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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 13th, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 11:33 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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Balrog_ schestowitz: show me a good alternative Mar 13 15:10
Balrog_ is UDF patent-encumbered or only RO? Mar 13 15:11
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_Hicham_ Balrog : ext2ifs is great Mar 13 15:17
_Hicham_ i use it on WinXP Mar 13 15:18
_Hicham_ it works like a charm Mar 13 15:18
_Hicham_ it is easy : TomTom will prompt users to install the software, which will be ext2ifs Mar 13 15:21
_Hicham_ it is as simple as that Mar 13 15:22
_Hicham_ and everything is still FOSS Mar 13 15:22
_Hicham_ and no MS lawsuits Mar 13 15:22
schestowitz Balrog: “only read only?” :-) Mar 13 15:22
_Hicham_ no Mar 13 15:22
_Hicham_ ext2ifs support writing also Mar 13 15:22
_Hicham_ do u use it actually? Mar 13 15:22
schestowitz _Hicham_: MS sued over other things Mar 13 15:23
schestowitz Like car navigation+something Mar 13 15:23
schestowitz One of those “with car navigation patents” Mar 13 15:23
schestowitz Like “on the Internet” patents Mar 13 15:23
schestowitz Or “using a device” Mar 13 15:23
_Hicham_ what was that? Mar 13 15:23
_Hicham_ i only read about their fat patent Mar 13 15:23
schestowitz Calculating 1+1 using an apparus Mar 13 15:23
schestowitz Calculating 1+1 over the Internet Mar 13 15:23
schestowitz Calculating 1+1 in a car Mar 13 15:23
schestowitz Try this in the USPTO Mar 13 15:24
schestowitz Maybe if you phrase it right you’ll get a patent ;-) Mar 13 15:24
schestowitz _Hicham_: there are other patents (8) Mar 13 15:24
schestowitz Maybe Microsoft did this delibeately Mar 13 15:24
schestowitz To make it a bundle Mar 13 15:24
schestowitz I.e. if TomTom works around the FAT patent, not much is gained Mar 13 15:25
schestowitz They want TomTom to suffer defeat Mar 13 15:25
schestowitz They did this just shortly after a financial meltdown Mar 13 15:25
schestowitz Then they used their vile shill, Rob Enderle, to deceive Mar 13 15:25
schestowitz That’s Microsoft for ya! :-) Mar 13 15:25
schestowitz Scummy and proud of it.. since inception. Mar 13 15:26
schestowitz If you compete against ‘em, sooner or later they’ll pass some laws to call you a “criminal” Mar 13 15:26
_Hicham_ not if u avoid their technology Mar 13 15:28
schestowitz CNN advertises new Micrososft crony in the US administration (sort of): http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/0… (Microsoft exec appointed to DHS post) Mar 13 15:28
schestowitz French workers hold Sony boss hostage http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news… Mar 13 15:34
schestowitz UN report condemns Britain over torture cases http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/mar/… Mar 13 15:36
schestowitz Why Biofuels Are the Rainforest’s Worst Enemy http://www.motherjones.com/environment/20… Mar 13 15:37
schestowitz UN climate chief: US carbon cuts could spark ‘revolution’ http://www.guardian.co.uk/environmen… Mar 13 15:38
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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: “Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications” [publicly logged] Mar 13 15:40
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_Hicham_ what happened Roy? Mar 13 15:41
schestowitz Wrong key Mar 13 15:41
schestowitz http://www.minnpost.com/ericblackb… Was Cheney running a “terror state”, by the very definition of “terror”? Mar 13 15:41
schestowitz David Cameron calls for full inquiry into Binyam Mohamed torture claims < http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009… > Mar 13 15:43
schestowitz http://lists.essential.org/pip… “Could anyone reasonably have foreseen the consequences of a decades-long  regulatory holiday for the financial sector? In a word, yes. [...] There was nothing inevitable, unavoidable or unforeseeable about the current crisis.” Mar 13 15:45
schestowitz http://www.physorg.com/news155333857.html “The anonymous comment on the Web site RateMDs.com was unsparing: “Very unhelpful, arrogant,” it said of a doctor. “Did not listen and cut me off, seemed much too happy to have power (and abuse it!) over suffering people.”” Mar 13 15:52
schestowitz Stupid headline (ARM is already well ahead of x86): < http://arstechnica.com/hardware/news/200… > (Analyst: ARM to surpass Atom, in 55% of netbooks by 2012) Mar 13 15:54
schestowitz MinceR: check out http://www.linuxloop.com/news/2009/03/1… Mar 13 15:56
Balrog_ heh Mar 13 15:58
Balrog_ someone will quickly reverse engineer the button system Mar 13 15:58
Balrog_ I heard it just generates noise that the ipod detects Mar 13 15:58
Balrog_ (specially organized noise :P ) Mar 13 15:58
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schestowitz http://www.bisnow.com/washington_dc… hehe. wish i could reuse the image at the top, with caption…. Mar 13 16:26
schestowitz @trmanco : “Microsoft scrambled to fix a global outage that hit its Windows Live Hotmail service for several hours on Thursday.” http://www.pcworld.com/article/161194/mi… not just gmail. Mar 13 16:33
schestowitz Lost Xbox 360 Worth $1,000,000? < http://www.pcworld.com/article/16120… > Mar 13 16:35
schestowitz Im worried about Gnome < http://blog.hyperfish.org/… > Mar 13 16:44
Balrog_ I never had a problem with gmail down Mar 13 16:47
schestowitz Me neither Mar 13 16:49
*schestowitz would never use gmail Mar 13 16:49
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_Hicham_ Roy : why wouldnt you use gmail? Mar 13 16:57
schestowitz I have a permanent set of addresses that give privacy and offer many other advantages Mar 13 16:58
schestowitz Too many people ‘offshore’ their computing to SaaS and other complicated hosts that hold them hostage Mar 13 16:58
schestowitz Wow. Novell has been eerily quiet this week. Like one third of the usual news coverage it gets :-o Mar 13 16:59
*schestowitz goes through NOVL news ATM Mar 13 17:00
schestowitz Just updated this one with a good quote: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/13/mi… Mar 13 17:00
schestowitz MOG: “The Burton Group also points out that Oracle’s OVM links with a Red Hat kernel while Virtual Iron uses SUSE and OEMs Novell’s Platespin Migrate, suggesting that Novell will be the one to say ouch if the deal does go down.” Mar 13 17:02
schestowitz The Burton Group is somewhat of  Microsoft shill, attacking Microsoft rivals for the wage Mar 13 17:02
_Hicham_ Roy: can u suggest a good mail service? Mar 13 17:03
Balrog_ certainly not hotmail :P Mar 13 17:06
_Hicham_ well, i think i should deploy my own server Mar 13 17:10
_Hicham_ it will be completely free Mar 13 17:11
_Hicham_ it would be called GNU International Mail System Mar 13 17:11
schestowitz _Hicham_: no, don’t DIY Mar 13 17:11
schestowitz But you can get a host for a few dollars a month Mar 13 17:11
