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schestowitzoso`perezoso: search the newsApr 29 19:59
MinceRBalrog: your point of view seems to be distorted by the Reality Distortion Field.Apr 29 19:59
schestowitzIt's in many places niowApr 29 19:59
schestowitzApples grow in Reality Distortion?Apr 29 19:59
BalrogMinceR: no, yours isApr 29 19:59
MinceRsomething like thatApr 29 19:59
MinceRBalrog: i'm not the apple fanboy hereApr 29 19:59
MinceRso per definitio the RDF doesn't affect meApr 29 20:00
Balrogno, you bash them without knowing stuffApr 29 20:00
_boo_MinceR, sounds like sadomasochism to meApr 29 20:00
MinceRno, i don't bash themApr 29 20:00
MinceRi criticize them fairlyApr 29 20:00
MinceRand you're pissed because someone dares say ill about your beloved appleApr 29 20:00
oso`perezosogoogle rather smart move with android, enter the Cell Phone industry then netbooks. mmmm...Apr 29 20:00
schestowitzApple has strong PRApr 29 20:00
MinceRapple has a cult arount itselfApr 29 20:01
schestowitzPeople no longer remember bugs that wiped huge lumps of people's dataApr 29 20:01
MinceRs/nt/nd/Apr 29 20:01
BalrogMinceR: you say that apple has no engineering/etc, basicallyApr 29 20:01
schestowitzIn Leopard IIRCApr 29 20:01
MinceRBalrog: which is trueApr 29 20:01
MinceRBalrog: consider their OSes as a testament to thatApr 29 20:01
oso`perezosoApple user tools, command line are ALL ripped from open souce.Apr 29 20:01
MinceRthe OS they've written (MacOS "Classic") was decades behind all the others in fundamental waysApr 29 20:01
BalrogMinceR: you didn't use their OS for more than a few hours on regular hardware, so you're not qualified to say thatApr 29 20:01
MinceRthen they ripped off a lot of FLOSS projects to cobble together OSXApr 29 20:02
BalrogAnd user tools / command line have source files availableApr 29 20:02
MinceRthey exploit FLOSS while attacking itApr 29 20:02
oso`perezosotrueApr 29 20:02
Balrogno, they ripped off NeXT, which they ownApr 29 20:02
Balrogit already used GCC and BSD codeApr 29 20:02
trmancoIf Everything Was Made by Microsoft: 29 20:02
MinceRNeXT was built by ripping off those projectsApr 29 20:02
MinceRthey didn't write GCC, nor Mach, nor FreeBSDApr 29 20:02
oso`perezosoMinceR: ha ha ha finally I found somebody realizing this and articulating it!!!Apr 29 20:02
MinceRnor KHTMLApr 29 20:02
Balrogthey wrote Cocoa, the window manager, and the Obj-C frontend for GCCApr 29 20:03
Balrogamong other thingsApr 29 20:03
Balrog(NeXT this is)Apr 29 20:03
MinceRand the things they wrote suck horriblyApr 29 20:03
_boo_trmanco, in which way everything can be made by m$? it just won't existApr 29 20:03
_boo_'cause they only stealApr 29 20:03
Balrogbecause you never tried them ...Apr 29 20:03
MinceRi have tried themApr 29 20:03
trmanco_boo_, see the post, it's funnyApr 29 20:03
MinceRand i know their capabilitiesApr 29 20:03
MinceRi know how much choice is offered to the userApr 29 20:03
MinceR(none)Apr 29 20:04
Balrogyeah, for a few hours on unsupported hardwareApr 29 20:04
MinceRunsupported hw doesn't change the way the GUI fundamentally worksApr 29 20:04
MinceRand it doesn't change itself after few hours of runtime eitherApr 29 20:04
Balrogunsupported hardware may not make too much of a differenceApr 29 20:04
Balrogbut if you use it for more than a little bit, you find some of the more subtle featuresApr 29 20:05
MinceRi know what basic stuff you need to get (usually buy) third party sw to doApr 29 20:05
MinceRsuch as?Apr 29 20:05
Balrogwhat basic stuff?Apr 29 20:05
MinceRmoving windows with alt+drag anywhere, for exampleApr 29 20:05
MinceRor reskinning the GUIApr 29 20:05
Balrogsay, copying files into folders buried many layers deepApr 29 20:05
MinceRany filemanager does that nowadaysApr 29 20:06
MinceRincluding konqueror and dolphinApr 29 20:06
oso`perezosoone thing Apple got right is OpenCLApr 29 20:06
MinceRsomething good may yet come of OpenCLApr 29 20:06
MinceR(it's that GPGPU standard, right?)Apr 29 20:06
BalrogMinceR: wouldn't you say than that some of the UNIX flavors stole from BSD?Apr 29 20:07
schestowitzAnother OS X lookalike distribution: 29 20:07
MinceRBalrog: some of them could haveApr 29 20:07
MinceRBalrog: if they used BSDL code in closed-source apps and given nothing back to the developers or the community in general, then i'd say it's stealingApr 29 20:08
MinceReven if the BSDL allows it legallyApr 29 20:08
MinceRand if you don't believe me, ask the OpenBSD guys about thatApr 29 20:08
MinceRand OpenSSHApr 29 20:08
BalrogMinceR: the original copyright holders made it BSDL for a reason, I thinkApr 29 20:08
Balrogwhy didn't they use GPL then?Apr 29 20:08
oso`perezosoMinceR: yes, at #macosx someone told me Snow Leopard will use GPGPU, as another processor when not in usedApr 29 20:08
MinceRbecause GPL didn't exist or they didn't believe it was necessaryApr 29 20:08
MinceRthere still are people who are naive about licensingApr 29 20:08
MinceRthey are the ones who say we can leave GPL already and switch to BSDLApr 29 20:09
Balrogand some who want their code to be used in proprietary softwareApr 29 20:09
BalrogI know people like that; there are more than you thinkApr 29 20:09
MinceReven as m$ and crApple provide proof that it isn't safe yetApr 29 20:09
MinceRBalrog: once again, ask the OpenBSD guys about thatApr 29 20:09
Balrogwell then, why do they keep using bsdl?Apr 29 20:10
MinceRand let's not forget that apple keeps attacking FLOSS and small sw companies worldwide by pushing sw patentsApr 29 20:10
