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Summary: A quick update on site improvements and how to use/access/find them

THE Web (as in World Wide Web) site is just one component of Techrights. It's the one people use the most, but it's not the only one. The project keeps expanding. We recently added extensive video archives (even for past months), we still have our daily bulletins (automatically generated by now; no human intervention necessary), IRC channels and logs, a simplified front page (one file only for everything), and a thriving Gemini capsule, which nowadays includes IPFS indices in case the Web site goes down for whatever reason. Gemini has new bits of software announced for it almost every week and sometimes several times per week. It's growing for sure, also in terms of the number of unique users (we've had over 1,500 unique visitors so far this month, landing via gemini://). As a side note, our self-signed SSL certificate (for https://) was renewed for a year, but today's Web browsers insist on "trust" monopolies (centralisation!) and will most likely reject any/all self-signed SSL certificates, so we don't recommend using https://; use gemini:// instead (it includes TLS as part of the strictly-enforced specifications; but it doesn't impose monopolies/centralisation).

"Over the coming few days we intend to work on implementing further improvements."The above video, unscripted as usual, is a quick rundown or an explanation of recent changes. It's a lot simpler to explain graphically in a video than in text (or verbally).

Letters httpOver the past month we invested a lot of time in EPO coverage, but we also did a lot of work at the back end (our self-hosted Techrights Git repository), putting bits and pieces together to keep Techrights not only robust but also more censorship-resistant. Even SLAPP would not be effective (complying with legal threats would be beyond our control).

Over the coming few days we intend to work on implementing further improvements. We're a growing technical project as much as we're a news site and we try to stay at (or ahead of) the cutting edge without embracing all the freedom-eroding so-called Smartâ„¢ stuff. Newer is not always better. Be selective and mind your digital freedom (or tech rights).

"Holy ad nauseam: If I hear anyone from Microsoft talk about the freedom to innovate one more time, I think I'll hurl a month's worth of cookies. Instead of worrying about whether or not the government will stop Microsoft from innovating in the future, the head honchos in Redmond ought to spend some energy trying to figure out what force has prevented them from innovating over the past decade."

--InfoWorld Editor Nicholas Petreley - December 20, 1999

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