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Links 6/2/2021: Debian 10.8 Released, Mageia 8 RC1

Posted in News Roundup at 5:13 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

  • GNU/Linux

    • Audiocasts/Shows

      • AwesomeWM: Let’s Make Keyboard Control Comfy – YouTube

        I’ve been really enjoying AwesomeWM but when I first installed it, there were quite a few little things I didn’t like about how it controlled, so today I’m going over some of the fixes I’ve made to make this window manager much more comfy with keyboard control.

    • Applications

      • Darktable 3.4.1 Released with Faster Thumbnail Generation [Ubuntu PPA]

        The open-source raw photo development tool Darktable 3.4.1 was released today. PPA has been updated for Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 20.10.

        The new 3.4.1 version contains mainly bug-fixes that also features minor other changes including faster thumbnail generation during import, and some minor CSS improvements. And there are updated cameras support.

      • The 10 Best Self-hosted Wiki Software for Linux System

        No one will argue that Wikipedia is one of the most popular online encyclopedias. It contains more than 50 million pages in 314 different languages. Anyone from any corner of the world can easily get any information from Wikipedia. But what will you do if you need your own Wiki? If you are a Linux user, then you can definitely try self-hosted Wiki software for Linux on your server. These wiki software will help you in creating your own documentation or knowledge-based wiki. Many companies use Wiki software to create their own product documentation pages for more customer engagement.

      • What can I as a simple user do to prevent a software to get abandoned

        Since like 20 yrs ago, I learned to get use of RPN calculators, and just shortly after, in most cases are able to punch the numbers faster than those with regular calculators. During this time, I always had to get an RPN calculator installed – this was before I started to use Linux.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • How to install Opera Web Browser on Linux | FOSS Linux

        Opera might not have a large market share like Chrome or Firefox, but it’s still a pretty popular web browser. The main reason behind Opera’s popularity is its extremely low RAM and battery consumption. This makes it the ideal web browser for Linux PCs to run on lower-end hardware. But that’s not all; you also get a unique UI filled with tons of useful features like a native ad-blocker and VPN service.

      • Raspberry Pi 4 & Chrome OS: All You Need to Know

        The Raspberry Pi 4 is a handy SBC that can handle a range of operating systems. Learn how to run Google’s Chrome OS on a Raspberry Pi 4.

      • Self Signed Certificate (https) in Raspberry PI with Apache – peppe8o

        HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (https) is a communication protocol adding a security layer to classic http. It uses TLS and certificates communication between two computers, reducing man-in-the-middle attack risks. Beside common configuration, you can set a self signed configuration on Raspberry Pi running Apache web services

        Https (which uses port 443 instead of default http port 80) became a common standard as cyber security risks increased over the time. Today it can be a requirement for some services to run correctly (like, for example, IdeaSpaceVR project or Grocy project). In this tutorial I’m going to show how to setup a self signed certificate in your Raspberry PI running Apache web server.

      • How To Setup MySQL Percona Database Servers On Kubernetes Infrastructure
      • How to Install Signal on a Chromebook [Guide] | Beebom

        One of the best features of Signal is that you can use it on your desktop including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux. I have been using Signal on my Chromebook and it has been a flawless experience so far. The interesting part is that Signal on Chromebook works independently. No matter if your smartphone is connected to the internet or it’s in the common WiFi network, Signal just works and maintains end-to-end encryption too. So if you want to install Signal on a Chromebook then go through our guide below.

      • How to Install Webmin on CentOS 8/RHEL 8 Server

        Webmin is a free and open-source control panel for administering Unix/Linux servers. This tutorial will be showing you how to install Webmin on CentOS 8/RHEL 8 server.

      • How To Clone or Backup Linux Disk Using Clonezilla Imaging Tool

        If you are thinking of upgrading your computer or replacing your hard disk without losing any data, you can use the CloneZilla tool to backup your Linux disk. The CloneZilla is available in ISO format; you can download and burn the ISO file on a flash drive. CloneZilla offers you to backup your Linux disk on a local disk or transfers the entire disk over an SSH server.

        CloneZilla is a beginner-friendly and straightforward tool; the user interface is mostly based on GUI; you don’t need to know any shell scripting. If you have multiple operating systems installed on your disk, it can detect Linux, Windows, and other operating systems. Clonezilla supports both MBR and GPT partition scheme. It also supports NTFS, EXT4, and other file formats. It can also help you to recover your disk after a system failure.

