Linux… even Adobe.. Ha. Apr 09 08:38
DaemonFC Why would Nvidia sue Linux? Apr 09 08:39
DaemonFC They make drivers for it because of customer demand Apr 09 08:39
schestowitz Yes Apr 09 08:48
schestowitz I’m referring to that post about Mono. Apr 09 08:48
schestowitz People insinuate that Mono is “OK” because free drivers are made for NVidia cards Apr 09 08:48
schestowitz NVidia sells hardware Apr 09 08:48
schestowitz I very much doubt it has problems with other drivers that make buyers happy(ier) Apr 09 08:49
DaemonFC schestowitz: Nvidia wrote the NV driver Apr 09 08:51
DaemonFC and maintain it Apr 09 08:51
DaemonFC I don’t know how they feel about Nouveau, but I doubt they care Apr 09 08:52
DaemonFC they probably would hand over their driver specs if not for other companies that would turn around and sue Nvidia Apr 09 08:52
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 09:00
schestowitz The server is having problems now Apr 09 09:07
schestowitz Has the Internet been a _lot_ less reliable recently? Apr 09 09:08
schestowitz There are reports about major ISP issues throughout the world, esp. after Apri 1 Apr 09 09:08
schestowitz The server was finally stablised (BN) and I think my dns comes back too, so no need for opendns, for now. Apr 09 09:14
*magentar_ (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 09:21
DaemonFC OpenDNS is just an overglorified search page hijacker Apr 09 09:22
schestowitz So that’s their business model, eh? I wondered… Apr 09 09:24
DaemonFC there’s no reason to use them vs your ISP’s DNS servers Apr 09 09:28
DaemonFC unless you just want TWO entities compiling information about you Apr 09 09:28
schestowitz I know that too, but spying alone won’t help cover opendns’ bills Apr 09 09:33
schestowitz Here in the UK ISPs sell customers’ private info to companies Apr 09 09:34
schestowitz I don’t know if you heard about Phorm/WebSense. Apr 09 09:34
schestowitz People are a victim of it by default (must opt OUT, not IN) Apr 09 09:34
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*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 09:37
schestowitz My latest update on the software patents situation: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/… Apr 09 09:44
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MinceR r4wr Apr 09 10:10
*tacone (n=tacone@93-32-186-60.ip34.fastwebnet.it) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 10:25
tacone “The initiator of GNode is already working on an f-spot replacement too” Apr 09 10:25
tacone what’s the source ? Apr 09 10:25
DaemonFC maybe something like gthumb? Apr 09 10:28
DaemonFC pointless to write ANOTHER app Apr 09 10:28
tacone oh Apr 09 10:28
tacone another app, not a port, maybe Apr 09 10:28
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 09 10:31
schestowitz When Microsoft attacks viscously, it means it’s very weak: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/09/micros… Apr 09 10:36
schestowitz tacone: the source is closer to the source Apr 09 10:37
tacone ? Apr 09 10:37
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*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 10:43
schestowitz tacone: someone familiar w/ the matter Apr 09 10:43
schestowitz PM Apr 09 10:44
schestowitz OK? Apr 09 10:44
tacone k Apr 09 10:45
*DaemonFC has quit (“Leaving”) Apr 09 10:45
schestowitz The Gavin Clarke shills still attacks linux Apr 09 10:46
schestowitz this time IBM Apr 09 10:46
schestowitz He ruins <the Register Apr 09 10:46
oiaohm The battle is going quite will for Linux at this stage. Apr 09 10:47
oiaohm MS having to pay for more patents make there bar of no profit higher. Apr 09 10:47
oiaohm It really funny MS really should be out being anti-software patent or being killed in the market because of USA ruling on USA companies using patented parts. Apr 09 10:48
