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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 9th, 2008 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:06 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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GoblinRFD right thats me done. Dec 09 00:38
GoblinRFD gn Dec 09 00:38
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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: “Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications” [publicly logged] Dec 09 00:55
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twitter speaking of nasty no share stuff, this looks like a fun article but I don’t think the publisher lets people look at it.  http://ptonline.aip.org/journal… Dec 09 02:54
kevin__ reminds me of the sites that disable your ability to right-click because they presume you’re going to steal their content Dec 09 02:55
twitter I absolutely hate all the javascript and buttons journals require to download articles.  It’s like they never want to leave dead trees and want to make sure no one but them can have libraries. Dec 09 02:56
kevin__ even if your only intention is to have a screen reader read it :) Dec 09 02:56
twitter Is physics today locked up? Dec 09 02:56
twitter The link is to a nice summary of battery tech. Dec 09 02:56
twitter can you see the article? Dec 09 02:56
kevin__ it asked me to login Dec 09 02:56
twitter sorry I bothered then. Dec 09 02:57
kevin__ lol Dec 09 02:57
twitter AIP needs a better publisher. Dec 09 02:57
kevin__ they’ve got some impressive batteries these days… charging to full in 15 minutes Dec 09 02:57
kevin__ i’ve got some over here Dec 09 02:57
twitter It’s like RMS said, publishes make you promise to be a bad person.  The article was well written and I’d like to share it with people but the publisher would come down on me for it, so I can’t. Dec 09 03:02
twitter :’( Dec 09 03:02
twitter The same goons that come down on you for sharing are also busy vandalizing wikipedia. Dec 09 03:03
kevin__ it seems more than a little dumb to post something online and not want to share it though Dec 09 03:04
kevin__ i wonder if they’re aware that when user X reads the article, a person could be shiffing the packets and see it! oh nos! Dec 09 03:06
kevin__ sniffing* Dec 09 03:06
kevin__ they could use ssl though i suppose Dec 09 03:06
twitter Oh, they let you have it and I could make a script that gets around their obfuscation and downloads everything, but I still could not share it the way people used to share paper copies. Dec 09 03:08
twitter I remember a case where the RIAA ruined a business and basically stole the pensions of everyone working there because the people in the building had an ftp server with music on it. Dec 09 03:09
kevin__ computers are great, but the day paper books die will be a sad one indeed Dec 09 03:09
twitter Paper sucks. Dec 09 03:09
twitter It’s heavy and a fire hazard. Dec 09 03:10
twitter It’s much easier to organize and share electronic copies. Dec 09 03:10
kevin__ but when i’m done reading it i can give it to you :) Dec 09 03:10
twitter It’s not the pdf that sucks, it’s the law. Dec 09 03:10
kevin__ and when you’re done reading it you can give it to tim Dec 09 03:10
twitter If I had an electronic copy, anyone interested could find the article they wanted in a database and have it at the same time. Dec 09 03:11
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kevin__ even some colleges have experimented with ebooks Dec 09 03:12
kevin__ problem is, students might hack the readers and play tetris on them :) Dec 09 03:12
twitter Physics today had the information that mattered neatly presented.  Power and energy storage per weight, charge and discharge times, etc, the basics for reasonable comparison between batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, internal combustion and turbines. Dec 09 03:13
twitter wikipedia is missing that info and is crapped up with irrelevant stuff. Dec 09 03:14
twitter wikipedia used to be much better than that. Dec 09 03:14
kevin__ they could mandate people registering in order to make changes… but they probably don’t want to do that for moral reasons Dec 09 03:15
twitter registration is difficult if you want lots of participation. Dec 09 03:16
kevin__ it would decrease “drive by” vandalism Dec 09 03:16
twitter It would not eliminate the more damaging kind of vandalism caused by moles. Dec 09 03:16
kevin__ i read somewhere that the wal*mart page is a mess Dec 09 03:17
kevin__ editing wars ya know? Dec 09 03:17
kevin__ i think it was on digg Dec 09 03:18
twitter yes, I’ve seen that.  Roy has done some good write ups on M$ paying people to edit and other forms of vandalism. Dec 09 03:18
twitter got to go. bbl Dec 09 03:18
kevin__ k Dec 09 03:18
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Omar87 Hi all Dec 09 03:48
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schestowitz Hi, Omar87 Dec 09 08:40
kentma schestowitz: did you post very few News yesterday, Roy? Dec 09 08:48
schestowitz Mostly after midnight, so I guess so. Dec 09 08:49
schestowitz I’m not neglecting the posts, I do it periodically at different frequencies. Dec 09 08:49
schestowitz BN is growing too fast. :-) Dec 09 08:50
schestowitz About 22000+ pageviews per day, so I dedicate more time to it. Dec 09 08:50
kentma ah, that’s fine, it’s just that there were few from yesterday, so I wanted to be sure that nothing was wrong at my end. Dec 09 08:57
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schestowitz Sometimes I just do it in a rush just to ensure we don’t miss a thing. Another government has just moved to GNU/Linux (Zimbabwe). Dec 09 08:59
schestowitz But you want see or hear about this from Murdoch. Dec 09 08:59
GoblinRFD Roy, do you ever sleep???!!?! Dec 09 09:02
GoblinRFD lol Dec 09 09:02
GoblinRFD Thats dedication!!! Dec 09 09:02
GoblinRFD Ive managed to get the day off work, so Ive got a nice easy day now…… Dec 09 09:03
MinceR geekings Dec 09 09:03
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schestowitz Hey Dec 09 09:04
GoblinRFD eh? Dec 09 09:05
GoblinRFD my employer must be watching Dec 09 09:05
GoblinRFD I was disconnected when I typed about having the day off Dec 09 09:05
GoblinRFD Roy, I meant to ask.  What size t-shirt are you?  Those Microsoft clothes would make an excellent xmas pressy! Dec 09 09:06
GoblinRFD Im certainly going to get one….?!!?? Dec 09 09:06
GoblinRFD http://www.microsoft-watch.com/conten… Dec 09 09:06
GoblinRFD I bet Andre Da Costa has a whole wardrobe by now. Dec 09 09:07
schestowitz Complimentary. Dec 09 09:07
schestowitz They send ‘em sum. Dec 09 09:08
schestowitz Ones with Gates mugs. Dec 09 09:08
schestowitz When he was arrested shortly. Dec 09 09:08
schestowitz Then he got too many connections in government to be arrested again… even for /MUCH/ bigger crimes. Dec 09 09:08
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GoblinRFD is MS having some sort of joke Im not getting? Dec 09 09:10
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schestowitz It laughs at itself. Viral marketing. Dec 09 09:12
