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schestowitz 24 00:00
twitterFree software has no place in the new American century.Aug 24 00:00
schestowitzThose Dang Terrorists!!!111111111111111111111111111111Aug 24 00:00
schestowitz 24 00:00
schestowitzOops.Aug 24 00:01
schestowitzHere's the right link: 24 00:01
twitter 24 00:03
schestowitzYes, seen it before.Aug 24 00:03
twitterInteresting.  Founded back in 1954 when the US cared a little about rights.Aug 24 00:03
schestowitzIt could be defac^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hbalanced by the feds that edit Wikipedia though.Aug 24 00:03
schestowitzThe Phorm people ruin Wikipedia too.Aug 24 00:03
twitterCory is great.Aug 24 00:04
schestowitzAnd the military, Microsoft... all with proof with IPs pointing back to Redmond headquarters...Aug 24 00:04
schestowitzIt was easy to find when an automated tool came out... can't remember it though...Aug 24 00:04
schestowitzYes, he fights swpats also.Aug 24 00:04
schestowitz 24 00:05
schestowitz"The activities uncovered by Wikileaks include deleting Guantanamo detainees’ ID numbers from Wikipedia, posting of self-praising comments on news websites in response to negative articles, promoting pro-Guantanamo stories on the Internet news focus website Digg, and even altering Wikipedia’s entry on Cuban President Fidel Castro to describe him as “an admitted transexual” [sic].Aug 24 00:05
schestowitz"Aug 24 00:05
twitterUncensored news and information publishers have no place in the New American Century.Aug 24 00:06
schestowitz"New American Century" is New To  MeAug 24 00:07
schestowitzI know about NWOAug 24 00:07
twitterProject for the New American Century.  It was written by Dick Chaney and other chronies and reads like a blueprint of the Bush administration.Aug 24 00:07
schestowitzHere's Gordon Brown (of the Bildies' about new world order in youtube: 24 00:08
twitter 24 00:08
schestowitzWell, if American Century is about recession and poverty, then Dick and George sure do a helluva job. It only took them 8 years to achieve so much...Aug 24 00:09
twitterIt called for the conquest of Afganistan and Iraq.  It also talked about the need for a Perl Harbor like event as motivation ... before 911.Aug 24 00:11
schestowitzAre we straying off topic, or is it about Perl?Aug 24 00:13
twitterha ha.Aug 24 00:13
twitter 24 00:13
schestowitzError: Can't find module "Harbour" on CPANAug 24 00:14
twitter"Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor. Domestic politics and industrial policy will shape the pace and content of transformation as much as the requirements of current missions."Aug 24 00:14
twitterThey have done a hell of a lot in 8 years.Aug 24 00:14
schestowitzI wonder if they brought in enough cronies to give Obama flak from behind.Aug 24 00:15
schestowitzYou know, I was recently told a story from a professor whose environment was ruined by some Germanic dean who brought in many cronies. After he had left, the cronies stayed and everyone suffers.Aug 24 00:16
twitterGermanic dean?Aug 24 00:17
twitterPertaining to, or containing, germanium.   [1913 Webster]Aug 24 00:18
twitterTeutonicAug 24 00:18
schestowitzRemember how wer talked earlier about Alfresco?Aug 24 00:18
schestowitz "I started the day (5:00 AM) at the LDS temple, trying to seek some shelter from a brutally difficult quarter. That and mountain biking in the middle of the day with Bryce Roberts seem to have done the trick. I ended the day much more relaxed, which even bedtime at a hotel for Lily and Greta couldn't disrupt. Well, not much."Aug 24 00:19
schestowitzSo there are issue again. Also in the last quarter. I hope it goes well for them. They depend on Microsoft's mood.Aug 24 00:19
twitterI saw a little about the Alfresco deal.Aug 24 00:19
schestowitzOops. I meant a dean of German origin.Aug 24 00:20
