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Links 23/09/2022: EuroBSDcon 2022 Ahead, PowerDNS Recursor 4.5.11, 4.6.4 and 4.7.3 Out

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  • GNU/Linux

    • Desktop/Laptop

      • Its FOSSA Modular Chromebook Launched by Framework and Google

        Framework has launched a Chromebook in collaboration with Google; the main focus of their products has always been to provide repairable and modular laptops.

        With the launch of this laptop, they have implemented the same formula as their previous laptops, but with a touch of Google in the form of ChromeOS.

        Let’s see what they have on offer.

    • Server

    • Audiocasts/Shows

      • Jupiter Broadcasting259: Linux Action News

        GNOME 43 highlights, Canonical’s new hardware partner, and why we’re disappointed in the Framework Chromebook.

    • Graphics Stack

    • Applications

      • 9to5LinuxAudacity 3.2 Released with Real-Time and VST3 Effects, FFmpeg 5.0 and WavPack Support

        Audacity 3.2 is here almost a year after the Audacity 3.1 series and it introduces several exciting new features like real-time effects for the Audio Units, LADSPA, LV2, and VST3 plugins, support for VST3 effects, support for the WavPack open audio compression format, as well as support for the latest FFmpeg 5.0 multimedia framework.

      • Its FOSS5 Free and Open-Source Figma Alternatives – It’s FOSS

        Figma is a popular interface designing tool. You can get started free or opt for premium subscription plans for advanced use.

        It is an impressive platform that many professionals rely on. However, in 2021, Figma changed its free plan by imposing certain restrictions. While this made some users look for alternatives, it was still manageable for many.

        Unfortunately, in 2022, the announcement of Adobe acquiring Figma for $20 billion put off many users. So, everyone has started looking for alternatives that are free and potentially open-source.

        To help you out, we decided to compile a list of free and open-source alternatives to Figma that you can try.

      • Linux LinksBest Free and Open Source Alternatives to Apple Preview

        Apple Preview is more than just an image viewer. The software provides a full set of markup tools. These include tools for adding text and shapes, redacting content, making freehand drawings, inserting sticky notes, and capturing your signature. It’s also a full-featured PDF editor.

        Apple Preview is proprietary software that’s not available for Linux. We recommend the best free and open source alternatives.

    • Instructionals/Technical

      • uni TorontoSome notes on the readings you get from USB TEMPer2 temperature sensors

        Since this is long and observational, I’ll put the summary up front. If you’re going to use TEMPer2s, you need to test the behavior of each of your specific units, you probably want to trust the probe temperature more than the internal temperature, and you want to use a USB extender cable (partly to get the probe far enough away from your computer, since the TEMPer2 only comes with a relatively short wire for the probe).

      • Kev QuirkHow to Create a Simple HTML/CSS Notice Box

        Over the years I’ve had a number of people reach out asking how I created the notice boxes on this website. Their design has changed slightly over the years, but here’s an example of what they look like today: [...]

      • Jan Piet MensDNSSEC signing with an offline KSK

        Jaromir Talir held a presentation about offline KSK with Knot DNS, and from the terminology he used in 2019 I made this diagram a few years ago to help me better understand the flow of keys.

      • Data SwampSharing some statistics about BTRFS compression

        As I’m moving to Linux more and more, I took the opportunity to explore the BTRFS file system which was mostly unknown to me.

        Let me share some data about compression ratio with BTRFS (ZFS should give similar results).

      • OpenSource.comHow to build a dynamic distributed database with DistSQL | Opensource.com

        Distributed databases are common for many reasons. They increase reliability, redundancy, and performance. Apache ShardingSphere is an open source framework that enables you to transform any database into a distributed database. Since the release of ShardingSphere 5.0.0, DistSQL (Distributed SQL) has provided dynamic management for the ShardingSphere ecosystem.

        In this article, I demonstrate a data sharding scenario in which DistSQL’s flexibility allows you to create a distributed database. At the same time, I show some syntax sugar to simplify operating procedures, allowing your potential users to choose their preferred syntax.

        A series of DistSQL statements are run through practical cases to give you a complete set of practical DistSQL sharding management methods, which create and maintain distributed databases through dynamic management.

      • OpenSource.comInstall JDBC on Linux in 3 steps | Opensource.com

        When you write an application, it’s common to require data storage. Sometimes you’re storing assets your application needs to function, and other times you’re storing user data, including preferences and save data. One way to store data is in a database, and in order to communicate between your code and a database, you need a database binding or connector for your language. For Java, a common database connector is JDBC (Java database connectivity.)

      • Openstack RDO -& KVM Hypervisor: Managing fedora-36-aarch64 KVM Guest via WebCockpit Console
      • ID RootHow To Install Code Blocks on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS – idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Code Blocks on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Code::Blocks is a free, open-source cross-platform IDE that supports several compilers such as GCC, Clang and Visual C++. It provides a very simple UI that makes it simple to navigate and create projects. It’s quite easy to use and is made quite extensible using plugins.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Code Blocks on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 22.04 and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint, Elementary OS, Pop!_OS, and more as well.

      • UNIX CopHow to install MinIO on Ubuntu 22.04

        In this post, you will learn how to install MinIO on Ubuntu 22.04. This tool allows us to have cloud storage using an API compatible with many programming languages.

      • Linux HintSed In Place Edit File

        “In UNIX/Linux ecosystem, the sed command is a dedicated tool for editing streams, hence the name (stream editor). It receives text inputs as “streams” and performs the specified operations on the stream.”

        In this guide, we will explore performing in-place file editing with sed.

      • LinuxTechiHow to Create VM using VMWare Workstation on Ubuntu 22.04

        In this guide, we will cover, how to create a VM (Virtual Machine) using VMware workstation on Ubuntu 22.04 step-by-step.

        In our previous guide, we have already cover How To Install VMware Workstation On Ubuntu 22.04 | 20.04.

      • VideoHow to install Natron on Linux Mint 21 – Invidious

        In this video, we are looking at how to install Natron on Linux Mint 21.

      • Install Firefox 105 on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

        This tutorial will be helpful for beginners to install firefox 105 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Ubuntu 20.04, and Linux Mint 21.

      • Make Use OfHow to Encrypt Sensitive Files Using GnuPG on Linux

        Nowadays, news revolving around hacking, ransomware, and data compromise is very common. Therefore, it is important to be very vigilant in protecting personal files and sensitive data.

        On Linux, you have GnuPG, a simple yet comprehensive encryption tool that you can use to secure important data on your system.

      • Linux Made SimpleHow to install DONTFORGET on a Chromebook

        Today we are looking at how to install DONTFORGET on a Chromebook. Please follow the video/audio guide as a tutorial where we explain the process step by step and use the commands below.

      • UNIX CopSimple(st) network monitor

        This is a really short article describing the simplest network monitor ever. At least I think so

        So, I was playing with network bridges and I did something wrong, on production of course. After – as we say in Argentina – sweat like a false witness* I was able to recover the connection. This recovery by the way, included the server reboot, and several downtime minutes (and death threats and stuff).

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    • Games

      • GamingOnLinuxDOSBox Staging 0.79.0 is out now

        DOSBox Staging is a fork of the original DOSBox aimed at getting new features in faster, along with a better overall experience for users.

      • GamingOnLinuxCore Keeper and Terraria are getting cross-over updates

        Two rather great sandbox mining games are set for an official cross-over. Terraria and the new kid on the block Core Keeper will both be getting free updates for it.

      • GamingOnLinuxHYPER DEMON is a vision-bending FPS from the creator of Devil Daggers

        Devil Daggers was a great time-survival FPS and now the creator is back with HYPER DEMON, which will blow your tiny little mind. Well, it might blow your eyes wide open at least. It’s nuts. Note: this was a personal purchase.

