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schestowitz 24 00:01
twitterPeople in California live in their cars and aging mobile homes that they can drive around as they are run off.Oct 24 00:02
schestowitzThis one is sorted better (Relevance): 24 00:02
schestowitzThis can't be true. It's not the American€® Dream€® you are taught (brainwash) about.Oct 24 00:03
twitterEach one of those families represents a  bank loss of $150,000.  It's way more in California.Oct 24 00:16
twitterThe people suffer and it's next to impossible to climb out of.Oct 24 00:16
schestowitzHow many people in CA.../Oct 24 00:16
schestowitz?Oct 24 00:16
schestowitz30 million?Oct 24 00:17
twitterdon't know.Oct 24 00:17
schestowitzThe debt there is $3 trillion, IIRC. No? We should ask Mcbain.Oct 24 00:17
twitterLouisiana has more protective laws than other states.Oct 24 00:18
schestowitzCredit-wise?Oct 24 00:18
twitterHousing wise.  It's harder to kick people out on the street.Oct 24 00:18
twitterThe City of New Orleans is the largest land owner in the City.Oct 24 00:18
schestowitzAny banks yet?Oct 24 00:19
twitterPeople who want to get rid of property quit paying city taxes and let the city take possession.Oct 24 00:19
twitterany banks what?Oct 24 00:19
twitterIt is easier for them to do that than it is for them to evict non paying tenants.Oct 24 00:20
schestowitzBanks owned by the Administration.Oct 24 00:20
schestowitzBTW: (sensationalist?)Oct 24 00:20
twitterOh, I don't know.  The local and regional banks were all bought out over the last ten years.Oct 24 00:21
schestowitzBy whom?Oct 24 00:22
schestowitzBigger banks or govt?Oct 24 00:22
twitterBigger banks.Oct 24 00:22
schestowitzOligarchy.Oct 24 00:22
twitterYep, the product of 30 years worth of deregulation.Oct 24 00:23
twitterNow they are making mergers they could have only dreamed about earlier.Oct 24 00:23
schestowitzIt's Standard Oil all over again.Oct 24 00:23
schestowitztwitter: well, it's a flea market now.Oct 24 00:23
schestowitzSame with techn companies.Oct 24 00:24
twitterHopefully, the next president will reinstate fixed rate lending and hose their little dreams back into the sewer.Oct 24 00:24
schestowitzJose wrote about it here the other day. Those with reserve devour real innovators that die out and sell out. It's more harmful than anything.Oct 24 00:24
twitterKernel article is informative if slightly negative.Oct 24 00:25
schestowitzHeh. "By Jared Heng, MIS Asia" < >Oct 24 00:25
schestowitzJared, Miss Asia.Oct 24 00:25
twitterI'm not sure how having more drivers than ever before is bad, especially when the buggy ones are clearly labeled.Oct 24 00:26
twitterThat looks like growth to me.Oct 24 00:27
schestowitz < Gentoo-Wiki, Gentoo-Portage Down >Oct 24 00:27
schestowitzThey could make two kernels.Oct 24 00:27
schestowitzLike Debian stable and unstableOct 24 00:27
twitterThat's what they have done with the label.  The inclusion of binary blobs is bad for freedom but they too are labeled.Oct 24 00:28
twitterBinary blobs were also a security and stability threatOct 24 00:28
schestowitzIt would also be nice of the gNewSense guys gave their cullout patches to the Linux teamOct 24 00:28
schestowitzThere can be mm-tree, linux-stable, linux and linux-pure, or something  along those lines.Oct 24 00:29
twitterIt's free software, everyone has it already, right?Oct 24 00:29
schestowitzThis means that you could take almost any distro and add to it the Free kernel.Oct 24 00:29
twitterIt can be easier than that.  Just make instructions to not load Taint modules.  I think this is what Debian does by default but I don't know.Oct 24 00:30
schestowitztwitter: yes, everyone has access to it, but making thing pluggable (with hooks or compile vars/params) would be nice.Oct 24 00:30
twitterIt's never been an issue for me.  As a user, it's good I've never had to worry.Oct 24 00:30
schestowitzSybmian pisses me off. They should just learn what open source is before pretending to have joined it, then lobbying for swpats in the UK... Symbian seeks to attract developers with open-source code < >. Are the patents open source too, Nokia?Oct 24 00:32
PetoKraushehe the gentoo-wiki backlog is niceOct 24 00:34
schestowitz[OT] ... trolls.Oct 24 00:35
schestowitzDaniel makes FuntooOct 24 00:36
schestowitzCan't be trusted though after joining the Dark Forces.Oct 24 00:36
schestowitz "I am constantly amazed by how rare it is to work with any consumer electronics (CE) device that does *not* run on Linux. Other then two big markets — laptops and mobile phones, nearly every new consumer electronics device runs Linux. Sony televisions, Amazon Kindle, Dash automotive GPS, and nearOct 24 00:44
schestowitzly every other device you can imagine."Oct 24 00:44
schestowitz"Yes, vendors are vital to open source," says someone who is paid by Novell (oops!). < >Oct 24 00:49
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schestowitzThe trolls have a new trick: associate a person with another and use actions of another to discredit the messenger.Oct 24 08:03
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schestowitzThis is amazing. "She said she had not plotted any revenge in the real world, but if she is convicted could face a prison term of up to five years or a fine up to $5,000." The world has gone MAD.Oct 24 09:41
schestowitz[PJ: So, are computer laws stupid enough for you *yet*??!] -Oct 24 09:45
schestowitz "A 43-year-old Japanese woman has been jailed for "killing" her virtual husband to revenge an unexpected in-game divorce....She was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of illegally accessing a computer and manipulating electronic data. Police claim she used the man's identification and password in order to delete his beloved character...."Oct 24 09:45
schestowitz : "Scientists find way to erase memory in mice... The lead neurobiologist "questioned the wisdom of wiping out a person's memory", but the article doesn't go on to elaborate on why he's pursuing this research."Oct 24 09:52
schestowitzDamage control... Intel Repudiates Executives' Criticism of the IPhone < >Oct 24 09:56
schestowitz Xerox to cut 3,000 jobs : 24 10:08
schestowitzBuyer sued for eBay feedback: 24 10:12
schestowitzLinux harms Microsoft: "Microsoft sales tumble from quarterly high [...] Netbooks running Windows mean growth but relatively low income as they do not run money spinning versions of Windows, like Windows Vista Premium Edition. Microsoft said it was too early to say how much netbooks are cannibalizing traditional sales." [..] 24 10:17
schestowitzMicrosoft 2.0 feels data center pinch < >Oct 24 10:18
