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Microsoft's Policies Alienate Even Microsoft's Biggest Fans, Including Pro-Microsoft Web Sites

Summary: Microsoft's aggressive behaviour and low-quality products leave even some of its last remaining 'fans' disheartened and upset

TECHRIGHTS has spent nearly a decade writing about how Microsoft had been bullying and extorting companies that spread Linux. Microsoft uses patents for extortion. Earlier today we showed how Microsoft, having stolen Nokia from Linux (by entryism), now uses Nokia for extortion against Android's market leaders. Not only is Microsoft bullying competitors (demanding 'protection money') but it is also upsetting its own customers by forcing people to use Vista 10, even when they stubbornly reject it for all sorts of legitimate reasons. As we showed at the beginning of this year (early January, see the articles in the Wiki), even Microsoft's boosters are starting to get extremely upset. They now see Microsoft's true colours. It's a company of bullies and thugs with a long track record at that.

"If this is what Microsoft proponents are saying, then they won't be advocates of Microsoft for much longer."According to this new rant from a Microsoft proponents’ site (WinBeta), "Microsoft is annoying its most loyal customers and that’s a very bad idea" (this is the headline). There is also arrogance. To quote: "The problems, according to many Surface users, are extensive and widespread, with many owners — of both the Surface Book and Surface Pro — reporting issues such as flickering screens, battery drain, and general unreliability for day-to-day tasks.

"In a statement, a Microsoft spokesperson said that addressing the issues with the Surface is “a top priority for us.” A message that was hidden away in a support forum announcement."

To quote the latter parts: "Business Insider’s review unit, for example, had to be returned twice during testing. Anecdotally, I tried out the Surface Pro 4 and had to return it — twice — because it broke both times. I’m sure there are plenty of other stories about returned Surface tablets and laptops, mainly due to reliability issues."

If this is what Microsoft proponents are saying, then they won't be advocates of Microsoft for much longer. They'll find other companies to cheer for and maybe they'll even discover software freedom and start promoting GNU/Linux.

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