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twitterbig ha ha. 28 02:35
twitterwherever windows goes, there will be problems.Aug 28 02:35
ReverseGTRit will evolveAug 28 02:35
ReverseGTRresistence is futileAug 28 02:35
MinceRif it bleeds, we can kill it.Aug 28 02:39
ReverseGTRMinceR: hence my last commentAug 28 02:39
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mib_3h4ih0What the heck is wrong with this picture? This guy's writing for an open source blog and the start off line is, "After x amount of years, I've decided to take the open source plunge".Aug 28 04:01
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mib_3h4ih0This is the quote", "Rather than buy a new machine running Windows Vista or take the Mac plunge, I decided to walk the open source walk."Aug 28 04:05
ReverseGTRmb: Unix ain't a walk in the park for everyoneAug 28 04:10
mib_3h4ih0Maybe need fresh ideas, too quick to judge, I'm newb so evangelism for FOSS to me is fresh.Aug 28 04:12
ReverseGTRmib: I am not saying Vista and Apple are easy underniether there point and click venere eitherAug 28 04:14
ReverseGTRI meant underneath their point and click venere. I am out of itAug 28 04:14
ReverseGTRthe main issue that scares people from command lines and scripting themselves is there was never an easier OS or not enough apps to step up fromAug 28 04:17
mib_3h4ih0Installed Lenny beta late last month, was told, "Don't do that-will give you bad taste for Linux". I'm hard-headed got it to where I love it-it does everything I want it to do.Aug 28 04:19
mib_3h4ih0Then a guy clued me into "APT-BUILD". Will clonezilla my drive and onto apt-build world.Aug 28 04:20
ReverseGTRsome people are a afraid of changeAug 28 04:20
ReverseGTRlooks cool, now I want to try it ecspecially since it takes advantage of amd64 systemsAug 28 04:21
mib_3h4ih0Had enough of windows and apple looks worse.Aug 28 04:22
ReverseGTRmib: I am pissed how Apple had to go with Intel and embrace IA-64 over x86-64Aug 28 04:23
mib_3h4ih0AMD64, cool, more to play with now.Aug 28 04:24
ReverseGTRmib: indeed and hopefully more for Linux apps to grow fromAug 28 04:26
ReverseGTRnot that those with Intel boxes should be left out eitherAug 28 04:26
ReverseGTRnor VIAAug 28 04:26
mib_3h4ih0Trying to stay away from Intel; they're trying to muscle away competition.Aug 28 04:29
ReverseGTRmib: hence why them and M$ made such lovely partners in creaming OLPC. Even though how OLPC was managed lately leaves much to be desired.Aug 28 04:30
ReverseGTRmib: I wonder if  amd64 kernels actually means just x86-64 compatible and it would work with VIA Nano based computers which are also x86-64Aug 28 04:33
mib_3h4ih0Was going to ask if they make laptops or desktops VIA based instead of intel. Since I got a AMD Turion x64 with ATI discrete video.Aug 28 04:35
mib_3h4ih0Gotta run, dad's home but will try to stay logged.Aug 28 04:48
mib_3h4ih0ThanksAug 28 04:48
ReverseGTRhigher end HP Mininotes or 2133 can be ordered with NanosAug 28 05:13
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mib_f793uvgreat!Aug 28 06:25
mib_f793uvmibbit is blocked in my college! irc is blocked!Aug 28 06:25
mib_f793uvbut this embed works!Aug 28 06:25
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PetoKraushahahahahah! that nasa news just made my dayAug 28 07:29
ReverseGTRthree hurahs for Soviet space technology no computer virusesAug 28 07:31
ReverseGTRcya'llAug 28 07:32
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PetoKrausin soviet russia, space infects... ummm. .. you!!!Aug 28 07:32
schestowitzMaybe they couldn't renew their OneKer [sic] subscription out there in space.Aug 28 07:48
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schestowitzMONOME: (not what it sounds like)Aug 28 09:07
PetoKraussounds like Mono millenium editionAug 28 09:09
schestowitzI thought I'd made up the term, or maybe it was Beranger.Aug 28 09:10
schestowitz "These ‘Monopendencies’ could soon turn GNOME into MONOME, making it virtually impossible in due time to use basic applications without Mono somewhere in the dependecies tree. Moonlight is a good example of such dangers."Aug 28 09:10
schestowitzPetoKraus: you were talking about Debian Live CDs the other day. Just in: 28 09:38
PetoKrausyup, i seeAug 28 09:43
PetoKrausDW has the article covered alreadyAug 28 09:43