schestowitz "The Germanic languages, "Aug 24 00:20
schestowitzMicrosoft's Kempin is a good exampleAug 24 00:20
twitterI was imaging a University of such impressive size the German department had it's own dean.Aug 24 00:21
twitterha haAug 24 00:21
twitterI'm sorry that your professor had his place ruined by cronies.  I'm sure that was not funny.Aug 24 00:21
schestowitzNo, it's in California anyway.Aug 24 00:21
schestowitzNot mine.Aug 24 00:22
schestowitzI was talking about a friend.Aug 24 00:22
twitterYes, that's sad wherever it happened.Aug 24 00:22
twitterOne of my professors grew up in Hungry.  The Bush administration has him nervous.Aug 24 00:23
twitterHere's a good write up on the PNAC 24 00:24
schestowitzOMGAug 24 00:24
twitterwhat?Aug 24 00:25
schestowitzJust spotted more lies from Redmond GangstersAug 24 00:25
twitterhappens every day.  what this time?Aug 24 00:25
schestowitzSome days ago the press was shouting about Microsoft XBox doing well in Japan.Aug 24 00:25
schestowitzClassical fake shortages it seemsAug 24 00:25
twitterif losing money is doing well ...Aug 24 00:25
schestowitzUnless I'm reading this wrongly.Aug 24 00:25
schestowitz 24 00:25
dsmith_i read about that last weekAug 24 00:25
schestowitzChannel-stuffing and other dirty tricks is all they can do.Aug 24 00:26
schestowitzdsmith_: I only looked at this quickly. Maybe I'm missing something.Aug 24 00:26
twittera better write up on PNAC 24 00:27
twitternow on to XBox.Aug 24 00:27
schestowitzWatch this for comparison: 24 00:27
dsmith_xbox is losing  moneyAug 24 00:28
twitter25,000 in Japan? They have what, 150 million people.Aug 24 00:28
dsmith_MS should focus on its stinkin' oSAug 24 00:29
twitterSurge!Aug 24 00:29
schestowitz is valuableAug 24 00:30
schestowitzI used it for:Aug 24 00:30
schestowitz 24 00:31
twitterM$ gives me an Urge to PurgeAug 24 00:31
schestowitz 24 00:31
schestowitz 24 00:31
schestowitz 24 00:31
schestowitz 24 00:32
twitterthat is a good sourceAug 24 00:32
twitterNow that people know ACT was a shill, ACT is gone.Aug 24 00:32
schestowitzWell, why?Aug 24 00:32
schestowitzACT got pissed off at me.Aug 24 00:32
twitterIt will be reborn with a different name.Aug 24 00:32
schestowitzCalled me "some Angry Brit": 24 00:33
twitterFrom CMD, " The groups website is no longer active and the last archived version of its website dates from July 2007, so the group now appears to be defunct"Aug 24 00:33
schestowitzJonahtan Zuck can't change his name that easily. His crimes against the commons are here to stay and be remembered.Aug 24 00:33
schestowitz 24 00:34
schestowitzWatch the shill attacking ODF... on behalf of... 'small businesses'Aug 24 00:34
twitterM$ will find another Sch[Z]uckAug 24 00:35
schestowitzWow. Aug 24 00:35
twitterThat should be Schm[Z]uckAug 24 00:35
schestowitzThat's quite an updateAug 24 00:35
schestowitzSo they moved to ACTOnline?Aug 24 00:35
schestowitzTher group is not dead. It's very active in the EU, shilling for swpatents.Aug 24 00:36
twitterOh, must be wishful thinking.  What's their new website?Aug 24 00:36
schestowitzIn fact, they have just headquarters in DC and Brussels. Hmmm.... wonder why...Aug 24 00:36
schestowitzSee the pointer above.Aug 24 00:36
schestowitz 24 00:36
twitterPay no attention to the man behind the curtian.Aug 24 00:37
schestowitz lists Mark Blafkin, the guy who took a shot at me. Darn 'lobbyist'... I've always said such people belong in prison.Aug 24 00:38
schestowitz"The Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) was a group that was founded in 1998 in response to the anti-trust action against Microsoft then taking place in the United States. "Aug 24 00:38
trmanco 24 00:38
twitterWho listens to people who talk about getting drunk on $350/bottle champagne?Aug 24 00:39
schestowitzWatch the title of ACT's site: "Protecting small business..."Aug 24 00:39
