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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Boxing Day 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:08 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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trmanco problem solved :-P Dec 26 00:00
trmanco time to go Dec 26 00:00
trmanco see ya’ll later Dec 26 00:00
schestowitz Cya Dec 26 00:02
MinceR well, now even the formerly working version of google earth stopped working Dec 26 00:44
schestowitz new version of gadgets released. Dec 26 00:45
schestowitz What’s GE good for anyway. Toy for mapping that can be done in 2d? Dec 26 00:45
MinceR a faster version of google maps Dec 26 00:46
MinceR mainly Dec 26 00:46
schestowitz What’s it used for? Dec 26 00:48
schestowitz Other than leisure? Dec 26 00:48
MinceR currently nothing, as it fails to show even the planet Dec 26 00:48
schestowitz When I installed it (2 older machine), then I run it once… that’s it. Dec 26 00:48
schestowitz *LOL* you can spin the vacuum. Dec 26 00:49
MinceR so it pretty much is just a grim form of entertainment, seeing how brutally google fails at software engineering Dec 26 00:49
schestowitz :-) Dec 26 00:49
MinceR yes, at least i can spin it Dec 26 00:49
MinceR as root it did show the globe though Dec 26 00:49
MinceR if that really was root Dec 26 00:49
schestowitz They forget to uncomment “drawGlobe()” before compiling the final Dec 26 00:49
MinceR oh, and it refuses to use antialiased fonts Dec 26 00:49
MinceR bleeding-eyed users must be so funny Dec 26 00:50
schestowitz Yes, they were bad with Qt when I last tried it. Dec 26 00:50
schestowitz At Google, it’s Windows first. Dec 26 00:50
schestowitz They have come a long way since ‘designing’ their logo in GIMP Dec 26 00:51
MinceR Server Login just flashes a dialog box Dec 26 00:51
MinceR it’s like photoshop 5.5 all over again Dec 26 00:51
schestowitz Let me try it. Dec 26 00:53
schestowitz I’ll ‘taint’ me box. Dec 26 00:53
MinceR it works as root Dec 26 00:53
schestowitz 4.3 Dec 26 00:53
MinceR hasn’t anyone told these retards that linux isn’t windows? Dec 26 00:53
schestowitz Well, it’s a win apps then. Dec 26 00:54
schestowitz Haha. Dec 26 00:54
schestowitz You beat me to it. Dec 26 00:54
*schestowitz installing GE Dec 26 00:55
schestowitz 56MB?!?!?! Dec 26 00:55
MinceR mincer@stormwind(pts/8) % sudo /opt/google-earth/uninstall Dec 26 00:55
MinceR Could not open product information for -L Dec 26 00:55
schestowitz OMG Dec 26 00:56
schestowitz No globe Dec 26 00:56
schestowitz Oh wait Dec 26 00:56
schestowitz It came now. Dec 26 00:56
schestowitz yuck, what did they do to qt? Dec 26 00:56
MinceR they’ve raped it Dec 26 00:57
MinceR if this is Qt at all Dec 26 00:57
schestowitz Ugly fonts, colours not inherited Dec 26 00:57
MinceR colors worked for me Dec 26 00:57
MinceR but not the fonts Dec 26 00:57
schestowitz The scrollbar is like bl00dy Windows XP. Dec 26 00:57
schestowitz It looks like Wine Dec 26 00:57
schestowitz But it’s not Picasa Dec 26 00:57
schestowitz It’s OGL/Qt Dec 26 00:57
MinceR i don’t know how these idiots even manage to break otherwise working tools such as the loki installer and Qt. Dec 26 00:58
schestowitz It’s out of date Dec 26 00:59
schestowitz I found my house Dec 26 00:59
MinceR doesn’t work if it’s installed into /home either Dec 26 00:59
schestowitz I can see it ‘pre’-destruction (of green areas) Dec 26 00:59
schestowitz The resolution is astounding Dec 26 01:00
schestowitz better than the last time I tried it. Dec 26 01:00
MinceR well, i can’t use it anymore Dec 26 01:01
MinceR unless i intend to run it as root Dec 26 01:01
schestowitz it’s fun Dec 26 01:01
schestowitz But I’m sure I won’t run it again. Dec 26 01:01
schestowitz OK< done Dec 26 01:02
schestowitz .You do realise that Google spies on you as you use it. Dec 26 01:03
schestowitz ‘Spies’ Dec 26 01:03