schestowitzGoldman Sachs to sack 10 per cent of workforce : 24 10:20
schestowitzTough times for Sun...  Sun loses co-founder to start-up < >Oct 24 10:28
schestowitz ( Amazon opens up beta of Windows Server, SQL Server on EC2 ): Their appointment of departing Microsoft executives might have something to do with this, at least partially. it's like NComputing and Will Poole.Oct 24 10:59
schestowitzWow. This is a patent? "[...] "Method and Apparatus for Enhanced Internet Telephony." The invention, which was filed for patent in 2003, makes it less likely for customers to encounter dropped calls, incomplete attempted calls or other communication problems resulting from typical router function and behavior." (MarketWatch)Oct 24 11:51
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twitter:) saw that Register article.  My thought was, Windows and M$ harm M$.Oct 24 13:46
trmanco 24 13:46
schestowitz"Windows-Tax_Refund (last edited 2008-10-24 09:45:06 by mk)"Oct 24 13:48
twitterAmazon is getting more tied up with M$?  Didn't they already fuck up their search or was that Ebay?Oct 24 13:48
schestowitzAmazon.. well, no, not really.Oct 24 13:48
schestowitzThey just happen to have hired Brian Valentine (Slimy one) and another senior some weeks ago, one whose name I can't recall without checking.Oct 24 13:49
schestowitzAnd it's run by the patent Bozo, so they must have some things in common with SwaetyB's and Co.Oct 24 13:49
twitterThat form of guilt by association is an old troll trick.  It's libel for everyone which then feeds off itself, just ask RMS.Oct 24 13:50
twitterI remember my wife complaining when one of the two gave M$ their search.  Suddenly small vendors with good deals became hard to find and the place looked like any other mall.Oct 24 13:52
twitterThe discredit trick throws mud at everyone on the receiving end.  They used to say I sounded like RMS, who they loved to libel.  Recently they've been mentioning you.Oct 24 13:55
twitterWhen they do this to idiots, the idiots repudiate their friends and allies.Oct 24 13:55
twitterThe financial news is terrible all around.  From AIG bailout money exhaustion and abuse to predictions of a "Bloodbath" based on Asian market crap outs and futures declining as much as allowed.Oct 24 13:58
twitterStocks opened down 6%Oct 24 13:59
twitterMy trolls have all gone AC, maybe they have suffered some budget cuts.Oct 24 14:00
twitterThey still hit everything I write but the quality has gone down. 24 14:01
twitterI'm sure SweatyB is pissed to see twitter stories on Slashdot's front page.Oct 24 14:01
twitter"You trolls are all fired!  Don't let this chair hit you on your way out."Oct 24 14:12
schestowitztwitter: they use you to discredit what I wriite.Oct 24 14:17
schestowitzI still insist that you drop multiple account, not just because the trolls say so.Oct 24 14:17
twitterThey use BN to discredit what I write.  Should I insist that you get a life, or should I realize the trolls are full of shit?Oct 24 14:18
schestowitztwitter: there will be trolling in later today (the comments). Bruce does an article on BN.Oct 24 14:18
schestowitzSweatyB/Microsoft do not hire trolls.Oct 24 14:19
schestowitzThey hire marketing agencies.Oct 24 14:19
schestowitzThe marketing agencies hire 'marketers' and fake-grassroots (AstroTurf)Oct 24 14:19
twitterMarketing agencies are trolls.Oct 24 14:20
schestowitzVictim of libel to Microsoft: "damn, you're attacking me."Oct 24 14:20
schestowitzMicrosoft: "What?!?! Us?"Oct 24 14:20
schestowitzVictim: "yes, Microsoft nyms slander my family."Oct 24 14:20
schestowitzMicrosoft: "Not us. We don't do anything like this, but we have companies to do the 'marketing' for us."Oct 24 14:20
schestowitzLawMedia, Waggener-Edstrum, etc.Oct 24 14:21
twitterLike Perens said, executives at these companies know what's going on.Oct 24 14:21
schestowitzEdelman too... they are real scum... almost boycotted by PCWorld (IDG) for their practices, IIRC.Oct 24 14:21
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twitterLook what GM tried to do to Ralph Nader.  You would think they'd learn their lesson but the rich and powerful think they can broadcast their way out of trouble.Oct 24 14:25
schestowitzI am not familiar with the story.Oct 24 14:29
twitterThe "over zealously" investigated him when he wrote his now famous book.  Followed him around, tried to set him up with whores, anything to get dirt on him.Oct 24 14:32
twitterhe got lucky when one of the goons mistook a reporter for Nader.  The incident gave Nader credibility and the reporter a scoop.Oct 24 14:33
schestowitzBait trolls.Oct 24 14:34
schestowitzThat's another typeOct 24 14:34
twitterGM was forced to apologize before Congress. Nader sued them for a couple hundred thousand dollars that seeded his later regulatory crusades.Oct 24 14:35
twitterGM broadcasted their way out of it and did business as usual.  Most people ended up thinking or Ralph Nader as a sleazebag lawyer rather than someone who forced some minimal safety onto US automakers.Oct 24 14:36
schestowitzWell, it gave him presence though.Oct 24 14:38
schestowitzIt repellent how you're left with just two bad choices (Red and Blue)Oct 24 14:38
schestowitzThose who raise the money are those with media presence.Oct 24 14:38
schestowitzTranslation: those who take the bribe have a chance to win (and return favours for these bribes)Oct 24 14:39
schestowitzThis is NOT a democracy. It's a CORRUPTION. :-) :-)Oct 24 14:39
twitterThese things are changing thanks to the internet.  Open Spectrum will bring great changes.Oct 24 14:39
twitterbblOct 24 14:41
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trmanco 24 15:03
trmanco 24 15:05
schestowitzThey'll hopefully advertise a little.Oct 24 15:06
trmanco 24 15:16
trmancoGoogle Docs now supports footnotesOct 24 15:16
trmancothey probably did this because of Steve's provocation...Oct 24 15:17
schestowitzMicrosoft thinks that everyone uses Office professionally (e.g. to write extensive reports). To 80% of the people, only 20% of the features are necessary, i.e. it's an overpriced and bloated overkill.Oct 24 15:19
trmancooverpriced and bloated, indeedOct 24 15:21
schestowitzBuy Office 2007 (and 2 GB of RAM) now... to write one-page letter to your neighbour... this applies to the vast majority of the population. They start to realise they don't require all this.Oct 24 15:23
trmancololOct 24 15:24
twitterMost people don't want or need more than email editors.  M$ sells to their insecurity the same way automakers push SUVsOct 24 15:24
trmancothat will be 300€+60€ + Tax pleaseOct 24 15:24
twitterSUVs are less harmful to their owners and the world.Oct 24 15:25