schestowitzBut then: z> "The Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) was a group that was founded in 1998 in response to the anti-trust action against Microsoft then taking place in the United States. "Aug 24 00:39
schestowitzFishy, fishy, fishy....Aug 24 00:40
schestowitztwitter: lobbyists are well paid. They need enough money to bribe pollies with wine at dinner.Aug 24 00:40
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Aug 24 00:40
schestowitzHave wine, illegalise WINE.Aug 24 00:40
twitterYou know you can get lead poisoning from drinking booze from leaded glass.  Russians don't care when exporting, I suppose.Aug 24 00:41
schestowitzThose who are heavy drinkers don't care much about health anywayAug 24 00:42
twitterTrashy, all around.  When they say "Small business people" they must be referring to Bill Gate's short stature.Aug 24 00:42
schestowitzIt's like choosing a good set of silverware to eat maggots with.Aug 24 00:42
schestowitztwitter: here's the thing.Aug 24 00:43
twitterOr spending $350 for lead poison.Aug 24 00:43
schestowitzIn order to lobby for the rich, they need to pretend to be representing the poor.Aug 24 00:43
dsmith_... in this corner, we have  "Angry....Brit ..........Schestowitzzzzzzzzz"Aug 24 00:43
schestowitzIn order to defend proprietary software, Mcirosoft needs authority points in FOSS.Aug 24 00:43
twitteror at least people who has being rich as a goal.Aug 24 00:44
schestowitzThat's what people like Doug Levin might have been about  (see my latest post about it) and those sponsorships with Brad Smith and Ramji speaking, as well.Aug 24 00:44
schestowitzdsmith_: Big Buck Bunny.Aug 24 00:44
schestowitzHe's after the bad guy: 24 00:44
schestowitztwitter: see 24 00:45
twitterI've seen enough of ACT.  Anyone group defended M$ in the anti-trust trials is corrupt.  That one hate filled and idiotic article is enough for me for a week or so.Aug 24 00:47
schestowitzAbout time... "When you see somebody abusing the term "Open Source", please tell us. But also tell them. Let them know that they have lost your trust as a business." 24 00:47
schestowitztwitter: any other ones you are aware of?Aug 24 00:48
schestowitzI'll be building an index of Microsoft shills at some stage.Aug 24 00:48
schestowitzYou know, CompTIA, Mr. Youth LLC, LawMedia, EW, etc.Aug 24 00:49
twitterI've been building a list of poison pens but have not put much effort into it. 24 00:50
twitterYou probably know all of them better than I do.Aug 24 00:50
twitterMy masterpiece was the Vista Failure log.  :)Aug 24 00:52
schestowitz*LOL*Aug 24 00:52
schestowitzExcellent! I'll make a link to it and bookmarkAug 24 00:52
twitterthanksAug 24 00:53
schestowitzMicrosoft Jack. *LOL*Aug 24 00:54
schestowitz 24 00:54
schestowitz 24 00:55
twitterFeel free to use the stuff I stumble across.  Many eyes spot the lie.Aug 24 00:58
twitterIt's time for me to eat dinner.  Later.Aug 24 00:59
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schestowitz: "I just send you this quick link, I spotted at planet debian (the distro I use) just in case you didn't know it (I didn't chaek your blog as of late since I have been camping out in the french pyrinees without a computer at hand whatsoever): "Aug 24 12:21
schestowitz"Seems Novell killed AppArmor and its lead developer was hired by MSFT. Just another "coincidence" highlighting the close relationship between Novell and MSFT that everyday that passes seem more partners than competitors..."Aug 24 12:21
schestowitzJust in (old news) anyway....Aug 24 12:21
benJImanCrispin Cowan went to microsoft ages ago.Aug 24 12:42
schestowitzYes, I know.Aug 24 12:43
benJImanThat blog entry is based on unfounded speculation. SELinux was available in the past, it was removed because they didn't want to maintain both, now clearly customers want it again.Aug 24 12:43