MinceRBalrog: because they're naiveApr 29 20:10
MinceRboth directly and through BSAApr 29 20:11
schestowitztrmanco: funny.Apr 29 20:11
BalrogApple has to be careful with software patents. They get sued over them tooApr 29 20:11
schestowitzHappy Birthday Opera: The Innovative Web Browser Turns 15 < >Apr 29 20:12
oso`perezosowhat's their reasoning about having all software patented?Apr 29 20:12
schestowitzI agree with MinceR Apr 29 20:12
schestowitzI wrote about this beforeApr 29 20:12
_boo_oso`perezoso not only swApr 29 20:12
schestowitzWe saw Apple exploiting while attacking LinuxApr 29 20:12
schestowitzOSS!=:LinuxApr 29 20:12
MinceRBalrog: both crApple and m$ are in that situation and they don't careApr 29 20:12
_boo_so you will pay them for using natural numbers in your program, oso`perezosoApr 29 20:12
schestowitzApple is SCARED of LinuxApr 29 20:12
Balrogthey don't need to be scared of linuxApr 29 20:12
BalrogMS doesApr 29 20:13
schestowitzLinux = commodity OS X with more hardware and lower priceApr 29 20:13
schestowitzApple upper hand: marketing (ignorance)Apr 29 20:13
MinceRBalrog: and i'll reiterate: using BSDL-ed code while attacking FLOSS is definitely stealingApr 29 20:13
MinceRit's what crApple and m$ both doApr 29 20:13
schestowitzBalrog: sure they areApr 29 20:13
schestowitzApple is scared of LinuxApr 29 20:13
schestowitzThey attack itApr 29 20:13
schestowitzPalm tooApr 29 20:13
schestowitz"omg they make a phone similar to ours!"Apr 29 20:13
oso`perezosointeresting.Apr 29 20:13
Balrogthe attacks I've seen so far have been very indirect, AFAICTApr 29 20:13
MinceRsimilar, except with vastly greater functionality.Apr 29 20:14
Balrogif you can even call them attacksApr 29 20:14
schestowitz"fast! make that paper thing which sez we invented touching screen in two places"Apr 29 20:14
oso`perezosoanyone with a G1 cell phone?Apr 29 20:14
MinceRthey didn't even invent multitouchApr 29 20:14
schestowitzOf course notApr 29 20:14
MinceRBalrog: trying to make FLOSS impossible is an attack on FLOSSApr 29 20:14
schestowitzMaybe neanderthals didApr 29 20:14
MinceRBalrog: sw patents would do that.Apr 29 20:14
schestowitzWhen painting in caves or somethingApr 29 20:14
oso`perezosoMinceR: what Cell Phone do you advocate using?Apr 29 20:14
MinceRBalrog: sw patents also make business impossible for small sw developer companiesApr 29 20:15
MinceRoso`perezoso: i'm not sure yet, i'm mostly waitingApr 29 20:15
BalrogMinceR: don't forget the investorsApr 29 20:15
MinceRoso`perezoso: i'm pondering getting the dev version of a G1 and putting OpenMoko on it.Apr 29 20:15
schestowitzAPple USED to whine about patgentsApr 29 20:15
schestowitzIt was a small company thenApr 29 20:15
schestowitzMasnick fouund the referencesApr 29 20:15
MinceRBalrog: the investors of apple?Apr 29 20:15
oso`perezosololApr 29 20:15
schestowitzWhere Woz&gang complain about patentsApr 29 20:15
Balrogand the possibility of getting sued for infringing others' patents, and the posibility of settling by cross licensingApr 29 20:15
schestowitzNot they file them as often as Hilton gets knocked upApr 29 20:15
MinceRBalrog: where does patent FUD against Palm come into that?Apr 29 20:16
schestowitzApple also blocked kde developmentApr 29 20:16
MinceRschestowitz: exactly -- patents are bad for small companiesApr 29 20:16
MinceRand apple is a bunch of fucking hypocritesApr 29 20:16
oso`perezosooh interesting, so patents work as minefield for small sw devs?Apr 29 20:16
schestowitzRMS is right to emphasise that non-Free software is an issueApr 29 20:16
schestowitzPatents tooApr 29 20:16
schestowitzNot just MicrosoftApr 29 20:16
schestowitzNot just UnisysApr 29 20:16
schestowitzIt's the whole stupid mentalityApr 29 20:17
MinceRfor the IT world to flourish, m$ and crApple both have to dieApr 29 20:17
MinceRthe more painfully they die, the stronger the example for the others would be.Apr 29 20:17
Balrogpatents are dangerous, because if you're big, you have no choice but to play, and if you're small, you can't winApr 29 20:17
MinceRactually you do have choices if you are bigApr 29 20:17
oso`perezosowow, that's something revolutionary to say.Apr 29 20:17
MinceRyou can keep patents but not attack anyone unless you're attackedApr 29 20:17
schestowitzBalrog: don't defend patents nowApr 29 20:17
schestowitzC'monApr 29 20:17
MinceRyou can definitely refrain from publishing FUD articlesApr 29 20:17
schestowitzJust because you like Apple doesn't mean you like patents, does it?Apr 29 20:18
MinceRapple certainly didn't refrain from eitherApr 29 20:18
schestowitzJust because I agree with RMS doesn't mean I advocate legalising potApr 29 20:18
MinceRschestowitz: he likes apple and that makes _everything_ apple ever does perfectly excusable for him.Apr 29 20:18
oso`perezosowow, that's interesting I never thought the Patent system being a tool for domination.Apr 29 20:18
MinceRthat's the RDF.Apr 29 20:18
oso`perezoso*dominatingApr 29 20:18
Balrogschestowitz: I'm not defending patentsApr 29 20:19
schestowitzThe Opera Browser Turns 15 Years Old Today < >. OK, do when Opera turns 18 can it take the gown off (open source)?Apr 29 20:19
Balrogthe whole system is messed upApr 29 20:19
oso`perezosoLMAO@RMS not advocating legal pot!!Apr 29 20:19
schestowitzLinux is now 18. fsck it.Apr 29 20:19
MinceRand the whole system being messed up somehow gives apple excuse to abuse it in the worst way?Apr 29 20:19
BalrogMinceR: they're not abusing it as .. say .. MS or the other patent trollsApr 29 20:20
Balrogsuing over stupid fat32 patentsApr 29 20:20