      • GamingOnLinuxGet a whole lot of Serious Sam in this game bundle

        Humble Bundle are making sure you can get serious this week with The Serious Sam Bundle containing plenty of action ready for you to dive in. As you’ve come to expect I will go over each title and list what you will find in terms of compatibility on Steam Deck and Linux desktop, along with Native Linux support or ProtonDB ratings.

      • GamingOnLinuxShort point and click adventure The Plague Doctor of Wippra is out on October 5th

        The Plague Doctor of Wippra will see you attempt to help people but ignorance, superstition, and religious zeal will firmly get in your way. Developer Electrocosmos and publisher Application Systems Heidelberg have announced it’s releasing with Native Linux support on October 5th.

      • GamingOnLinuxParadox Arc to publish sci-fi base builder Stardeus, entering Early Access in October

        Stardeus from developer Kodo Linija (Bloody Rally Show) has found a publisher with Paradox Arc (Paradox Interactive’s new publishing arm). It’s also set to enter Early Access on October 12th with Native Linux support and it is already Steam Deck Verified.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • Kdenlive Fundraiser

          Kdenlive is a free and open source professional video editor that offers ease of use, powerful features, and tons of effects and transitions. Join the growing community of users who rely on Kdenlive to make their vlogs, commercials, documentaries, news segments, and films.

          To keep building, improving and maintaining Kdenlive we need your support: Donate now, or, even better, become a Kdenlive patron and help us make Kdenlive the video editor for everybody!

        • Its FOSS11 Gorgeous KDE Plasma Themes to Make Your Linux Desktop Even More Beautiful

          One of the most powerful features of the KDE Plasma desktop is its fantastic potential for customization.

          Speaking of customization, changing the theme is perhaps its most common and most visual aspect.

          Not that the default Breeze theme is bad looking. It’s just that you can give it an entirely different look with a new theme and icon set.

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • [Old] Marius BakkeIt wasn’t for nothing

      Guix is pure. It’s refreshing to know that I can take any package and reuse its source code for my own purposes without having to worry about commercial restrictions or redistribution. It’s reassuring to know that all packages are bootstrapped and not just some random binary blobs. Guix is also immensely hackable, it’s easy to add extra packages or services without submitting them, either by creating a channel or “inlining” straight in the OS configuration.

    • BSD

      • EuroBSDcon 2022

        Because of environmental reasons (and the airport being nothing short of a complete clusterfuck), we took the Nightjet to Vienna. Scheduled to board it wednesday evening, we (me and three of the best travel companions) set out to meet a bit earlier, to grab a coffee and share our enthusiasm. Once boarded, we discovered that the bunks were harder than our heads – which was kind of unfortunate and resulted in a ‘slight’ deprivation of rest. Luckily, the nightly hours passed by quickly. After the arrival at Vienna HBF, we quickly spotted a familiar face: Philip Jocks. We walked to our hotels together, to drop off the luggage and get a refreshing shower. Mischa and I set out for two days of checking out Vienna and some hacking, while the remaining two travel companions attended a tutorial.

      • TuMFatigRunning a Docker Host under OpenBSD using vmd(8)

        The OpenBSD virtual machine daemon works pretty well with Linux VMs nowadays. This was time for me to see if I could replace the Synology Docker service with some Docker host provided by vmd(8).

      • KlaraYour Comprehensive Guide to rc(8): FreeBSD Services and Automation

        This article will try to bring you up to speed on FreeBSD services management, and offer options for automation that you may find useful in your cloud-like environments.

    • Canonical/Ubuntu Family

      • 9to5LinuxUbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 Brings the Deepin Desktop Environment to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

        Based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish), UbuntuDDE Remix 22.04 also aims to be an LTS release that will receive support for a few years with software and security updates since it relies on the upstream software repositories.

        Just like Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, the system is powered by Linux kernel 5.15 LTS, which ships with a brand new NTFS file system driver and new in-kernel SMB file server, and features the latest Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE) with up-to-date Deepin apps, including Deepin Music, Deepin Movie, Deepin Calculator, Deepin Text Editor, Deepin Terminal, and more.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • Stacey on IoTSo I made a LoRa-based prototype using a dev kit

        After talking about IoT development kits for the past several years, I figured it was time to get my hands dirty. So the folks at Blues Wireless sent me their Sparrow Development Kit for review. And I got my hands dirty! Over the past week, I’ve been using the Sparrow components to gather temperature and humidity data using LoRa-enabled sensors.

      • SparkFun ElectronicsTechnical Resource Collections: Technical Reference Support for Popular Technology Topics

        SparkFun is dedicated to providing technical documentation and tools to support the use of new tech. We have now amassed over 900 tutorials/guides, over 1200 GitHub repositories, and thousands of product pages that provide loads of technical content. Over the last couple years, we have quietly been working on more overarching technical resource collections. These collections focus on a specific topic and typically include an overview, links to projects/tutorials, conceptual infographics, comparison guides (if relevant), and links to related products. We will keep building these out – let us know if there is a topic you would like to see!

      • CNX SoftwareMiniature dual camera Full HD or 4K encoder boards support RGB and thermal cameras – CNX Software

        Z3 Technology has introduced several miniature dual-camera encoder boards with the PoE-capable FV2K-13A and FV4K-13A boards capable of handling two visible and/or thermal cameras at Full HD or 4K resolution respectively, along with the FV2K-15A and FV4K-15A variants equipped with low-profile connectors.

        All four models enable H.265/H.264 video streaming of a single or dual camera system, support ONVIF Profile S and T profile, and comply with the NDAA law in the US. This set of features as well as low power consumption and the lightweight designs make the boards suitable for UAV, inspection, surveillance, and other weight-constrained applications.

    • Mobile Systems/Mobile Applications

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • [Old] SSRNDownsides of Using Inadequate Open Source Software Processes and Licenses within Standard Development Organizations

      Standard Development Organizations (SDO) and Open Source Software (OSS) Projects offer two different models for open and collaborative innovation. While SDO standards have interacted with independent OSS projects for a long time, an increasing number of SDOs are themselves hosting OSS projects, notably for the development tools or for reference implementations of their standards. While policy makers and industry stakeholders have rightly identified the potential benefits of tighter integration of OSS and SDO processes, the potential downsides of this integration are insufficiently understood. An OSS reference implementation sponsored by the SDO itself has the potential to dominate the market for standard-compliant implementations. SDO participants may feel compelled to participate in the OSS project, as decisions made in the development of the OSS implementation will influence standardization outcomes and determine how the standard will be used. It is thus a significant concern when formal and influential SDOs develop OSS reference implementations of their standards under a license that is incompatible with the SDO’s balanced patent policy, and using processes that do not reflect the SDO’s commitment to openness and consensus decision-making. When SDOs use inadequate licenses, owners of standard-essential patents (SEP) participating in the OSS project may be deprived of the possibility to collect royalty revenue from the licensing of their SEP. For SEP owners unwilling to forfeit this royalty revenue, participation in the standard development itself becomes unattractive, as they are excluded from significant parts of the decision-making, as well as from using the dominant implementation of the standard. We illustrate these potential risks using the case of Open Source MANO (OSM), an OSS project of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

    • PowerDNSPowerDNS Recursor 4.5.11, 4.6.4 and 4.7.3 Released

      Today we have released a maintenance release of PowerDNS Recursor 4.5.11, 4.6.4 and 4.7.3, containing fixes for a few minor issues and performance enhancements in the case Recursor is confronted with connectivity issues to authoritative servers.

    • VideoOpen AI Whisper – Open Source Translation and Transcription – Invidious

      In this video I demo Open AI Whisper an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system trained on 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask supervised data collected from the web.

    • Web Browsers

      • Mozilla

        • TechCrunchMozilla urges action to unpick platform browser lock-ins • TechCrunch

          As antitrust regulators around the world dial up scrutiny of platform power, Mozilla has published a piece of research digging into the at times subtle yet always insidious ways operating systems exert influence to keep consumers locked to using their own-brand browsers rather than seeking out and switching to independent options — while simultaneously warning that competition in the browser market is vital to ensure innovation and choice for consumers and, more broadly, protect the vitality of the open web against the commercial giants trying to wall it up.

