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PetoKrausapply some random functionMar 02 21:32
PetoKrausMUSICMar 02 21:32
PetoKraus:DMar 02 21:32
wispygalaxyhaha XDMar 02 21:33
PetoKrausthough here it'd be constant 10€°CMar 02 21:33
schestowitzblazac: action against injustice: Attacks on DOJ Nominees Signal Right's Judicial Nominations Strategy < >Mar 02 21:33
PetoKraus"Mar 02 21:33
PetoKrausThe upcoming version of xorg-server will have a lot of workarounds and patches removed. Doing so, the package becomes easier to understand, as even its maintainer has no idea what is happening anymore. When upgrading to xorg-server-1.6, you will see these file conflicts on most systems:"Mar 02 21:33
BalroghehMar 02 21:34
PetoKrausi'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks it's a messMar 02 21:34
Balrogxorg was always a messMar 02 21:34
PetoKrausArch is taking a tough stance now thoughMar 02 21:34
trmanconever checked the sourceMar 02 21:34
twitterIt is amazing what companies who violate specs can do to hardware.  SATA was a mess for a long time, so is ACPIMar 02 21:34
wispygalaxyhey twitterMar 02 21:34
twitterhelloMar 02 21:34
PetoKrauschucked out ATI to Community repo from ExtraMar 02 21:34
PetoKrausit's funnyMar 02 21:34
trmancoyeah, ACPI is still kinda a in a messMar 02 21:34
schestowitzMore suggestions that Vista7 is sliding to 2010 release: 02 21:34
schestowitzPetoKraus: watch Phoronic closely for news from AMDMar 02 21:34
wispygalaxyhaha royMar 02 21:35
trmancoof*Mar 02 21:35
schestowitzMichael speaks to them todayMar 02 21:35
PetoKrausschestowitz: i do, don't worryMar 02 21:35
wispygalaxyms makes all these promisesMar 02 21:35
schestowitz*nixMar 02 21:35
twitterI wonder if M$ will make it much longerMar 02 21:35
PetoKrausbut i think a  bit of pressure will do helpMar 02 21:35
wispygalaxytheir stock is low todayMar 02 21:35
schestowitztwitter: they could just pull another MEMar 02 21:35
Balrogschestowitz: borken link (maximumPC)Mar 02 21:35
schestowitzActually, I hope they release it NOWMar 02 21:35
schestowitzLet it bomb NOWMar 02 21:35
Balrogheh ME :/Mar 02 21:35
wispygalaxyi'm glad i never used MEMar 02 21:35
schestowitzThey won't get a third chanceMar 02 21:35
BalrogI tested it out onceMar 02 21:35
trmancoVista7, let me wait for 7,8Mar 02 21:35
wispygalaxyyes release it half bakedMar 02 21:35
PetoKrausi mean, if they just chucked away the proprietary driver altogether and worked on the FOSS one internallyMar 02 21:35
BalroghorribleMar 02 21:35
Balrogschestowitz: LINK?Mar 02 21:36
PetoKrausi used ME for quite a longMar 02 21:36
PetoKrausactuallyMar 02 21:36
wispygalaxyi can imagine balrog hahaMar 02 21:36
PetoKrausit wasn't badMar 02 21:36
schestowitzBalrog: what on|?Mar 02 21:36
wispygalaxywe still have computers with win 2000 hereMar 02 21:36
BalrogPetoKraus: do a clean install then run all the windows updatesMar 02 21:36
Balrogthe MaximumPC one, brokenMar 02 21:36
schestowitzOhMar 02 21:36
BalrogPetoKraus: then try using IEMar 02 21:36
twitterThere is little difference, good or bad, between any version of Windows.Mar 02 21:36
schestowitz 02 21:36
BalroghehMar 02 21:36
Balrogearly versions of NT worked okMar 02 21:36
Balrogbut NT was ripped off to begin withMar 02 21:37
twitterWindows 7 will be stillborn.Mar 02 21:37
wispygalaxyi had vista for about a month when i started college, then i heard about ubuntuMar 02 21:37
schestowitzCNN said 2010 as though Microsoft confirmed VIsta7 has slippedMar 02 21:37
wispygalaxythe rest is historyMar 02 21:37
twitterI had vista for all of 5 minutesMar 02 21:37
wispygalaxynow im on debianMar 02 21:37
PetoKrausBalrog: but i used it like 6 years ago on Pentium 166Mar 02 21:37
BalrogI use OS X most of the time, various Linux most of the rest, and Windows on rare occasionsMar 02 21:37