schestowitzoso`perezoso: he does not want it criminalisedApr 29 20:20
MinceRBalrog: actually they're abusing it in the exact same way as m$ doesApr 29 20:20
schestowitzI guess the question is, what to do abouy alcohol and tobacco? Glue?Apr 29 20:20
oso`perezosowhat I've noticed if something wants to be commercial has to enter the licensing and patent game a prioryApr 29 20:20
oso`perezoso& a prioriApr 29 20:20
MinceRanother thing a big player can do about patents is form an organization with other big players and form a patent poolApr 29 20:21
MinceRthat's what OIN is aboutApr 29 20:21
BalrogMinceR: that's what MPEG-LA is about, pretty much ... and we don't like themApr 29 20:21
MinceRthough imo they should be more aggressive when m$ and crApple are attacking FLOSSApr 29 20:21
MinceRBalrog: they can conduct their business in a variety of waysApr 29 20:22
oso`perezosoMinceR: yes I noticed that too. The mass-patent just about anything and share it among themselvelApr 29 20:22
MinceRespecially if there's a common cause -- FLOSS.Apr 29 20:22
oso`perezosolike a patent cartelApr 29 20:22
schestowitzPetoKraus: Techie Moe hates Arch: 29 20:22
schestowitzYes, patent cartelApr 29 20:23
schestowitzI like that termApr 29 20:23
schestowitzBut it means something elseApr 29 20:23
schestowitzThe patent cartel is the one lobbying for themApr 29 20:23
schestowitzPatent umbrellas/pools is another monsterApr 29 20:23
oso`perezosopatents are inherently part of the capitalist economy. In order to have a FOSS the whole structure has to change, starting from banks etc.Apr 29 20:23
schestowitzNot to be confused by terminology that overlapsApr 29 20:23
MinceRoso`perezoso: no they aren'tApr 29 20:23
schestowitzThe party line of a cartel units themApr 29 20:24
MinceRa capitalist economy can work very well without patentsApr 29 20:24
schestowitzAs in, politiocal agenda for exampleApr 29 20:24
MinceRin fact, it has functioned without patents before patents were inventedApr 29 20:24
schestowitzOIN is like monoolistic orgyApr 29 20:24
oso`perezosoLMAO@party line of cartelsApr 29 20:24
MinceRand the IT industry functioned well before sw patents were inventedApr 29 20:24
Balrogoso`perezoso: Patents are there for a reason. They prevent inventors from keeping their inventions secret.Apr 29 20:24
schestowitzAll the so-called geniuses put piles of papers together and shout to their patent GodApr 29 20:24
oso`perezosowha't OIN?Apr 29 20:24
schestowitzOINKApr 29 20:24
Balrogbut that's not the case with softwareApr 29 20:24
schestowitzWithout the KApr 29 20:24
MinceRpatents are supposed to encourage invention and innovationApr 29 20:25
MinceRbut they don'tApr 29 20:25
MinceRat least not in the way the system works nowApr 29 20:25
Balrognot when they are extremely broad or cover trivial 'inventions'Apr 29 20:25
schestowitznew: Oi, OIN: What Took So Long? 29 20:25
MinceRespecially not in the way sw patents workApr 29 20:25
schestowitzcomment: saulgoode: "Peer-to-Patent does good things for bad reasons. OIN does bad things for good reasons. "Apr 29 20:25
schestowitzMinceR: the cartel is the innovation<->patent chanterApr 29 20:26
schestowitzAlso today: Once Again: Patents Do Not Equal Innovation < Apr 29 20:26
schestowitzIt's the party lineApr 29 20:26
schestowitzRepeat and repatApr 29 20:26
schestowitzPeople will believe itApr 29 20:26
schestowitzHeil USPTO heilApr 29 20:26
oso`perezososomething similar happened to OLPC, it started as great philantropic project and soon got caught by the patent and licencing sharksApr 29 20:27
schestowitzAnd the innovation fairy comes flying across the roomApr 29 20:27
schestowitzoso`perezoso: a convictApr 29 20:27
schestowitzMaybe Intel/MS-affiliatedApr 29 20:27
MinceROLPC got caught by m$, primarilyApr 29 20:27
oso`perezosoit's quite interesting to see how intel, m$ et al stave OLPC from the startApr 29 20:27
DaemonFCI call OLPC One License Per ChildApr 29 20:28
oso`perezosoLMAO!!!!Apr 29 20:28
BalrogDaemonFC: OLPC is moving to ARMApr 29 20:28
MinceRniceApr 29 20:28
MinceRi mean the "One License Per Child" gagApr 29 20:28
Balrogand there is no Windows for ARM other than WinMo / CEApr 29 20:28
Balrogand they don't want thatApr 29 20:28
schestowitzFixing some Ubuntu 9.04 annoyances < >Apr 29 20:28
MinceRm$ would force wince on children if it meant more money... or more brainwashingApr 29 20:29
schestowitzBalrog: VIAApr 29 20:29
Balrogschestowitz: VIA is OLPC 1.5Apr 29 20:29
BalrogOLPC 2 will be ARMApr 29 20:29
schestowitzYesApr 29 20:29
schestowitzWill it live that long?Apr 29 20:29
schestowitzBallmer is breathing down its neckApr 29 20:29
BalrogI sure hope so. India ordered some, I heardApr 29 20:29
schestowitzAnd Nick speaks of MSFTismApr 29 20:30
DaemonFCI'm sorry, but just from a usability standpoint, Linux beats Windows on those gadgetApr 29 20:30
schestowitzBalrog: yesApr 29 20:30
DaemonFCthey don't get REAL XP evenApr 29 20:30
DaemonFCthey get Crippled XP that can onl run three programs at onceApr 29 20:30
Balrogheh ... Win7 StarterApr 29 20:30
schestowitzThey get tellytubby wallpaper?Apr 29 20:30
schestowitzI think they get one of those 'business' wallpapersApr 29 20:30
schestowitzThe 6-y-o Anita must be impressedApr 29 20:30
schestowitzOff she does to run Diablo on her OLPCApr 29 20:30
schestowitzPoor galApr 29 20:30
schestowitzShe caught a virusApr 29 20:30
schestowitzNot malariaApr 29 20:30
schestowitzConfickerApr 29 20:30
schestowitz"What is it doctor?Apr 29 20:31
MinceRjust from a usability standpoint, GNU/Linux beats everything on Earth.Apr 29 20:31
