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GNU/Linux Wins, Even on Desktops (and I’m Taking a Break)

Posted in GNU/Linux, Site News at 7:21 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Summary: Pure GNU/Linux advocacy becomes less necessary as the operating system reaches mass adoption; efforts can instead be concentrated and focused on remaining authoritarian hurdles and expansion of GNU/Linux-inspired freedom to other walks of life

OCCASIONALLY we receive private messages that we cannot share with any readership. One such message touched a spot today because it raised the point that we emphasise issues (as in problems) and rarely revel in the wins. We would like to address this point very quickly (without quoting the private message).

There is rarely any noteworthy commentary on positive news (repetition would do for increased exposure), whereas when negative news arrives there is usually an explanation or point of rebuttal. That’s the short and direct answer.

Just looking at the news these days, it has become quite clear that GNU/Linux stayed behind in no obvious way. It is a capable, mature platform with excellent hardware support and now that thousands more schools are moving to it (starting in non-English-speaking countries, as expected), it is obvious that GNU/Linux is not just a winner in servers, HPC, phones, embedded, etc.

I recently received some mails from a 28-year veteran of Microsoft (who worked closely with Bill Gates) and he too told me that his field was moving towards Linux and RTOSes.

“The platform called or commonly known as “Linux” (shorthand) now has advocates like Nokia, Intel, IBM, Google, and Red Hat.”So basically, from here onwards Linux is winning and nothing can stop it. Even Apple is worth more than Microsoft, which is busy laying off employees and spending billions of dollars to just sell a few thousands of phones and maintain ~3% market share in search.

I’m gonna reduce posting volume in the coming weeks (or take several weeks off). GNU/Linux wins with or without anyone’s advocacy. The platform called or commonly known as “Linux” (shorthand) now has advocates like Nokia, Intel, IBM, Google, and Red Hat.

The “year of Linux” was several years ago, but the “year of Microsoft’s demise” was 2009 or thereabouts (massive financial decline reported in April).

I seriously consider leaving USENET so that I can better focus my efforts to bring software freedom through fora that don’t decline over time (USENET is still being assassinated by means we mentioned before).

Thanks to all those who supported me in USENET while I sacrificed vast amounts of time posting there. I will probably resume next month and in the mean time I’ll post GNU/Linux news almost solely in Techrights.org. Next week I plan to spend a lot of time with my mother (pictured above), so expect almost no blog posts. We’re going to Chester and then to London. I will give a public talk as soon as I return to Manchester.

I never lost interest in Techrights.org and we continue to ascend up the ranks (Netcraft now ranks us 1201st for traffic, which surpassed Groklaw at 1310th). Those who believe our daemonisers (there are even entire domains dedicated to discrediting our site) have clearly not paid attention or spoken to us directly. Our anti-FUD campaign is 100% sincere and honest and those who receive flak are obviously not happy.

“Long live the liberation of the workers off all countries from the infernal chasm of war, exploitation and slavery!”

Karl Liebknecht

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  1. Gizmo said,

    July 12, 2010 at 12:09 am


    Well deserved rest. Thanks for all your incredible hard work (do you actually sleep??).
    I do also agree that you report too much on small lost. Free software is allowed to loose a few battles left and right. What matters is the war itself. It must be keep in mind that the fight for free software and actually a world wide battle for free speech. Latest event of that importance was in the 15th century, between Gutenberg and the catholic church…

  2. twitter said,

    July 12, 2010 at 10:52 am


    Thanks for all the hard work, Roy, don’t ever think that it did not make a difference. You have clearly seen through and documented a lot of injustice while most journalists and government anti-trust offices lacked either the insight, courage or stamina to do half as well. While others forgot scams and schemes, you connected the dots and reminded us. This site has represented actual developer sentiment in the face of extreme hostility, threats and other concerted attempts to manipulate. It is important that decision makers can separate astroturf and PR from reality. This site forms an invaluable record for that and it surely advances software freedom.

    Enjoy a well owned vacation but don’t quit when you come back. “Linux” might one day run 100% of the world’s computers, but this will not be any better if it’s all Tivoised. Most people still lack their software freedom and those who persue it to the extent RMS does are stuck with rather second rate hardware, a 400 MHz MIPS laptop from China is one of the few computers in the world that comes with a free software firmware. The world will be a technically better place and business will flourish without Microsoft but it won’t be a free or less oppressive place until most people demand and have their software freedom. Privacy and free press rights are and will continue to be violated by software that has owners.

  3. verofakto said,

    July 12, 2010 at 11:32 pm


    Finally had to get a job, eh?

    twitter Reply:

    Despite the efforts of PR flacks such as yourself, most free software advocates are well employed and doing well. This should be expected from such a highly skilled and intelligent bunch, but there are examples like Peter Quinn and Tim Bray who’s companies, careers and reputations were unjustly harmed by Microsoft.

    verofakto Reply:

    I’m not sure what you’re saying here Will (may I call you Will?)… are you implying that I am a “PR flack” or that you are an honest advocate?

    I must be misunderstanding your point, because neither of those statements are true in any way.

    The Mad Hatter Reply:

    Heh. You don’t have the talent to be a PR flack, or an honest advocate.

    But you do pretty well as a comedian.


    verofakto Reply:

    Awesome, I thought you were going to call me a drama queen and a hypocrite. Which I couldn’t possibly be, since I’m not an “honest advocate”.

    Don’t forget to tip your waiter, I’ll be here all week.

    The Mad Hatter Reply:

    You should try out for America’s Got Talent – I think you’d do well.

  4. twitter said,

    July 13, 2010 at 8:05 am


    Government officials in the UK suggest free software replacement of Microsoft to save money and gain autonomy. See submission numbers 8 and 28. This idea is now obvious enough to cut across the political spectrum. HMT should start with their own servers. Perhaps “Linux” is now winning in one large, developed, English speaking country.

  5. Danielh said,

    July 13, 2010 at 8:18 am


    I personally think this site is very undervalued as a source of behind the scenes information about first and foremost Microsoft but also about Novell, Apple and other gorillas. Its not easy to get an accurate picture of Microsoft by reading traditional media that swallows press releases and astroturfing without even a flinch of an eye.

    I have directed many people who hotly debate Microsofts greatness to this site and Groklaw and they have returned much more humble and balanced.

    I do hope you will keep digging and write it up even if not in the same volume. Sure there are some need for Linux news but with every site known to man writing oodles of articles about Linux and its fitness i sure would miss one out of two sites daring to take Microsoft to task disappear.

    Maybe a mix of good news and the worst offenses by Microsoft? If things has been ugly while Microsoft was on the winning side, imagine how nasty things will become now when they are going away down the drain.

  6. The Mad Hatter said,

    July 15, 2010 at 8:03 pm


    Hope you have a god holiday Roy. Be good to your Mom – I lost mine 25 years ago, and still miss her.

  7. faltu said,

    July 16, 2010 at 9:39 am



    it has all the foss feeds.

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