MinceR i know Dec 26 01:03
MinceR i’m back to running google maps in firefox Dec 26 01:03
schestowitz It knows your every motion Dec 26 01:03
MinceR (as it doesn’t support opera anymore) Dec 26 01:03
schestowitz If they could store that, then they could accuse ‘terror~1′ os using GE to do their job. Dec 26 01:03
schestowitz Then people can attack GE instead of people. Dec 26 01:04
schestowitz Silverlight won’t support Opera, either. Dec 26 01:04
schestowitz It’s in the news. Dec 26 01:04
schestowitz I’ll write about it tomorrow. Dec 26 01:04
MinceR now i’ll have to manually clean up after this software failure. Dec 26 01:11
MinceR it vomited all over the filesystem and the uninstaller refuses to even start Dec 26 01:11
schestowitz *LOL* vomited. Dec 26 01:11
schestowitz Software inheriting human traits and behaviours. Dec 26 01:11
MinceR my only luck is that it has “google” in the name of at least some of the crud Dec 26 01:12
schestowitz find | grep google Dec 26 01:12
MinceR i’m so pissed off i think i’ll switch default search engines. Dec 26 01:12
schestowitz Turning things around Dec 26 01:12
MinceR fuck google and fuck the horse they rode in on. Dec 26 01:12
schestowitz google.find() Dec 26 01:12
schestowitz There is no othert search engine Dec 26 01:13
schestowitz Yahoo is for people who just use their mail there and then search for Britney Sprears (number 1 query there in 2008) Dec 26 01:13
MinceR well, there’s yahoo, mozdex, there might even still be YaCy (or however it’s spelt) Dec 26 01:13
schestowitz Yandex? Dec 26 01:13
MinceR at least yahoo understands boolean queries Dec 26 01:14
schestowitz Yes Dec 26 01:14
schestowitz But it could be sold to the Vole Dec 26 01:14
schestowitz Likely so Dec 26 01:14
MinceR google just tries to be smarter than the user Dec 26 01:14
schestowitz The search part Dec 26 01:14
MinceR gn Dec 26 03:20
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schestowitz Site id down again Dec 26 08:56
schestowitz It routinely happens in mornings. I don’t know why. Dec 26 08:57
schestowitz “Small” Change in Bailout Language Preserves Executive Pay < http://www.prwatch.org/node/8075 > Dec 26 09:01
schestowitz http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2… “Police arrested and held shadow immigration minister Green for nine hours last month in connection with a Home Office leak inquiry. It prompted Tory accusations of “heavy-handed tactics” by Scotland Yard and piled pressure on the officer in charge of the probe, Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick.” Dec 26 09:05
tessier MinceR: What’s wrong with google? Dec 26 09:13
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schestowitz Unhappy chaps: http://gojko.net/2008/12/26/opensource-… Dec 26 11:12
schestowitz “Roy Schestowitz from the Boycot Novell site takes a different approach and blames us for a “Microsoftication of open source”, I guess without even reading what the event is all about and who is organising it.” Dec 26 11:13
trmanco meh Dec 26 11:15
trmanco what can we do about it… Dec 26 11:15
schestowitz Not much. Dec 26 11:15
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schestowitz Vixta renamed Simplis? (from Portugal BTW) http://vixta.sourceforge.net/simp… Dec 26 11:22
schestowitz Nice new release and graphics.. KDE4 Dec 26 11:22
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schestowitz “The strange thing about this episode is that it looks like the FOSS community seemingly doesn’t want to know about it.” < http://www.itwire.com/content/view/2… > Dec 26 11:25
schestowitz Ubertroll Beeb is still on a  tour against BN: http://blogbeebe.blogspot.com/2008/12/epic-… Why does he not link to the original post that shows a screenshot that contradicts his? Oh, that’s right. His only goal is to say we are not correct < http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/24… >. Judge for yourselves. Dec 26 11:33