twitterAs it was with automobiles, smaller better working competition is going to eat the bloated software's market.Oct 24 15:27
twitterThere are lots of good quality word processors.  Professional typesetters should gravitate towards LaTex and friends.  The rest of the world should use ODF editors like Open Office and Kword, or just plain old html.Oct 24 15:29
twitterI think it was Cory Doctorow who pointed out that we are all on one great big curve that goes from 100% paper, 0% electronic to 0% paper 100% electronic.  We might be at different points, but there's no mistaking the direction we are all moving.Oct 24 15:31
twitterThat makes printers less relevant and eliminates what's left of one of M$'s oldest hardware monopolies.Oct 24 15:32
schestowitzYes, but that's also a word of warning about OOXML, XPS and XAMLOct 24 15:33
schestowitzMicrosoft wants to control the new storage medium.Oct 24 15:33
twitterWhat they want and what the world does are increasingly divergent.Oct 24 15:33
twitterOOXML has zero traction.Oct 24 15:34
twitterThe recession will make that permanentOct 24 15:34
schestowitzThey can try to dump MSO07 or sell it cheaply.Oct 24 15:35
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twitterThey have already dumped it at Universities.  A M$ fan at LSU gloated to me how it cost him nothing because student fees paid for it and he's faculty.  Just let him try to mail it's version of OOXML to anyone.Oct 24 15:38
trmancocool -> 24 15:38
twitterMerry Christmas!  You're fired.  Chrysler is firing 25% of salaried employees. 24 15:39
twitterLooks like M$'s earnings news and stock buybacks are suckering people today.  M$FT has actually gained value.Oct 24 15:40
*ld50 ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 24 15:40
twitter 24 15:41
twitter" The software behemoth's fiscal first-quarter numbers provided investors with some reassurance that the floor isn't falling out from under global IT spending"Oct 24 15:41
twitterhow stupid can you get?Oct 24 15:41
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ld50is go-oo related to novell?Oct 24 15:43
twitterChina is telling M$, FU.  All M$'s big dumb clients are tits up.  The floor might not fall out under IT, but it's sure falling out under M$.Oct 24 15:43
twitteryes there are lots of connections Roy has dug up.Oct 24 15:44
ld50there's a guy in sending people to #go-ooOct 24 15:44
ld50lolOct 24 15:44
twitter 24 15:45
twitter 24 15:45
twittersend them to those places.Oct 24 15:45
twittertrolls, hmph.Oct 24 15:45
ld50i dont think he's trolling, he's talking to people in privateOct 24 15:47
ld50:POct 24 15:47
schestowitztwitter: BW is no source for objective information about Wintel.Oct 24 15:48
schestowitzld50: yes, go-oo is Novell's fork of OOoOct 24 15:48
schestowitzThe patchset became a fork.Oct 24 15:48
schestowitzld50: can you paste the script showing this (from IRC), please?Oct 24 15:49
schestowitzI could use proof.Oct 24 15:49
ld50schestowitz: yesOct 24 15:51
schestowitzPlease.Oct 24 15:52
schestowitzIf you can show me the text.Oct 24 15:52
schestowitzOr the user/host name of the disruptor.Oct 24 15:52
ld50 24 15:54
schestowitzld50: can I post these?Oct 24 15:56
ld50hide my nick or somethingOct 24 15:56
schestowitzWill do.Oct 24 15:57
ld50did you read last weeks lwn article?Oct 24 15:57
ld50its available to public since yesterdayOct 24 15:57
ld50 24 15:57
ld50theres a long talk about go-ooOct 24 15:57
schestowitzI see now.Oct 24 15:58
schestowitzThanks for the headsupOct 24 15:58
schestowitzI posted about this fork just 1 hour ago in BNOct 24 15:59
schestowitz 24 15:59
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_DougMS issues out-of-band urgent update ..Oct 24 16:01
_Doug 24 16:01
_DougMicrosoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 – CriticalOct 24 16:02
_DougRemote Code Execution ..Oct 24 16:02
_Doug"The vulnerability is due to the service not properly handling specially crafted RPC requests. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system"Oct 24 16:03
_Doug"Windows Vista x64 Edition and Windows Vista x64 Edition Service Pack 1"Oct 24 16:03
_DougSo much for the much vaunted improved security model of Vista ..Oct 24 16:04
schestowitz_Doug: World and Dog gets what the NSA already had.Oct 24 16:04
_Doug"Microsoft security researchers discovered this vulnerability  .. In other words, this vulnerability was not brought to Redmond's attention by a third-party researcher"Oct 24 16:08
_Doug"The reason for the out-of-band patch is that there is already malware actively using the vulnerability to infect computers, which we detect as Trojan-Spy:W32/Gimmiv.A"Oct 24 16:08
_Doug 24 16:09
schestowitzSo had the source code been out there, someone else could alert them long ago.Oct 24 16:13
_DougOhio elections website hacked ..Oct 24 16:13
_Doug 24 16:13
twitterHave you seen how it's possible to automatically generate exploits based on M$'s flawed update schemes? 24 16:13
_DougThis is so 1988 ..Oct 24 16:13
schestowitzIt would be funny if McCain's site got hacked.Oct 24 16:15
twitterNot being able to have current install media just about guarantees new computers will be owned before they are patched.Oct 24 16:15
_Dougpatching as a security solution is fundementally flawed .. you patch A B and C and then patch B C and E and A breaks ..Oct 24 16:15
schestowitzMuch like Palin's E-mail account.Oct 24 16:15
trmanco 24 16:15
trmancojust in timeOct 24 16:15
schestowitzWhat time? :-) Wine for lunch?Oct 24 16:15
trmancoyesOct 24 16:16
trmancoDinner hereOct 24 16:16
_DougI'm trying Google Chrome .. does typing # in the address bar still crash it ?Oct 24 16:16
_Doug :%Oct 24 16:17
schestowitzCheome=win32Oct 24 16:17
schestowitzChrome=win32 . Google gives precedence to Windows.Oct 24 16:17
_Doug?Oct 24 16:18
schestowitzDon't reward them by downloading the s/w.Oct 24 16:18
schestowitzChris DiBona said so too. Google gives special treatment to Windows (not in these exact words)Oct 24 16:18
schestowitzSpeak with your walle... er... bandwidth.Oct 24 16:18
_Dougback later ..Oct 24 16:19
trmanco 24 16:19
*_Doug has quit ()Oct 24 16:19
twitter 24 16:22
twitterpie!Oct 24 16:22
schestowitzDugg.Oct 24 16:22
trmanco:-)Oct 24 16:33
trmancoI'll be posting it on COLA laterOct 24 16:33
schestowitzI totally forget to post there.Oct 24 16:34
schestowitzI'll do it tonight.Oct 24 16:34
schestowitzI keep seeing articles about Amazon and Windows. Can't help but think of..Oct 24 16:39
*ld50 has quit ("Lost terminal")Oct 24 16:41
schestowitz 24 16:42
twitterradioactive contaminationOct 24 16:57
*_Doug (n=_Doug) has joined #boycottnovellOct 24 17:06
_DougGreenspan says he's "found a flaw" in his free-market ideology ..Oct 24 17:07