      • How to restore USB normal after bootable USB

        You are anxious what happen to your pen drive why it is just showing limited storage (Oh holy!) I have tried to format USB drive still the USB Drive is showing limited storage, and this all happened when I have followed the creating a bootable USB drive to Install Ubuntu on my system.

    • Distributions

      • New Releases

        • Download Mageia 8 RC1 Linux distro now

          Mageia 8 has been in development for a while now, and fans of that Linux-based operating system are likely chomping at the bit for a stable release. Back in August, we shared that the first Beta of the distribution was available for testing, and then, the second Beta came out in December.

          And now, finally, the first release candidate arrives. As with the Beta releases, RC1 is available with your choice of three desktop environments — KDE Plasma, GNOME, and Xfce. It seems Mate is a post-install option, but there is no dedicated ISO for it like the aforementioned trio of DEs.

      • PCLinuxOS/Mageia/Mandriva/OpenMandriva Family

        • Announcing Mageia 8 RC1

          We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback so that we can continue workingto get Mageia 8 ready for release.

          Mageia 8’s new artwork has also been integrated, the community has made some really nice images, here is the new signature background, as well as the additional backgrounds that will be included.

          PHP was recently updated to 8.0.2, therefore, feedback on PHP applications will be helpful to check for issues. The NVIDIA drivers have been switched to gl-vendor-neutral-dispatch, so MESA applications can work on such systems, with 460 series on x86_64 and 390 series still available. Note that the NVIDIA 340 series is no longer supported. DrakX, our installer, will switch supported systems to NVIDIA 390 where possible, or use the nouveau driver if they are unsupported by the newer drivers.

          For Amd graphic cards based on Southern Islands family (Tahiti, Pitcairn, Oland, Verde, Hainan) and Sea Islands family (Kaveri, Bonaire, Hawaii, Kabini, Mullins) we are now defaulting to the newer amdgpudriver instead of the older Radeon, and feedback, if it works properly or not on your hardware, would be helpful.

      • IBM/Red Hat/Fedora

        • AlmaLinux Releases Beta of Their CentOS/RHEL 8 Fork

          AlmaLinux describes itself as “an open-source, community-driven project that intends to fill the gap left by the demise of the CentOS stable release.” And now AlmaLinux “has announced their beta release of their CentOS/RHEL 8 fork,” writes Slashdot reader juniorkindergarten.

          AlmaLinux will be getting $1 million a year in development funding from CloudLinux (the company behind CloudLinux OS, a CentOS clone with over 200,000 active server instances). Their CEO stresses that AlmaLinux “is built with CloudLinux expertise but will be owned and governed by the community. We intend to deliver this forever-free Linux distribution this quarter.” And they’ve committed to supporting it through 2029.

        • CentOS Discontinued: Pick an Alternative for Production Linux Servers

          Since IBM’s Red Hat has decided to part ways with the renowned CentOS Linux production server by Dec. 31, 2021, the news is not being taken wholeheartedly by a proportion of the Linux community. The stated end-of-support date is for CentOS Linux 8 distribution. The Linux community users’ protests with sworn oaths to the CentOS Linux distribution is understandable due to the stability, security, and freedom the Linux server provided to their production servers.

          Red Hat wants to redirect its resourceful support from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream. We can define CentOS Stream as an upstream development platform that caters to the Linux ecosystem developers. It harbors continuously streaming content that also provides Red Hat’s daily updates. Since it primarily caters to developers, it updates them on the progress and changes regarding RHEL-based distros.

          An interesting trivia about RHEL before we jump into this article’s main objective is that it is not the sole founder of CentOS. For a long time, this Linux distro existed as a community project before RHEL came into the picture. RHEL gained CentOS dominance in 2014 when it acquired the trademark and ownership of the Linux distro. This takeover came after RHEL’s commitment to sponsoring CentOS development.

      • Debian Family

        • Debian 10.8 Released With Dozens Of Fixes, Switches To More Parallel Build Process
        • Debian 10.8 release process – And there are always small bugs which catch you out

          This is going very well – we’ve finished many of the tests. A few oversights – a few changes as we’ve realised we’ve missed a couple of things: it’s always the same, small bugs catch you out as you spot them and Sledge is fixing as we go. A couple of bandwidth glitches for me but nothing special.

          Thanks also to Linux-fan and Sqrt{not} who have turned up to help and each taken a couple of tests. Any contribution is a help because it means we get things done faster and, crucially, we get different hardware and another pair of eyes working with us. We’d hoped that we’d be mostly done by 1700 – we didn’t specify which time zone.

