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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 4th, 2009 - Part 1


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schestowitz[H]omer: I could burn a CD and give it a spin, but it's not a priority Feb 04 00:00
[H]omerSourceForge is the sameFeb 04 00:00
[H]omerOKFeb 04 00:00
schestowitzYuck.Feb 04 00:00
schestowitzThe whole thing is a whorehouse for MS because they don't even try to block itFeb 04 00:00
[H]omerYeah SF = "Sellout F**kers" :)Feb 04 00:00
schestowitzSF awards - sponsored by Microsoft, promoting VS2008Feb 04 00:01
schestowitz"Show me the MONEY! Money!!!"Feb 04 00:01
[H]omerbleahFeb 04 00:01
[H]omerShow me da bribes!Feb 04 00:01
*mib_7jblp6 (i=58dc6a16@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 00:01
schestowitzThey have ways to beatify it tooFeb 04 00:01
schestowitzeWeek/SJVN too..Feb 04 00:01
mib_7jblp6hello :)Feb 04 00:02
schestowitz"yeah... but we 'hurt' Microsoft... we make money from them"Feb 04 00:02
[H]omerI'd dearly /love/ MS to try to bribe me with a laptop. I'd rip them to shreds.Feb 04 00:02
schestowitzErrr... well to promote their productsFeb 04 00:02
schestowitzIf Microsoft pays from it, then it means it gains from itFeb 04 00:02
schestowitz*forFeb 04 00:02
schestowitzHi, mib_7jblp6 Feb 04 00:02
schestowitz[H]omer: they floated many bribes for Vista7 so farFeb 04 00:02
schestowitzI don't post these to COLAFeb 04 00:03
mib_7jblp6sorry for my nick - computer makes me do that... :]Feb 04 00:03
schestowitzLatest example: 04 00:03
schestowitzThis one is MAD: 04 00:03
[H]omerI try to document Microsoft's bribery wherever I find it, so TFTLFeb 04 00:03
schestowitzThey get poor people now too..... give one laptop for 6000 hours of labour (shilling)Feb 04 00:04
schestowitzIn the US ratio is differentFeb 04 00:04
schestowitzThey want wage slaveryFeb 04 00:04
[H]omerLike BelkinFeb 04 00:04
schestowitzWaggener et al must be thinking, "how many shillings/gifts"Feb 04 00:04
schestowitzLike Belkin... 65cents/reviewFeb 04 00:04
[H]omerYupFeb 04 00:05
[H]omerOr moreFeb 04 00:05
schestowitzAnd the Turfts at COLA point at NeEgg reviewsFeb 04 00:05
schestowitzJust like BelkinFeb 04 00:05
schestowitzGame the system,, then feed with linksFeb 04 00:05
schestowitz"People love Vista"Feb 04 00:05
schestowitz[which people]Feb 04 00:05
schestowitzThe W-E people.. they cost a fortune!Feb 04 00:05
schestowitzNext: People LOVE Vista7Feb 04 00:05
schestowitzProof?Feb 04 00:05
[H]omer"Analysts can be hired for $200/hour" ~ MicrosoftFeb 04 00:05
schestowitzErrr...Feb 04 00:05
schestowitzWe'll manufacture someFeb 04 00:05
schestowitzProfessors: $200 checks per mention of MS toolsFeb 04 00:06
schestowitzLike the cigarettes companies back in the datysFeb 04 00:06
[H]omerNew eXb0rks game: bribe reviewer with "schwag"Feb 04 00:06
schestowitzSending supermodels out to the streets smoking and posingFeb 04 00:06
schestowitzThen the 'hard' follows their example and starts smokingFeb 04 00:06
schestowitz[H]omer: A San Jose writer (IIRC) was bribed with XBOxFeb 04 00:07
[H]omerGate-crash Sony's PS3 launch with goons in a speedboat, jeeringFeb 04 00:07
schestowitzhe blasted MSFeb 04 00:07
schestowitzI don't remember how to easily find thisFeb 04 00:07
schestowitzit's in BN somewhereFeb 04 00:07
schestowitzThey have MS employees publishijng XBox games reviews tooFeb 04 00:07
schestowitzToday: 04 00:07
schestowitz"on leave from MSFT - I've often wondered how many Microsoft employees have been released on leave to get into other companies only to return to Microsoft with details for harming that other company. They have paid for partners to subvert ISO processes, they have assigned a dozen or so employees just to one reporter to ensure that reporter get Microsoft's story told Microsoft's way. "Feb 04 00:08
schestowitz"I would trust a Microsoft employee as far as I could throw them. They have been that bad in the past and present. "Feb 04 00:08
schestowitzSee gates in Comes exhibits.. he requests "evangelism" (probably a reference to James P. and his army of TEs)Feb 04 00:09
schestowitz ". Some come with less-than-friendly operating systems, such as Linux"Feb 04 00:09
schestowitzI bet they never tried itFeb 04 00:09
schestowitzThey'll say, "we read in the trade journals that Linux is 'hard'" (maybe some IDC 'study')Feb 04 00:10
schestowitzEgan on Vole yesterday:  "A PUBLISHER of CIO arse-covering studies, Forrester Research" 04 00:11
schestowitzIDC/trade journals (IDG) = " arse-covering studies" for bad reporting without any hand-on experience with talked-about productFeb 04 00:12
schestowitz*handsFeb 04 00:12
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*Guest16503 is now known as b_dFeb 04 00:16
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*DEADBEEF is now known as foobeafFeb 04 00:24
schestowitz Net Applications is bunk. Please don't cite them blindly.Feb 04 00:33
[H]omer"DEADBEEF": I wonder how many ppl still get that reference :)Feb 04 00:34
schestowitzMozilla?Feb 04 00:34
schestowitz0xdeadbeefFeb 04 00:34
[H]omer"0xDEADBEEF ("dead beef") is used by IBM RS/6000 systems, Mac OS on 32-bit PowerPC processors and the Commodore Amiga as a magic debug value. On Sun Microsystems' Solaris, marks freed kernel memory. On OpenVMS, running on Alpha processes DEAD_BEEF can be seen by pressing CTRL-T." ~ 04 00:36
schestowitzMac fan vs Freedom s/w: 04 00:36
schestowitzChris Blizzard: 04 00:37
foobeaffoobeaf is cool, too :)Feb 04 00:38
[H]omerJustin Frankel of WinAMP fame used to have a blog (.plan) called deadbeef, IIRC.Feb 04 00:38
[H]omerWait, I;ll find the linkFeb 04 00:39
[H]omer 04 00:40
[H]omerStill activeFeb 04 00:40
schestowitzThe VOle hasn't killed winamp yet?Feb 04 00:41
schestowitzI used Winamp in 1997, IIRC.Feb 04 00:41
[H]omerI used to have an article on another site about the whole storyFeb 04 00:42
[H]omerI have a local backup - here it isFeb 04 00:42
foobeafby the way, I am not native english speaker (writher too), sorry for my errorsFeb 04 00:43
foobeaf:)Feb 04 00:43
[H]omerNullsoft Founder Switches To LinuxFeb 04 00:43
[H]omerWednesday 26th May 2004Feb 04 00:44
[H]omer/home/deadbeef/.plan: May 4, 2004 - "For a long time I've been contemplating (and discussing with friends) moving all of my software development over to open platforms. It's something I really want to do, but unfortunately I haven't yet been able to bring myself to it. Partly because I know win32 so well, and partly because a lot of the apps I'm used to using aren't available on other platforms. And the other part is that the userbFeb 04 00:44
[H]omerases are so much smaller, and while I don't really care about the commercial implications of that, it does mean I can't take shit over to friends' houses and try it out (though maybe Knoppix is a good way to mitigate around that). But I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to ready. It just seems like the right thing to be doing, especially given the way win32 is headed."Feb 04 00:44
[H]omerThe History, And The FutureFeb 04 00:44
[H]omerSome say it was inevitable, but recent entries in Justin Frankel's .plan confirm that he's gradually making the move away from Windows, and towards OSS and GNU/Linux.Feb 04 00:44
schestowitz[H]omer: I think I saw that before.Feb 04 00:44
[H]omerFor those who haven't been following the development of Nullsoft and Winamp, here's a summary:Feb 04 00:44
[H]omerFrankel was an archetypal anti-establishment drop-out, with whizz-kid potential, who went on to do things "his own way". After emerging from a larval stage of discovery, based on old-school style hacking, he went on to create (what is arguably) the most famous Media Player in the world, Winamp. The company Frankel founded to distribute this software, Nullsoft, was subsequently (and predictably) subject to takeover by none other thaFeb 04 00:44
[H]omern that industry giant AOL. Frankel would, most likely, use a less complementary description.Feb 04 00:44
[H]omerAOL got more than they bargained for, however, since Frankel's outlook was not compatible with AOL's corporate strategy, as they quickly discovered. Tensions increased between the mismatched partners, and came to a head with the release of Gnutella, the world's first (widely available) decentralised P2P file sharing software, which Frankel touted as a solution to the (legally untenable) centralised server based Napster. With AOL'sFeb 04 00:44
[H]omerplans to merge with another industry giant, media company Time Warner, the development and distribution of P2P software was in direct opposition to their goals, and they demanded Frankel remove the offending software. As you can imagine, Frankel was not happy, however the deed was done, the word (and the code) was spread, and the rest is history.Feb 04 00:44
schestowitzfoobeaf: welcome. Error are not an issue; it's about ideasFeb 04 00:44
[H]omerUnder AOL's direction, the once streamlined, efficient and powerful media player, Winamp 2.x, became the hideously bloated and unstable monster, Winamp 3.x. In fact, users' antipathy towards Winamp 3 was so strong, that a new 2.9 version (based on the older 2.x code) was released to appease them.Feb 04 00:45
[H]omerUndeterred, Frankel continued development towards version 5 (using the v2.x code as a starting point, but integrating the more useful features of v3.x), which was finally released in December 2003. It was to be his swansong with AOL. Having achieved all he set out (or as much as he was willing) to do with Winamp, in January 2004 he resigned from (what is now) AOL Time Warner, the company that had so vigorously stifled his creativitFeb 04 00:45
[H]omery.Feb 04 00:45
[H]omerMultimedia software is one of the few remaining weak areas of GNU/Linux, but the arrival of one of the industry's most talented multimedia developers could begin to change all that. However, Frankel is still in the early stages of transition, so we might still have to wait a while longer.Feb 04 00:45
[H]omerWith an impressive portfolio that includes such titles as Winamp, SHOUTcast, Gnutella and WASTE, Frankel would bring a special talent (if not the actual original software) to the OSS community; quite an exciting prospect.Feb 04 00:45
[H]omerOur enthusiasm for the addition of such a potentially valuable contributer to GNU/Linux is only matched by his own, as he states in a later .plan entry, "Anyway, it's all exciting for me, and addicting. mmm."Feb 04 00:45
[H]omerI'm sure Frankel will quickly discover, that the OSS environment is much more conducive to creativity than the oppressive regime at AOL Time Warner, in fact we may well see his best work yet.Feb 04 00:45
[H]omerInteresting times indeed.Feb 04 00:45
[H]omer[end]Feb 04 00:45
MinceR:)Feb 04 00:46
schestowitz 04 00:46
schestowitz"Carmack works to promote elements of open source thinking and fan feedback in his game designs. When the source code to Quake was stolen and circulated among the Quake community underground, a programmer unaffiliated with id Software used it to port Quake to Linux, and subsequently sent the patches to Carmack. Instead of pursuing legal action, at Carmack's behest id Software used the patches as the foundation for a company-sanctioFeb 04 00:46
schestowitzned Linux port."Feb 04 00:46
schestowitzI think it used to run on OS/2Feb 04 00:46
MinceRgnFeb 04 00:47
foobeafschestowitz: thanks :]Feb 04 00:47
schestowitzBut the Gangsters came to 'clean up': 04 00:47
schestowitzWait; Wrong video.Feb 04 00:47
schestowitzThis one: 04 00:48
foobeafCarmack is my private god of some sort...Feb 04 00:48
foobeafI love Q3...Feb 04 00:48
schestowitzI played 1 and 2Feb 04 00:49
schestowitzI don't like the game's themeFeb 04 00:49
foobeafhow old You are? :)Feb 04 00:49
schestowitz27Feb 04 00:49
foobeafI'm 31Feb 04 00:49
foobeafI am making robotsFeb 04 00:49
Ziggyfishfuck i'm goodFeb 04 00:50
foobeaf(I should be ...) right now...Feb 04 00:50
schestowitzZiggyfish: you ought to complete that statmentFeb 04 00:50
schestowitz*ement. PetoKraus does the same sometimesFeb 04 00:51
[H]omerfoobeaf, the quake series rocks! It combines all the best elements of gameplay, aesthetics, and even Freedom (the engines are OSS licensed).Feb 04 00:51
ZiggyfishJust got something to work which took me two hours to doFeb 04 00:51
schestowitzTell Hadron QuakeFeb 04 00:51
foobeaf[H]omer: yes, yes, yes {place: inv. loop}Feb 04 00:52
schestowitzHe's one of the orcs that gruntFeb 04 00:52
[H]omerRoy, Ziggy - I beat you both by 10 years (is that good or bad?) Dunno.Feb 04 00:52
schestowitz[H]omer: I don't care. The world enters a bad period either wayFeb 04 00:52
schestowitzOur grandparents/parents are luckierFeb 04 00:52
schestowitzThey leave at better times, I reckon.Feb 04 00:53
foobeafschestpwitz: don't be so pesimistic, please :)Feb 04 00:53
Ziggyfish[H]omer, do you mean by age?Feb 04 00:53
schestowitzfoobeaf: maybe.Feb 04 00:53
*balzac ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 00:54
balzachelloFeb 04 00:54
schestowitzfoobeaf: I don't complain, I just assess based on what happens. We not have a far more destructive civilisation that consumes more than that it can clean up and builds nukes.Feb 04 00:54
balzacRoy, I saw your question regarding web hostingFeb 04 00:54
balzacI have a suggestion: Slicehost.comFeb 04 00:55
foobeafI'm from former "east europe" now I'm EU citizen - I must be optimistic person :DFeb 04 00:55
schestowitzVis-a-vis: yay! Nukes power by LinuxFeb 04 00:55
schestowitz*poweredFeb 04 00:55
[H]omerBear in mind what I just posted about Justin Frankel, then read this: "Songbird is a free-software media player and web browser developed as open source by a group known as Pioneers of the Inevitable (with members who previously developed for both Winamp" ~ 04 00:55
[H]omerZiggyfish, yes ageFeb 04 00:55
[H]omer:)Feb 04 00:55
[H]omerFrankel is not one of them, AFAIKFeb 04 00:56
[H]omerEven stillFeb 04 00:56
Ziggyfishwell good, I'm only 22, of course you would beat meFeb 04 00:56
schestowitzHe ran way from DRM hell?Feb 04 00:56
schestowitzVista degrades sound qualityFeb 04 00:56
balzacroy - slicehost.comFeb 04 00:58
foobeafschestowitz: what time is now in US?Feb 04 00:58
foobeafI mean in Your place :DFeb 04 00:58
balzacgitcha a "slice"Feb 04 00:58
balzactell em I sent youFeb 04 00:58
balzacwhat's the topic in here tonight?Feb 04 00:59
[H]omerfoobeaf, Roy's in Manchester (UK), I'm in Scotland. The time is 01:04 AM GMTFeb 04 00:59
*foobeaf should probably go to sleep...Feb 04 00:59
schestowitzbalzac: thanks.Feb 04 01:00
[H]omerpart-timer :)Feb 04 01:00
foobeafI'm in PolandFeb 04 01:00
[H]omerahFeb 04 01:00
schestowitzbalzac: Shane will work this outFeb 04 01:00
[H]omerHow's the weather in Poland?Feb 04 01:00
[H]omerSnow, I betFeb 04 01:00
balzacsnow in NYCFeb 04 01:00
foobeafcold, messy boy I hate the weather in here! ;-)Feb 04 01:00
schestowitzsudo xsnowFeb 04 01:01
[H]omerno need, I have the real thing hereFeb 04 01:01
[H]omerdamn it's coldFeb 04 01:01
schestowitzOur has thawed.Feb 04 01:01
schestowitz*oursFeb 04 01:01
foobeaf[H]omer: boy was not to You, should be "...messy, boy..."Feb 04 01:02
[H]omerYeah, once u cross the border it's like going to hte MedFeb 04 01:02
[H]omerfoobeaf, yeah I got it @)Feb 04 01:02
[H]omerI think I invented a new smileyFeb 04 01:02
foobeaf:)Feb 04 01:02
[H]omerBy accidentFeb 04 01:02
foobeafshow me!Feb 04 01:03
[H]omer@)Feb 04 01:03
schestowitzDe Icaza on XBox (new): 04 01:03
foobeafwowFeb 04 01:03
foobeafthis dude needs some surgery....Feb 04 01:03
schestowitz "Now who is dipping his snout, Sam? I have no idea why you are always going out of your way to attack and misrepresent me, but, the habit is getting old. It's…" -- Bruce Byfield (in a tizzy)Feb 04 01:04
schestowitzMicrosoft has a patent on smileysFeb 04 01:04
schestowitzSome russion guy has a trademark on ":-)" IIRCFeb 04 01:04
schestowitz*RussianFeb 04 01:05
[H]omer"For about a year I have been trying to find someone in the XBox360 division at Microsoft that we can talk to about bringing Mono to the XBox360" ~ Miguel de IcazaFeb 04 01:05
schestowitzIdiotFeb 04 01:05
[H]omerWell at least he can't infect the eXb0rks any further than it already isFeb 04 01:05
[H]omerSo no harm there thenFeb 04 01:05
schestowitzThat's what Novell VPs keep 'busy' withFeb 04 01:05
foobeafschestowitz: patents are just creations of mind, like source code... it's only illusion of mind... :DFeb 04 01:05
[H]omerExcept of course Miguel's obsession with all things Vole-ishFeb 04 01:06
schestowitzEnabling the MS XBox... good. Let mono go up in flames (literally) with XBox360Feb 04 01:06
[H]omerlolFeb 04 01:06
[H]omerHow bad would it be if Mono ended up becoming a "baby killing monster" like XBoxFeb 04 01:06
[H]omerQuite a thoughtFeb 04 01:07
schestowitz Oh NOES  :-oo Tah Mono!!! (oh! and that kid, too)Feb 04 01:07
[H]omerIt wasn't just the /death/ that was outrageous, it was Microsoft's attitudeFeb 04 01:07
schestowitzMonkeys first, then kidsFeb 04 01:07
schestowitz[H]omer: yes, I knowFeb 04 01:08
schestowitzIt got worse.Feb 04 01:08
schestowitzHold onFeb 04 01:08
schestowitz 04 01:08
schestowitz"Hush-hush on our crimes"Feb 04 01:09
[H]omer'The family's "losses and damages, if any' ~ Microsoft's lawyers, speaking on behalf of Microsoft.Feb 04 01:09
foobeafschestowitz: I have no words for this channel :DFeb 04 01:09
[H]omerThe loss of a child in a fire started by Microsoft's /known/ faulty product, is "if any"Feb 04 01:09
[H]omerSickeningFeb 04 01:10
[H]omerand evilFeb 04 01:10
[H]omerHow could anyone ever support such a company?Feb 04 01:10
[H]omerJust for /this/ reasonFeb 04 01:10
schestowitzWait..Feb 04 01:11
[H]omerBut there are thousands of other, equally good reasonsFeb 04 01:11
schestowitzXbox Developer Dead in Murder-Suicide < >Feb 04 01:12
schestowitzLast week another Microsoft employee jumped out out the 30th floor (Washington)Feb 04 01:12
[H]omerYeah, I saw that one tooFeb 04 01:12
schestowitzAnother guy fell down the elevator shaft of Microsoft buildingFeb 04 01:13
schestowitzAnother guy was murdered IIRC in the Redmond campus parking lotFeb 04 01:13
[H]omerIt's endemic of Microsoft's inherent (mental) violence, and also shows in their ASA-banned advertising campaignsFeb 04 01:13
schestowitzAnd a kid who won a prestigious Gates/MS award murkered someone and went to jailFeb 04 01:13
schestowitzmurderedFeb 04 01:13
[H]omerOf course the MS shills will now say "but what about Reiser?"Feb 04 01:14
[H]omerA single nutjob among tens of thousands of normal people.Feb 04 01:14
schestowitzLook at this:  Microsoft looks for Xbox love from the ladies < >Feb 04 01:14
[H]omerUnlike Microsoft (all have the criminal/oppression mindset)Feb 04 01:15
schestowitzThat's like Don & Mafia asking the local women to cook for themFeb 04 01:15
[H]omerlolFeb 04 01:15
schestowitzreiser was crazy before LinuxFeb 04 01:15
schestowitzask tessier__. He met him.Feb 04 01:15
schestowitz*ping* tessier__ Feb 04 01:15
foobeaf[H]omer: what is *normal* ?? *^_^*Feb 04 01:15
schestowitzNot diving into dumpsters for exampleFeb 04 01:16
[H]omerWell, not "murderers" is a good place to startFeb 04 01:16
[H]omerNot stealing code from dumpsters, then hypocritically defending the right to "own" knowledge "IP", for exampleFeb 04 01:17
schestowitzMicrosoft US patent #1: "A method for inserting human apparatus into disposal apparatus for purpose of duplication"Feb 04 01:18
foobeaf:)Feb 04 01:18
[H]omerNot threatening to "knife the baby", "cut off the air supply", "tilt Lotus into the death spiral", and "f**king kill Google", are other examples of "not normal"Feb 04 01:18
foobeafYou meas anal probe, Cartmans like?Feb 04 01:19
[H]omerdouble negativeFeb 04 01:19
[H]omerYou know what I menaFeb 04 01:19
[H]omer*meanFeb 04 01:19
[H]omerI got late-night dyslexiaFeb 04 01:19
[H]omer:)Feb 04 01:19
foobeaf[H]omer: I am trying to write propelly couse I am a foreiner :)Feb 04 01:20
foobeaf*foreignerFeb 04 01:20
foobeaf(fcuk)Feb 04 01:21
[H]omerfoobeaf, at least you have a good excuse :)Feb 04 01:21
foobeafyeaFeb 04 01:21
*[H]omer is doing some research. brb.Feb 04 01:21
foobeafmy spoken english is just a nightmareFeb 04 01:21
schestowitz[H]omer: you missed oneFeb 04 01:21
schestowitz 04 01:22
schestowitzfoobeaf: at least you speak more than one language. Many English-speaking people don;t.Feb 04 01:24
foobeafschestowitz: I might be an idiot, I'm just beginning to link a picture on my right with Yours nickname :DFeb 04 01:24
foobeafschestowitz: I am learning japanease and cheanese :)Feb 04 01:25
foobeaflearning myself :)Feb 04 01:26
schestowitzmy ex g/f learned it tooFeb 04 01:26
foobeafcool :)Feb 04 01:26
schestowitzShe dropped out of maths to do languages. Go figure..Feb 04 01:26
schestowitzAnd Chinese would be her 4th languageFeb 04 01:27
schestowitzStallman can also do about 4Feb 04 01:27
foobeafStallman is not a human beeingFeb 04 01:28
[H]omerRoy, and what was that other quote about "we should whack them"Feb 04 01:28
schestowitzEnglish, Spanish, French and he claims to be capable of more. He aced his SATs (800+800)Feb 04 01:28
schestowitz[H]omer: that would be the Dell itemFeb 04 01:28
[H]omerfoobeaf, do you mean he's a *super*being ?Feb 04 01:28
schestowitzLet me find it, I posted it last wqeekFeb 04 01:28
foobeaf*beingFeb 04 01:28
[H]omerschestowitz, yeah, that oneFeb 04 01:28
schestowitz 04 01:29
schestowitzIt got a lot of attentionFeb 04 01:29
[H]omerSo let's list them all...Feb 04 01:29
schestowitzDowntimes lost us potential big front pagersFeb 04 01:29
[H]omerMicrosoft??s Brad Silverberg: ??Cut Those F*ckers Off"Feb 04 01:29
foobeaf[H]omer: RMS is my priv. god of some sort, very imprtnt sort... :)Feb 04 01:29
schestowitz[H]omer: gates: where are we on this jihad?Feb 04 01:30
[H]omerBallmer: "I'm going to F**king kill Google"Feb 04 01:30
schestowitz 04 01:30
[H]omerBallmer: "Linux is a cancer"Feb 04 01:30
schestowitzKempin: Hit OEMsharder with anti-LinuxFeb 04 01:30
foobeafBallmer: ...developers, developers, developers...Feb 04 01:30
schestowitzMaritz: cut off air supplyFeb 04 01:31
schestowitzOrlando Ayala is a Real GangsterFeb 04 01:31
schestowitzTHe Gangesters are the ones getting promotionsFeb 04 01:31
schestowitzAllchin: we should slughter NovellFeb 04 01:31
[H]omerJoachim Kempin, Microsoft: "I'm thinking of hitting the OEMs harder than in the past with anti-Linux. ... they should do a delicate dance"Feb 04 01:31
schestowitzYesFeb 04 01:31
foobeafso, how can I install my new game on my Vista?Feb 04 01:32
schestowitzKempin here( full text): 04 01:32
schestowitzI still have lots more to publishFeb 04 01:32
foobeafLOL , just jokeingFeb 04 01:32
schestowitzfoobeaf: "my vista?"Feb 04 01:33
schestowitzThat's an oxymoronFeb 04 01:33
schestowitzYou can't own itFeb 04 01:33
foobeafLOLFeb 04 01:33
[H]omerBrad Silverburg, Microsoft: "I'd be glad to help tilt lotus into the death spiral,"Feb 04 01:33
schestowitzYou pay for a licence to rent it for a whileFeb 04 01:33
foobeafI pay for it it's my ? :DFeb 04 01:33
foobeafI know, but it's cool to have a dreamFeb 04 01:34
schestowitz[H]omer: Some quotes here: 04 01:34
schestowitzfoobeaf: like you pay for land on the moonFeb 04 01:34
schestowitzfoobeaf: or pay Myhrvoldsoft for 'protection'Feb 04 01:34
foobeafIf I would have Vista, I would don't let it "run" for me :)Feb 04 01:34
schestowitzIt runs for MicrosoftFeb 04 01:35
schestowitzIt gives it for free even, or pays you to use it... just so that it has 100% market share and rivals die outFeb 04 01:35
foobeaftherefore I am using redhat eee fedora right now...Feb 04 01:35
schestowitzRemember Comes on "Evangelism"Feb 04 01:35
[H]omerChristopher Phillips, Microsoft: "Yes we're talking about knifing the baby."Feb 04 01:35
schestowitzYou have to hammer until it's deadFeb 04 01:35
schestowitz"Coffin" reference there tooFeb 04 01:35
schestowitz[H]omer: which exhibits #?Feb 04 01:36
schestowitzI haven't gotten there yesFeb 04 01:36
schestowitz*yetFeb 04 01:36
[H]omer 04 01:36
foobeafbut what about the xenix thing?Feb 04 01:36
[H]omer 04 01:36
foobeafMS were using it anyway?Feb 04 01:37
[H]omerfoobeaf, consider this: By (legally) using Vista, one is helping to fund gangsters. That alone is sufficient reason to not use it.Feb 04 01:39
foobeafit's not cool, 100% :(Feb 04 01:40
[H]omerEven if one uses Vista /illegally/ ("Pirate" copy, gargh matey), one still helps spread the disease of Microsoft's "mindshare"Feb 04 01:40
[H]omerEither way ... it's badFeb 04 01:40
schestowitzSpyware tooFeb 04 01:41
foobeafI am now trying to lern Plan 9Feb 04 01:41
schestowitzThey harvest infoFeb 04 01:41
[H]omerOh yesFeb 04 01:41
schestowitzMarket intelligence etc (what programs are installed and so on)Feb 04 01:41
schestowitzThey accuse Google of the same thingFeb 04 01:41
[H]omer 04 01:41
schestowitz“The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.” --Andre GideFeb 04 01:42
[H]omerfoobeaf, does Plan 9 work on x86 hardware?Feb 04 01:42
[H]omerDo you run it now?Feb 04 01:43
[H]omerAny good?Feb 04 01:43
foobeafI guess my robots will try to spy me, too ...Feb 04 01:43
schestowitzCriminal policing < >Feb 04 01:43
foobeaf[H]omer: yesFeb 04 01:43
schestowitzLOL"When the police conduct a stop and search they have to fill out a form giving their reasons and hand a copy over to you. On mine they wrote that Mr Thomas appeared to be an "influential individual" – a quote I intend to use in future publicity – and had attempted to walk past the police with an "over-confident manner" – always a sure sign of criminal intent. Maybe I am wrong, perhaps there is a forensic linkage with havinFeb 04 01:43
schestowitzg an "over-confident manner" and criminality"Feb 04 01:43
[H]omerGood GODFeb 04 01:44
schestowitzSome friends of mine were stopped at the train station for no reasonFeb 04 01:44
[H]omerUK is now definitely a fascist societyFeb 04 01:44
[H]omerno questionFeb 04 01:44
schestowitzBody searching. I can't remember what the funny reason was, but one ended up later in a meeting or something. And he's just a British lad... sinegr.Feb 04 01:44
foobeaf[H]omer: 04 01:44
[H]omerAnd how about ACTA ... conducted in secret (why?)Feb 04 01:44
schestowitzACTA=crimeFeb 04 01:45
[H]omerfoobeaf, thxFeb 04 01:45
schestowitzWhite collar nonethelessFeb 04 01:45
schestowitzBut but..Feb 04 01:45
schestowitzWe live under terorrFeb 04 01:45
schestowitzBe afraidFeb 04 01:45
schestowitzIt's emergencyFeb 04 01:45
schestowitzBe scaredFeb 04 01:45
schestowitzAccept whatever the police saysFeb 04 01:45
schestowitzThis is AN EMERGENCYFeb 04 01:45
schestowitzMore like insurgencyFeb 04 01:45
foobeaf[H]omer: Plan 9 in very addictive...Feb 04 01:46
schestowitzRe: acta "conducted in secret (why?)" ... because it's good for 'them', not for /you/... trust responsible adult, KID!Feb 04 01:46
schestowitz"them"=wealth holderFeb 04 01:47
[H]omerPlan 9 is published under the "Lucent Public License", which is incompatible with the GPL. Oh well.Feb 04 01:47
schestowitzBusines is a right, not a chance, remember?Feb 04 01:47
schestowitzI heard the same explanation as yours somewhere. They have franchises.Feb 04 01:47
schestowitzFishing industry dead?Feb 04 01:47
schestowitzGo hat in hand (well, FLY) to Washington and hire some 'scientist' to blame a predatory fish... call it a national disaster and get bailout (i.e. public will send funds to your business so that the bonuses will come 'round)Feb 04 01:48
schestowitzNHS refusing to let patients opt out of Summary Care Record < >Feb 04 01:49
foobeaf[H]omer: 04 01:50
foobeafon this site they write that's issue was with former versionFeb 04 01:50
foobeaf(of Licence)Feb 04 01:50
foobeaf 04 01:51
foobeafin englishFeb 04 01:51
[H]omerfoobeaf, Russian script-kiddie "invents" new OS which he claims is "better" than "functionally weaker system, such as Linux" ~ 04 01:54
[H]omerYeah, OKFeb 04 01:54
[H]omerWhateverFeb 04 01:54
foobeaf[H]omer: "linux is obsolete" :DFeb 04 01:54
[H]omerfoobeaf, re: Plan 9 - OK I read the page. I'm glad they sorted out the licensing issuesFeb 04 01:56
[H]omerThe Wikipedia entry needs updatedFeb 04 01:56
foobeaf[H]omer: me tooFeb 04 01:56
foobeaf[H]omer: I will using it in my firm...Feb 04 01:57
foobeafmy Significant other gives my "last warning"Feb 04 01:58
[H]omerfor what?Feb 04 01:58
foobeafI must kill my procesess  here :DFeb 04 01:58
schestowitz[H]omer: make sure Jimmi ain't there.Feb 04 01:58
[H]omerAh, time for bed?Feb 04 01:58
foobeaf"go to bed" yeaFeb 04 01:58
schestowitzI heard edits were made to the ACPI articleFeb 04 01:59
[H]omerschestowitz, I saw the new comments on the talk page :)Feb 04 01:59
schestowitzOKFeb 04 01:59
[H]omerheheFeb 04 01:59
foobeafguys I love this channel, hope to see You soon... ^_^Feb 04 01:59
schestowitzThanks :-)Feb 04 01:59
[H]omerGnight foobeafFeb 04 01:59
schestowitzI have good posts for tomorrowFeb 04 02:00
schestowitzNo time to post them nowFeb 04 02:00
foobeafcoolFeb 04 02:00
foobeafCU next timeFeb 04 02:00
[H]omerschestowitz, I'm off too. I have a couple of COLA posts to do, then bedFeb 04 02:00
schestowitzI'll go at 4Feb 04 02:00
schestowitzLike yesterdayFeb 04 02:00
[H]omerhardcoreFeb 04 02:00
schestowitzI was waking up at worse times years agoFeb 04 02:01
schestowitzFlipped all the way around sometimesFeb 04 02:01
[H]omerbit of an insomniac myself tooFeb 04 02:01
schestowitzNothing like waking up and go out drinkingFeb 04 02:01
[H]omerStoodent days :)Feb 04 02:01
schestowitzNa.. post them..Feb 04 02:01
[H]omerANyway ... laterFeb 04 02:01
schestowitzI finished my student days in 2005Feb 04 02:02
schestowitzIn technical terms, not official onesFeb 04 02:02
foobeafbye! drinking maybe next timeFeb 04 02:02
*foobeaf (i=58dc6a16@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #boycottnovellFeb 04 02:02
schestowitzVista: Microsoft's biggest failure yet? < >Feb 04 02:16
schestowitzA truly light-weight OS: Written in ASM, with GUI, networking and apps < >Feb 04 02:20
schestowitz"Thank you 80,000 Followers ۩ Samfry Ltd 2009" < >Feb 04 02:29
*oob ( has joined #boycottnovellFeb 04 02:44
oobgood afternoonFeb 04 02:44
schestowitzHey, what's up?Feb 04 02:45
schestowitzI got some mails about the Waugh storyFeb 04 02:46
oobhiya - not much, taking an easy day enjoying the sunshineFeb 04 02:47
oobdid you now? i'm most interested in any further detailsFeb 04 02:47
schestowitzOn Waugh?Feb 04 02:51
oobyes, absolutelyFeb 04 02:51
schestowitzOKFeb 04 02:52
schestowitz"I saw this a long time back - nothing significant really. The Waughs are trying to make money off selling OLPC laptops to poor children."Feb 04 02:52
schestowitzSo that's the plan I'm toldFeb 04 02:52
oobokayFeb 04 02:53
oobsmells like the stench of desperationFeb 04 02:55
schestowitzOLPC.. I don't knowFeb 04 02:56
schestowitzBut I wish them well. Honestly, I do. Jeff's wife is a nice person and I heard Jeff has become nicer tooFeb 04 02:57
schestowitzBased on LCA2009Feb 04 02:57
oobi don't share the sentiment. quisling fifth-columnists.Feb 04 02:58
schestowitzThey did some goodFeb 04 03:00
schestowitzLike the OSS surveys in AUFeb 04 03:00
jose__schestowitz, just looked at your email reply.Feb 04 03:01
jose__i had already rewritten itFeb 04 03:01
jose__againFeb 04 03:01
jose__this one is way to the pointFeb 04 03:01
schestowitzLet's do it fasterFeb 04 03:01
jose__i skip details since i can go heavier on a part 2Feb 04 03:01
schestowitzJust send me whatever.Feb 04 03:02
schestowitzAs references, it would be handy to have all the comments from LT that touch on the subjject too. I'll append it at the bottom maybe? :-)Feb 04 03:03
jose__i didn't realize you had replied.. i really thought it was too much.Feb 04 03:03
jose__anyway, this new one is to the point.Feb 04 03:03
jose__i intended to make a reference to one lt link (within part 1)Feb 04 03:04
schestowitzThe Novell shills will complain if it just says "reader's article" without giving full name :-DFeb 04 03:04
jose__Jose_X is not my full name?Feb 04 03:04
schestowitzNotice how to trolling backed off after they had been sort of exposed in one way or anotherFeb 04 03:04
jose__:-)Feb 04 03:04
schestowitzI no longer wrestle with comments all dayFeb 04 03:04
schestowitzJose_X is recognised nameFeb 04 03:05
schestowitzThat's OPKFeb 04 03:05
schestowitzOKFeb 04 03:05
jose__let me wait until tomorrow, but probably this last one i sent you will be the part 1.Feb 04 03:06
jose__thing is i'm seeing starsFeb 04 03:07
jose__i repeat over and over in drafts and I can't tell if i am making sense to an outsider.Feb 04 03:07
oobOSS surveys? I'm sure they were of a great deal of interest to the Waugh's friends in redmond and suspect that they may have been undertaken at microsoft's behest.Feb 04 03:07
oob 04 03:07

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