DaemonFCWhy would they cripple it to only run three apps at a time, only accept up to 1 gig of RAM, and not work on dual core CPUs?Apr 29 20:31
schestowitz"Why I got? what I got?"Apr 29 20:31
schestowitzMeases?!?! Malaria?!?!?!?!Apr 29 20:31
DaemonFCdo they expect people to stop copying real Windows for that?Apr 29 20:31
schestowitzDoc: "No"Apr 29 20:31
schestowitzDoc: "Conficker"Apr 29 20:31
MinceRi'm not sure what they expectApr 29 20:31
schestowitz"What to do?"Apr 29 20:31
DaemonFC*I* would not pay $3 for Windows starterApr 29 20:31
DaemonFC:PApr 29 20:32
schestowitzDoc: "Here. Sugar on a stick. Runs Fedora"Apr 29 20:32
oso`perezosoby the way there's  an interesting project called ReactOSApr 29 20:32
schestowitzLeonidasApr 29 20:32
MinceRperhaps that users will pay up for the version that doesn't have that limitation?Apr 29 20:32
schestowitz*measlesApr 29 20:32
MinceRReactOS is an attempt to make a good implementation of a bad designApr 29 20:32
MinceRwaste of effort.Apr 29 20:32
MinceRbut it isn't my effort, so i don't care :>Apr 29 20:32
schestowitzIt's like MonoApr 29 20:32
DaemonFCthe whole point of Starter is that unlicensed Vista Ultimate CDs are like $5 in chinaApr 29 20:32
oso`perezosololApr 29 20:33
schestowitzGlorfying bad engineering.Apr 29 20:33
DaemonFCso they give you licensed crippleware for $3Apr 29 20:33
DaemonFCand think that's going to help stop it?Apr 29 20:33
MinceRi don't know the bad engineering aspect of monoApr 29 20:33
schestowitzYesApr 29 20:33
schestowitzBut ReactosApr 29 20:33
schestowitzBillG (brain)farts, someone react(o)sApr 29 20:33
DaemonFCReactOS bit off more than it could chewApr 29 20:33
DaemonFC:PApr 29 20:33
oso`perezosoDaemonFC: that's works for the benefit of m$$$ have the ppl adopt m$, sread it by pirating then talk to the government :DApr 29 20:34
oso`perezosoDaemonFC: remember that China is part of the WTOApr 29 20:34
DaemonFCright, but why buy crippled $3 Vista StarterApr 29 20:34
DaemonFCwhen unlicensed $5 Vista Ultimate is there?Apr 29 20:34
DaemonFC:PApr 29 20:34
DaemonFCyeah, not my pointApr 29 20:35
MinceRmaybe they'll send out the pigs^Wcops to look for people using unlicensed vista ultimateApr 29 20:35
DaemonFCmy point is why would you do that to save $2 and get something that's so crippled it's useless?Apr 29 20:35
MinceRthey don't really know, there's that gates quote about figuring out how to collect laterApr 29 20:35
oso`perezosololApr 29 20:35
MinceRperhaps they're still hoping they can retake market share/installed base from GNU/LinuxApr 29 20:36
DaemonFCMicrosoft would be doing themselves a favor if they started selling licensed Vista Ultimate for $5Apr 29 20:36
oso`perezosothey won't go after ppl, but enforce it at a government level in terms of trade agreementsApr 29 20:36
DaemonFCthen they would run all the "pirates" out by destroying their marketApr 29 20:36
PetoKrausschestowitz: he's an idiotApr 29 20:36
PetoKrausapparentlyApr 29 20:36
MinceRmaybe they'll come up with a deal to buy vista ultimate for everyone from tax moneyApr 29 20:36
MinceRand they'll tell the people "it's free"Apr 29 20:37
MinceRjust like they do in hungary!Apr 29 20:37
DaemonFCChina doesn't have that kind of an economyApr 29 20:37
oso`perezosololApr 29 20:37
oso`perezosoMinceR: for real??Apr 29 20:37
MinceR(of course it's not vista ultimate, only for students and for a lot more than $5)Apr 29 20:37
MinceRoso`perezoso: not exactly, but the basic deal is the sameApr 29 20:37
oso`perezosoah ok.Apr 29 20:37
DaemonFCI have every version of Windows from 3.0 to VistaApr 29 20:38
DaemonFCincluding all the NTsApr 29 20:38
MinceRoso`perezoso: that is, steal a lot of tax money, give it to ballmer, receive crap in exchange, give it to people and tell them it's freeApr 29 20:38
oso`perezosowow, interesting topic.Apr 29 20:38
MinceRwhen in fact they've paid for something they didn't want nor need involuntarilyApr 29 20:38
schestowitzLinux Fanboys Spread The Most Lies About Linux < >Apr 29 20:39
DaemonFCit's easy to get cheap Windows, sign up for ONE credit hour at the local city collegeApr 29 20:39
oso`perezoso I always thought programming was about getting cool code to run. But there's hell'uv lot more involved oOApr 29 20:39
MinceRand they've paid a price they never knew and could never control or decide onApr 29 20:39
DaemonFCthen copy down your student ID numberApr 29 20:39
DaemonFCand send it to MicrosoftApr 29 20:39
MinceRoso`perezoso: this isn't programmingApr 29 20:39
MinceRoso`perezoso: m$ and little m$ (also known as apple) doesn't do programmingApr 29 20:39
MinceRoso`perezoso: they do marketing and litigationApr 29 20:39
schestowitzPetoKraus: what did he do this time?Apr 29 20:39
MinceRyou can see what they did to the IT industryApr 29 20:39
PetoKrausschestowitz: i mean the archlinux reviewApr 29 20:39
DaemonFCI think the 1 credit hour cost me a little over $50Apr 29 20:39
DaemonFCand all it was was a CPR class I was going to have to take anywayApr 29 20:40
MinceRthe basic expectation of the user now is that stuff just won't work right and that's the only way it can beApr 29 20:40
DaemonFC:PApr 29 20:40
PetoKrausschestowitz: it's like "omg omg i clicked trough the stuff without reading and it doesn't work oh oh it sucks"Apr 29 20:40
schestowitzPetoKraus: yes, he always vents and rantsApr 29 20:40
DaemonFCwell, every distribution does horrible things that make no sense to youApr 29 20:40
PetoKrauswellApr 29 20:40
DaemonFCbecause it has to be one-size-fits-mostApr 29 20:41