twitterthat was about as long as it took to boot in the storeMar 02 21:37
wispygalaxyit's a mess, we can agree on thatMar 02 21:37
trmancoI had vista for 2 daysMar 02 21:37
schestowitzI saw Vista a few times.. from a distance.Mar 02 21:38
PetoKrausi mean, it was running smooth. I couldn't get linux to run smooth on that, i was not skilled enoughMar 02 21:38
schestowitzI played about with the thing in the airportMar 02 21:38
PetoKrausand i was playing gamesMar 02 21:38
PetoKrausso...Mar 02 21:38
schestowitzXP in blackMar 02 21:38
wispygalaxymy friend installed SP1 last year, and it froze up her desktop everytime she logged inMar 02 21:38
trmancoand I crashes vista a couple of times too during those 2 daysMar 02 21:38
schestowitzSo many years, so little progressMar 02 21:38
twitterI watched it brick a relative's machineMar 02 21:38
wispygalaxywhen she clicked the desktop, it turned white and frozeMar 02 21:38
twitterhe carefully followed all of the "support" adviceMar 02 21:38
wispygalaxyi think she got a new computerMar 02 21:38
PetoKrausquite a lot it's the preloaded rubbish in the OEM imageMar 02 21:38
Balrog"When development started in November 1989, Windows NT was to be known as OS/2 3.0,[2] the third version of the operating system developed jointly by Microsoft and IBM"Mar 02 21:38
Balrog--wikipediaMar 02 21:39
PetoKrauswhich causes most trubleMar 02 21:39
wispygalaxyi told balrog that my friend wants linux mint nowMar 02 21:39
trmancoschestowitz, talking about airports, Lisbon's airport is still running some version of 3.1 for those internet boothsMar 02 21:39
wispygalaxyhe's too afraid of vistaMar 02 21:39
Balroghe should try itMar 02 21:39
trmancomint looks refreshingMar 02 21:39
PetoKrausi saw XP on a bank machineMar 02 21:39
BalrogI like Fedora...Mar 02 21:39
PetoKrausrebootingMar 02 21:39
twitterDRM is trouble for themMar 02 21:39
PetoKrausit was like oh .Mar 02 21:39
Balrog(Fedora 10)Mar 02 21:39
BalrogDRM?Mar 02 21:40
schestowitztrmanco: securt^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HobscurityMar 02 21:40
wispygalaxymint is an attractive distroMar 02 21:40
PetoKrausBalrog: my friend is running FC, i don't know why :DMar 02 21:40
twitterDRM pulls down vista performanceMar 02 21:40
Balrogdrm sucks, but it's not going away soon.Mar 02 21:40
PetoKraustwitter: not only DRMMar 02 21:40
twitterit's the preload to end all preloadsMar 02 21:40
Balrogprobably a few yearsMar 02 21:40
trmancohaMar 02 21:40
twitterthere's no DRM in my houseMar 02 21:40
PetoKrausyeahMar 02 21:40
schestowitzFC has been gone since 2007, no?Mar 02 21:40
twitterfor me, it's already overMar 02 21:40
trmancoanother thing, is that all the banks here in portugal are running WindowsMar 02 21:40
PetoKrausschestowitz: alright, fedoraMar 02 21:41
PetoKrauswhateverMar 02 21:41
PetoKrausi didn't even notice they dropped the 'core'Mar 02 21:41
trmancoat least on their websites, I think I wrote this here onceMar 02 21:41
wispygalaxythe Lowe's (a hardware store) in my town has Red Hat and FirefoxMar 02 21:41
BalrogOS X is better with that as the DRM is limited to a few apps (iTunes, quicktime, DVD player) ... the encryption of system apps is so weak idk if that can be called drmMar 02 21:41
PetoKrausi fear RPM like devil fears the crossMar 02 21:41
Balrogtwitter: IF you have a (hardware box) DVD player, there's DRM in your houseMar 02 21:41
twitterLowe's has saved a ton of money with GNU/Linux, did it way back in 2004 or so.Mar 02 21:41
wispygalaxyi'm still willing to try out RPM pk hahaMar 02 21:41
wispygalaxyyep it's a clean storeMar 02 21:41
twitterEh, don't need the DVD player anymoreMar 02 21:42
Balroguse yum on fedoraMar 02 21:42
Balrogtwitter: why?Mar 02 21:42