schestowitz You register a domain Mar 13 17:12
schestowitz You can move between hosts for decades, so there’s no risk associated Mar 13 17:12
Balrog_ get a VPS Mar 13 17:18
_Hicham_ GNU should have a mail service, no? Mar 13 17:20
Balrog_ mail services are expensive to run Mar 13 17:21
Balrog_ electricity isn’t free Mar 13 17:21
_Hicham_ then companies should help Mar 13 17:21
_Hicham_ there must a complete set of GNU alternatives Mar 13 17:22
schestowitz _Hicham_: maybe that exists Mar 13 17:23
schestowitz FSF sets up mail forwarders Mar 13 17:23
schestowitz But it’s not proper mail Mar 13 17:23
schestowitz The worst thing is universities that set up accounts for people Mar 13 17:23
schestowitz Then the addresses are TIED to affiliations Mar 13 17:23
schestowitz Same with working places Mar 13 17:23
schestowitz So when you leave, then lots of mail might be routed to /dev/null Mar 13 17:24
schestowitz That’s why you need a permanent address Mar 13 17:24
schestowitz Not FSF, not a work E-mail, not academic affiliation Mar 13 17:24
schestowitz These change over time Mar 13 17:24
schestowitz My PGP sig is still tied to an old address of mine Mar 13 17:24
schestowitz sch at danielsorogon.com (you can watch the site) Mar 13 17:25
_Hicham_ and u dont use this address anymore? Mar 13 17:25
schestowitz I check it, but not use it Mar 13 17:26
schestowitz mostly spam Mar 13 17:27
_Hicham_ there is no filters in it? Mar 13 17:27
schestowitz it was deprecated 5 years ago. Mar 13 17:27
schestowitz _Hicham_: it’s a  BSD server Mar 13 17:27
schestowitz No cpanel, no option for forwarding Mar 13 17:27
schestowitz Spot-on analysts from Moody: No Mac advice as BBC team exposes…its Windows-centricity (again) < http://www.macworld.co.uk/digitallife… > Mar 13 17:33
schestowitz *sigh* Unless The Register kicks Gavin Clarke, then it has become just another pro-Microsoft ‘news’ site Mar 13 17:36
Balrog_ nothing new for BBC Mar 13 17:36
Balrog_ they’ve done this before Mar 13 17:36
schestowitz Now it has some spin on “MS invested the iPod’ Mar 13 17:36
schestowitz And it’s always Gavin Mar 13 17:36
schestowitz Also Linux-hostile stuff……. Mar 13 17:36
Balrog_ MS did the zune, which went nowhere Mar 13 17:37
schestowitz He’s a friend of Mary jo Foley, in case that gives you a clue. Whatever happened to The Register which thought outside the box? The Microsoft deal changed everything and people do notice, even kentma1 Mar 13 17:37
schestowitz Balrog: the Zune can’t survive Mar 13 17:37
Balrog_ I know. Mar 13 17:37
schestowitz I wonder what goes though the minds of people there. Mar 13 17:37
schestowitz They can’t admit defeat Mar 13 17:37
Balrog_ the Zune can’t be even used as a mass-storage device… Mar 13 17:38
Balrog_ (neither can the ipod touch / iphone, but there are ways to access its FS) Mar 13 17:38
schestowitz At least they don’t spend MORE money advertising it. Mar 13 17:38
Balrog_ mhm Mar 13 17:38
schestowitz Balrog_:because of FAT patents? ;-) Mar 13 17:38
schestowitz I love this one: Guerilla Marketer for Microsoft Zune Arrested in Austin < http://www.keathmilligan.net/node/137 > Mar 13 17:39
Balrog_ what, the iPhone? Mar 13 17:39
schestowitz I hate Guerilla with passion Mar 13 17:39
Balrog_ it has no fat, that’s true… Mar 13 17:39
schestowitz be it marketing or warfare Mar 13 17:39
schestowitz Hehe. Still funny. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/portable-… Mar 13 17:40
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/… “The Manchester-based company closed its doors on Tuesday, paying off staff and shutting the office, sources told The Register. The firm’s web site was still up as of last night and calls to the office are being met with an answerphone.” That’s nearby Mar 13 17:41
schestowitz The fiends from Edelman are paid by Walmart for their propaganda: Wal-Mart Buys PR in Bulk < http://www.prwatch.org/node/8269 > They also bribed bloggers with Vista. Mar 13 17:44
schestowitz Watch how drug companies filthily occupy the panels < http://www.prweekus.com/Reformspurshealthcar… > (Reform spurs healthcare groups into action) Mar 13 17:46
Balrog_ http://yro.slashdot.org/article.p… Mar 13 17:47
Balrog_ FOIA Request For Pending Copyright Treaty Denied Mar 13 17:47
schestowitz http://yro.slashdot.org/article… (w/o the trailing slash) Mar 13 17:47
Balrog_ argh Mar 13 17:48
Balrog_ sorry Mar 13 17:48
schestowitz Tobacco industry lobbies to carry on ‘killing people’: http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v5/ne… (Tobacco Industry Blocking Global Treaty On Smoking In Asean Countries) Mar 13 17:53
schestowitz The tobacco industry killed many people (over 100 million probably), including part of my family and many others out there. How is it still managing to ‘lobby’? Mar 13 17:54
schestowitz “Shapiro is an influential industrial economist but as many of his colleagues he has a flexibility. All premium league economists know that the patent system has no sound economic foundation or they just assume it had. So economists don’t believe in the god Benamuki and witchcraft but feel it would be inappropriate and insulting to tell the aborigines so and they like their hospitality” Mar 13 17:58
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_Hicham_ tobacco industry will never die Mar 13 18:00
Balrog_ patents last 20 years in the US, right? Mar 13 18:01
*Balrog has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 13 18:03
Balrog_ still here Mar 13 18:10
Balrog_ so I’m stuck doing some windows installs :( Mar 13 18:11
_Hicham_ why do u install windows? Mar 13 18:11
Balrog_ I’m paid to do so Mar 13 18:11
_Hicham_ great Mar 13 18:11
Balrog_ though it’s not the main system anyway Mar 13 18:12
_Hicham_ why do they use it? Mar 13 18:12
Balrog_ the main system is Solaris, and Windows runs on a PCI card Mar 13 18:12
Balrog_ we have dual-boot here Mar 13 18:12
Balrog_ or PCI card Mar 13 18:12
Balrog_ as I said, there are people here who like .NET Mar 13 18:12
Balrog_ they offer several courses in VB.NET Mar 13 18:12
_Hicham_ then install mono :) Mar 13 18:13
_Hicham_ :-D Mar 13 18:13
Balrog_ and visual studio Mar 13 18:13
Balrog_ professors are too lazy not to use VS Mar 13 18:13
schestowitz Not necessarily Mar 13 18:13
schestowitz What I’ve learned from people is that Mcirosoft employees can cause this Mar 13 18:13
_Hicham_ what do u suggest Roy? Mar 13 18:13
schestowitz And their buddies Mar 13 18:13
schestowitz It’s enough to have some Microsoft sympathetic people in the department to expel opposition Mar 13 18:14
schestowitz And to spread the Microsoft for kickbacks Mar 13 18:14
schestowitz Bear in mind that Microsoft bribes professors Mar 13 18:14
schestowitz This appeared in the press Mar 13 18:14
Balrog_ there’s this professor that says you’re not learning the language but the methods Mar 13 18:14
schestowitz It would pay them $200 (cheque) just to mention Microsoft tools. Mar 13 18:14
schestowitz Balrog_: he’s right Mar 13 18:15
_Hicham_ wow Mar 13 18:15