benJImanApparmor's not going anywhere soon, SELinux won't be supported in the next SLE, and Novell have a lot invested in training and support for apparmor.Aug 24 12:43
schestowitzDoesn't Ubuntu use it by default?Aug 24 12:43
benJImanWhich?Aug 24 12:44
benJImanI believe they have both available.Aug 24 12:44
schestowitzApparmor.Aug 24 12:44
benJImanI'm not sure.Aug 24 12:44
schestowitzSLE just got SELinux, maybe in the nightlies.Aug 24 12:44
schestowitzUbuntu got SELinux readiness about 2 months ago.Aug 24 12:44
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twitter"unfounded speculation"?  The chain of reasoning is solid and nothing involving M$ is ever "founded" until the emails spill out in court.Aug 24 16:01
twitterM$'s ineffectiveness should not be confused with a lack of malice.  Hiring lead developers is a way to harm free software projects.Aug 24 16:02
twitterIt gives them FUD if nothing else.Aug 24 16:04
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godthedeceiveri am hereAug 24 17:00
*_Doug (i=c17a2faa@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellAug 24 17:09
_DougHi there all ..Aug 24 17:10
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_Dougis there no-one else ?Aug 24 17:20
_Dougznooooozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..........................Aug 24 17:22
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schestowitztwitter: it's logic more than speculation. He was already working for a 'subsidiary', so why not the patent company? Anyway, I covered this before.Aug 24 17:37
schestowitz 24 17:39
twitterYes, but the details should be documented as they occur.  I'll slap it into a comment.Aug 24 17:45
schestowitzHehe. Just got this from FFII: "ACT is talking about you: They should correct their banner: "ACT - Protecting Small Business Innovation" And they have Microsoft as a member."Aug 24 17:47
schestowitzJust got back anyway. I've also just got a good report from India: "Photos of Bangalore No Software Patent Protest is available at "Aug 24 17:48
schestowitz"It was a great success . around 100 people 100 people attended. Bangalore consultation seems to be postponed from 27th. Kolkotta Consultation is also postponed. Chennai Consultation is advanced to 28th 10pm -1pm . New Dates for Bangalore and Kolkotta Consultations are not yet announced."Aug 24 17:49
schestowitz"Chennai and Kolkotta stakeholder consultations are not limited to Software patents. Those are general meetings. Bangalore Consultation is specifically on Software patents." Well, they also sent this to PJ anyway.Aug 24 17:49
twittergood news is niceAug 24 17:52
schestowitzThanks for the comment. Just read it. I never thought about it this way.Aug 24 17:52
schestowitzThe truth about the demise of that team could be interesting. Were people (Novell or Cris) approach by Microsoft before or after the announcement. Was it related?Aug 24 17:53
twitterI don't know.Aug 24 17:58
twitterI'm not a big fan of MAC but M$ and big dumb companies are.  I prefer the traditional Unix user groups permissions.  MAC is an extra layer that's not needed unless you think top down information control is possible and good.Aug 24 18:01
twitterIt depends on treacherous computing which is even bad for big dumb companies if a third party is in control.Aug 24 18:03
schestowitzI thought about NACAug 24 18:03
schestowitzIBM is in to TC as well, AFAIK.Aug 24 18:03
schestowitz*intoAug 24 18:03
twitterThere's a market for it.Aug 24 18:04
schestowitzHad machines been secure by design (no back doors)...Aug 24 18:06
twitterIn the end, it's like other DRM schemes.  Water is wet and bits can be copied.Aug 24 18:07
schestowitzGot to fight those 'terrorists', you know?Aug 24 18:10