twitteruse computers to play my moviesMar 02 21:42
BalrogVLC?Mar 02 21:42
schestowitztwitter: 02 21:42
twitterVLC is goodMar 02 21:42
PetoKrausVLC ehMar 02 21:42
wispygalaxyi have VLC :)Mar 02 21:42
twitterdvdbackup is goodMar 02 21:42
Balrogcompanies are afraid of litigation over libdvdcssMar 02 21:42
wispygalaxyi use computers to watch TV, too, twitterMar 02 21:42
wispygalaxyand moviesMar 02 21:42
trmancomplayerMar 02 21:42
PetoKrausVLC: 02 21:42
Balrogthey all rely on libdvdcss ...Mar 02 21:43
twitterthey look better with a projectorMar 02 21:43
twitterwork fine on a PIIIMar 02 21:43
wispygalaxycoolMar 02 21:43
twitterDid RMS say that?Mar 02 21:43
PetoKrauswhatMar 02 21:43
twitter"No DRM in my ####ing house"Mar 02 21:43
twitter?Mar 02 21:44
PetoKraus:)Mar 02 21:44
twitterIt would be better, "No fucking DRM in my house."Mar 02 21:44
trmancowoWMar 02 21:44
twitterNothings wrong with my house.Mar 02 21:44
wispygalaxyhahaMar 02 21:44
Balrognow what about drm on stuff like iphone apps? Developers are already yelling that people are cracking it ... and if I was one .....  idkMar 02 21:44
trmanconot in mine eitherMar 02 21:44
BalrogletMar 02 21:45
Balroglet'Mar 02 21:45
BalrogarghMar 02 21:45
trmancomy router and desktop run linuxMar 02 21:45
twitteriphone would be nice with a free OS.Mar 02 21:45
twitterbetter to liberate all of it than a few appsMar 02 21:45
trmancoiphone linux :-PMar 02 21:45
BalrogI'm talking about the *apps*Mar 02 21:45
wispygalaxyi want the android phoneMar 02 21:45
Balrogthere are always people who want to make a few bucksMar 02 21:45
twitterthere are always muggers and pimpsMar 02 21:45
wispygalaxyi never bought from the iTunes storeMar 02 21:45
BalrogI feel it'Mar 02 21:46
trmanco 02 21:46
BalrogI feel it's wrong to put muggers and pimps at the same level as honest independent developersMar 02 21:46
Balrog*Mar 02 21:46
twitterhugs and kisses BalrogMar 02 21:46
wispygalaxyyeah hahMar 02 21:46
PetoKrauslolMar 02 21:46
Balrogyeah, there are some that try to rip you off, but the app store has mostly small independent developersMar 02 21:46
PetoKrausis that a joke?Mar 02 21:47
PetoKrausi hope it's a jokeMar 02 21:47
wispygalaxyhaha i see what you did thereMar 02 21:47
Balrogtry to get official access to coding for Nintendo DS or Sony PSP ... good luckMar 02 21:47
twitterbetter to liberate the device so you don't have to ask permissionMar 02 21:47
wispygalaxygood pointMar 02 21:48
Balrogcertainly, but it's also good to protect the rights of those who want to make a bit of money writing appsMar 02 21:48
twitterthey can make money writing free software tooMar 02 21:48
Balrogwell how much are they making? on average, $3-$5 per appMar 02 21:48
schestowitztwitter: he didn't say that.Mar 02 21:49
BalrogYeah, if they want to write free software, they should be able toMar 02 21:50
twitterif the developer has to ask permission, they are not freeMar 02 21:50
twitterthe company can nuke their work laterMar 02 21:50
Balrog(and they can, but try getting the app on your device without a certificate)Mar 02 21:50
BalrogThey can store it in a repoMar 02 21:50
Balrogonly it won't be signed, and the end-user will have to deal with thatMar 02 21:50
schestowitz " Looks like, another potential threat to the ms.Borg sent to the grave yard. Only unlike the real borg MS, don't seem to be cabible of absorbing the new technology. Elsewhere, what devices, if any can you find TRON on outside of Japan. Joining the TRON consortium was so Microsoft. They get an inside view of what their competitors are up to and get to bend the rules in their favor."Mar 02 21:50
schestowitz 02 21:51
Balrog(there are a few open-source app store apps)Mar 02 21:51
schestowitz 02 21:51
PetoKrausTPB day 10: jail'em! :DMar 02 21:51
