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Feeding False Information Using Sockpuppet Accounts and Imposters

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Nov 27, 2023

The online militants try every trick in the book, even illegal stuff

Witch On Broom

AS per the latest meme, today we begin looking at some fakes that target me all the time, especially in the past few months. I cannot give a full list of these, as it would take too long, but it's almost certainly connected to the coordinated attacks I've come under since 2022 (they also targeted my wife).

In 3 prior parts we showed how an imposter abused a reporting mechanism in an effort at Denial of Service, having abused authors and muddied the water some more. What we covered in the last part showed potentially illegal actions by these deranged militants.

While it's difficult to know if there's one person or a small group behind all the fakes and imposters, we've begun seeing a pattern of fake Bill Gates 'articles', fake IRC logs, fake authorities, and fake media. That's in addition to subscribing our E-mail addresses to lots of spam so as to fill up our inboxes.

The reason we cover this here is that the fakes are a pattern - an attack pattern we ought to shed some light on. We collect them to make a point some time later on. Next Monday and today we have some examples to show. We believe it is useful to show their tactics (the repertoire) because we saw those same tactics used against others.

Having only skimmed through the drivel, one person said that "their tactics are quite underhanded" and Microsoft "stoops even lower over time."

Here's one example of an IMPOSTER, who sent the following ridiculous message:

Dear Dr. Schestowitz,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as an anonymous whistleblower who feels compelled to reveal some critical information related to my previous work at a technology company. Given the sensitive nature of the information, I have chosen to remain anonymous to protect my safety and livelihood.

During my time working in the research and development department of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, I was involved in a project related to 5G microchips. These microchips were intended for legitimate telecommunications purposes, with the aim of advancing wireless technology. However, what I discovered during my tenure raised serious ethical concerns that I can no longer keep hidden.

While the project was primarily focused on 5G technology, I became aware of discussions among higher-ups about the potential misuse of this technology to be used in the COVID-19 vaccines for surveillance and data collection purposes. There were discussions about how these microchips could potentially be used to gather personal information, track individuals, and infringe on their privacy without their consent.

I felt increasingly uneasy about the direction the project was taking, and I was deeply troubled by the lack of transparency regarding the potential risks and consequences of this technology. I also became aware of efforts to keep this information hidden from the public and regulatory authorities.

In light of my ethical concerns and the potential harm that could result from the misuse of this technology, I have decided to blow the whistle on this matter. I believe that the public has the right to know about these issues and to have a say in how this technology is developed and used.

I urge you to use your platform and expertise to investigate this matter further and raise awareness about the ethical implications of 5G microchips in vaccines. It is essential that the public is informed about the potential risks and can engage in a meaningful discussion about how to ensure that this technology is used responsibly and in accordance with privacy and ethical standards.

Please understand the gravity of this situation and the personal risks I am taking by coming forward with this information. I trust in your commitment to ethical journalism and your dedication to holding powerful entities accountable.


A Concerned Whistleblower

Not even remotely credible. We need to collect more examples and show more of them in the future.

In next week's part, "Forging IRC Logs and Impersonating Professors", we'll show that even stealing identities of well known people (creating false accounts with their name) is considered 'fair play' in the minds of the militants. To those who are impersonated in bad faith, some of this is legally actionable in their country. They're being fully informed by us.

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