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More FUD from Microsoft's Anti-Linux 'Propaganda Division'

Microsoft to Linux Distributors: The Clock is Ticking

We have just caught this new article from InfoWorld and the headline says it all:

        "Microsoft won't sue over Linux, for now"

What does the "for now" mean? It means that Microsoft wishes to imply that there's some inevitability. It means that Microsoft tries to brag a degree of mercy. These words come from one of Microsoft's most controversial figures, possibly the heir of Martin Taylor, who quit Microsoft last year. As usual, they try to put a positive spin.

Microsoft has made a lot of effort to extend an olive branch to the open-source community...

Let us suppose that one such "olive branch" includes the deal with Novell, which was followed by aggressive threats and demands. It was clearly self serving.

The open source world still yawn at Microsoft's claims. They chose not to get close to their enemies, but to anger them instead. Here is the reaction from one prominent open source company (Asterisk):

"Obviously I track everything they do, but because they are so late to the voice market, there’s nothing (in the Microsoft volley at open source) that concerns us," Bill added.

This new cartoon very well reflects on the way many of us feel.

Last but not least, have a look at the '235 more reasons to love open source' t-shirt. It shows you the reaction of another open source company. "A collective yawn" best describes the situation, but the media is abuzz with FUD.


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