        • Debian GNU/Linux 10.8 “Buster” Released with 45 Security Updates

          Debian GNU/Linux 10.8 comes about two months after Debian GNU/Linux 10.7 to provide the Linux community with an up-to-date installation and live images for those who want to install the Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” operating system series on their personal computers or servers.

          Therefore, the Debian GNU/Linux 10.8 release packs a total of 45 security updates and 56 updated packages with miscellaneous bug fixes. As expected, this new ISO medium also includes the recently released Linux kernel security update that addresses no less than 11 vulnerabilities, as well as a patch for the recent sudo vulnerability.

        • Andrew Cater: Debian 10.8 release process – And there are always small bugs which catch you out :)

          This is going very well – we’ve finished many of the tests. A few oversights – a few changes as we’ve realised we’ve missed a couple of things: it’s always the same, small bugs catch you out as you spot them and Sledge is fixing as we go. A couple of bandwidth glitches for me but nothing special.

          Thanks also to Linux-fan and Sqrt{not} who have turned up to help and each taken a couple of tests. Any contribution is a help because it means we get things done faster and, crucially, we get different hardware and another pair of eyes working with us. We’d hoped that we’d be mostly done by 1700 – we didn’t specify which time zone.

        • Andrew Cater: Debian 10.8 release process – We’re almost there – Signing and pushing about to happen

          Steve is about to sign the release and to begin the push across to the mirrors.

          Although it sometimes seems like an age, this will be approximately 8 hours rather than 15 hours – a 50% improvement in release timetable means that the behind the scenes work has been well worth while.

          We always find tweaks, improvements, things we forgot and genuine bugs. Once again: We’ve found that live images can be significantly memory intensive on older hardware or machines with limited memory.

          The boot process for any live CD image expands a squashfs so that the image runs entirely in memory. This is particularly noticeable on the 32 bit i386 images. These really require a minimum of 2GB of memory if you are using the heavier weight desktop images like KDE or Gnome: much less and they will either be unreasonably slow or just fail to work.

    • Devices/Embedded

    • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

      • LibreSOC

        • LibreSOC Still Striving To Produce An Open-Source Hybrid CPU/GPU Built On OpenPOWER

          LibreSOC remains the very ambitious project of creating a fully open-source hybrid CPU/GPU SoC but with a very uphill battle still in front of them.

          LibreSOC has been after designing a hybrid CPU/GPU that is 100% open-source. The project originally stated off as aiming to be a RISC-V Vulkan accelerator back when the project was known as Libre RISC-V. But they ultimately dropped RISC-V for aiming to be an OpenPOWER ISA based design over not needing NDAs and other organizational matters that turned them off to using RISC-V.

          The original plans for this open-source accelerator have just focused on being able to deliver 1280 x 720 @ 25 FPS and around 5~6 GFLOPS…. Even back in 2018 when those goals were shared it was rather weak then and with each passing year just looks much weaker especially with their hopes of finding this open-source SoC to be used on consumer devices like Chromebook-type laptops and more.

      • Productivity Software/LibreOffice/Calligra

        • LibreOffice Technology, the only software platform for personal productivity on the desktop, mobile and cloud

          LibreOffice Technology is the result of ten years of intensive activity on the software’s open source code, coordinated by the Engineering Steering Committee and carried out by developers, software engineers, security experts, and interface and user experience specialists of many affiliations.

          The goal of this evolutionary process was to create a single software platform for individual productivity on desktop, mobile and the cloud: the only approach able to offer users the interoperability features that enable transparent sharing of all content, and independence from single commercial vendors and vendor lock-in strategies.

          This is the opposite approach to all other proprietary and open core office suites, which have developed different versions for each platform trying to replicate the functionality, but only succeeding in part, so that – for example – the internal structure of documents (which is not visible to users) is different for each application.

      • Programming/Development

        • Jussi Pakkanen: Why most programming language performance comparisons are most likely wrong

          For as long as programming languages have existed, people have fought over which one of them is the fastest. These debates have ranged from serious scientific research to many a heated late night bar discussion. Rather than getting into this argument, let’s look at the problem at a higher level, namely how would you compare the performance of two different programming languages. The only really meaningful approach is to do it empirically, that is, implementing a bunch of test programs in both programming languages, benchmarking them and then declaring the winner.

          This is hard. Really hard. Insanely hard in some cases and very laborious in any case. Even though the problem seems straightforward, there are a ton of error sources that can trip up the unaware (and even many very-much-aware) performance tester.