twitterWhat really counts for companies is that they can trust their employees and the employees can trust their employer.Aug 24 18:10
twitterTerrorists like Code Pink.Aug 24 18:11
twitter 24 18:15
*schestowitz looksAug 24 18:16
schestowitzIt's bizniz as usual(C)Aug 24 18:17
twitterSeimens now offers such tracking in a single box, 24 18:17
twitterThat kind of business is not supposed to happen in the US.Aug 24 18:18
schestowitzSiemens... corrupt company (bribes like it's a bodily function), software patents lobbyist in Europe.Aug 24 18:18
schestowitzFortunately, this company seems to be collapsing a bit.Aug 24 18:19
schestowitzNow they resort to abusive-intrusive-obtrusive technology, just like Microsoft. Being bad pays off sometimes.Aug 24 18:19
schestowitzPress release from India just reposted: 24 18:33
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 24 18:35
MinceRafaik the point of MAC is that there's no single person who can access all data by himselfAug 24 19:12
*ReverseGTR ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 24 19:27
twitterThere's always someone who holds the keys.Aug 24 19:31
twitterHere's a few UMPC threads I've pulled together 24 19:31
ReverseGTRtwitter: I hope the UMPC and MID concepts die a horrible death. Down with corporately enforced standards!Aug 24 19:32
ReverseGTRif a company puts out a small laptop with a swivel touchscreen or one with no keyboard. It is just a small computer with a touchscreen and no keyboard, companies should learn it is not good in the longrun to patent things that don't belong to themAug 24 19:33
schestowitzLANCORAug 24 19:34
ReverseGTRschestowitz: who do you think funded that venture capital project?Aug 24 19:35
*Tallken ( has left #boycottnovellAug 24 19:37
schestowitzWhich one?Aug 24 19:38
ReverseGTRLANCORAug 24 19:39
ReverseGTRlet me give you a hint: 24 19:40
twitterWe should not confuse all makers of UMPC with those who worked to destroy the OLPC.Aug 24 19:42
twitterA flood of $200 laptops will do a lot of good for everyone.Aug 24 19:43
ReverseGTRtwitter: but its the same thing, patent a concept or name of one so they can extort other companies with royalties for selling products that are similarAug 24 19:43
schestowitzReverseGTR: I don't know. PJ asked them if Intel or Microsoft had anything to do with it, but they never responded, as far as I can tell.Aug 24 19:44
ReverseGTRbut does every $200 laptop need to be called a Netbook?Aug 24 19:45
twitterPatents are a separate abomination but it will go away with the Wintel monopoly.Aug 24 19:45
twitterI don't care what they are called.Aug 24 19:45
twitterComputers should not cost $1000.Aug 24 19:45
ReverseGTRpatents may, but its close cousin the trademark won'tAug 24 19:45
twitterTrademark won't stop the next OLPC project.Aug 24 19:46
ReverseGTRtwitter: of course they should not cost $1000, and if you don't want them to they don't need to share a similar name just because of their hardware layoutAug 24 19:46
ReverseGTRif anyone wants to give it a standardized name let it be the consumersAug 24 19:46
twitterAsus did just fine with their EEEPC.Aug 24 19:47
ReverseGTRtwitter: and created the whole "Netbook" conceptAug 24 19:47
twitterBrand and generic names will be made by those who move into the market.Aug 24 19:47
ReverseGTRtwitter: I wonder if that means if a computer comes out that is cheaper then it Asus will sue for trademark violationAug 24 19:47
schestowitzIsn't Netbook an Intel-only name? Also, they coined MID.Aug 24 19:48
ReverseGTRschestowitz: the EEEPC was the first netbookAug 24 19:48
schestowitzUMPC is a Microsoft term, I think... or tablet.. Origami which was a massive failure.Aug 24 19:48
schestowitzEeePC was done with the help of Intel.Aug 24 19:48
ReverseGTRschestowitz: exactly, you have M$ holding the UMPC name, Intel with MID and Netbook. But where does that leave everyone else?Aug 24 19:49