PetoKrausuntrueApr 29 20:41
PetoKrausif you read the stuff on the screenApr 29 20:41
PetoKrausand see "you need to select a mirror"Apr 29 20:41
PetoKrausand you don't select itApr 29 20:41
PetoKrausand then you whine when your package manager has no mirror to go toApr 29 20:41
*oso`perezoso try to pictures what sort of OS MinceR is runningApr 29 20:41
PetoKrausyou are a douchebagApr 29 20:41
*oso`perezoso *triesApr 29 20:42
MinceRoso`perezoso: ubuntuApr 29 20:42
DaemonFCHungarian Vista StarterApr 29 20:42
schestowitzMandriva is praised for good KDE 4.2 implementation: 29 20:42
DaemonFCcomplete with local wallpapersApr 29 20:42
DaemonFC:)Apr 29 20:42
MinceRdoes mandriva have kde4.2 patches that make plasma not suck? :>Apr 29 20:42
schestowitzWallpapers-- major feature of VistaApr 29 20:42
MinceRbtw, what distro does still support kde3?Apr 29 20:42
schestowitzI have some (not the OS)Apr 29 20:42
schestowitzMinceR: mpis I thinkApr 29 20:43
PetoKraushmmApr 29 20:43
PetoKrausarch has 4.2.2Apr 29 20:43
schestowitz*SimplyMEPISApr 29 20:43
DaemonFCschestowitz: Vista Starter has localized wallpapersApr 29 20:43
PetoKrausis that the newest KDE?Apr 29 20:43
DaemonFCfor the country it is sold inApr 29 20:43
schestowitzDaemonFC: wow!!Apr 29 20:43
schestowitzFeaturesApr 29 20:43
PetoKrausheheApr 29 20:43
schestowitzMicrosoft buys stock imagesApr 29 20:43
PetoKrausbut you can't change it!!!Apr 29 20:43
oso`perezosowtf is localized wallpaper??Apr 29 20:43
MinceRoso`perezoso: it was a jokeApr 29 20:43
schestowitzMarketing, lawyers, and........ people who buy photos from photographers and stick then in a DIRApr 29 20:44
MinceRnot a good joke, but a joke nevertheless :>Apr 29 20:44
DaemonFCschestowitz: the Malasian version has the petronas towersApr 29 20:44
schestowitzHumour    ->> the #microsoft channelApr 29 20:44
DaemonFCfor exampleApr 29 20:44
DaemonFCyeah you can change itApr 29 20:45
schestowitzWindows Comedy Edition, aka "Vista"Apr 29 20:45
oso`perezosook so I get a grim picture about the trend of linux from the discussion from this forum.Apr 29 20:45
DaemonFCI've used Vista Starter just to see what it's likeApr 29 20:45
*MinceR wonders what ##microsoft is doing on freenode.Apr 29 20:45
schestowitzdoes it exist?Apr 29 20:45
MinceRit doesApr 29 20:45
schestowitzWhat for?Apr 29 20:45
DaemonFCyou can run 3 GUI programs at once, command prompts and antivirus and anything that normally starts with Windows is exemptApr 29 20:46
schestowitztechnical support prpobbablyApr 29 20:46
MinceRthat's what i'm asking tooApr 29 20:46
schestowitzBecause MS products needd supportApr 29 20:46
schestowitzThey fail to workApr 29 20:46
MinceRsame about #apple and ##appleApr 29 20:46
DaemonFCand tabs in your browser don't count, but new browser windows doApr 29 20:46
schestowitzContrary to marketers' beliefApr 29 20:46
MinceRsince when are these Peer-Directed Projects?Apr 29 20:46
schestowitz"Hi"Apr 29 20:46
schestowitz"My XBox just caught on fire"Apr 29 20:46
oso`perezosoUbuntu even started selling codecs or something. according to the discussion it can be said that Ubuntu, if the want to enter the game they will have to join the patent cartel!!! :DApr 29 20:46
MinceRthey're dictator-directed projects, and their channels should be hosted on servers owned by MICROS~1 and crApple, respectively.Apr 29 20:46
MinceR(if what they're doing can be called "direction" at all.)Apr 29 20:47
DaemonFCmeh, Fluendo codecs aren't requiredApr 29 20:48
schestowitzNeil McAllister baited Linux with old tired FUD and now this: First look: Ubuntu 9.04 stays the course < >Apr 29 20:48
DaemonFCjust use the normal gstreamer codecs from multiverseApr 29 20:48
schestowitzoso`perezoso: yes, it's trueApr 29 20:49
schestowitzThey need to koin the fightApr 29 20:49
schestowitz*joinApr 29 20:49
oso`perezosoEven Mozilla starts getting into the patent licensing game. I don't know if anybody heard of the term 'branding'Apr 29 20:49
schestowitzMarkS should start putting more effort into cracking the corrupt systemApr 29 20:49
schestowitzElse his system -- as decent as it is -- will be push by the white-collar criminalsApr 29 20:50
schestowitzMaximalistsApr 29 20:50
schestowitzoso`perezoso: can you find those discussions?Apr 29 20:50
oso`perezosomany projects start adopting this 'branding' techniqueApr 29 20:50
schestowitzIt's very topical (in BN)Apr 29 20:50
DaemonFCschestowitz: I got the leaked 7106 build of Windows 7, installed it in RussianApr 29 20:50
schestowitzWe pressure  companies like Canonical when it comes to patent cartelisationApr 29 20:50
DaemonFCand then put in the English language packApr 29 20:51
schestowitzDaemonFC: Vista7 is NOT leakedApr 29 20:51
schestowitzMicrosoft pretends it isApr 29 20:51
schestowitzSo people must STOP saying "leaked"Apr 29 20:51
DaemonFCif they pretended, why pretend in Russian only?Apr 29 20:51
DaemonFClolApr 29 20:51
schestowitzIt's sent to people to make hypeApr 29 20:51
schestowitzDaemonFC: doesn't matterApr 29 20:51
schestowitzThe sinking ship wants people to pass its Vistaware aroundApr 29 20:51
schestowitzPeople want XPApr 29 20:51
schestowitzSo OK, Microsoft sells it for some bucksApr 29 20:52
schestowitzLike pogsApr 29 20:52
oso`perezososchestowitz: no, in Gentoo there's a USE flag called bindist. For instance if you compile mozilla-firefox without 'bindist' IS NOT CALLED MOZILLA FIREFOX browser!!!Apr 29 20:52
DaemonFCI don't know why there's hype of every build that's outApr 29 20:52
DaemonFCusually it's only trivial changes that may not even be applicable to youApr 29 20:52