        • TalospaceFirefox 105 on POWER

          Firefox 105 is out. No, it’s not your imagination: I ended up skipping a couple versions. I wasn’t able to build Firefox 103 because gcc 12 in Fedora 36 caused weird build failures until it was finally fixed; separately, building 104 and working more on the POWER9 JavaScript JIT got delayed because I’d finally had it with the performance issues and breakage in GNOME 42 and took a couple weeks renovating Plasma so I could be happy with my desktop environment again. Now I’m on track again with everything hopefully maintainable and my workflows properly restored, and we’re back to the grind with both those concerns largely resolved.

          Unfortunately, we have a couple new ones. Debug builds broke in Fx103 using our standard .mozconfig when mfbt/lz4/xxhash.h was upgraded, because we compile with -Og and it wants to compile its functions with static __inline__ __attribute__((always_inline, unused)). When gcc builds a deoptimized debugging build and fails to inline those functions, it throws a compilation error, and the build screeches to a halt (This doesn’t affect Fedora’s build because they always build at a sufficient optimization level such that these functions do indeed get inlined.) After a little thinking, this is the new debug .mozconfig:

    • Openness/Sharing/Collaboration

      • Open Data

        • JoinupEU Datathon 2022: Meet the teams behind the apps

          In the run-up to the October finale, meet the 12 EU Datathon finalist teams and peek behind the scenes! Launched at the beginning of September, ‘Teams behind the apps’ is a series of 1-minute videos prepared by the finalists. In the videos, you can learn more about the teams and the apps they are working on.x

    • Programming/Development

      • [Old] What Would Open Source Look Like If It Were Healthy? Video & Transcript

        In late March I spoke in the GitHub Office of the CTO Speaker Series (online): “What Would Open Source Look Like If It Were Healthy?”

      • [Old] Working for The Man

        Proprietary environments are a trap

        I used to be a Microsoft Windows programmer, as well as a UNIX/POSIX programmer.

        The knowledge I’ve gained about programming POSIX is still useful, even though I learned a lot of it over twenty years ago. My Windows knowledge is now rather out of date, and getting more so over the years. It isn’t worth my time anymore to keep up with each increasingly baroque change to the Windows environment. Just as an example, over this time the latest “hot” communication paradigm that Microsoft recommended developers use in Windows changed from NetBEUI, to NetDDE, then OLE, followed by OLE2, then COM, DCE/RPC, DCOM, and now currently seems to be Web Services (SOAP and the like). Meanwhile, in the UNIX world the Berkeley socket API was useful in the 1980′s and is still the core of all communications frameworks in the open standards world. All the UNIX RPC, object and Web Service environments are built on that stable base. Learn as much about the proprietary environments as you need to be able to help people port programs over to open standards. You’ll never be lost for work. The same is true of any proprietary environment, not just Windows. Windows just happens to be the one I know best. What will get very interesting in the future is the effect a fully open Java platform will have on the software environment in the next ten years. After initially ignoring Java due to its proprietary restrictions, I now believe Java and it’s associated libraries have the potential to be the next POSIX.

      • Alexandru NedelcuProprietary Environments are a Trap

        What to learn in order to not become obsolete as a software developer, and then being forced into early retirement from programming? What platforms to prefer for building products that last with minimal maintenance?

      • RlangFrom Biology to Healthcare Analytics: My Data Science Journey

        In this blog post, I’ll share my journey from studying biology to becoming a healthcare data analyst. I’ll also share some of the things I’ve learned along the way and practical steps on how you can make the transition into data science – if you’re not sure where to begin. Please check out this resource guide if you want more information on any of these steps.

      • Carl SvenssonShort Thoughts on Computers and Programming

        Not quite aphorisms.

      • Matt RickardTree Shaking

        The idea is tree-shaking – analyzing a program’s control flow to see what functions will be called and removing unused code.

        For statically compiled languages, the compiler does the heavy work. GCC and LLVM do dead code elimination. But, of course, code can only (safely) be removed if it is unused unconditionally [...]

      • Red HatJoin the Red Hat team at NodeConf EU 2022 | Red Hat Developer

        It’s that time of the year again, and NodeConf EU is almost upon us. This annual event is one of the leading Node.js events in Europe. It brings together contributors and innovators from the Node.js community to deliver a wide range of talks and workshops.

        The conference will be back in person this year after being virtual for the past two years on October 3rd–5th in Kilkenny, Ireland.

        The Node.js team here at Red Hat will be talking about lesser-known Node.js Core modules as well as guiding attendees through a workshop that will get you familiar with cloud-native development with Node.js.

      • Perl / Raku

      • Python

        • Removing python2 from the repositories

          Python 2 went end of life January 2020. Since then we have been actively cutting down the number of projects depending on python2 in our repositories, and we have finally been able to drop it from our distribution. If you still have python2 installed on your system consider removing it and any python2 package. If you still require the python2 package you can keep it around, but please be aware that there will be no security updates. If you need a patched package please consult the AUR, or use an unofficial user repository.

        • AdafruitThe Python on Hardware weekly video – September 21, 2022 #CircuitPython #Python @micropython @Adafruit

          This is the Adafruit weekly Python on Microcontrollers newsletter video highlights!

        • Linux HintPandas to Dictionary
        • Linux HintPandas str Replace
        • Linux HintPandas Standard Deviation
        • Linux HintPandas Stack
        • Linux HintPandas Series Map
        • Linux HintPandas Variance
        • Linux HintPandas to String
        • Linux HintScikit Learn Tutorial

          “Scikit learn is the most widely used robust library that is being presented by Python. Scikit learn provides an efficient tool for Machine learning algorithms (supervised, unsupervised & reinforcement learning) and statistical modeling. Some major functionalities of sci-kit learn to include classification, regression, clustering, and Principal component analysis, i.e., dimensionality reduction. Scikit also deals with the support vector machines, gradient descents, and random forests (tree classifiers) that help achieve the results. Scikit learn is built on the most familiar libraries of python, such as Numpy, matplotlib, and scipy.”

      • Java

        • InfoWorldJDK 19: The new features in Java 19

          Java Development Kit 19, a non-LTS (long-term support) release of standard Java, arrives today as a production release.

          Seven features target the release including structured concurrency, record patterns, a preview of a foreign function and memory API, and support for the open source Linux/RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA). All features but the Linux/RISC-V capability are either in preview or incubator phases.

        • India TimesJava 19’s key capabilities to be showcased at JavaOne 2022 in Las Vegas

          Oracle today announced the availability of Java 19, the latest version of the world’s number one programming language and development platform. Java 19 (Oracle JDK 19) delivers thousands of performance, stability, and security improvements, including enhancements to the platform that will help developers improve productivity and drive business-wide innovation. Oracle will showcase the latest capabilities in Java 19 at JavaOne 2022, taking place October 17-20 in Las Vegas, and via a keynote, broadcast airing on dev.java/ at 9:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday, September 20.

      • Rust

    • Standards/Consortia

      • DaemonFC (Ryan Farmer)Will JPEG-XL be the JPEG replacement we’ve been waiting 30 years for? | BaronHK’s Rants

        The JPEG standard we all use today is old. Really old.

        The reason we still use it, of course, is because software patents have made it dangerous to try replacing it with anything else, even though it’s comically inefficient and poorly designed.

        The standard caught on, all software supports it, the patents are dead.

        Like most obsolete technologies, everyone agrees in principle that JPEG should be replaced with something better, but that’s been very hard to do, mainly because of obstacles such as Apple and Microsoft, who have tried creating their own replacements and then threatening to sue anyone who supports them.