schestowitzI can find you the article where Intel is shown collaborating with ASUS to derail OLPCAug 24 19:49
twitterThat would be like US trademark law.  I don't think anyone owns the generic name laptop, portable computer, etc.Aug 24 19:49
schestowitzReverseGTR: let me find it for you.Aug 24 19:49
twitterI can believe that, but now Intel wants to cage the monster they made.Aug 24 19:49
twitterI don't think they can.Aug 24 19:50
ReverseGTRtwitter: they don't they will just sue everyone who does not assosciate themselves with the monster :)Aug 24 19:50
ReverseGTRthus Intel and M$ are the monstersAug 24 19:50
schestowitzSee the part about OLPC here: 24 19:50
schestowitzI sent this to PJ at the time.Aug 24 19:50
ReverseGTRif they can't sue then they will just bribe them out of the marketAug 24 19:51
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellAug 24 19:51
twitterSooner or later the economics will favor makers who don't play the old monopoly game.  I think the time is now.Aug 24 19:51
schestowitzBTW, AMD wants to enter this market after 'their' OLPC was slaughtered by the monopolists.Aug 24 19:51
schestowitzAMD's processors are much more suited. 10 times more energy-efficient, at least at the time.Aug 24 19:52
ReverseGTRtwitter: not if Intel and M$ coin these names and preside over brands who use them like Frito Lay does with all its different snacksAug 24 19:52
schestowitzReverseGTR: Intel pretty much brtibed in Nigeria. The BBC reported that they gave Classmate PCs _at a loss_ (they covered the expenses while competing for a place in Nigeria)Aug 24 19:53
schestowitzFor a company like Intel, to sell at a loss just to drive away smaller rivals is illegal, I think. BBC has the evidence or *is* the evidence.Aug 24 19:53
ReverseGTRschetowitz: its the same way Intel tried to keep its lionshare of the desktop market during the Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon XP/64 yearsAug 24 19:54
twitterI laugh at Intel and M$ efforts to bribe makers in Taiwan and China.  AMD wants into the market and China has its own line of MIPS derivatives.Aug 24 19:55
ReverseGTRtwitter: is it working in Taiwan and China?Aug 24 19:56
twitterSooner or later someone is going to be happier making $5 per unit than taking a bribe.Aug 24 19:56
twitterNo,Aug 24 19:57
ReverseGTRtwitter: I am sure with the PRC breathing down their knecks to be more favorable to domestic goods they would think twice before they do :-/Aug 24 19:58
twitterI don't think Intel is going to be able to sell to China now that China has its own line of "good enough" chips.Aug 24 19:58
ReverseGTRtwitter: what about Russia?Aug 24 19:58
twitterEveryone will sooner or later buy the cheapest chip set.Aug 24 19:59
twitterEvery dollar of bribe money poured into China is a dollar used to set up more domestic production.Aug 24 19:59
ReverseGTRtwitter: except in the good'ole US of A, Canada and Europe :PAug 24 19:59
twitterNo, Dell, HP and others will jump on the band wagon when forced.Aug 24 20:00
schestowitzReverseGTR: Intel and Microsoft try to 'pull a China' in Russia too.Aug 24 20:00
ReverseGTRschestowitz: what happened?Aug 24 20:00
schestowitzI wrote about it in 24 20:02
ReverseGTRbut isn't it bad that Russia's premiere Linux distro is Red Hat?Aug 24 20:05
ReverseGTRsource: 24 20:07
*_Doug (i=c17a2faa@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellAug 24 20:09
schestowitzRussia uses ALTLinux at schools. I think it's Mandrake/iva-bsed, i.e. RPM (going a long way back).Aug 24 20:10
schestowitzOthers seem to be using Mandriva (esp. the government) and Linux XP is from Russia, IIRC. Also PCLOS/Mandriva. The post office chose Red Hat.Aug 24 20:11
ReverseGTRinteresting, if only the US with the exception of some of the armed forces wasn't One Nation, Under MicrosoftAug 24 20:13
ReverseGTRI wonder which OS Cheyenne Mountain uses?Aug 24 20:15
