IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 13th, 2009 – Part 3

Posted in IRC Logs at 8:27 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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trmanco wine uses ms fonts Apr 13 16:22
trmanco wine has the need to use* Apr 13 16:22
DaemonFC no, Ubuntu pulls them in as a dependency Apr 13 16:27
DaemonFC but Wine can use Liberation fonts Apr 13 16:27
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DaemonFC Zune is failing Apr 13 16:43
DaemonFC Microsoft disbanded that unit in February and this may be the last revision of the hardware Apr 13 16:43
schestowitz ANy source for that info? Apr 13 16:46
schestowitz “last revision” <- Apr 13 16:46
DaemonFC The Register Apr 13 16:49
DaemonFC http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… Apr 13 16:49
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schestowitz Why even bother with another iteration? Apr 13 16:53
DaemonFC Heh Apr 13 16:53
DaemonFC I mentioned in one of my videos that the only thing the Zune and iPod have in common is that they both support MP3 as a fallback Apr 13 16:54
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DaemonFC And that if you bought either one and modded the firmware to play Free formats, they’d refuse to service your battery when it fails Apr 13 16:55
DaemonFC so even if you manage to fix it, then enjoy it for the full year until the battery needs replaced Apr 13 16:57
trmanco http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/5720/watso… Apr 13 17:03
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_Hicham_ Hi schestowitz ! Apr 13 17:07
schestowitz Hi, what’s up? Apr 13 17:07
_Hicham_ no news about IBM and Sun? Apr 13 17:08
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schestowitz Not that I know of. I haven’t read the news today Apr 13 17:15
schestowitz I work on other stuff. Not my hobby…. Apr 13 17:15
DaemonFC I hope IBM does take Sun over Apr 13 17:23
DaemonFC Sun has proven unwilling to work with Linux Apr 13 17:23
DaemonFC maybe IBM will GPL ZFS Apr 13 17:23
*DaemonFC loves acronyms Apr 13 17:23
DaemonFC that’s really the only good part of Solaris is their file system Apr 13 17:24
DaemonFC I was really unimpressed with the rest Apr 13 17:24
DaemonFC but ZFS kicks ass Apr 13 17:25
Balrog btrfs is going to kick ZFS Apr 13 17:28
DaemonFC who knows what it will do? Apr 13 17:29
DaemonFC the important bits are missing Apr 13 17:29
DaemonFC What something is designed to do and what you get when you build it are not always the same thing ;) Apr 13 17:30
DaemonFC besides, you can never have enough file systems, gotta catch ‘em all! Apr 13 17:31
*DaemonFC throws out Pokeball “I choose you XFS” “EXTENTS EXTENTS!!!” Apr 13 17:31
DaemonFC :P Apr 13 17:31
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : did u ever try Linux from Scratch? Apr 13 17:33
DaemonFC nope Apr 13 17:33
DaemonFC package managers are your friend Apr 13 17:35
DaemonFC :) Apr 13 17:35
DaemonFC binary packages are your binary pals that are fun to play with Apr 13 17:35
_Hicham_ DaemonFC : so u r not interested in compiling everything from scratch? Apr 13 17:36
DaemonFC absolutely not Apr 13 17:36
DaemonFC that is crazy Apr 13 17:37
Eruaran I’ve been taking my first baby steps with Python Apr 13 17:37
Eruaran I like Python :) Apr 13 17:37
Eruaran I like the Eric IDE too, which I’m using Apr 13 17:39
DaemonFC Why in the name of Zeus’ butthole is Ubuntu backporting patches for GTK+ that fix Windows and Cygwin bugs? Apr 13 17:40
DaemonFC 538840 [Win32] GTK menu theming could be improved Apr 13 17:41
DaemonFC 575644 Cygwin gail build patch Apr 13 17:41
Eruaran I’ll take a wild guess Apr 13 17:42
Eruaran wooby ? Apr 13 17:42
Eruaran portable ubuntu ? Apr 13 17:43
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DaemonFC oh right Apr 13 17:58
DaemonFC 3rd party stuff? Apr 13 17:58
DaemonFC may doesn’t matter if it’s not an Ubuntu project Apr 13 17:58
DaemonFC idiots will still blame Ubuntu Apr 13 17:59
DaemonFC so they’r trying to prevent that Apr 13 17:59
_Hicham__ Ubuntu is not to blame Apr 13 17:59
_Hicham__ they do what they can Apr 13 17:59