schestowitz Notice the fact I never mentioned this clothing thing in BN. That’s what they would want people to do. Dec 09 09:13
GoblinRFD you’ve got a point. Dec 09 09:13
GoblinRFD I was just typing an article slating it. Dec 09 09:13
GoblinRFD Ill stop Dec 09 09:13
GoblinRFD doh.  It must be early. Dec 09 09:14
schestowitz They did another one. Dec 09 09:14
schestowitz The one with a corny video clip about Vista… pretending it was internal and leaked. Dec 09 09:14
GoblinRFD Ive seen a good t-shirt (probably fake) but it was all blue with the BSOD on the front….it was pretty sweet. Dec 09 09:15
GoblinRFD But our youngest (3 1/2 months) has a “Linux Baby” baby grow. Dec 09 09:16
GoblinRFD He supports Boycott Novell. Dec 09 09:16
GoblinRFD there,  Ive deleted that MS post. Dec 09 09:17
schestowitz Which one? Dec 09 09:18
schestowitz WordPress? Dec 09 09:19
schestowitz I was going to link to it. I did last night in USENET. Dec 09 09:19
GoblinRFD I was doing an article on the clothes.  Ive decided not to now.  I dont want to give it any attention on my site. Dec 09 09:22
GoblinRFD and it was wordpress Dec 09 09:22
_doug Power-One patent programable load regulators .. Dec 09 09:23
_doug http://www.edn.com/blog/1470000147/po… Dec 09 09:23
_doug That’s a voltage regulator connected to a digital bus :] Dec 09 09:24
_doug A high-school project … Dec 09 09:24
kentma If this continues, it’ll become impossible to design electronics at all. Dec 09 09:25
_doug Go back a decade and you’ll see such circuits in the electronic magazines .. Dec 09 09:26
kentma I know, I used to read them & buy them. Dec 09 09:26
kentma Also, most magazine circuits were usually minor changes to the manufacturer’s recommended designs anyway. Dec 09 09:26
kentma RA Penfold books used to contain the Mullard audio amp circuits with just a few minor changes, as an example. Dec 09 09:27
_doug eg: a contactless switch using a CMOS NOR gate and a thyristor .. Dec 09 09:27
kentma change a bc107 to a ztx313 and you’ve a new circuit… Dec 09 09:28
_doug Take a look at a Marconi Radar unit from WW2 and you’ll see active power management Dec 09 09:28
kentma or any tv or video recorder made since the mid 1970s. Dec 09 09:28
_doug http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electr… Dec 09 09:29
kentma I used to read Wireless World, Practical Wireless and I still get RAd Com. Dec 09 09:29
kentma I also used to read everyday electronics when I was a schoolkid – lots of nice easy projects. Dec 09 09:29
kentma Practical Electronics was good, and so was elektor Dec 09 09:30
kentma Elektor was dutch, I think? Dec 09 09:30
_doug Of course nowadays it would look suspicous, buying mercury tilt switches or timers :> Dec 09 09:32
_doug But I only wanted to make a disco SLU .. Dec 09 09:33
_doug Study: Fragmented EU patent system impedes innovation Dec 09 09:33
_doug http://www.euractiv.com/en/innovation/study-fra… Dec 09 09:33
_doug Guess who sponcered the ‘study’ .. Dec 09 09:34
_doug “Jonathan Zuck of the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT” Dec 09 09:34
_doug :] Dec 09 09:34
kentma Hehe… Dec 09 09:34
kentma Tilt switches were all the rage in the 70s… Dec 09 09:34
MinceR what’s an SLU? Dec 09 09:35
_doug Sound to Light unit .. flashing lights to the music .. Dec 09 09:36
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_doug I used a tyristor opto-coupled to some digital circuits .. Z80 cpu etc Dec 09 09:37
_doug Friendster patent social networking .. Dec 09 09:39
_doug http://venturebeat.com/2008/12/08/friendster-nabs-fourth… Dec 09 09:39
_doug ‘The patent in question is in regards to the “compatibility scoring of users in a social network,” ‘ Dec 09 09:39
_doug they patented Correlation of a data set ? Dec 09 09:40
_doug LocaModa patent mobile social interactive content .. Dec 09 09:42
_doug http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008… Dec 09 09:42
_doug “A system and method for providing and managing location-based interactive content.” Dec 09 09:42
schestowitz _doug: how do you know ACT funded it? Dec 09 09:42
_doug It say so inthe article – wake up schest .. Dec 09 09:43
kentma SLU’s were all the rage in the 70s, too, along with flares, sequined trousers, high-heeled boots & makeup, and that was the boys … :-) Dec 09 09:43
schestowitz I’ll read carefully (I haven’t) Dec 09 09:43
_doug yea, I also designed a nuclear triggering device, only couldn’t get the parts mail-order .. Dec 09 09:43
_doug :] Dec 09 09:44
_doug it’s all to do with maintaining integrity of the pressure vessel .. Dec 09 09:44
kentma maplin are not what they were… Dec 09 09:44
_doug Haaaaa !!!! Dec 09 09:45
kentma oddly, they don’t seem to supply 15″ barrels, either :-) Dec 09 09:45
_doug Long term these kind of patents are going to stifle the economy. Do we really want such a system in Europe ? Dec 09 09:46
_doug The coming technological ‘Dark Age’ .. Dec 09 09:47
_doug http://citizeneconomists.com/blogs/2008/… Dec 09 09:47
kentma positively not, no.  We need to foster a period of technical development. Dec 09 09:47
_doug ‘Freedom in Computing’ conference to be held in India .. Dec 09 09:51
_doug http://www.expressbuzz.com/e… Dec 09 09:51
_doug “Richard Stallman .. will deliver the keynote address ..The conference will begin with the keynote address .. by Eben Moglen” Dec 09 09:52
_doug RepairPal patent repair price estimates .. Dec 09 09:54
_doug http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/RepairPal-… Dec 09 09:54
_doug “RepairPal’s unique, patent-pending system relies on multiple sources of proprietary data to provide accurate repair price estimates” Dec 09 09:55
_doug how the f**k can you patent a function to sum a list of data values .. Dec 09 09:55
kentma it’s like a gold-rush Dec 09 09:56
kentma in fact, that’s precisely what it is. Dec 09 09:56
_doug they’ve patented addition display max((sum($dataset.A)) Dec 09 09:56
kentma We have a “land-grab” or “gold-rush” underway, with everyone convinced that these mini-monopolies will result in huge payback later. Dec 09 09:56
kentma I wonder where they believe that the money will come /from/? Dec 09 09:57
_doug the ‘third world’ Dec 09 09:57
_doug That’s why we need multi-national ‘trade’ agreements .. Dec 09 09:57
_doug but China isn’t playing ball .. Dec 09 09:58
_doug “Schwab told a press briefing that there were mutual concern expressed about the danger of trade protectionism “ Dec 09 09:59
_doug Schwab to China: BOGU .. Dec 09 09:59
kentma indeed. Dec 09 10:03
_doug translation: you sell us your oil and minerals and we’ll sell you our patent protected intellectual property .. Dec 09 10:04
kentma you’d have to be pretty naive to fall for it… Dec 09 10:04
_doug you drop friendly hints and don’t exactly put it like that .. Dec 09 10:04
MinceR _doug: i see Dec 09 10:05
_doug China, India and the US have farm tariffs to protect local food producers, but only China and India are reguired to give it up .. Dec 09 10:06
_doug http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122878… Dec 09 10:07