oso`perezosoha ha!!! infect ppl vith vistaware!!Apr 29 20:53
DaemonFCI just gave up trying to make Firefox work rightApr 29 20:58
DaemonFCI use Epiphany or Konqueror in LinuxApr 29 20:58
DaemonFCand Opera on WindowsApr 29 20:58
DaemonFCgoing back to FF branding and throwing their code bloat and security problems aroundApr 29 20:58
oso`perezosoI gave up on gui browsers altogetherApr 29 20:58
MinceRi just gave up on finding a web browser that works rightApr 29 20:59
DaemonFCI'd rather use Lynx than go back to Firefox, they've just become unacceptably slow and insecure and resource hungryApr 29 20:59
MinceRso i run opera and ff side-by-side and try to get byApr 29 20:59
MinceRif a site slows them too much, i reopen it in Links2Apr 29 20:59
MinceR(or i try turning JS off)Apr 29 21:00
DaemonFCOpera 10 is fairly fastApr 29 21:00
DaemonFCthe latest weekly build is really niceApr 29 21:00
MinceRi have opera 9Apr 29 21:00
MinceRif it's fast, is it also stable? :>Apr 29 21:00
*oso`perezoso ( has left #boycottnovellApr 29 21:00
DaemonFCyeah, they fixed all the crashers I ran into with earlier Opera 10 buildsApr 29 21:01
DaemonFCnot saying there aren't any, but I haven't hit anyApr 29 21:01
schestowitzBalrog: minix funding:  Europe funds secure operating system research < >Apr 29 21:04
MinceRperhaps there will be a browser that doesn't suck after allApr 29 21:04
MinceReven if it won't be FLOSS.Apr 29 21:04
DaemonFCOpera does a better job of following W3C standardsApr 29 21:04
DaemonFCsometimes implementing them while they're still a draftApr 29 21:05
DaemonFCInternet Explorer 8 only now supports things that were finalized almost 10 years agoApr 29 21:05
MinceRIE isn't a web browser, it's a backdoor with a guiApr 29 21:06
DaemonFCthey had the resources to correctly support CSS 2.1 in 2001Apr 29 21:06
DaemonFCjust didn't botherApr 29 21:06
MinceRone you might be able to view m$-html pages on.Apr 29 21:06
Balrogschestowitz: I told you that a couple of days ago ;)Apr 29 21:06
MinceRtransferred over m$-httpApr 29 21:06
MinceRand possibly with m$-css and m$-jscriptApr 29 21:06
MinceRand RadioActiveX and silver lieApr 29 21:06
Balroghm. Silverlight is the new ActiveXApr 29 21:07
DaemonFCyay, Mandriva is pimping a TRIAL version of CedegaApr 29 21:07
DaemonFCagainApr 29 21:07
DaemonFCjoy!Apr 29 21:07
DaemonFCand has made the Free version even harder to findApr 29 21:08
BalrogDaemonFC: URL?Apr 29 21:08
DaemonFC 29 21:09
DaemonFCLightZone 3.6.1. (trial)Apr 29 21:09
DaemonFCVariCAD 2009 (trial)Apr 29 21:09
DaemonFCCedega (trial)Apr 29 21:09
DaemonFCthe only full version it appears to have is the standard edition of VMWareApr 29 21:09
MinceRno, silver lie is m$-flashApr 29 21:09
DaemonFCpffftApr 29 21:09
MinceRthe new RadioActiveX is that google native code thingApr 29 21:09
BalrogMinceR: maybe it is. But MS failed with ActiveX so they're pushing itApr 29 21:10
MinceRwell, technologically.Apr 29 21:10
MinceRlock-in wise you're rightApr 29 21:10
MinceRsilver lie is trying to do the same thing RadioActiveX was trying to doApr 29 21:10
BalrogIs there any good alternative for unrar for linux?Apr 29 21:11
DaemonFCfucking hellApr 29 21:11
DaemonFCI clicked to download Mandriva's torrentApr 29 21:11
DaemonFCand it spawned a billion popupsApr 29 21:11
DaemonFCand crashed the browserApr 29 21:11
Balrog:/Apr 29 21:12
*DaemonFC tries again in IE 8Apr 29 21:12
DaemonFCand it opensApr 29 21:14
DaemonFCwhoaApr 29 21:14
DaemonFClots of seedersApr 29 21:14
DaemonFCO_OApr 29 21:14
schestowitzUbuntu and Kubuntu 9.04 Experience < >. Kubuntu seems to be lacking in their integration work...?Apr 29 21:15
schestowitzDon't rest, Ubuntu has a way to go yet < >Apr 29 21:21
*DaemonFC` ( has joined #boycottnovellApr 29 21:33
Balrogschestowitz: I'm stuck with using RAR for a certain thing. RAR isn't free software, and there's no open spec for it either :(Apr 29 21:36
*DaemonFC has quit (Nick collision from services.)Apr 29 21:37
*DaemonFC` is now known as DaemonFCApr 29 21:37
schestowitzI haver ARJ stillApr 29 21:38
*magentar has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Apr 29 21:38
Balrogpeople are working on open source SITX and RAR decompression supportApr 29 21:39
Balrog 29 21:39
Balrog...mac-specific, but better than nothingApr 29 21:40
Balrogcan be portedApr 29 21:40
MinceRunrar is proprietary, isn't it?Apr 29 21:42
DaemonFCyay, redistributable freewareApr 29 21:43
DaemonFC:PApr 29 21:43
DaemonFCRAR is a trade secretApr 29 21:43
DaemonFCthe guy that owns it makes it real easy to pirate because then RAR files are everywhereApr 29 21:44
DaemonFCand it's free advertisingApr 29 21:44
MinceRicApr 29 21:45
BalrogDaemonFC: the source for unrar is availableApr 29 21:48
Balrogonly you're not allowed to use it to create an implementation of RARApr 29 21:48
MinceRyay, evince decided to grab XF86AudioPlay even though it's a global shortcutApr 29 21:51
MinceRi'm starting to remember why i hate gnomeApr 29 21:51
MinceRmaybe i should fork kde3?Apr 29 21:52
DaemonFCI got another mysterious crash, now I'm suspecting AvastApr 29 21:55
DaemonFCas it has been known to do that sometimesApr 29 21:55
DaemonFCso I replaced it with AviraApr 29 21:55
DaemonFC:PApr 29 21:55
DaemonFCas far as I know, Avast is still using some undocumented methods to hook into the Windows kernelApr 29 21:56
DaemonFCMicrosoft puts all these undocumented APIs into every part of Windows, some idiot finds them, decides to use them even though they shouldn'tApr 29 21:57
