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Wikipedia Demotes CNET Due to Chatbot-Generated Spew as 'Articles'; It Should Do the Same to ZDNet (Also Red Ventures, Also Microsoft Propaganda)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Mar 02, 2024

Redmond Ventures?

Santa Woman With A Laptop

AS we recently showed, ZDNet had become somewhat of a spamfarm and its sister site CNET has reportedly been demoted by a marketing site called Wikipedia, citing concerns about how CNET "content" is produced. See for instance:

  1. AI-generated articles prompt Wikipedia to downgrade CNET’s reliability rating
  2. Wikipedia No Longer Considers CNET a "Generally Reliable" Source After AI Scandal
  3. Wikipedia no longer considers CNET a «reliable source» — after scandal with AI-generated articles
  4. Wikipedia downgrades CNET's reliability rating due to AI generated content
  5. AI-generated articles have no place on the web: Wikipedia and Google consider complacent publications generally unreliable in seismic shift

We recently showed that CNET was also deleting articles critical of Microsoft, especially very old articles. In other words, Redmond [sic] Ventures was rewriting history.

Well, Wikipedia is politically and commercially selective [1, 2] when it comes to enforcing rules; they might want to take a closer look at ZDNet. How's this for example:

 5 ways AI will change the game for sales relationships (infographic)

There are many more pages just like this. That's the real business model of Redmond [sic] Ventures. It's a marketing/spam site, not a news site. It's all about manipulating public perceptions for a fee.

Speaking of which, consider what Facebook does at a far large scale (as does Wikipedia, which takes bribes for bias).

An associate explains this is noise about 'conservative' opinions, these oftentimes-abhorrent opinions being a red herring. Facebook shadow-bans across the spectrum, as do the other branches of social control media, the associate notes.

They are throttling too, not just shadow-banning, as it's not a neutral platform. They get to decide what people see and what people don't see (or see a lot less of). Even if nobody gets banned or hidden (shadow-banned), some companies are still in control of public opinion, e.g. by means bypassing the communication channels, acting as a medium or a filter. In the context of Mastodon or the Fediverse, some people complain about panes with "trending" or similar, biasing the pages and letting the administrators control/shape narratives/focus. The same goes for infinite scrolling interfaces (addiction).

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