        • POSIX Signals with C Programming – Linux Hint

          We may define a signal as an activity that is triggered to alert an operation or thread whenever the time of arrival for a certain significant situation. Whenever a procedure or thread acknowledges a signal, the procedure or thread will halt whatever it is doing and take immediate action. In inter-process coordination, the signal can be effective. In this guide, you will study signal handlers in Linux through the C language.

        • POSIX Shared Memory with C Programming – Linux Hint

          POSIX shared memory is a framework for inter-process communication (IPC) specified in the POSIX specifications. Two (or more) tasks can read from it and write to the shared memory zone while establishing the shared memory. POSIX shared memory does not always enforce copy disbursements, in contrast to other IPC structures (e.g., pipe, socket, etc.), and is desirable for certain programs.

        • POSIX Thread with C Programming – Linux Hint

          A thread is a small instance running within a process. Threads combine to create a process, and they have some properties of the process; therefore, they are considered lightweight processes. Thread is not independent, just like a process. Rather they work together to compile and create a process. Still, just like a process, a thread also has its own PC (Program Counter) and a particular register set along with stack space.

  • Leftovers

    • Extracting Value, Creating Wastelands

      There’s hardly any value In that which is burnt Sacrificed to the great vacuum, To appease it, by its servant The nomeus, the pastor Each head a walking strip Of earth, a plot To seize and squeeze All value from, Extracting this — Valere, to be well — and so Just leaves it sick, stripped Abandoned as waste Advancing the state Of the Nomos

    • Pillowheads
    • It’s Now or Never — We Stare Into the Abyss

      The northern white rhinoceros is now functionally extinct. Sudan — the last male of his kind — passed away recently. There are two females remaining but obviously they can produce no more of their species without a male — and mating with nearby giraffes is not something in which they seem interested.

      This is not the end but the beginning.

    • Health/Nutrition

    • Integrity/Availability

      • Proprietary

        • Security

          • VoltPillager: Researchers Compromise Intel SGX With Hardware-Based Undervolting Attack

            Security researchers out of the University of Birmingham have crafted another attack against Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) when having physical motherboard access and using their “VoltPillager” hardware device they assembled for about $30 USD.

            Two years ago Plundervolt was widely publicized for compromising Intel’s SGX security by manipulating the CPU frequency/voltage as able to through software interfaces. By carefully undervolting the Intel CPUs when executing enclave computations they were able to ultimately compromise the integrity of SGX.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • Virginia Poised to Become First State in the South to Abolish the Death Penalty
      • War is Not a Queer Right

        But all progress comes at a price and many of the most cherished tokens of LGBT rights are little more than concessions to assimilation that aren’t worth the price of the parades that celebrate them. Hate crimes laws empower the very same Prison Industrial Complex that disproportionately enslaves, mutilates, and rapes Queer bodies. Gay marriage offers validation to gays and lesbians who choose to celebrate their partnerships with heterosexual legal traditions while simultaneously legally invalidating traditionally Queer partnerships that don’t invite the state for a menage. But the worst of the worst when it comes to toxic progress can be found in that token of hetereo-cis-masculine ultraviolence known as the Military Industrial Complex, and this is why I cannot be found celebrating President Biden’s decision to allow transgender people like myself serve in our nation’s killing machine.

        This, once again, makes me a minority within a minority. You see, dearest motherfuckers, I don’t support LGBT rights, I don’t even support that clownish corporate acronym. I support Queer power. I am what you might call a Queer Nationalist, which makes me a young member of a dying breed. We rose up from Stonewall with fists in the late Sixties and early Seventies and took our cues from the fledgling Black Power and Chicano movements. They weren’t begging congress for equality. They were demanding autonomy. They saw their people as a stateless third world nation and they didn’t want shit all to do with the American horror show that brought them on stage in chains.

      • We Can’t Just “Move On”: AOC & Rashida Tlaib Demand Accountability for Deadly Capitol Attack

        As the U.S Senate prepares its impeachment trial of President Trump for inciting the January 6 insurrection, House lawmakers took to the floor Thursday to detail their experiences and demand accountability. We air excerpts from dramatic speeches by Democratic Congressmembers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. “Some are already demanding that we move on or, worse, attempting to minimize, discredit or belittle the accounts of survivors,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “In doing so, they not only further harm those who were there that day and provide cover for those responsible, but they also send a tremendously damaging message to survivors of trauma all across this country, that the way to deal with trauma, violence and targeting is to paper it over, minimize it and move on.”