schestowitz"I figure Microsoft will do with TRON what they did with the OpenGL foundation. Join up, hanground until they extract enough information to duplicate TRON and then go their seperate ways. Offering a Windows only version Microsoft TRON. "Mar 02 21:51
BalrogprobablyMar 02 21:51
schestowitzODF...Mar 02 21:52
schestowitzMaybe.Mar 02 21:52
schestowitzEEEMar 02 21:52
schestowitzIt's actually EEEE with ODFMar 02 21:52
twitterGames like this is why it is easier to help your neighbor and make a buck by writing for free software rather than popular gadgets.Mar 02 21:52
schestowitzEmbrace, extend, extinguish, emit (because they want OOXML)Mar 02 21:52
wispygalaxyoh i seeMar 02 21:52
BalrogI'll be back laterMar 02 21:53
wispygalaxysee yaMar 02 21:53
schestowitzBrit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth < >Mar 02 21:54
schestowitzChina had them exposed to.Mar 02 21:54
PetoKraus"He continued saying that imprisonment is needed in order to stop TPB from operating, and said that a conviction will deter others from infringing copyright."Mar 02 21:54
PetoKraushahaMar 02 21:54
schestowitz*Too. Solution: domolish all those subs and the nukes too.Mar 02 21:54
PetoKrausi don't think he does know much about psychologyMar 02 21:54
PetoKrausif they achieve one thing by jailing the guys behind TPBMar 02 21:54
wispygalaxyinteresting link royMar 02 21:54
schestowitzPetoKraus: they'll promote other sitesMar 02 21:55
PetoKrausyeahMar 02 21:55
schestowitzMany of them will receive the audience.Mar 02 21:55
wispygalaxyi saw the interview with the guys from TPBMar 02 21:55
PetoKrausand i don't want to see the backlashMar 02 21:55
PetoKrausi meanMar 02 21:55
schestowitzit's like Craigslist kicking out prostitution.Mar 02 21:55
schestowitzThey just move on to other sitesMar 02 21:55
PetoKrausthen I'd start to feel sorry for the four guys who are suing TPBMar 02 21:55
schestowitzOr Orkut with drugsMar 02 21:55
PetoKrausreally sorryMar 02 21:55
PetoKrausyou knowMar 02 21:55
schestowitzMafia with Facebook and so on..Mar 02 21:55
PetoKrausAnon Delivers...Mar 02 21:55
wispygalaxyyes lolMar 02 21:55
wispygalaxywe will not forgetMar 02 21:56
schestowitzMaybe they should just killl this telephoninternet thingueMar 02 21:56
schestowitzCut people's tongues tooMar 02 21:56
schestowitzThey communicate too muchMar 02 21:56
schestowitzDangerous stuff...Mar 02 21:56
wispygalaxyin the case of texting fanatics, cut off their thumbsMar 02 21:56
wispygalaxyjkMar 02 21:56
schestowitzIf Swden ups its jurisdiction, then another country will offer room.Mar 02 21:57
schestowitzThey serve links to *gasp* people's HDDMar 02 21:57
wispygalaxyuh ohMar 02 21:57
schestowitzAnd they piss off a lot of people by attacking a site that simply got 'too' bigMar 02 21:58
schestowitzEasy target for litigation...Mar 02 21:58
wispygalaxytrueMar 02 21:58
schestowitzCriminals for sale: 02 21:58
wispygalaxythx for the linkMar 02 21:59
wispygalaxyso roy, have any plans for spring breakMar 02 22:00
wispygalaxyi hope it doesn't snow next week, when i have mineMar 02 22:01
schestowitzBefore Google became Google: The original setup at Stanford University 02 22:08
schestowitzIhave no spring breakMar 02 22:08
wispygalaxyyou should take a vacation, it's funMar 02 22:08
wispygalaxyi hate the cold weather hereMar 02 22:09
wispygalaxyi want to go to floridaMar 02 22:09
wispygalaxyhaha @ the pics in the linkMar 02 22:09
schestowitzvacations are for escapism.Mar 02 22:11
trmanco 02 22:11
trmancohaha, back to the 1997'sMar 02 22:12
wispygalaxylol haven't seen that beforeMar 02 22:13
wispygalaxyroy, what's wrong with a little bit of escapism/fantasy :)Mar 02 22:13
trmancovacations are niceMar 02 22:14
trmancoeveryone likes to have a little fun once in a while (I think)Mar 02 22:15