        I ran into this problem with photos from my spouses iPhone in the HEIC format, and blogged about it, and had to go get a HEIC library with conversion tools out of RPM Fusion and convert them to PNG for print upload, because the patents for HEIC are from HEVC and as such are not fit for inclusion into Fedora GNU/Linux.

  • Leftovers

    • Counter PunchThank You Dave Foreman

      The first time I met Dave was in the fall of 2000, on the ranch of a Budweiser heir down deep in the Boot heel of New Mexico, a stone’s throw from the Mexico border. The ranch was stunning and wild, we looked out for jaguars. There a group of us talked about the concept of rewilding and plans for making that a driving force in conservation. It was heady and exciting!

    • Education

      • New YorkerThe Enduring Allure of Choose Your Own Adventure Books

        In “The Cave of Time,” the first book in the series, you discover a time-travelling cave whose tunnels carry you to Colonial Massachusetts, where you become a soap-maker’s apprentice; or to the Titanic, where your attempts to warn the captain are futile; or even to a version of the year 2022 that does not look much like our version of 2022 (more bike trails). The stated desire of your character (to return to your own time) is at odds with the actual desire of a reader (to have as many adventures as possible). You want to die in the jaws of a T. rex, or change the course of history by eating a sandwich. The warning at the beginning of the book tells you, “Remember—you cannot go back!” But of course you can go back, and you will. After the first few books, the warnings stop saying “You cannot go back!” They understand that going back is the point—not the making but the re-making of choices, the revocability of it all. In childhood, you get to take things back. It’s a small compensation for having very little power in the first place.

      • [Old] Mike McQuaidStop requiring specific technology experience for senior-plus engineers

        If you reword your job advertisements to remove this $TECHNOLOGY as a “requirement” and replace it with a “desirable” (or just mention you use it) you will find yourself able to get more, better candidates into your hiring pipeline (particularly from underrepresented groups in technology that will often not bother to apply when they don’t meet “requirements”).

      • CBCFormer MUN student wins human rights case after prof refused to wear a mic

        “Sears, a student with a disability, was placed into conflict with a tenured professor who held power over him and denied him meaningful access to education services,” wrote Brodie Gallant, who oversaw the proceeding at the commission’s board of inquiry.

      • Jim NielsenMoving With Prototypes

        Prototyping is moving. It’s the meeting, the considering, and the conceptualizing, but with iterative progress in a concrete artifact. When you’re done, you’re left with something tangible — as well as experiential knowledge — rather than just a bunch of meeting notes and perceived agreement.

      • ROS IndustrialFall 2022 ROS-I Community Meeting Happenings

        The ROS-Industrial Community Meeting was held on Wednesday, 9/21, and it brought with it a few interesting updates for the Industrial ROS community, but also the broader ROS/open source robotics community as well. I wanted to take this moment to highlight some key bits that came out of this specific community meeting and provide the links to the provided presentations. Typically, I add these to the event agenda, but due to some changes in how the meeting unfolded, I figured a blog post may be easier to track down.

    • Hardware

      • TechSpotThe last man selling floppy disks says he still receives orders from airlines

        In a book written by Persky, he goes over some of the more recurring customers on the site. Tom sells a large number of floppy disks to industrial companies. Persky writes, “Imagine it’s 1990, and you’re building a big industrial machine… You design it to last 50 years and you’d want to use the best technology available.”

    • Health/Nutrition/Agriculture

      • Broadband BreakfastRepublican Congressmen Criticize NTIA, FCC Absence at Farm Bill Hearing

        Garrett Hawkins, president of the Missouri Farm Bureau, testified to the broadband needs of farmers. “Today’s farmers and ranchers, we use precision [agriculture] techniques to make decisions that impact everything from fertilizer to the amount of water that’s needed for our crops to the amount and type of herbicides that are applied,” Hawkins said. “These are just a few examples of how farmers are using connectivity to bump yield, improve environmental impact, and increase profitability.”

      • [Old] Global News CAB.C. doctors can now prescribe national park pass to patients who need nature time

        Doctors in British Columbia can now prescribe a national park pass to patients in need of the physical or mental health benefits offered by time spent in nature.

        Canada’s national nature prescription program, PaRx, has announced a new collaboration with Parks Canada allowing its registered, licensed health-care professionals to provide a free annual Parks Canada Discovery Pass to patients.

      • Bridge MichiganSewer poop: it’s not just for COVID testing anymore

        For two years, wastewater surveillance crews in Michigan have been on the lookout for COVID. But in recent months, their mission has broadened to include other diseases such as flu, monkeypox, norovirus, a leading cause of foodborne illness, and — in the coming weeks — polio.

        Credit the coronavirus pandemic for wastewater’s growing role in tracking emerging threats to public health.

      • Counter PunchWhere Has All the Water Gone? Check the Grocery Store.

        There was a time when soft drinks only came in six-packs of twelve-ounce bottles in the grocery store, and the only bottled water was club soda and tonic water, usually in a single larger bottle or six-pack of smaller bottles. There was no aisle of bottled water or liters and liters of soft drinks. Also, beer was only sold in six-packs of twelve-ounce bottles and cans. If you wanted anything larger than six-packs, like a case of beer, you had to go to a “Liquor” store. Furthermore, there were only five or six regional breweries and they were not owned by one giant corporation. There were no gas station “mini marts”, and department stores did not sell the same groceries as the grocery store, like you now see in stores such as Target and Walmart.

      • Counter PunchPress Coverage of Declining US Life Expectancy Evades the Truth

        U.S. reporting on the downhill turn of U.S. life expectancy is fertile ground for the emergence of press bias in accounting for the excess deaths in ways that satisfy establishment leanings.

    • Proprietary

      • What You Miss By Only Checking GitHub

        Too many researchers, entrepreneurs, marketers, open source sustainability activists, and commentators assume that activity on GitHub and data from the GitHub API is a reasonable proxy for activity in and data about open source as a whole. It is not.

        Further: if you’re a funder, and you limit your recipients to projects that live on GitHub, you’re leaving out quite a lot of the infrastructure you probably want to fund.

        GitHub’s a big, easy-to-search resource with an API, so it’s an appealing place to start. But pursuing open source sustainability/security/data only through projects on GitHub is an example of the lamppost fallacy. The story goes that a drunk guy says, “I dropped my keys, will you help me look for them?” “OK, sure. Where’d you drop them?” “Under that tree.” “So why are you looking for them under this lamppost?” “Well, the light is better here.”

        I notice this phenomenon at least a few times a quarter.

      • VarietyInstagram App Goes Down: Users Report Widespread Technical Problems

        According to uptime-monitoring site Downdetector, complaints about Instagram began to spike just after 12:30 p.m. ET. As of 12:54 p.m., more than 24,000 users had submitted error reports, according to the site, with 86% of those indicating problems accessing the app. The highest number of problem reports about Instagram in the U.S. were from users in New York and L.A., according to Downdetector, although the issues were affecting users worldwide including in Europe, Asia and South America.

      • Teen VogueWhy Are Prosthetics So Expensive? Researchers Are Working to Change That

        At the beginning of experiments with a highly advanced prosthetic arm, I started interacting with the people I had dreamed for so long of helping. In the quiet moments at the research lab, as the patients and their families filled out consent forms, they presented me with questions — not only about the prosthetic arms, but about living a life that requires a prosthetic arm. “Can we take this one home? How much will it cost?” “What do I do if my insurance doesn’t cover arms anymore? How am I supposed to keep a job?”

        Initially, I didn’t know the answers. Then I did. But I didn’t know how to tell patients the truth: The American medical system makes no real accommodations for the vast majority of amputees. Prosthetic arms and legs, unless they are truly rudimentary, typically cost more than $60,000. They require replacement parts every year that can cost thousands more, and only a small fraction of the cost of limbs and spare parts is covered by insurance.