schestowitz Others who recommend otteach MS are suspect Mar 13 18:15
_Hicham_ $200 Mar 13 18:15
schestowitz They could be bribed Mar 13 18:15
schestowitz _Hicham_: yes Mar 13 18:15
Balrog_ that’s why VS.NET is ‘ok’ Mar 13 18:15
_Hicham_ here people do it for free Mar 13 18:15
schestowitz Let me get you the link Mar 13 18:15
schestowitz In case someone disputes it Mar 13 18:15
_Hicham_ :-D Mar 13 18:15
Balrog_ also office is used a lot Mar 13 18:15
Balrog_ (the MS one) Mar 13 18:15
schestowitz Bookmark this: http://chronicle.com/data/articles…. Mar 13 18:15
Balrog_ I see. Mar 13 18:16
schestowitz And you’re pemitted to ask professors if Microsoft somehow paid them Mar 13 18:16
schestowitz because Microsoft already has blood in its hands Mar 13 18:16
balzac http://img267.imageshack.us/img2… Mar 13 18:16
schestowitz So it’s not a void accusation Mar 13 18:16
schestowitz Think of it as a warrant Mar 13 18:16
schestowitz Or treating one with a police record Mar 13 18:17
balzac Roy, you’re hosting your own email on BN? Mar 13 18:17
Balrog_ also some professors say that silverlight is ‘big’ right now Mar 13 18:17
_Hicham_ :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D Mar 13 18:17
Balrog_ (and flex, but SL first) Mar 13 18:17
_Hicham_ great offer Mar 13 18:17
schestowitz balzac: no, but there is a catch-all mail account there. Mar 13 18:17
schestowitz Balrog_: also for Silver Lie Mar 13 18:17
schestowitz People i nthe university may be bribed Mar 13 18:17
schestowitz Maybe off the record Mar 13 18:17
schestowitz Lunchtime… hush-hush… underneath table Mar 13 18:17
_Hicham_ this is one of the biggest funniest things that i ve ever heard Mar 13 18:17
Balrog_ I tell them I can’t use SL on my systems, because it doesn’t work Mar 13 18:17
balzac what do you use for your primary email service? Mar 13 18:18
Balrog_ they agree Mar 13 18:18
schestowitz Micfrosoft does bribe for Silver Lie Mar 13 18:18
_Hicham_ $200 Mar 13 18:18
schestowitz I’ll give you links Mar 13 18:18
_Hicham_ hahahaha Mar 13 18:18
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/0… Mar 13 18:18
balzac I asked RMS for a gnu.org email address but he declined. Mar 13 18:18
schestowitz I have many links in the first part Mar 13 18:18
schestowitz All external Mar 13 18:18
schestowitz Just follow the links. It’s a catch-all one-stop shop Mar 13 18:18
balzac I really think I ought to have one, even given my relative inexperience as a programmer. Mar 13 18:19
*myRicky_cn (n=51qqhe@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 13 18:19
Balrog_ heh … adobe is even complaining Mar 13 18:19
schestowitz balzac: ask for a stallman.org address Mar 13 18:19
schestowitz Hey, myRicky_cn Mar 13 18:19
schestowitz Balrog_: rightly so Mar 13 18:19
balzac Roy, perhaps I will. Mar 13 18:19
schestowitz They are being ‘bribed’ out of business Mar 13 18:19
schestowitz Microsoft played such dirty tricks before Mar 13 18:19
balzac Or, I could get my gnewcrew.com website up and running and host my own email Mar 13 18:19
schestowitz Use deep pocket Mar 13 18:19
balzac gnucrew Mar 13 18:19
balzac .com Mar 13 18:19
schestowitz Tolerate shor-term losses Mar 13 18:19
balzac badass domain, eh? Mar 13 18:20
schestowitz Then try to elbow and derail competition Mar 13 18:20
schestowitz “tilt into death spiral.” remember? Mar 13 18:20
schestowitz balzac: go hardcore and buy gnucabal.org Mar 13 18:20
balzac perhaps not a bad idea Mar 13 18:21
schestowitz balzac: did you make the animation? Mar 13 18:21
Balrog_ the profs say that vb.net and c# are important because they’re the basis for SL Mar 13 18:21
schestowitz One could argue that it’s racist, so I can’t use it Mar 13 18:21
balzac sounds more specifically like jew-core than hard-core Mar 13 18:21
schestowitz Balrog_: maybe the professors are profe$$ors Mar 13 18:21
schestowitz Maybe they profess to the wallet, I don’t know.. Mar 13 18:21
schestowitz Who needs SL? Mar 13 18:21
schestowitz Why would they care? Mar 13 18:21
schestowitz SL is nowhere Mar 13 18:22
schestowitz MS is nearly giving up on it Mar 13 18:22
schestowitz It doesn’t sell Mar 13 18:22
schestowitz Microsoft pays for it to ‘sell’ Mar 13 18:22
Balrog_ what about if they go to a web site, and it says ‘you must install SL to use it’ Mar 13 18:22
balzac if the word “cabal” from the word kabbala Mar 13 18:22
schestowitz “Take the money, take SL” Mar 13 18:22
schestowitz Balrog_: then complain Mar 13 18:22
Balrog_ like that *** in spain (if I remember correctly) Mar 13 18:22
balzac originates ^ Mar 13 18:22
*myRicky_cn (n=51qqhe@ has left #boycottnovell Mar 13 18:22
schestowitz SL is blocking GNU/Linux, BSD, etc, Mar 13 18:22
schestowitz SL is Microsoft lockin Mar 13 18:22
_Hicham_ svg is better Mar 13 18:22
schestowitz It’s binary cancer on the Web Mar 13 18:22
schestowitz It’s anti-Web Mar 13 18:22
Balrog_ who supports svg? Mar 13 18:22
_Hicham_ Mozilla Mar 13 18:23
schestowitz Even timbl complains about this rubbish Mar 13 18:23
Balrog_ Safari, Firefox … Mar 13 18:23
schestowitz Microsoft is deforming his Web Mar 13 18:23
Balrog_ probably not IE Mar 13 18:23
schestowitz tossing away HTML Mar 13 18:23
_Hicham_ IE is just crap Mar 13 18:23
schestowitz Replacing it with secret codes Mar 13 18:23
Balrog_ yeah. I’ve seen full web pages done in SL Mar 13 18:23
schestowitz Balrog_: who put them there? Mar 13 18:23
_Hicham_ I even think of blocking IE users from my website Mar 13 18:23
schestowitz It sounds as though your faculty members have lunch with the wrong chums Mar 13 18:23
Balrog_ << lecture video-capture ‘solutions’ Mar 13 18:24
Balrog_ well some of them, I think Mar 13 18:24
schestowitz Not only do they promote dotnet, but they also force students to move this way Mar 13 18:24
Balrog_ many push Java Mar 13 18:24
schestowitz e.g. with Web pages that are not Web pages Mar 13 18:24
schestowitz That are MS objects Mar 13 18:24
_Hicham_ i think people in GNU should support svg Mar 13 18:24
_Hicham_ and provide a complete replacement for flash Mar 13 18:24
schestowitz SVG is already supported Mar 13 18:25
Balrog_ what about this? Mar 13 18:25
Balrog_ http://webkit.org/blog/324/cs… Mar 13 18:25
schestowitz Microsoft stifled it.. Mar 13 18:25
schestowitz I wrote about it in BN Mar 13 18:25
schestowitz Microsoft hobbles the Web Mar 13 18:25
Balrog_ do you think it would be good to have such css-animations in the standard? Mar 13 18:25
schestowitz Unless it’s binaries MS controls Mar 13 18:25
schestowitz Or Office rendering Mar 13 18:25
balzac roy, I accidentally wiped one of my partitions on my notebook Mar 13 18:25
schestowitz They should be slammed by regulators for it really. Mar 13 18:25
balzac I think I lost this excellent 3d model I was building Mar 13 18:25
Balrog_ sure they should Mar 13 18:25
Balrog_ balzac: dd-rescue? Mar 13 18:26
schestowitz Balrog_: model of a model? Mar 13 18:26
balzac Oh well, I’ll probably do a better job next time Mar 13 18:26
balzac I reformatted the disk Mar 13 18:26
Balrog_ schestowitz: Balrog or balzac? Mar 13 18:26
