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General Introduction

The European Patent Office (EPO) has been granting Software Patents in Europe|software patents all across Europe despite the law (as per the EPC) explicitly forbidding it. The profit motive ultimately compromised patent quality; the problem was obscured by publishers like IAM but repeatedly stressed by SUEPO, the Staff Union of the EPO. There were even more mischievous practices going on, especially after the EPO's former head, Alison Brimelow, got replaced by a megalomaniac called Benoît Battistelli (now in CEIPI), who gradually drove away anything or anyone who threatened his undemocratic ambition of total power. He was helped by Jesper Kongstad, Christoph Ernst, Raimund Lutz, and Željko Topić. There was a culture of blatant nepotism (e.g. Elodie Bergot) and disrespect for courts, e.g. Willy (Guillaume) Minnoye stating intent to ignore (disobey) court rulings. He even rejected ILO rulings and sought an unconstitutional court, the UPC, promoted by big litigators such as Bristows LLP. Battistelli chose António Campinos, a French dual national (born in France) from EUIPO, as his successor (soon joined by former colleague Nellie Simon and Stephen Rowan from UKIPO). Both block Techrights at all EPO sites, not just in Germany, in order to prevent staff from accessing facts; IP Kat was also temporarily blocked (until it stopped exposing EPO abuses). EPO problems persist to date, but European media is reluctant to mention these.

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In recent years Techrights wrote about the EPO in the below long and short posts, organised chronologically, with addition of the following colour coding for improved organisation based on theme:


Above the law
Software (abstract) patents
Institutional abuse
Staff deaths/suicides
Ignoring court orders or due process
Budgetary issues
Patents on life
Crushing protests
Crushing oversight or other branches
Reputation issues (EU)
Patent maximalism/UPC
Character assassination/Defamation
Patent trolls
Legal bullying
Abolishing workers' rights
Propaganda/Misinformation/Paying the media
Conflict of interest/Dubious connections
Systemic synthesis
Illegal surveillance
State within a state
Alleged bribery
Organisational crisis


2023 Articles (Latest First)

For an outline of recent events, see EPO in 2021.

Aigust 2023

  • Europe Needs More Patent Whistleblowers Like Martin Wilming

  • July 2023

  • Meme: The EPO SLAPP Machine, Blackmailing Critics While Donning Diplomatic Immunity
  • Martin Wilming (Hepp Wenger Ryffel AG) Exposes the Sham That is Patent 'Quality' at the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • Meme: ILOAT Cops or ILOAT Judges?
  • Dražen Petrović (ILOAT): Please Withdraw Your Complaint So I Can Fake 'Productivity' (Oh My! The Irony!)
  • Meme: Toothless Geneva
  • European Patent Office: Staff Motivation (and Hope) Dies Last
  • Meme: Which Team? A Team of Crooks?
  • Bringing Teams Together (BTT) at the European Patent Office Loathed by the Staff, Based on Internal Survey
  • It Might Be Too Late for the German Government to Fix the EPO (It Had a Lot to Do With This Current Mess)
  • Meme: German Efficiency
  • Meme: When Obeying Laws Means Making Less Money
  • EPO's Patent Invalidity and Low Patent Quality Issues Get the Attention of Christian Wichard (Deputy Director General at Germany's Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection)
  • Meme: EPO Manager's War Against the Law
  • EPO's War of Disinformation Against Patent Examiners (and Mindless Promotion of Microsoft Vapourware)
  • The European Patent Office, EPO, Has a Deep Crisis That Bribes Cannot Fully Hide
  • The European Patent Office (EPO) is Being Crushed to Pieces and EPO Staff Isn’t Gullible Enough or Sufficiently Blind to That
  • Meme: It’s Dead, Jim (or Dying Very Fast, Even Being Murdered)
  • BTT (Bringing Teams Together) Loathed by Staff of the EPO
  • Meme: Racing Towards Minimum Wage
  • European Patent Office is Struggling With Recruitment (Maddening Corruption Turns Out to Lead to That)
  • Meme: EPO Reforming Itself to Death (of the European Patent Convention)
  • Judging by What Happened to the European Patent Office (EPO) Workplace This Year, As Before, EPO Management Might be Intentionally Vandalising the Workplace
  • EPO Isolates Workers, EPO Workers Speak Out About Their Experiences
  • Meme: The New European Patent Office: Patent Examiners Without Desks
  • This Coming Friday ILOAT Will Rule on the New Career System (NO-Career System) of the EPO
  • What Will be Left After Neil Left IP Kat? More Lobbying for Illegal Agenda Such as Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC)?