wispygalaxyi haven't left the country since i went to niagara falls a couple of years agoMar 02 22:15
wispygalaxysame here :)Mar 02 22:15
PetoKrausrightMar 02 22:16
PetoKrausnew xorg on the way!Mar 02 22:16
wispygalaxyok i have to go guys, it was nice talking to all of you!Mar 02 22:16
wispygalaxyi'll be back soonMar 02 22:16
trmancook byeMar 02 22:16
PetoKraussee youMar 02 22:16
schestowitzCyaMar 02 22:16
PetoKraus 02 22:17
PetoKrausmassive update ^^Mar 02 22:17
wispygalaxysee ya trmanco and pk!Mar 02 22:17
wispygalaxybye bye roy xxMar 02 22:17
*wispygalaxy has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 02 22:17
trmancoPetoKraus, using arch? tried that in a VMMar 02 22:17
trmancofor some experiments of mineMar 02 22:17
trmancoI like to play around with PacmanMar 02 22:19
MinceRyeah, eat pills, dodge ghostsMar 02 22:19
PetoKraus:)Mar 02 22:19
trmanco:-PMar 02 22:20
schestowitzLOL "play around with Pacma"Mar 02 22:20
trmanco... install packages tooMar 02 22:20
schestowitzLike that part in That 70s show where he says, "you know what would be fun? Playing with a bunch of monkeys!"Mar 02 22:20
trmancoUh!Mar 02 22:20
MinceRoh, the famous four words.Mar 02 22:22
PetoKrausoh, you meant monkeys, not monkeyboysMar 02 22:22
MinceR:DMar 02 22:22
trmancowell, time for me to go too, cyaMar 02 22:23
*mib_yhzeyt (i=44e625da@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 02 22:24
*mib_yhzeyt has quit (Client Quit)Mar 02 22:25
schestowitzDoes this work for you? 02 22:26
schestowitzPetoKraus: Stweaty Works for Wisconsin?Mar 02 22:27
schestowitztrmanco: cyaMar 02 22:27
schestowitz 02 22:30
schestowitz"Recently, I came across a rather misguided article from PCWorld. The headline is: “Ubuntu’s upcoming 9.04 release offers few new end-user features. Is Ubuntu losing the end-user focus that made it a smash-hit distro?”" 02 22:31
*toros has quit ("leaving")Mar 02 22:32
*Casperin has quit ("Leaving")Mar 02 22:33
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 02 22:35
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellMar 02 22:35
PetoKrausright, that's me running Xserver 1.6.0 ;)Mar 02 22:38
schestowitzYou'll jinx it if you talk about it.Mar 02 22:41
schestowitzA lot of people read BN today. 2.5GB in the past 17 hrs.Mar 02 22:42
PetoKrausit's working, so no jinx ;)Mar 02 22:49
schestowitz:-( 02 22:51
*balzac has quit ( 02 22:51
*balzac ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 02 22:51
*benJIman_ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 02 22:51
schestowitz"Be carefull, GNOME Do is just another stupid Mono app financed by M$-Novell trying to parasite Linux" ." a few hours agoMar 02 22:51
schestowitzTurns out to be false. I wasn't sure about that.Mar 02 22:52
*MrMidland (i=5acc236d@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 02 22:54
schestowitzCIA destroyed nearly 100 interrogation videotapes  < >Mar 02 22:54
schestowitzWill someone sued this CIA thingie? ;-))Mar 02 22:55
MrMidlandYou see the Dow today Roy?Mar 02 22:55
schestowitzYes, it's quite something, ain't it?Mar 02 22:55
schestowitzNovell is collapsing tooMar 02 22:55
schestowitzIts profits fell 36% in Thursday's reportMar 02 22:55
MrMidlandyeah, citigroup are in imminent danger to, as well as AIGMar 02 22:55
MrMidlandCitigroup down 20%Mar 02 22:56
MrMidlandthat's the biggest banking group in the world btwMar 02 22:56
schestowitzI want to show you somethingMar 02 22:56
schestowitzWait..Mar 02 22:56
MrMidlandat 1.2 from a 52 week high of 27!!Mar 02 22:56
schestowitz 02 22:56
schestowitzChinese companies want to buy parts of AIG for nothing.Mar 02 22:56
*benJIman has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 02 22:56
schestowitzAIG CEO on Record-Breaking Q4 Loss --  $61 billion in last Q.Mar 02 22:56