      • CNNThe internet’s new favorite video game is like ‘Guitar Hero’ but with trombones

        A new rhythm game called “Trombone Champ” has struck a chord with users online, bringing the kind of much-needed levity to the internet that only a trombone can. Numerous videos have been shared on social media in recent days of avatars blasting their trombones with unbridled joy. And the small developer behind the game is now racing to adapt to the strong demand.

      • EarthlyLima VM – Linux Virtual Machines On macOS

        Lima is powered by QEMU and is frequently used (via colima) to run containers on macOS. That is, it can be used as an alternative to docker desktop.

    • Security

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • CJEUCommunications Directorate: Press and Information Unit, PRESS RELEASE No 156/22, Luxembourg, 20 September 2022 [PDF]

          The Court of Justice confirms that EU law precludes the general and indiscriminate retention of traffic and location data, except in the case of a serious threat to national security.

          However, in order to combat serious crime, the Member States may, in strict compliance with the principle of proportionality, provide for, inter alia, the targeted or expedited retention of such data and the general and indiscriminate retention of IP addresses.

        • WiredTelegram Has a Serious Doxing Problem

          Over the past eight months, Han Nyein Oo’s Telegram channels, and those of other pro-coup figures, including self-defined journalist Thazin Oo and influencers Kyaw Swar and Sergeant Phoe Si, have doxed hundreds of people that they accuse of siding with the resistance movement, from high-profile celebrities to small business owners and students. Dozens have since been arrested or been killed in vigilante violence.

        • IEEECalifornia’s Proposed Law Could Change the Internet: AB 2273 could be a sea change for online privacy

          AB 2273, or the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, promises to make the Internet safer for children—in part by tightening age verification. Its opponents instead believe that, in the process, AB 2273 could completely decimate the existing Internet as we know it.

          AB 2273 isn’t final just yet. To become California law, a bill has to pass both houses of the state legislature—the Assembly and the Senate—and then attain the signature of the governor. AB 2273 passed the Assembly on 29 August, and the Senate the next day, posting it to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. As of this writing, Newsom has yet to sign the bill. There’s little indication whether he will.

        • EarthlyCreating and Deploying a Facial Recognition System with Jupyter Notebooks and Anvil

          In this tutorial, you will build a facial recognition system. As you implement this, you will learn to use Deepnote to build the logic and Anvil to build the interface, as well as how to link them. The process of identifying people’s faces in an image or video feed by comparing them to a database of registered faces is known as facial recognition. In some cases, it can also be used to identify the faces of other animals.

        • TuMFatigThe BigTech usage

          To give a bit of context on the Fediverse switch, herés how I use the Big Tech Services: [...]

      • Confidentiality

        • uni TorontoThe TLS client’s view of Certificate Transparency and CT Logs

          The current version of Certificate Transparency is described in RFC 9162. Following RFC 9162, when a client gets a TLS certificate issued by a participating CA (which is all of them that want to work with Chrome and Safari), it will also receive (in one way or another) some number of Signed Certificate Timestamps (SCTs). Each SCT is a promise by some CT log to include the certificate (broadly speaking) in the log within a time interval specified by the log, and is signed by the CT’s private key. A garden variety client can verify the SCT signatures (for CT logs that it knows of and accepts) and stop there. Generating a valid SCT requires (some) control of that log’s private key and its activities, and if the key or the log is compromised, there’s potentially not lots of point in going further.

    • Defence/Aggression

    • Transparency/Investigative Reporting

    • Environment

      • Newsquest Media Group LtdRewilding in cities can tackle climate-driven heatwaves and floods – ZSL

        In the face of climate change they are at increasing risk of heatwaves made worse by heat trapped among buildings and paved areas, and flash floods from more heavy rain that has nowhere to go.

        Rewilding in cities can tackle these impacts with more diverse greenery and space for water, which cools the air and absorbs rainfall, and also cuts air pollution and provides habitat for wildlife to live and move through.

        It can also link people up with nature again, improve health and well being and even boost local economies as they attract visitors to see wildlife and enjoy the outdoors , the report argues.

      • CBC‘Our world is in peril,’ UN secretary-general warns general assembly

        Nearly 150 heads of state and government are on the latest speakers’ list, a high number reflecting that the United Nations remains the only place not just to deliver their views but to meet privately to discuss the challenges on the global agenda — and hopefully make some progress.

      • Rewilding our cities could reduce impacts of extreme weather, says new report

        Large-scale nature recovery in urban areas could protect humanity against the worsening impacts of climate change, such as flooding and heatwaves, while helping to restore biodiversity says new report published by international conservation charity ZSL (Zoological Society of London).

        ZSL’s Rewilding our Cities report (published today, Thursday 22 September 2022), not only lays out the benefits of rewilding urban areas but shows how it can be done at scale.

        The report says spaces like private gardens, green spaces owned by councils, businesses and religious groups and public spaces such as parks, urban waterways, estuaries and wetlands, as well as less obvious areas such as railways, are key locations where rewilding could be implemented at a scale big enough to make a difference.

      • New report: Without nature, there is no path to a climate-safe future

        To understand how nature can help avert climate breakdown — and what humanity must do next — Conservation News spoke with Griscom and fellow Conservation International scientists Michael Wolosin and Starry Sprenkle-Hyppolite, all of whom contributed to the roadmap.

      • PLOSVariations in greenhouse gas emissions of individual diets: Associations between the greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient intake in the United Kingdom

        Dietary assessment tools, which estimate nutrient intake derived from the composition of thousands of food items, rarely estimate their environmental impact. Instead, measures of environmental sustainability are often derived broader food groups. To move beyond general advice at the population level, to specific advice tailored to the individual, requires measures of environmental sustainability applied to a comprehensive range of specific food items at a more granular level.

        We therefore aimed to identify and link GHG emissions values across the food items covered by the UK Composition Of Foods Integrated Dataset (COFID) [8], generating a GHG emissions estimate for each individual diet in a cohort of 212 adults [9, 10]. We evaluate the associations between the GHG emissions, the nutrient requirements, and the demographic characteristics of the participants. Based on this, we aim to identify the additional information required in dietary assessment methods to generate more accurate indicators of environmental impact for individual-level diets. For this initial proof of concept, we chose to report on GHG emissions, rather than land and water use, or acidifying and eutrophying emissions, as this is where associations between health and environmental gains have previously appeared strongest [3].

      • The NationThe White House Wants a Climate Denier Out as World Bank President

        Kerry and Gore were speaking at an event hosted by The New York Times as part of Climate Week NYC, an annual series of public events coinciding with the United Nations General Assembly that aims to galvanize climate action. Malpass, appearing separately from Kerry and Gore at the event, called Gore’s call for his removal “very odd.” On stage, Malpass was asked three times whether he “accepted the scientific consensus that the man-made burning of fossil fuels is rapidly and dangerously warming the planet.” Each time, the World Bank president declined to answer before finally saying, “I don’t even know, and I’m not a scientist.”

      • Counter PunchPreventing Climate Disaster in Africa: Eritrea Leads the Way

        We lived in Eritrea from 2006 to 2021 and saw first hand the rapid rate of water conservation. Alongside water conservation the critical task of soil conservation through terracing and reforestation is taking place, for without both these new water reservoirs will quickly fill up with silt, making them far less effective.

      • Energy

        • Didier StevensQuickpost: Tuning The Electric Energy Consumption Of My TV

          We have a 55 inch QLED Samsung TV from 2018. The test protocol I worked out is the following: start to play a long movie (LoTR) and measure the electric energy consumption during one hour exactly (with a GW Instek GPM-8310 digital power meter). Don’t touch the TV or remote while testing is going on, and make sure that no dynamic settings are enabled that can influence the electric energy consumption (like ambient light based brightness control).

        • David RosenthalCryptocurrency-enabled Crime

          Below the fold I discuss both Cong et al’s paper, and Erin Plante’s $30 Million Seized: How the Cryptocurrency Community Is Making It Difficult for North Korean Hackers To Profit, an account of Chainalysis’ “arduous but effective” efforts to recover some of the loot from the Axie Infinity theft.