schestowitzAbout that article about the Czech  Rpublic, PJ just wrote: "Isn't it ridiculous that it's nearly impossible to avoid buying Vista on a new computer, even if you have no desire to get Vista? And then Microsoft counts such "sales" as indicating an interest in Vista.]"Aug 28 09:45
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zoobabpongAug 28 10:06
schestowitzHowdy, zoobabAug 28 10:06
schestowitzSome patents stuff going on today.Aug 28 10:07
schestowitzPJ got my messages about the news and she added: ""I wonder if the pro-software patents strategy is to solicit input from the public, stack it, and then claim the public demands software patents? In the prior News Picks item, we see such a request in the UK. Here's one in Malaysia, so if you notice others in your country, will you please let me know?"Aug 28 10:07
schestowitzI still use Digital Majority as my main source for patent news.Aug 28 10:07
zoobabMalaysiaAug 28 10:09
zoobabyes but I need help to feed this portalAug 28 10:09
schestowitzFound this one 10 seconds ago: "I wonder if the pro-software patents strategy is to solicit input from the public, stack it, and then claim the public demands software patents? In the prior News Picks item, we see such a request in the UK. Here's one in Malaysia, so if you notice others in your country, will you please let me know?"Aug 28 10:09
zoobabI should outsource it to the CommunityAug 28 10:09
schestowitzOops. Aug 28 10:10
schestowitz 28 10:10
zoobabI will put the submit form in anonymousAug 28 10:10
zoobabokAug 28 10:10
zoobabRoy, do you have a wikidot login?Aug 28 10:10
schestowitzI haven't, no.Aug 28 10:10
schestowitzLet me get one.Aug 28 10:10
zoobab U.S. patents 6,417,801; 6,937,187; 6,606,346; 7,158,080; 6,704,651; and 6,651,000Aug 28 10:11
zoobabwe have to check whether those patents are soft or notAug 28 10:11
schestowitz"combined with an 'apparatus'"Aug 28 10:12
schestowitzOK, I've got an account now.Aug 28 10:13
schestowitzDM: "Permission error - Sorry, you can not start new discussion thread. Only registered users, members of this site, site administrators and perhaps selected moderators are allowed to."Aug 28 10:14
zoobabokAug 28 10:16
schestowitzMicrosoft, Nikon sign patent-sharing deal : 28 10:31
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taqhi thereAug 28 13:21
taqanybody out there? :-)Aug 28 13:24
schestowitzHey there.Aug 28 13:28
schestowitzWhat's up, taq?Aug 28 13:29
taqhey royAug 28 13:29
taqdid you see icaza with a little smear campaign about GPL?Aug 28 13:29
taq 28 13:30
trmanco -> Mono has a problemAug 28 13:33
PetoKrausvulnerability reported by redhat - heheAug 28 13:42
schestowitzRMS accused de Icaza of ODF smears last year.Aug 28 13:42
schestowitz*LOL* "Vulnerability reported by Redhat."Aug 28 13:43
taqso somebody tells RMS about what he's saying about GPL now :-)Aug 28 13:43
schestowitzhas someone already told him? If not, I will.Aug 28 13:43
taqlet me drop him a note ...Aug 28 13:45
schestowitzplease.Aug 28 13:45
taqsend one also :-)Aug 28 13:45
PetoKrausformer GNOME head... and talking about [GPL as] annoying licensing issuesAug 28 13:47
PetoKrausduhAug 28 13:47
taqPetoKraus, his boss thinks that GPL it's a cancer, so ... ;-)Aug 28 13:48
PetoKrauswhere does he work now?Aug 28 13:48
PetoKrausaha.Aug 28 13:48
schestowitzFound it!! 28 13:49
taqPetoKraus, that's a question of interpretation. :-)Aug 28 13:49
PetoKrauswell, i meant formallyAug 28 13:49
PetoKraus;)Aug 28 13:49
taqPetoKraus, even formally the truth starts to appear. :-)Aug 28 13:51
PetoKrauswell, he's at Novell, isn't heAug 28 13:52
taqPetoKraus, yeah, and who is giving rivers of money to Novell? :-)Aug 28 13:52
PetoKrausi meant formally :PAug 28 13:52
trmancohere is the start of the email -> 28 13:53
schestowitzSent to RMS.Aug 28 13:54
schestowitzI spotted the following in Miguel's blog this morning (he supports .NET): "It is licensed under the MIT X11 license and the Apache 2.0 license so there are no annoying licensing issues and can be mixed with anything out there." This seems like a public shot to the GNU GPL to me.Aug 28 13:54
schestowitzI'll blog this in a moment anyway.Aug 28 13:54
taqit's amazing how things are going these daysAug 28 13:55
trmancoI have to check the MIT X11 licenseAug 28 13:55
taqseems that a confuse puzzle made some years ago finally is showing a clear figureAug 28 13:55
