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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: June 18th, 2008

[H]omerEvening allJun 17 22:55
[H]omerAnyone home?Jun 17 22:55
tessier_HiJun 17 22:55
[H]omerHelloJun 17 22:55
[H]omerI think I'm finally wearing the Ubuntu "noobs" down. Soon I'll have them all preaching the gospel of Tux, and quoting Stallman.Jun 17 22:56
[H]omer 17 22:56
[H]omerI see the big Firefox campaign is in full swingJun 17 22:59
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schestowitz<[H]omer>, at least one of them is a developer (I see the E-mail address). I was trying to find  this out because I couldn't help but feel like those responsible for the choosing pricey codecs tried hard to justify their own decisions. I don't  think that's the case though, with the exception of Mark.Jun 18 02:42
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schestowitzJust been struck by someone who obviously hates Stallman. (one comment before last)Jun 18 04:07
schestowitzBreaking: Novell's Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales has just quit!Jun 18 04:28
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 18 05:27
tessierHow is his quitting significant?Jun 18 05:39
schestowitzThe stock fell over 2%. It's also a sign of weakness, don't you agree?Jun 18 05:41
tessierNot sure.Jun 18 05:42
schestowitzI know that Ted Haeger, for example, left because of the deal with Microsoft (indirectly so).Jun 18 05:43
tessierThat is quite a thread you've got there on that Stallman smear thingJun 18 05:47
schestowitzI haven't seen it in a while. There were some prior ones too.Jun 18 05:49
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tessierMost of my Linux discussion/advocacy happens in the context of my local LUGJun 18 06:18
tessierEspecially at the meetings and on the mailing listsJun 18 06:19
tessierSomeone just posted saying that anyone can compete with MS. My reply:Jun 18 06:19
tessierIn order to compete to the extent that it has today all Linux has had toJun 18 06:19
tessierdo is gather together thousands of the worlds best programmers and getJun 18 06:19
tessierthem to work together for 17 years for free and then give their workJun 18 06:19
tessieraway for free. I just don't get why others can't compete with MS also.Jun 18 06:19
schestowitzThat's a good point. But to say that all these engineers worked against Microsoft is incorrect. What about Oracle, IBM, Sun?Jun 18 06:25
schestowitzThe push of Free software (broadly) shouldn't be Microsoft-obsessed. it's proprietary software (as a standard) that is being battled. Software used to be free (libre).Jun 18 06:26
tessierI agreeJun 18 06:26
tessierThey are just the easiest targetJun 18 06:26
schestowitzBecause they are on people's desks... moreover, crashing, spreading malware, taking site down with DDOS attacks.Jun 18 06:27
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dsmith_ok I installed FF3 officiallyJun 18 06:41
dsmith_give me some time using it see if it runs fineJun 18 06:41
dsmith_perhaps the RC3, had something to do with itJun 18 06:41
schestowitzHow about plug-in compatibility? That's the only thing that worries me.Jun 18 06:42
dsmith_replacinf ff2 folder with the ff3 worked flawlesslyJun 18 06:46
dsmith_plugins, I have not had an issue as of yetJun 18 06:46
dsmith_I did read that ff3 broke silverlight? b ut so whatJun 18 06:46
dsmith_I am missing some extensions, but they will get updated in timeJun 18 06:47
schestowitzThat's what I worry about. Some of them you can 'fix' manually by just changing a string with a text editor (it's in the XUls).Jun 18 06:49
dsmith_yea, I am not doing that thoughJun 18 06:50
dsmith_you take a risk of crashign the browserJun 18 06:51
dsmith_then start up in safe mode and disable itJun 18 06:51
dsmith_I rather just waitJun 18 06:51
tessierI wonder if I should keep using fedora on my desktop or look at something else...having to reinstall every 6 months is a drag.Jun 18 06:54
dsmith_ 18 06:54
tessierI wonder how centos does on a desktop.Jun 18 06:54
dsmith_tessier, why dont you create your own home partition?Jun 18 06:54
tessierI do have my own home partitionJun 18 06:55
tessierSo I guess it wouldn't be that big of a deal.Jun 18 06:55
tessier/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-homeJun 18 06:55
tessier                     126951204  90834192  29669780  76% /homeJun 18 06:55