        • Le MondeGermany finally nationalizes energy company Uniper

          Uniper is majority owned by the Finnish group Fortum, which spent a long time negotiating its ruinous exit with the German government. Two statistics make it clear why Berlin was forced to take this step: Uniper currently provides 40% of the country’s gas supply – essential for household heating and the operation of many industries – and 50% of this gas was imported from gas fields in Siberia.

        • RTLFossil fuels make up 90% of Middle East air pollution: study

          More than 90 percent of harmful air pollution in the Middle East and parts of North Africa comes from fossil fuels, according to research Thursday that showed the region “permanently exceeded” dangerous air quality levels.

          The World Health Organization this year said the MENA region had some of the poorest air quality on Earth.

        • DeSmogItaly’s Lurch to the Right Raises Risk of Fossil Gas Lock-In

          Italy’s gas lobby should be entering early retirement. Instead, it’s rarely been riding so high.

      • Wildlife/Nature

        • ABCSpain gives personhood status to Mar Menor salt-water lagoon

          The initiative backed by more than 600,000 citizens will become law after Spain’s Senate in Madrid voted in favor of the proposal to grant the Mar Menor lagoon on Spain’s southeastern coast the status of personhood, the first time such a measure has been taken in Spain.

          A total of 1,600 square kilometers (994 square miles) of the lagoon and the nearby Mediterranean coastline will now be legally represented by a group of caretakers made up of local officials, local citizens and scientists who work in the area. The grassroots group that pushed the measure hopes this will improve the ability to defend the lagoon from further degradation.

        • RTLSpain grants personhood status to threatened lagoon

          It now becomes law after Spain’s Senate, the upper house of parliament, voted in favour of the proposal, with only far-right party Vox opposing it.

          This will allow the rights of the lagoon located in southeastern Spain to be defended in court, as though it were a person or business.

          “The Mar Menor becomes the first European ecosystem with its own rights after the Senate approved the bill to give it a legal identity,” the president of the Senate, Ander Gil, tweeted after the vote.

        • Counter PunchWhy Are Wild Horses Brutally Uprooted From Public Lands While Private Livestock Can Stay?

          The roundups are physically tortuous and indiscriminate. Young, old, and heavily pregnant mustangs are forced into a violent stampede over rocky and dangerous terrain. Low-flying helicopters chase the terrified horses into traps. Young animals collapse in exhaustion or are rendered helpless from injury as they run in fear for their lives. Spontaneous abortions and stillbirths can occur among pregnant mares. Bonded family bands are shattered in the chaos marking the end of their freedom.

      • Overpopulation

        • NPRWhere the Colorado River crisis is hitting home

          This January first, some 500 homes in the Rio Verde Foothills community, Nabity’s included, are losing all their water. That’s because nearby Scottsdale, which gets most of its water from the Colorado River, now says there’s not enough to go around anymore. And its long standing delivery program will cease.

          Remember “deadpool” up in Lake Mead? Nabity worries it’s coming faster than predicted.

    • Finance

      • Counter PunchThe Non-Mystery of a Smaller Labor Force

        “The share of working-age Americans who have a job or are looking for one is at 62.4 percent, a full percentage point lower than it was in February 2020, according to Labor Department data.”

      • Counter PunchNixon’s Famous Price Freeze Did Stop Inflation

        Reactions can only be imagined in watching Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell a few days ago warn us that its inflation fight to bring it down to 2 percent would require continuing high-interest rates and layoffs which will “bring some pain to households and businesses .” He certainly wasn’t alluding to billionaire households or Fortune 500 companies. Or that he and the Fed’s board of bankers were ever likely to resort to far less drastic, yet effective, remedies suggested recently by economist Richard D. Wolff in CounterPunch:

      • FAIR‘We’ve Incentivized Corporations to Go After This Price-Gouging Strategy’

        Janine Jackson interviewed the Groundwork Collaborative’s Chris Becker about inflation coverage for the September 16, 2022, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript.

    • AstroTurf/Lobbying/Politics

      • Digital First MediaMichigan clerks who gave away tabulators risk ability to run elections, letters show

        Michigan clerks who handed over voting tabulators to aid investigations into unproven claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election could lose their ability to administer future elections unless they confirm they’ve stopped allowing unauthorized access to equipment.

      • Federal News NetworkConstitution stops Charles becoming Britain’s ‘green’ king

        For decades, Charles has been one of Britain’s most prominent environmental voices, blasting the ills of pollution. Now that he’s monarch, he is bound to be more careful with his words and must stay out of politics and government policy in accordance with the traditions of Britain’s constitutional monarchy.

        “Charles will have very little freedom of maneuver now that he is King,” said Robert Hazell, an expert on British constitutional affairs at University College London.

        “All of his speeches are written or vetted by the government,” Hazell added. “If he makes an impromptu remark which seems at odds with government policy, the press will pounce on him to point out the inconsistency, and the government will rein him in; he will have to be far less outspoken than he has been in the past.”

      • News AUFacebook whistleblower launches nonprofit to take on big tech

        Whistleblower Frances Haugen — a former Facebook engineer who leaked documents suggesting the firm put profits before safety — on Thursday launched an organization devoted to fighting harm caused by social media.

      • MeduzaVictor Tretyakevich, executed in 1943 and once considered a ‘traitor’, posthumously made Hero of Russia — Meduza

        The Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the Hero of Russia title posthumously to Victor Tretyakevich, one of the founders of the Young Guard, an underground anti-fascist youth organization active in 1942–1943 in the German-occupied Ukrainian city of Krasnodon. Since 2014, Krasnodon is controlled by the self-proclaimed “LNR.”

      • MeduzaBono, Boris Akunin, and Ekaterina Shulman contribute items for auction to benefit Russians accused of ‘discrediting’ army — Meduza

        The human rights organizations Department One, OVD-Info, and the Moscow Helsinki Group announced plans to hold a joint charity auction to benefit Russians facing prosecution for allegedly “discrediting” the Russian army and spreading “disinformation” about it.

      • Counter PunchHow Northern Ireland’s Unionists are Embarrassing Themselves Over King Charles’ Meeting with Sinn Féin

        The unionists were always going to object to anything which further legitimises Sinn Féin, since they frequently emphasise its past connection with the IRA, while claiming that those links are not as broken as Sinn Féin pretends. The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will not have relished the King mentioning that Sinn Féin is the largest political party in Northern Ireland as it has been since the Northern Ireland Assembly election on 5 May. He reportedly questioned the DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson in private about his party’s negative stance on the Irish Protocol.

      • Democracy Now“Art of the Steal”: Trump Faces Greatest Legal Peril Yet as NY AG Sues Trumps & Docs Probe Resumes

        Former President Donald Trump is facing his greatest legal peril yet, as New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil lawsuit Wednesday against Trump, three of his children and his family business for widespread financial fraud. The suit alleges they overvalued assets by billions of dollars in order to secure more favorable financial arrangements, then deflated those values to pay less in taxes. If the lawsuit is successful, the Trump Organization could be barred from conducting business in the state of New York. “He’s gotten away with this for decades. Now he’s going to have to answer in civil court,” says award-winning reporter David Cay Johnston, who has covered Trump for years. Also on Wednesday, a three-judge federal appeals panel, including two who were appointed by Trump, allowed the Justice Department to continue reviewing the documents seized by the FBI from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

      • FAIRDragging Trump Into Spotlight Feeds His Dangerous Movement

        In a recent New York Times “America in Focus” opinion piece (9/13/22), the paper gathered 16 Americans to discuss their views on the economy and how it’s affecting their personal finances.