taqstrong support from everything that comes from microsoft, from code to "standards", a lot of money coming from there, smear campaigns ...Aug 28 13:59
schestowitztrmanco: Novell licenses Banshee and other Mono project with MIT X11 (IIRC).Aug 28 14:00
schestowitzThe supposition a few months ago was that it's a case of preparing these things for /ownership/, shipping them to many distros, and if Microsoft then buys Novell...Aug 28 14:01
trmancoyes the banshee thing I know, What I don't know is the terms of the license, I'll have to checkAug 28 14:01
schestowitzLet me find it.Aug 28 14:01
schestowitzSomeone attacked me for pointing that out, sort of..Aug 28 14:02
taqschestowitz, there are a lot of "guards" out there ....Aug 28 14:02
schestowitz 28 14:02
trmancoschestowitz, thanksAug 28 14:02
schestowitztaq: yes, I know. Not just in BN, I see them everywhere. Often the same names.Aug 28 14:02
taqcommented :-)Aug 28 14:17
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schestowitzTa.Aug 28 14:21
trmanco 28 14:28
taqhey, I'm from BrazilAug 28 14:31
taqthere is another big store that have a lot of GNU/Linux terminals: Magazine LuizaAug 28 14:31
trmancowell I wish my country would be like BrazilAug 28 14:31
schestowitzHaven't read it yet, but it comes from a Microsoft mol,e Ina Fried.Aug 28 14:31
taqlast week I was there buying some stuff and I noticed the terminals ...Aug 28 14:31
schestowitzS/he ha already taken a cheap shot in Microsoft before (referring to Brazil), the last time being 2-3 days ago.Aug 28 14:32
schestowitzWeasel sentences and words from Microsoft-'approved' 'analysts'.Aug 28 14:32
schestowitzAs I expected, having looked at the article, the Fried Shill is downplaying the impact of Free software.Aug 28 14:34
PetoKrausumm: -> flash? i thought silverlight!Aug 28 14:41
schestowitzSurface is DoAAug 28 14:53
schestowitzThey were going to kill it before it even arrives, but Charman Bill said no.Aug 28 14:54
schestowitzWatch my stalker trying to bury my story (by his own admission) before it reaches the front page: 28 14:57
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MinceRprivacy a la m$:,2...Aug 28 15:15
MinceR"Although casual users cannot see the previous user’s search history, authorities such as the police will be able to access it if necessary."Aug 28 15:15
schestowitzYes, I'm writing about it right now. :-)Aug 28 15:17
schestowitzGive me 5 minutes.Aug 28 15:17
MinceR:)Aug 28 15:18
schestowitzI need to dig some stuff up about Microsoft stealing people's ideas and claiming innov~1Aug 28 15:19
schestowitzINNOVA~1 (8 chars) ratherAug 28 15:19
MinceR:)Aug 28 15:21
schestowitzI do one last pass (proofreading). I'm sure I always have plenty of typos left anyway.Aug 28 15:22
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MinceRpublic away is evilAug 28 17:05
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schestowitzMinceR: I'm back now.Aug 28 17:46
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schestowitzCNET-IDC idiocy: the judge GNU/Linux market share not by use of installed base; they base it on one thing: money! First comment: "Dude- you confuse revenue figures (money) with actual machines installed (which you can't measure via money)."Aug 28 18:02
MinceRwell, they're suits, they still don't get itAug 28 18:06
schestowitzI know, but I tried to explain this to Asay. He knows IDC is a fraud, yet he continues to cite these figure (just some top hardware vendors in this case). I've also just noticed TONS of trolls in this submission I sneaked into the FP of Digg: Some of them echo the Big Lies.Aug 28 18:07
schestowitzThe bastards also buried the story for no valid reason.Aug 28 18:09
schestowitzYou know what I'm gonna do? I'll dig up more Microsoft AstroTurfing stories and post them. Microsoft employees seemingly admitted that they are encouraged to post in ZDNet and I see them in there. Also CNET... with labels like "anti-Microsoft" and statements like "Linux is less than 1% overall".Aug 28 18:12
MinceRisn't Asay some crapple fanboy?Aug 28 18:13
schestowitzApple, yes. He can't put it to rest.Aug 28 18:15
schestowitzWhat da............. "The DTK i10 uses an Intel Atom N 270 (1.6 GHz) processor, and utilises Windows XP under the bonnet, as opposed to a proprietary Linux-based operating system like many other clones." 28 18:19
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MinceRreading the discussion once again reminds me why i prefer /. over digg :>Aug 28 18:23