schestowitz http://www.kev009.com/wp/2008/12/politica… Dec 26 11:36
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MinceR tessier: a lot, starting from disrespecting privacy and human rights while claiming to be Good to that all their products except the search engine suck Dec 26 12:41
schestowitz Google is a Public Company(R), so doing good is not a mode of operating. That said, some such companies don’t break the law, unlike say… Intel, Microsoft and Enron. Dec 26 12:42
schestowitz Public looting: “But despite Treasury’s promise back then that they would release the figure the government is paying the Bank of New York Mellon (BoNYM) to manage and distribute cash from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), they still have refused to make the information public.” < http://www.prwatch.org/node/8092 > Dec 26 12:43
MinceR j0 Dec 26 12:44
MinceR when did they outlaw ethics for public companies? Dec 26 12:44
MinceR also, who forced google to do an IPO? Dec 26 12:44
schestowitz National culture (corporate sense) Dec 26 12:57
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schestowitz Do you know the feeling when something fails to work, then you work around it and the solution turns out to be better than that old ‘broken’ solution? A lot of this has happened to me recently. Sometimes things must fail miserably for people to move on to better solutoons. Dec 26 13:44
trmanco yes that happens to me too Dec 26 13:53
schestowitz I’d stop working remotely on PDF stuff. LyX works nicely on my box Dec 26 13:55
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schestowitz bbl Dec 26 15:33
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mib_lfsdpg hola Dec 26 17:25
trmanco Hi Dec 26 17:28
mib_lfsdpg checking out /. on the RIM story. Check out the letter to congress and the signatorieds Dec 26 17:29
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schestowitz twitter made a /. front-pager: http://news.slashdot.org/article… Dec 26 17:54
schestowitz Here’s the RIM story: http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl?… Dec 26 17:55
schestowitz “BlackBerry maker Research in Motion sued Motorola over claims the mobile phone maker is improperly blocking it from offering jobs to laid-off Motorola workers, Bloomberg said.” http://news.cnet.com/Report-RIM-accuse… Dec 26 17:56
schestowitz http://www.competeamerica.org/hill/letter_… Dec 26 17:57
schestowitz “Steven A. Ballmer Dec 26 17:57
schestowitz Chief Executive Officer Dec 26 17:57
schestowitz Microsoft Corporation Dec 26 17:57
schestowitz Craig Barrett Dec 26 17:57
schestowitz Chairman Dec 26 17:57
schestowitz Intel Corporation” Dec 26 17:57
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schestowitz Hey, Stargrave Dec 26 18:01
schestowitz brb Dec 26 18:02
Stargrave Hello Dec 26 18:05
trmanco just posted some more experiences on COLA Dec 26 18:06
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schestowitz trmanco: you’re hurting the trolls’s feelings. Dec 26 18:14
schestowitz *troll’s Dec 26 18:14
trmanco oops Dec 26 18:15
trmanco that is a side effect Dec 26 18:15
trmanco hmm Dec 26 18:20
schestowitz The trolls are. These are there to disrupt — the side effect of having impact in COLA. For similar reasons they ruin any decent site that has positive effect, be it Digg or Slashdot or whatever. Dec 26 18:20
trmanco my audacious went crazy Dec 26 18:20
trmanco I had to delete my config file and start over, everthing back to normal again Dec 26 18:20
trmanco a now digg for a while Dec 26 18:20
trmanco it is note the same as the day I’ve joined it Dec 26 18:21
trmanco know* Dec 26 18:21
schestowitz Did you manage to find a blockquote tool? Dec 26 18:21
schestowitz I joined in 2006 after lurking for a while. Dec 26 18:22
trmanco that quote thingy like yours? Dec 26 18:22
schestowitz For a while I was dominating the UNIX/Linux section. :-) Dec 26 18:22