schestowitz Dmages per copy Apr 09 10:49
schestowitz That’s why Windows gets hit so badly Apr 09 10:49
schestowitz Like the mp3 patents (Alcatel) Apr 09 10:49
schestowitz $1 per copy is almost a billion AND…! Apr 09 10:49
oiaohm Yep and on going payments. Apr 09 10:49
oiaohm This is why windows has a bottom price. Apr 09 10:50
schestowitz Since one billion may comprise counterfeited copies  no-one pays for (maybe 70% of the lot), then Microsoft loses PER copy. Apr 09 10:50
oiaohm Technically MS is not ilabel for counterfeited copies. Apr 09 10:50
oiaohm If MS had to pay for them they would be dead. Apr 09 10:51
schestowitz oiaohm: earlier today I had it confirmed that London and the banking system there drags down the country along with the US Apr 09 10:52
schestowitz Australia will be relatively isolated, AFAIK Apr 09 10:52
schestowitz Same with continential Europe. Apr 09 10:52
schestowitz Just in: Demand for IT jobs stinks in UK < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04… > Apr 09 10:52
schestowitz According to predictions, the US may never recover (not even in 20 years) Apr 09 10:53
schestowitz As one man put it, neither Obama nor Superman can do anything to reverse thiss Apr 09 10:53
schestowitz The impact on Europe is often a residue of bad loans elsewhere. Even China gave bad loans to countries, but they’ll recuperate because the loss/debt is not theirs. Apr 09 10:54
oiaohm Australia is having job fall out. Apr 09 10:56
oiaohm Money system still working fine. Apr 09 10:56
oiaohm Just less exports. Apr 09 10:56
oiaohm Banks here are being kind nice for the now job less.   No interest on house loan for at least 12 months same with payments. Apr 09 10:57
oiaohm Should at least stop the crunch of forced selling. Apr 09 10:58
oiaohm We still had quite heavy regulations of how much money banks had to have to cover themselves. Apr 09 10:59
schestowitz Intel puts five Xeons on death row < http://www.theregister.co.uk… > Apr 09 11:03
schestowitz The word repossession is unnerving Apr 09 11:04
schestowitz It’s one of those euphemisms Apr 09 11:04
schestowitz Meaning unpossession Apr 09 11:04
schestowitz Like credit vs debt Apr 09 11:04
oiaohm sysctl to block module loading currently being talked about for Linux now. Apr 09 11:04
schestowitz Or harmonistion vs combined damages Apr 09 11:04
oiaohm It could be a pain in but. Apr 09 11:04
oiaohm One you set it only way to unset it is reboot. Apr 09 11:05
schestowitz Which Linux? 2.6.30? Apr 09 11:05
oiaohm After 2.6.30  Linux security mailing list talking about. Apr 09 11:05
tacone schestowitz: do you know about the mono plugin-loader in deskbar-applet ? Apr 09 11:05
oiaohm I really think best solution to .net would be some form of translator engine. Apr 09 11:06
oiaohm Ie takes C# source code and spits out C++ source code instead. Apr 09 11:06
oiaohm So making it insanely simple to jump ship. Apr 09 11:07
schestowitz Simpler said than done Apr 09 11:07
schestowitz Same for Java Apr 09 11:07
schestowitz oiaohm: you also need to convince developers to carry on with the new code. Novell tries to addict them to the Microsoft One Way Apr 09 11:08
schestowitz Apple hit by patent suit: http://www.itwire.com/content/vi… Not soft as far as I can tell. zoobab01 , thoughts? Apr 09 11:09
oiaohm You don’t need to convince them MS will do the job for you. Apr 09 11:10
schestowitz They’ll move to Windows/VS Apr 09 11:11
oiaohm Java is a different problem to C#.  C# code style is close to C++ Apr 09 11:11
schestowitz That’ s the plan Apr 09 11:11
schestowitz Make Linux the same but crappier and not free Apr 09 11:11
schestowitz Our DNS is working smoothly again. There was a similar but worse issue earlier this year. Apr 09 11:11