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schestowitzSlashdot has its share on noise too. The MSBBC, meanwhile, advertises for its partner at taxpayers' expense: 28 18:25
schestowitztrmanco: I need your help.Aug 28 18:25
trmancookAug 28 18:25
trmancoin what?Aug 28 18:25
schestowitzSee this comment < >. Is there any way to confirm this?Aug 28 18:27
MinceRslashdot at least has some signal in that noiseAug 28 18:27
MinceRnot just contentless comment after comment rated at +4 or moreAug 28 18:27
MinceRthey'd get to -1, Redundant on /. pretty much immediatelyAug 28 18:27
trmancoschestowitz, yes he is comming to portugalAug 28 18:27
trmancoI will try to find some linksAug 28 18:28
schestowitztrmanco: see the comment from Rui. Is there an open source bill or something?Aug 28 18:29
schestowitzIntel & Microsoft seem to be doing their mischiefs down there.Aug 28 18:29
MinceRforget +4, more like +24Aug 28 18:29
trmancowhat do you mean by open source bill?Aug 28 18:30
schestowitzI start my comments at -3 because 4 stalkers systematically mod down every comment of mine in Digg.Aug 28 18:30
schestowitzRui wrote: "They must be trying to kill the Open Standards law proposal!"Aug 28 18:31
trmancooh thatAug 28 18:31
schestowitzI know nothing about it.Aug 28 18:32
trmanconeither do IAug 28 18:32
schestowitzI assume that only .pt domains would answer the Q.Aug 28 18:32
trmancoI never heard of one in portugal yetAug 28 18:32
schestowitzThey killed it in the Philippines.Aug 28 18:32
schestowitz 28 18:33
trmanco 28 18:33
trmancothis is written by himAug 28 18:33
trmancobut that link is nearly worthless comparing for what you are looking forAug 28 18:34
schestowitzI see: 28 18:34
schestowitzThey were going to deploy OOo in all Portugese schools.Aug 28 18:34
trmanco 28 18:34
schestowitzThen came Intel and Microsoft (or some broadband provider) with their 'gifts' and the OLPC thing (with Windows) does not help, either.Aug 28 18:35
trmancothis is more relevant, but not quite yet there :|Aug 28 18:35
schestowitzHeh. 28 18:35
trmancololAug 28 18:36
trmanco 28 18:37
schestowitzJust accidentally landed on 28 18:38
trmanco 28 18:38
schestowitzWatch all the Microsoft employees (Oliver Bell), partners (Lunds) and shills grouping together to make fun of OOXML opposition. What a clan of robbers 'barons'.Aug 28 18:38
schestowitz 28 18:39
trmancoI'm sure that Rui will reply as soon as he sees the commentAug 28 18:43
schestowitzI want to use this < > banner.Aug 28 18:44
trmancoIts a nice one :PAug 28 18:44
schestowitzWill need to ask him for permission though. I still have a issue with all those Novell trademarks that I put up.Aug 28 18:44
schestowitzBut Novell broke the rules of the GPL (by spirit)), so they can sack it.Aug 28 18:45
trmanco:)Aug 28 18:45
*trmanco is going to watch a movie !Aug 28 18:46
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schestowitzCNET brainwash: "There was a retailer in one of the countries that sold their systems with Linux," said Gartner analyst Luis Anavitarte. "They made a survey of clients within the first 30 days; 95 percent were already on Windows.""Aug 28 19:09
schestowitzNot the first time that the Fried Shill quotes Microsoft's Partner Group on that subject to downlplay the role of GNU/Linux. How was the survey conducted? Who funded it?Aug 28 19:10
schestowitz 28 19:10
schestowitz"Ina Fried talks about Brazil's big Linux usage but right off the bat implies it is not what the people want. And not only does the author start putting Linux down right from the start, the author uses the last few paragraphs to promote Microsoft's agenda. Adding quotes such a 80% of Linux PCs get Windows installed by users within 30 days and another 10% in another 30 days."Aug 28 19:11
schestowitz"That's write, the Microsoft employee is quoted as saying that 90% of Brazils Linux PCs are getting user installed Microsoft Windows."Aug 28 19:11
schestowitz"The story is a pitch against Linux usage and very much about Microsoft's products and strategies. And the Microsoft employee also stated that Linux is good for Microsoft because it keeps them on their toes. He then goes on to say that it exposes where they need to do better with distribution. That is correct, not make better software but push harder in the distribution channel. That means limit choice folks. "Aug 28 19:11