schestowitzThere's an article in PolishLinux abotu Centos as a desktop. Google it.Jun 18 06:56
tessier 18 06:57
tessierFirst hit on "centos desktop"Jun 18 06:57
dsmith_centos makes good serversJun 18 06:58
dsmith_tessier: I update my kubuntu every 6 months, but stay one distro backJun 18 06:59
dsmith_the people I support with linux stay two distros backJun 18 06:59
tessierI have tons of centos serversJun 18 07:00
schestowitzMozilla uses CentOS.Jun 18 07:07
schestowitzThey are not sure if iit's RHEL actually, but at least it's not the abomination called SUSE. OSUSE 11 is out tomorrow BTW.Jun 18 07:08
schestowitzI've just posted a comment in FSDaily about the IBM DB2 OSS rumour ( )... IBM Denies: "A spokesman for IBM pretty much falsified this report, which is a shame really. IBM invests in EnterpriseDB now. Sun had them give up on MySQL." Do you know what I've realised for a fact? After that mess in that site (anti-BoycottNovell), there has been little participation. Maybe it's seJun 18 07:12
schestowitzason's trends, but for a fact there used to be about twice as many FP stories.Jun 18 07:12
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schestowitzAnother very senior Softie has just jumped the sinking ship. 18 08:43
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 18 08:51
kentmamornin' allJun 18 08:51
schestowitzHi , <kentma>.Jun 18 08:52
schestowitzThe good news keeps coming today. (EU Says Governments Could Bar Microsoft From Bidding)Jun 18 08:53
kentmaNow that's a major step forward in the anti-corruption crusade.Jun 18 08:54
kentmaHmm, just upgraded to latest firefox and can't seem to put a url in :-)Jun 18 08:54
PetoKraus:DJun 18 08:55
*mark_antony_kent has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jun 18 08:56
schestowitzReally? In the address bar?Jun 18 08:58
schestowitzWell, I'll just post it in BN.comJun 18 08:59
tessierBut WILL they bar MS from bidding?Jun 18 08:59
schestowitzWell, the important thing is that the proposal was not dismissed, for starters.Jun 18 09:01
schestowitzI'll post something for context in This goes a couple of months back, so needs to be seen in the right context...Jun 18 09:02
kentmaah, got it... it was offering a google search - very kind of course, but I just wanted to go to the url.Jun 18 09:07
kentmaThe domain name debates going on are more than a little absurd (just looking at this:, it's a bit like McDonalds claiming that you can't live at Burger Street, or call your house "Big Mac".  Not that I'd want to, but I can't see how someone's email address can possibly be confused with a 1950s children's story.Jun 18 09:08
schestowitzMikeRowSoft? Remember?Jun 18 09:10
schestowitzI totally missed this one 5 days ago: 18 09:15
PetoKrausjesus christ, kentmaJun 18 09:17
PetoKrausthat's just plain stupidJun 18 09:17
PetoKrausintelectual property should be abolishedJun 18 09:17
kentmaum - wassup PetoKrausJun 18 09:27
PetoKrausyour linkJun 18 09:28
PetoKrausabout that domaing thingJun 18 09:28
kentmaah, yes - it's truly absurd.  The whole concept of "domain squatting" is really a landgrab, assuming that legal people don't know enough about technology and won't really understand the rights which they're giving away.Jun 18 09:29
PetoKrausone dayJun 18 09:33
PetoKraussomeone will sue me for my email addressJun 18 09:33 18 09:33
kentmaor turn you to stone, perhaps? :-)Jun 18 09:33
cozubPakistani Gandalf? :-PJun 18 09:33
PetoKraus:)Jun 18 09:33
PetoKrauspk being my initialsJun 18 09:34
cozubI figured ;)Jun 18 09:34
PetoKraus(or playerkiller mwahaha!)Jun 18 09:34
cozubbut .pk was too tempting :)Jun 18 09:34
PetoKrausnew wine hit it into portage quite fast...Jun 18 09:46
schestowitz"So it emerged..."Jun 18 09:49
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schestowitzCease-and-desist: It's funny that they link the anti-bloggers AP inn this posting.Jun 18 10:49
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*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 18 12:05 site header has just had a temporary makeover is preparation for tomorrow's release.Jun 18 13:02
PetoKraus?Jun 18 13:07
PetoKrausdon't see anythingJun 18 13:07
schestowitzThat thing at the top.Jun 18 13:07
schestowitzClear cache if needed.Jun 18 13:07
PetoKrausahaJun 18 13:07
schestowitzIt's not polished, but it's just intended to last for a couple of days.Jun 18 13:08