schestowitz balzac: Mar 13 18:26
balzac I was making this pimpin GNU avatar in 3d, kind of like the BSD devil mascot with a hot bimbo on each arm Mar 13 18:26
balzac but I may have lost it Mar 13 18:26
balzac blender is great Mar 13 18:27
Balrog_ I hate installing windows Mar 13 18:27
Balrog_ takes 2-3 hours, including updates Mar 13 18:27
schestowitz I can’t recall installing Windows Mar 13 18:28
schestowitz .. Mar 13 18:28
schestowitz Many years ago I probably had some people install it for me Mar 13 18:28
Balrog_ I installed WinME once Mar 13 18:28
schestowitz In 2000 I tried putting Win2000 on a Compaq laptop Mar 13 18:28
schestowitz It didn’t work Mar 13 18:28
schestowitz No drivers for stuff :-) Mar 13 18:28
schestowitz So I went back to Win98 Mar 13 18:29
Balrog_ and then proceeded to run updates Mar 13 18:29
schestowitz Maybe it was in 2001 Mar 13 18:29
Balrog_ which blew up the system. Mar 13 18:29
schestowitz I think that’s the last time I really installed WIndows Mar 13 18:29
Balrog_ I have a older compaq laptop running Win2K Mar 13 18:29
schestowitz Or maybe I installed Windows 98 for my sister a while later, but it was from a QuickRestore CD Mar 13 18:29
schestowitz So it’s just an image Mar 13 18:29
schestowitz Not an installation per se Mar 13 18:29
Balrog_ Thinking about putting linux on it, but it’s slow (P3-500) and I’m not the primary user Mar 13 18:29
schestowitz Balrog_: Presario? Mar 13 18:30
Balrog_ no, Armada Mar 13 18:30
schestowitz I was gonna suggest that Mar 13 18:30
schestowitz Armada/Presario Mar 13 18:30
schestowitz Cause Armada came just later Mar 13 18:30
schestowitz I wonder how handy that 400MHz AMD laptop would be now Mar 13 18:30
schestowitz It’s too weak to take Ubuntu Mar 13 18:31
Balrog_ Would a researcher compromise his integrity for $200? Well, Matlab licenses cost $500, and they rely on Matlab here. Mar 13 18:31
schestowitz Just 32Mb of RAM Mar 13 18:31
Balrog_ (for research) Mar 13 18:31
Balrog_ 32MB ram? won’t work Mar 13 18:31
schestowitz I tried Ubuntu 4.10 on it Mar 13 18:31
Balrog_ need at least 128 Mar 13 18:31
Balrog_ That much ram is enough for Mac System 8 though :P Mar 13 18:31
schestowitz Mac sucks Mar 13 18:31
schestowitz Mac OS 8/9 esp. Mar 13 18:32
Balrog_ (meaning 90′s era mac) Mar 13 18:32
schestowitz Too promitive compared to Linux Mar 13 18:32
Balrog_ 7 worked well Mar 13 18:32
Balrog_ 8/9 had its problems Mar 13 18:32
Balrog_ was definitely better than linux of it’s day though Mar 13 18:32
Balrog_ (usability wise) Mar 13 18:32
Balrog_ but yeah, by 8.6-9, it really was falling apart Mar 13 18:34
Balrog_ what do you think about faculty relying on expensive matlab? Mar 13 18:34
*Balrog_ is now known as Balrog Mar 13 18:36
balzac I still have the 3d model Mar 13 18:36
balzac http://www.oteltours.com/Screenshot.png Mar 13 18:36
Balrog that’s your website? Mar 13 18:36
balzac of course I’m going to put some skimpy clothes on the girls and everything Mar 13 18:37
balzac that’s a client website Mar 13 18:37
balzac and it’s a 3d project I’m working on the promote gnu software Mar 13 18:37
Balrog ook Mar 13 18:37
balzac Not sure what the GNU avatar/mascot should be wearing Mar 13 18:37
balzac tshirt, jeans, sneakers perhaps Mar 13 18:38
balzac but I’m trying to market GNU software to young urban demographic – the GNU might be wearing some chains Mar 13 18:38
schestowitz Balrog: I was using MATLAB myself Mar 13 18:38
Balrog balzac: the popularity of chains is in dispute Mar 13 18:38
balzac the girls will be dressed up in urban casual I think. Or I could go with a biker theme Mar 13 18:39
Balrog schestowitz: elaborate Mar 13 18:39
schestowitz http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcen… Mar 13 18:39
balzac I want to put the GNU on a motorbike with a girl on the back of the bike. Leather-jacket wearing badass gnu. Mar 13 18:39
schestowitz I’ve had about 80,000 downloads of my code there. Mar 13 18:39
schestowitz In 2005 I was ranked 1st for my MATLAB contral contribs. Mar 13 18:39
schestowitz So the people there know me Mar 13 18:39
Balrog wow. Mar 13 18:40
schestowitz But I no longer use it Mar 13 18:40
balzac Balrog: I have different themes in mind, but the idea is that the GNU is a badass. Smoking a spliff, etc. Mar 13 18:40
Balrog But matlab isn’t free software … Mar 13 18:40
Balrog balzac: there will be a group that don’t like that Mar 13 18:40
balzac Balrog: sure, but I’m trying to help GNU win the popularity contest, and that means pop-culture pandering. Mar 13 18:41
schestowitz balzac: LL Cool G Mar 13 18:41
schestowitz Ladies Love cool GNU Mar 13 18:41
balzac I really like the GNU as a buddhist monk Mar 13 18:41
balzac But I’m trying to portray another side of GNU. GNU is the man now, dog. Don’t step to this, suckas get dissed. Mar 13 18:41
Balrog schestowitz: how does gnu octave compare to matlab? Mar 13 18:42
schestowitz I tried to compile it some years ago Mar 13 18:43
schestowitz No luv Mar 13 18:43
balzac Balrog: I’ll show you another one Mar 13 18:43
schestowitz But looking back, I’d use that instead Mar 13 18:43
Balrog hmm. I hear it changed a lot since a few years ago Mar 13 18:43
schestowitz COllagues are an issue Mar 13 18:43
balzac http://www.disruptech.com/c… Mar 13 18:43
Balrog isn’t octave code similar enough? Mar 13 18:44
balzac Another in the GNU-as-badass theme Mar 13 18:44
schestowitz Balrog: I don’t know it well enough Mar 13 18:44
schestowitz For basic things it’ll be great Mar 13 18:44
balzac RMS as a gangster Mar 13 18:44
schestowitz Dunno how it handles GUIs and all.. Mar 13 18:44
schestowitz balzac: good one that! Mar 13 18:44
Balrog disruptech not loading Mar 13 18:44
schestowitz Send it to RMS Mar 13 18:44
balzac try again, the host is a bit sucky Mar 13 18:45
balzac Roy, I haven’t solicited his opinion on it Mar 13 18:45
balzac I don’t know if he’ll agree with my spin on things so I figure I just won’t ask for his opinion Mar 13 18:45
schestowitz balzac: can I repost it in BN for kicks? Mar 13 18:45
balzac sure Mar 13 18:45
schestowitz Thanks. Mar 13 18:45
balzac but not the 3d oen Mar 13 18:46
balzac it’s not close enough to finished Mar 13 18:46
balzac Roy, hopefully you’ll blog-roll disruptech.com. I’ll probably do some blogging there in the future. Mar 13 18:48
balzac actually, I’ve been wanting to syndicate BN content on disruptech.com Mar 13 18:48
balzac I guess you do have an RSS feed Mar 13 18:49
schestowitz balzac: can you do a quick favour and read http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03… ? Mar 13 18:51
schestowitz I think it has typos left Mar 13 18:51
schestowitz balzac: we don’t do blogrolls or links Mar 13 18:51
schestowitz Cause that leads to feelings of exclusion Mar 13 18:51
schestowitz Or preferential stuff. Mar 13 18:51
schestowitz If you blog there, then links to articles would fit well. Mar 13 18:52
schestowitz balzac: yes, we have RSS Mar 13 18:52
schestowitz You have RMS Mar 13 18:52
