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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 9th, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:17 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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Eruaran Bring it on I say Apr 09 17:45
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/20… (Andrew Lloyd Weber Trashes The Internet As ‘Somalia Of Theft And Piracy’) Apr 09 17:46
schestowitz Eruaran: no, no rbing it on Apr 09 17:46
schestowitz We lost DNS function this morning Apr 09 17:46
Balrog schestowitz: check this: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/0… Apr 09 17:46
Eruaran heh Apr 09 17:46
Balrog may be troublesome Apr 09 17:46
schestowitz For the second time Apr 09 17:46
Balrog schestowitz: dns function where? Apr 09 17:47
schestowitz The last time is happaned was Conficker too Apr 09 17:47
Balrog also conficker working group isn’t working Apr 09 17:47
schestowitz That was when it got born pretty much Apr 09 17:47
schestowitz 15 million affected in days Apr 09 17:47
schestowitz Balrog: that dude who comments about security only ever shows up in BN to slam my posts about security Apr 09 17:48
schestowitz Systematically Apr 09 17:48
schestowitz Thank The Economy For More Traffic Cameras < http://techdirt.com/articles/20… > Apr 09 17:48
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trmanco IE must comply with web standards. (Opera has suggested that Microsoft must support web standards they have promised to support).: http://blog.lizardwrangler.com/2… Apr 09 17:57
schestowitz http://www.infoworld.com/articles/hn/x… <– This article stated that Microsoftt admits Windows is not secure Apr 09 18:06
schestowitz IDG broke the link Apr 09 18:06
Balrog hmm ok. Apr 09 18:07
Balrog schestowitz: that’s bad Apr 09 18:08
Balrog http://web.archive.org/web/20080209… works though Apr 09 18:09
Balrog and they broke only that particular one :X Apr 09 18:10
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trmanco http://news.softpedia.com/news/Foxc… Apr 09 18:21
schestowitz Balrog: maybe they moved it? Apr 09 18:33
schestowitz There is another example like this Apr 09 18:33
schestowitz I contacted the author Apr 09 18:33
schestowitz It’s one that proves Windows and IIS are not secure… in scientific ways.. ALSO in ZDNet Apr 09 18:33
schestowitz Someone reppectable whom I know says it’s likely to be motivated by someone not liking the content Apr 09 18:34
schestowitz It would be worth more to remove it than to keep it Apr 09 18:34
Balrog schestowitz: doesn’t seem that way Apr 09 18:35
Balrog other articles from that timeframe still exist Apr 09 18:35
Balrog (with old URLs) Apr 09 18:35
Balrog 1/wi16 Apr 09 18:36
Balrog sorry Apr 09 18:36
schestowitz Conficker actually does something <  http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/ne… > Apr 09 18:36
trmanco XreaL: The Most Advanced Open-Source Game Engine?: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?pa… Apr 09 18:38
schestowitz Game icon quits EA  < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer… > Apr 09 18:39
schestowitz The Inquirer calls Michael Larabel “Lord of Penguins ” http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/7… Linus would be jealous. Apr 09 18:42
schestowitz “Apple admits cracked Macbooks [...] Meanwhile Apple fanboys have been flooding us with cries that Macbook cases should be cracked and in two year’s time Dell will be following the trend.” http://www.theinquirer.net/inquir… Apr 09 18:43
trmanco http://benanzo.blogspot.com/2009/0… Apr 09 18:48
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schestowitz trmanco: thanks, seen it last night. Apr 09 18:52
schestowitz Here are the winner of the KernelFoundation video content: http://blogs.computerworld.com/and_… Apr 09 18:52
schestowitz *content Apr 09 18:53
schestowitz >contest Apr 09 18:53
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Omar87 Hi all. Apr 09 18:54
silentivm hi Apr 09 18:54
Omar87 So, what do you think is the way to fight back against M$ in the netbook market? Apr 09 18:54
schestowitz AP is totally losing it now. It’s probably dying and looking for scapegoats. http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2… (AP YouTube Content “Misappropriated?”) Apr 09 18:55
schestowitz Omar87: Microsoft loses money there. Apr 09 18:56
schestowitz Still, about 1 in 3 runs GNU/Linux Apr 09 18:56
schestowitz Both are virtually free Apr 09 18:56
schestowitz And ARM will help even more. Apr 09 18:56
Omar87 Producing a better Linux, alone, won’t help. Because regardless of how good Linux is, M$ has this filthy little weapon called “marketing”. Apr 09 18:57
Omar87 Oh, and, don’t forget “monopoly”. Apr 09 18:57
Omar87 What’s ARM? Apr 09 18:57
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schestowitz Omar87: see http://www.google.com/search?hl=en… Apr 09 18:59
schestowitz Omar87: it’s not marketing Apr 09 19:00
schestowitz It’s FUD. They also sobtage Apr 09 19:00
schestowitz I got a ‘payload’ of Comes stuff today Apr 09 19:00
Omar87 Which is why I called it “filthy”. Apr 09 19:00
schestowitz I need to post this at some stage. Sheer crime… Ballmer sabotaging competing OSes Apr 09 19:00
Omar87 I know it’s not only about marketing, it’s much worse than that. Apr 09 19:01
schestowitz Microsoft produced software to crash OS/2 Apr 09 19:01
schestowitz Then sent Ballmer on a tour to spread FUD Apr 09 19:01
Eruaran Why am I not surprised Apr 09 19:01
schestowitz That’s not marketing, it’s crime Apr 09 19:01
schestowitz They should be sentences to prison Apr 09 19:01
schestowitz But it never appeared in the DOJ Apr 09 19:01
Omar87 By marketing, I mean the filthy brainwashing techniques I keep seeing almost everywhere. Especially here in Jordan. Apr 09 19:02
Omar87 But yes, there is actually more than just marketing.. Apr 09 19:03
schestowitz Runs on Linux too: Hands-on: BumpTop may be desktop revamp you’ve waited for < http://arstechnica.com/software/news/2009… > Apr 09 19:05
schestowitz Let me paste here what I have Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz I will post these one day when I get full text (later in the year probably) Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz MS analyzes DR ROM DOS, I thought MS stated in public they only Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz ever tested MS-DOS? Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz http://edge-op.org/iowa/ww… Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz Bill, at at the XP launch ceremony, reminiscences about the Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz ‘original PC’ and forgets to give IBM a mention :) Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz http://edge-op.org/iowa/www… Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz From: Prashant Sridharan Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 1997 6:07 PM Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz To: Russ Arun Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz Subject: RE: More Questions about ADO in java Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz “Screw Sun, cross-platform wil never work. Let’s move on and steal Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz the Java language” Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz “That said, have we ever taken a look at how long it would take Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz Microsoft to build a cross-platform Java that did work? Naturally, Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz we would never do it, but it would give us some idea of how much Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz time we have to work in killing Sun’s Java”. Apr 09 19:06
schestowitz http://edge-op.org/iowa/www.iow… Apr 09 19:06
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schestowitz From: w-clairl Thu Jul 25 19:46:22 1991 Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz To: billg; bradsi; jimail; jonl; mikehal; paulma; richab; russw; Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz scotto; steveb Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz Cc: billmi; cameronm; carls; garygi; julieg; martyta; mikemap; Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz rogersw; w-clairl; w-pamed Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz Subject: SteveB press tour trip report (long mail) Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz SteveB went on the road to see the top weeklies, industry analysts Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz and business press this week to give our systems strategy. The Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz meetings included demos of Windows 3.1 (pen and multimedia Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz included), Windows NT, OS/2 2.0 including a “bad app” that Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz corrupted other applications and crashed the system. It was a very Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz valuable trip and needs to be repeated by other MS executives Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz throughout the next moneth so we hit all the publications and Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz analysts. Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz http://edge-op.org/iowa/www… Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz ############################ Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz ### this is fucking HUGE roy, they went out and designed an app to Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz specifically crash on OS/2 and then SteveO went on the road and Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz demoed it, explicitly knowing what it was designed to do !!!! Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz To: bobmu; bradsi; carls; jonl; steveb Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz Subject: PM Bad App… Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz cc: ericfo Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz Date: Thu Jun 27 09:30:12 1991 Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz > > From ericfo Thu Jun 27 09:27:07 1991 Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz To paulma Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz Subject: Re: One Bad App Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz Date: Thu Jun 27 09:28:30 1991 Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz I tested on 1.21,m 1.3, and 2.0 and it hangs all systems equally well… Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz ——- Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz There’s lots more Apr 09 19:07
schestowitz But I pollute IRC (flooding) Apr 09 19:08
schestowitz Maybe I should post this criminal activity early. The problem is, there is so much of it in 9000 exhibits, where does one even /start/? Apr 09 19:08
Balrog start anywhere, as long as you cover all of it Apr 09 19:12
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schestowitz The New York Times is repeating Microsoft’s lies: http://gadgetwise.blogs.nytimes.com… Apr 09 19:13
schestowitz How they seed their lies… Apr 09 19:13
schestowitz Balrog: eventually I’ll have it all catalogued. Apr 09 19:14
schestowitz This can take /years/ Apr 09 19:14
schestowitz And now Katherine Noyes parrots another talking point from IDG: http://www.technewsworld.com/s… Apr 09 19:15
Balrog I see. :( Apr 09 19:15
Eruaran Linux continues to grow Apr 09 19:16
balzac Roy, where’d you get that email from? Apr 09 19:16
Balrog sure does. Apr 09 19:16
Eruaran GPL software is like creeping death for Microsoft. Their behavior will get worse before its all over. Apr 09 19:17
Eruaran But it is good to document their deeds. Apr 09 19:18
Eruaran Our children will look back upon these times and ask how it was that people put up with the Microsoft monopoly for so long. Apr 09 19:19
balzac misdeeds Apr 09 19:19
Eruaran indeed Apr 09 19:20
balzac dirty deeds, done dirt cheap Apr 09 19:20
balzac dirty deeds, done with sheep Apr 09 19:20
balzac http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqLTCemBwt8 Apr 09 19:21
balzac http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqLTCemBwt8 Apr 09 19:22
balzac wait Apr 09 19:22
balzac http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCRE9qOgbug Apr 09 19:22
schestowitz balzac: I’ll process a lot later Apr 09 19:23
schestowitz balzac: is that last one the NX version? Apr 09 19:24
schestowitz *NZ Apr 09 19:24
schestowitz Who is ericfo from Microsoft? Apr 09 19:25
schestowitz I know their shill Erikfu Apr 09 19:25
schestowitz Not an Ericfo Apr 09 19:25
schestowitz There’s also the Brad Silverberg criminal further down in their chain Apr 09 19:25
schestowitz That’s the guy who calls to “cull those f*ckers off” when talking about competition Apr 09 19:25
schestowitz Or “tiling in death spiral” Apr 09 19:26
schestowitz Bunch of mafia thugs… plain and simple… not even subjective Apr 09 19:26
schestowitz Allchin: “piss on Java” Apr 09 19:26
schestowitz And Miguel the Impaler is helping those criminals against Java Apr 09 19:26
Balrog java is not going anywhere anytime soon Apr 09 19:27
Eruaran They can’t beat something that is cross platform with something that isn’t (and mono doesn’t cut it). Apr 09 19:28
schestowitz http://www.zdnet.com.au/news/so… “Waugh made the announcement in a blog post and said that she would be withdrawing from the business she created with her husband as well as stepping back from her open-source advocacy efforts.” Apr 09 19:29
schestowitz :-( Apr 09 19:29
schestowitz Well, it didn’t work well for her husband in GNOME Apr 09 19:29
schestowitz he lft in December IIRC Apr 09 19:29
schestowitz Balrog: Java is already the leader Apr 09 19:29
Balrog of course it is Apr 09 19:29
schestowitz Don’t tell Novell Apr 09 19:29
schestowitz Them and Microsoft use lackey journos Apr 09 19:30
schestowitz They generate anti-Java headlines Apr 09 19:30
schestowitz Not by accident Apr 09 19:30
Eruaran I think Miguel wants to infect GNOME with Mono to help Microsoft Apr 09 19:30
schestowitz This is shown in Comes vs Microsoft E-mails Apr 09 19:30
schestowitz Microsoft pretends the rivals are dead Apr 09 19:30
schestowitz Like the XP 96% market share on netbooks LIE Apr 09 19:30
Balrog heh yeah. Apr 09 19:30
schestowitz It’s supposed to scare OEMs.. or devs away from Java Apr 09 19:30
Balrog though too many netbooks are running windows :X Apr 09 19:30
Eruaran Even if that was true, the question I ask is this : Apr 09 19:31
schestowitz Ms says < http://boycottnovell.com/wp-conten… >: Apr 09 19:31
schestowitz “Ideally, use of the competing technology becomes associated with mental deficiency, as in, “he believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and OS/2.” Just keep rubbing it in, via the press, analysts, newsgroups, whatever. Make the complete failure of the competition’s technology part of the mythology of the computer industry.” Apr 09 19:31
schestowitz “We want to place selection pressure on those companies and individuals that show a genetic weakness for competitors’ technologies, to make the industry increasingly resistant to such unhealthy strains, over time.” Apr 09 19:31
Eruaran Why aren’t alarm bells ringing ? Why aren’t lawyers being called ? Apr 09 19:31
schestowitz Against MS? Apr 09 19:31
Eruaran You DON’T get that kind of market share in 12 months in a free and open market Apr 09 19:31
Eruaran You just dont Apr 09 19:31
schestowitz They pressured OEMs Apr 09 19:32
schestowitz ASUS admitted this Apr 09 19:32
schestowitz Saying it was “tied up with Microsoft” Apr 09 19:32
Eruaran thats what I mean Apr 09 19:32
schestowitz They brainwashed and pampered them Apr 09 19:32
schestowitz To block and strangle rivals Apr 09 19:32
schestowitz That’s Microsoft Apr 09 19:32
schestowitz And they are above the law in the US Apr 09 19:32
schestowitz THey toss judges who would say the truth Apr 09 19:32
Eruaran You can’t claim people are choosing your OS when it is the only one on offer by default and it is deliberately made difficult to get anything else Apr 09 19:32
schestowitz In ISO, they would get rid of   convenors who  do their job Apr 09 19:32
schestowitz Put cronies in instead Apr 09 19:33
Eruaran Its like the North Korean communist party claiming a landslide election win Apr 09 19:33
schestowitz Same in Massachusetts Apr 09 19:33
schestowitz The honourable Judge Jackson said they should be put on criminal trial Apr 09 19:33
Eruaran They should Apr 09 19:33
schestowitz Yes, they want to force people to buy Windows Apr 09 19:34
Eruaran I believe Microsoft’s ties in Australian education should be investigate Apr 09 19:34
schestowitz Then eipe it Apr 09 19:34
Eruaran *investigated Apr 09 19:34
schestowitz It counts as ‘Windows Apr 09 19:34
Eruaran There is collusion going on Apr 09 19:34
schestowitz Microsoft doesn’t like being investiagted Apr 09 19:34
schestowitz See Gates deposition video Apr 09 19:34
Eruaran New South Wales DET is a prime example Apr 09 19:34
schestowitz He treats the judges like they are kids Apr 09 19:34
schestowitz He said to a magazine in the 90s that he wants to control the world Apr 09 19:34
schestowitz Now he’s already in politics Apr 09 19:34
schestowitz Doing the white-collar crime from outside Microsoft Apr 09 19:35
schestowitz Disguised as charity, of course Apr 09 19:35
schestowitz Like older criminals who used the same schemes Apr 09 19:35
schestowitz Eruaran: maybe NSW got a little visit from ‘charitable’ gates Apr 09 19:35
schestowitz Maybe :-) Apr 09 19:35
Eruaran I want to know why the New South Wales DET favors a disgracefully cozy deal with a convicted monopolist Apr 09 19:35
schestowitz I kid here mostly Apr 09 19:35
Eruaran Spending taxpayer dollars on an 8 year old operating system Apr 09 19:36
Eruaran committing to upgrading and spending more taxpayer dollars on Windows 7 based on the mere assurance from Microsoft that it would run fine on their netbooks Apr 09 19:37
schestowitz Haha Apr 09 19:37
Eruaran corrupt retarded luddite gumps Apr 09 19:37
schestowitz They still offers downgrades Apr 09 19:37
schestowitz PRIOR TO RELEASE Apr 09 19:37
Eruaran yes Apr 09 19:37
schestowitz Even with VIsta they made no such promises Apr 09 19:37
schestowitz How bad can it be? Apr 09 19:38
schestowitz Well, marketing conceals ti Apr 09 19:38
schestowitz They bribes bloggers alreadt Apr 09 19:38
schestowitz *already Apr 09 19:38
Eruaran they must have put the DRM in now Apr 09 19:38
Eruaran so it will be a dog Apr 09 19:38
schestowitz Yes, fro MAFIAA and lockin Apr 09 19:38
schestowitz Remember Gates’ ‘security as a lockin” Apr 09 19:38
schestowitz They can pressure Intel and OEMs to price up the netbooks Apr 09 19:39
schestowitz To make them not just boot Vista7+DRM Apr 09 19:39
schestowitz Intel comes up with dual-core Atoms Apr 09 19:39
schestowitz But it’s all part of the scam Apr 09 19:39
Eruaran Microsoft destroyed Netbooks Apr 09 19:39
schestowitz Remember “Vista capable” Apr 09 19:39
Eruaran Now they’re just little notebooks Apr 09 19:39
schestowitz They are doing it all over again, IMHO Apr 09 19:39
Balrog schestowitz: ARM is going to cause problems for MS Apr 09 19:39
schestowitz They either do this or go out of business faster. Apr 09 19:39
Eruaran RIP Netbook, killed by Microsoft greed. Apr 09 19:39
schestowitz Eruaran: But ARM is coming Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz Back to basics Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz Not far devices that suck up battery power Apr 09 19:40
Eruaran schestowitz: yes, I’m hopeful Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz Eruaran: don’t worry Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz They make nothing out of it Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz Just keeping market share Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz $4 Windows.. Apr 09 19:40
Balrog that won’t help if Windows won’t run on the platform Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz They can try to starve Linux also with FUD Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz It won’t make it go away Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz It may work for OS/2… Apr 09 19:40
Balrog $4 windows is no good on a chip that won’t run it. Apr 09 19:40
schestowitz Yes Apr 09 19:41
schestowitz But they have a chkehold on OEMS Apr 09 19:41
schestowitz Like ASUS Apr 09 19:41
schestowitz So they’ll sign some deald Apr 09 19:41
schestowitz The back-room type deals.. Apr 09 19:41
schestowitz Like ones that specify hardware Apr 09 19:41
Balrog you mean preventing ARM from being used? Apr 09 19:41
Eruaran Other upstart manufacturers will rise Apr 09 19:41
schestowitz Remember those? Apr 09 19:41
schestowitz From March 2008? Apr 09 19:41
Balrog then they’ll try to kill them :( Apr 09 19:41
schestowitz Microsoft tells OEMs what h/w to use for cheap Windows Apr 09 19:41
Eruaran who are not prisoners of M$ Apr 09 19:42
Balrog well, ARM is separate from Windows Apr 09 19:42
schestowitz This is a way of controlling/restricitng what HARDWARE customers get Apr 09 19:42
schestowitz That’s Microsoft messing with h/w too Apr 09 19:42
Eruaran yes Apr 09 19:42
Eruaran disgusting Apr 09 19:42
Balrog I see. :( Apr 09 19:43
Balrog they could use bad PR and then we’d have a situation like back when Macs used PPC Apr 09 19:44
Balrog yeah, ppc was better / more efficient, but it can’t run Windows! and the MHz is so much lower! Apr 09 19:44
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/… Apr 09 19:45
schestowitz Great news: French “Three Strikes” Law Unexpectedly Thrown Out < http://www.computerworlduk.com/commun… > Apr 09 19:48
schestowitz WHAT?? James Bottomley works at Novell? Apr 09 19:54
schestowitz BN has just been StumbleUponed Apr 09 19:55
schestowitz Common Purpose: Another Cog in Obama’s PR Machine < http://www.prwatch.org/node/8328 > “Ben Smith reports on the Common Purpose Project, a new group formed to enforce message discipline among liberal organizations supporting the Obama Administration.” With all the crimes Microsoft commits, these don’t directly kill people of innocent people, to put things in perspective. Apr 09 19:59
*tacone (n=tacone@93-32-186-60.ip34.fastwebnet.it) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 20:06
schestowitz Canada’s Prime Minister Installs Tar Sands Exec as “Clean Energy” Envoy to US < http://www.desmogblog.com/harper-insta… > Apr 09 20:06
tacone schestowitz: mono devs tried to press gnome-zeitgeist to be ported to mono from python. Apr 09 20:06
tacone http://seilo.geekyogre.com/2009/… Apr 09 20:07
schestowitz Associated Gangsters still at it: A.P. Exec Doesn’t Know It Has A YouTube Channel: Threatens Affiliate For Embedding Videos < http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/04/0… > Apr 09 20:07
*schestowitz looks Apr 09 20:07
trmanco tacone, so that it can start being slow… Apr 09 20:07
schestowitz tacone: just mono devs Apr 09 20:07
schestowitz Any MS or Novell connection? Apr 09 20:07
schestowitz I’m not being paranoid Apr 09 20:07
tacone read my link Apr 09 20:08
schestowitz You’d often find that they are employed by an MS partner/ally Apr 09 20:08
tacone the first comments are people asking for more mono. Apr 09 20:08
schestowitz Like the Canadian ISV that tried to shove Mono in LiMo Apr 09 20:08
tacone ‘i might help with bugfix :-)’ Apr 09 20:08
schestowitz I.e. poison many phones Apr 09 20:08
tacone the reply: “We decided to stay with Python!” Apr 09 20:09
schestowitz tacone: OK, good. I got that Apr 09 20:09
schestowitz Will mentioned it….. Apr 09 20:09
schestowitz tacone: are you also in France? Apr 09 20:10
schestowitz Sarko suffered a defeat: http://www.computerworlduk.com/co… Apr 09 20:10
tacone no. i have been in france for a month. Apr 09 20:10
tacone great ! Apr 09 20:11
schestowitz I’m not sure if it was ashena who was in France/Italy yoo Apr 09 20:11
schestowitz *too Apr 09 20:11
tacone i’m in italy. and here people contacted france ministers to better import their doctrine Apr 09 20:11
tacone err Apr 09 20:11
tacone people = ministers Apr 09 20:11
tacone italian ministers contacted french government to better learn how they could fuck people without noticing. Apr 09 20:12
tacone also I should note, iirc the law approval was aided by a low number of voters. Apr 09 20:13
schestowitz yes Apr 09 20:13
schestowitz Designed Apr 09 20:13
schestowitz Mcirosofgt uses similar methods Apr 09 20:13
schestowitz Like to people about deadline Apr 09 20:13
schestowitz In Poland also there were some stunts where absent people’s vote was rigged Apr 09 20:14
tacone Also: the 17th april comes the pirate bay trial sentence. Apr 09 20:14
schestowitz It’s all in BN, now filed Apr 09 20:14
schestowitz tacone: http://blog.wired.com/27bstrok… Apr 09 20:14
schestowitz They are being silly. People can still pass stuff using archives Apr 09 20:14
schestowitz This is worse than the ‘war’ on drugs Apr 09 20:15
schestowitz It’ll have families disconnected because of naughty kids Apr 09 20:15
schestowitz =damage Apr 09 20:15
schestowitz Benefit? none. Apr 09 20:15
schestowitz Because people will still spread data Apr 09 20:15
schestowitz They’ll just pay more for Internet nannies and stuff Apr 09 20:15
tacone well no Apr 09 20:15
tacone sharing it’s already illegal Apr 09 20:15
tacone the thing is Apr 09 20:15
tacone are we talking about sarko doctrine, right ? Apr 09 20:16
schestowitz http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/c… “Dubai was meant to be a Middle-Eastern Shangri-La, a glittering monument to Arab enterprise and western capitalism. But as hard times arrive in the city state that rose from the desert sands, an uglier story is emerging. Johann Hari reports” Apr 09 20:16
schestowitz The UK is said to have become bankrupt Apr 09 20:16
schestowitz Too much dependency on the US ecnomy Apr 09 20:16
tacone sarko doctrine is not about 1 or 3 strike Apr 09 20:16
schestowitz US is the new USSR, economically at least :-( Apr 09 20:17
tacone is about shutting down internet without having to ask to a judge. Apr 09 20:17
schestowitz Isn’t sarko’s wife full of vested interests? Apr 09 20:17
schestowitz I bet that after the turnaround, Sarko won’t be getting any tonight Apr 09 20:17
tacone so that may compromise freedom of speech Apr 09 20:17
schestowitz it’s appalling that they allow this conflict of interest to go ignored Apr 09 20:17
tacone because everyone can be suspected of illegal sharing Apr 09 20:17
schestowitz Like Majoras in FTC… Apr 09 20:17
tacone and shut down in a day. Apr 09 20:18
schestowitz And he husband Apr 09 20:18
tacone I don’t know much about Carla Apr 09 20:18
schestowitz tacone: Obama has just gotten privileges to shut down the net Apr 09 20:18
schestowitz It made many headline Apr 09 20:18
tacone but I prefer her to her husband Apr 09 20:18
schestowitz They make those leaders too powerful Apr 09 20:18
tacone schestowitz: that’s a different thing. Apr 09 20:18
schestowitz Tyrants (potentially), not elected representatives Apr 09 20:18
tacone it’s difficult to bribe obama Apr 09 20:19
tacone it’s easier to bribe an ISP Apr 09 20:19
schestowitz Done all the time Apr 09 20:19
schestowitz They are paid per snoop Apr 09 20:19
schestowitz Good bizniz for them Apr 09 20:19
schestowitz here in the UK they sell customers data Apr 09 20:19
schestowitz Phorm/Websense Apr 09 20:19
schestowitz It’s crime Apr 09 20:19
schestowitz The EU protested Apr 09 20:19
tacone yep. Apr 09 20:19
schestowitz Brown and his cronies ignored Apr 09 20:19
schestowitz They like profiling people. Apr 09 20:19
tacone to better know who to beat in the next g20. Apr 09 20:20
schestowitz http://www.laquadrature.net/fr/ha… “L’Assemblée nationale a rejeté le texte, dans un revirement suprenant, lors de la discussion finale sur la loi HADOPI issue de la commission mixte paritaire, avec 15 voix pour et 21 contre.” Apr 09 20:20
schestowitz tacone: yeah, that too Apr 09 20:20
schestowitz For some people like animal activists it’s an isue Apr 09 20:20
schestowitz People like us are not dangerous Apr 09 20:20
schestowitz Political activists are Apr 09 20:20
schestowitz Talking about human lives, not netbooks and USB drives ; -p Apr 09 20:21
tacone i know. Apr 09 20:21
tacone journalists Apr 09 20:21
tacone even judges Apr 09 20:21
schestowitz http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Photorestrict/ “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Remove new restrictions on photography in public places.” Apr 09 20:24
schestowitz Land of free people, aye? :-) Apr 09 20:25
schestowitz Elderly woman prohibited from photographing empty swimming pool “to prevent paedophilia” < http://www.boingboing.net/2008/07/25… > Apr 09 20:25
trmanco “How do you power off this machine? Apr 09 20:26
trmanco – Linus, when upgrading linux.cs.helsinki.fi, Apr 09 20:26
trmanco            and after using the machine for several months Apr 09 20:26
trmanco Apr 09 20:26
trmanco http://www.azzit.de/humor/118.html Apr 09 20:26
schestowitz France rejects Three Strikes < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009… > Apr 09 20:26
tacone they will just try again. Apr 09 20:28
tacone they have the majority. Apr 09 20:28
tacone it was luck. Apr 09 20:28
schestowitz Bidders ‘plot Nortel break up’ < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… >. Good riddance, I guess. They helped Microsoft. Apr 09 20:30
schestowitz MS press, but just a random weird brainfart: GNU Windows 7? – ZDNet UK < http://community.zdnet.co.uk/b… > Apr 09 20:34
tacone http://tinyurl.com/ckxe38 Apr 09 20:36
schestowitz tacone: we must apply more pressure by informing about Mono Apr 09 20:38
tacone like ? Apr 09 20:39
schestowitz More people have begun realizing the ramification, esp. after FAT. Mono is a bloodlife to Novell (and Microsoft) Apr 09 20:39
schestowitz tacone: need evidence Apr 09 20:39
schestowitz Like the one you gave about zeitgeist. I don’t watch Mono blogs closely Apr 09 20:39
tacone so, what are you suggesting ? Apr 09 20:40
tacone increase the number of mono post or what ? Apr 09 20:40
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009… Apr 09 20:40
schestowitz Can you find the page in the Mono site with a list of projects? Apr 09 20:41
schestowitz I’m sure I saw it in some Wiki Apr 09 20:41
tacone mh, i’m looking but i never saw that. Apr 09 20:42
tacone http://projects.cs.luc.edu/c… Apr 09 20:44
tacone not by any means complete Apr 09 20:44
schestowitz Thanks. Apr 09 20:48
schestowitz Updating to Mandriva 2009.1 (Cooker) < http://artipc10.vub.ac.be/wordp… > Apr 09 20:52
schestowitz 1 GB of Computer Memory – 1980 vs 2009 < http://codepad.classhelper.org/1-… > Apr 09 20:56
schestowitz Microsoft has demoralised Linux fans with its utter LIES: http://www.roytanck.com/2009/04/0… Apr 09 21:03
schestowitz Microsoft/Intel tactics: yearning for days of overprized computers:  http://news.cnet.com/8301-13924… (Intel VP: Netbooks not for adults) Apr 09 21:08
schestowitz Fortune magzine is one of the most Microsoft-friendly publications out there (I could give example like thew Gates Foundation plants and the anti-Linux FUD from 2007) Apr 09 21:10
schestowitz I’ve just realised that I forgot to add Andy Patrizio to my list. He’s one of the pro-Microsoft guns in the press. Apr 09 21:12
schestowitz MSBlankenhorn: “Winning the OS war here meant dropping XP at $3/copy. Even if you add old versions of common applications to that bundle, fact is you’re not making money, and you’re making your margins wafer thin.” http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=3933 Apr 09 21:13
schestowitz So this suggests that WinXP is now sold for $3 (I previously heard $4 and $5) http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=3933 Apr 09 21:13
tacone it is Apr 09 21:20
tacone doesn’t matter the precise prize. Apr 09 21:20
schestowitz http://jeremy.linuxquestions.org/2… rigged panel. 40% are Novell employees!! Apr 09 21:20
tacone it’s being sold at the right value, now Apr 09 21:20
schestowitz :-) Apr 09 21:21
schestowitz +1 Apr 09 21:21
schestowitz $6 Apr 09 21:21
tacone fact is Apr 09 21:21
schestowitz Would you like Coke with that? Apr 09 21:21
tacone it’s only chinese to pay the right price Apr 09 21:21
tacone not coke. pepsi. Apr 09 21:21
tacone oh fuck. muine is mono. Apr 09 21:24
*tacone is getting sick Apr 09 21:24
schestowitz Mononucleosis? Apr 09 21:25
schestowitz Try mononono Apr 09 21:25
schestowitz No need for doctor’s prescription Apr 09 21:25
schestowitz tacone: I shall post some links. Good day for Free software.. Apr 09 21:28
tacone yeah ? Apr 09 21:28
tacone nice to hear. Apr 09 21:28
tacone btw i am going afk a bunch of minutes Apr 09 21:28
tacone see you later. Apr 09 21:28
*lis` (n=lis@pub212004088191.dh-hfc.datazug.ch) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 21:30
schestowitz Oldfields desktops go to Linux, Mac, and don’t look back < http://www.itnews.com.au/News/10060… > Apr 09 21:31
*mulberry (i=57660d27@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-515a05a7a22ffb9a) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 21:32
*mulberry has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 09 21:38
schestowitz Financial Services Love GNU/Linux < http://entmag.com/news/articl… > Apr 09 21:43
NeonFloss http://redir.internet.com/rss/clic… Apr 09 22:09
NeonFloss probobly have already heard that Apr 09 22:10
*lis` has quit (“baibai<3″) Apr 09 22:10