      • Cori Bush Demands Expulsion for Every Republican Who Incited the Capitol Siege
      • Head of Strategic Command: US Must Prepare for “Very Real Possibility” of Nuclear War With China

        Writing in the U.S. Naval Institute Journal, Admiral Charles A. Richard warned that the military must “consider the possibility of great power competition, crisis, or direct armed conflict with a nuclear-capable peer” and update and modernize its approach to its two principal adversaries.

      • Will Biden Admin Reverse Trump’s “Dangerous” Recognition of Morocco’s Occupation of Western Sahara?

        President Donald Trump broke with decades of U.S. foreign policy in the waning days of his administration and recognized Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, a territory the country has occupied since 1975 in defiance of the United Nations and the international community. U.S. recognition came as Morocco agreed to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, becoming the fourth Arab nation to do so in recent months as part of a regional push by the Trump administration to strengthen Israel without addressing the Palestinian conflict. Now the Biden administration must weigh whether to reverse Trump’s decision on Western Sahara. “It’ll be very dangerous if Biden does not reverse Trump’s unprecedented recognition of Morocco’s takeover of Western Sahara,” says Stephen Zunes, professor of politics and international studies at the University of San Francisco. “The United Nations Charter is very clear that the expansion of territory by military force is illegitimate.”

      • Biden Pledges End to US Offensive Support for Saudi-Led Assault on Yemen
      • Yemen: Biden to End U.S. Offensive Support for Saudi-Led Assault, But Will the War Actually End?

        President Joe Biden has pledged to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, supported by both the Obama and Trump administrations, describing it as a “humanitarian and strategic catastrophe.” The six-year war in Yemen has devastated the country, killing at least 100,000 people and pushing 80% of the country into instability requiring some form of aid or protection, according to the United Nations. Biden’s remarks on Yemen come amid a freeze of U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia, with similar sales to the United Arab Emirates also up for review. “This is the culmination of six years of activism and advocacy to end the U.S.’s role in the war in Yemen,” says Yemeni scholar and activist Shireen Al-Adeimi, an assistant professor at Michigan State University. “We have a president who finally acknowledged the devastating war that is, frankly, caused by the U.S.’s participation.”

      • Minting Blood Money

        Slaves were bought and sold for cash, and now Tubman will be forever imprisoned in an instrument entirely dedicated to facilitate the act of buying and selling.  She will never rest in peace.

        As a slave who became a fierce abolitionist and the savior of many others like her, she pulled off repeated escapes to continue her resistance. Someone of such strength and compassion would not have taken kindly to being commodified and forever tied to the US Dollar — quite literally blood money to her.

    • Environment

      • Basav Sen on Biden Climate Policy, Hannah Sassaman on Prometheus v. FCC
      • Energy

      • Overpopulation

        • Overpopulation Food Waste and Climate Change

          If the current rate of growth continues the UN estimates that by 2050 there will be 9.8 billion of us. Growth is fastest in Africa, where the agency “expect more than half of global population growth between now and 2050 to occur.” In other parts of the world, Europe and China for example, the birth rate is falling.

          Population increases create greater demand on natural resources — water, food, fuel, land/space, the need for health care, education, housing, travel, goods and services grows. And even though it’s the rich and multi-national corporations that are responsible for the majority of GHG emissions, adding 2 billion people, even in poor nations, increases them and fuels climate change

    • Finance

      • For Media, Bezos’ Self-Made Billions Are a Separate Story From Amazon Stealing Tips

        Papers across the country carried the news that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is stepping away from the CEO role. Readers of stories like AP‘s February 2 report heard once again the story of how Bezos, having “quickly determined that an online bookstore would resonate with consumers,” took that idea and “built it into a shopping and entertainment behemoth,” how what started in a Seattle garage is now one of the world’s most valuable companies, “worth” some $1.7 trillion, “swelling” Bezos’ own riches along the way. We learned that Bezos will soon have more time for “side projects,” one of which is, you know, the Washington Post.

      • Stocks, Cocks, But Please No Glocks

        Is a “short squeeze” a Wall Street ploy or self-pleasure technique? Who’s eating whom (#EatTheRich—now on special!)? How are ammosexual Proud Girls Margarine and Loony, blessed by the Swamp King, gaming Congress? What are the odds that Liz Warren will spank the QAnon Shaman as he testifies against Daddy Trump? Can a BJ stop a thief?

        I pull down my mask to take a sip of sweet, rich café au lait, my bleary, sexologically-perverse eyes whipped awake by clickbait and stories galore that could be totally fake or as real as my coffee (with artificial sweeteners)—who knows?