balzac Roy, I’ll take a look, but I’m not an english major. I’m better at editorial than secretarial proof-reading. Mar 13 18:53
schestowitz Either one is good Mar 13 18:53
schestowitz I hate writing. Mar 13 18:53
balzac Roy, I don’t mind if thin-skinned people get miffed Mar 13 18:53
schestowitz Well, checking it meticulously anyway Mar 13 18:53
schestowitz Time consuming if you strive for polish Mar 13 18:53
balzac But I might randomize my blog roll, or I might have them ranked as I do now. Mar 13 18:53
_Hicham_ Roy : are u still a matlab user now? Mar 13 18:53
schestowitz _Hicham_: no. Mar 13 18:54
schestowitz I have access to it though Mar 13 18:54
_Hicham_ do u use octave instead? Mar 13 18:54
balzac those guys in #ubuntu-ops banned me again Mar 13 19:09
balzac first I tried to /j #ubuntu and I was redirected to #ubuntu-ops Mar 13 19:09
balzac then they served me a ration of sh_t and banned me Mar 13 19:10
_Hicham_ who banned u? Mar 13 19:10
balzac someone in #ubuntu-ops Mar 13 19:10
balzac I don’t take it very seriously Mar 13 19:10
*kentma1 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 13 19:11
balzac it’s just IRC attitude Mar 13 19:11
_Hicham_ do u have pb with the admin there? Mar 13 19:11
balzac well, no Mar 13 19:11
balzac but one or more of them have a problem with me Mar 13 19:11
balzac I was talking off-topic in #ubuntu Mar 13 19:12
*kentma (n=user@ellandroad.demon.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 13 19:12
balzac then they suggested I take it to #ubuntu-offtopic Mar 13 19:12
balzac I took issue with the name of that channel Mar 13 19:12
balzac Fedora’s free-discussion channel is called #fedora-social Mar 13 19:12
balzac sounds more inviting doesn’t it? Mar 13 19:12
balzac so then one of the #ubuntu ops gets testy and bans me Mar 13 19:13
balzac so I joined #ubuntu-ops and questioned their testiness Mar 13 19:13
balzac anyway, I’m not the least be concerned or upset about it Mar 13 19:13
_Hicham_ weird Mar 13 19:13
balzac Next day I went in there with the nick Dont_Tase_Me_Bro Mar 13 19:14
balzac so the “tased” me Mar 13 19:14
_Hicham_ weird admins Mar 13 19:14
balzac actually, they didn’t, I left on my own volition after idling for a few hours and chatting intermittently Mar 13 19:14
_Hicham_ that proves that u can’t find better than Roy Mar 13 19:14
balzac well, IRC ops can’t seem to keep from getting a teeny bit neurotic about things Mar 13 19:15
_Hicham_ except for Roy Mar 13 19:15
_Hicham_ he is really great Mar 13 19:15
balzac but today, I got re-routed from #ubuntu to #ubuntu-ops Mar 13 19:15
balzac I didn’t /j #ubuntu-ops I was routed there Mar 13 19:15
balzac so I felt as if I were an invited guest Mar 13 19:15
balzac then some small talk and another ban Mar 13 19:15
balzac They can’t figure out if they like me or not, I suppose Mar 13 19:16
schestowitz _Hicham_: I don’t use octave, no. Mar 13 19:16
_Hicham_ schestowitz: u stopped developing scientific programs? Mar 13 19:17
schestowitz Pretty much so. Mar 13 19:18
schestowitz I’m writing about IDC at the moment Mar 13 19:19
balzac I got kicked from #fedora for the pic of “Lionidas” with the fedora logo used as pasties Mar 13 19:19
benJIman openSUSE’s offtopic channel is #opensuse-chat. Mar 13 19:20
balzac But I just joined #fedora-social and I had no complaints, since I was off-topic in their support channel. Mar 13 19:20
balzac and #fedora-social seems like an inviting name, unlike #ubuntu-offtopic Mar 13 19:20
balzac I’ve personally met with Abbie Hoffman and I’m facebook friends with Paul Krassner Mar 13 19:21
balzac so I’ve got a weird sense of humor that not everyone appreciates Mar 13 19:21
balzac I met Abbie Hoffman as a kid, my dad, brother and I went for a ride on his boat. Mar 13 19:21
_Hicham_ balzac: sense of humor in a support channel? Mar 13 19:21
balzac why not? Mar 13 19:22
balzac it’s okay to step out of line once in a while Mar 13 19:22
_Hicham_ it depends on people Mar 13 19:22
balzac _Hicham_: across the board, i think Freenode is incrementally becomming more utilitarian and efficient, corporatized and uptight. Mar 13 19:23
_Hicham_ that is good Mar 13 19:23
balzac So I step out of line once in a while, and I don’t need to be metaphorically tased by some authoritarian IRC op. Mar 13 19:23
_Hicham_ i dont need to talk to someone who is cold as ice Mar 13 19:24
_Hicham_ i prefer this channel Mar 13 19:24
_Hicham_ ubuntu channel is just crap Mar 13 19:25
balzac I wouldn’t say that Mar 13 19:25
_Hicham_ there are just robots Mar 13 19:25
balzac lots of good support work gets done there Mar 13 19:25
_Hicham_ it is a personal opinion Mar 13 19:25
_Hicham_ im not talking about support Mar 13 19:25
_Hicham_ it is too serious in there Mar 13 19:25
_Hicham_ i didnt like it Mar 13 19:26
balzac some people take the job of enforcing rules with a bit too much seriousness. Espcially IRC ops, on every IRC network, in almost every channel. Mar 13 19:26
_Hicham_ they are then wrong Mar 13 19:26
*amarsh04__ (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-223-125.lns11.adl2.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 13 19:27
_Hicham_ a good sense of humor is a plus Mar 13 19:27
balzac I’ve been enjoying teasing them a bit Mar 13 19:29
balzac I’m not worried about it. Mar 13 19:29
schestowitz balzac: what to link this img to? http://boycottnovell.com/wp-conte… Mar 13 19:30
_Hicham_ i dont understand this image very well Mar 13 19:30
balzac maybe to stallman.org Mar 13 19:31
balzac unless he finds it distasteful Mar 13 19:32
balzac I’m not going to ask him about it Mar 13 19:32
balzac I think RMS will have a sense of humor about it, but ultimately, I’m not concerned very much either way Mar 13 19:33
balzac _Hicham_: ever see a movie called Godfather with Marlin Brando? Mar 13 19:35
balzac A mafia don Mar 13 19:35
balzac In NY, people wear t-shirts with the God Father logo on it, as well as scarface t-shirts Mar 13 19:35
balzac because they think the mafia is cool Mar 13 19:36
tessier_ hahah….that’s funny. :) Mar 13 19:36
balzac so it’s a joke because RMS is such a benevolent guy, I’m portraying him with a different side – as a powerful guy who does not suffer fools. Mar 13 19:36
_Hicham_ was AlPacino in Godfather? Mar 13 19:37
balzac It’s intended as a warning to his critics. Don’t trash-talk RMS or you may end up wearing the clown-shoes yourself. Mar 13 19:38
balzac maybe Mar 13 19:38
_Hicham_ Roy : in Wikipedia, it is said that Miguel De Icaza didnt participate to the negociations before the deal Mar 13 19:40
schestowitz _Hicham_:  he did Mar 13 19:41
schestowitz He even went to Microsoft trying to change it before it happened, IIRC Mar 13 19:42
*amarsh04_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 13 19:42
schestowitz Novell/MS deal. Mar 13 19:42
_Hicham_ we should change the article then Mar 13 19:42
schestowitz When the deal happened he reacted in his blog as though he knew about it all along Mar 13 19:42
_Hicham_ do u have any references? Mar 13 19:42
schestowitz Where is this article? Mar 13 19:42