trmanco … until the trolls came Dec 26 18:22
schestowitz Yes, I use ALT+T+B after highlighting the text. It saves lots of time. Dec 26 18:22
schestowitz I used to do this with the mouse, but I’m faster with the keyboard now. Dec 26 18:23
trmanco me, I use emacs Dec 26 18:23
trmanco its an emacs thing Dec 26 18:23
trmanco M-x boxquote-yank Dec 26 18:23
trmanco M-x boxquote-title Dec 26 18:23
trmanco Title: Quote Dec 26 18:24
trmanco and then I copy it to thunderbird Dec 26 18:24
schestowitz Cool. Maybe the KNode thing was inherited from emacs Dec 26 18:24
trmanco I have no idea, but it’s GPL so :-P Dec 26 18:24
schestowitz The Knode implementation seems slow though. You can see the drawing as though the algo moves the cursor. Dec 26 18:24
trmanco on emacs it is instant Dec 26 18:25
trmanco lety me try with 20 000 lines of lorem ipsum Dec 26 18:25
trmanco let* Dec 26 18:25
schestowitz I was worse in older version of KNode. Dec 26 18:25
trmanco “Generated 150 paragraphs, 13446 words, 91186 bytes of Lorem Ipsum” Dec 26 18:26
trmanco can do more :( Dec 26 18:26
trmanco can’t Dec 26 18:26
trmanco :O Dec 26 18:27
trmanco I forgot to say that I use another el to wrap the text Dec 26 18:28
trmanco yanking it to emacs is instant Dec 26 18:28
trmanco wrapping takes about 1 second Dec 26 18:28
trmanco :D Dec 26 18:28
schestowitz Probably same in KNode. Dec 26 18:29
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schestowitz MathWorks is part of that letter/stunt: “John N. Little Dec 26 18:39
schestowitz CEO Dec 26 18:39
schestowitz The MathWorks Dec 26 18:39
schestowitz Tod Loofbourrow Dec 26 18:39
schestowitz President & CEO Dec 26 18:39
schestowitz Authoria” Dec 26 18:39
*trmanco is going to try slrn out Dec 26 19:11
Omar87 schestowitz: lol, guess what. :) Dec 26 19:20
Omar87 schestowitz:  I have finally decided it’s time for me to pull the plug on my facebook account. Dec 26 19:21
Omar87 schestowitz: Enough feeding Bill Gates’ lust for money. Dec 26 19:21
schestowitz What was the last straw? Dec 26 19:21
Omar87 I’m not sure.. Dec 26 19:22
*schestowitz gets inviated to a cuas Dec 26 19:23
*schestowitz gets invited to a cause Dec 26 19:23
Omar87 Lot’s of thinks, some of which are not related to FOSS. Dec 26 19:23
*schestowitz check his ‘precious’ WALL Dec 26 19:23
schestowitz FB is close to Microsoft. I wanted about it like 2 years ago in public Dec 26 19:24
Omar87 schestowitz: Yeah, that’s right, and that part of why I decided to deactivate my  profile on it. Dec 26 19:27
schestowitz Your ‘buddy’ made the same decision: http://blogs.wsj.com/biztech/2008/02/12/b… Dec 26 19:28
Omar87 schestowitz: Plus, it started become more of a pain in the neck for me, and a waste of time too. Dec 26 19:28
Omar87 schestowitz: Can that be true? Dec 26 19:28
schestowitz It’s the same for me. Dec 26 19:30
schestowitz I already have a stack of ‘friends’ (yeah… ‘friends’ with scare quotes) in Digg (over 3000) and in Propeller/Netscape Dec 26 19:31
schestowitz I don’t need to build a virtual ‘portfolio’ of friends in the thousands of sites that have a virtual ‘friend’ facility (i.e. some code that make binary connection between UID). Dec 26 19:32
schestowitz Speaking of quiting, I decided to quit the whole ‘posh’ (BS) elements of one’s lifestyle… versus things like culture, Freedom, sunny places. Dec 26 19:34
Omar87 posh? Dec 26 19:34
schestowitz The education spoiled a lot of people for decades and the price will be paid over the next several years, maybe decade. Dec 26 19:35
schestowitz Omar87: British word mostly. Dec 26 19:35
schestowitz I’d rather be in a beach than in some dark ‘posh’ place, which is an ego/status trip for people who prefer the former (or or too old for the latter). Dec 26 19:35
schestowitz I had a conversation about it today at the gym… some woman who I haven’t seen 2001 in another gym. Dec 26 19:35