_doug You drop your tariffs and we’ll let you sign a piece of paper .. Dec 09 10:07
_doug YOu also get to pay us for making your own drugs :o Dec 09 10:08
_doug ‘Protectionist’ only became a problem when the economic downturn hit the US Dec 09 10:09
_doug As usual you have to decode what they really mean: Dec 09 10:09
*Casperin (n=Casperin@h11n7-m-kr-gr100.ias.bredband.telia.com) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 09 10:10
_doug “we discussed the importance of domestic-led growth, and the importance of a market-determined currency in promoting balanced growth in China that will contribute to a healthy global economy” Dec 09 10:10
_doug ‘market-determined currency’ == do-not-even-think-of-moving-off the $DOLLAR Dec 09 10:10
_doug “the U.S. and China .. will make available an additional $20 billion .. creditworthy importers in developing economies” Dec 09 10:11
_doug We lend you money, you buy our goods, we get our money back, you go into debt … Dec 09 10:12
Casperin I’m sure IMF wouldn’t put it that way Dec 09 10:14
_doug Well no, but I do wonder what China is going to do with two trillion US$ dollars, Dec 09 10:18
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Casperin Aren’t they being pretty blatant about trying to sell them off? I think I read that somewhere long ago Dec 09 10:19
_doug If this was a poker game, then I would include the Rusians as well. Does the US realize it can’t dictate to the rest, anymore ? Dec 09 10:20
_doug Russia has all the OIL, and China provides cheap goods .. Dec 09 10:21
Casperin South America has a lot of oil as well… but of course less military Dec 09 10:22
_doug Well, lets go and liberate it :] Dec 09 10:22
Casperin but yeah.. I think they realize heh… The Russia/Georgia controversy showed that pretty clearly Dec 09 10:23
Casperin haha yeah… those poor Latins don’t know what’s good for them :P Dec 09 10:23
schestowitz No, _doug, no ‘liberation’ Dec 09 10:23
schestowitz (not again) Dec 09 10:23
Casperin it has worked so far… Dec 09 10:24
schestowitz Casperin: the CIA will come to assassinate the ‘bad guys’ Dec 09 10:24
_doug Is the US in the best position to advise the rest of the world on economic issues, considering they are the same people that caused the current crises ? Dec 09 10:24
schestowitz [bad to whom?] Dec 09 10:24
Casperin they almost succeeded overthrowing Chavez in.. when was it? 2002? I don’t even remember Dec 09 10:26
_doug The sub-prime crises caused by the deregulation of the morgage market wayback on pres Reagans watch .. Dec 09 10:26
_doug Chavez is runnning a mixed-market socialism sustem, similar to the UK just after WW2 .. Dec 09 10:27
Casperin yeah.. I am *really* puzzled about that. I mean, I have formal education in this field, and *I* can clearly see how bad that policy is… yet they don’t/didn’t.. amazing Dec 09 10:28
_doug Ironically, it works when there isw a strong private market ecomomy, or OIL .. Dec 09 10:28
schestowitz Casperin: Well, they killed Che Guevara Dec 09 10:28
schestowitz “Guevara left Cuba in 1965 to incite revolutions first in an unsuccessful attempt in Congo-Kinshasa and then in Bolivia, where he was captured with the help of the CIA and executed.” < http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Che_Guevara > Dec 09 10:28
Casperin and buried him behind some airport.. Dec 09 10:28
*sacarde (n=sacarde@adsl-ull-86-33.49-151.net24.it) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 09 10:29
schestowitz Airport? Dec 09 10:29
_doug not see the bad policy: I once had a cat, I fed it a whole gumbo tim of catfood in one sitting, just to see when it would stop. It never stopped eating .. :o Dec 09 10:29
Casperin yeah.. if I recall correctly Dec 09 10:29
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Fr… Dec 09 10:29
schestowitz “Entitled “The passion of the Che”, this photo displays the corpse of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara one day after his execution. His body was put on display to the world’s press to prove that in fact he had been captured and killed by Bolivian rangers with assistance from the CIA.” Dec 09 10:30
schestowitz Blame the “Bolivian rangers” Dec 09 10:30
_doug the market, is just like my cat, it’s unable to stop .. Dec 09 10:30
schestowitz Does your cat decline? Dec 09 10:30
Casperin oh.. hmm.. I must be wrong then.. my bad.. just thought his body/bones were lost Dec 09 10:30
Casperin lol Dec 09 10:30
schestowitz Don’t work. Change (TM) is on the way Dec 09 10:31
Casperin it expands… like a bubble ;) Dec 09 10:31
schestowitz In fact, Obama is already talking to his buddy BillG Dec 09 10:31
_doug Cuba, like Soviet Russia, no one is rich, but everyone is provided a basic subsistance .. Dec 09 10:31
schestowitz _doug: they ruin them on purpose too Dec 09 10:31
schestowitz Embargo for starters Dec 09 10:31
_doug Except for the party elite, who live in mansions and go on foreign travel Dec 09 10:31
_doug I guess the socalist experement is over .. Dec 09 10:32
schestowitz in other countries they destory basic infrastructures like ater supplies to ‘punish’ the population and say “look, the system there doesn’t work” Dec 09 10:32
schestowitz Look what they are doign now in the middle east. Dec 09 10:32
_doug ………………………………………………………. Dec 09 10:33
_doug Innovation lessons from the 1930s Dec 09 10:33
_doug http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/Innovation_less… Dec 09 10:33
Casperin yeah.. we are running a mixed economy as well (Denmark), and we are one of the richest countries in the world.. because we’re so small nobody cares enough to attack us Dec 09 10:33
_doug Casperin:do you have any OIL ? Dec 09 10:33
_doug :) Dec 09 10:33
schestowitz Or arms? Dec 09 10:34
Casperin a little.. not enough to sell Dec 09 10:34
schestowitz Or IP? Dec 09 10:34
schestowitz :-) Dec 09 10:34
Casperin some… and we’re in Afghanistan.. but it’s like a fart in the wind Dec 09 10:34
Casperin heh dunno Dec 09 10:34
Casperin I saw some article actually.. that 3 out of 4 companies here completely ignore patenting their stuff Dec 09 10:34
Casperin http://ing.dk/artikel/90891-tre-ud-af-fire… Danish =/ Dec 09 10:35
*sacarde (n=sacarde@adsl-ull-86-33.49-151.net24.it) has left #boycottnovell (“Sto andando via”) Dec 09 10:36
_doug As i said, mixed economies only work with a working market, when there is a downturn, the gove turns to borrowing and raising taxes to fund social services. So the voters end up paying off the national debt and gettign nothing in return. Which is why here, Labor eventually got kicked out, untill they became the Conservative party in disguise .. Dec 09 10:36
Casperin uk? Dec 09 10:36
_doug yea – new labor = old tory Dec 09 10:37
Casperin the whole idea of creating money out of nothing is dangerous… imo that’s the fundamental flaw Dec 09 10:38
_doug It’s like in physics, you don’t create energy just move it around. You don’t create wealth, just move it around, as in moving OIL from underground to your car .. Dec 09 10:39
Casperin exactly Dec 09 10:40
Casperin I guess creating money can be seen as a kind of tax then Dec 09 10:40