schestowitztwitter: MSFT at $15.7Mar 02 22:57
MrMidlandi am watchingMar 02 22:57
schestowitzNoell under $3Mar 02 22:57
schestowitz*novellMar 02 22:58
*MrMidland has quit (Nick collision from Idoru.)Mar 02 22:58
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* gives channel operator status to ChanServMar 02 22:59
MrMidlandWhat is the end game?Mar 02 22:59
schestowitzI wish I knewMar 02 23:00
schestowitzDOn't bet on it thoughMar 02 23:00
schestowitzThere's no safe bet, not even goldMar 02 23:00
MrMidlandGOld can be confiscatedMar 02 23:00
MrMidlandI think something like that happened in the last great depressionMar 02 23:00
schestowitzSo can bank accounts, in a wayMar 02 23:00
schestowitzGold taken away?Mar 02 23:00
MrMidlandand pensionsMar 02 23:01
MrMidland401k'sMar 02 23:01
MrMidlandhousesMar 02 23:01
MrMidlandBrown was seeing Obama todayMar 02 23:02
schestowitzWhat for?Mar 02 23:02
MrMidlandno doubt to propose a synchronised 'Global' solutionMar 02 23:02
schestowitzObama is a sybolic figure.Mar 02 23:02
schestowitzLike the queen...Mar 02 23:02
schestowitzHe doesn't have qualifications in ecnomicsMar 02 23:03
MrMidlandneither do the bankersMar 02 23:03
schestowitzI trust professors more than I trust businesspeopleMar 02 23:03
schestowitzBut they have less influence, so...Mar 02 23:03
MrMidlandanother friend lost his job last weekMar 02 23:03
schestowitzThey also have stocksMar 02 23:04
schestowitzSo there's bias instilledMar 02 23:04
schestowitzHere's a good video:  Mar 02 23:04
schestowitz 02 23:04
MrMidlandInflation is set to go through the roof, imports expensive, trillions being thrown at markets in vain to reinflate the bubbleMar 02 23:05
-tomaw-[Global Notice] Hi all. A couple of our hubs lost connectivity for a minute or so there resulting in a rather large and noising split. We have worked around the issue for now and are hopeful things will now settle down. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for using freenode!Mar 02 23:06
MrMidlandHere's a good one for you ROy:Mar 02 23:06
MrMidland 02 23:06
MrMidlandgo to 1 minMar 02 23:07
schestowitzOn the likes of Brown.. 02 23:07
schestowitzHe's all rightMar 02 23:07
schestowitzI like what I've seen of Paul.Mar 02 23:07
MrMidlandwatch this ROy 1 minute in it gets interestingMar 02 23:07
MrMidland 02 23:07
schestowitzBill O'Reilly and the Bush gang attacked him.Mar 02 23:07
MrMidlandyes i have watched a lot of his stuffMar 02 23:08
MrMidlandhe was mocked when he predicted this years agoMar 02 23:08
schestowitzSO spending more won't solve it?? ;-) ;-)Mar 02 23:09
schestowitzBut it works in Hollywood...Mar 02 23:09
*Goblin (i=5ec1b73f@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 02 23:10
schestowitzHey, Goblin Mar 02 23:10
Goblinhi!Mar 02 23:10
GoblinBefore I start.....Mar 02 23:10
schestowitzWe were just talking about BrownbamaMar 02 23:11
Goblinis Net Applications related in anyway with MS?Mar 02 23:11
schestowitzyesMar 02 23:11
schestowitzWait..Mar 02 23:11
schestowitz 02 23:12
Goblingood..Mar 02 23:12
GoblinIll check the linkMar 02 23:12
schestowitz 02 23:12
schestowitzAttack the shillsMar 02 23:12
Goblinjust disputing some "facts" linked on twitter.Mar 02 23:12
schestowitzIt's time to bury the "lies, damn lies, and Net Applications"Mar 02 23:12
GoblinThanks Roy.  I just wanted to confirm with you before I started my counter post!Mar 02 23:14
schestowitzThey should be pressured to come cleanMar 02 23:14
schestowitzMethods, data, etc.Mar 02 23:14
schestowitzNot some "magic numbers"Mar 02 23:15
GoblinRoy, are you interested in a link to all the MS MVP's currently twittering at the MVP09 conference?Mar 02 23:15
schestowitzBN says half the people use Linux this month. So?Mar 02 23:15