DaemonFCthen it makes it impossible to audit why your system is screwing upApr 29 21:57
MinceReven the things they do document, they document badlyApr 29 21:57
MinceRthe documentation is often just flat out wrongApr 29 21:57
DaemonFCPatchGuard was a "security feature", so then Microsoft goes and leaves themselves ways in, but locks out the antivirus peopleApr 29 21:59
DaemonFCso the viruses and the antivirus people do some reverse engineering to get back inApr 29 21:59
schestowitzI heard that beforeApr 29 21:59
schestowitzEraran wrote about UAC getting in the wayApr 29 21:59
DaemonFCand so Microsoft gives them an official way to get into the kernelApr 29 21:59
schestowitzOf maintenance, not the viruses :-)Apr 29 21:59
schestowitzGet infected (viruses penetrate past UAC)Apr 29 22:00
DaemonFCso basically the only thing Patch Guard has done it stop the user from using things like PeerGuardianApr 29 22:00
schestowitzThen be denied access to clean things up.Apr 29 22:00
schestowitzAh, the ironyApr 29 22:00
DaemonFCUAC is just too annoying, eventually hitting OK is a reflex actionApr 29 22:00
schestowitzWhat's you take on the change of winbandonment?Apr 29 22:00
schestowitzAs in,moving to Linux/BSD base?Apr 29 22:00
DaemonFCdo I think MS would do that you mean?Apr 29 22:01
schestowitzDaemonFC:yes, spychology basicsApr 29 22:01
DaemonFCLike, go Apple?Apr 29 22:01
schestowitzThe boy who cried "wolf!"Apr 29 22:01
schestowitzPeople won't pay attention atter a whileApr 29 22:01
schestowitzDaemonFC: yes, a little like AppleApr 29 22:01
schestowitzNot all the wayApr 29 22:01
schestowitzJust swapping bad layersApr 29 22:01
schestowitzLike they did with TCP/IpApr 29 22:01
DaemonFCI think Microsoft would rather reinvent the wheels even when it makes no sense at allApr 29 22:01
schestowitzThey retried in VistaApr 29 22:01
DaemonFCjust to remain incompatible with UNIXApr 29 22:01
schestowitzit went very badApr 29 22:01
schestowitzFlawsApr 29 22:01
schestowitzLike Symantec preciucaqte and warned in 2006Apr 29 22:02
schestowitzAlso bad performance.Apr 29 22:02
schestowitz*predictedApr 29 22:02
DaemonFCbecause if Microsoft is POSIX compliant it becomes easy to switch to any other POSIX systemApr 29 22:02
DaemonFCApple is interesting thoughApr 29 22:02
PetoKraushmm that's me purchasing music off amazon for the first time everApr 29 22:02
DaemonFCin that they extended everything and made it to where to get a decent OS X app, it's no longer POSIX compliantApr 29 22:02
DaemonFCeven though the OS is POSIX compliantApr 29 22:03
schestowitzPetoKraus: FSF  hates AmazonApr 29 22:03
DaemonFCsuddenly it becomes easy to port your application to OS X, but not to make your OS X application portableApr 29 22:03
DaemonFCgeniusApr 29 22:03
DaemonFCevilApr 29 22:03
DaemonFCbut geniusApr 29 22:03
PetoKrauswell it might hate amazon, but the music is nowhere elseApr 29 22:03
PetoKraus:)Apr 29 22:03
DaemonFCI don't really think of OS X as UNIXApr 29 22:04
schestowitzPetoKraus: if you want music, i'll give you a free torrentApr 29 22:04
DaemonFCit is, but that's not really what they're sellingApr 29 22:04
schestowitz6gb, no riaa issuesApr 29 22:04
schestowitzPerfectly legalApr 29 22:04
PetoKrausschestowitz: Tom BrosseauApr 29 22:04
PetoKrausthere you goApr 29 22:04
PetoKraus:PApr 29 22:04
PetoKrausfind that one.Apr 29 22:05
schestowitzNo needApr 29 22:05
schestowitzI have too much still to exploreApr 29 22:05
PetoKrausmaybe for youApr 29 22:05
schestowitzNow, if only I had a button to pay the singersApr 29 22:05
PetoKrausi was at his gigApr 29 22:05
schestowitzThat's what RMS proposedApr 29 22:05
PetoKrausand i liked himApr 29 22:05
schestowitzHe has it all worked outApr 29 22:05
PetoKrausso i bought his CDApr 29 22:05
schestowitzOh noApr 29 22:05
DaemonFCI think Win64 is still too much of an afterthought, and it shouldn't beApr 29 22:05
schestowitzYou pay middlemanApr 29 22:05
PetoKrauswellApr 29 22:05
schestowitzIf you like him, mail him a checkApr 29 22:05
PetoKrausi paid amazon a bitApr 29 22:05
DaemonFCthey should be trying to kill off Win32, not pushing itApr 29 22:05
schestowitzThe stores and cartel make most of the moneyApr 29 22:06
PetoKrausbut i believe he gets more money from amazonApr 29 22:06
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovellApr 29 22:06
PetoKrausthan from CD saleApr 29 22:06
schestowitzYou feed the beastsApr 29 22:06
PetoKrausthat's ok, i'm content with thatApr 29 22:06
schestowitzPetoKraus: likely, yes.Apr 29 22:06
PetoKrausthey supplied the content within 3 minutesApr 29 22:06
PetoKrausthat's worth a pint.Apr 29 22:06
schestowitz"Content"Apr 29 22:06
schestowitz*shivers(Apr 29 22:06
*PetoKraus np: Tom Brosseau - I Fly Whenever I Go (Grand Forks)Apr 29 22:06
PetoKraus:)Apr 29 22:06
schestowitz*shivers*Apr 29 22:06
DaemonFCthey are still pushing 32-bit Windows in Windows 7Apr 29 22:07
schestowitzWould you like ketchup with that content?Apr 29 22:07
*MinceR is listening to: Boz - http://Remix.Kwed.Org - ThrustApr 29 22:07
PetoKrausnowApr 29 22:07
PetoKrauslet's make torrent of itApr 29 22:07
DaemonFCbecause someone out there with a crap eMachine they bought 5 years ago is still a saleApr 29 22:07
DaemonFC:PApr 29 22:07
PetoKrausand share thatApr 29 22:07
PetoKraus:)Apr 29 22:07
DaemonFCWindows 7 will be interesting since they are not selling Basic in the United StatesApr 29 22:08
MinceR231500 < DaemonFC> geniusApr 29 22:08
*MinceR bursts out laughingApr 29 22:08
DaemonFCit'll be the first time the cheapest "upgrade" was $160 instead of $99Apr 29 22:08