_Doug 24 17:07
_Doug$10.8bn to develop Fedora Linux ..Oct 24 17:10
_Doug 24 17:10
_DougOLPC: Windows vs Linux ..Oct 24 17:11
_Doug,...Oct 24 17:11
_DougBBC iPlayer downloads coming to Mac and Linux ..Oct 24 17:11
_Doug 24 17:11
schestowitz"Found a flaw"Oct 24 17:12
schestowitzMaybe he should speak to hijack-without-user-intervention BillG :-)Oct 24 17:12
schestowitzBill Gates, FOCUS Magazine, 1995: "No! There are no significant bugs in our released software that any significant number of users want fixed."Oct 24 17:13
schestowitzBill Gates, FOCUS Magazine, 1995: "No! If you really think there's a bug you should report a bug. Maybe you're not using it properly. Have you ever considered that?."Oct 24 17:13 on OLPC... from Microsoft mouthpiece Ina FriedOct 24 17:14
schestowitzI haven't read it yet, but it could be a PR placement passed from Microsoft via the Friedshill.Oct 24 17:15
schestowitzolicon says CBSOct 24 17:15
_DougBA puts faith in IP at Terminal 5 ..Oct 24 17:16
_Doug,...Oct 24 17:16
schestowitzDidn't Microsoft sign some deal with CBS recently, maybe advertising? Also, they import many article from ZDNet (Ziff/Gates, Paul Allen/CNET). I find it off that they grab a CNET article that's a Microsoft shillOct 24 17:16
schestowitz : MS-CBS? Microsoft Aligns With Eye NetworkOct 24 17:17
schestowitzI think there was something more recently... I can vaguely remember.Oct 24 17:18
_DougTerminal 5:  'No one had the faintest idea of why the hell it was all going wrong'Oct 24 17:18
_Doug 24 17:18
schestowitzAh! That's the one: CBS Television Stations Adopt Microsoft Silverlight for New User-Generated Content Initiative on the Web < >Oct 24 17:18
schestowitzAlso older: CBS and Microsoft WebTV Break Ground as "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" Becomes First Interactive Dramatic Series < > and Xbox 360 Teams With CBS, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Turner Broadcasting, UFC and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to Digitally Deliver TV Shows and Movies to Gamers < 24 17:19
schestowitzMovieDeliveryPR.mspx >Oct 24 17:19
schestowitzThat potentially explains why is always so filled with FOSS-hostile articles and WIntel fluff.Oct 24 17:19
_DougTerminal 5's baggage failure ..Oct 24 17:22
_Doug 24 17:22
schestowitzWhat system (s/w) do they run?Oct 24 17:23
trmanco 24 17:26
trmanco 24 17:26
schestowitzMicrosoft lost, but it tries to portray this as "Microsoft is nice"Oct 24 17:27
schestowitzThere are other examples like Phoenix suing Microsoft (antitrust) and Microsoft then changing the EULA, citing being 'nice' (sort of). Just PR lies.Oct 24 17:28
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Oct 24 17:28
_DougWhy Microsoft Wants Us to Get All Mixed Up ..Oct 24 17:34
_Doug 24 17:34
schestowitzYes. I mentioned it moments ago: 24 17:36
*libervisco_ is now known as liberviscoOct 24 17:38
_Dougot: you were in a rowing race ?Oct 24 17:38
_DougMicrosoft joins Open Standards Messaging Working Group :)Oct 24 17:40
_Doug 24 17:40
_Doug :)Oct 24 17:41
schestowitzOpen.Oct 24 17:42
schestowitzWhat does that mean?Oct 24 17:42
schestowitz .. More Open Than OpenOct 24 17:42
schestowitz"I am constantly amazed at the flexibility of this single word. There are open systems, open sciences, open standards, open architectures, and open source licenses. There are some open source licenses that are more open and some less. I think Orwell would have loved this – after all, some animals are more equal than others. Can one open source license be more open than another open source license?"Oct 24 17:42
_Doug"Chinese Company First to Market with Technology That Turns Photos into Cartoons"Oct 24 17:43
_Doug 24 17:43
_DougA couple of filters in GIMP does the same thing ..Oct 24 17:43
schestowitzThis is old.Oct 24 17:43
schestowitz2007Oct 24 17:43
_Doug"Talkweb decided to license a technology called Personalized Facial Sketch"Oct 24 17:44
schestowitz"Chinese Company First to Market with Technology That Turns Microsoft into Angel in Slashdot.Oct 24 17:44
schestowitzIt's called AstroTurging... A couple of filters in CHIMP does the same thingOct 24 17:44
schestowitz*LOL* @ 24 17:45
schestowitzCisco and other extortionate companies unite under "open" something.Oct 24 17:45
schestowitz"Oct 24 17:46
schestowitzMembers of the AMQP Working Group are Cisco, Credit Suisse, DeutscheBoerse Systems, Envoy Technologies Inc., The Goldman Sachs Group Inc., iMatixCorporation, IONA Technologies, J.P. Morgan, Novell, Rabbit Technologies Ltd.,Red Hat Inc., TWIST Process Innovations Ltd., WSO2 and 29West Inc. "Oct 24 17:46
schestowitzNovell *cough cough*Oct 24 17:46
_Doug 24 17:46
_Doug 24 17:46
schestowitz*LOL*Oct 24 17:47
schestowitzJust a strands filter can achive this.Oct 24 17:47
schestowitzAre they patenting the basics of image analysis?Oct 24 17:48
_Dougwhere's the innovation .. morphing + sketching ...Oct 24 17:48
schestowitz Method of swinging on a swing: 24 17:48 sued for indexing Usenet ..Oct 24 17:50
_DougNewzbin has recently received two serious complaints regarding the indexing we performOct 24 17:50
_Doug 24 17:50
schestowitzWhat about DejaNews/G2?Oct 24 17:52
schestowitz"If they get in trouble for merely indexing the content, Google will have some even more serious issues to contend with."Oct 24 17:53
_Doug"On 17th June 2008, in response to a copyright infringement notice from the MPA, "Oct 24 17:53
_Doug 24 17:53
schestowitz 24 17:54
_Doug"One of the main technologies produced is an XML-based file format called NZB files ..  the main benefit of the direct link is improving the efficiency of Usenet binaries"Oct 24 17:54
schestowitz"You can also do creative editing or collecting work. So that while facts can't be copyrighted, clever, creative organization of the facts can be. This is called a compilation copyr"Oct 24 17:55
schestowitzOh, binaries...Oct 24 17:55
schestowitz"It also means that to be enforced, copyrights have to have some commercial value. Nobody sane is going to file lawsuits over things like ordinary e-mail messages and USENET postings that have minimal commercial value, if any. You should, however, try to comply with the wishes of authors."Oct 24 17:55
schestowitz"You also have to watch it on USENET and the web. These are no longer tiny places. Posting here is honest-to-goodness publication, sometimes to an audience of hundreds of thousands if not millions. You can seriously damage the commercial value of something by giving it free to such a large audience, all with the touch of a button."Oct 24 17:55
schestowitzI hate words like "innovation", "creativity", "creation of new art", "incentive", and "monetise".Oct 24 17:56
