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Microsoft GitHub Exposé — Part XXI — Rumours About How Microsoft Plans to Actually Make Money (Not Losses) From GitHub

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  21. YOU ARE HERE ☞ Rumours About How Microsoft Plans to Actually Make Money (Not Losses) From GitHub

GitHub: Where everything comes to die

Summary: GitHub is not 'free hosting' but a ticking time bomb, a proprietary platform looking to entrap its users (serfs) inside yet more proprietary platforms (for Microsoft to become their oppressive master)

TWO years ago we published a guest article by Thomas Grzybowski, showing that Microsoft had been losing money -- not just momentum and relative share -- in GitHub. It's like Skype all over again; Skype was dominant when Microsoft took over the company (Skype was then entered into NSA PRISM) and a decade later it's just one of many, not even the market leader in terms of share.

"Remember who took over after Nat Friedman."Today's relatively short part deals with unsubstantiated hearsay and rumours surrounding the exit of key people. While we cannot verify the accuracy, we can assure readers those sentiments, speculations and guesses are (or were at one point) common inside the company.

We probably should note that this isn't about the criminal Balabhadra (Alex) Graveley, whom we'll get back to later in the series. Copilot hasn't been mentioned in the media lately (even Microsoft/GitHub seems reluctant to push it) and I only saw it mentioned yesterday for the first time in months. It's safe to say that Microsoft does anything it can to distract the public from what happened there. Microsoft has many resources at its disposal for shaping the media (or bombarding the media to change the news cycle). For those who missed it or for anyone who hasn't paid attention, Mr. Graveley, who is behind Copilot (later behind bars, too), repeatedly strangled not just one but multiple partners. He has many other issues -- even crimes -- but those aren't as serious. "Basically half of all men murder their partners previously strangled their partner," one person reminded us. So he's not far. He moreover encouraged partners to kill themselves. We covered this before.

Going back on topic now...

"VS Code is proprietary software, contrary to what many people were led to believe."Sources recently told us: "The rumor is that Azure is taking over GitHub.."

"And once GitHub [becomes more internalized it becomes a "game of thrones" for tenured Microsoft execs..."

Remember who took over after Nat Friedman. Will Microsoft try to herd GitHub projects into Microsoft hosting, in a sort of vertical integration vendor lock-in kind of gameplan?

Time will tell. We can already see instances of Azure and VS Code integration, or VS Code and GitHub. It has been long in the making, but it is risky for Microsoft as some developers publicly rant about such vertical integration. They thought GitHub was just "free hosting", but over time they see the gotchas and caveats. Remember that Copilot is only for VS Code. Copilot misuses code on GitHub (e.g. GPL violations), so get off that platform. VS Code is proprietary software, contrary to what many people were led to believe. It also spies on the user. Not many people know that. Microsoft is trying to make it inconvenient or less convenient to avoid proprietary development tools.

Interesting, so Microsoft is integrating VSCode into GitHub. Press dot (.) on any GitHub repo while signed in to see. PS. Seems to have issues with service workers on Firefox

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