DaemonFC *maybe it Apr 13 17:59
DaemonFC yeah, not what I meant Apr 13 17:59
DaemonFC I meant even though it’s not an Ubuntu project Apr 13 17:59
DaemonFC people will see the name Ubuntu in it Apr 13 17:59
_Hicham__ which project are u talking about? Apr 13 18:00
DaemonFC and blame Ubuntu if it eats babies when they run it on Windows Apr 13 18:00
DaemonFC Portable Ubuntu Apr 13 18:00
_Hicham__ ah Apr 13 18:00
DaemonFC <Eruaran> portable ubuntu ? Apr 13 18:00
Eruaran yes Apr 13 18:00
Eruaran I only heard about it recently myself Apr 13 18:00
_Hicham__ Linux should standardized Apr 13 18:00
DaemonFC Eruaran: I mentioned it in a video Apr 13 18:00
_Hicham__ especially for package management Apr 13 18:00
DaemonFC on how to try Linux with Windows left intact Apr 13 18:01
_Hicham__ package management is a mess for now Apr 13 18:01
DaemonFC said it sounded like an awful idea Apr 13 18:01
DaemonFC and I’d never use it Apr 13 18:01
DaemonFC :) Apr 13 18:01
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 13 18:01
_Hicham__ there should be one package format Apr 13 18:01
_Hicham__ and universal naming convention Apr 13 18:01
Eruaran Basically what you get is the top bar of the GNOME desktop floating on your Windows desktop Apr 13 18:01
_Hicham__ fuck Windows Apr 13 18:02
Eruaran And you can run programs from it that might be on your USB key or whatever Apr 13 18:02
Eruaran I’m not sure I see the point myself Apr 13 18:02
_Hicham__ there is no point Apr 13 18:02
_Hicham__ better use the live cd Apr 13 18:03
DaemonFC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Apr 13 18:03
DaemonFC heh Apr 13 18:03
MinceR what if that one package format happens to suck? Apr 13 18:04
_Hicham__ MinceR : it won’t Apr 13 18:04
_Hicham__ it will be an international consortium Apr 13 18:04
DaemonFC I generally hate RPM Apr 13 18:04
DaemonFC and that’s most distros Apr 13 18:05
_Hicham__ with no bias for one package format Apr 13 18:05
_Hicham__ DaemonFC : rpm is used a lot commercially Apr 13 18:05
MinceR and international consortiums never make mistakes, as we all know Apr 13 18:05
MinceR i’ve heard rpm is still pretty messy now Apr 13 18:05
DaemonFC I hate building them, I hate how slow every RPM front end is, I hate how they crap up your disk with thousands of .rpmnew files when they upgrade Apr 13 18:05
MinceR when you upgrade a package, post-remove, pre-install and such scripts run in an illogical order Apr 13 18:06
DaemonFC lots of other things I’m probably not remembering Apr 13 18:06
_Hicham__ MinceR : at least software deployment will be simplified Apr 13 18:06
_Hicham__ and that will help kicking Windows’ ass Apr 13 18:06
_Hicham__ that is one of the points of strength of Windows Apr 13 18:07
_Hicham__ one package management interface Apr 13 18:07
_Hicham__ so u don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to deploy Apr 13 18:08
_Hicham__ nonetheless, Windows model is crap Apr 13 18:08
Eruaran I prefer the Bazaar to the Cathedral Apr 13 18:08
_Hicham__ and commercial software in Linux is being deployed the same way Apr 13 18:08
_Hicham__ which is not cool at all Apr 13 18:09
_Hicham__ personally, I like debian package format Apr 13 18:09
_Hicham__ easy to install, maintain and upgrade Apr 13 18:09
schestowitz DaemonFC: that YouTube video I can’t watch Apr 13 18:09
DaemonFC hmmm Apr 13 18:09
DaemonFC you’re using real flash right? Apr 13 18:09
schestowitz YouTube UK blocks it as though it’s copyrighted Apr 13 18:10
schestowitz Like in Germany Apr 13 18:10
schestowitz As of latee… Apr 13 18:10
DaemonFC oh Apr 13 18:10
DaemonFC typical Apr 13 18:10
DaemonFC :P Apr 13 18:10
Eruaran I prefer abstraction which allows for new backends in the future Apr 13 18:10
Eruaran PackageKit Apr 13 18:10
MinceR windows has no package management Apr 13 18:10
DaemonFC PackageKit had to be modified to work with Dpkg Apr 13 18:10
MinceR yet alone a single package management interface Apr 13 18:10
schestowitz Eruaran: there are attempts to ‘reproduce’ that Apr 13 18:10
MinceR but if you like windows, use it :> Apr 13 18:11
schestowitz Like all sorts of mechanisms Apr 13 18:11
DaemonFC it had no ability to ask the user what should be done about new configuration files Apr 13 18:11