schestowitz _Hicham_: I should spend time finding it Mar 13 19:42
_Hicham_ we should contact Wikipedia to change the article Mar 13 19:43
schestowitz I’m not sure what to search for. Mar 13 19:43
schestowitz It was like 2 years ago Mar 13 19:43
_Hicham_ coz u know that wikipedia is the main source of info Mar 13 19:44
schestowitz Find out who put it there in the first place Mar 13 19:44
schestowitz Watch article history Mar 13 19:44
schestowitz Maybe our source was not correct Mar 13 19:44
schestowitz But as I remember it, Moglen, Allison and also de Icaza (Maybe Nat Friedman also, but I’m not sure) were consulted Mar 13 19:44
schestowitz Miguel was against parts of the deal Mar 13 19:45
schestowitz AFAIK Mar 13 19:45
_Hicham_ but Mono was started in 2001 Mar 13 19:45
_Hicham_ i dont understand Mar 13 19:45
_Hicham_ weird Mar 13 19:45
schestowitz Haha Mar 13 19:46
schestowitz BUSTED!!! Mar 13 19:46
schestowitz Good to keep docs around Mar 13 19:46
schestowitz Right from the mouth of his buddy Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/02/22/m… Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz \# Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz Roy Schestowitz said, Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz May 4, 2008 at 12:25 am · Edit Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz Not true. You appear not to know the whole story. Several senior engineers, including Jeremy Allison and Miguel de Icaza, for instance, knew about this deal in advance. Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz Miguel, to his credit, even traveled to Redmond hoping to change it, IIRC, while Jeremy protested against the deal, albeit no vigorously enough (which he later regretted). He told this to us in an interview we did. It all appears in older articles from the end of 2006. Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz # Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz Dan O’Brian said, Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz May 4, 2008 at 9:10 am · Edit Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz Then, if true, You have to give Miguel a lot of credit and that there proves Miguel to not be in Microsoft’s pocket. Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz When I stated that Miguel was not informed of the deal ahead of time, I was referring to this blog post: Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz http://tirania.org/blog/ar… Mar 13 19:47
schestowitz After re-reading, he notes that he was told less than a week in advance of the announcement. Mar 13 19:47
*amarsh04 (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-84-132.lns10.adl6.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 13 19:51
_Hicham_ I don’t why they didn’t chose to support others platforms Mar 13 19:58
_Hicham_ like Java for instance Mar 13 19:58
_Hicham_ microsoft itself uses Java Mar 13 19:58
Omar87 http://www.tgdaily.com/con… Mar 13 20:04
Omar87 Personally, I believe the only way we should communicate with MS is through swords and gunpowder. Mar 13 20:04
Omar87 And the only solution between us and MS, is to see MS burning to the grownd and Gates and Ballmer in jail. Mar 13 20:04
schestowitz What has Negroponte become?? “Negroponte told ZDNet UK via email. “By then, I am convinced Microsoft will have Windows on the ARM.” http://news.zdnet.co.uk/hardware/0,1000… Mar 13 20:05
schestowitz Is he trying to push Microsoft into Linux-only turf? Mar 13 20:05
schestowitz it’s like he’s turning OLPC into some kind of MS-enabler Mar 13 20:05
Omar87 schestowitz: or, what do you think? Mar 13 20:06
schestowitz Omar87: I heard bad things from someone who met Sam Ramji Mar 13 20:06
*amarsh04__ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 13 20:06
Omar87 schestowitz: regarding what? Mar 13 20:07
schestowitz “He is such a traitor, a sneak thief, a provocateur, a spy, an infiltrator.” Mar 13 20:07
schestowitz He tried to sneak into their LUGs too Mar 13 20:07
Omar87 Gates? Mar 13 20:07
schestowitz That’s Microsoft for ya. Mar 13 20:07
schestowitz A bunch of turncoats Mar 13 20:07
schestowitz And people trying to hijack your group like they did with ISO and others… Mar 13 20:08
Omar87 Yeah, so you do agree with my opinion? Mar 13 20:08
schestowitz Not with the violent parts Mar 13 20:08
schestowitz Cause that’s not diplomatic Mar 13 20:08
schestowitz I think we need people with dignity running things Mar 13 20:08
schestowitz Item 1 on the agenda: Mar 13 20:08
_Hicham_ We should develop a virus for Windows that install Linux by force Mar 13 20:08
schestowitz Dismantle criminal companies Mar 13 20:08
_Hicham_ that is a good way Mar 13 20:08
schestowitz Blackwater, Intel, Microsoft, tobacco industry, etc. Mar 13 20:09
MinceR that would show us as criminals Mar 13 20:09
*amarsh04_ (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-52-198.lns11.adl2.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 13 20:09
MinceR it would be better if a virus would be developed for windows that can’t be traced to our community Mar 13 20:09
schestowitz Haha. Mar 13 20:09
Omar87 schestowitz: By “Swords and Gunpowder, and burning to the ground”… I meant the competition. Mar 13 20:09
schestowitz Well, that’s not displomaic either Mar 13 20:09
schestowitz It’s also against the law Mar 13 20:09
MinceR with disastrous effects — that would force people to think about where they put their trust with regards to security Mar 13 20:09
MinceR and why security is important Mar 13 20:09
schestowitz Let them besiege themselves with the 1,000,000+ viruses they already have Mar 13 20:10
schestowitz mewonders how much RAM is consumed by Norton et al just catchijng virus sigs Mar 13 20:10
schestowitz *caching Mar 13 20:10
Omar87 No, diplomacy with MS would work, only showing the world how much they’ve suffocated innovation would. Mar 13 20:10
schestowitz Omar87: yes Mar 13 20:10
schestowitz That’s what BN is about Mar 13 20:10
MinceR diplomacy — only aggressive negotiations can work with them Mar 13 20:10
schestowitz Let people discover what they should Mar 13 20:10
MinceR “negotiation with a lightsaber” Mar 13 20:10
schestowitz Microsoft has an extended family Mar 13 20:10
schestowitz Inc. Novell Mar 13 20:10
Omar87 schestowitz: Exactly, that’s part of what I mean by “Swords and Gunpowder” Mar 13 20:11
schestowitz and IDC. I wrote about it minutes ago: http://boycottnovell.com/200… Mar 13 20:11
schestowitz Omar87: not quite Mar 13 20:11
schestowitz I think about truth versus crime Mar 13 20:11
schestowitz Let them fight with crime (swords and gun powder) Mar 13 20:11
schestowitz I am gonna publish a post about their latest smear campaign Mar 13 20:11
Omar87 schestowitz: Oh come on! I mean Novell ain’t no threat. It’s one stupid pathetic insect! :D Mar 13 20:11
schestowitz A Microsoft CEO personally attacked a critic Mar 13 20:12
schestowitz He contacted the person’s boss Mar 13 20:12
_Hicham_ no, we should be more aggressive Mar 13 20:12