_DougBill Gates' mysterious new company ..Oct 24 17:56
_Doug 24 17:56
schestowitzThis is all to do with thought, not material.Oct 24 17:56
schestowitz_Doug: maybe it's another Vista viral marketing thing. /sarcasmOct 24 17:57
_DougI hereby patent synaptic firing in a biological entity .. :)Oct 24 17:57
schestowitzIt's a patent troll, no... it's philanropy.. no, it's Jerry Seigfried [sic]... WAIT, Mr. Mojave! It's all just a Vista scam.Oct 24 17:58
_Doug What have Steve Norris, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud and Cascade Investments have in common ?Oct 24 18:04
_Doug 24 18:04
schestowitzAmmunition for MS: "Russia Blocks Google Online Advertising Acquisition"Oct 24 18:04
schestowitzWeird headlineOct 24 18:05
schestowitz"SCO ends bankruptcy proceedings and is evidently continuing its lawsuits"Oct 24 18:05
schestowitzShouts out "SCO is ALIVE, attacking Linux again"Oct 24 18:05
schestowitzO'Gara's was wrose.Oct 24 18:06
schestowitzSomething like "It's ba-a-a-ck..."Oct 24 18:06
schestowitzAnd attacks on Groklaw in her 'news'...Oct 24 18:06
schestowitzGood video about citizen journalism: 24 18:07
schestowitz"West Virginia residents complained e-voting machines "switched" their votes to another candidate. State officials are calming fears." 24 18:07
schestowitz"State officials are calming fears..." the machines made the 'right' choice. Butterfly 2.0.Oct 24 18:08
twitterdisturbing 24 18:08
twitterSlashdot has had a lot of anti-google FUD stories lately.Oct 24 18:08
_Douga link to the O'Gara articel on Groklaw ?Oct 24 18:08
schestowitzAnd assassination attempt in the front page too.Oct 24 18:09
schestowitzSo is there world war III in 2014 (29'-36')?Oct 24 18:09
schestowitztwitter: you should read Microsoft sites for news.Oct 24 18:10
schestowitzSourceForge is funded by Microsoft.Oct 24 18:10
schestowitzNOVL is down 5%Oct 24 18:10
schestowitzOMG. Look at Sun (JAVA)Oct 24 18:11
twitterGot the link from google finance.Oct 24 18:11
twitterM$ should look like Sun and will.Oct 24 18:12
schestowitzNovell fell below $3Oct 24 18:12
schestowitz$4 sorry..Oct 24 18:12
schestowitzI'll do a quick post and use this image, which I assume is public domain (1920s/1930s)Oct 24 18:12
twitterwatched it with glee, they are back up now.Oct 24 18:13
twitterdon't know if that is public domain.  The hands are new.Oct 24 18:13
_Doug'MS CFO outlines plan to weather economic crisis ..  will focus on lowering customers' total cost of ownership .. Microsoft will focus on providing "high-value products at a low total ownership cost as a competitive advantage'Oct 24 18:13
_Doug 24 18:13
twitter"Hollywood fire destroys films worth millions" ha haOct 24 18:14
_Doughow can renting more 'software' cost less ?Oct 24 18:14
_Dougha ha ?Oct 24 18:14
schestowitztwitter: well, the paper is oldOct 24 18:15
twitterIP overvalue before last depression.Oct 24 18:15
schestowitzI don't care about the stupid hands.Oct 24 18:15
schestowitzI have hands (i.e. 'intellectual' 'property') too.Oct 24 18:15
twitterme neither, you asked if the image was owned.Oct 24 18:15
schestowitzI'd like to see someone suing for a photograph of a paper whose readers and writers are all dead.Oct 24 18:16
schestowitzIntellectual INSANITY.Oct 24 18:16
twitterthey would say the addition of hands and lighting create a unique expression worthy of copyright.Oct 24 18:16
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellOct 24 18:16
schestowitz_Doug: there's better stuff.. quotes... I'll post about it tomorrow.Oct 24 18:16
_Dougok .. gtg ..Oct 24 18:17
*_Doug has quit ()Oct 24 18:17
schestowitztwitter: then sod it, I won't use it then.Oct 24 18:17
schestowitzEsxpression schmexpression.Oct 24 18:17
twitterHey, it's not mine.Oct 24 18:17
schestowitztwitter: I was joking. :-)Oct 24 18:17
schestowitzI typically use royalty-free image stocks.Oct 24 18:18
twitterthat's good.Oct 24 18:18
schestowitzElse, the Microsoft Munchkins will nitpick 'round copyrights, never mind attributionsOct 24 18:18
schestowitzThey tried this before.Oct 24 18:18
twitterhave they gone after you in court?Oct 24 18:18
schestowitzThey also tried this with PJ, I think. She needs to becareful what she links to because people just hawk her  for some reason for legal harassment.Oct 24 18:19
schestowitztwitter: no, not in court.Oct 24 18:19
twitterI'm always paranoid about these things myself.  As Lessig says, they can tie you up and screw you over stuff like that.Oct 24 18:19
schestowitzMessages 1 - 25 of 296 : 24 18:20
schestowitzIf you have patience to read the whole thing, you'll see that I attributed with hyprrlinkOct 24 18:20
schestowitzThe trolls kept bugging the guy to harass me.Oct 24 18:20
twitterFunkenbush eh?  What an ass.Oct 24 18:23
twitterYou have pointed to that guy before...Oct 24 18:23
twitterThat's one of those bullshit damned if you do, damned if you don't so you can't share arguments.   Everytime you look at an image you make a copy.Oct 24 18:25
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 24 18:30
schestowitzThey say he's a Munchkin.Oct 24 18:31
schestowitzHe used to attack OS/2 back in the days.Oct 24 18:31
schestowitzThey call him "last of the Munchkins"Oct 24 18:31
twitterHe harassed you over a mug shot.  Those, as you have realized, are strictly public domain.Oct 24 18:34
schestowitzThe site's readers in Provo won't be too happy about this: 24 18:34
schestowitzI find this image amusing: 24 18:36
schestowitz"I won't follow the stock markets reports, but I've vaguely heard that Asian markets have dropped again: Tokyo (Nikkei) by 7.08%, Seoul by 9%, Jakarta by 6.59%, Bangkok by 5.10%, Singapore by 4.82%, Hong Kong by 4.66%, Taipei by 3.06%, etc. What a shit."Oct 24 18:36
schestowitzFTSE 100:3,883.36 (it used to be 6,726.90)Oct 24 18:38
twitter 24 18:40
twitterI'd say the markets have been overpriced for a while.  You can see the big hump in the 90sOct 24 18:42
twitterthe growth rate was crazy, especially as US industry was busy dismantling itselfOct 24 18:43
schestowitz80s too?Oct 24 18:43
twitteryesOct 24 18:44
schestowitzThe numbers are not logarithmically scales... I don't know what you call this scaleOct 24 18:44
schestowitzThis doesn't show you quite the extent of the jumpOct 24 18:44
twitterit's a base 10 log scaleOct 24 18:45
twittersteady growth should show up as a straight lineOct 24 18:45
schestowitzMaybe it'll return to sane values.Oct 24 18:46
twitterthe lies are mostly in how the average is calculated.  different companies are used and there's a "divisor" that can tweak things up or down.Oct 24 18:46
schestowitzBut the debt stays.Oct 24 18:46