schestowitzGoblin: no, thanks.Mar 02 23:15
Goblinnp....I found it interesting...Mar 02 23:16
schestowitzLet them fantasize.Mar 02 23:17
schestowitzLinux grows regardless of 'figures'Mar 02 23:18
schestowitzWhich Microsoft sponsors in a wayMar 02 23:18
schestowitzJust because you hide the growth of something doesn't mean it will go away... but... they intend to discourage migrations to GNU/Linux with one-liners like "Linux is less than 1%"Mar 02 23:18
schestowitzThey also ignore the broad market. Like Apple, they pretend that only desktops exist.Mar 02 23:19
GoblinI think Firefox is the starting point for many people to discover Linux...I think the realization that something without the MS logo can be better......Mar 02 23:21
MrMidlandLast one Roy.... 02 23:21
Goblinis what starts them on a FOSS road.Mar 02 23:21
schestowitzThanks. 02 23:25
schestowitzMrMidland: finally one who's not a quack.Mar 02 23:26
schestowitz"stimulus will save us!!111" Trust the Change.. the change!Mar 02 23:27
schestowitz13% unemployment in the US...Mar 02 23:28
schestowitzHe thinks it will be worse than the Great DepressionMar 02 23:29
schestowitzHe calls it "Greatest Depression"Mar 02 23:29
schestowitzThey lean on Obama...Mar 02 23:31
balzacthat's scary as hellMar 02 23:31
schestowitzThat's a decent video. Realistic rather than filled with "change" BS..Mar 02 23:31
balzacit better not be worse than the Great DepressionMar 02 23:31
MinceRgnMar 02 23:31
schestowitzbalzac: hopefully notMar 02 23:31
balzaclater MinceRMar 02 23:31
schestowitzBut you don't control itMar 02 23:31
balzacwell, we have different technology nowadaysMar 02 23:32
Balroghello I'm backMar 02 23:32
balzacthings could be like halflifeMar 02 23:32
*dsmith_ ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 02 23:33
*dsmith_ has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))Mar 02 23:34
Balrog 02 23:35
Balrog"Amiga Community Collaborates On Restorative Gel To Brighten Your Old Plastic"Mar 02 23:35
Balrog-- may be usefulMar 02 23:35
schestowitzBalrog: no, not HL :-)Mar 02 23:36
Balrog?Mar 02 23:36
schestowitzMaybe there will be a boom (as in baby boom) some day in the future, who the heck knows?Mar 02 23:36
BalroghehMar 02 23:36
schestowitzHL=hald lifeMar 02 23:36
schestowitzBalrog: Watch for contextMar 02 23:37
BalrogI'm not talking about HL...Mar 02 23:37
schestowitzbalzac mentioned it just before you returnedMar 02 23:38
Balrogyeah I sawMar 02 23:38
Balrog(i use irssi running on a server of mine)Mar 02 23:39
schestowitz "The nation is being stolen from us not with guns, but with financial schemes.. $Trillion dollar "rescue plan" extortion and "stimul-us" swindles. Massive, out of control taxation without representation (theft) and Robbery with no end in sight. They've only just begun to get started. You ain't seen nothin' yet!"Mar 02 23:41
*hicham_ (n=hicham@ has joined #boycottnovellMar 02 23:42
schestowitzHere's the way to look at it: an individual can do nothing to prevent what's been bubbling for decades for people to cope with (excess). _All_ people...Mar 02 23:42
hicham_hi allMar 02 23:42
MrMidlandGold is nearing $1000 per ounce thats up from $250 per ounce in 2001Mar 02 23:42
schestowitzHey there, what's up?Mar 02 23:42
Balroghistory repeats itself.Mar 02 23:43
*Goblin has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 02 23:43
schestowitzMrMidland: good for jewelers who liquidate maybeMar 02 23:43
MrMidlandyou cannot re-inflate the bubble, there is no free lunch, we will all have to pay...Mar 02 23:43
MrMidlandlolMar 02 23:44
hicham_can i ask u to explain more the reality of the deals between novell and microsoft?Mar 02 23:44
Balrogschestowitz: intel is outsourcing atom chip fabrication to TSMCMar 02 23:47
schestowitzMrMidland: the question is, when?Mar 02 23:48