schestowitz Some of which install FOSS on Windows Apr 13 18:11
_Hicham__ MinceR : the same is happening to Linux Apr 13 18:11
schestowitz That’s how miserable Microsoft became Apr 13 18:11
schestowitz “We can’t beat FOSS, so please — PLEASE– don’t install it on GNU/Linux” Apr 13 18:11
MinceR _Hicham__: which distro is losing package management now? Apr 13 18:11
_Hicham__ schestowitz : that is why i said MFC is evil Apr 13 18:11
_Hicham__ MinceR : no one Apr 13 18:12
_Hicham__ basically, checkinstall does it all Apr 13 18:12
_Hicham__ without generating dependencies Apr 13 18:12
_Hicham__ This video is not available in your country. Apr 13 18:13
Eruaran some dependancies are good Apr 13 18:13
_Hicham__ that is what I get on Youtube Apr 13 18:13
_Hicham__ Eruaran : that is the problem Apr 13 18:13
_Hicham__ there should be some unification Apr 13 18:13
Eruaran I don’t want a hard drive full of unecessary duplication because everybody decided they didn’t want any dependancies so they put everything in their own packages. Apr 13 18:14
MinceR checkinstall does one thing: it fails Apr 13 18:14
Eruaran and dependancies are a fact of life on all platforms Apr 13 18:15
Eruaran Except GNU/Linux package managers actually tell you about them Apr 13 18:15
DaemonFC MinceR: I tried checkinstall trying to build some Mandriva packages Apr 13 18:15
DaemonFC gave up and just used make install Apr 13 18:16
Eruaran I’m off to bed… Apr 13 18:16
_Hicham__ checkinstall works great on Debian Apr 13 18:16
DaemonFC I was trying to build Mandriva RPMs for Sauerbraten Apr 13 18:16
DaemonFC Mandriva, Suse, and Fedora won’t build it Apr 13 18:17
_Hicham__ magic command line : checkinstall bash ${INSTALLER} Apr 13 18:17
DaemonFC but Debian and Ubuntu will Apr 13 18:17
_Hicham__ I didn’t try it on rpm systems Apr 13 18:17
_Hicham__ I don’t like rpm personally Apr 13 18:17
DaemonFC SmartPM isn’t bad Apr 13 18:17
DaemonFC it also understands DEB and RPM Apr 13 18:17
zer0c00l _Hicham__, you heard about delta rpm ? (presto ) Apr 13 18:17
_Hicham__ yes Apr 13 18:17
zer0c00l _Hicham__, that sounds cool Apr 13 18:17
_Hicham__ very interesting feature Apr 13 18:18
_Hicham__ we must have delta-deb too Apr 13 18:18
DaemonFC DeltaRPM is a bad idea Apr 13 18:18
zer0c00l yeah Apr 13 18:18
zer0c00l do we have? Apr 13 18:18
_Hicham__ DaemonFC : why? Apr 13 18:18
zer0c00l DaemonFC, why so? Apr 13 18:18
_Hicham__ explain Apr 13 18:18
zer0c00l DaemonFC, it saves lot of bandwidth Apr 13 18:18
DaemonFC it saves bandwidth but it costs you time while it applies the binary patch and it is also more likely to corrupt something Apr 13 18:18
zer0c00l 450 mb updates to 45 mb Apr 13 18:18
zer0c00l :D Apr 13 18:18
DaemonFC I tried it out and went back to regular RPM Apr 13 18:19
DaemonFC maybe they’ve fixed it Apr 13 18:19
_Hicham__ DaemonFC : why corrupt sthg? Apr 13 18:19
DaemonFC who knows? Apr 13 18:19
zer0c00l DaemonFC, they have integrated it with FC11 Apr 13 18:19
zer0c00l it’s one of the feature of FC11 Apr 13 18:19
_Hicham__ Delta-Rpm contains two numbers Apr 13 18:19
DaemonFC well, then it probably means it works well enough that Fedora trusts it now :P Apr 13 18:19
MinceR DaemonFC: same here Apr 13 18:19
DaemonFC it’s not new, they were holding back cause of problems Apr 13 18:19
zer0c00l yes Apr 13 18:20
_Hicham__ but it is feasible Apr 13 18:20
MinceR (re checkinstall) Apr 13 18:20
_Hicham__ it just have to contains two version numbers Apr 13 18:20
_Hicham__ and everything will be fine Apr 13 18:20
_Hicham__ the old version number, and the new one Apr 13 18:20
_Hicham__ so that we know exactly what files are being changed Apr 13 18:21
zer0c00l _Hicham__, i doubt, what if some one tries to update from version 1.0 lets say version 5.0 ? Apr 13 18:22
zer0c00l he has to apply all deltas between 1.0 and 5.0? Apr 13 18:22
_Hicham__ then, he must use delta-rpm-1.0-5.0 Apr 13 18:22
DaemonFC there’s only one diff patch that it downloads Apr 13 18:23
DaemonFC I think they’re cumulative Apr 13 18:23
_Hicham__ DaemonFC : it can’t be cumulative Apr 13 18:23
DaemonFC I don’t know how they do it Apr 13 18:23
_Hicham__ or, there will be trouble Apr 13 18:23
