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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Apr 19, 2024

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Updated This Past Day

  1. Graphics and Games: OpenXR 1.1, wayland-protocols 1.35, Descent 3, Godot 4.2.2 & 4.1.4
    4 stories about games and graphics
  2. Windows TCO Tales
    Cost of Windows


  3. Different Linux Distributions
    A distro provides the user with a desktop environment, preloaded applications, and ways to update and maintain the system
  4. Today in Techrights
    Some of the latest articles


  5. Security Leftovers
    Security incidents and more
  6. Free Software and Open Access Leftovers
    Some FOSS and more
  7. Programming Leftovers
    Programming related links
  8. Breeze Icon Updates for KDE and COSMIC Updates
    Some Desktop Environment stuff
  9. Devices/Embedded: Wind River Linux, Embedded Update Process, Raspberry Pi, and OpenWrt
    4 stories regarding hardware
  10. Clonezilla Live Is Now Patched Against the XZ Backdoor, Powered by Linux 6.7
    Steven Shiau released today a new version of his Clonezilla Live system for disk cloning/imaging based on the powerful Clonezilla software, Clonezilla Live 3.1.2-22.
  11. today's howtos
    a handful of howtos
  12. Security Leftovers
    FOSS centric
  13. PostgreSQL Related News and Releases
    half a dozen PostgreSQL stories
  14. Mozilla: Rust, Thunderbird, and Firefox WebDriver Newsletter
    3 bits of news
  15. Red Hat's Corporate Messaging (Mostly Proprietary) promoting proprietary stuff
  16. Linux Kernel Space and Openwashing/Outsourcing to Microsoft by 'Linux' Foundation
    Some "Linux"-themed news
  17. Atlassian Flaw
    Some coverage today
  18. Android Leftovers
    The camera on this Android phone is confusing, but I love it
  19. Industrial control board combines Raspberry Pi CM4/CM5 with STM32H7 MCU for real-time control
    The Raspberry Pi CM4/CM runs Linux (Raspberry Pi OS)
  20. MPV 0.38.0 Launches with Advanced Video and Audio Upgrades
    MPV 0.38.0 video player rolls out with new scripting options, enhanced macOS functionality, and Vulkan support
  21. AAEON BOXER-8645AI Jetson AGX Orin-powered embedded AI system supports up to 8 GMSL2 cameras
    AAEON says the BOXER-8645AI runs Ubuntu Linux as part of the NVIDIA Jetpack 5.0 or above like every other Jetson Orin system on the market
  22. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software and Openness/Sharing
    Openness-esque links
  23. Devices and Open Hardware Leftovers
    Some hardware picks
  24. Programming Leftovers
    half a dozen picks
  25. Linux, Openwashing, and More
    today's leftovers
  26. unPhone – An ESP32-S3 IoT development platform with LoRaWAN, touchscreen, open-source ecosystem
    The project is completely open-source, with all files including schematics, board, firmware, and more available on their GitLab repository
  27. Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Google Tasks, IRC Servers, and ASCII Art Tools
    We recommend the best free and open source alternatives to Google Tasks
  28. today's howtos
    a series of howtos for the day
  29. Games: Stardust Demon, Roboden, Adventure of Rikka - The Cursed Kingdom, and More
    10 stories from gamingonlinux
  30. Kubernetes v1.30: Uwubernetes
    new release
  31. Purism Differentiator Series, Part 11: Convergence
    Purism’s innovations in creating a truly convergent operating system has spread far and wide into an ever increasing application list
  32. Wayland, where are we in 2024? Any good for being the default?
    Fifteen years, and Wayland still isn't as good as X11. At this point, it's a bit sad
  33. Security Incidents (Windows Mostly)
    TCO and more

    The corresponding text-only bulletin for Thursday contains all the text.

    Top-read articles (excluding bot/crawler visits):

    Span from 2024-04-12 to 2024-04-18
    1464 /n/2024/03/29/A_backdoor_in_xz.shtml
    1236 /n/2024/04/12/Blaming_Linux_for_Intel_Defects.shtml
    1063 /n/2024/04/03/Ubuntu_24_04_LTS_Beta_Release_Postponed_Due_to_Security_Concern.shtml
    1011 /n/2024/04/12/Ubuntu_24_04_LTS_Noble_Numbat_Best_New_Features.shtml
    936 /n/2024/04/13/Ubuntu_24_10_and_Debian_Trixie_Are_Getting_a_Refined_APT_Comman.shtml
    921 /n/2024/04/12/TUXEDO_Sirius_16_Gen2_All_AMD_Linux_Gaming_Laptop_Gets_Faster_R.shtml
    863 /n/2024/04/13/today_s_howtos.shtml
    852 /n/2024/04/12/Raspberry_Pi_and_Counterparts.shtml
    845 /n/2024/04/15/New_Updates_in_PCLinuxOS.shtml
    800 /n/2024/04/13/Penguin_parade_Sinevibes_now_does_Linux.shtml
    799 /n/2024/04/14/Security_Leftovers.shtml
    793 /n/2024/04/14/Lakka_5_0_Released_for_Retro_Gaming_Enthusiasts.shtml
    787 /n/2024/04/15/Mastodon_Tale.shtml
    768 /n/2024/04/12/today_s_howtos.shtml

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Over at Tux Machines...
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Over at Tux Machines...
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