_doug It’s curious that the stock traders borrowed a function from physics to describe financial ‘instrument’ , Black/Scholes Dec 09 10:41
Casperin they did? Dec 09 10:41
_doug In physics we have entropy, in finance we have inflation .. Dec 09 10:42
_doug The Black–Scholes PDE is a partial differential equation which (in the model) must be satisfied by the price of a derivative on the equity Dec 09 10:42
_doug http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bl… Dec 09 10:42
_doug It somehow gave it credibility .. Dec 09 10:42
_doug It’s scientific, so must be valid .. Dec 09 10:42
_doug And here’s the magic formula that brought the US economy to it’s knees .. Dec 09 10:43
_doug http://upload.wikimedia.org/math/0/0/9/009ae… Dec 09 10:43
Casperin doesn’t look so scary to me :P Dec 09 10:44
schestowitz The US? Dec 09 10:45
schestowitz They brought down the whole US-wannabe world that followed the advice of Debt Culture. Dec 09 10:45
schestowitz If I make $X per month, then surely I can afford a loan of $12X for the year to come, right? (hint: assuming I keep the job) Dec 09 10:46
Casperin it’s going even further… even places like Japan is taking major blows Dec 09 10:46
schestowitz China too. Dec 09 10:46
schestowitz But they have wealth Dec 09 10:47
Casperin okay bad example.. but.. many places :) Dec 09 10:47
Casperin yeah Dec 09 10:47
schestowitz America is still relying on borrowings. Dec 09 10:47
schestowitz CHina is already turning awau Dec 09 10:47
_doug Read ‘Liar’s Poker’ by Michael Lewis to see a description of when and where thy invented dicing-and-slicing morgages and endlessly reselling them .. Dec 09 10:47
Casperin their main problem is that we don’t want to borrow as much from them as we used to Dec 09 10:47
schestowitz “No dollaz for us, thank you” Dec 09 10:47
_doug http://www.mondaynote.com/2008/03/03/finan… Dec 09 10:47
Casperin hah Dec 09 10:48
Casperin oh Roy.. I really enjoy your link dumps.. keep that up :) Dec 09 10:49
schestowitz Thanks. Dec 09 10:51
schestowitz I just posted some more. Dec 09 10:51
Casperin I saw them.. I’ll check them out later.. have to get going here. Dec 09 10:51
Casperin bbl Dec 09 10:52
_doug MS re-innovates the Web Portal .. Dec 09 10:52
_doug http://blogs.zdnet.com/mic… Dec 09 10:52
schestowitz Casperin: if you have suggestions for improving them, please say so. Dec 09 10:53
schestowitz I could, for example, provide a snippet for all of them. Dec 09 10:53
schestowitz _doug: it’s dead in the water Dec 09 10:54
schestowitz The Live effort. Dec 09 10:54
schestowitz First comment is from an AstroTurfer (anti-FOSS): No_Ax_to_Grind Dec 09 10:54
schestowitz _doug: on ACT: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/0… Dec 09 10:55
_doug Will EU repeat US copyright error? Dec 09 10:56
_doug http://www.guardian.co.uk/technolog… Dec 09 10:56
Casperin schestowitz, sure, I will :) Dec 09 10:56
Casperin they forgot the ‘t’ in terror Dec 09 10:57
schestowitz HAHA Dec 09 10:57
*GoblinRFD has quit (Remote closed the connection) Dec 09 10:57
PetoKraus _doug: thank you Dec 09 10:57
PetoKraus fucking dicks, honestly…. and i am pissed off before breakfast Dec 09 10:57
schestowitz McCreevy and cr0nies will do the damage Dec 09 10:58
schestowitz They have the MSBBC telling sob stories that are one sided to usher these monopolies Dec 09 10:59
PetoKraus you know Dec 09 10:59
PetoKraus this copyright extension act Dec 09 10:59
PetoKraus can be described as THEM stealing our-to-be data from US Dec 09 10:59
PetoKraus yet no one charges them with “piracy” charges Dec 09 11:00
Casperin I think techdirt had a really nice point in saying that copyright law is to encourage production; not social welfare Dec 09 11:00
schestowitz “The US extension of copyright has turned almost every work created in America’s history into an “orphan” — a work whose copyright has not expired, but whose copyright holder has been lost to the mists of time.” Dec 09 11:00
PetoKraus schestowitz: i know Dec 09 11:00
PetoKraus i tried to contact the label of one band for permission to use their song in my biking video Dec 09 11:00
PetoKraus 1) the label is dead Dec 09 11:00
PetoKraus 2) the band is dead Dec 09 11:01
schestowitz But Casperin, Nancy (Sinatra) doesn’t want to get a job Dec 09 11:01
PetoKraus 3) no emails whatsoever… what now? Dec 09 11:01
Casperin hehehe Dec 09 11:01
schestowitz She lobbies for welfare to sons of b* Dec 09 11:01
Casperin yeah… you don’t have to convince me that it’s insanity.. but, even from their own stated goal of such laws, is this a completely ludicrous thing to do Dec 09 11:02
Casperin argh yeah.. pisses me off too :( Dec 09 11:03
PetoKraus i wonder how can i contact the copyright holder Dec 09 11:03
Casperin hire a detective? =/ Dec 09 11:04
schestowitz Who would sue? Dec 09 11:05
schestowitz it’s expansionism Dec 09 11:06
schestowitz This type of imperialism thought the likes of McCreecy is not far unique from what they do when they overthrow government or fuel wars (not them…. just… with their ‘assistance’) Dec 09 11:06
schestowitz *through Dec 09 11:06
PetoKraus schestowitz: no one would sue, but it is still annoying Dec 09 11:07
PetoKraus i want to know who holds the copyright for the thing Dec 09 11:07
schestowitz Europeans making their own music… scary thought! Dec 09 11:07
PetoKraus and i wan’t to ask him for permission Dec 09 11:07
Casperin lol Dec 09 11:07
PetoKraus shouldn’t that be easy thing to do? Dec 09 11:07
Casperin Abba was the height of european music :P Dec 09 11:07
schestowitz The sad thing is, it’s not the singers’ fault Dec 09 11:07
PetoKraus i’m glad you didn’t say beatles Dec 09 11:07
schestowitz They want their art to spread Dec 09 11:08
PetoKraus UK Prog Rock is both prime examples Dec 09 11:08
schestowitz And yet, they follow the conventional route (often they must) which is copyrights. Dec 09 11:08
Casperin I could’ve said Aqua.. Dec 09 11:08
PetoKraus of the teribleness and greatness of EU music… Dec 09 11:08
*PetoKraus np: Yes – Starship Trooper: Life Seeker/Disillusion/Würm (The Yes Album) Dec 09 11:08
schestowitz It imprisons their work rather than have it shared widely. It impedes their potential. Dec 09 11:08
schestowitz Haha. Dec 09 11:09
schestowitz Funny you mentioned Aqua Dec 09 11:09
schestowitz I coded their album as Ogg the other day Dec 09 11:09
schestowitz It’s a CD I got when I was like 15 Dec 09 11:09
Casperin you bad you Dec 09 11:09
schestowitz And I know Danish people consider them an embarrassment Dec 09 11:09
Casperin stealing money from my Danish artist friends Dec 09 11:09
Casperin lol yeah.. Dec 09 11:09
schestowitz Aqua… yes, that was two days ago. I put all my CDs on this HDD Dec 09 11:10
schestowitz Not stealing Dec 09 11:10
schestowitz Copying for personal purposes. Dec 09 11:10
schestowitz The CDs become just lossless backup Dec 09 11:10
Casperin oh, right.. you can do that Dec 09 11:10
Casperin (still) Dec 09 11:10
schestowitz I think the MAFIAA challenges this right right now Dec 09 11:10
schestowitz Maybe they’ll encourage poor production of CDs too Dec 09 11:11
