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Quick Mention: ODF Adoption Leads to More Microsoft Abuses in Croatia

It ought to be clear by now that Croatia adopted ODF, but back in November we showed that Microsoft could face lawsuits for its OOXML-related corruptions, specifically in Croatia. We also tracked and documented other abuses of OOXML votes in Croatia. It is more than clear that fraudulent activity (not just 'political' activity) is taking place there. More details have just arrived:

In April 2007. Office for e-Croatia (governmental body responsible for all things e-related) proposed introduction of ODF format as a national standard.


However, in this particular case, Microsoft announced objections shortly before the deadline, thus delaying the resolution of the proposal, and maybe even forcing rejection of the proposal. Due to the secrecy that shrouds the work of CSI, I can't tell what the objections are, nor whether Microsoft has majority of its business partners as members of the panel (although it is very likely so), but the last minute objections are confirmed.


Even if things don't turn out that way, there's the possibility that Microsoft might force OOXML acceptance by sheer voting power within the panel, although I believe that in the case of OOXML failing ISO approval, Microsoft would not dare to display such power over entire nation, at least not while in the limelight.


What does, however, is the fact that Microsoft and business partners are clearly abusing CSI panel for their own selfish interests, where they as members should think only of the benefit for the people of Croatia.

As the author of the above asks, why would Microsoft abuse its power in Croatia so badly? The country is clearly determined to rid itself from monopoly abuse. It's also worth adding that Croatia has just signed up to EPO arguing in need of a reform.

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