      • ‘Enough Is Enough’: 8 Senate Dems Slammed for Going ‘Hand-in-Hand With GOP’ to Oppose Covid Relief for Undocumented Workers

        “Let us be clear on this. Not only do undocumented community members pay taxes, they are also suffering as much as anyone else because of this pandemic.”

      • Democrats Ramp Up Pressure on Biden to Cancel Student Debt
      • Opinion | Is America’s Current Capitalist System Equipped To Handle the Potential Tsunami of Despair After COVID?

        Only a serious reform of American capitalism can address the kind of distress and insecurity so severe that it kills. Is the country ready for this critical shot in the arm?

      • Ain’t No Time to Wait

        This is the essence of a recent work from authors Ulrich Brand and Markus Wissen titled The Imperial Mode of Living: Everyday life and the Ecological Crisis of Capitalism. Published originally in German, the text is an accessible and deep examination of imperialism’s historical and present construction of a global economy designed to not only dominate the peoples and nations outside the capitalist core, but also to keep that economy’s ecological destructiveness in those nations, too. This means that the consequences of that destructiveness were also intended primarily for those on the so-called periphery, as well.

        Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote that capitalist class responds to the crises created by capitalism “by paving the way for more extensive and more destructive crises, and by diminishing the means whereby crises are prevented.” This phrase from the Communist Manifesto could easily be the catalyst for this book. Indeed, the text is infused with descriptions of such crises manifested over the years. Going beyond the crises of labor and international relations which are part and parcel of capitalism and its invasion of all that exists on earth, The Imperial Mode of Living details the crisis of the environment capitalist practice depends on to survive.

      • The Dark Money and Dirty Politics of Brexit

        In Sunderland, a whopping 60% voted to leave the EU in 2016. Many UK voters that year were made to believe that they would take back poltical control from a seemingly monstrous EU, thus rescuing their beloved British homeland from the clutches of a gigantic bureaucracy across the Channel – a monster that simply does not exist. Overall, there maybe four elements that gave Brexit the upper hand:

        1. ultra-conservative tabloids favouring Brexit;

      • ‘To Fight Back, Workers Are Going to Need Access to Data Rights’

        Janine Jackson: Uber, Lyft and DoorDash spent some $205 million on California’s Prop 22, the most money ever spent on a ballot initiative. For big money, these so-called gig economy companies won themselves a big prize: the continued ability to evade labor laws by deeming their drivers independent contractors rather than employees.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • 60+ Groups and Unions to Senate Democrats: End Harmful ‘Gridlock and Dysfunction’ by Eliminating the Filibuster

        “It is truly outrageous that we still allow a partisan minority to block legislation at will and wholly prevent our government from functioning. Kill the filibuster.”

      • January’s Jobs Report Proves Need for Swift Stimulus Passage, Biden Says
      • Trump, Suu Kyi and the Unwanted

        She will be out of office for at least a year, having been removed from office by a military coup.  He was removed from office as a result of an election in which votes were stolen from him and given to President Biden by poll workers and other corrupt officials.  Those people, he and his advisors would tell you, were the equivalent of the Myanmar military removing Aung San Suu Kyi from office for one year.

        Unlike the trump, Suu Kyi enjoyed a distinguished career before events of 2017 took place. When she returned to Myanmar from England in 1988, she was placed under house arrest and kept there for 15 years becoming a global symbol for democracy.  In 1991 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  Following her release from house arrest in 2010, she became an internationally recognized symbol of the coming of democracy to Myanmar.  In 2012 she was awarded the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal. During a visit to Myanmar in 2012, President Obama described her as: “an icon of democracy who has inspired so many people, not just in this country but all around the world.”  In 2015 such accolades clearly distinguished her from the trump upon whom no one would shower such accolades.

      • We Need More Partisanship Not Less

        Republicans now demand “unity” even as many embrace the big lie that President Biden stole the election from Trump — and even after some cheered on the attack on the U.S. Capitol that killed five.

        But the bigger difficulty is that there can be no reasonable compromise between those determined to confront the crises America faces and those who deny that the problems exist — and have indeed aggravated them.

      • A New Era of Hope
      • Congressional Report Reveals Manufacturers ‘Knowingly’ Sold Toxin-Tainted Baby Food

        “This is what happens when you let the food and chemical companies, not the FDA, decide whether our food is safe to eat.”

      • Establishing The CWI (Cancel, Woke, Identity!)