      • Democracy NowCuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister on U.S. Embargo, Gay Marriage & Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

        We speak to Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernández de Cossío about U.S.-Cuba relations, sanctions and more. He is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, where countries are expected to vote again in favor of lifting the 60-year economic blockade imposed by the U.S. on Cuba. “The aim of the United States policy since 1960 has been to make life as difficult and as unbearable as possible for the people of Cuba with the ambition that that would lead to the overthrow of the government,” says Fernández de Cossío. He also discusses Cuba’s abstentions in U.N. votes critical of Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, saying that while Cuba “cannot and does not support” a violation of another country’s sovereignty, the U.S. still bears “huge responsibility” for the conflict because of its push to expand NATO into Eastern Europe.

      • Misinformation/Disinformation

    • Censorship/Free Speech

      • France24Death toll climbs in Iran from protests over Mahsa Amini’s death

        Iranians have taken to the streets “to achieve their fundamental rights and human dignity… and the government is responding to their peaceful protest with bullets,” charged its director Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam.

        The Kurdish woman Amini, 22, died last week after she had been arrested by the Islamic republic’s feared morality police for allegedly wearing a hijab headscarf in an “improper” way, sparking widespread outrage.

      • HRWSaudi Arabia: Drop Baseless Investigation of US Citizen

        Morris told Human Rights Watch that she believes the investigation is related to tweets she published in April 2022 in which she wrote that Saudi Arabia’s male guardianship system impedes her ability to depart Saudi Arabia with her daughter, perform parental duties like obtaining medical care, or make decisions about her daughter’s education without the approval of her former husband. Under Saudi law, only men can act as guardians of their children. Women cannot act as guardians and have limited authority over their children’s lives. Foreign national women face even greater restrictions.

      • [Old] ABCActress from Hollywood’s ‘Golden Age’ turned activist, Marsha Hunt, dies aged 104 in California

        The reason, she learned from her agent, was that the communist-hunting Red Channels publication had revealed that she attended a peace conference in Stockholm and other supposedly suspicious gatherings.

        “I’d made 54 movies in my first 16 years in Hollywood,” Hunt said in 1996.

        “In the last 45 years, I’ve made eight. That shows what a blacklist can do to a career.”

      • EducationWeekA School Librarian Pushes Back on Censorship and Gets Death Threats and Online Harassment

        Now, Jones is pushing back, bringing suit against some of the Facebook groups where the harassment against her occurred. This week, a judge dismissed her case, but Jones vowed to appeal.

      • Counter Punch10 Ways the Left is Vulnerable to Cancellation Campaigning and How We Might Overcome This Tendency

        When you have the cloud around you, you are toxic.  Any association with you will lead to the people associating with you having to spend time and energy defending their actions and looking into the allegations surrounding you.  Regardless of whether they think there’s anything legitimate about the accusations surrounding you, people will tend to avoid you, for their own safety, comfort, peace of mind, etc.  They may also tend to do so, in order to avoid any group they’re associated with getting bogged down in some kind of controversy no one has time for, that would distract from important work.

      • The RecordIran shutters mobile networks, Instagram, WhatsApp amid protests – The Record by Recorded Future

        Officials in Iran appear to be limiting access to mobile networks and communication platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp amid widespread protests over the alleged police killing of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

        Several internet access watchdogs reported nationwide outages for people using MCI (First Mobile), Iran’s leading mobile operator, and Rightel, as well as partial outages for Irancell, on top of a ban on Instagram and WhatsApp.

        ⚠️ #Iran is now subject to the most severe internet restrictions since the November 2019 massacre.

      • ForbesIran Shuts Down WhatsApp And Instagram As Protests Spread

        As protests continue over the death of a woman in police custody in Iran, access to Instagram and WhatsApp has been blocked.

        Meanwhile, there have been major internet outages across the country, with cellphone services also disrupted.

    • Freedom of Information / Freedom of the Press

      • CPJIranian photojournalist Yalda Moaiery arrested during anti-state protests

        On Monday, September 19, Iranian security forces arrested Moaiery, a prominent photojournalist, as she was covering anti-state protests on Hejab street in downtown Tehran, Iran’s capital, she said on Instagram Stories directly after her arrest. (CPJ reviewed her story before its automatic 24-hour expiry.)

        Her father, Gholamreza Moaiery, who spoke to CPJ via messaging app, confirmed the arrest.

      • President López Obrador calls Assange a Quixote of freedom of speech

        Assange revealed some documents and evidence from the U.S. embassy talking about the 2012 elections, fraud committed between former President Vicente Fox (2006-2012), and how INE officials visited the U.S. embassy before the elections in order to inform them how they were going to handle the election results.

      • EuractiveZelenskyy, Ukrainians, and Assange among nominees for 2022 Sakharov prize

        Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the people of Ukraine, Julian Assange, Sonia Guajajara, and the Colombian Comision de Verdad are among the nominees for the 2022 Sakharov prize, an EU award dedicated to individuals, groups or organisations that contribute to protecting freedom of thought.

    • Civil Rights/Policing

      • DaemonFC (Ryan Farmer)More than two dozen criminals in Illinois got fake Paycheck Protection Program loans from the Trump administration and used them to post bail and flee. | BaronHK’s Rants

        If Trump had appointed an Inspector General to oversee the program as the law required, perhaps this (and other similar incidents?) may not have happened.

      • OverpopulationThe Natural Synergy between Population Stabilization and Reproductive Rights

        In the second essay we are featuring from the Great Transition Initiative’s forum The Population Debate Revisited, Céline Delacroix highlights the win-win relationship between elevating women’s health, rights and autonomy and minimising population growth. Why then is the topic so unwelcome in international policy discourse?

      • AxiosNew campaign for Cherokee Nation House delegate

        Driving the news: The 1835 Treaty of New Echota, which was signed by then-President Andrew Jackson and ratified by the Senate, promised a nonvoting House delegate to the nation.

      • RFAChinese authorities allegedly torture 5 Tibetans, 1 to death, for praying in public

        Chinese authorities in Tibet have allegedly arrested and tortured five Tibetans, killing one of them, for publicly lighting incense and praying, two Tibetan sources living in exile told RFA.

      • CNNIran’s President abandons CNN interview after Amanpour declines head scarf demand

        Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi withdrew from a long-planned interview with CNN’s chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday, after she declined a last-minute demand to wear a head scarf.

        Some 40 minutes after the interview was scheduled due to start and with Raisi running late, an aide told Amanpour the president had suggested that she wear a head scarf. Amanpour said that she “politely declined.”

      • NPRCNN says Iran’s president tried to make a hijab a condition for Amanpour interview

        An interview between CNN’s Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was abruptly canceled because Amanpour declined to wear a hijab, she recounted on Twitter.

      • BBCIran: CNN cancels interview with Iranian president over headscarf demand

        Veteran CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour cancelled an interview with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi after he demanded she wear a headscarf for their meeting in New York.

        Amanpour pointed out that no previous presidents had requested this when she interviewed them outside Iran.

      • ABCCNN’s Christiane Amanpour cancels interview with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi over headscarf demand, amid ongoing protests over death of Mahsa Amini

        In a Twitter post, Amanpour said she had been ready to start when one of the president’s aides insisted she cover her hair, at the president’s request.

        “I politely declined. We are in New York, where there is no law or tradition regarding headscarves. I pointed out that no previous Iranian president has required this when I have interviewed them outside Iran,” she wrote.

        “The aide made it clear that the interview would not happen if I did not wear a headscarf. He said it was ‘a matter of respect, and referred to ‘the situation in Iran’ — alluding to the protests sweeping the country.”

      • Democracy NowWomen Burn Hijabs in Iran as Protests Escalate over Killing of Mahsa Amini by “Morality Police”

        Protests in Iran continue after the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman in custody of the so-called morality police. Mahsa Amini died last week after being detained for allegedly leaving some of her hair visible in violation of an Iranian law requiring women to cover their heads. Witnesses said Amini was severely beaten by police, but authorities claim she died of natural causes. Thousands of people, often led by young women, have taken to the streets in outrage over Amini’s death, chanting slogans against the morality police and the government, with some burning their headscarves in a show of defiance. “This anger against the morality police and the violence they are committing on the streets has been building up for years,” says Iranian American journalist Negar Mortazavi.