DaemonFC I’ve never been interested enough to look into it Apr 13 18:24
_Hicham__ delta rpms will be used for security updates Apr 13 18:24
_Hicham__ for example Apr 13 18:24
_Hicham__ take openoffice for example Apr 13 18:24
zer0c00l _Hicham__, also for regular bugfix updates it seems ..(I am not sure) Apr 13 18:25
_Hicham__ do u agree on the fact that u have to download over 100MB everytime a patch appears? Apr 13 18:25
_Hicham__ while with delta rpm, there will be small update Apr 13 18:25
_Hicham__ unnoticeable even Apr 13 18:25
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_Hicham_ schestowitz : who made the http://linsux.org? Apr 13 19:16
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Omar87 Hi all. Apr 13 19:42
*_Hicham_ (i=c4c88a4b@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1b2ed1deb422749f) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 13 19:46
MinceR http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl?s… Apr 13 19:51
MinceR the vista7 failure continues Apr 13 19:51
schestowitz _Hicham_: I don’t know, sorry. Apr 13 19:59
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schestowitz MinceR: what’s their source? Apr 13 20:40
schestowitz I can’t find it immediately. Apr 13 20:40
schestowitz “Dimensional Research “ Apr 13 20:40
schestowitz Never heard of them before.. Apr 13 20:40
MinceR index.hu had the same news item too Apr 13 20:46
schestowitz index.hu sounds like the name of a malicious file :-) Apr 13 20:47
schestowitz LyX makes it so much fun (but still slow) writing equations in LaTeX Apr 13 20:49
schestowitz The software keeps getting news and powerful features Apr 13 20:49
schestowitz Good choice. Steve McIntyre re-elected Debian leader < http://www.itwire.com/content… > Apr 13 20:50
MinceR i have more fun writing them with gvim Apr 13 20:54
schestowitz Amazon Removes Sales Listings For Gay Books < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/04/… > Apr 13 20:55
schestowitz MinceR: are you fluent at TeX? Apr 13 20:55
schestowitz Turns out the Intel antitrust stuff is still getting us loads of visits. People learn about Microsoft’s dark secrets over time :-D Apr 13 20:59
schestowitz If the site can incite hundreds of thousands /techies/ (more influential in this area) against the company from Redmond, then hopefully different choices will be made the world become a safer digital place Apr 13 21:00
schestowitz Shoe thrower’s sentence reduced to one year < http://www.france24.com/en/20090407-shoe-… >. Better yet, cancel the sentence and sent Bush in for one. Maybe in Guantanamo even :-) Apr 13 21:02
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles… (Time For A Startup Founder Visa). BTW, MinceR, you’re a programmer, right? Apr 13 21:03
schestowitz Sob story for sorrowed drunken MSFTers who see the company floundering. Microsoft workers form group to save canceled campus pub < http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Mic… > Apr 13 21:04
schestowitz http://www.sltrib.com/news… “”It can do a lot of bad things,” Tueller said. “Every university member should be concerned about this if they’re using Windows-based devices.” “ Apr 13 21:08
MinceR well, somewhat fluent Apr 13 21:08
MinceR yes, i’m a sw developer Apr 13 21:08
schestowitz Can you get along without copying syntax to get along, like cite styles? Apr 13 21:08
balzac great news about Muntadar al Zaidi Apr 13 21:08
schestowitz Balrog: +1 Apr 13 21:08
schestowitz *balz Apr 13 21:09
MinceR i’ve never done citing yet Apr 13 21:09
schestowitz Suddenly the juridical system can be seen as tilting toward those whom Bush calls “a bad guy” Apr 13 21:09
schestowitz MinceR: template? Apr 13 21:09
schestowitz I only use tex when someone provides a strict template (the IEEE for example) Apr 13 21:10
schestowitz LyX is easier for kids to use than OOo or MSO Apr 13 21:11
schestowitz They should be encouraged to use it at school. It even has a cute logo. Apr 13 21:11
schestowitz glynmoody’s article was for some reason just grafted here: http://wikileaks.org/wiki/How_to_… Apr 13 21:12
schestowitz Video ad winner does Linux no favor < http://news.zdnet.com/21… > <<– I call it ZDNET lackey//troll. Apr 13 21:14