schestowitzPeople love to leave problems deferred.. until later. Thus people end up with a debt of GBP33k per head.Mar 02 23:49
schestowitzBalrog: don't they already produce all their chips in south east Asia?Mar 02 23:49
balzachicham_: Microsoft is using Novell as a "trojan horse" to subvert software freedom.Mar 02 23:49
schestowitzhicham_: what do you already know about it?Mar 02 23:50
hicham_i just seen the website boycottnovell.comMar 02 23:50
schestowitzbalzac: and Novell gets a penny for doing this.Mar 02 23:50
Balrogprobably, but yet another company...Mar 02 23:50
schestowitzWell, Novell gets a penny, Hovsepian gets $6 million in one year. And SUSE devs get firredMar 02 23:50
BalrogRead about Moonlight and Mono...and the criticism it's receiving over patentsMar 02 23:51
Balrogthey're *Mar 02 23:51
hicham_i immediately wiped the mono packages from my systemMar 02 23:51
schestowitz"Intellectual property is the next software." -- Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft patent trollMar 02 23:51
schestowitz".NET is the next Linux" --Novell de IcazaMar 02 23:51
hicham_i dont see the point in developing dotnet apps in LinuxMar 02 23:52
Balrogor writing new .NET code for any platformMar 02 23:52
schestowitzOK, here's a real quote: “At Microsoft I learned the truth about ActiveX and COM and I got very interested in it inmediately [sic].” --Miguel de IcazaMar 02 23:52
Balrogthere are better ways to do things.Mar 02 23:52
hicham_COM is one of the most controversed technologies inside microsoftMar 02 23:53
hicham_microsoft itself just do a lot of hacks to make things work with comMar 02 23:53
schestowitzBut that's what he knowsMar 02 23:54
schestowitzHis background when he was in MexicoMar 02 23:54
schestowitzHe wrote this a long time ago, probably not so long after he had gone to Microsoft for a job interviewMar 02 23:54
Balrogdidn't de Icaza kickstart GNOME?Mar 02 23:54
schestowitzIn a way, he eventually got the job. He's a VP in mini-Microsoft now (Novell Inc.)Mar 02 23:55
schestowitzBalrog: he did.Mar 02 23:55
MrMidlandI gotta shoot Roy, i'll check in tomorrow evening, keep your eye on the markets, a new financial epoch awaits us!Mar 02 23:55
Balrogso use KDE then?Mar 02 23:56
balzacde Icaza stunk up GnomeMar 02 23:56
schestowitzMrMidland: cya laterMar 02 23:56
schestowitzBalrog: not necessarilyMar 02 23:57
schestowitzThere are many other desktops and GNOME can be emptied from MonoMar 02 23:57
hicham_Gnome is Redhat poweredMar 02 23:57
*MrMidland has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 02 23:57
schestowitzGNOME is getting harder to disinfect thoughMar 02 23:57
schestowitzOpenSUSE is the hardest to wash Mono out of.Mar 02 23:57
Balrogin any case, KDE4.2 is much better than previous versions.Mar 02 23:57
Balrogappears to be better than gnomeMar 02 23:58
hicham_i tried to disinfect gnome from evolution libs, but it is tied very hardMar 02 23:58
schestowitzAnd with Moonlight they'll try to infect all birds with... well, one StoneShine.Mar 02 23:58
Balrog:(Mar 02 23:58
Balrogwell Moonlight 1.0 is rather simpleMar 02 23:58
Balrogjust a libraryMar 02 23:58
schestowitzBalrog: KDE is pretty stubborn on no-monoMar 02 23:58
schestowitzI see it in the mailing listMar 02 23:58
BalrogMoonlight 2.0 is more nasty ... requires mono :(Mar 02 23:58
hicham_moonlight is simple, since they implemented .NetMar 02 23:59
schestowitzXfce and others seem uninterested in GNOME, but I didn't see any public stance made against itMar 02 23:59
Balrogbut all the content I care about is Moonlight 2.0-tyleMar 02 23:59
Balrogtype *Mar 02 23:59
schestowitzhicham_: yes, EEEMar 02 23:59
Balrogyeah, they did implement .NETMar 02 23:59

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