schestowitz Tried to get him fired or something Mar 13 20:12
schestowitz That’s what I call white-collar crime Mar 13 20:12
_Hicham_ personally, I liked Mozilla policy on spreading Firefox Mar 13 20:12
schestowitz And by exposing thbe truth we can fight it Mar 13 20:12
schestowitz Causing Microsoft even more damage Mar 13 20:12
MinceR novell is part of m$ and thus it’s part of the threat Mar 13 20:12
schestowitz The person (victim) wants it published Mar 13 20:12
schestowitz But I need to anonymise Mar 13 20:12
schestowitz Rather, to hide the identity Mar 13 20:12
_Hicham_ I like also how Ubuntu is acting Mar 13 20:13
_Hicham_ sending you linux for free Mar 13 20:13
schestowitz _Hicham_: Microsoft has a policy too Mar 13 20:13
schestowitz Spread Fire Mar 13 20:13
_Hicham_ and organizing install parties Mar 13 20:13
_Hicham_ these install parties are great Mar 13 20:13
schestowitz Also for social reasons Mar 13 20:13
_Hicham_ that is a good way to spead things Mar 13 20:13
schestowitz The political system has voluntarily entablish a society that is divided Mar 13 20:13
schestowitz It makes people helpless Mar 13 20:13
schestowitz They know they get screwwed Mar 13 20:14
schestowitz They can’t really do anything about it Mar 13 20:14
_Hicham_ Microsoft is giving their products for free for students Mar 13 20:14
schestowitz They are kept isolated Mar 13 20:14
schestowitz So no voice Mar 13 20:14
_Hicham_ MSVC for free Mar 13 20:14
_Hicham_ and others star products Mar 13 20:14
schestowitz Effort is devised/used by govts to suppress groupings too Mar 13 20:14
Omar87 Guys, ya know something? Mar 13 20:14
schestowitz Daemonising them sometimes Mar 13 20:14
schestowitz This way, asking for change becomes too hard Mar 13 20:14
schestowitz But all changes likle end of racism or sexism came through organising Mar 13 20:15
Omar87 I personally think that Ubuntu has pwned Windoze a loooo..oong time ago. Mar 13 20:15
schestowitz Some blood was spilled (of those who organised) Mar 13 20:15
_Hicham_ Omar87: not yet Mar 13 20:15
schestowitz So anyway, GNU or LUGs are organisations Mar 13 20:15
schestowitz LUGs file group complaints sometimes Mar 13 20:15
schestowitz That’s why they are powerful Mar 13 20:15
schestowitz EFF… Mar 13 20:15
Omar87 Can’t you see? It has achieved in two years, what MS has failed to achieve in a whole decade. :) Mar 13 20:16
schestowitz Omar87: no, Microsoft clogs up the system Mar 13 20:16
schestowitz In Jordan too Mar 13 20:16
schestowitz They have people who turn it into ‘client state’ Mar 13 20:16
schestowitz So that colleges give ‘free’ Office training Mar 13 20:16
schestowitz And maybe dump free copies Mar 13 20:16
schestowitz A responsible educator won’t do that Mar 13 20:16
Omar87 schestowitz: You meant especially in Jordan. Mar 13 20:16
schestowitz But Microsoft uses dinners/lunch/favours/money/whatever to charm people. Mar 13 20:17
schestowitz That’s just how it works Mar 13 20:17
_Hicham_ personally I don’t help people with Office Mar 13 20:17
schestowitz And they build a stranglehold on the ‘system’ (educatioal in thuis case) Mar 13 20:17
_Hicham_ I advise them to use OpenOffice.org Mar 13 20:17
schestowitz So you must break down their strctures of cronyism first) Mar 13 20:17
Omar87 _Hicham_: Same here. Mar 13 20:17
schestowitz Expose them, demote them Mar 13 20:17
schestowitz Show who they are Mar 13 20:17
schestowitz Who they serve Mar 13 20:17
schestowitz The LUG can do it Mar 13 20:17
schestowitz JUST can investigate and write letters Mar 13 20:18
Omar87 _Hicham_: Every time someone asks me how to solve a problem with windoze, I directly say: “Use Linux”. :) Mar 13 20:18
schestowitz Omar87: that’s decent Mar 13 20:18
schestowitz Others do it too Mar 13 20:18
schestowitz Or… Mar 13 20:18
schestowitz I’d help you if you move to Free software Mar 13 20:18
schestowitz If Micfrosoftg s/w breaks… Mar 13 20:19
schestowitz Then they need to fix it Mar 13 20:19
schestowitz Its their fault Mar 13 20:19
_Hicham_ a professor asked us to give him a homework in PDF format. The students asked me what will produce PDFs from Word : I told them : OpenOffice will create and even modify PDFs Mar 13 20:19
schestowitz You’re not their support guy Mar 13 20:19
schestowitz They already have billions that they made through crime Mar 13 20:19
Omar87 Yes. Mar 13 20:19
schestowitz With bad systems Mar 13 20:19
schestowitz Bad engineering Mar 13 20:19
schestowitz They rely on ‘free’ support Mar 13 20:19
schestowitz People ‘fixing’ viruses Mar 13 20:19
schestowitz People ‘fixing’ by reinstalling WIndows Mar 13 20:20
schestowitz Rather than GNU/Linux Mar 13 20:20
_Hicham_ Roy : what do u think if websites stop supporting IE? Mar 13 20:20
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 13 20:20
schestowitz And I bet you they obstruct dual-booting in OEMs where you are Mar 13 20:20
schestowitz Dual-booting = same cost as Windows-only Mar 13 20:20
schestowitz I.e. added value Mar 13 20:20
schestowitz Microsoft doesn’t allow it though Mar 13 20:20
schestowitz Strangulation, EULAs, etc. Mar 13 20:20
schestowitz That ought to be illegal Mar 13 20:21
schestowitz Microsoft was taken to court Mar 13 20:21
schestowitz It bribed its way out Mar 13 20:21
schestowitz And it hasn’t even paid what it promise Mar 13 20:21
schestowitz E.g. in Californian schools Mar 13 20:21
schestowitz Microsoft still owes a lot of  monet in fine Mar 13 20:21
schestowitz It also evades tax Mar 13 20:21
schestowitz And it’s entering debt Mar 13 20:21
schestowitz So the public may never see this money that Microsoft stole through crime and price-fixing Mar 13 20:22
schestowitz Which pretty much sums up the reason the American ecnomy is in its current shape Mar 13 20:22
schestowitz No regulation Mar 13 20:22
schestowitz Clowns running the DOJ, FTC, and SEC Mar 13 20:22
Omar87 schestowitz: Where can one find the truths about Gates spending a couple billions to improve schools and education? Because personally I don’t buy any of the crap I’ve heard about it.. -_- Mar 13 20:23
_Hicham_ Omar87: where do u live? Mar 13 20:24
Omar87 _Hicham_: Jordan, but I’m kind of interested in proving that Gates is such a user, backstabber, and an a&^hole. Mar 13 20:26
*amarsh04 has quit (Connection timed out) Mar 13 20:27
schestowitz Omar87: you can find a lot about Gates ‘improving’ things (for gains) Mar 13 20:27
schestowitz E.g. Mar 13 20:28
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/3… Mar 13 20:28
*mib_5othgy (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-57d7fff127532897) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 13 20:28
*mib_5othgy has quit (Client Quit) Mar 13 20:28
_Hicham_ Gates is just spying on people Mar 13 20:28
_Hicham_ I read that one of the basic windows libraries ( advapi32.dll ) is filled with spyware Mar 13 20:29
_Hicham_ you can’t find a single program not using advapi32.dll Mar 13 20:30
trmanco Advertisment API 32 (dot) DLL Mar 13 20:30