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schestowitz Ken Starks gradually uses the right language: “GNU/Linux and Free Software.” http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2009/0… Apr 13 21:15
schestowitz Oops. URL is http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2… Apr 13 21:15
MinceR i’ve made my own “template”s Apr 13 21:16
MinceR one for my letters, one for letters i type for my mother and one for beamer-based presentations Apr 13 21:16
schestowitz Twitter is unhealthy for Windows users. http://opendotdotdot.blogs… “OK, I seem to have regained control of my Twitter homepage, and cleared out the infection.” Apr 13 21:16
silentivm almost anything is dangerous for Windows users Apr 13 21:17
schestowitz MinceR: why not E-mail? I understand that some mothers don’t use PCs much.. Apr 13 21:17
schestowitz The Andre Da Costa shill seems to be busy asking Microsoft for another laptop Apr 13 21:18
schestowitz “My Twitter account has become infected with Mikeyy – ironically because I was checking out whether to block a new follower. Please ignore all my Twitter posts for the moment, especially the last one, which is fake and infected.” http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2009/04/… Apr 13 21:19
MinceR it’s for communication with authorities & such Apr 13 21:19
schestowitz MinceR: take the shortcut. steveb@microsoft.com Apr 13 21:19
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MinceR he hasn’t bought all of hungary yet Apr 13 21:24
schestowitz Oh, he’s saving his pennies. You bet your Windows on it !! Apr 13 21:24
tacone good evening. Apr 13 21:25
schestowitz He doesn’t need to buy it, either Apr 13 21:25
schestowitz Like the Romans or the Germans didn’t have to kill all the citizens whose countries they invaded Apr 13 21:25
schestowitz You just set up a puppet regime and police Apr 13 21:25
schestowitz So Ballmer et al just need to ensure the government is ‘in check; Apr 13 21:25
schestowitz And Chque Apr 13 21:26
schestowitz I.e. sending the education contract/invoices to Redmond, and vice versa Apr 13 21:26
balzac People just need to be like the guy who threw eggs Apr 13 21:26
*tacone throws one more egg to ballmer Apr 13 21:26
schestowitz If something there goes amiss or the authority misbehaves, then Pearly|Sweaty fly over and do some bashing. Apr 13 21:26
*magentar has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 13 21:27
schestowitz It’s white-collar imperialism. Fought with checkbooks and smear campaigns, not bombs and Long Knives Apr 13 21:27
schestowitz Why, Actually, Are They Hiding ACTA? < http://www.computerworlduk.com/communi… > The cowardly press is still hardly covering this. Apr 13 21:31
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 13 21:34
schestowitz http://linux.slashdot.org/articl… Christian did well to raise the awareness of a changing game. Apr 13 21:46
*Balrog_ (n=Balrog@pool-68-238-235-164.phil.east.verizon.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 13 21:55
schestowitz Moody’s articles and others are helping the exposition of Microsoft corruption now. Favourite site bar Spiegel, I gather. Apr 13 22:02
schestowitz Tajikistan: White ants gnawed the half of houses in northern rayon of the country < http://enews.ferghana.ru/news.php?id=1109 > Apr 13 22:04
schestowitz svjn seems to be driving the Microsoft trolls nuts in USENET these days. They compare him to RMS. Apr 13 22:05
schestowitz The Register is trying to scare people off of Linux: The Netbook Newbie’s Guide to Linux < http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009/0… > Apr 13 22:13
schestowitz And the IDC fools just keep parroting fraudulent numbers about Linux market share in netbooks: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2… Apr 13 22:15
schestowitz “The difference is that the second article mentions a Microsoft product, which always seems to bring out the paid commentors.  Microsoft is sort of a cult.  People get so uptight thinking that they are going to have to learn a slightly different way to earn a living, rather than feeding at the M$ trough, as if the world will end if Microsoft doesn’t dominate everything.” Apr 13 22:17