PetoKrausdon;t you think it's overkill?Jun 18 13:09
PetoKrausi mean, this starts to look more like pure anti-openSUSE hatredJun 18 13:10
schestowitzIt says SUSE, not OpenSUSE.Jun 18 13:10
schestowitzIntentionally.Jun 18 13:10
PetoKrausbut the banner had opensuse in thereJun 18 13:10
PetoKraushas *Jun 18 13:11
schestowitzAnd it was the same when 10.3 came out. It's just important to convey the message. OpenSUSE makes Novell more powerful (and Microsoft too, by association).Jun 18 13:11
schestowitzOn the left?Jun 18 13:11
PetoKrausyJun 18 13:11
schestowitzYes, but it's small. :-)Jun 18 13:11
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saulgoodeI don't have much time to hang around, but thought I'd share the following: 18 14:58
kentm1wow... wonder what the politics are behind that!Jun 18 14:59
*lamby ( has left #boycottnovell ("Idiots.")Jun 18 14:59
schestowitzsaulgoode, I have a post on Mono coming.Jun 18 15:00
Eruaranwow... thats interesting newsJun 18 15:00
Eruaranand hai allJun 18 15:00
schestowitz"Mozilla has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams, receiving more than its hoped for 5 million downloads of Firefox 3 in less than 14 hours. So for the first day of the new browser's life, it's onward to 7 million!" 18 15:01
saulgoodeI wonder what their server is running on.Jun 18 15:01
schestowitzI know they use CentOS in the back room for some stuff, maybe Red Hat. I can find you a recent video interview.Jun 18 15:02
kentm1a bonfire by now, I suspect.Jun 18 15:02
schestowitzAlso, thanks for the news. I'll post that right away.Jun 18 15:02
saulgoodeI have to go to work. I look forward to the Mono article. Bye.Jun 18 15:03
*saulgoode has quit ("Chatzilla [SeaMonkey 1.1.9/2008032822]")Jun 18 15:03
schestowitz<Eruaran> , seen that latest post about ODF/OOo?Jun 18 15:05
schestowitzI was hoping to have a screenshot, but the video too is very compelling.Jun 18 15:05
Eruaranah damn I forgotJun 18 15:05
EruaranI was going to do some screenshotsJun 18 15:05
Eruaranstill can do thoughJun 18 15:06
Eruaranhaven't seen the latest post on odf... *goes to see*Jun 18 15:06
schestowitzI can just add them any time. Just posted about an hour ago...Jun 18 15:09
PetoKrausthat EEE901 looks niceJun 18 15:23
PetoKrausthough, Xandros...Jun 18 15:23
kentm1still, you can replace it with something else.Jun 18 15:23
kentm1and at least you didn't buy windows.Jun 18 15:23
kentm1wouldn't have bought.Jun 18 15:23
PetoKrauswell yesJun 18 15:24
PetoKrausit's just, i know i canJun 18 15:24
PetoKrausbut the OS there is terribleJun 18 15:24
schestowitz<PetoKraus>, Free Software Magazine has a good list of distros you can try.Jun 18 15:24
schestowitzYou could even run Compiz-Fusion for joyJun 18 15:24
schestowitz<PetoKraus>, the OS there is /not/ for people like you (or me).Jun 18 15:25
PetoKrausthe os there has basic problems, such as:Jun 18 15:25
schestowitzI've just downloaded FF3. It's still within the 24hr slot.Jun 18 15:26
PetoKraus- user password (initial) is unknown, probably hashed -> therefore you need someone linux-savvy to change the password for youJun 18 15:26
PetoKraus- WPA Enterprise is not working on the EEE 700 pc's. It's because the wireless card and bad kernelJun 18 15:26
PetoKrausbadly configured kernel.Jun 18 15:27
PetoKrausmost of the companies I know use WPA's with dynamic keys allocation -> you can't use EEE's on these networks.Jun 18 15:27
PetoKraus(with Xandros)Jun 18 15:27
schestowitzLook what I found earlier: [PJ: Excuse me. Did he just say that making the laptop with Windows costs Asus more than making it with Linux, but they charge the public the same price? What? They take away Linux's natural price advantage as a favor to Microsoft? What?] (context: )Jun 18 15:29
schestowitzAlso, Novell fools journos: "Already announced, the new winner is IBM’s RoadRunner – the first supercomputer to break the ‘mythical’ 1 TFop/s barrier.  At a recent benchmark, it achieved 1.026 TFop/s on the Linpack benchmark.  The OS is yet to be confirmed, but pretty-much every other IBM computer in the list is running a version of SUSE.  I’ll be guessing much the same as you!"Jun 18 15:30
schestowitzNo, sir. It runs Red Hat, but Novell sort of lied in its latest press release about it. Here. Official: (Red Hat)Jun 18 15:30