_Hicham_ according to a british researcher, this library contains a secret “NSA Key” Mar 13 20:31
Omar87 _Hicham_: What freaks you out even more is that there actually idiots out there who believe he even cares about what happens to the world. Mar 13 20:31
_Hicham_ this was busted when a programmer forgotten to eliminate the debug strings in the dll Mar 13 20:31
schestowitz _Hicham_: no need for “according to” Mar 13 20:32
schestowitz The back doors are fact Mar 13 20:32
Omar87 _Hicham_: That’s nothing new, they’ve clearly stated it in their EULA. Mar 13 20:32
schestowitz gartner and MS got together and confessed over a year ago Mar 13 20:32
schestowitz Also see http://boycottnovell.com/2008/04… Mar 13 20:32
schestowitz Omar87: Microsoft is allowed to change your sw over the network at any time Mar 13 20:33
schestowitz It’s in the EULA indeed Mar 13 20:33
Omar87 schestowitz: Yeah. Mar 13 20:33
schestowitz Slated ( [H]omer_ ) has this: http://slated.org/windows_xp… Mar 13 20:34
schestowitz Feel free to share with people Mar 13 20:34
schestowitz So that they know what they agree to cope with whenever they ‘buy’ (read: forced to buy) Windows Mar 13 20:34
Omar87 schestowitz: And remember, you’re the one who gave them the permission to do that, by agreeing to their EULA when buying windoze, in the first place. Mar 13 20:34
*amarsh04__ (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-83-15.lns10.adl6.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 13 20:35
schestowitz BBC zombie caper slammed by security pros < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2… > Mar 13 20:35
_Hicham_ Roy : how wine accomplished binary compatibility with Windows without infringing the EULA? Mar 13 20:38
Omar87 schestowitz: By “you’re”, I meant the end-user in general of course. Don’t get me wrong. ;) Mar 13 20:38
schestowitz Arrrrr… http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/13/sw… Mar 13 20:38
schestowitz Omar87: yes, I know. Mar 13 20:39
schestowitz _Hicham_: they might infringe, I think Mar 13 20:39
schestowitz But the EULA may be against the law Mar 13 20:39
schestowitz It was never upheld or challenged in court Mar 13 20:39
schestowitz It’s seen as legally dubious in the UK Mar 13 20:39
_Hicham_ Roy : why MS didn’t sue them then? Mar 13 20:39
schestowitz _Hicham_: stirring up troible Mar 13 20:40
schestowitz Sue who|? Mar 13 20:40
schestowitz Which company? Mar 13 20:40
schestowitz It’s code Mar 13 20:40
Omar87 schestowitz: Yes, which makes things even worse for the end-user. Mar 13 20:40
schestowitz When companies grow big, they become the law Mar 13 20:40
schestowitz And you must be rich to keep standing in court against them Mar 13 20:40
_Hicham_ Roy : sue the Wine developers Mar 13 20:40
schestowitz Because the legal system too is warped Mar 13 20:41
schestowitz _Hicham_: they won’t go there. Mar 13 20:41
_Hicham_ since they are disassembling Windows Mar 13 20:41
schestowitz Unless they want to due even faster than SCO Mar 13 20:41
schestowitz They already suffer from the attack on TomTOm Mar 13 20:41
schestowitz They do damage controll ATM Mar 13 20:41
schestowitz Some people dump Windows because of htis Mar 13 20:41
schestowitz And it shows how miserable Microsoft is (i.e. perception of fragility) Mar 13 20:42
_Hicham_ the last thing I needed Windows for was my Webcam driver Mar 13 20:42
_Hicham_ but now it is officially in the kernel Mar 13 20:42
schestowitz You can buy Linux-compatible webcams Mar 13 20:43
schestowitz Let the ones that don’t support Linux just rot away Mar 13 20:43
schestowitz Evolve or die Mar 13 20:43
schestowitz Some companies found this out the hard way Mar 13 20:43
_Hicham_ Here in Morocco, there is no company that sells Linux Laptops Mar 13 20:43
_Hicham_ Everything is for Windows Mar 13 20:44
*amarsh04 (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-168-48.lns11.adl2.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 13 20:44
_Hicham_ even our professors use pirated software Mar 13 20:44
_Hicham_ a professor was teaching us Latex, and he gave us a pirated software, even if there is better open source alternatives Mar 13 20:44
_Hicham_ the software is WinEdit Mar 13 20:45
_Hicham_ I found better ones, like the terrific TeXnicCenter Mar 13 20:45
schestowitz I know people who use it Mar 13 20:45
schestowitz I use Kate for LaTeX Mar 13 20:45
_Hicham_ and of course, WineFish on Linux Mar 13 20:45
schestowitz But front ends like LyX are better Mar 13 20:45
_Hicham_ LyX is not technically LaTeX Mar 13 20:46
schestowitz Hehe.”Winefish” Mar 13 20:46
schestowitz Never heard of it Mar 13 20:46
_Hicham_ Really? Mar 13 20:46
schestowitz Yes Mar 13 20:46
tessier_ LyX has been around for a LONG time. Mar 13 20:46
schestowitz Sounds like an aquarium I’d love to drink Mar 13 20:46
tessier_ I used it to write a couple of papers back in university around 1995. Mar 13 20:46
schestowitz tessier: I’ve used Lyx since 2001 Mar 13 20:47
schestowitz It still gets better Mar 13 20:47
_Hicham_ winefish is the most used on linux i think Mar 13 20:47
schestowitz In Mandriva it’s a tickbox away Mar 13 20:47
schestowitz twitter: was it using qt back then? Mar 13 20:47
schestowitz http://winefish.berlios.de/ Mar 13 20:47
schestowitz Is it linked to Schillix? Mar 13 20:48
_Hicham_ i dont know Mar 13 20:48
schestowitz Joerg? Mar 13 20:48
schestowitz BerliOs at the bottom Mar 13 20:48
schestowitz Solaris Mar 13 20:48
_Hicham_ it is a berlios project Mar 13 20:48
schestowitz Never mind Mar 13 20:49
_Hicham_ but it is great Mar 13 20:49
schestowitz It’s something else Mar 13 20:49
*amarsh04_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 13 20:49
schestowitz Schillix is just hosted under something.. Mar 13 20:49
schestowitz http://developer.berlios.de/… Mar 13 20:49
_Hicham_ winefish with TeXlive is just terrific Mar 13 20:50
_Hicham_ super fast Mar 13 20:50
schestowitz I’d hate to write tables without preview Mar 13 20:50
schestowitz In KDE it’s really nice Mar 13 20:50
_Hicham_ Roy : it is not that necessary to preview Mar 13 20:50
_Hicham_ i used to think like that Mar 13 20:50
schestowitz With Lyx, once you regen (with cache and all making it instant), well… KDE’sKonqueror senses changes to files and then reloads the preview in KPDF Mar 13 20:51
_Hicham_ but with latex, things are different Mar 13 20:51
schestowitz So you get nice previews while you type in WYSIWYG Mar 13 20:51
_Hicham_ same thing in GNOME Mar 13 20:51
schestowitz _Hicham_: I don’t descend to TeX much anymore. it’s slower Mar 13 20:51
schestowitz I can do raw TeX blockss in LyX or export Mar 13 20:51
schestowitz I used to even edit .tex files by hand Mar 13 20:52
schestowitz Oops. Mar 13 20:52
schestowitz I mean lyx file Mar 13 20:52
schestowitz *files Mar 13 20:52
_Hicham_ but it is great Mar 13 20:52
schestowitz Very clean layout they have.. Mar 13 20:52
_Hicham_ with tex, you focus on content Mar 13 20:52
_Hicham_ not on the layout Mar 13 20:52
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