  • June 2023

  • Meme: Vladimir Putin's Cousin From Germany
  • On Top of Setting Up Kangaroo Courts for Patents, EPO is Working to Drive Out the Best Patent Examiners to Lower Quality and Grant More Fake (Invalid) European Patents Which Kangaroos Can Then Endorse
  • Image/Meme: If the Glove Fits. European Commission (Battistelli's Friend, Mr. Breton), the EPO's ****ing President, and Mr. UPC (Who Issues Threats to Techrights).
  • Meme: EPO Mansplaining to the European Union and Commission
  • EPO and EPC Violations: With Unified Patent Court (UPC), Even the European Union and Commission Are Fully Culpable
  • Meme: European Union (EU) and Commission (EC) Talking a Lot About Poland, Not About the EPO, Which Obliterated the Rule of Law
  • EPO Staff Points Out That as the European Patent Convention Turns 50 It is Grossly Being Violated by Corrupt EPO Management
  • Meme: 'Independent' EPO/EU Courts for Patents
  • The EPO's NO-Career System Will be Scrutinised by a Tribunal, the ILOAT, 3 Weeks From Now
  • Judges of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Are Resigning Before It Even Starts and Team UPC Sprinkles Candy on This Illegal and Unconstitutional 'Court' (Rigged Kangaroo Court Designed to Authorise the EPO's Abuses Against the EPC)
  • Many Fake Patents Are Still Being Squashed and Patent-Centric 'Media' in Europe is Mostly Sockpuppets of the EPO
  • EPO (European Patent Office) Central Staff Committee on NO-Career System, Education, Boards of Appeal, and Update to Staff Changes List (More Secrecy)
  • EPO Management is Still Bullying the Staff (While Breaking the Law and Violating the European Patent Convention)
  • Do Not Assume Pensions Are Safe, Especially When Managed by Mr. EPOTIF Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos

  • May 2023

  • Meme: Makes No Sense for EPO (Now Connected to the EU) and Staff Pensions to be Tied to the UK After Brexit
  • Working Conditions at EPO Deteriorate and Staff Inquires About Pension Rights (EPO Staff Explores Taking Pension Money Away From the UK)
  • With EUIPO in Focus, and Even an EU Kangaroo Tribunal, EPO Corruption (and Cross-Pollination With This EU Agency) Becomes a Major Liability/Risk to the EU
  • European Patent Office (EPO) Management Not Supported by the EPO's Applicants, So Why Is It Still There?
  • EPO Applicants Complain That Patent Quality Sank and EPO Management Isn't Listening (Nor Caring)
  • German Media About Industry Patent Quality Charter (IPQC) and the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • When the Patent Office Controls Kangaroo Patent Courts and Judges
  • The Illegally 'Revised' Unified Patent Court Agreement (UPCA) is Disgracing the Perception of Law and Order in the European Union
  • FFII: German President of the Unified Patent Court Rewrites the Treaty Like a Dictator
  • Meme: Captain António's Strategic Plan SP2028
  • Comments on the European Patent Office's Strategic Plan to Survive Another 5 Years
  • Meme: Illegally and Unconstitutionally Starting ‘Unified Patent Court’ in Violation of Numerous Conventions
  • Meme: Only the Very Best Judges
  • No Patent Quality and No Independence for EPO Judges (Cautionary Tale About Patent Maximalists in UPC Rota)
  • Europe’s Second-Largest Institution (the EPO) is Sabotaging Itself by Repelling Staff
  • The EPO, Europe's Largest Patent Office, Becomes Even More Secretive
  • The European Commission and European Patent Office
  • Meme: Smokescreens and Secrecy for Corporate Obfuscation While Your Colleagues Disappear
  • EPO Abuses 'Data Protection' to Hide Its Own Abuses

  • April 2023

  • Meme: Mental Abuse as a Motivator
  • The Same Mismanagement and Micromanagement (Stalking/Bullying) That Caused the 'Suicide Wave' Under Benoît Battistelli
  • Meme: Europe-US-International Patent Office (EUIPO)
  • The European Commission is Playing With Fire When It Comes to Patent Policy and Why the European Union Will Suffer
  • Corrupt Administration at the European Patent Office is Causing a Mental Health Crisis
  • Meme: Unified Patent Court Versus Judges (That Aren't Fully Controlled by the EPO's Junta, the Controversial Granting Authority)
  • What the Hard Data Says About Gender Inequality in Europe's Second-Largest Institution, the EPO
  • Copyright Trolls: Anatomy of a Troll Attack on Techrights
  • Meme: UPC/ICC: London is in Manhattan, Let's Get the Unitary Patent System Rollin'!
  • EPO Staff Union: The Most Experienced Patent Examiners Are Leaving in Droves, Office Severely Understaffed
  • Techrights Plans for Impending Easter Weekend (copyright lawsuit threats linked to EPO)
  • Meme: Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC): ‘Doing a Putin’ on European Patent Courts
  • Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) Takes a Closer Look at the EPO and Worsening Staff Conditions in a Series of New Articles
  • Environmental Sustainability at EPO Must Become More Than a Buzzword