Casperin what for? Dec 09 11:11
schestowitz This way…erosion of media of change of media (CD->DVD->HD/Blu-Ray) they can expire old stuff so you starve and buy some more Dec 09 11:11
schestowitz I still have my tapes Dec 09 11:12
Casperin hmm.. clever.. you should work for this industry Dec 09 11:12
schestowitz No, which industry? Dec 09 11:12
Casperin music industry of course.. Dec 09 11:12
_doug http://www.wxow.com/Global/sto… Dec 09 11:12
schestowitz My parents still have a modern gramophone, so I can listen to original Jackson 5  records. Dec 09 11:13
schestowitz Casperin: music industry is worse than the likes of Apple Dec 09 11:13
_doug Not liable to generate much confidence .. Dec 09 11:13
Casperin hah Dec 09 11:13
schestowitz They ruin people’s life… treating them like disposable sponges and leaving them to rot with debt and dreams. Dec 09 11:13
Casperin both worlds are sick Dec 09 11:14
schestowitz The copyrights cartel should have some of its people sentenced. Dec 09 11:14
Casperin my dad just tossed his box because it was “ruined by virus” :( Dec 09 11:14
schestowitz The problem is, they control the government. They are super wealthy and they even got Biden in their pocket Dec 09 11:14
_doug Secunia PSI security threats identified: Dec 09 11:14
schestowitz Casperin: my mom too Dec 09 11:14
schestowitz The ‘computer’ is infected Dec 09 11:14
_doug Adobe Flash Player 9.x (ActiveX Control) Dec 09 11:14
_doug Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x Dec 09 11:14
_doug Microsoft Windows XP Professional Dec 09 11:14
_doug Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 3.x Dec 09 11:14
_doug Sun Java JRE 1.6.x / 6.x Dec 09 11:14
_doug Sun Java JRE 1.6.x / 6.x Dec 09 11:14
schestowitz Reminds me of an old saying Dec 09 11:14
Casperin did she hammer the HD and everything else inside too? Just so nobody could get stuff out of it? Dec 09 11:15
schestowitz About people who commit suicide… they kill those bodies although there’s nothing wrong with them (just mental issues) Dec 09 11:15
Casperin haha Dec 09 11:15
schestowitz Windows = brain? Dec 09 11:15
Casperin I’m not liking this analogy… Dec 09 11:16
Casperin windows and brain doesn’t belong in the same sentence Dec 09 11:16
PetoKraus alright, i *might have* found label, which is parent label of that label of that artist of that song Dec 09 11:16
schestowitz It’s the bad brain though (mental issues) Dec 09 11:16
PetoKraus mailto: song.getArtist().getLabel().getParentLabel().getEmail(); Dec 09 11:17
Casperin =/ Dec 09 11:17
PetoKraus everything is easier and cleaner with Java™ Dec 09 11:18
Casperin schestowitz, just out of curiosity.. how on earth do have time to put out that many posts on your blog? Dec 09 11:19
Casperin are you a security guard with a laptop or something? :P Dec 09 11:19
schestowitz Casperin: I improves over time (years) Dec 09 11:19
schestowitz *improved Dec 09 11:20
Casperin well done then.. I applaud you :) Dec 09 11:20
schestowitz Thanks. Dec 09 11:20
Casperin now bbl.. got a girl to see ^^ Dec 09 11:20
schestowitz Have fun Dec 09 11:21
schestowitz Not lots of fun (cause that’s Novell SUSE) Dec 09 11:21
schestowitz http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122879211… Dec 09 11:31
PetoKraus :/ Dec 09 11:32
macabe Roy: Is linuxdevices.com taking MS money? Dec 09 11:51
schestowitz http://www.p2pnet.net/s… ( RIAA targets transplant patient Ciara Sauro ) Dec 09 11:52
schestowitz macabe: they stll do MS ads? Dec 09 11:53
schestowitz It’s eWeek Dec 09 11:53
macabe OK, yes I see it. Dec 09 11:53
schestowitz Its’s the writer vs publisher thing. Dec 09 11:54
schestowitz Same in LinuxToday Dec 09 11:54
macabe They’re kind’ve claiming Asus started the netbook move. Dec 09 11:54
schestowitz True Dec 09 11:54
schestowitz OL{C Dec 09 11:54
schestowitz Intel used ASUS to ruins OLPC Dec 09 11:55
macabe IIRC OLPC was fighting Intel & MS when the first Asus came out. Dec 09 11:55
schestowitz I have proof Dec 09 11:55
schestowitz Microsoft was later muscling ASUS Dec 09 11:56
macabe I see it’s a Ziff-Gates Ent. Will leave a comment. Thanks Dec 09 12:04
schestowitz It’s banjrupt Dec 09 12:06
schestowitz Let it be so Dec 09 12:06
schestowitz I know the editors of this site Dec 09 12:06
schestowitz But they are NOT the publishers Dec 09 12:06
schestowitz It’s the usual conflict between greedy SOBs that don’t care about Freedom and those who work for them Dec 09 12:06
schestowitz Same in Linux.com (I had this argument with Joe Barr) Dec 09 12:06
schestowitz In LinuxToday, neither Carla nor Brian liked the MS ads, but it’s there. Dec 09 12:07
schestowitz Had we boycottted site that do this, not much would be left to cite Dec 09 12:07
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Dec 09 12:07
schestowitz Also, despite the fact that BN blocks sites like ms.com and novell.com (among others), the ads still make it in sometimes, through their ‘partners’ and ‘ecosystem’. Very annoying. Dec 09 12:07
macabe If anyone’s the cancer, it’s ms and their ads. They ooze into almost every site. Dec 09 12:09
schestowitz Yes, it’s a marketing company Dec 09 12:10
schestowitz Apple’s the same… making people believe that only iPods will play music decently. Dec 09 12:11
schestowitz Eric Lai goes on a “PIRATE” propaganda… http://www.linuxworld.com.au/author/14… Dec 09 12:12
schestowitz http://www.linuxworld.com.au/article/270170/brie… It’s not piracy; he should stop parroting abusive terms from criminals in suits Dec 09 12:13
schestowitz http://monty-says.blogspot.com/2008/11/oops-we-did-i… Dec 09 12:15
schestowitz Good video:  First ever computer mouse demo < http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7772376.stm > Dec 09 12:18
schestowitz Terror = Jobs < http://technocrat.net/d/2008/1… > Dec 09 12:40
schestowitz Sentimental blackmail (selling abuse under the guise of charity..): http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft/… .. http://boycottnovell.com/2008/02/04/c… Dec 09 12:48
schestowitz Embrace… and extend…”Microsoft made the Oxite source code available for download on December 5. Oxite is available under the Microsoft Public License (MS-Pl), one of its OSI-certified open-source licenses.” http://blogs.zdnet.com/micr… Dec 09 12:52
schestowitz 8000 to be laid off in Sony: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/… ; http://feeds.theinquirer.net/c/554/f/712… Dec 09 12:58
schestowitz H*ly Cr*p: http://www.pcworld.com/article/155158/ti_… “Texas Instruments pulled down its profit forecast for the December quarter by as much as two-thirds on Monday, and it also cut its revenue expectations, saying the economic downturn is having a powerful impact on the market for its chips.” Dec 09 13:00
schestowitz Report: 21 Million German Bank Accounts for Sale < http://www.pcworld.com/article/155149… > “Reporters for WirtschaftsWoche (Economic Week) managed to obtain a CD containing 1.2 million accounts after a November face-to-face meeting with criminals in a Hamburg hotel, according to the magazine.” Easy when half of all PCs are zombies Dec 09 13:05