DaemonFCit'll force more people to look at a triple digit price tagApr 29 22:08
DaemonFCpsychologyApr 29 22:09
DaemonFCI'd imagine 7 will sell much worse just because of thatApr 29 22:10
DaemonFCthat's the only way I can view Basic, the "shoddy $30 microwave at Walmart that has no features but gets you walking down that aisle"Apr 29 22:16
DaemonFCthe goal is to end up making you buy the $500 model with phasers and photon torpedoesApr 29 22:18
MinceRand then you shoot yourself in the foot with all the phasers and photon torpedoesApr 29 22:20
DaemonFCthe goal of having the cheap crap is to make you think the expensive version is better than it isApr 29 22:22
DaemonFCand that you need it more than you doApr 29 22:22
DaemonFC$99 gets you crap networking, no AERO, no Media Center, no volume shadow service.......Apr 29 22:23
DaemonFCthe $160 gets you Aero and Media Center but maybe you need networkingApr 29 22:23
DaemonFCthe $299 Business gives you Aero, and Networking and Volume Shadowing, but no Media Center stuffApr 29 22:24
DaemonFCand from there you're only about $20 away from UltimateApr 29 22:24
DaemonFCand then you shrug and grab thatApr 29 22:24
DaemonFCby the time you're looking at Business, you question whether you need the Home Premium stuffApr 29 22:25
DaemonFCand walk out of the store with UltimateApr 29 22:25
DaemonFCthey made it that way on purpose, because with XP Home and Pro, the line was drawn and you didn't really want to justify $100 moreApr 29 22:27
DaemonFC 29 22:35
DaemonFCThis guy was correctApr 29 22:35
DaemonFC"Microsoft wants to move its retail pricing structure for consumers up to $240(full)/$160(upgrade).  I expect that Windows Vista Home Basic will soon disappear from store shelves — never to be seen again."Apr 29 22:36
DaemonFCWindows 7 Home Basic is not for sale in the US, Canada, and several other placesApr 29 22:36
DaemonFChmmmApr 29 22:46
DaemonFCschestowitz: IE has an SVG add-on nowApr 29 22:46
DaemonFC 29 22:47
*schestowitz lookApr 29 22:47
schestowitzMarc Wagner -- no THANKS!!Apr 29 22:48
schestowitzBiggest lamer in ZDNet. HUGE Linux hater and MS fan.Apr 29 22:48
*schestowitz just finished rearranging the new sound systemApr 29 22:49
DaemonFCschestowitz: I'm looking at Sidebar gadgetsApr 29 22:54
DaemonFCthey claim SP2 makes them take less resourcesApr 29 22:54
DaemonFChehApr 29 23:03
DaemonFCthe Republicans tried to block another budgetApr 29 23:04
DaemonFCand failedApr 29 23:04
schestowitzWhich budget?Apr 29 23:04
schestowitzAmerican politics had me fed upApr 29 23:04
schestowitzNeo-conservatives pro-war pro-guns invadersApr 29 23:04
schestowitzThey allow the good people die with their endless empireApr 29 23:04
schestowitzThings to Avoid on Ubuntu Apr 29 23:05
DaemonFCYour User Agent is: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729)Apr 29 23:14
DaemonFCwhoaApr 29 23:14
MinceR"; also, the Administrator password is "secret"; and by the way, the key is under the rug)"Apr 29 23:16
schestowitz 29 23:19
schestowitzDollar on life supplyApr 29 23:19
MinceRgnApr 29 23:21
schestowitzPeter Schiff The Crisis Just Begun < >Apr 29 23:23
DaemonFChmmm, AdblockIEApr 29 23:24
DaemonFCwritten in .NetApr 29 23:24
DaemonFCand released under MS-PLApr 29 23:24
DaemonFClmfaoApr 29 23:30
DaemonFCyou can use an InPrivate filter to block adsApr 29 23:30
DaemonFClmaoApr 29 23:33
DaemonFCI just loaded a modified Adblock Plus listApr 29 23:33
schestowitzPeter Schiff Was Right Again < >Apr 29 23:33
schestowitz Skip to minute 2:00 and enjoy the hypocrisy. Obama will hopefully read the book Chavez handed to him.Apr 29 23:39
schestowitzDennis Kucinich States His Intention To Put The Federal Reserve Under Government Control < >Apr 29 23:44
BalrogDaemonFC: is there any problem with C++.NET on Windows?Apr 29 23:50
Balroglimited to windowsApr 29 23:50
Balrogother than the fact that windows is not good ...Apr 29 23:50
DaemonFCyou can use about any programming language on Windows you have the runtimes forApr 29 23:51
Balrogeven C# in some cases ... for example, Handbrake has a cross-platform core and a C# frontend for windows, a Cocoa frontend for Mac, and a GTK+ frontend for linuxApr 29 23:51
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 29 23:53
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellApr 29 23:56
schestowitzDennis Kucinich on Moody's: 29 23:56
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Apr 29 23:57
DaemonFCI like KucinichApr 29 23:57
DaemonFCI signed his petition for an impeachment of BushApr 29 23:58
DaemonFC:PApr 29 23:58
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellApr 29 23:59

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If instead of opening up to women and minorities we might open up to proprietary software, i.e. become less open
18 Countries in Europe Where Windows Fell Below 30% "Market Share"
Many people still use laptops with Windows, but they're outnumbered by mobile users on Android
[Meme] EPO Pensions in the UK
pensioners: looks like another EPO 'reform'
Over at Tux Machines...
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IRC Proceedings: Friday, June 21, 2024
IRC logs for Friday, June 21, 2024
During Fedora Week of Diversity (FWD) 2024 IBM and Its Subsidiaries Dragged to Court Over Discrimination at the Corporate Level
IBM is a deplorable, racist company
Workers of the European Patent Office Take the Office to Court Over Pension
pensions still precarious
Gemini Links 22/06/2024: FreeBSD vs XFCE and Gemini Bookmarks Syncing Solution
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