        The question the reader is now wondering, if the writer hasn’t been canceled yet, is why CWI? Most people range along the spectrum of being strongly against CWI to being dismissive of it. If one is against CWI we hear something along the lines of: CWI is dangerous and threatens the very fabric of our society. The dismissive argument against CWI is that there are bigger issues at play and CWI is a distraction.

        So let’s break down CWI. I have established the three legs. Culture, individual and politics. The ‘individual’ should be exactly how it sounds and I think we can simply look at this leg as how one develops themselves. Wokeness is not the typical self-help. It implies an entanglement with the Other. Furthermore becoming woke is a way to become a more powerful civilian. It’s not linked to book smarts or street smarts. In fact what wokeness entails is not a survival model in any individualistic sense. Rather it is grounding one’s self in the knowledge of the way the world is fundamentally interdependent.

      • Representative Jamie Raskin Is Going to Prosecute the Hell Out of Donald Trump

        Donald Trump has spent a lifetime avoiding accountability for his shady business dealings, financial misdeeds, and abuses of power. But Representative Jamie Raskin is not about to let the defeated former president get away with the high crime of provoking the deadly January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

      • Biden’s Iran Dilemma: Serve Obama’s Third Term – or Trump’s Second?

        “If Iran returns to strict compliance with the nuclear deal,” he wrote in a September op-ed, “the United States would rejoin the agreement as a starting point for follow-on negotiations.” Since taking office, he and new US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have held to that line.

        Meanwhile the Iranian government has made it clear that since the US violated the deal first, and pressured other parties to it to violate it as well, the ball is in Biden’s court, not theirs. The US can go back to keeping its word or continue breaking its promises. Biden’s call …  and the clock is ticking.

      • How to Defeat The White Power Movement

        On January 6, 2021, thousands of Trump supporters and white power extremists converged in Washington D.C. for a MAGA rally. Many of the attendees went to the rally to stop the delegate count and codification of the 2020 Presidential Election. Fortunately, the attempted coup failed. Nevertheless, five people died as a result, including two police officers.

        Of course, the situation could’ve ended much worse. Recent reporting indicates that many of the right-wing extremists who participated in the attempted coup had been actively plotting and planning for many weeks leading up to January 6, including a group of Capitol Hill tourists, i.e., right-wing terrorists, who disassembled the panic buttons in Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s office, and a suspect who planted pipe bombs at the headquarters of Democratic and Republican national committees.

      • Bipartisanship: Not All That It’s Cracked Up to Be

        Let’s stipulate too that in our duopolistic electoral system, the good can be and often is the enemy of the “barely good enough” or “the better than we had before.” Thanks to Democratic pusillanimity and Republican obduracy, slight improvements are often all that lie within our reach. It can therefore be unwise to dismiss them out of hand, their shortcomings notwithstanding.

        Let’s also acknowledge the obvious: that Democrats are the lesser evil party ninety-nine times out of a hundred. Whenever there are candidates running for high elective offices that are worth supporting in their own right, not just because the alternative is worse, they are many times more likely to be Democrats than Republicans.

      • In Conversation with Mark McNaught

        Last night I recorded for Independence Live these reflections on the Sturgeon Affair, on what has been happening to me, and on the way forward now for the Scottish Independence movement. It brings out much that I have been thinking that is difficult to sit down and write, and though rather gentle and ruminative I believe it is pretty watchable. It certainly helped to clear my own mind.

      • About Those Executive Orders…

        Back on January 17, The New York Times reported that on his very first day in office, Biden was contemplating a whole raft of executive orders, to overturn Trump’s scabrous legacy. I looked at that raft. Where was the order reversing U.S. support and complicity in the slaughter in Yemen? It wasn’t  there. And in the days following Biden’s inauguration, it didn’t appear. This caused lots of alarm in anti-war quarters. It looked like Biden was reneging on a campaign promise. He wasn’t. He was being cautious, which is what many hoped.

        Bolstering this hope was Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s comment during his confirmation hearing that Biden’s team would no longer support the Saudi assault on Yemen. So it was reasonable to think, the sooner Biden acted on it, the better. Famine stalks Yemen. Children starve to death there every day – in large part thanks to the U.S. military. Blinken’s actual words were: “The President-elect has made clear that we will end our support for the military campaign led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. And I think we will work on that in very short order.” That moment has now, apparently, arrived.