twitterPeople who have been trying to invest for retirement in the last 10 years are hosed.Oct 24 18:47
twitterPeople who have lost their houses are hosed.Oct 24 18:47
twitterEmpty houses rot.Oct 24 18:48
twitterValue goes to zero quickly.Oct 24 18:48
schestowitzMy relatives get to keep the house.Oct 24 18:48
schestowitzAt least the health system should survive. Back to some life basics.Oct 24 18:49
schestowitzNo more cross-countrying in an SUV.Oct 24 18:49
twitterPeople who live in tents don't buy much and have a hard time holding down jobs.Oct 24 18:50
schestowitz "Oct 24 18:51
schestowitzNow, there are open-source idealists. Take, for example, my friend and top Samba developer, Jeremy Allison. Allison quit Novell because he objected to Novell's parent partnership with Microsoft. Idealistic? Yes. Foolish idealistic? No. A few weeks later Allison was working for Google. "Oct 24 18:51
schestowitzHats off to SJVN for calling an idiot an "idiot" in IDG.Oct 24 18:51
schestowitzHehe. Good readings: 24 18:54
schestowitzAppleware epic fail: 24 18:57
schestowitzTechnophobes at MSNHS: 24 18:59
schestowitzCollateral Damage: Why Windows Mobile will die. : 24 19:01
schestowitz"And where will Windows Mobile be in 2011? There way things are headed now, given that Microsoft can't really afford to be anything but first or second on the platform that supplants Windows, I'd say Windows Mobile will be dead."Oct 24 19:02
schestowitz ... Intel also tried to 'apologise' and make peace with OLPC after Slogging it...Oct 24 19:15
schestowitz Stephen Hawking to retire from academic post < >Oct 24 19:17
twitterI do not think you understand the slog yet.Oct 24 19:41
twitterIt's the "one night stand" thing.  You always present yourself as the good guy.  Always smile and say you are interested in long term.  Always fuck as hard as you can at the same time. Lie to the public to convince them your opponent is unreasonable, ungrateful and untrustworthy.Oct 24 19:43
twitterSmile smile smile and still be a villainOct 24 19:44
schestowitzMicrosoft says "one-night stand too"Oct 24 19:44
schestowitzIn antitrust/class action suits they brought up things they had fished.Oct 24 19:45
schestowitzMcirosoft called Windows developers (third party of course) "Pawns" and also "one-night stand", IIRC.Oct 24 19:45
schestowitzIt's in BN somewhere.Oct 24 19:45
twitterone night stand and pawns.  the quote was intentional.Oct 24 19:47
twitterHere's a thought from SVJN.  If it would cost 12 billion dollars to write the GNU/Linux kernel but the kernel is a small part of free software.  There's roughly 10 to 100 times more free software in the world than the kernel.Oct 24 19:49
twitterThat makes the value of free software between half to 50 times what M$ is worth.Oct 24 19:50
schestowitz   Open source Linux worth billions, Microsoft warned .. Can Microsoft compete with an billion dollar open source project which benefits from widespread collaboration?Oct 24 19:50
twitterBecause I get way more out of free software than I'll ever get out of Windows and every piece of software owned by M$, the minimum bound is 1.Oct 24 19:51
twitterA reasonable estimate is 10 times the value of M$ or 2 trillion dollars.Oct 24 19:52
schestowitzJust as I wrote earlier, it seems like marketing ploy: Will Symbian OS and S60 really be open source? < >Oct 24 19:53
schestowitzWhen I come to think of it, expect BOTH Intel and Microsoft to Slog ARM.Oct 24 19:54
schestowitzBoth are allergic to it. Microsoft depends dearly on x86Oct 24 19:54
twitterIt's a losing battle.Oct 24 19:54
schestowitzI'm not sure it can do freescape either, not even the failing embedded version.Oct 24 19:54
schestowitz*freescaleOct 24 19:54
twitterThey can't be all things to all people.Oct 24 19:55
twitterMy estimate of 10x the value of M$ chimes nicely with ESR's estimate that there are 10x as many free software developers as M$ has employed.Oct 24 19:56
schestowitz*LOL* Oct 24 19:56
schestowitz 24 19:56
schestowitzSite was down for a long time, now it spew MS errors.Oct 24 19:57
schestowitz*spews outOct 24 19:57
twitterThinking of fail, Novell is down 5.5% for the day 4.10Oct 24 19:59
twitter4.11, my badOct 24 19:59
schestowitzAnother idiocy.. .. Microsoft has already burns a ton of money on Danger and Windows Mobile is said to be dying (even by Microsoft fans). Let them burn money on RIM to enter deeper debt.Oct 24 20:00
schestowitzFakers: Nokia Joins Open-Source Trend for Mobile Platforms < >Oct 24 20:01
schestowitzOpen DASH source... TREND, not SOFTWARE... just more PR fluff to confuse people.Oct 24 20:02
twitterWoops, Cringly has confused me with the word "Linux"  Looks like he realy meant Fedora.Oct 24 20:02
twitterI still like my estimate of the relative values.Oct 24 20:02
schestowitzSpeaking of NOVL falling, its fans jump the defence in the comments: 24 20:03
twitterfunOct 24 20:10
schestowitzThe sons of a gun will need another blood infusion from SweatyB and Co. If Novell falls, Microsoft's patent plot falls along with it.Oct 24 20:12
schestowitzaid Off From A Tech Job? Get Into Open Source : 24 20:15
schestowitzUnemloyed people have a lot of time in their hands. That's why the recession can do a lot for Free software. While doing job interviews and training, people can contribute a lot for education or leisure.Oct 24 20:16
twitterEmployed people have a better grasp of what companies want though.  Tough times are bad for everyone, just worse for M$ which will have to be content with more of their assurance plans.Oct 24 20:21
twitterThose assurance plans, by the way, are a really bad deal and people hate them.Oct 24 20:22
twitterHoly crap. 24 20:25
schestowitzBlechh. 24 20:26
schestowitzDoes anyone have a good PDF to HTML converter? This is quite urgent.Oct 24 20:29
schestowitztrmanco has one *ping* trmanco.Oct 24 20:29
trmancopdf5html is the one I useOct 24 20:29
trmancopdf2html*Oct 24 20:30
trmancocomes with UbuntuOct 24 20:30
schestowitzCan you /please/ do me this one? 24 20:30
trmancosureOct 24 20:30
schestowitz┌─(roy@localhost Fri, 24 Oct 08)─—————————————— ——————————————─(/home/roy)────┐Oct 24 20:30
schestowitz└─(20:30 $)─> pdf2Oct 24 20:30
schestowitzpdf2dsc  pdf2psOct 24 20:30
schestowitzSo I don't have that... didn't check the repoOct 24 20:31
schestowitzI'll try to grab the scanned part.Oct 24 20:31
trmancocrapOct 24 20:31
trmancoits pdftohtml no pdf2htmlOct 24 20:32
schestowitzI'd be grateful if you could mail me the output. Other sites need this for reference.Oct 24 20:36
schestowitzAnd there's no copyrights AFAIK. No ISO f*wits, either.Oct 24 20:36
trmancookokOct 24 20:37
trmanco1 secOct 24 20:37