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schestowitz http://www.thevarguy.com/2009… (Canonical vs. Microsoft: Netbook Cat Fight ) . The difference is, Microsoft can bribe more of the press/analysts circles. Apr 13 22:19
schestowitz IDG spread lots of Linux Netbooks FUD and still does this. Not it takes on Sun. http://www.linuxworld.com/news/2009/041309… Apr 13 22:26
schestowitz Memories of the 1930: Germany deletes WikiLeaks.de domain after raid < http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Ger…  > Apr 13 22:28
schestowitz The REAL war on REAL piracy: American captain freed from Somali pirates < http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Amer… > Apr 13 22:29
schestowitz Piracy: not just about copyright infringement anymore < http://www.examiner.com/x-6665-Indi… > Apr 13 22:30
MinceR gn Apr 13 22:32
balzac Someone needs to speak up on behalf of the Somali pirates Apr 13 22:32
balzac I bet all those ships leave plenty of pollution which ruins beaches on the horn of Africa Apr 13 22:33
balzac they have a right to tax the traffic and it’s not fair to call Somalia a failed state Apr 13 22:33
balzac Panama was invaded by Bush Sr. Apr 13 22:34
balzac because of the panama canal Apr 13 22:34
balzac the situation in Somalia is similar, and that’s probably the same reason George Bush Sr. occupied Somalia Apr 13 22:35
balzac It’s about disenfranchising those who are in a position to express some control over what kind of traffic passes through and to gain something from it Apr 13 22:36
schestowitz balzac: well, you won’t get the real story in English Apr 13 22:38
schestowitz It tends to expose one side of the story because English-speaking journos only get shown/told what stakeholders want them to Apr 13 22:39
schestowitz Yuck. She’s linking to Microsoft shill and paid advertiser Enderle regarding TomTom again: http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/blogs/bent… It’s like bad neighbourhood. She should know who he is. Apr 13 22:43
schestowitz PetoKraus: Beranger is back to the land of gnus and penguins. Apr 13 22:47
PetoKraus is he Apr 13 22:47
schestowitz Nothing is perfect and everything breaks if you try to make it break. Every distro I try works perfectly, so I must be doing something wrong. Apr 13 22:47
schestowitz PetoKraus: he installs it Apr 13 22:47
PetoKraus yeah well Apr 13 22:47
schestowitz Must have felt unempowered or underpowered with Winders Apr 13 22:47
PetoKraus and i did some DE swapping lately Apr 13 22:47
PetoKraus E -> openbox -> fluxbox Apr 13 22:48
schestowitz No big ones? Apr 13 22:48
schestowitz Well, I guess you use big apps like OOo anyway Apr 13 22:48
PetoKraus never. Apr 13 22:48
PetoKraus :) Apr 13 22:48
schestowitz Qt/GTK… Apr 13 22:48
PetoKraus yeah Apr 13 22:48
PetoKraus i do Apr 13 22:48
PetoKraus E would have been good Apr 13 22:48
PetoKraus but they borked it Apr 13 22:48
PetoKraus memleak, crashes Apr 13 22:48
PetoKraus :( Apr 13 22:48
PetoKraus it’s sad Apr 13 22:48
schestowitz Another man who said he’s leaving Linux — citing Beranger as inspiration — came back to it: http://blogbeebe.blogspot.com/2009/0… Apr 13 22:50
schestowitz I wonder if anyone leaves Linux for WIndows and actually stays there. Apr 13 22:50
schestowitz I honestly can’t think of any such example of people whom I know personally. The same goes for Macs Apr 13 22:50
silentivm I tried to leave Linux once Apr 13 22:50
schestowitz Windows can only absorb users who never knew something else Apr 13 22:51
silentivm got frustrated with Ubuntu 6.10 Apr 13 22:51
schestowitz silentivm: how come? Apr 13 22:51
silentivm couldn’t stand 10 days without Linux Apr 13 22:51
schestowitz silentivm: there are other distros Apr 13 22:51
silentivm schestowitz, yep Apr 13 22:51
silentivm I then migrated to Mandriva. Apr 13 22:51
schestowitz Like Linus asserted Apr 13 22:51
schestowitz He defends the large variety Apr 13 22:51
silentivm exactly Apr 13 22:51
schestowitz He saw KDE 4.0.0 and ran to something else Apr 13 22:51
silentivm after using Linux, using Windows was painful Apr 13 22:52