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PetoKrausaround 40% run SUSE.  Remarkably, most of the rest are running an unspecified version of Linux.  Very few are running anything else.Jun 18 15:35
PetoKraushahaJun 18 15:35
schestowitzThat's because of IBM.Jun 18 15:35
schestowitzLuckily, Bob Sutor is no longer fond of SUSE and he calls the shots sometimes (I'd imagine). In fact, he purged Mono from his laptop and he now uses Red Hat and Ubuntu. He reads BN sometimes.Jun 18 15:36
schestowitzLanceHaig came here a moment ago (affiliated with Foresight Linux apparently).Jun 18 15:37
PetoKrauswellJun 18 15:38
PetoKrausi am gonna download ffxJun 18 15:38
PetoKrausjust for the sake of recordJun 18 15:38
schestowitzGuinness would be proud. I wonder why Foresight visited, but I know they do a lot of Mono, so...Jun 18 15:39
PetoKrausschestowitz: drm - related article: 18 15:40
*schestowitz readsJun 18 15:40
schestowitzRe: " Mass Effect DRM Still Causing Issues", I remember the previous reports. They spread the DRM plague everywhere. Like in music, some start making a DRM-free (like MP3) business strategy to sell.Jun 18 15:43
*kentm1 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jun 18 15:43
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 18 15:45
*kentm1 ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 18 15:47
PetoKrausLOL: 18 15:49
PetoKraus"Hey Phil, the Tigers are about to score again, can ya toss me a nice hot latte without too much foam?? Your out? WTF? Ok...I'm outta here, lets to to the local Starbucks, where they know how to treat a sports crowd!!"Jun 18 15:55
schestowitzYes, seen it half an hour ago.Jun 18 15:56
PetoKrausyeah. /. tends to be quite funnyJun 18 15:56
schestowitzI see that the new site banner has just invited 'eet' for some 'hate mail'... 18 15:58
PetoKrausi don't think trashing community distro is a good idea eitherJun 18 16:01
PetoKrauseven if it's supported by suseJun 18 16:01
PetoKraus-> novellJun 18 16:02
schestowitzWhat do others think? The fact is that Novell relies on free labour from OpenSUSE. It has its employees working onn it.Jun 18 16:03
*kentma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jun 18 16:04
EruaranAs far as I am concerned Novell is a pariah.Jun 18 16:08
schestowitz<Eruaran>, what do you think about the temporary image at the top?Jun 18 16:09
EruaranJust Microsoft's latest patsy, and all who tangle with it are dancing with the same devil.Jun 18 16:09
schestowitzI'm sure it'll get me flamed. I got some insults when I asked people to skip 10.3Jun 18 16:09
EruaranWell it is provocative ;)Jun 18 16:10
schestowitzHmmm...Jun 18 16:10
schestowitzNot intended. Well, if people have this image of an innocent 'community' distro, that won't keep them away from Novell, by proxyJun 18 16:10
EruaranNovell is so much in bed with Microsoft that anything it touches is tainted as far as I'm concerned.Jun 18 16:12
schestowitzYes, I know, but OSUSE devs don't want to understand it. Hovsepian predicts getting /closer/ to Microsoft. Expect more dependence.Jun 18 16:12
EruaranWith one hand it contributes to free software and with the other it promotes poison (Mono, Moonlight) and takes part in Microsoft's anti-free software FUD.Jun 18 16:14
schestowitzI'll need to post that Mono item shortly. I also E-mailed Moglen and I hope to get a response (it's a controversial thing).Jun 18 16:14
PetoKrausok guysJun 18 16:19
PetoKraushave a nice eveningJun 18 16:19
PetoKrausgotta fsck my knee in front of my girlfriend. :) see youJun 18 16:20
Eruarancya PetoKrausJun 18 16:20
schestowitzCyaJun 18 16:22
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Jun 18 16:39
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 18 17:34
*kentm2 ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 18 17:36
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ed_roy; 18 17:47
ed_dunno if you seen that already...Jun 18 17:48
*kentm1 ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 18 17:48
*schestowitz looksJun 18 17:48
ed_i'm off home now. cyaJun 18 17:48
schestowitzCya buudyJun 18 17:48
*kentm2 has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Jun 18 17:49
*kentma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jun 18 17:53
*kentm1 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jun 18 18:26
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellJun 18 19:30

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