schestowitzEU software patent issue goes to appeals body : 24 20:38
trmancoschestowitz, doneOct 24 20:47
trmancoWant me to send it to the email you gave me the other time?Oct 24 20:48
schestowitzYes, please.Oct 24 20:50
schestowitzThanks a lot.Oct 24 20:50
schestowitzI'm trying to find similar cases.Oct 24 20:50
schestowitz"There is also a page done by the Bioactivists of Greenpeace which explains what they did when their issue of life patents went to the Eboa."Oct 24 20:50
schestowitz : Greenpeace calls European Union to ban patent on Indian WheatOct 24 20:51
trmancoschestowitz, doneOct 24 20:53
schestowitzThat's brilliant, thank you!Oct 24 21:00
trmancoyou're welcomeOct 24 21:02
schestowitzGive me 10 minutesOct 24 21:04
trmancookOct 24 21:04
schestowitz.What's your homepage again?Oct 24 21:04
trmancoopen-mania.comOct 24 21:06
schestowitzOkay: 24 21:16
trmancocoolOct 24 21:17
trmancoyou pasted the hole document into the post :-)Oct 24 21:17
*trmanco is exploring the .c files of linux kernel 0.01Oct 24 21:19
schestowitzFind swear words.Oct 24 21:20
trmancoI already did :-POct 24 21:20 has an article about us: 24 21:21
trmancocoolOct 24 21:25
trmancoha here it isOct 24 21:26
trmanco"ok, as I hadn't got any other source of information aboutOct 24 21:26
trmanco * possible error numbers, I was forced to use the same numbersOct 24 21:26
trmanco * as minix.Oct 24 21:26
trmanco * Hopefully these are posix or something. I wouldn't know (and posixOct 24 21:26
trmanco * isn't telling me - they want $$$ for their f***ing standard).Oct 24 21:26
trmanco *Oct 24 21:26
trmanco * We don't use the _SIGN cludge of minix, so kernel returns mustOct 24 21:26
trmanco * see to the sign by themselves."Oct 24 21:26
trmancololOct 24 21:27
schestowitzOkay, done reading.Oct 24 21:44
schestowitzThe comments could get ugly, but I won't step in.Oct 24 21:44
schestowitz"_SIGN cludge of mini"Oct 24 21:45
schestowitzMinix became obsolete, eventually.Oct 24 21:45
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Oct 24 21:49
MinceRperhaps it isn't obsolete for what it was originally intendedOct 24 21:52
MinceR(teaching)Oct 24 21:52
schestowitzTrue. I was joking.Oct 24 21:55
schestowitz 24 21:55
schestowitzLinux is obsolete (thread index) : 24 21:55
schestowitzHow ri fight TERROR~1? More databases. Yes, loads and loads of data cure everything.. 24 22:02
schestowitz*How to Oct 24 22:02
schestowitz 24 22:06
MinceRespecially if they keep losing that dataOct 24 22:10
schestowitzYes, that's the thing.. It /ALWAYS/ leaks. Once is enough...Oct 24 22:14
schestowitzNvidia to lay off 1000 more souls < >Oct 24 22:20
schestowitzMicrosoft closes the quarter with less cash than Apple < >. True, and Microsoft might enter debt some time in the future.Oct 24 22:21
schestowitzMicrosoft to cut budget up to $500 million < >Oct 24 22:24
twitterMakes Chrysler look nice.Oct 24 22:27
twitterThey fired everyone before Christmas.Oct 24 22:27
twitterThe only thing less cool than, "Merry Christmas, you are fired,"  is "Happy New Year, you are fired."Oct 24 22:28
twitter" He said the company would cull as much as $500 million from its budget, by cutting marketing ... " OMG, they are cutting their core competency!  Bedrock is shedding.  Why knows, they might even fire their trolls ... or offshore them.Oct 24 22:30
schestowitzThey probably still get paid until some time after Xmas.Oct 24 22:30
twitterJoy.Oct 24 22:30
schestowitzLess money to those who fund the 'Web marketing', i.e. shills.Oct 24 22:31
schestowitzI bet the stock of W.E. is diving today (as if they had one)Oct 24 22:31
twitterPay after termination is not a given.  You are lucky to get your vacation time and your next pay check these days.Oct 24 22:31
schestowitzBummber.Oct 24 22:32
schestowitzThere are some rather annoying troll comments here: 24 22:32
schestowitzThere will probably be more and I need to watch in case there is outright libel.Oct 24 22:32
schestowitzYahoo dumps 1500 staff but spends $15 million on new building : 24 22:33
twitterThe advertisers video, ha ha. 24 22:33
twitter:'(Oct 24 22:33
schestowitzJerry Yang gets a $15- million penthouse. ;-)Oct 24 22:33
twitterThe fucker should be sleeping in a cot before he fires 1,500 people.Oct 24 22:34
schestowitzBeen there, done that. 24 22:34
schestowitzI wish I had more time to maintain I've barely been touching it in years.Oct 24 22:35
twitterYahoo's leadership did the right thing to fight M$ off.Oct 24 22:35
schestowitzYesOct 24 22:35
schestowitzHey, don't insult Yang.Oct 24 22:35
schestowitzHe's not a bad guy, AFAIK. he also seems to have chosen some BSD... was he from Berkeley or another CA university?Oct 24 22:36
twitterIt's a dirty fight and I can see belt tightening but a $15 million penthouse?Oct 24 22:36
twitterThat's enough money to keep a lot of employees around.Oct 24 22:37
schestowitzNo, I was joking.Oct 24 22:37
schestowitzSee the wink emoticon.Oct 24 22:37
twitteroh.Oct 24 22:38
twitterI like HP's belt tightening better.  Everyone takes a pay cut.Oct 24 22:38
twitterNo bonuses, that kind of thing.Oct 24 22:38
schestowitzLcckin watch: "Microsoft has chosen Telefonica as the exclusive carrier to provide VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) services to Windows Live Messenger users in the U.S. and some South American countries, the companies said Friday."Oct 24 22:38
schestowitzInflation is enough of a paycut.Oct 24 22:39
schestowitzFreeLabour Portal: 24 22:40
schestowitzEmployees Leaving? Here's Why and What to Do < >Oct 24 22:44
schestowitzOn Powell's endorsement: . I left a comment there, but no reply from Lessig (about Ogg).Oct 24 22:48
schestowitzHeh. (In praise of ... Lawrence Lessig)Oct 24 22:51
twitterOh man, BB did a hack job on you.Oct 24 22:54
*libervisco has quit ( 24 22:54
*libervisco (n=libervis@tuxhacker/libervisco) has joined #boycottnovellOct 24 22:54
twitterHe did not relate the sites thesis very well, just called it "controversial" and other bad things.Oct 24 22:55
schestowitzThis was expected.Oct 24 22:55
schestowitzHe has an axe to grind.Oct 24 22:55
schestowitzAnd he mailed me this morning. People noticed the history and pointed this out in one of the comments.Oct 24 22:56
twitterHe pretended to be bigger than that.Oct 24 22:56
twitterDid he give you a chance to make corrections before publishing?Oct 24 22:56
schestowitzHe got some things wrong.Oct 24 22:56
schestowitzFor example, I didn't attack' Stephen.Oct 24 22:57
twitterBasically, he gave your trolls a sounding board they don't deserve.Oct 24 22:57
schestowitzI just pointed out that there is Microsoft money on their table. As such, people need to bear it in mind... that's not an 'attack'Oct 24 22:57