schestowitz oiaohm: when I helped a friend with C# it seemed more like cheap Java Apr 09 11:11
schestowitz Not C++ Apr 09 11:12
schestowitz She studied at a place where they taught MS curriculum. That was in 2002. Apr 09 11:12
schestowitz On Newspapers and Google: What’s the Real Problem Here? What Do Readers Want? < http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?sto… > “First, as the FCC suddenly woke up and realized, a lot of Americans don’t have broadband. Duh. Who in the world wants to read an online newspaper on dialup? Most of the newspapers online are slow and hard to navigate, and with dialup, that’s a nonstop frustration.” Apr 09 11:13
oiaohm There have been translators for java in the past that convert to C++.  Java structs are not 1 to 1 in as many places as C# is. Apr 09 11:15
schestowitz Of of the people who organised/orchestrated the OOXML fiasco says “watching Open XML / ODF tweets is a full time job.” Apr 09 11:16
schestowitz Yes, watching people’s voting habits on OOXML too is a full time job Apr 09 11:16
schestowitz They bullied critics Apr 09 11:16
schestowitz Bunch of gangsters Apr 09 11:16
schestowitz Germany has just fined them for crime (collusion) Apr 09 11:16
schestowitz Gray Knowlton is the person from the criminal organisation who said this Apr 09 11:17
schestowitz And they colluded to increase price of OOXML trap (Office 2007) Apr 09 11:17
schestowitz Experts: MySQL could enable IBM to take over database market < http://www.linuxworld.com/news/2009/0407… >. Thoughts? Apr 09 11:20
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*student_ (n=student@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 11:20
oiaohm They missed it. Apr 09 11:21
oiaohm Sun IBM merge makes a supercomputer super power. Apr 09 11:22
oiaohm Its not that Sun is proftless. Apr 09 11:22
*trmanco (n=trmanco@bl8-233-146.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 11:24
trmanco http://www.businessweek.com/ap/fi… Apr 09 11:28
schestowitz SJVN is really giving it to Microsoft and their puppets at NPD: http://blogs.computerworld.com/ubuntu_… Apr 09 11:30
trmanco I posted this link here yesterday I think Apr 09 11:30
schestowitz NPD do this in other areas too Apr 09 11:30
schestowitz XBox, Vista, and Zune. They also praise MS and I bet their funding might come from their, in part. Apr 09 11:31
schestowitz Let me search a bit Apr 09 11:31
*student_ has quit (“Leaving”) Apr 09 11:31
schestowitz trmanco: I wrote about the MS patent case some hours ago Apr 09 11:31
trmanco ok Apr 09 11:32
schestowitz http://www.google.com/search?q=site:ww… Apr 09 11:33
schestowitz Can you find MS listed as their client? Apr 09 11:34
schestowitz I have some part articles that show a connection Apr 09 11:34
schestowitz And also explain it Apr 09 11:34
schestowitz http://www.npd.com/lps/tir/dow… Apr 09 11:36
schestowitz I can’t find any page with a FULL list of their clients Apr 09 11:36
trmanco I don’t know if it’s a client, but there sure is a bunch of intext keyword related to microsoft on that search Apr 09 11:36
schestowitz It lacks disclosure Apr 09 11:36
schestowitz They can track it any way that suits the clients Apr 09 11:36
schestowitz Like in IDC’s case Apr 09 11:36
schestowitz Just check Dell, HP, IBM and other giants Apr 09 11:36
schestowitz Then, count in terms of MONEY, not sales Apr 09 11:36
schestowitz Ignore installed base Apr 09 11:36
schestowitz Ignroe sales outside the US Apr 09 11:37
schestowitz IOW, biased in Windows’ favour Apr 09 11:37
schestowitz And I have the E0mails that show how they arrrange this meter with Microsoft Apr 09 11:37
schestowitz Same with gartner and TCO by the way Apr 09 11:37
schestowitz IDC also deliberately asked a Microsoft-oriented population about Linux Apr 09 11:37