trmanco http://radar.oreilly.com/2008/12/admir… Dec 26 19:45
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2008/12/2… Dec 26 19:45
schestowitz This guy? http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/22/microsoft… Dec 26 19:45
trmanco Windows crap on the iphone -> http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/… Dec 26 20:00
trmanco almost Dec 26 20:01
MinceR lol Dec 26 20:01
MinceR it’s still not windows mobile Dec 26 20:02
schestowitz Vista boots on the iPhone: http://img225.imageshack.us/img22… Dec 26 20:02
trmanco Firefox and Chrome Run Gmail Twice as Fast as IE, Says Google [Google]: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/lifehacker/full/~3/S… Dec 26 20:03
trmanco Nice Google Dec 26 20:03
trmanco schestowitz, LOL, that made my day Dec 26 20:03
MinceR schestowitz: ow. Dec 26 20:04
MinceR the question is, why would anyone want to run gfail at all? Dec 26 20:05
schestowitz *LOL* gfial Dec 26 20:06
schestowitz Gu’ould Dec 26 20:06
trmanco some people do Dec 26 20:07
MinceR those people need to realize that imap clients exist :> Dec 26 20:07
trmanco they are probably seeing to many internet exploder hits  on gmail, and now they do this Dec 26 20:07
trmanco MinceR, you can configure some stuff on gmail for imap accounts :-P Dec 26 20:08
schestowitz “Hey, Googie, let’s share a mailbox… you give me ads.. and some mail around it… and share my comms with govt. and advertisers…mmmkay?” Dec 26 20:08
MinceR and what happens the day google decides that not even firefox is cool enough for them? Dec 26 20:08
schestowitz In television they call it “fill” (the mail equivalent). Dec 26 20:08
MinceR there’s no native chrome for linux Dec 26 20:08
schestowitz trmanco: what for? Why put your mail on Googie? Dec 26 20:09
MinceR and google has already decided that opera isn’t cool enough for them Dec 26 20:09
trmanco better be on Googie than on hotfrail and microhoooooo Dec 26 20:09
schestowitz Same with Microsoft Dec 26 20:09
MinceR btw, i’m in the marked for a better free email account provider Dec 26 20:10
MinceR s/ked/ket/ Dec 26 20:10
schestowitz Why Silverlight does not support Opera < http://arstechnica.com/journals/microsoft.ar… > Dec 26 20:10
schestowitz Don’t forget that it doesn’t support Linux, either. Dec 26 20:10
MinceR i’ve kind of had enough with fucking google. Dec 26 20:10
trmanco hopefully a Linux Chromie will come in time Dec 26 20:10
trmanco I read that silylight thing earlier Dec 26 20:10
schestowitz MinceR: people should get their own domain Dec 26 20:10
schestowitz If you hire an address, then you risk losing it when $company goes down Dec 26 20:11
schestowitz If it’s a large company, you get fed junk. Dec 26 20:11
schestowitz It’s the whole ‘cloud’ risk. Dec 26 20:11
MinceR i eventually plan to run my own mail server Dec 26 20:11
schestowitz People need to own the domain of their mail. They can even move it between hosts Dec 26 20:11
MinceR but until then it would be nice to find something safer than gfail. Dec 26 20:11
schestowitz MinceR:  don’t, it’s not a good idea Dec 26 20:11
MinceR why? Dec 26 20:12
*schestowitz looks for Venn artice Dec 26 20:12
schestowitz Found it: http://www.veen.com/jeff/archives/… Dec 26 20:14
schestowitz *Veen article I mean Dec 26 20:14
MinceR if i had someone else do it, i’d have to pay them Dec 26 20:15
schestowitz Yes, that’s OK Dec 26 20:15
schestowitz I pay my Web host for it Dec 26 20:16
schestowitz I get Web mail via Horde, Squirrel and Neomai Dec 26 20:16
schestowitz I can also POP it from anywhere or SSH to my PCs at home for access that’s fast Dec 26 20:16
schestowitz I have about 22 E-mail accounts. Dec 26 20:16
MinceR it would also mean that i’m not root on my server Dec 26 20:18
schestowitz You could always seize control of your domain. Dec 26 20:20
schestowitz Hosting is the equivalent is saying “hey, do you mind managing this thing for me? Thanks, I’ll pay you a few bucks to take it off my back” Dec 26 20:20