      • Reviewing Anti-Black Terror: Works on Afro-pessimism, Multiracialism and Perpetual Slavery

        This essay analyzes the questions, issues, frameworks and events that define the concept of Afro-pessimism advanced by Frank B. Wilderson III. I contextualize the works of Saidiya Hartman and Jared Sexton as antecedents to Afro-pessimism in order to explain the themes of racial violence found in terror, slavery, and antiblackness. The authors and titles reviewed here use primary documents and secondary source literature that deal with slave narratives, legal briefs, pamphlets, newspapers, and books. Generally, the work on these topics informs the reader of African American Studies, American Literature, History, and Multiracial Studies. This work also extends more specifically to Marxist Studies, Performance Studies, Cultural Studies, Material Culture Studies, Film Studies, Critical Theory, Psychoanalysis and Philosophy.

        This thematic review describes how these topics developed over time, but more importantly, I discuss how these books and authors, in Wilderson’s case directly, help to establish a more concrete explanation in the shaping of a black identity that relates to anti-black violence. Afro-pessimism and its antecedents offer broader controversies regarding not only the thematic topics of regional antiblackness histories, but beyond that, multiracialism and convergent worldviews that surround a more inclusive global history as well.

    • Freedom of Information/Freedom of the Press

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • Opinion | Should We Not Stop the 24-Hour Shifts if There Are Workers Who Like It?

        “Choosing 24-hour shifts” is a false concept that they put out to confuse people and perpetuate this deplorable sweatshop practice. 

      • Austin Leads the Way in Cutting Police Funding and Using the Money for Housing
      • Opinion | The Fairness Doctrine Won’t Solve Our Problems—but It Can Foster Needed Debate

        Why it’s time to explore the connections among the First Amendment, content regulation and democracy.

      • Under Pretext of Pandemic, Babies Born in US—Legal American Citizens—Expelled With Mothers to Mexico

        “For all intents and purposes, that child is stateless, which is going to create a whole host of barriers… because they’re unable to establish citizenship.”

      • Education Will Be Critical in the Fight for Democracy and Anti-Racism
      • All Power to the Pictures! Judas and the Black Messiah

        Daniel Kaluuya, who co-starred in 2017’s Get Out and 2018’s Black Panther (its director, Ryan Coogler, also produced Messiah), is electrifying, as he embodies the bright, charismatic “Chairman Fred” imparting revolutionary fervor to Chicago’s masses with his rabblerousing communication skills and sharp organizational flair in 1968/69. As Deputy Chairman of the Black Panther Party nationally and Chairman of its Illinois branch, Hampton galvanized the Windy City’s oppressed with what he had to say and how he said it. But more importantly, as this fact-based movie co-written by King, Will Berson, Keith Lucas and Kenneth Lucas clearly shows, the 20-year-old inspired the wretched of the Earth with his united front approach to create a “Rainbow Coalition” (Hampton coined the term before Jesse Jackson).

        The courageous Chairman Fred repeatedly confronts other factions and street gangs in person, and in doing so fearlessly places himself in harm’s way. Unarmed, Fred boldly meets on the turf of Black nationalists or white southerners of the Young Patriots Organization in an effort to forge a multi-cultural umbrella against the powers-that-be to fight against common enemies. Puerto Rican activists in the Young Lords join forces with the radical coalition Hampton was uniting to challenge the status quo. Eschewing separatism and what the Panthers called “porkchop nationalism,” one of Chairman Fred’s catchy phrases was: “We’re going to fight racism not with racism, but we’re going to fight with solidarity.”

    • Monopolies

      • Patents

        • UPC approved by German Parliament – Already two constitutional complaints [Ed: The patent profiteers and UPC boosters seem to be in denial about the death of the UPC, which is simply going nowhere for more reasons than specified here]

          Both chambers of German Parliament have once again voted in favour of the act approving the Unified Patent Court, with enough votes to avoid the invalidity ground raised in the constitutional complaint against the first version of the act. This second iteration must now be promulgated. However, two new complaints have already been filed against it.

      • Copyrights

        • ‘Cheating’ Fortnite Kid Settles Copyright Lawsuit with Epic Games

          Epic Games has settled its copyright lawsuit against a cheating Fortnite player, who was sued in 2017 while he was just 14-years-old. The defendant stood accused of promoting and selling cheats which were showcased on his YouTube channel. The precise details of the settlement remain sealed to protect the minor from public scrutiny.

        • Major Labels Ask UK High Court to Block Stream-Ripping Sites

          Major labels including Sony and Warner have appeared in the High Court in London, requesting that the country’s leading ISPs block access to several stream-ripping sites. Among the targets are flvto.biz and 2conv.com, a pair of sites currently embroiled in legal action initiated by record companies in the United States.

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