schestowitzYou're not the only person whose analogies go along these lines.Aug 24 20:18
ReverseGTRtis why I logon hereAug 24 20:21
ReverseGTRand to be kept informed of events that justify such a cynical viewAug 24 20:21
ReverseGTRas well as help on all things UnixAug 24 20:24
schestowitzHave you heard about India?Aug 24 20:25
schestowitzI posted their press release which they sent me. Their government permits itself to sell out to Microsoft (and partners in India).Aug 24 20:26
ReverseGTRconsidering how much M$ invested in support and software development there why am I not surprisedAug 24 20:30
schestowitzThere is another way to look at it.Aug 24 20:34
schestowitzA lot of very good software comes from India (either produced and managed locally or by a multi-nationals)Aug 24 20:35
schestowitzThey need to put barriers. If not technical ones, then legal ones. They are also trey to poach some India Adobe employees these days.Aug 24 20:35
ReverseGTRschestowitz: hence why Microsoft was one of the first to move the majority of their software development thereAug 24 20:35
ReverseGTRschestowitz: now how do they going about getting these Adobe employees?Aug 24 20:38
schestowitzSee this one: 24 20:43
schestowitzThen, see this one: 24 20:43
ReverseGTRbig difference is the Indian courts are looking at this indifferently as apposed to Borland in the USAug 24 20:50
schestowitzHow so?Aug 24 20:51
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TallkenI wonder how many MS spies are here :DAug 24 20:56
Tallkenidentify yourselves :DAug 24 20:57
pcoleAaron Kaplan, founder and an active member of OLPC Austria quitAug 24 20:58
*ReverseGTR makes a run for it to RedmondAug 24 20:58
ReverseGTRI got the plans mwahahaha!Aug 24 20:58
ReverseGTRpcole: OLPC is just going to die eventually, sad though :(Aug 24 20:58
pcoleStill things just have to be said. 24 21:00
pcoleIf only 2 others understand what was said, then there is a chance.Aug 24 21:02
Tallkenwell it kinda achieved its purpose... at least laptops are getting cheaper :/Aug 24 21:02
pcoleTrue LTs are cheaper but that was not its primary purpose.Aug 24 21:03
pcoleIt was the children.Aug 24 21:03
Tallkenbeautiful: "Kaplan: Intel didn't win. YOU JUST QUIT."Aug 24 21:04
Tallkenwell it's lifeAug 24 21:05
Tallkenwe can't do anything about itAug 24 21:05
Tallkenexcept spread the wordAug 24 21:05
Tallkenand buy AMDsAug 24 21:05
TallkenlolAug 24 21:05
TallkenanywayAug 24 21:06
*Tallken awayAug 24 21:06
schestowitzOLPC was about education, not price.Aug 24 21:06
pcoleThat's what we're doing "spreading the word"Aug 24 21:06
Tallkenschestowitz, I knowAug 24 21:08
Tallkenand I'm disconnecting after all, other wise my computer will heat up the room :)Aug 24 21:08
TallkencyaAug 24 21:08
*Tallken has quit ("initiating room dis-heataration")Aug 24 21:08
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schestowitzHmm... I've just been invited to join FFII.Aug 24 21:56
pcoleWhat is FFII?Aug 24 22:03
twitter 24 22:03
twittercongratulationsAug 24 22:03
schestowitzWell, I could have joined before.Aug 24 22:04
schestowitzI'm already in the OSC sort of... since 2005, IIRC.Aug 24 22:04
schestowitzIt's just an affiliation, not a job, but it gives you proximity to politicians.Aug 24 22:05
twitter 24 22:06
twitterLooks like they are worth paying attention to.Aug 24 22:06
schestowitzIt's not over yet.Aug 24 22:08
schestowitzApparently, as they would say, if 3 years go by, then a bad idea might magically be a good idea all of a sudden (or politicians be easier to bribe with the likes of ACT and f00ls like Mccreevy)Aug 24 22:09
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twitterHa ha, RMS notices that Mickey Mouse may be free 24 23:29
twitterFree Mickey!Aug 24 23:29
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