schestowitz These people lie to the public in exchange for money from those who benefit from the lies. It’s a bit like the Iraq invasion. Lies pay. Apr 09 11:38
schestowitz trmanco: what to do about this botblog? http://boycottnovell.com/2009/… Apr 09 11:40
schestowitz http://www.allaboutms.net/2009/04/… Apr 09 11:41
schestowitz They just duplicate every post of BN. No contact details on the site. Apr 09 11:41
trmanco ew Apr 09 11:41
tacone i had to deal with a jerk like that Apr 09 11:42
tacone luckily he was on wordpress.com. so i just reported abuse. Apr 09 11:42
trmanco they post it through rss Apr 09 11:42
trmanco people also steal my stuff like that, the same way as you Apr 09 11:42
schestowitz cross-refs link to BN, but I don’t think it’ll be good. Frowned upon people, SEs, and so on.. Apr 09 11:42
tacone usually the best thing is to add a notice in the rss feed linking the original post. Apr 09 11:42
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 09 11:43
trmanco all I did is put a permalink and some links in the rss feed footer, that way you will receive credit Apr 09 11:43
tacone and, if you have time to loose, set up an .htaccess rule to prevent image to display when the referer is that domain. Apr 09 11:43
schestowitz trmanco: that happens in x-refs Apr 09 11:43
trmanco and eventually they will stop using you’re feed to spam Apr 09 11:43
schestowitz Which is why it’s not urgent Apr 09 11:43
schestowitz But they ping sites with my posts Apr 09 11:43
tacone right. Apr 09 11:44
schestowitz Hitwise Stats Put Google On Top Yet Again < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/04/08/h… > Apr 09 11:44
tacone you can block via .htaccess access to your feeds from their ip. Apr 09 11:44
schestowitz The dependence of many sites on Google is VERY unhealthy Apr 09 11:44
tacone usually they are lazy enough to not workaround that. Apr 09 11:45
schestowitz Sites that are not listed well in Google (including newspapers that complain) will perish Apr 09 11:45
schestowitz tacone: I think this scraper is from Russia Apr 09 11:45
trmanco schestowitz, you have a typo Apr 09 11:45
trmanco last paragraph -> “The initiator of GNode is already working “ Apr 09 11:46
schestowitz Thanks. Apr 09 11:46
trmanco thinking of knode :-P Apr 09 11:46
schestowitz YES Apr 09 11:47
schestowitz You beat me to it Apr 09 11:47
schestowitz I was about to say exactly that. Apr 09 11:47
trmanco :-p Apr 09 11:47
trmanco twitter has been offline for a while now Apr 09 11:48
trmanco can’t post/receive anything in Gwibber Apr 09 11:48
schestowitz General Manager quits Microsoft (failing to weaken Google): http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Data… Apr 09 11:49
trmanco HTTP Error 400 …. Apr 09 11:49
schestowitz trmanco: network is a mess Apr 09 11:49
schestowitz Here too, even BN Apr 09 11:49
schestowitz In BN, the server is up, but sometimes I can’t reach BN Apr 09 11:49
schestowitz Meaning network issue Apr 09 11:49
trmanco Apr 09 11:49
schestowitz DNS was hardly working for me this morning (on my own network, not the host) Apr 09 11:50
trmanco DOS attacks Apr 09 11:50
schestowitz This is not ‘conspiracy theory’ about MS Apr 09 11:50
schestowitz trmanco: yes Apr 09 11:50
schestowitz It’s widely reported Apr 09 11:50
trmanco schestowitz, if you’re having DNS problems move to OpenDNS Apr 09 11:50
schestowitz I put reports in BN about ISP issues worldwise Apr 09 11:50
schestowitz oiaohm confirms this Apr 09 11:50
schestowitz trmanco: I was going to Apr 09 11:50
schestowitz Instead I just spent the morning writing posts Apr 09 11:51
schestowitz OpenDNS might require a reboot Apr 09 11:51
trmanco http://www.opendns.com/ Apr 09 11:51
schestowitz I’m too lazy for that ;-) Apr 09 11:51
tacone na Apr 09 11:51