schestowitzAnd herein you see the use of /words/ to daemonise.Oct 24 22:57
schestowitztwitter: they had enough of their own sounding boards.Oct 24 22:58
schestowitzSearch the Web.Oct 24 22:58
twitterYeah, but BB is pretending to be part of the community to make you look like an extremist or outcast.Oct 24 22:59
twitterThey do the same thing to RMS all the time.Oct 24 22:59
twitterIgnorant people buy it.Oct 24 22:59
schestowitztwitter: I know he would do this.Oct 24 22:59
schestowitzYou can't 'stop' the coverage by others.Oct 24 22:59
schestowitzRMS knows this too.Oct 24 22:59
twitterIt was sleazy and BB knows it.Oct 24 23:00
schestowitzOne things about him that I noticed is that he shows his criticism is not directed at just a few companies.Oct 24 23:00
schestowitzThat leaves place for arguments about "hypocrisy" or obsession.Oct 24 23:00
twitterThe best way to use the coverage is to put the core message out front now.Oct 24 23:01
schestowitzI just see the usual 'opposition' (same people) commenting there.Oct 24 23:01
schestowitz"Sorry I forgot to leave my name in the previous post. tracyanne"Oct 24 23:01
schestowitzThat same tracyanne that vilifies me in LXer.Oct 24 23:01
twitterIncriminating quotes from M$ and Novell executives should be put into your banner.Oct 24 23:01
twitterYou've got them, where they talk about "licensing fees" for patents.  They are damning and that's the part BB missed.Oct 24 23:02
twitterPut it up front.Oct 24 23:02
schestowitztwitter: it's not as though this article brings a lot of traffic that need some 'opportunity' to be seizedOct 24 23:02
schestowitzMaybe it'll account for like 2% of the visits todayOct 24 23:02
schestowitztwitter: he covered none of the Novell criticism and its reasons, but the smart people already know it.Oct 24 23:03
schestowitzit's not as though it's Nature MagazineOct 24 23:03 addresses a Linux crowd that already is at least aware of the core issues.Oct 24 23:03
twitterYou think they are aware.Oct 24 23:04
twitterI don'tOct 24 23:04
twitterYou know things because you have looked them up and thought for a while.Oct 24 23:04
schestowitztwitter: what type of people subscribe to 24 23:04
twitterPutting those quotes up front would make the site better anyway.Oct 24 23:04
schestowitzPeople who never heard about Mono controversy?Oct 24 23:04
schestowitzOr not about Novell and patents?Oct 24 23:04
twitterPeople come to from Google.Oct 24 23:05
schestowitzThat's to do with archives.Oct 24 23:05
schestowitzThe immediate readership (weekend) is regulars and those who read LXer/LT/whatever.Oct 24 23:05
twitterIs it?Oct 24 23:06
twitterOh well, that's my suggestion.  My wife wants some family time.  Check you later.Oct 24 23:06
schestowitzFunny comment in TM: 24 23:07
PetoKrauspatenting a life form?Oct 24 23:22
PetoKrausdohOct 24 23:22
PetoKrausthat's a _bit_ too muchOct 24 23:22
PetoKrausschestowitz: are _you_ licensed to live?Oct 24 23:23
schestowitzOxygen licencing.Oct 24 23:23
schestowitzPlease proceeds to till 1 for one gallon of air.Oct 24 23:23
schestowitzWorse than ownership of water actually. Although without water you die, just like without air. People monopolise water in some countries... it's theirs, not Mother Nature's.Oct 24 23:24
PetoKrauswhat were patents for, anyway?Oct 24 23:27
PetoKrausto block someone from using what you discovered?Oct 24 23:27
PetoKrausor invented, actuallyOct 24 23:27
schestowitz ( Free and open source software lets you laugh in the face of recession )Oct 24 23:27
schestowitzPetoKraus: probably the incentive NOT to share ideas. use of insight to gain power over other people.Oct 24 23:28
MinceRgnOct 24 23:28
PetoKrauswell, i don't see the point of patentsOct 24 23:28
schestowitzWith copyrights and branding, I can see the point.Oct 24 23:29
PetoKrauscopyrights, well, ok. you may not want to have people copying your work, and distributing it all over placeOct 24 23:29
schestowitzI beat you to it, but we thought alike :)Oct 24 23:29
PetoKrausbut patents? what are they for?Oct 24 23:29
schestowitzMoneyOct 24 23:29
PetoKrausto forbid someone to build something from scratch?Oct 24 23:29
schestowitzBut it fails to realise that if you abuse you'll be abuse too.Oct 24 23:30
schestowitzWhat goes around comes around.. worse off from patent trolls.Oct 24 23:30
schestowitzWhich is why only onw crowd wins: lawyers.Oct 24 23:30
schestowitzScope of patent is the disaster-maker. It's made broader and broader. BM patents (pen and paper), software, life, human tissue, poetic /ideas/...Oct 24 23:31
schestowitzWant to write  a poem and a book. Start looking for patents before you stary typing.Oct 24 23:31
schestowitzYou might infringe on someone else's thought (which was probably thought by many people in the course of history anyway)Oct 24 23:32
PetoKrausit seems to me, that patents with patent period short enoughOct 24 23:47
PetoKrauslike... half a year instead of 20 yearsOct 24 23:47
schestowitzDo you know how long it takes to get a patent? Like 10 years in some cases.Oct 24 23:48
schestowitzThe whole thing is a farce, esp. in USPTOOct 24 23:49
PetoKrauswellOct 24 23:50
PetoKraustough luckOct 24 23:50
PetoKrausimagine apple getting patent for it's dockOct 24 23:51
schestowitz"coverage of Novell "is a bit too critical and prejudiced."" Did BB take it out of context maybe? < >Oct 24 23:51
PetoKrausso "you can sue anyone creating dock from 1999 till 2000 now"Oct 24 23:51
schestowitzApple did get it. After like, what? 9 years?Oct 24 23:51
PetoKrausyupOct 24 23:51
schestowitzAfter 'gardening' one's patents and grooming the paper.Oct 24 23:52
PetoKrausalrightOct 24 23:52
PetoKrausGNOct 24 23:52

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Linus Torvalds Cannot Easily 'Offend' Companies Anymore, But Weeks Ago He Explained Why (Linux Support and Hardware Documentation Has Significantly Improved)
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Links 08/12/2023: Tidal and Simplilearn Layoffs
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IRC Proceedings: Thursday, December 07, 2023
IRC logs for Thursday, December 07, 2023
[Video] The Media Facilitates Microsoft's Abuse, Bribes, and Growing Threats to National Security
The failure of the media to properly and independently explain what's happening will continue to doom the media
[Video] The Next Ten Years of Techrights in a World With Changing Threats and Technological Landscapes (or Trends That Are Buzzwords/Cargo Cults)
The video of today talks about the site's (and capsule's plan) for the future
Wikipedia is Vandalism, Brought to You by Microsoft and Bill Gates
Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer