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Managing Perceptions for the EPO's Regime

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Managing IP lyingSummary: EPO propaganda outlets, patently connected to the EPO's messaging campaigns (based on their past actions), continue to spread propaganda about outsourced courts (sent to American technology companies that spy, in clear violation of the EPC); the timing is beyond conspicuous and there are further stories that demonstrate the erosion of patent justice in Europe (it's good for those who engage in blackmail and also fund the publishers, lobby for the UPC, promote software patents, and remain suspiciously quiet about the EPO's abuses)

THE EPO's Haarian propaganda is likely to have already started, albeit it seems to be covert [4]. A short while ago we saw more of the same tang (loaded headlines such as "remote litigation is here to stay") from the very same site [3] which we suspect to have started this propaganda. Those are the people who write puff pieces for António Campinos, promote patent trolls, and helped spread many lies about the UPC for Benoît Battistelli and Team UPC. They also promote European software patents, as might be expected from a site that's funded by patent litigation companies. The above video starts by discussing [1]. A firm that lobbies for software patents (and profits from patent trolls litigating in Europe) is mentioned in connection to [2]. Another example of European Patents causing harm and costing a fortune to smaller European firms, even firms that turn out to be innocent. This one is about TomTom, which was blackmailed for using Linux... by Microsoft with its notorious software patents. A patent troll that is armed by Microsoft is now having a go at TomTom as well. It never ends, does it? If patents are supposed to help, who is being helped? Lawyers and trolls? To quote JUVE: "The German Federal Patent Court has overturned Conversant patent, EP 17 97 659, which protects mobile communication technology for autonomous transmission in high-speed uplink packet access, and transmission time control."

References from the video (in order of appearance):

  1. TomTom overturns Conversant patent with Bardehle’s help
  2. MOSAID (now known as "Conversant")
  3. Remote litigation is here to stay – here’s how to adapt
  4. EPO Propaganda, Looking to Legitimise a Rigged Panel of Judges, Starts With Author Who Did Puff Pieces With António Campinos

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