*Eruaran (n=jeremy@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 09 13:26
Eruaran hello all Dec 09 13:26
schestowitz Hey there. Dec 09 13:28
Eruaran hi Roy Dec 09 13:28
schestowitz Any news from down under? Dec 09 13:30
Eruaran Only that people aren’t happy about the web censorship thing Dec 09 13:30
Eruaran I was reading Locutus’s musings on “Where will Linux be in ten years time? “ Dec 09 13:32
Eruaran It got me thinking Dec 09 13:32
schestowitz Mr. Shields… Dec 09 13:33
Eruaran I’ve commented but its under moderation atm Dec 09 13:33
schestowitz Wow. I’ve just noticed BN climbed to 3300th in Netcraft. Dec 09 13:34
Eruaran Thats interesting Dec 09 13:34
schestowitz It will be nice when we pass Groklaw. Dec 09 13:34
schestowitz (If) Dec 09 13:34
Eruaran After all… teh internetz are a big place Dec 09 13:34
schestowitz Too big for those that favouyr /narrow/ point of view Dec 09 13:35
Eruaran Interesting trivia: March was once the first month of the year. Dec 09 13:37
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/200… (Do We Really Want An Internet Run By Lynch Mobs?) Dec 09 13:38
schestowitz So the year did not begin as cold and rainy then. Different religions still have different dates set as start of year. Dec 09 13:39
schestowitz North could be south and south could be north, Greewich could be the corner of the world. All arbitrary choice, like an axis… same with months Dec 09 13:40
schestowitz Numbers too… we have a decimal system probably because we have ten fingers on our two hands. Dec 09 13:40
Eruaran The planet Jupiter has very low density Dec 09 13:42
Eruaran Lower than water Dec 09 13:42
Eruaran It could float in your bathtub Dec 09 13:43
Eruaran (of your bathtub was big enough) Dec 09 13:43
schestowitz I might try that later Dec 09 13:43
Eruaran what about hexadecimal ? Dec 09 13:45
Eruaran :P Dec 09 13:45
schestowitz It’s a more natural number Dec 09 13:45
schestowitz It’s a very good one…. like 260 Dec 09 13:45
schestowitz *360 Dec 09 13:45
Eruaran That article sounds like a lawyer complaining that he doesn’t get paid if admins are allowed to just disconnect spam merchants Dec 09 13:47
schestowitz This one is mystifying: http://www.deviceguru.com/top-ten-w… Dec 09 13:47
schestowitz No word on nuclear weapons, global warming and hunger as harms to civilisation, just Earth as a whole. Dec 09 13:48
schestowitz Spammers clogged up a mailing list of mine Dec 09 13:48
Eruaran Aliens Dec 09 13:48
schestowitz I spent too much time on it this morning. Dec 09 13:49
schestowitz Mailman won’t load Dec 09 13:49
Eruaran It will definately be aliens Dec 09 13:49
schestowitz It has megabyte on spam on queue… Firefox goes nuts and when I manage to get it to load I get a server internal error due to excessive load. I might need to admins to step in because of those spammers. Dec 09 13:50
schestowitz What a productivity waste.  http://www.economist.com/science/tq/displa… (Marching off to cyberwar) Dec 09 13:50
Eruaran We brought spam filtering to our lawyer clients Dec 09 13:50
Eruaran Around 80% of their traffic was spam Dec 09 13:50
schestowitz They should soon make a law that forbid Windows except for in very special circumstances. It has become a huge harm to the digital world… a big sore. Dec 09 13:50
schestowitz Microsoft should be sued just lime the MAFIAA does.. Dec 09 13:51
Eruaran They should be Dec 09 13:51
Eruaran For criminal negligence Dec 09 13:51
schestowitz Negligence is no excuse. Dec 09 13:51
schestowitz And I’m very gentle and conservative about it, compared to some. Dec 09 13:51
schestowitz “Our products just aren’t engineered for security.” — Brian Valentine, Microsoft executive < http://www.infoworld.com/articles/hn/xml/02/0… > Dec 09 13:52
Eruaran They know what needs to be done in terms of security for example Dec 09 13:52
Eruaran But they wont do it Dec 09 13:52
schestowitz They can’t Dec 09 13:52
schestowitz They need to rebuild WIndows Dec 09 13:52
schestowitz With networking in mind, permissions as _part of the O/S_ (not ‘bolted on’) Dec 09 13:53
Eruaran They’ve had many years to completely rebuild Windows Dec 09 13:53
schestowitz They made cheap copies of other people’s work and spent more time cheating and marketing, not improving the engineering at the early stages Dec 09 13:53
twitter they prefer to be root than protect the users Dec 09 13:53
schestowitz Vista is a case of trying to put an elephant on a diet Dec 09 13:53
Eruaran It is catching up with them now Dec 09 13:53
schestowitz Eruaran: They’ve had many years of monopoly too Dec 09 13:54
schestowitz had they had more compeittion, people would have gone to secure solutions and without improving they would due Dec 09 13:54
twitter I think they know all of this. Dec 09 13:54
Eruaran On security we tell it to our customers straight, “Microsoft has left Windows users high and dry” Dec 09 13:54
schestowitz *die. The issue now is helping people get past the marketing. Dec 09 13:54
twitter That’s why they are trying to steal GNU/Linux Dec 09 13:54
schestowitz I posted an example here yesterday, a message from my cousin in Florida.. he’s THANKFUL to Microsoft for anti-virus SW Dec 09 13:54
Eruaran eh ? Dec 09 13:55
twitter They stole from BSD and other free software to bolt Winblows together. Dec 09 13:55
schestowitz And Gary too Dec 09 13:55
twitter Now they try to own GNU/Linux. Dec 09 13:55
schestowitz Windows and DOS are copies of other people’s word Dec 09 13:55
schestowitz *work. Word too. Dec 09 13:55
Eruaran GK RIP Dec 09 13:55
schestowitz Intellectual ownership Dec 09 13:55
twitter theft Dec 09 13:56
schestowitz “Intellectual property is the next software.” –Nathan Myhrvold Dec 09 13:56
Eruaran ah Dec 09 13:56
Eruaran Bills buddy Dec 09 13:56
schestowitz BTW, that’s the poor SOB who pushed Microsoft vapourwarr Dec 09 13:56
twitter they did not make most of the software they have, they wrecked other companies and took what was left Dec 09 13:56
schestowitz On the one hand, he claims to be “”investor extraordinaire” but at the same time he does illegal things and sci-fi marketing. Dec 09 13:56
twitter then they bolted the work together Dec 09 13:56
Eruaran Now they have some patent troll company Dec 09 13:56
schestowitz /s/investor/inventor/ Dec 09 13:57
schestowitz They have SEVERAL Dec 09 13:57
schestowitz They spread their so-called ‘IP’ people Dec 09 13:57
Eruaran Want to hear something truly, spine tinglingly crappy ? Dec 09 13:57
schestowitz Read: people who push paperr for  a living Dec 09 13:57
Eruaran Something bone chillingly aweful ? Dec 09 13:57
schestowitz They call it “the next software” Dec 09 13:57
twitter that novell agreed that M$ owned GNU/Linux? Dec 09 13:57
schestowitz Why write programs? Just write down ideas. Dec 09 13:57
Eruaran Sage Line 50 requires… netbui Dec 09 13:57
schestowitz Then go after people with software and claim that they infringe on your  submitted-to-USPTO thoughts. Dec 09 13:58
Eruaran Just so it can use the network and not run like a bag of excrement Dec 09 13:58
schestowitz These people sit in the dinner table chewing the rug and then making zozens of patents with the lawyers that sit around listening. Dec 09 13:58