schestowitz"This is classic Ziff/Davis style of doing Microsoft PR work. "Aug 28 19:11
MinceRmicrosoft doesn't understand "make better software"Aug 28 19:14
schestowitzOr "Free(dom) software". The message they send here is insulting:  "Only the poor people of Brazil would want GNU/Linux."Aug 28 19:15
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schestowitzWorld Day against Software Patents is coming: 28 19:41
zoobabplease support itAug 28 19:48
zoobabprobably MS trolls are voting it down already :-)Aug 28 19:48
anivarzoobab:  happy to see you hereAug 28 19:55
anivarzoobab:  schestowitz just returned now after Stakeholders meeting on Indian Draft Patent manual  in chennaiAug 28 19:56
zoobabRoy was in India?Aug 28 19:57
anivarwe were successful in splitting the industry positionAug 28 19:57
zoobabsee your mailboxAug 28 19:57
anivarzoobab:  I mean I was just returnedAug 28 19:57
zoobabokAug 28 19:57
zoobabsee your mailboxAug 28 19:57
zoobabwe need Indian associations or companies on baord for the callAug 28 19:57
zoobabto show that we have a global community to fightAug 28 19:58
anivarzoobab:  I will mail you a list by tomorrow noonAug 28 19:58
schestowitzzoobab. Done: 28 19:58
zoobabwhen is the meeting at the PO in Bangalore scheduled?Aug 28 19:58
anivarzoobab:  They not declared the dates yet. It seems they will conduct it by september endAug 28 20:00
zoobablet me knowAug 28 20:00
zoobabI will fly thereAug 28 20:00
anivarzoobab:  I will inform youAug 28 20:00
zoobabwe need you to plan something for the 24Aug 28 20:00
zoobaband call now for mobilisationAug 28 20:00
zoobabget the word outAug 28 20:00
zoobablike Roy did now:Aug 28 20:00
zoobab 28 20:01
zoobabblog blog blogAug 28 20:01
anivarzoobab:  we are planning a National Level public hearing on swpat by September 20thAug 28 20:01
anivart is focusing on developing a third world perspective on software patentsAug 28 20:01
zoobabmove it to the 24Aug 28 20:02
zoobab:-)Aug 28 20:02
zoobabit is a wednesdayAug 28 20:02
anivarand plans to declare the jury delaration on 24thAug 28 20:02
zoobabokAug 28 20:02
zoobabplease change the Wikia pageAug 28 20:02
anivarbut lets wait .. we are not announced it yetAug 28 20:02
zoobaband get me the Bangalore LUG or to sign the callAug 28 20:03
zoobabokAug 28 20:03
zoobabsign the callAug 28 20:03
zoobabnowAug 28 20:03
anivarzoobab:  I will do it soonAug 28 20:03
zoobabokAug 28 20:03
zoobabdeadline is Sunday nnonAug 28 20:03
zoobabnoonAug 28 20:03
anivarzoobab:  You can put up the names of FSUG Bangalore and FOSSCOM.IN in support callAug 28 20:04
anivarzoobab:  I will maiol some names by tommorrow noonAug 28 20:04
anivarzoobab:  I will blog it soon.Aug 28 20:04
anivarzoobab:  Today i raised the point Swpats is the constitution violation of freedom of expressionAug 28 20:07
anivarit was well received  :-) the split in Confederation of Indian Industry's position helped us to push no swpat positionAug 28 20:09
neighborleeyeah patents are ridiculous..we all share a commonality , without which none of us  would be in existence, so I proudly just sent in my 24 form ,,thx for mention :),,you cant patent that which you dont own as at end of day we're all here due to gods grace, but thats forgotten because well, greed reigns supreme in some circles, but thankfullly we can take it back with such efforts ;)Aug 28 20:17
schestowitz '“Other than Bill Gates, I don’t know of any high tech CEO that sits down to review the company’s IP portfolio,” said Phelps, who ran IBM’s IP business before joining Microsoft four years ago.'Aug 28 20:18
schestowitz 'Microsoft sang a very different tune in 1991. In a memo to his senior executives, Bill Gates wrote, “If people had understood how patents would be granted when most of today’s ideas were invented, and had taken out patents, the industry would be at a complete standstill today.” Mr. Gates worried that “some large company will patent some obvious thing” and use the patenAug 28 20:18
schestowitzt to “take as much of our profits as they want.”'Aug 28 20:18 featuring Mac-only software: 28 20:22
MinceRpathetic.Aug 28 20:26
*anivar has quit ("Ex-Chat")Aug 28 20:28
neighborleeok, thats just weirdAug 28 20:35
neighborleeI guess they are getting awfully desperate for  articles o_0Aug 28 20:36
schestowitzI smell disappointing results from Alfresco. Asay ain't happy. 28 20:36
schestowitzneighborlee: they recently did a full article about a Windows-only app. Tin Gasperson, IIRC. She got slammed for it in the comments and it hasn'y happened since.Aug 28 20:36
neighborleeinterestingAug 28 20:38
neighborleeThey are going to have to change their domain soon if that keeps up hahaAug 28 20:38
schestowitzLarry Augustin  replies here: 28 20:39
schestowitzneighborlee: not so fast, no. They are still, on average, better than the Wintel press.The problem is that they began bagging Microsoft money as well, so things changed for Slashdot, SourceForce, even Linux.comAug 28 20:40
schestowitzUh Oh. "It’s going very well insofar as we originally agreed to co-operate on three distinct projects and now we’re working on nine projects and there’s a good list of 19 other projects that we plan to co-operate on."Aug 28 20:50
neighborleebefore embracing open source   <roflAug 28 21:24
neighborleeand yeah...hmm scary stuff, I wonder what those other projects are..glad I dont use suse anymore ewwwwwwAug 28 21:26
schestowitzNovell gradually becomes Micrcosoft. The article from Byfield is sheerly one-side. I rebutted here: 28 21:26
schestowitzBoycott Novell could one day just become a Microsoft site... several different people think that Novell will be acquired.Aug 28 21:27
schestowitzAnd the above is only some more evidence in the bucket. Just 2 months ago: "Our partnership with Microsoft continues to expand." -- Ron Hovsepian, Novell CEOAug 28 21:28
neighborleeacquired..yeah that would be weird indeedAug 28 21:31
schestowitzMicrosoft PR alerts are showing up... CNET again.... *sigh* I'll post about it later.Aug 28 21:31
neighborleekewl thenAug 28 21:32
schestowitzEven if not acquired, Novell is like that girlfriend is her 50s, whose abusive boyfriend never wanted to marry her. He just uses her (laundry, dishes, etc) and when she gets assertive, he'll dump her. That's Novell and Microsoft for you.Aug 28 21:33
neighborleelolAug 28 21:35
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trmanco 28 22:02
schestowitzMake it stay there. Nail it to the ground.Aug 28 22:03
neighborleeohh speaking of tomboy LOLAug 28 22:05
neighborleeI saw on ubunt forums where tomboy is giving some grief latelyAug 28 22:05
neighborleego fig.Aug 28 22:05
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neighborleeLOL< yeah leave it there indeed!!Aug 28 22:06
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_DougHi there ..Aug 28 22:07
schestowitzI'm finding BN images spreading to other sites which is good. Example herE: 28 22:07
schestowitzHey, _Doug.Aug 28 22:07
_DougThe new crash recoverey feeture in IE 8 ?Aug 28 22:08
neighborleeWhat do you think? Excited to end the Linux charade and switch to a solid and hip platform like Vista? Woo! >ROFLAug 28 22:08
_DougIs different then Firefox, in that it isolates a crash to a particular Tab ..Aug 28 22:08
neighborleethat might keep me in stiches all day long ;)(Aug 28 22:08
_DougNot true of course ..Aug 28 22:09
_Doug"automatic crash recovery, which prevents a single page's failures from taking down your entire browser; and browser privacy, a feature that didn't make Firefox 3"Aug 28 22:10
neighborleethat would be niceAug 28 22:10
_DougBoth solutions in search of problem ..Aug 28 22:10
trmancoI wonder how fast it render javascriptAug 28 22:10
trmancorenders*Aug 28 22:10
_DougBN images ?Aug 28 22:13
_DougWhat images ?Aug 28 22:15
*neighborlee has quit ("This is my custom quit message : I am quitting now, - bye cu l8r g8r.")Aug 28 22:17
_Dougping roy schestowitz ..Aug 28 22:18
schestowitzHey.Aug 28 22:18
schestowitzOh...Aug 28 22:18
schestowitzJust some images from the site... and text... even some translations sometimes.Aug 28 22:19
schestowitzIf the goal is to spread the word, it's good to know that it's spread through other sites that are influenced.Aug 28 22:19
_Dougahh ..Aug 28 22:20
_DougEngineer accidentally deletes cloudAug 28 22:20
_Doug 28 22:20
_Doug"We were a privately funded company," he says. "We were resource constrained .."Aug 28 22:21
_Dougthe cloud at LCD .. :)Aug 28 22:22
schestowitzLSd...Aug 28 22:23
_Douglowest cost ??Aug 28 22:24
_Douglowest common denominator ?Aug 28 22:25
_DougA box in a rackfarm would be more reliable ..Aug 28 22:25
schestowitzI haven't seen the article yet. The trolls in COLA are busy.Aug 28 22:26
schestowitzPosting insults about me to like 6 newsgroups. You know the routine...Aug 28 22:26
_DougDon't expend energy in responding ..Aug 28 22:27
schestowitzi don't. I just want to see it though.Aug 28 22:29
_DougI have no interest in anything they say ..Aug 28 22:30
_Dougbiggest military hacker loses extradition appeal .. :0Aug 28 22:31
_Doug 28 22:31
schestowitzYes, seen itAug 28 22:31
_Doughow he did it: passwordless machines and a remote desktop utility, and notepad .. :)Aug 28 22:32
schestowitzCheney will stick voodoo needles in Gary.Aug 28 22:32
_DougAnd a lot of dope .. :)Aug 28 22:32
schestowitzSeriously now, it's like US law is now intl' law.Aug 28 22:33
schestowitzDon't like a world leader? Invade the country.Aug 28 22:33
_DougNo, it's your little ole countries laws don't count for squat ..Aug 28 22:33
schestowitzUS law >> x, where x is the IQ of Dubya.Aug 28 22:34
_DougIt's lucky we're not being used as a missile launching base for the US, that *would* make us Americas front line in any future war ..Aug 28 22:36
_Dougsacarism and irony .. in the preceding line ..Aug 28 22:37
schestowitzYes, I know. Similar issues on many fronts, including economical and technological issues, not purely political.Aug 28 22:37
schestowitzMicrosoft calls evangelism of Windows "War"Aug 28 22:38
_DougYea, they got the religion better than anyone else ..Aug 28 22:39
_DougVista a total disaster, they have to pre-announce Windows 2009 ?Aug 28 22:40
MinceRwhich is going to be another vistaAug 28 22:40
schestowitzYes.Aug 28 22:41
MinceRthis time they even said there isn't going to be anything new in it :)Aug 28 22:41
schestowitzI worry about what they plan for Novell.Aug 28 22:41
MinceRi think novell will go the way of scoAug 28 22:41
MinceRit will be destroyed after m$ had its way with itAug 28 22:41
MinceRjust like all their "allies" everAug 28 22:41
_Dougmy question: why doesn't Firefox have the new feetures i nIE8, because it don't *need* them ...Aug 28 22:42
_DougSame with defences against 'malware'Aug 28 22:42
_DougDefender, sandbox .. AV etc .. Windows is ahead of Linux with these feetures .. :)Aug 28 22:42
MinceRbecause only m$ sinks that low to provide a fake privacy mode with a backdoor for the policeAug 28 22:43
_DougLinux don't have any of these .. :)Aug 28 22:43
_DougLinux don't have AV, <snort> ...Aug 28 22:43
MinceRi wonder what ClamAV is then :>Aug 28 22:44
schestowitzWin32.x virii [sic]Aug 28 22:45
_DougThat's an add-on .. :)Aug 28 22:45
_DougMy point is: these new feetures that MS announces that don't exist in FF or Linux, the reason being that they aren't needed ..Aug 28 22:46
_DougFF + noscript or Provoxy .. same thing ...Aug 28 22:47
schestowitzDana B at Zeedeenet is already provoking again... Firefox vs IE on feechures.Aug 28 22:47
_Dougflush the cache at close and that's it, totally private .. no chance the missue will find you browsing .. :)Aug 28 22:48
_Douggot to go ..Aug 28 22:48
schestowitzI'm tired of Microsoft moles writing about GNU/Linux and F/OSSAug 28 22:48
_Dougbye for now ...Aug 28 22:48
*_Doug has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Aug 28 22:48
schestowitzLinuxInsider editor a Windows users, open source blog in ZDNet from a Windows user, Bill Snyder in InfoWorld is a Microsoft investor who publishes about FOSS...Aug 28 22:48
MinceRm$ is desperate -- that's a good sign :>Aug 28 22:53
schestowitzMinceR: but they are getting ugly, so it's a reason to keep an eye on the ball.Aug 28 22:54
MinceRindeed.Aug 28 22:54
schestowitzThey are behind this new wave for swpatents around the world for all I can gather.Aug 28 22:54
schestowitzThey prepare the terrain for the news *ahem* 'products'... intangible ones.Aug 28 22:55
trmanco 28 22:55
schestowitzSeen it earlier, I think.Aug 28 22:55
schestowitzInfroWorld article, IIRC.Aug 28 22:55
schestowitzThey lied abotu Sarko. The guy is a Microsoft B*.Aug 28 22:56
twitterYes, it's funny how all of the Wintel rags can't seem to find GNU/Linux users to write articles about GNU/Linux ...Aug 28 23:15
twitterThey probably don't get through the interview process.  Disqualified for open jawed amazement that anyone would still run Windows.Aug 28 23:16
schestowitzOther examples: OStatic are Mac users (well, some of them); same with Asay; editors (sheesh! Someone snitched on them); Open Sources (InfoWorld).... we are being 'taught' about GNU/Linux (and told "it's not ready") by people who never use it.Aug 28 23:18
schestowitzSJVN is the exception and he recently wrote an article in CW to complaint about this phenomenon of "do as I speak, not as I do" journos.Aug 28 23:19
schestowitzThis kind of issue is being used against us by the trolls and aggravating folks. They even use it to attack me in several USENET groups at the moment: 28 23:21
MinceRobviously if it was ready, they'd be using it ;)Aug 28 23:25
twitterObviously, the publications are worthless.  Strange how the trolls see that as something useful.Aug 28 23:27
MinceRthey can still mislead the uninitiatedAug 28 23:27
schestowitzThey also take many things out of context from a large ocean.Aug 28 23:28
MinceRand comfort the other trolls in their dream world.Aug 28 23:28
twitterSounds like a good thing to use in the Journalist credibility index.  Why would you listen to someone like that?Aug 28 23:28
schestowitzThe reason they brought this up is because I put it i n the FP. Watch how many trolls and they *buried* it for no justifiable reason (Digg gaming?): 28 23:29
twitterYeah, but the larger point is that journalist who say "Linux is not ready" are simply clueless.  Having primary desktop OS in your credibility rating would help people realize that A.  GNU/Linux use is possible and B.  You should not listen to those who say it's not.Aug 28 23:31
twitterTurn about is fair play, for all the whining M$ does about Vista critics having never used Vista.Aug 28 23:32
twitterIt's also funny to see that none of those praising Vista have ever used it either.Aug 28 23:33
schestowitzI think it's important when citing something to tell what the author uses/invests in.Aug 28 23:34
twitterYes, you could email all of the journalists and bloggers on your credibility list and stick the results in a column.  That or point to the "snitching"Aug 28 23:35
schestowitzGoing back to that Bill Snyder example, the man covers FOSS and he is an Apple and Microsoft investor. WTF?Aug 28 23:35
twitterThat's another good column, but most people's savings plan buy that crap against their will.  It's their money and it shows interest but it's not always a sign of faith.Aug 28 23:36
twitterIt's such a common stock amongst "institutional investors" that all the US media covers the stock price nightly, even Public Broadcasting.  It's a sickening advert.Aug 28 23:38
schestowitzWhat column?Aug 28 23:38
schestowitzRe: adverts, You mean like Disney?Aug 28 23:39
twitterI thought it would be good to turn the credibility index into a table.Aug 28 23:39
schestowitz 28 23:39
schestowitztwitter: it's already a table. Borders are not visible.Aug 28 23:39
twitterName, Credibility, Desktop OS, Stocks Owned, Most Outrageous article ...Aug 28 23:40
twitterThe more information you can put into it, the more convincing it becomes.Aug 28 23:40
schestowitzIt's a lot of work.Aug 28 23:42
twitterImagine emailing Bruce Byfield to ask him what desktop OS he runs.  Seeing as he's aiming for credibility zero, he'd proudly tell you XP.Aug 28 23:42
twitterYou already do a lot of good work.Aug 28 23:42
schestowitzNo, he's with Debian.Aug 28 23:42
twitterBruce Byfield uses Debian as his primary desktop?  I don't believe it.Aug 28 23:43
twitterIf it's true, that will keep him at 1 of 6.Aug 28 23:44
schestowitzWhy don't you believe it? He worked at Pregeny before/after being an English instructor. He's just a little soft with Micro-soft. Roblimo was taken in to be shown a good time at Microsoft, but not Byfield, AFAIK.Aug 28 23:45
twitterHe's  too annoying.Aug 28 23:48
schestowitzNot really. When you speak to him he's okay, but he says the darnest things in some articles.Aug 28 23:49
schestowitzByfield is not a problem, overall. To BN he is, but not to FOSS.Aug 28 23:49
twitterHe's an advocate basher and really full of himself to tell others to shut up all the time.  The kind of name calling he does is something I expect from Redomond.Aug 28 23:52
schestowitzYes, that is true. Maybe vanity is an issue. He criticises Ubuntu a lot.Aug 28 23:56
schestowitzGoes along the lines of: "Selling out to Microsoft (SUSE) is okay, but making a dumped-down GUI is bad..."Aug 28 23:57
MinceRthey don't make the dumbed-down GUI (Gnome)Aug 28 23:59
MinceRnovell does.Aug 28 23:59
MinceR(or more like a lot of people do it for novell)Aug 28 23:59
schestowitzFor Microsoft? [partly sarcastic /]Aug 28 23:59


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