MinceR i’d actually want to run a few apps on the server Dec 26 20:21
MinceR an irc client, an irc<->im gateway, getmail, stuff like that Dec 26 20:21
schestowitz You can install some Dec 26 20:24
schestowitz I have lots of PHP-based s/w on schestowitz.com Dec 26 20:24
MinceR also, doing it myself gives me not only control, but also experience Dec 26 20:24
schestowitz And you can negotiate with the host. For example, I once needed Pear for a references manager that’s interactive Dec 26 20:25
schestowitz MinceR: why not go LFS then. Dec 26 20:25
MinceR i’ll try that when i set out to make my own distro :> Dec 26 20:25
schestowitz Reasonable abstractions help. Dec 26 20:25
schestowitz Based on..? Dec 26 20:26
schestowitz CNN technology ‘news’: http://rss.cnn.com/~r/rss/cnn_tech/~3/cQK… Dec 26 20:26
trmanco http://www.tux-planet.fr/the-google-finance… Dec 26 20:31
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)) Dec 26 20:33
MinceR based on LFS Dec 26 20:33
MinceR until others do everything i wanted until then; or i can develop it on top of gobolinux or nixos or something like that Dec 26 20:34
schestowitz Gobo? Dec 26 20:35
schestowitz program_files? Dec 26 20:36
schestowitz Hungary has Kiwi Dec 26 20:37
schestowitz ” Police in Logan say they have received confirmation that the Nov. 21 death of Utah State University student was the result of alcohol poisoning.” http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_11309206 Dec 26 20:39
schestowitz “The 18-year-old freshman’s death resulted in the suspension of Sigma Gnu and Chi Omega sorority by USU.” << Sigma GNU Dec 26 20:40
schestowitz “Usually I agree with Sam, as I did in our interview with him, but I can’t go along with him here. Microsoft competes with open source, Sam. Ask the Internet Explorer team.” http://ostatic.com/blog/pundits-weigh… Dec 26 20:43
MinceR no, not program_files Dec 26 20:45
MinceR that would be /opt Dec 26 20:45
schestowitz http://www.gobolinux.org/ < New Hungarian website on GoboLinux > Dec 26 20:47
schestowitz “In GoboLinux you don’t need a package manager because the filesystem is the package manager: each program resides in its own directory, such as /Programs/Xorg/7.2/ and /Programs/KDE-Libs/3.5.8. Like it?” Dec 26 20:47
schestowitz I think it’s Portuguese or Brazilian, IIRC Dec 26 20:47
MinceR i know what gobolinux is :> Dec 26 20:51
schestowitz OK, cause you complained about GE WIndowsisation yesterday. Dec 26 20:52
schestowitz Open Source Plus Microsoft: A Christmas System Overhaul < http://ostatic.com/blog/open-source-plus-micro… >. This site does a fair deal of Microsoft/Mono marriage thingies…the top guy also AstroTurfed for Microsoft before Dec 26 20:53
MinceR gobolinux isn’t windowsisation Dec 26 20:53
MinceR in windows, files aren’t only placed in program files, they’re spread all over the file system, including common files and windows\system Dec 26 20:54
MinceR gobolinux avoids exactly that Dec 26 20:54
MinceR program files are symlinked to their proper place Dec 26 20:54
schestowitz “Hi Folks. Well, a lot of you seem to be disappointed about the site shutting down, and several people have offered to keep it going. I’ve turned down those offers.” Dec 26 20:55
schestowitz “Technocrat was intended to get technology experts (us) involved in technology policy. It didn’t succeed in that, although it was a good discussion site. The goal of getting people involved in tech policy is still a good one. Dec 26 20:55
schestowitz Thus, Technocrat will be re-launched with a new format. It will not be a discussion site any longer. Instead, it will offer tech stories and legislation alerts to be syndicated by other web sites, including discussion sites. There will also be some other features that I’ll keep quiet about until the new site is on the air.” Dec 26 20:55