      • ANF NewsSeven killed during ongoing protests in East Kurdistan against the killing of Mahsa Amini

        Protests have been raging for days in dozens of cities in Iran and East Kurdistan after the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody. Demands for democracy and freedom are being voiced during the protests that started after the murder of the young Kurdish woman by the morality police in Tehran.

        7 protestors have been killed in East Kurdistan in the last four days. Moreover, around 250 people have been injured and more than 500 others detained in Iran and East Kurdistan.

        According to local sources, 1 person was killed in the Sine city of East Kurdistan, 1 person in Dehgulan, 2 people in Diwandara, 1 person in Mahabad, 1 person in Urmia and 1 person in Piranshahr.

      • TechdirtOhio Supreme Court Says There’s Nothing Wrong With Cops Seizing A $31,000 Truck Over An $850 Criminal Offense

        In 2019, the Supreme Court of the United States resolved a long-running lawsuit over asset forfeiture. Indiana resident Tyson Timbs had his $42,000 Land Rover seized by law enforcement following his sale of $260 of heroin to an undercover officer.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

    • Digital Restrictions (DRM)

    • Monopolies

      • Copyrights

        • AI Generated Content

          Effective immediately, Getty Images will cease to accept all submissions created using AI generative models (e.g., Stable Diffusion, Dall‑E 2, MidJourney, etc.) and prior submissions utilizing such models will be removed.

        • Digital Music NewsThe U.S. Music Industry Generated $7.7 Billion During H1 2022 As Streaming’s Growth Slowed, RIAA Report Shows

          The U.S. recorded music industry generated $7.69 billion during 2022’s opening half, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) – a figure that reflects comparatively modest year-over-year growth of about 9.07 percent.

        • Torrent FreakYouTubers Lose Brains Over Night of The Living Dead Copyright Claims

          After a copyright blunder led to a major boost for the horror genre, George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead became a public domain classic. But in a terrifying new twist, YouTubers are now completely surrounded by a horde of Content ID notices claiming ownership and monetization rights. Screams for help are being ignored as Universal Music-owned Ingrooves gorges on the spoils.

        • Torrent FreakMovie & Music Piracy Acceptable to a Growing Number of U.S. Households

          Nearly a quarter of all U.S. households believe that piracy is justified because music and movies should be available to anyone for free. Research by Parks Associates reveals that this percentage has increased significantly in recent years. According to some experts and insiders, this can in part be explained by the fragmented streaming landscape.

        • TechdirtKlobuchar’s Link Tax Is Back… And Somehow Even Worse? Helps Trumpist Grifters Get Free Money & No Moderation From Google

          So, we’ve talked quite a bit about the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), Senator Amy Klobuchar’s attempt to do Rupert Murdoch’s bidding and force successful internet companies to send cash to media companies for… linking to them. Yes, not only do the news orgs want the traffic from Google, but they also want to get paid for it. This whole scheme was dreamed up by Rupert Murdoch, who after decades of pretending to be about free markets, started demanding the government force internet companies to subsidize him for his own failures to innovate.

  • Gemini* and Gopher

    • Personal

      • 22 September 2022 – 23:47

        I turned 30 yesterday. I’m currently struggling with this. Part of me wants to bury myself in old anime and games and pretend it’s 2006. Part of me wants to really start kissing ass at work so I can start working on one of those “careers” I’m supposed to have. I have no idea what to do.

      • the in-between days

        Spare time flows through me, right now. I’m letting myself enjoy doing /less/ but not /nothing/. I live in hope that these quiet times will restore my soul, such that I can re-enter the World of Work in a manner that suits me – I still have something to give.

    • Technical

      • Plainly Put: Plane Power Play

        While it’s normally just me (Player 2) and one other (Player 1) there. We don’t interact much, especially since they play the most when I’m at work. But there’s something special about being the only people on the server. A kind of familiarity forms rather quickly, and because of our play time difference there really isn’t any competition. By the time I enter a new game they’ve already amassed tens or even hundreds of millions of pounds, and for that matter I’m not really a competitive person anyway.


        I’m not sure I like that sort of gameplay. When I play single player games I start a lot earlier, using a few mods that add earlier vehicles. That means the addition of planes is far away. It’s a much more relaxing sort of game.

      • Internet/Gemini

        • My Thoughts On The CDG, And How You Can Help Fight The Discoverability Crisis

          One problem I have always found, as have many others who try out gemini, is difficulty in finding interesting content. There are many contributing factors to why, but lets just say the problem is an ongoing issue that has no real easy solutions. Search engines and feed aggregators help out a lot and are great places for newbies to start. Many capsuleers also have created public collections of links they find worthwile to share which is helpful when you stumble upon them.


          However; unfortunately, still much awesome content and useful services slip through the cracks of many peoples awareness. Either they aren’t indexed well, mentioned often, or properly advertised by the author. Some great content on the geminispace will be missed because its hard to find. Sometimes you need to be lucky to stumble across them, and have the foresight to save and share the links.

          There is a great post I saw a while back about how the best thing you can do for the small net protocols is to create your own public bookmark indexes/link collections featuring cool stuff. If everyone did this things would be much easier to find. After all, Whatever site you think is mundane and obvious, someone else may have never heard of.

        • Feed Aggregators and Idea Silos

          There’s an idea being floated about building a decentralized, personalized feed aggregator as opposed to something like Antenna which is open for all to submit to.


          Additionally, I would caution against building any community where a core goal is to only gather with people who share identical political ideologies. I’m not saying it can’t or shouldn’t ever be done, but I generally see such communities as unproductive at best and a breeding ground for extremism at worst. You only need to look as far as Reddit, Lemmy, or one of the many “free speech” platforms to see why. Just my two cents.

        • Re: Right wing politics on Gemini

          I find it utterly bemusing the lack of self-awareness in lefties. I read an article a couple times, on right wing politics on Gemini, and the second time I mentally flipped a few words within to point in the other direction, and it fit perfectly.

          You can see it time and time again simply by reading their own words. Case in point: there is a leftist on Gemini, who is, quite literally someone who spews some of the most dangerous, foolish and propagandistic writings that I have ever encountered in my life. This person has the gall to paint the right with those specific adjectives (or variants thereof: ‘dangerous’, ‘fooled’, ‘propagandists’). These people have no right to preach about ‘myths and misconceptions’ — most of everything said by this person is a myth and misconception.

      • Programming

        • Having looked into Forth (a bit)

          I previously wondered how much Forth was like Whitespace assembler…
          …so I got a Forth interpreter and had a go. I didn’t get much beyond beginner level, so take all I say with a pinch of salt.

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    Bolstering the criminal acts of António Campinos from the EPO is a supportive “conference in Brussels” which was more like staged Unified Patent Court (UPC) propaganda for lobbying purposes; Kangaroo courts are being promoted to legitimise fake European Patents, granted in violation of the European Patent Convention (EPC)

  22. [Meme] Monopolies Presumed Valid

    The EPO is trying to put patent maximalists in charge of a court it wishes to control, in effect dismantling independent auditory functions for the granting of European Patents

  23. “Bringing Teams Together” at the EPO Means Exactly the Opposite

    The European Patent Office’s (EPO) staff is complaining that the EPO's “Bringing Teams Together” or “New Management of Office Space” is basically done without consulting staff and to the detriment of staff, in effect making life miserable for those who can stop or prevent unwarranted monopolies

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  28. This Won't End Well for the UPC Lobby (Unitary Patent Profoundly Discredits the Rule of Law)

    Unified Patent Court (UPC) lobbyists may be acting jubilant and triumphant, but they're in effect dancing on the grave of the real legal system they're working to bury, replacing it with something that cannot and will not stand

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    The prospects of self-hosting for communications have improved greatly; for voice chat, Mumble is definitely worth a look

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