schestowitz yes, thank you Apr 09 22:15
schestowitz The patent knife/sword cuts both ways Apr 09 22:15
*wispygalaxy (i=9f5b894f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-4f99ef672d7d1e1c) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 22:43
wispygalaxy hey everyone! Apr 09 22:43
silentivm hey Apr 09 22:43
wispygalaxy what’s up? Apr 09 22:44
wispygalaxy i just finished classes for today Apr 09 22:44
silentivm nothing really Apr 09 22:44
wispygalaxy i was just talking to team members about a management project case study Apr 09 22:44
wispygalaxy but now i’m free, woot Apr 09 22:44
wispygalaxy *ping* schestowitz ;) Apr 09 22:45
schestowitz Hey Apr 09 22:45
schestowitz What’s up? Apr 09 22:46
wispygalaxy hiya roy :D Apr 09 22:46
schestowitz Been ugly — the weather today Apr 09 22:46
wispygalaxy i’m doing great! Apr 09 22:46
wispygalaxy awww it’s so nice here Apr 09 22:46
schestowitz Feels like winter, not spring Apr 09 22:46
wispygalaxy i was looking at the pretty violets outside my dorm Apr 09 22:46
wispygalaxy warmth cheers me up Apr 09 22:47
wispygalaxy winter is so boring, it doesn’t snow a lot here Apr 09 22:47
wispygalaxy anyway, i hear ms had to pay $300 million Apr 09 22:47
trmanco hello Apr 09 22:48
schestowitz wispygalaxy: it’ll appeal Apr 09 22:49
wispygalaxy hiya tony :) Apr 09 22:49
schestowitz They can probably bribe the judge or toss him Apr 09 22:49
wispygalaxy yes, i heard about that roy Apr 09 22:49
wispygalaxy ms is trying to bankrupt the poor small firms :( Apr 09 22:49
wispygalaxy by having long trials Apr 09 22:49
schestowitz Tony came back from Spain and caught the Mononucleosis de Icaza :-(( Apr 09 22:50
schestowitz Had to format his brain Apr 09 22:50
wispygalaxy haha! Apr 09 22:51
trmanco is that me? I sure hope not :-p Apr 09 22:52
Balrog_ hi everyone Apr 09 22:52
Balrog_ I need to run though :( Apr 09 22:52
wispygalaxy hey balrog! Apr 09 22:52
wispygalaxy get well soon tony :) Apr 09 22:53
Balrog_ :) Apr 09 22:53
wispygalaxy where are you heading, balrog Apr 09 22:53
tacone a Mono conference probably. Apr 09 23:00
tacone LEE08 Apr 09 23:00
tacone Let’s Embrace & Extend 2008 Apr 09 23:00
tacone err 2009 :) Apr 09 23:00
wispygalaxy haha i mix up 2008 and 2009 too :) Apr 09 23:01
wispygalaxy and it’s april Apr 09 23:01
wispygalaxy i should have gotten over it in january Apr 09 23:02
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 09 23:04
*magentar has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 09 23:06
schestowitz tacone: no, Mono is SO yesterday Apr 09 23:07
schestowitz 2008 seems right Apr 09 23:07
tacone schestowitz: oh, mono is so ’90 ! Apr 09 23:07
schestowitz .NET? 90s? Apr 09 23:08
schestowitz No, Java… Apr 09 23:08
tacone umh. Apr 09 23:08
tacone right. Apr 09 23:08
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/… Apr 09 23:08
tacone oh Apr 09 23:08
tacone i never saw that wiki Apr 09 23:08
silentivm neither did I Apr 09 23:09
wispygalaxy me three Apr 09 23:10
tacone you should link it better from the homepage Apr 09 23:10
*trmanco has quit (“ERROR: crap-talking overflow – Aborting”) Apr 09 23:12
schestowitz tacone: it’s still work in progress Apr 09 23:14
tacone ok. Apr 09 23:14
tacone i still think a google map with an heat map of corruption in various countries would be a nice thing. Apr 09 23:15
tacone but i’m unable to find any example of heat map on google maps around. Apr 09 23:15
balzac man, thank goodness tomorrow is friday Apr 09 23:20
balzac jesus christ, I need a break Apr 09 23:20
wispygalaxy hi balzac Apr 09 23:20
balzac hi wispygalaxy Apr 09 23:20
wispygalaxy tgif yay! Apr 09 23:20
balzac tgtif Apr 09 23:21
tacone Press ALT+F2, then type “gegls from outer space” Apr 09 23:21
balzac i’m celebrating almost getting through thursday Apr 09 23:21
tacone (gnome) Apr 09 23:21
wispygalaxy im off for tomorrow Apr 09 23:23
wispygalaxy no classes Apr 09 23:23
MinceR gn Apr 09 23:23
wispygalaxy see ya Apr 09 23:23
schestowitz Long weekend for me :-( Apr 09 23:32
tacone why ? Apr 09 23:32
wispygalaxy awww what’s wrong roy Apr 09 23:32
schestowitz Oh, I’m doing links Apr 09 23:42
schestowitz Thus lag Apr 09 23:42
schestowitz Weekend =chores Apr 09 23:42
schestowitz I still need to do Comes one day Apr 09 23:42
schestowitz Too many crimes uncovered… makes me uncomfortable thinking Microsoft gets away with it Apr 09 23:42
wispygalaxy you have chores, and i have projects :( Apr 09 23:44
wispygalaxy i understand, roy, hehe Apr 09 23:44
wispygalaxy detective roy, i see ;) Apr 09 23:44
schestowitz Almost done :-) Apr 09 23:55
wispygalaxy i’ll be reading it shortly, thanks! Apr 09 23:55
schestowitz I found some videos… Apr 09 23:58
schestowitz About FreeCulture.org Apr 09 23:58
schestowitz Have a look… Apr 09 23:58
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