schestowitz The goal is still to get more technology experts involved in setting technology policy. Thanks, Bruce < http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=0… > Dec 26 20:55
schestowitz Had twitter not put it in FP, maybe he would not have reversed course. I mailed Bruce Dec 26 20:56
schestowitz MinceR: what about LSB? Dec 26 20:56
MinceR their focus on rpm might be unfortunate Dec 26 20:57
*Omar871 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 26 20:57
schestowitz RPM works well for me now. Dec 26 20:58
schestowitz Got LyX installed smoothly this morning and had no trouble with it since setup in July Dec 26 20:58
schestowitz http://www.linux.com/feed/6484 “Bruce Perens: “Well, it’s been about a year and a half, and unfortunately Technocrat.net has not flourished. I take the blame, I’ve not had enough time to run the site, and plans to fund a professional staff for the site fell through. Readership has gone low enough that there’s no longer much reason to keep the site alive. Thus, I will no longer be accepting new articles or comments, and will take th Dec 26 20:59
schestowitz e site down in a week or so.”” Dec 26 20:59
schestowitz That was 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dec 26 20:59
schestowitz “I had been reading Technocrat daily for I guess 9 or 10 years, I can’t really comment on what facets of the community that Bruce objected to, so I will comment only on my observations.” True, true. Dec 26 21:00
schestowitz Asay talks lawyer nonsense again: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_… Dec 26 21:02
schestowitz How To: Install regular Ubuntu on a 2g Surf < http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic… > Dec 26 21:02
*Omar87 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Dec 26 21:16
tessier trmanco: My emacs does not seem to have boxquote-yank. Is it something you added? Dec 26 21:38
trmanco 1 sec Dec 26 21:38
trmanco yes Dec 26 21:38
trmanco I added emacs goodies with contains some version of boxquote.el Dec 26 21:40
trmanco http://www.davep.org/emacs/boxquote.el Dec 26 21:40
trmanco which* Dec 26 21:40
trmanco ping tessier Dec 26 21:52
tessier Thanks Dec 26 21:52
*tessier looks Dec 26 21:52
tessier Ah, I see. That’s a lot of emacs code for just fancy quoting. I think I’ll stick with > Dec 26 21:53
trmanco > is the normal thingy Dec 26 22:05
trmanco I like the boxquote thing, I always wanted the quote style schestowitz had on usenet, and I found it on emacs by accident Dec 26 22:06
trmanco it also has a bubble quote Dec 26 22:07
trmanco it is called “Thinks” Dec 26 22:08
trmanco http://www.davep.org/emacs/thinks.el Dec 26 22:17
tessier I think I thunk a thought Dec 26 22:41
trmanco lol Dec 26 22:42
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    Just as we noted days ago, there are yet more Microsoft layoffs, but the mainstream media gets bribed to go “gaga” over vapourware and chaffbots (making chaff like “Bill Gates Says” pieces) instead of reporting actual news about Microsoft

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  28. Union Syndicale Fédérale Cautions the EPO's Administrative Council About Initiating an Illegal Kangaroo Court System for Patents (UPC) While EPO Breaks Laws and Sponsors the Ukraine Invasion

    Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) is once again speaking out in support of the staff union of Europe's second-largest institution, which lacks oversight and governance because of profound corruption and regulatory capture

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    In light of new developments and some progress in an investigation of Sirius ‘Open Source’ (for fraud!) we take stock of where things stand

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    What Sirius ‘Open Source’ did to its staff is rightly treated as a criminal matter; we know who the perpetrators are

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