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Sirius 'Friends' Try to SLAPP or Intimidate Victims of the Company, So More Victims of the Company Speak Out

The company's victims include blind people


You trying to seed doubt and gaslight many victims. You moreover make  veiled threats against people who speak out facts. Based on your earlier message, you're a friend or de facto  promoter/fixer of Mark


When I saw the praise for Sirius I did cringe to myself because I also find them to be a scummy company.   I thought I'd avoid responding, because frankly life is too short.  However, this veiled threat of libel is simply ridiculous, so now I am going to respond. The reason I find them scummy is because I worked on a project with them 10 years ago, and they simply didn't pay me and ignored reminders to pay the invoice.  The project was ultimately cancelled as the client changed their mind, so I guess Sirus thought they didn't need to pay me. It wasn't even a huge sum of money, but it was enough to totally burn their reputation with me.  So yeah, if they want to sue me for libel, bring it the fuck on. Thanks

Summary: The crimes of Sirius 'Open Source' turn out to have gone further than the pension fraud; according to a new message, the company withheld payment to staff that did a lot of work and we've seen even worse "wage theft" before (at one point the company was taken to court over it, almost exactly a decade ago if not many times more)

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