schestowitz Windows users are stuck with Vista.. or Vista ‘Ultimate’ Apr 13 22:52
silentivm no matter how much I tried to tweak it, it still was barely useable Apr 13 22:52
schestowitz I can’t go by without stuff like KPDF Apr 13 22:52
silentivm yep Apr 13 22:52
schestowitz Which reloads and cgoes to same page when the files are updated, does quick perviews, etc. Apr 13 22:52
silentivm I can’t go without a real command line Apr 13 22:52
schestowitz CMD.exe? Apr 13 22:52
schestowitz For “ping” Apr 13 22:53
silentivm only for that Apr 13 22:53
silentivm even Cygwin felt bad, much like putting a UNIX-like mask on Windows Apr 13 22:53
PetoKraus :) Apr 13 22:59
*magentar has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 13 23:00
schestowitz Awww god.. they put Microsoft de Icaza among contributors to FOSS…. yeah.. like ms-pl/MS-OOXML contributors maybe: http://www.l2admin.com/linux/10-in… Apr 13 23:04
schestowitz Matthias Kalle Dalheimer created LyX?? I thought only KDE :-) Apr 13 23:06
schestowitz The next version of My favourite distro gets high praises: http://www.techenclave.com/open-s… Apr 13 23:10
schestowitz Technically, GNU/Linux is still a winner on Sub-notebooks: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.c… Apr 13 23:13
*Goblin (i=5ec1b73f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-faf5420e8c8cbddf) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 13 23:14
Goblin Hi all! Apr 13 23:14
silentivm hi Apr 13 23:14
schestowitz Troll article, quotes taken out of context: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/n… thumbs down to INQ Apr 13 23:14
schestowitz Hi, Goblin Apr 13 23:14
schestowitz Goblins eat trolls… Microsoft trolls Apr 13 23:15
Goblin Roy, can I PM you?  I have some stuff I want to run past you that I dont want printing…. Apr 13 23:15
Goblin since it may give some people the “heads up” Apr 13 23:15
schestowitz Goblin: please post here Apr 13 23:15
schestowitz BTW, did your buddy Andre mail Steve Jobs? Apr 13 23:15
Goblin is it ok to private you? Apr 13 23:16
schestowitz Asking for an iScalpel Apr 13 23:16
schestowitz Goblin: I prefer not Apr 13 23:16
schestowitz I don’t think Jobs would respond to Costa this time. Apr 13 23:16
schestowitz There are rumours about Jobs now… health news Apr 13 23:16
Goblin ah. ok. Apr 13 23:16
schestowitz Good Easter today Apr 13 23:17
Goblin Does the name: John Obeto mean anything to you? Apr 13 23:17
schestowitz For Linux… and other things Apr 13 23:17
schestowitz I ought to have gone out tonight… messed up Apr 13 23:17
schestowitz Goblin: yes Apr 13 23:17
schestowitz He’s a shill Apr 13 23:17
schestowitz Didn’t you read about his MS laptop? Apr 13 23:17
schestowitz He got one for free, just like Andre Apr 13 23:17
schestowitz He attacks Linux Apr 13 23:17
Goblin After a kind email from one of my sources, I have  a lead of sorts which may mean something… Apr 13 23:18
schestowitz “Tell us about John Obeto, who Apr 13 23:18
Goblin I dont want to post it here incase its read by someone, but have you any links on John? Apr 13 23:18
schestowitz http://www.microsoft-watch.com/content/desktop… Apr 13 23:19
Goblin Ive done a google, but Im trying to coroborate something… Apr 13 23:19
schestowitz “While I am on the subject, Tell us about John Obeto, who also got a free laptop from M$. Since you write article’s on John’s Obeto “just the facts” type website.” Apr 13 23:19
schestowitz That’s from chips Apr 13 23:19
schestowitz He reads BN and was in IRC the other day Apr 13 23:19
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/… Apr 13 23:20
Goblin thanks…I remember now…some many names… Apr 13 23:21
Goblin is there any evidence though that he is a real person and not a sock puppet? Apr 13 23:22
Goblin other than a photo? Apr 13 23:22
schestowitz Kernel Mode-Setting Coming To OpenSolaris < http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?pag… > Apr 13 23:25
schestowitz Goblin: there must be more bribed bloggers Apr 13 23:26
schestowitz I spend some hours on a Sunday googling for culrits Apr 13 23:26
Goblin Ive answered my own question… Apr 13 23:26
schestowitz Using keywords like “loan windows 7 laptop” Apr 13 23:26
schestowitz Or “loaner” Apr 13 23:26