  • March 2023

  • Translating the Lies of António Campinos (EPO)
  • Meme: Too Many Fake European Patents? So Start Fake European Courts for Patents.
  • Thomas Magenheim-Hörmann in RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland About Declining Quality and Declining Validity of European Patents (for EPO and Illegal Kangaroo Courts)
  • Meme: Grabinski the Opportunity
  • Union Syndicale Fédérale Cautions the EPO's Administrative Council About Initiating an Illegal Kangaroo Court System for Patents (UPC) While EPO Breaks Laws and Sponsors the Ukraine Invasion
  • Germany's Lobbyists-Infested Government Sponsors the War on Ukraine via the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • Meme: The Meme That Team UPC (the Collusion to Break the European Laws, for Profit) Threats to Sue Us For
  • Meme: EPO's Management Brainstorm
  • The Photo Ops Festival of the Funky President António Campinos and Revolt From the Patent Examiners Whom He Perpetually Oppresses
  • The European Patent Office's Central Staff Committee Explains the Situation at the EPO to the 'Yes Men' of António Campinos (Who is Stacking All the Panels)
  • Remuneration and Pensions at the EPO Reduced (Relative to Inflation), Guaranteeing a Decline in Quality of Work
  • The EPO Treats Its Own Staff Like Trash and Quality/Legitimacy of the EPO's Work is, Expectedly, Reduced to Trash
  • EPO Weaponises International Women’s Day to Cover Up Its Attacks on Women
  • The Only 'Green' EPO Management Understands is Money
  • The EPO Grants Illegal Patents. EPO Managers Hope That a Kangaroo Court Can Endorse Illegal Patents.
  • The EPO's Attack on ALL EPO Staff Explained Using a Parable/Analogy
  • The European Patent Office Cannot Survive This Way

  • February 2023

  • EPO Has 'Guidelines on Rewards', But Promotions Are Down Sharply and Potential to Recruit is Very Low (Except Scabs)
  • The EPO Crisis, as Explained by EPO Insiders
  • António Campinos is Unable to Recruit Patent Examiners, Europe's Largest Patent Office in State of Crisis
  • The EPO's Human Resources (HR) Crisis Visualised
  • Private Letter From Some of the EPO's Biggest Applicants, Complaining That Quality of European Patents is Plunging
  • EPO Central Staff Committee Says António Campinos Became Like Benoît Battistelli After 4 Years at the Office ('Lost From Sight')
  • The EPO's War of Attrition Against Its Own Staff
  • German UPCA Ratification Was Expected, But It Does Nothing to Resolve Brexit (UK Cannot Ratify), So Unified Patent Court (UPC) Remains Illegal and Unconstitutional, Violating Several Conventions and Harming Europe's Image, Economy, Access to Justice
  • Who Will Assess the Performance of the Corrupt EPO? Nobody. It's Above Scrutiny.
  • Management of the European Patent Office Has Laid Off All the Staff That Fed the Employees (Despite Drowning in Money Generated by Granting Fake European Patents)
  • Management of the European Patent Office is Lying About Office Space
  • How Much Longer Can the EPO Deny That It Has a Patent Quality and Patent Legitimacy Crisis?
  • Reality Versus Fiction: EPO Insiders Versus EPO Web Site and UPC 'Churnalists'
  • Back to Focusing on Unified Patent Court (UPC) Crimes and Illegal Patent Agenda, Including the EPO's
  • European Patent Office Staff Votes in Favour of Freedom of Association (97% of Voters in Support)

  • January 2023

  • EPO Management Isn't Listening to Staff, It's Just Trying to Divide and Demoralise the Staff Instead
  • Meme: António Campinos Wants to Be F***ing President Until 2028
  • European Patent Office Staff Losing Hope
  • Meme: Thanks to the German Government, the EPO is Immune/Protected From Prosecution (Persistent Law-breaking in the Name of 'Upholding' Patent Law)
  • Patent Practitioners Complain That the EPO is Secretive and Incompetent
  • Meme: A Kinder, Gentler EPO Leadership
  • Meme: Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht): Can't See, Won't Hear, Don't Speak
  • Management of the European Patent Office (EPO) is Gloating That the German Authorities Protect the EPO Even When Laws and Constitutions Are Broken
  • How EPO Presents the Male-Dominated EPO
  • Edda Franz, EPO's Principal Director General Administration, Leaves EPO Amid Growing Chaos and Orchestrated Efforts to Divide the EPO's Staff
  • Meme: Censorship of Self-Incriminating Evidence
  • More Than Half a Dozen Copyright Litigation Threats Sent to Techrights in Less Than Six Months Over EPO and UPC Articles (Misusing Copyrights for Censorship/Intimidation)
  • Team UPC is Trying to Misuse Copyright Law in Order to Censor Critics of the UPC Collusion (a Scheme to Violate Constitutions and Craft an Illegal Kangaroo Court in Defiance of International Conventions)
  • Meme: Only Pretending Proposals Were in Fact Discussed With Staff!
  • Insufficient Time for Staff of the European Patent Office to Comment on Managers' Proposals
  • Meme: The Only Language EPO Management Can Understand
  • The EPO is Cruel to Patent Examiners Because Corporations, Not Even European Ones, Always Come First
  • The EPO is Lying or Just Strategically Faking It. There's No 'Unitary Effect' at the EPO. There's No Unitary Patent or Unified Patent Court (UPC) Either.
  • Edvard Munch: Klaus Grabinski Met António Trump in 2022

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