twitter netbios is a bag of shit Dec 09 13:58
schestowitz They are a shame and disgrace to technology and to the US Dec 09 13:58
Eruaran We’re talking pre-TCP/IP Dec 09 13:58
schestowitz And they ruin the ecnomy too with invisible ‘property’ (like mortgages) Dec 09 13:59
Eruaran schestowitz: they are scum and history will treat them as such Dec 09 13:59
schestowitz I remember netbui Dec 09 13:59
schestowitz It was needed for file sharing in Win898 Dec 09 13:59
Eruaran yes Dec 09 13:59
Eruaran Thats how crap Sage Line 50 is Dec 09 14:00
Eruaran Its criminal Dec 09 14:00
twitter netbui is awful crap. Dec 09 14:00
schestowitz I don’t know much about it Dec 09 14:00
Eruaran you dont want to Dec 09 14:00
schestowitz But networking in Windows was  amess Dec 09 14:00
Eruaran I’m sure it was designed in hell Dec 09 14:00
PetoKraus we’re using sage at work Dec 09 14:00
PetoKraus don’t get me started Dec 09 14:00
schestowitz I haven’t used it in years (not even elsewhere) Dec 09 14:00
Eruaran PetoKraus: I know your pain Dec 09 14:00
PetoKraus i could code better db using php and mysql Dec 09 14:00
twitter windows networking still sucks ass Dec 09 14:01
twitter The other day, I visited a house where someone was trying to hook up windows, mac and apple using M$ networking. Dec 09 14:02
Eruaran :O Dec 09 14:02
Eruaran nuuuuuuu Dec 09 14:02
PetoKraus mac and apple? Dec 09 14:02
twitter it did not work, of course.  some computers could see others but none could see all. Dec 09 14:02
twitter oh, just mac. Dec 09 14:02
PetoKraus but the girl is cute: http://www.sage.co.uk/images/m… Dec 09 14:02
Eruaran the mac without the apple ? Dec 09 14:03
Eruaran Thats a Pystar isn’t it ? Dec 09 14:03
Eruaran ;) Dec 09 14:03
twitter ha ha, my typo Dec 09 14:03
PetoKraus if she was sage’s field tech support, i might’ve been interested Dec 09 14:03
twitter the experience disturbs me still. Dec 09 14:03
PetoKraus oh man, the build quality of this is pretty crap Dec 09 14:04
schestowitz In the news: Argentina-based OpeniMac Now Selling Mac Clones < http://www.pcworld.com/article/155127/openimac… > Dec 09 14:04
Eruaran sage has tech support ? Dec 09 14:04
PetoKraus after 15 months i think it’s falling apart Dec 09 14:04
twitter crappy networking in the non free world is why non free software users still sneaker net most of their stuff around Dec 09 14:04
Eruaran PetoKraus: I have to do profit report and balance sheet every week with Sage Dec 09 14:04
PetoKraus Eruaran: well, my boss is paying £10k for it Dec 09 14:04
Eruaran PetoKraus: we’re phasing it out Dec 09 14:04
PetoKraus hehe Dec 09 14:04
PetoKraus what for? Dec 09 14:04
Eruaran Its killing me Dec 09 14:04
schestowitz SAGE is Not SAGE? Dec 09 14:05
Eruaran Not SAGE Dec 09 14:05
schestowitz gSNS? Dec 09 14:05
PetoKraus we could get some M$ IIS product or sage Dec 09 14:05
PetoKraus it’s like…. mud or water Dec 09 14:05
Eruaran PetoKraus: one of the other guys sat there one day with TBS CleverPlus and completed everything while I was sitting in front of Sage watching a progress bar Dec 09 14:06
PetoKraus :D Dec 09 14:06
schestowitz That’s a patent Dec 09 14:06
schestowitz Progress bar Dec 09 14:06
Eruaran w00t Dec 09 14:06
Eruaran youre kidding Dec 09 14:06
Eruaran ridicule! Dec 09 14:07
PetoKraus Eruaran: what are you getting instead of sage? Dec 09 14:07
PetoKraus *deploying Dec 09 14:07
schestowitz I wrote several programs that implement a progress bar. Scary Dec 09 14:07
schestowitz It’s not this one.. http://www.patentstorm.us/patent… Dec 09 14:07
Eruaran PetoKraus: we’re lobbying hard at each montly meeting to switch to TBS software Dec 09 14:07
Eruaran Even though its proprietary :( Dec 09 14:07
schestowitz Here: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg185… Dec 09 14:07
Eruaran Its so much better than Sage Dec 09 14:07
schestowitz “Richard Stallman mentions patent EP0394160 issued by the European Patent Office as an example of how a software patent impedes software development (5 February, p 28). The patent covers the display of a “progress bar” that gradually increases in length to show how much of a task has been completed. I agree that granting such patents is undesirable – and this one should never have been issued anyway.” Dec 09 14:07
schestowitz Go ahead to court to defend yourself… if you can afford it. Dec 09 14:08
schestowitz The system is totally corrupt Dec 09 14:08
PetoKraus “the second color is distinct from the first color” Dec 09 14:08
PetoKraus NO SHIT SHERLOCK! Dec 09 14:08
schestowitz Richard Stallman: “Staff at the European Patent Office went on strike accusing the organization of corruption: specifically, stretching the standards for patents in order to make more money.” Dec 09 14:08
schestowitz We could create new jobs Dec 09 14:09
schestowitz Let’s have examiners look at toilet paper patents Dec 09 14:09
schestowitz Let’s build more grenades too… Dec 09 14:09
Eruaran Using Sage is like beating yourself in the head with a meat cleaver… And wondering why you bleed… Dec 09 14:09
schestowitz Let’s… let’s… I know… let’s make more money by giving out LOANS!! Brilliant! Dec 09 14:09
PetoKraus Eruaran: so it’s really shit Dec 09 14:10
PetoKraus you know Dec 09 14:10
Eruaran yes Dec 09 14:10
PetoKraus everytime i try to do something, i break the poor thing Dec 09 14:10
Eruaran :P Dec 09 14:10
Eruaran oh Dec 09 14:10
Eruaran Sage is the very epitomy of broken Dec 09 14:10
schestowitz It’s not so poor Dec 09 14:10
PetoKraus it’s like… umm, i forgot to fill in the type of payment Dec 09 14:10
schestowitz 10k Dec 09 14:10
PetoKraus but um oh…. i already printed the invoice Dec 09 14:11
Eruaran Sage um… loses stuff Dec 09 14:11
PetoKraus so i have to cancel the invoice at three different places Dec 09 14:11
PetoKraus AND create a new one Dec 09 14:11
Eruaran argh Dec 09 14:11
Eruaran you could delete the transaction Dec 09 14:11
Eruaran and start again Dec 09 14:11
Eruaran ;) Dec 09 14:11
Eruaran MEAT CLEAVER…. MEET HEAD Dec 09 14:11
PetoKraus yes, but i need to: delete order, delete invoice, restock allocations, and update records!!!!! Dec 09 14:12
Eruaran haha Dec 09 14:12
PetoKraus (the first two are done at the same screen) Dec 09 14:12
Eruaran yes… update records Dec 09 14:12
Eruaran or you’ll be sitting there for ages going WTF! Dec 09 14:12
PetoKraus i need to press F5 to see what I’ve done Dec 09 14:12
PetoKraus cause it DOES NOT REFRESH AUTOMATICALLY!!!1 Dec 09 14:12
*Eruaran falls over laughing Dec 09 14:13
PetoKraus the best part is…. Dec 09 14:13
schestowitz Costco poisoned by the Microsoft Movement: http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Jeff… Dec 09 14:13
Eruaran It would be hilarious if it weren’t true… Dec 09 14:13
PetoKraus i try to fill in order, while waiting for customer to give me his contact details Dec 09 14:13
PetoKraus you know, i’ve got the stock with me, so, while he scribbles down the address and name, I can fill in the order… Dec 09 14:13
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    December 10, 2008 at 6:16 am