trmanco schestowitz, it depends where you put the IP’s Apr 09 11:51
tacone a network restart Apr 09 11:51
trmanco I put them in the router Apr 09 11:51
schestowitz trmanco: I know. I saved a copy of the opendns guide on my desktop in case DNS goes totally willy-nilly Apr 09 11:51
trmanco ah ok ;) Apr 09 11:51
schestowitz So slowness is not as bad as no DNS lookups Apr 09 11:52
tacone i like this scraper site. Apr 09 11:52
schestowitz Report: Microsoft signs up Indian outsourcing firm for 600 workers < http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/… >. Yes, Microsoft is going there because “Americans are stupid,” as PearlyG wants the Senate to believe Apr 09 11:53
oiaohm Not too stupid. Apr 09 11:55
oiaohm Indian developers don’t have to put up with USA patent laws. Apr 09 11:55
schestowitz BN got like 40k pages yesterday Apr 09 11:56
schestowitz But the changes made in the CMS make it less comparable Apr 09 11:57
schestowitz it turns out that nested comments lead to a 2page/load situation Apr 09 11:57
schestowitz oiaohm: Indians are smart Apr 09 11:57
tacone consider using google analytics Apr 09 11:57
schestowitz Esp. those which USians company will empoy Apr 09 11:58
*Ap0g33 (i=c910e07d@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-8beab7df6e655988) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 11:58
schestowitz But Americans are clever too Apr 09 11:58
schestowitz Esp. many of those CS engineers looking for a job Apr 09 11:58
schestowitz Mcirosoft ignored them using excuses and lies Apr 09 11:58
*iwmw (n=iwmw@intech.natm.ru) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 12:00
*tacone (n=tacone@93-32-186-60.ip34.fastwebnet.it) has left #boycottnovell (“ERROR: crap-talking overflow – Aborting.”) Apr 09 12:05
trmanco lol Apr 09 12:08
iwmw tacone usually quits when there’s a discussion, so everybody thinks that it’s crap-talking overflow Apr 09 12:12
schestowitz “Today both Joseph and myself are doing a presentation on Mono, Moonlight at the Boston .NET Users Group meeting in Waltham.” http://tirania.org/blog/archiv… I know it’s not Shields, but which Jo was that again? I once checked but can’t remember… Apr 09 12:12
*opiewrng has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 09 12:15
MinceR or he forgot to change his partreason since last time Apr 09 12:16
MinceR when there definitely was a crap-talking overflow ;) Apr 09 12:16
trmanco hehe Apr 09 12:21
trmanco I hope that quote is gpl’ed Apr 09 12:21
trmanco I’m using it too Apr 09 12:21
iwmw it’s patented Apr 09 12:22
iwmw so you can’t even use any similar to this one Apr 09 12:22
trmanco no it isn’t :-P Apr 09 12:22
iwmw you are not sure, are you? Apr 09 12:23
MinceR i’ve patented the letter ‘e’ Apr 09 12:23
MinceR ;) Apr 09 12:23
trmanco iwmw, he wouldn’t use it if it was patented Apr 09 12:24
*Eruaran (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 12:24
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 09 12:25
iwmw h3y, trmanco, you’r3 using t3h r3strict3d l3tt3r Apr 09 12:25
schestowitz Microsoft explains that Windows zombies make spam: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/09/… Apr 09 12:25
trmanco lol Apr 09 12:25
MinceR iwmw: that’s closed enough, cease and desist ;) Apr 09 12:26
MinceR s/sed/se/ Apr 09 12:26
schestowitz Microsoft 3xplains that Windows zombi3s mak3 spam. Apr 09 12:26
iwmw th3r3′s no s3d anymor3 Apr 09 12:26
MinceR lol Apr 09 12:26
schestowitz grep /s/e/3/ irclogfile Apr 09 12:26
schestowitz sed Apr 09 12:26
MinceR grep can do that? Apr 09 12:26
MinceR oh. Apr 09 12:26
schestowitz Oops Apr 09 12:26
schestowitz I just typed without thinking Apr 09 12:27
*PetoKraus (n=pk@cpc1-broo6-0-0-cust1009.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 12:27
schestowitz tacone logged out :-| Apr 09 12:28
schestowitz Italy-Earthquake Toll : 235 dead < Microsoft explains that Windows zombies make spam: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/0… > Apr 09 12:28
schestowitz Oops. Apr 09 12:29
MinceR :D Apr 09 12:29
schestowitz http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-n… Apr 09 12:29
schestowitz Not so funny, MinceR (the slip was) Apr 09 12:29
MinceR i laughed at the slip Apr 09 12:29
schestowitz Yes, I know. “Strong aftershocks on Tuesday sent a fresh wave of fear across earthquake-shattered central Italy, and rescue crews pulled a young woman alive from a collapsed building about 42 hours after the main quake struck the mountainous region.” Apr 09 12:29
iwmw you s33? m$ r3sp3cts pat3nts it dosn’t us3 t3h l3tt3r 3 in “microsoft” Apr 09 12:30
schestowitz Some people will call it “the act of God” Apr 09 12:30
schestowitz And feel regrets for sins they may have committed to deserve this. Apr 09 12:30
MinceR their loss. Apr 09 12:31
*MinceR patents the idea of communication Apr 09 12:32
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 09 12:32
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 12:32
schestowitz bbl Apr 09 12:42
*Ap0g33 (i=c910e07d@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-8beab7df6e655988) has left #boycottnovell Apr 09 13:58
*kentma has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 09 14:28
*kentma (n=user@host81-157-145-74.range81-157.btcentralplus.com) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 14:28
*cllrr00012 (i=d8b94541@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-5b4bf8cce09afbd2) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 14:44
*cllrr00012 has quit (Client Quit) Apr 09 14:47
*silentivm (n=renan@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 14:49
trmanco Twitter changed it’s api, that’s why I can’t post through Gwibber :( Fix has already been committed… waiting for ppa update :-P Apr 09 14:50
*kentma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Apr 09 15:08
schestowitz OK, i”m back Apr 09 15:21
schestowitz It’s no longer sunny outside: -( Apr 09 15:22
trmanco here neither Apr 09 15:22
*kentma (n=user@ellandroad.demon.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 15:23
schestowitz I think I’ll just escape to the gym or something. Cya l8r Apr 09 15:26
PetoKraus yeah Apr 09 15:44
PetoKraus it’s quite dark here as well Apr 09 15:44
oiaohm http://blenderartists.org/foru…  << Ok this is getting strange. Apr 09 15:45
oiaohm Company interested in building commerical game is looking at using blender. Apr 09 15:45
*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 09 15:52
*Eruaran (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 15:53
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 09 15:58
*mib_b6f6oy (i=5321d438@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-2f9100e974b6a9b6) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 16:15
*mib_b6f6oy has quit (Client Quit) Apr 09 16:16
*iwmw has quit (“Leaving”) Apr 09 16:18
trmanco http://www.computerworld.com/action/artic… Apr 09 16:21
balzac i’m not at all surprised by blender getting more commercial support Apr 09 16:33
*kevin009 (n=kevin@adsl-71-132-210-253.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 17:11
Balrog hello everyone Apr 09 17:27
trmanco hello Balrog Apr 09 17:35
Balrog trmanco: anything new that’s important? Apr 09 17:41
trmanco Balrog, no, not that I know of Apr 09 17:41
Balrog ok. Apr 09 17:41
Balrog btw, conficker is waking up Apr 09 17:43
Eruaran I have decided to refer to Windows fanboys as hopeless luddites from now on. Apr 09 17:44
Eruaran hello Balrog Apr 09 17:44
trmanco yeah, conficker is getting smarter Apr 09 17:44
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