schestowitz There’s lots more, IIRC. Apr 13 23:26
Goblin Heres a wild theory for you: Apr 13 23:26
schestowitz IDG’s Yerdena Arar and McRacken gave the number away Apr 13 23:26
schestowitz 100 or 20 in just one event , IIRC Apr 13 23:27
Goblin Andre Da Costa = John Oberto’s sock puppet. Apr 13 23:27
schestowitz Some might not blog about it Apr 13 23:27
schestowitz Goblin: no way Apr 13 23:27
schestowitz John Oberto has a site and he’s vile Apr 13 23:27
Goblin Mmm Apr 13 23:27
schestowitz De La Costa like like a schwag-whore Apr 13 23:27
schestowitz But not vile Apr 13 23:27
schestowitz Not rude, either, AFAICT Apr 13 23:27
Goblin CC.Torment? Apr 13 23:28
schestowitz Don’t know it/her/him Apr 13 23:28
schestowitz I saw it in your site Apr 13 23:28
Goblin that was beleived to be a Costa production. Apr 13 23:28
schestowitz Costa ain’t all that Apr 13 23:28
Goblin CC.Torment/Nknow and Costa all appear at the same time. Apr 13 23:28
schestowitz You overestimate a man who ‘speaks’ in press releases Apr 13 23:28
schestowitz CTRL+V skills Apr 13 23:28
Goblin Nknow follows Costa on Twitter, and CC.Torment makes the same mistakes in knowledge as Costa. Apr 13 23:29
Goblin if Oberto is vile, then Id say its a good chance that CC.Torment is him at the very least. Apr 13 23:29
schestowitz “I believe 9.04 will shape up to be a “killer release”” http://jaysonrowe.wordpress.com/2009/04/12/a-f… Apr 13 23:30
Goblin and possibly Nknow aswell who likes to use the name Johnathon Dees Apr 13 23:30
schestowitz Maybe the opposite Apr 13 23:30
schestowitz There is a real person called Oberto Apr 13 23:30
schestowitz “CC.Torment” would be a potential nym of another poster Apr 13 23:30
Goblin Did that IP i sent you mean anything to you? Apr 13 23:31
schestowitz Nope. Apr 13 23:36
schestowitz The CJ I thought about was once here in IRC Apr 13 23:36
schestowitz To troll Apr 13 23:36
schestowitz He’s a Microsoft employee Apr 13 23:36
schestowitz Through contract Apr 13 23:36
schestowitz Spreads the Mono virus as FOSS turncoat Apr 13 23:37
Goblin ah. Apr 13 23:38
Goblin I am hoping Mr LaBlanc will respond to me…according to his twitter he has a headache tonight awww. So maybe he will tomorrow. Apr 13 23:39
Goblin He “honored” me the other day with a comment. Apr 13 23:39
schestowitz Isn’t that a MS employee? Apr 13 23:43
Goblin Oh yes… Brandon LeBlanc….One of MS’s finest… Apr 13 23:44
Goblin Ive asked him to justify some of his recession beating tips that he posted on his site. Apr 13 23:44
Goblin of course all the tips have a MS flavor and whilst he’s busy saving money with MS product, he misses out that FOSS is free. Apr 13 23:45
schestowitz These are the Microsoft stooges Apr 13 23:45
schestowitz Like Jeff Jones Apr 13 23:45
Goblin Im hoping he will respond to my MACattack article. Apr 13 23:46
schestowitz Their job is not only to lie but to serve the lies to the press on a platter Apr 13 23:46
Goblin I think that MS are more like the Trotters rather than the stooges Apr 13 23:46
Goblin “No money back…no guarantee” Apr 13 23:46
Goblin A very interesting piece of what type of commenter are you? see page 2 and take your pick! http://abcnews.go.com/Business/… Apr 13 23:50
schestowitz What’s there? Apr 13 23:51
*Ziggyfish (n=brendan@61-8-103-22.intrapower.net.au) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 13 23:51
Ziggyfish schestowitz, nice article Apr 13 23:51
schestowitz Which one/s? Apr 13 23:51
Goblin Sorry.  Should have gone to my twitter….DOH Apr 13 23:52
Ziggyfish you latest one – how microsoft (and Apple) wants to own GNU/Linux, in the ‘Intellectual’ sense Apr 13 23:52
Ziggyfish your* Apr 13 23:52
schestowitz I’m not sure about Apple, but it potentially could act like Microsoft Apr 13 23:54
schestowitz Right now it feed mostly off Windows, as does Linux Apr 13 23:54
Ziggyfish yeah, Once Microsoft finally dies. the world will be a better place Apr 13 23:55
Ziggyfish Apple, (I haven’t done much research into Apple’s history though), seems more friendly Apr 13 23:56
schestowitz Google is a problem Apr 13 23:58
schestowitz Bigger than Apple maybe Apr 13 23:58
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