    What did I do THIS time? I’m unable to spot any context.

  2. Roy Schestowitz said,

    December 10, 2008 at 6:46 am


    Where are you mentioned? I can’t see.

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    Shane Shields

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    Gemini is turning 4 this month (on the 20th, according to the founder) and I thought I’d do a spontaneous video about how I use Gemini, why it's so good, and why it’s still growing (Stéphane Bortzmeyer fixed the broken cron job — or equivalent of it — a day or two after I had mentioned the issue)

  2. HMRC Does Not Care About Tax Fraud Committed by UK Government Contractor, Sirius 'Open Source'

    The tax crimes of Sirius ‘Open Source’ were reported to HMRC two weeks ago; HMRC did not bother getting back to the reporters (victims of the crime) and it’s worth noting that the reporters worked on UK government systems for many years, so maybe there’s a hidden incentive to bury this under the rug

  3. Our IRC at 15th Anniversary

    So our IRC community turns 15 today (sort of) and I’ve decided to do a video reflecting on the fact that some of the same people are still there after 15 years

  4. IRC Proceedings: Thursday, June 01, 2023

    IRC logs for Thursday, June 01, 2023

  5. Links 02/06/2023: NixOS 23.05 and Rust 1.70.0

    Links for the day

  6. Gemini Links 02/06/2023: Flying High With Gemini and Gogios Released

    Links for the day

  7. Links 01/06/2023: KStars 3.6.5 and VEGA ET1031 RISC-V Microprocessor in Use

    Links for the day

  8. Gemini Links 01/06/2023: Scam Call and Flying High With Gemini

    Links for the day

  9. Links 01/06/2023: Spleen 2.0.0 Released and Team UPC Celebrates Its Own Corruption

    Links for the day

  10. IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, May 31, 2023

    IRC logs for Wednesday, May 31, 2023

  11. Tux Machines Closing the Door on Twitter Because Twitter is Dead (for a Lot of People)

    Tux Machines recently joined millions of others who had already quit Twitter, including passive posting (fully or partly automated)

  12. Links 31/05/2023: Inkscape’s 1.3 Plans and New ARM Cortex-A55-Based Linux Chip

    Links for the day

  13. Gemini Links 31/05/2023: Personality of Software Engineers

    Links for the day

  14. Links 31/05/2023: Armbian 23.05 Release and Illegal UPC

    Links for the day

  15. IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, May 30, 2023

    IRC logs for Tuesday, May 30, 2023

  16. Gemini Protocol About to Turn 4 and It's Still Growing

    In the month of May we had zero downtime (no updates to the system or outages in the network), which means Lupa did not detect any errors such as timeouts and we’re on top of the list (the page was fixed a day or so after we wrote about it); Gemini continues to grow (chart by Botond) as we’re approaching the 4th anniversary of the protocol

  17. Links 31/05/2023: Librem Server v2, curl 8.1.2, and Kali Linux 2023.2 Release

    Links for the day

  18. Gemini Links 31/05/2023: Bayes Filter and Programming Wordle

    Links for the day

  19. [Meme] Makes No Sense for EPO (Now Connected to the EU) and Staff Pensions to be Tied to the UK After Brexit

    It seems like EPO staff is starting to have doubts about the safety of EPO pensions after Benoît Battistelli sent money to reckless gambling (EPOTIF) — a plot that’s 100% supported by António Campinos and his enablers in the Council, not to mention the European Union

  20. Working Conditions at EPO Deteriorate and Staff Inquires About Pension Rights

    Work is becoming a lot worse (not even compliant with the law!) and promises are constantly being broken, so staff is starting to chase management for answers and assurances pertaining to finances

  21. Links 30/05/2023: Orc 0.4.34 and Another Rust Crisis

    Links for the day

  22. Links 30/05/2023: Nitrux 2.8.1 and HypoPG 1.4.0

    Links for the day

  23. Gemini Links 30/05/2023: Bubble Version 3.0

    Links for the day

  24. Links 30/05/2023: LibreOffice 7.6 in Review and More Digital Restrictions (DRM) From HP

    Links for the day

  25. Gemini Links 30/05/2023: Curl Still Missing the Point?

    Links for the day

  26. IRC Proceedings: Monday, May 29, 2023

    IRC logs for Monday, May 29, 2023

  27. MS (Mark Shuttleworth) as a Microsoft Salesperson

    Canonical isn’t working for GNU/Linux or for Ubuntu; it’s working for “business partners” (WSL was all along about promoting Windows)

  28. First Speaker in Event for GNU at 40 Called for Resignation/Removal of GNU's Founder

    It’s good that the FSF prepares an event to celebrate GNU’s 40th anniversary, but readers told us that the speakers list is unsavoury, especially the first one (a key participant in the relentless campaign of defamation against the person who started both GNU and the FSF; the "FSFE" isn't even permitted to use that name)

  29. When Jokes Became 'Rude' (or Disingenuously Misinterpreted by the 'Cancel Mob')

    A new and more detailed explanation of what the wordplay around "pleasure card" actually meant

  30. Site Updates and Plans Ahead

    A quick look at or a roundup of what we've been up to, what we plan to publish in the future, what topics we shall focus on very soon, and progress moving to Alpine Linux

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